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Brillant Hotel could not fault it at all!!!!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"I stayed at this hotel from Aug 26th till 9th Sept 2005. I absoloutely loved the place. It was very big and spacious hotel with lots to do, pool activities which if you have kids will enjoy these but if you want to sunbathe just tell them no (I won a darts cmpetition at the pool which I am proud off I got a certificate for this). The staff are great very friendly.

As for the food I did not book myself into the resturant for a meal so cannot comment on that one but as for the food in the hotel overall it did have the same things most nights as people have said but so much to choose from that this is something you cant complain about there is always going to be something you will like, there is pizza, pasta, and a range of meats and moroccon choices and soups and as for the deserts there are plenty of lovely ones. They ahev a childrens part which the adults can eat from also.

The pool is absoloutley massive and there are loads of sun loungers never had a problem at all getting one. There is also the private beach which is huge and nice to walk up and down never sunbathed on the beach though found it better by the pool loads of locals on the beach. Had no problems with the service of food or drink they sometimes serve yor drinks past the 12.00 midnight mark if you are lucky.

I found there were no dangers in Agadir and you can wear what you wnat so have no worries and also the taxis into the town are very cheap. We also did a one day trip to Marakesh but found this tiring as it takes 4 hours to get there and then you walk around with a guide who talks about the history everywhere if you like that sought of thing I dont so I got a bit bored and it is absoloutely roasting there to. The market is good and it looks lovely at night there to.

I will say that they have a lot of overcast sky but when its sunny its sunny, overall an absoloutely brillant holiday and I would go back to Agadit again in the same hotel.

Leanne, Liverpool"

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  • Travel date: Sun 9th of October 2005


Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"One week holiday at the end of September.
The Iberostar is located to the south of central Agadir. We walked once at a very slow stroll and it took 45 minutes to get to the centre. To return we took a petit taxi at a cost of 13 dirhams (less than £1).
The room we were allocated was to a good 4 star standard with hairdryers, air conditioning & a fridge in the room (mini bar costs extra). All rooms also have a balcony. The hotel is designed so that all hotels (on three floors) either over-look the pool area or hotels either side of the Iberostar and they strech down to the beach area on each side of the main reception and restaurant.
The hotel all has it's own souvenir shop and also a shop for other essentials that you may have forgotten. The souvenier shop though is alot more expensive that the souk that only cost 10 dirhams in a petit taxi.
The hotel has an area of private beach attached to the hotel and near to the bar. The area of beach next to the shore is public. This is where the local sellers parade, but they are not allowed onto the private beach and the security kept watch. The area seemed to have a minor wasp problem, probably related to the time of year.
At the time of our visit there were no problems getting a sun lounger at the pool at any time of day, and the lougers were fairly comfortable and in keeping with the rest of the resort. The pool was well kept and had a small pool for the toddlers quite a long way from the third deep pool for adults. Also food it now allowed at the poll or beach so it was very clean.
Breakfast was mainly pastries, ommlettes, cold meat & fruit and some left-overs from the evening meal such as sausages & potatoes.
Lunch at the pool bar was salad, pizza, chips, pasta & meat or fish. At the resturant it was similar but with the addition of soup and a hot dish.
Evening meals were as per lunch with a great deal of fish, couscous, chick peas & lentils. My partner is a more fussy eater than myself and lived on pizza, pasta & chips. The meals did seem to get a bit repetative after a while but for one week they were good, but for two I also may have got a bit bored with the variety.
We had a bottle of wine between us every night and had no problems getting this from the waiters, but if we had wanted glasses of something else we probably would have only been served twice through a 1.5 hour meal.
The restaurant remined the both of us of a dinner hall as it was so large and impersonal, but the hotel is quite large.
Other Guests
We found at the time we visited the hotel that there were a large amount of Germans and the resort. The result of this for us was that we didn't speak to too many other guests. I am not sure how many beds the hotel accomodates but there were not a great many people that we remember seeing often, so quite a large number I would imagine.
My partner is usually one for the activities but he did not get involved at this resort as he decided as the majority of the others were Germans it would be too difficult for him to communicate. They also seemed to cut down on the number of activities later in the season and only had darts, french bowles and volleyball.
After having been to all-inclusive resorts in the Carribean we both felt that as the drinks were measured it was more stingy than we were used too (this may be our lack of all-inclusive experience outside the Carribean).
I would recommend the Iberostar Founty Beach, it was clean, comfortable and relaxing and even though we didn't visit any other hotels the comparison to the external area of other hotels the Iberostar outshines others.
The Iberostar group does have there own web-site if you search the internet that shows pictures of the pool etc."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of October 2005

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