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  • swimming pool
  • free internet
  • restaurant
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  • free parking
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  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
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  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • banquet room
  • multilingual staff
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
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Reviews summary

( 786 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 3 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3 food

16 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

A lovely time

Reviewed Sun 18th of March 2012

"Just got back from staying at the Hotel Anezi for 4 days.We had a lovely time. We upgraded and had a room with a wonderful view. The room was big and cleaned every day to a very high standard.OK the food was not to everyone's taste but it was well cooked and plenty of it.The breakfast was a typical Mediterranean one with plenty of salads bread eggs cheese etc. As it is a Muslim country do not expect ham you will have an equivalent.
The main language in Morocco is Arabic dialect followed by French so take a phrase book with you. I got by most of the time with school French and people are so delighted when you try.
I enjoyed my stay and could find very little to moan about"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 18th of March 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 4 Food

All rather a let down......

Reviewed Mon 23rd of August 2010

"The hotel itself looks great - a grand reception, decent clean rooms if a bit basic and for once no towels on sun beds. The downside is that the food is repetitive and not very nice.The breakfast consisted mainly of eggs, the strangest ham I've ever tasted, cheese, and bread. The same choice of meals every evening - fish, chicken legs in sauce, grisly beef stew and pasta. Although we'd booked half board we ate out a lot. The cleaning staff were nice enough but they only made the beds and wiped the floors. The hotel is mainly full of French visitors and so everything - food, staff, limited entertainment is geared for them. hate to say it but if you're English you're a 2nd /3rd class guest. We stayed for a week and were never able to change money in the hotel except for the last day when they changed enough for us to pay our drinks bill and not a Dirham more.

From the minute you get off the plane, every man woman and child is trying to get money off you in Morrocco. You are harassed by the local shopkeepers who all but drag you in to their shops forcing fake watches, leather goods etc on you. We went to Marakesh, what a con - over 4 hours each way not 2.5 as told and conned in to eating in a restaurant by the driver which cost £36 for 2 adults and a child. Everything is overpriced, fake or tacky.

It's a shame given that great efforts have obviously been made with the beach front. All in all the money could have been better spent elsewhere. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 23rd of August 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 2 Food

Total value for money !!

Reviewed Mon 27th of April 2009

"Everyone has their own opinion in what they want in a Holiday.....mine is so very simple.....its value for money !! I don't expect five star luxory if I'm only paying for a three star package holiday, so when I booked this holiday I wasn't expecting to reach for the moon and the stars.....but wow it came very close to it !!

The easy way of commenting is to read all the reviews and then perhaps answer some of the negative comments with how we found it. The reception staff weren't at all unfriendly but like in any busy Hotel they do get rushed off their feet at times (and remember English is usually their third language !!)......money changing.....its a Hotel not a bank !!
After seven days of course the food will get repetitive.....doesn't that happen in any Restaurant ?? Agrophobia on the eigth floor.....its called Vertigo (change your room then ??)

To sum up.....the staff are as friendly as you are to them....the service is boardering on the excellent.....the cleanliness second to none (especially the room service) the hotel itself is immaculate !!
As I said at the beginning if all you expect is value for money you wont go wrong by staying at the Anezi.....plus that little bit extra thrown in for fee that really helps you enjoy your stay"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 27th of April 2009

moroccan magic

Reviewed Sun 29th of March 2009

"we went to morocco not knowing what to expect but we enjoyed every minute. the anezi is one of the best hotels for the money we have stayed in.the staff are excellent.nothing was too much trouble.the room was cleaned every day by an always smiling lady.the animation staff were always cheerful from 9 in the morning till 11 at night.the food was good but got a bit boring.we would recommend going out a couple off nights.we went on a berber evening it was excellent well worth the money.we are going back next year so that says everyting,brilliant "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 29th of March 2009

This is a decent hotel

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Quite a few bad reviews for this hotel were posted after I had booked so I was a little nervous about my holiday. As it happened I needn't have been I had a great time. I travel solo and often get dreadful rooms and this did not happen here I got a nice room with a great view. Yes the room (and the hotel) could do with a refurb but it is clean and in good repair - just a little tired.
Several people have complained about the food - the food is great but it isn't English food - if you want that go to Blackpool or Benidorm. The service is a little slow but that is the pace of life in Morocco - hey this is a holiday and I can wait a few minutes while they get me a beer. The staff are very friendly and I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. There were two things that did hack me off:
1) You can not spend money at the hotel, all purchases at bars, restaurant, shop, etc. have to be put on your room card - I do not like this and many other guests didn't. It also makes it difficult to invite guests from other hotels back (unless you are prepared to pay for all the drinks).
2) The Animation team were useless. Very amateur and seemed to spend most of their time with each other.

