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Great [but simple] hotel

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"As a summary:
The Ramada is a 3* hotel but not necessarily up to our 3* standard in northern Europe. However, we found that the rooms were at a good size [bigger than in London and Paris, for example] and clean. The reception and cleaning staff were polite though being able to speak French would have been a huge help for us. The hotel garden/pool area was wonderful and well kept and with less than 5 min walk to the beach, this is a great spot to stay at. However, AVOID their half board or all inclusive - the food is truly horrible!! [See below]

Some pros and cons for you that are thinking about going there:

=> Hotel: great location to beach and restaurants, pool/garden area, good size rooms that were clean, breakfast and no construction by the hotel [except from the beach which you heard now and then.]
=> Agadir: lots of great restaurants, soon to be fantastic beach [once all the construction has been completed], the weather, good deals to be made/found and friendly people.
=> I recommend going to other places outside Agadir. There is so much to see and do and once you leave Agadir, you will find a wealth of culture and amazing sights!

=> The food… We have never had such bad food in our whole life!! We had half board but after eating at the restaurant one evening, we HAD to go elsewhere!! The breakfast was ok so opt for that option but do AVOID half board or all inclusive as the food is very bland, boring & tasteless! And, the restaurant was like sitting in a school or work canteen…
=> Staff… Some of them were wonderful and bent backwards to help us, the others were semi-friendly and definitely spent more time with the French speaking guests.
=> Pool area gets filled up very fast with not enough chairs.
(Note to all of you reserving tons of chairs and then not showing up for hours: RUDE!! )
=> Haggling is a way of life in Morocco so be sure you negotiate the prices as you otherwise will be ripped off. (Though I had fun haggling and got some great things at good prices.)
=> Agadir is very touristy and has been built up/is being built up within the last 40 years so don’t expect to see much typical Moroccan architecture
=> After talking with women going down there in groups, apparently the men are very ‘persistent’ and they were happy to go back home
=> A lot of construction
=> A huge percent of the people we talked to at the airport had gotten very sick/bad stomachs so be careful what you eat – food poisoning seem to be very common down there!! [The people that had gotten sick for many days had had the ice cream, just so you know.]

Hope this review has helped!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 30th of March 2007

Loved every second

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"I went on holiday for a weeks all inclusive with my boyfriend (we are 22 and 27 years old). The intention of our holiday was purely to chill by the pool with the sun and do not much else! For that purpose
I have marked this holiday as five stars as it served the exact purpose we wanted! I'll try and explain below more specifics of the holiday:


Our room was 448 and this was a double, not sure if this was due to e-mailing the hotel prior to departure asking to be put in a double bed rather rather two singles but it was great. We were located at the end of a corridor so there was no noise and we were on the top floor. The view was of the min golf and the gardens which was nice. The bed as I said was double and this was a big double! The bathroom was lovely, although the shower only just reached up to the hook on the wall. The room was cleaned daily and I have to say the maid was slightly crazy! She would often jump out on us whilst she was cleaning other rooms to scare us and I think she had a thing for my boyfriend as all she would say to him all the time was "ha-be-be" which means "I love you" ! She was always pleasant though, as were all the other maids we came across.


Although there was a no reserve policy on the sun beds nobody actually took any notice I have to say. We took our towels down as we were going to breakfast at around 9am and we always got the seats that we wanted. There were more than enough beds to go around, even the ones under the parasols. Although in the holiday brochure it stated that mattresses would payable locally they were free for the duration of our stay. There was the daily water areobics that was often well joined in, although other activites such as water polo never really got off the ground! the pool was great overall although my boyfriend and I found that the only way to get in was to dive or jump as it was qiute cold o attempt to walk in! Once we swam around a bit though it soon warmed up. It was a very deep pool in places - going up to 4 metres in the circular bit off the main pool.


Can't really comment much as we didnt actually spend any time there. We walked over once so we could say we'd been!! We went down on a Sunday and I think thats when the local kids must have their footie training as the beach was full of kids playing. There were no actual beds and parasols where we looked, apart from the cordened off area of a neighbouring hotel. There was a lot of building work going on on the beach which would be an eyesaw if you spent the day down there but it didnt bother us.


As said before we were all inclusive. For this reason I didnt expect grand food all the time! That said I really enjoyed every meal that we had at the buffet. We were disappointed to read on the signs that the Morrocan and the Grill were payable locally but on further inspection of the signs there are specific nights where all inclusives customers could dine for free! I dont think many people noticed this small print on the sign as there wasnt alot of people eating in there when we went. I have to say I would have been disappointed to have paid at both of these restuarants. We went in thinking that if we didnt enjoy the food we would go to the buffet but once you were in they dragged out the serving for the whole 2 and half hours so when it was finished the buffet was closed!! The food was basically what was in the buffet the couple of days before! That said though it was nice to have food served at the table and to be able to sit in a nice quiet corner.


