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Good (Hotel) • Reception looks nice â€...

Reviewed Tue 21st of August 2007

"Good (Hotel)
• Reception looks nice
• Nice Flowers around
• Bar area inside very nice
• Air conditioning worked ok
• No annoying waiters or people baying for tips
• Fresh squeezed orange juice was lovely
• Porters are exceptionally helpful and work very hard (*deserve tipping)
• The bar staff again are quite exceptional and work hard
• Security at the perimeters is very tight

Bad (Hotel),
• The hotel will not cash travellers’ cheques, and on certain days of the week the local banks are not open.
• If you require cash in local currency the hotel will not accept credit cards or debit cards for this purpose.
• When you require assistance the hotel receptionist is not bothered to help you in resolving your requests, the answer is simply ‘non’.
• If you arrive before check in time you will not be issued with a hotel pass so you will be unable to use any facilities such as restaurant or bar unless you have local currency (*see items above).
• 98% of staff can’t speak English, 99% of the guests are French so ensure your French is fluent as well as your dress sense or you will feel the burning eyes of xenophobia drilling into you (*excepting the children who always were pleasant and polite). (Something I have never experienced in France or anywhere else, the people that this hotel attracts seem to be of the worse examples of French nationals).
• Some of the hotel staff were actually embarrassed by the restaurant and also admitted to being frequently ill, which explained their strange food combinations; possibly in an attempt to be able to stay well and working.
• The hotel grounds constantly looked like a building site with workmen maximising the use of the pathways ensuring that the guest had to walk over the building site that had just been watered to create a lovely muddy mess, they seemed to view the guests with total contempt (*excepting one young man, who was always courteous and mindful of the fact that guests do need to use the paths and walkways).
• The rooms shower was designed to ensure that when showering 50% of the water will run all over the bathroom floor.
• The showers are filthy and smell disgusting.
• The towels are removed for cleaning but not replaced until later in the day.
• The refrigerators are installed in an enclosed space with a door (that’s if you do wonder what that strange smell of melting plastic is). These are not designed to be the integrated type of fitments, so keep the door open.
• The rooms have a very nice flat panel TV, which is great! Except the fact that they don’t work and are not connected to anything.
• The internal locks on the apartment door didn’t work at all, so you could be walked in on by the maids at anytime (*and we were).
• If your room required any kind of maintenance work it will start with no notice at any time and the first you will know is when a guy appears with a drill and starts drilling walls etc.
• They start work early here in this complex and there will be constantly chiselling stone and banging hammers from 6am and throughout the day.
• The communal unisex toilets near the bar are consistently running with urine on the floor and toilets are usually un-flushed.
• Staff members arguing with guests over damages outside our hotel room, they were totally oblivious to the fact we were sitting outside there.
• No soap provided in the apartment rooms, if you require more toilet paper you have to purchase it yourself.
• Additional items were added to my bill on leaving that I didn’t purchase or use, amazingly the receptionists’ command of English improved when trying to justify these. I refused at the inset to provide my credit card details when checking in for an all inclusive for this reason (*ask them to identify the purchase, you likely find they can’t).
• After your checkout time and before your transfer time the hotel security were unwilling to allow us back into the hotel complex, add to this the fact they don’t speak English. This is a particular problem if the hotel is looking after your baggage and you have 5 hours to kill.

Hotel Food / Drink
• Insects crawling over uncovered salads and alike, most cold food uncovered to allow additional insect contributions.
• Bland and non-Moroccan food being cooked for their presumed European clients palette.
• The BBQ outside cooked chicken on skewers in 4 layers deep to ensure the uncooked juices of the meat above ran onto the cooked meat below that you are about to be served. They also specialised (when busy) in serving partially cooked chicken. When they alternated to lamb burgers they were of the worse quality and looked like they were made from reclaimed meat and bits of bone.
• Coffee served was like coloured water and was disgusting
• Staff not wearing gloves when touching food, finger nails invariably filthy.
• Food such as eggs were constantly stuck to the bottom of the pan and impossible to get, wait until the 3rd layer of them are placed on top.
• The spicy breakfast sausages were often not cooked properly.
• Ice is made from tap water, therefore is risky to have in your drinks.
• Mineral water was not chilled (*petty fact I know).
• The wine was watered down with tap water and again was disgusting; you need to buy the Sahara Reserve to get a semi decent wine.

• Be prepared to be persistently hassled by sellers on the beach (one every 10 – 15 minutes) and if you do buy something don’t assume that you only need one as they will be back trying to sell you the same thing again... 30 minutes later. (*best tip is just say you bought one yesterday).

As I recall the following are available for your purchasing pleasure:

o Henna Tattoos
o Beer / Water / Coke Etc...
o Beach Mats
o Strange rocks
o Mats
o Caftans
o Silk Scarf’s
o Donuts
o Fake Watches

• The beach umbrella rental people are generally very good and will rent you one for 20 dirham a day.
• Be very careful when walking to the beach as there are lots of large 1 foot metal spikes sticking out of the ground pending the building of something or other.
• Lots of diggers and construction vehicles driving round the beach promenade, if you are a fan of JCB’s, earthmovers or alike it’s a veritable must see!

In short my wife and I prayed to go home, seeing as the rep was totally useless and always did a vanishing act when we complained and asked for action to be taken for moving hotel.

Will be looking to take legal action over this as it was our honeymoon!!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

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