Panorama bar on 10th floor has stunning views of Agadir but is desperately in need of redecoration.

So if you have booked to go to the Anezi and understand that this is a different culture and you won't get English food I think that you will have a lovely time. Recommend the 2 day trip to Marakech with the dinner in the Dar Es Salaam almost worth the trip on its own. The Berber Banquet was a laugh and the Welcome tour OK - catch and cruise was rubbish"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 15th of January 2007

I travelled alone to Morocco, and was pl...

Reviewed Mon 8th of January 2007

"I travelled alone to Morocco, and was pleasantly surprised on arrival at Hotel Anezi. There was a welcome committee to greet us on the steps/foyer.

My room was on the 8th floor (even though I'd requested a room on a lower floor, but not too big an issue).

I found it to be clean, airy and very comfortable with a nice balcony which I couldn't really make use of being a bit agoraphobic.

The staff were friendly in the main, but a couple of straight faces on reception. The food was plentiful and quite Moroccan but after the first week I found it a bit repetitive, but after saying that it was plentiful and fresh.

There was a good "animation team" by the pool during the day and in the bar at night, who tried to get everyone involved, which for a single traveller was a plus.

However being quite gregarious, I soon made friends and went on some excursions including trips to Marrakesh, Essouaria and a 4x4 safari into the Sahara. All arranged by Amandine the rep in the Hotel Anezi.

My 14 day holiday passed very quickly and when I got home I contemplated going back again later in the year, with some people from Scotland I'd met in Agadir, but it wasn't to be. But perhaps will grab 7 days there early this summer.

I will definitely visit again at some point and hope things haven't changed too much when I do.

Highly enjoyable time, but dont go if youre looking for the Med, its a different culture and to me lots more exciting."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 8th of January 2007

Awful Awful Awful!

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"We were expecting this hotel and resort to be bad after reading the reviews, but it was cheap and offered winter sun, so we went ahead and booked it anyway. We tried our best to laugh our way through the experience but have to say it was the worst place we have ever visited and undoubtedly the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. If you pay anything to stay in this hotel it is too much, you will have a better time at home! Not one person checking out of this hotel was happy, and I cant blame them, it wasnt worthy of any star rating, let alone 4!)
Rude, unfriendly, incompetent staff, facilities and rooms that are smelly, dirty, dated and worn, shabby badly run bar and restaurant, filthy inedible food, hilariously embarrassing "entertainment" and should you wish to complain the most bizarre "management team" to deal with (consisting of a drunken old man and a sleezy weirdo!)
Please do not stay here, it will ruin your well earned holiday. If you must go to Agadir (though again it is better to stay at home) then pay a bit more and stay at the only quality hotel, The Sofitel (where we ended up spending every day as their facilities were clean and their food edible)"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 12th of December 2006

This really is the worst hotel you might ever choose to stay in

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"Take heed of these reviews if you should happen to read them....we actually read them before we booked and chose to ignore at our peril!!

How to describe the Anezi - think Fawlty Towers/Hi-De-Hi.........we did our research, decided this looked like the best of a bad bunch.. unbeknown to us this place really was everything the reviews said. I could go on and on listing the many things that are wrong with it - but here are a few highlights:-

- Checking into the hotel without a single person deigning to speak to us or acknowledge us ... other than to thrust a room key at us
- The food...............if you have to stay there for whatever reason...just don't eat there
- The staff - mostly rude, ignorant and objectionable....or believing they are something akin to Julio Iglesias (slightly closer to Borat in actual fact)
- If you really want to amuse yourselves ensure you book an appointment to complain about something/everything with one of the Managers......after 3 such meetings with a man who shall only remain nameless as otherwise this review won't get on the website, we were literally hysterical with laughter........Irish, drunk, incompetent and incapable of remembering any of your previous conversations with him or indeed what customer service actually stands for
- The 'Animator' crew whose job it was to entertain guests around the pool area. Entertainment consisted of the 'Hotel Dance' at 12 noon everyday (hysterical for all the wrong reasons), Crazy Golf (a hole in a short metal plank) and 'Catching the Ping Pong Ball in the Coffee Cup Game' (no really - again, hysterical for all the wrong reasons!)

