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Reviewed 25th October 2007

"I have travelled in India and North Africa before so know what to expect from an Hotel of this class. I will try to give an unbiased review. GOOD POINTS: 1. The Hotel is ideally situated for the medina and the stop for the tour bus is opposite the hotel. 2. There is bar serving alcohol. BAD POINTS: 1. When booking in we asked for our passports and flight tickets to be put in the hotel safe. On checking out we found that they had been left in an unlocked draw on reception the entire time. 2. The air conditioning did not work, when I asked if it could be looked at the reception staff were indifferent and dismissive. when we said that we were unable to book a tour with them due to lack of time their attitude changed and was at best surely at worst rude. 3. Noise from the road meant that the balcony door (which did not lock) had to be kept shut at night so it became very hot and stuffy in the room. 4. Noise from the building work next door meant that a siesta was imposable. 5. Sheets were grubby. The bed was VERY hard and the pillows were VERY lumpy we woke each morning with stiff backs. 6. Breakfast tea was served in a jug, OK that fine but from the number of tea bags in the jug and the weakness of the tea it was obvious that the tea bags are reused! 7. There was bird droppings covering the balcony. 8. On leaving we were accused of taking the sole towel we had been issued. I said it was in the bath but we had to take our bags out of the taxi and go back into the hotel. When I showed them the towel in the bath there was no apology whatsoever just a shrug of the shoulders. I didn't expect first class towels in this class of hotel but the towel was torn on every side and of a standard that I would have cut up for rags long ago! Would I go back to Marrakech? Definitely yes it's a fascinating place. Would I go back the the Amalay Hotel definitely NOT. Uncomfortable, unfriendly and dirty. "

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  • Travel date: 25th October 2007

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