I did notice that the waiters were much more friendly to the people who were paying and not wearing the all inclusive wrist bands. An example of this was that my boyfriend and I sat at a table meant for 5, whilst we went for our food the waiter moved our drinks and my bag to another table only for him to then sit a couple on that very same table who were paying! That was the only niggle that we noticed, as the waiters in general were very friendly and attentive.


We had to sign for all of our drinks which wasn't really a problem as they were quite quick but the waiters were wary of giving us more than two drinks. We liked to take the drinks back to the room and sit on the balcony, we got away with it twice though!

The bar was nice and there was entertainment every night. The highlight was definately the snake charmer! He got a great response from the guests! We didnt stay in the bar for any of the other nights as it wasn;t really our cup of tea. We found that sitting on the balcony listening to the music from the bar nice. Although this noise wasn't loud once we were in the room.

I hope that this review is informative. I would definately recommend the hotel if a holiday just by the pool with the sun was all you wanted. I have to say that all inclusive is a must too - if only for the drinks. We worked out that in two days and nights we would have spent about £120 alone on drinks! We definately would have spent above and beyond the price of our holiday alone on drinks and food!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of March 2007

Service by staff was Brill and beautiful garden

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"When i walked in to the hotel at first it wasn't one of those places u instanly think oh my god this is Lovely. i am sure it was once upon a time! the decor is "i would say" Very eighties but CLEAN at time i wondered if the cleaners could see something i couldn't see.

The hotel staf were very helpfull in fact the most helpful people i had ever come across. The waiters english was good but night staff reception english was not so good.

The food was really nice EVERY NIGHT, the pancakes where my weekness for break fast. At dinner they normally had something on the lines of Past, Rice, Cuscus, curried potatoes a traditional morocan stew (chicken/ beef/lamb) and cut of the bone turkey, gamon, Beef, Fish also had a wide range of salads and a grill out side. I would say you didn't need to go all inclusive HB was enough as breakfast holds you though to dinner and it is cheap to eat out of the hotel anyway.

There is free intenet there but only 2 computers so that is a bit of a bummer as someone is alwas on there. (i did manager to get on there 3 or 4 times)

There is a beauty centre there which is quiet busy. I got a pedicure but i must say i was not impressed at all it was the worst i have had and the lady doesn't speak english AT ALL it cost me about £16 but i would have rather added another tenner and got it done in england.

By the way the is a Bar called Jockey Bar near the ENGLISH BAR if you are young the music is great there you must go i found it on my last night."

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  • Travel date: Fri 16th of March 2007

Wow, what a brilliant holiday!! Well wor...

Reviewed Sun 14th of January 2007

"Wow, what a brilliant holiday!! Well worth the money that we paid.

The food was good, the staff great and the rooms brilliant. Our room had a TV with English film channels, Fridge and was in general great.

I can't say how much we enjoyed it. We went in early may and though it was cloudy on 2 days it was still hot, 34 degrees normally. The hotel gardens were beautiful, and the pool was just warm enough.

Make sure you go and see Chicco located at the main road by the gate to the beach (by the little hut) for all your excursions, they are half the price of the Thompson ones and fully insured. We really enjoyed the Quad biking.

They take professional photos b the garden entrance on bottom floor and they are well worth the few pounds you pay for them.

If you are thinking of this hotel all I can say is go for it, you won't regret it!

Morocco is an amazing place to visit, just remember to haggle, we found it even worked in fixed price shops!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of January 2007

This is a fabulous holiday for any would...

Reviewed Mon 31st of July 2006

"This is a fabulous holiday for any would be explorer, who likes a taste of something different and spicier!

Must see and do’s include; A visit to the local Souk, or market. Here you can buy any kind of fruit, spice or oils that you can ever want, at only a fraction of the price that it would cost at home. This is an overwhelming experience for both the eye and your sense of smell, but don’t forget to barter as this is the countries national sport and is all done with a sense of humour, over a glass of mint tea.

Another recommended trip, is what the locals call; Little Sahara. For about thirty pounds, the tour operators will take you on a full day excursion. You will start off with a visit to a local Moroccan market, with your own personal driver and an English speaking guide, being driven around in a 4x4 jeep. You will be taken to the edge of the Sahara, where you will meet snake charmers, take a rest in an actual oasis in the desert and have lunch with the native Bedouin people, as a guest in one of their houses.

On the way back you will pass through a wild bird sanctuary, where colourful flamingo flocks migrate south, before moving on to, Silver City, renowned for its artisans and quality of jewelry. Finally, you will return exhausted, but thoroughly exhilarated by your experience. Go ahead, be adventurous and above all, enjoy Morocco!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of July 2006

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