So - our advice. Book yourselves into the Sofitel and go for it.....superb hotel, fantastic surroundings, superb service and superb food! And for those that are after some nightlife they have the only club worth going to in Agadir (if you don't mind the fact that this is where all the rich Moroccan men go to with prostitutes!)."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of November 2006

good location

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"My daughter and I have just returned from The Anezi Hotel, we had a lovely time, the hotel rooms were a little worn but more than adequate, They were roomy and the facilities were good with a safety deposit box in the room and air conditioning, Tthere were some marks on the carpet but the room was freshly hoovered on arrival and again during our 7 day stay.
The staff especially bar staff, waiters, snack bar staff were helpful and polite. Initally they seemed a little nervous as in the main they spoke French, My daughter and I do not speak French but this was not a problem and any misunderstandings were sorted out amicably
A new manager has recently been appointed to the hotel and he seemed to be making considerable changes he asked if we had any requirements and took these on board.
The animation team were friendly but their organisational skills left something to be desired, they did not mange to organise any activities around the pool. I would not recommend the Saturday night show which was presented by the team as this consisted of several mimed sketches which were derogatory to fat people, tall people, small people and gay men. The show also included some break dancing and a song, the words of which they had forgotten. To be honest it was so STRANGE it was funny. There is other entertainment close by and it's a short walk to the beach.
The location of the hotel is excellent. As it is the only hotel of 10 stories high you will always be able to find it. Public areas of the hotel were clean and well presented.
There was a reasonable choice of food and the dining room opened at 5-30 in the morning and between 1900 to 2200 which allowed one to have a meals in the hotel, before and after excursions, that was good. GENERALLY GOOD VALUE"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 20th of November 2006

Hotel Anezi? Hotel Take the Pissi!

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"The photos of Hotel Anesi give an impression of a well maintained, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Sadly this hotel falls short on all accounts.

Service? What service?

At dinner I requested a drink only to be laughed at by the waiter who then proceeded to walk away (leaving me stunned). I asked several more waiters (who were talking to each other at the time) and they all ignored me. When I asked who was in charge (and I use the word "in-charge" losely) I was told "sorry dont make trouble for me we are busy". I thereby pointed to 4 waiters who were leaning on a table idle chatting. It took over 35 minutes to recieve a single drink.

The rooms were so outdated that even the sheets had holes in them. The carpets were threadbare, but at least they were so stained we didnt have to worry about spilling any food on them.

The hotel did have a good view of the local mountain and at night you can clearly see the well-lit sign proclaiming "1 god, 1 country 1 people?", however this view also encompasses large scale construction (hardly picturesque).

During our last day we were told that we could use the hotel gym (a few benches and a kick bag) for showering. While I used the shower my girlfriend was "escorted" re: manhandled by one of the security staff out of the gym area because he believed that you couldnt use the showers. The man-handling of my girlfriend I found utterly unacceptable.

During my morning meetings with fellow guests I began to notice something I have never witnessed before. Guests were cancelling extended holidays. Yes guests were reducing there holiday from 2 weeks to one because they were unimpressed with the hotel, the terrible service and the resort.

If this hotel isnt enough to put you off going to Agadir, let me recount a few of my lowlights.

1 - Constantly being hounded by anyone who considered themselves knowledgable about the area. Anyone asking to show you something remember this golden rule - THEY WANT MONEY! And if you dont give them any prepared to be grabbed and a heated argument to develop.

2 - Walking into the sea to see used diapers floating in the ocean. Yes, the dirtiest place ive ever been to in europe. The water is so dirty that I didnt want to put my head under.

3 - Fighting. In my first day I saw two fights, 1 on the way to a local souk, and then 1 on the beach. Apparently two locals fought over a the younger one having s** infront of her children. Im not kidding.

4 - Scams. You get the feeling that everyone is trying to scam you here and guess what - they are! I parked a rental car at a free parking place. During my parking I was "waved in" by a local man. I got out of the car and walked directly to this man (I was used to scammers by now) and I asked him a simple question. "do you have to pay to park here". No he proclaimed. I asked it again. "so its free all day to park right?" Yes again he replied. When i returned later he was still there. As i got into my car he walked behind me and waved me out. Bear in mind I have been driving for 15 years and im sure i know how to use reverse... So then he walks to my window and proclaims "100!!!". I start to move away disgusted at teh thought of more scammers and he promptly starting hitting the roof screaming out "100 100 100".

Chose your hotel well in Agadir as you will quickly lose interest in leaving it. The resort is a cultural wasteland. The amenities are poor, the cleanliness is non-existant, and there is even a mcdonalds located directly on the beach. This is definately along way from the morocco I had visioned."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 26th of October 2006

what can we say?

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"the hotel was reasonable, the staff would be very helpful as long as there were no locals or french around to be served first.
hotel was kept clean though rooms could do with updating and the air conditioning was never on. brochure said room had a fridge, not until we arrived were we told we had to pay for it. it was very difficult to cash travellers cheques and we often had to visit other hotels and ask them to cash them for us. the breakfast was the same everyday and you had to be prepared to queue. the evening meals were not to our taste as veals trotters are not our thing, we ate out on a couple of occasions. beware of excursions as the two we were on were contracted out to a local compant even thought we had booked through thomas cook. though the hotel was ok for a short stay where the area surrounding the hotel is dirty with a dangerously busy road that took us 15 mins to cross and swarming with beggars."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 7th of October 2006

Our stay at Hotel Anezi

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012


The hotel is an impressive white building from the outside. It is easily recognised wherever you are out and about in Agadir due to the height. Hotel kept very clean and the cleaners worked very hard throughout the day. The hotel could do with refurbishment has it is looking tired. (Some books state 3 stars some state 4 definite not a 4 star more like 2/3)


Read previous reviews, as they are correct - most staff on reception including manager are very rude to the British but if you are French or can speak French you will be okay. They listen to your requests then state later or tomorrow and it goes on and on, you keep coming back day after day asking where are the fridges we had requested on our booking forms? but always LATER OR TOMORROW AFTER 10 AM. My friend became ill and I asked coule we please have the fridge as she was only drinking water and it was warm they still did not give us one. The lady on recption who dealt with the change was nice.


Our maid ensured our room was kept spotlessly clean.

MARTE DE (Black Uniform)

He was excellent - always spoke and said hello and when my friend had gastroenteritis he helped by getting me ice cubes as the water was warm as we still did not have fridge.


All excellent - we had really good service.


These waiters in here are a JOKE there would be at least 3 - 4 waiters and it would take ages to receive your drinks once ordered. My coffee one day was sitting on bar for 5 minutes before they brought it with beers. At one time in the rooftop bar I ordered some drinks they took my card and I sat down and waited and waited until finally I got up to see what the hold up was as I was the first person to order, the barman had served other people and was now serving a French person at the bar and had not even started doing my drinks. I told him to forget the order and double checked that I had not been charged with reception as I did not sign the bill (you sign when drinks arrive). All was fine and I had not been charged but 2 days later when I went to pay my bill for the last 2 days the charge was on there and again I was told come back tomorrow or later after 10 am this went on until my last day and I had to get the rep to make sure it was removed.


They all seemed to work hard, my only concern was that they wet the floor in the lobby so much that someone could have had a nasty accident. At other hotels the lobby areas were cleaned early in the morning (2 am - 7 am), they were mopping the lobby areas at 8 - 9 am in the morning)


Booked two rooms together with fridges, received two rooms on different floors (nine and four) with no fridges, safe in room 9 was broken with door hanging off the hinges.

The air conditioning in this hotel is a JOKE, it is better to open your patio door if on higher floors as no matter who we spoke to no one had air conditoning that really worked in their room. If I had known this I would have booked the Hotel Kamal which does not have air conditioning and much cheaper. Beware that on leaving your patio door open the smell from the fishermen brining back their fish is disgusting first thing in the morning.

My bedside lamp was faulty and it kept going on and off due to the wiring - reported it day one, not sorted out.

Courtesy Room - What is this?

Well in every hotel I have ever been in Europe I have had a courtesy room, when I asked at reception about this 3 days before leaving I was informed to come back later that day after
10 am or tomorrow and this went on until the last day when I asked the manager about a courtesy room I was told "I have over .... guests staying here and all my rooms are booked and I do not have one". (The tone he used was condescending). If it was not for the pool maintenance man telling us to use the gym showers we would have had no shower prior to leaving the hotel for the airport which is not good enough for a hotel of this size.


Towels are taken away in the morning and are not brought back until late afternoon damp. They do not have many bath/hand towels in this hotel. I kept mine the last day to shower and the maid came to me to ask where they were and I had to bring them back to her after I had finished with them so she could launder them and put them back in the room.


As explained earlier in previous reviews, the food for breakfast is adequate, you can have the following:

cornflakes (not kellogs - but you don't expect that anyway lol)
salad items (lettuce/cucumber/tomatoes/peppers and onions)
ham (did not eat it)
cheese (did not eat it)
fruit salad
yoghurt of some sort
pastries (dry and boring)
pancakes (ok - partner ate them)
doughuts (not like ours though - partner ate them)
juice (not proper orange juice but squash)

Eggs - Now this was the best part you could have omeletes or fried but as one previous review stated you got to wait and boy do you wait - 20 minutes one day my friend waited for 3 egg omelete. There was an old man doing the eggs most days, and the queues stretched at least 10 - 12 people waiting and with only one person and 2 small frying pans they need to look at getting more resources or staff - if the ladies cooking doughnuts/pancakes were not busy would not help out. (seems to be each has their own little pan etc)

The toaster was a JOKE it took forever, and yes as mentioned earlier it would have been better to put bread out in the sun to toast as it would have been quicker.


As one previous review stated - MINNING I would say absolutely disgusting. The food did not look edible, neither did it taste nice. There was always a pan with couscous with some meat either chicken or pigeon. Vegetables consisted mostly of pumpkin/leeks and potatoes. There was always hot pasta and sauce but very bland and the pizza was disgusting.

The desserts were all dry and nothing to write home about. You rarely seen any fruit at dinner, the most you got was melon and one day I noticed oranges but again these were dry and unappetising.

I ate the salad for most of the holiday which was pasta and tuna or rice and tuna etc.

The chicken and Turkey sometimes did not seem to be cooked as my freind had some that was still pink (not sure if this is what caused her gastroenteritis which she had to have a doctor out twice)

The pools are kept very clean by the maintenance man, he is lovely and helped us out no end with our queries etc which the reception staff did not. Always smiling, got our mattresses for us every day and always asked how we were etc.

On taking our cases downstairs the manager asked if we had checked out of our room as he wanted to send the cleaners in as apparently they had quite a few guests checking in later that day, as this was only 11.15 am and because of the lack of help with whatever I asked for I make sure that I did not check out until 12.00 midday on the dot. This was the first time that the manager smiled and was actually nice this was because he wanted us out of our room early.


As I am an early riser the security had to open the doors to allow me access to get outside to the pool area. (Doors open at 7.00 am). You could not use the pool until about 9.00 am.

Other Holiday People

We chatted to a lot of the people at the hotel and most had the same opinions as myself as regards to staff and food etc. We stayed at this hotel from 27 August - 10 September, on the 7 September seen the arrival of the under 19 boys International Boxing Championship, this completely changed the hotel as most of these boys were like savages when it came to the food. Salad got spilt into the jams, bread was picked up and smelt then put back down, bowls and plates were filled so high that you constantly had food dropped onto the floor. As some holiday makers said it is like a plague of locus been at the food. If I had just arrived at this hotel I would have demanded to be moved. They not only took over the dinning room they roped off some areas where only they could go. The queues for food in the dining room were even longer as instead of staggered holiday makers coming into eat you had all of them practically at the same time dining. I spoke to my rep on the last day and complained about this, I was told that they did not know they were booked in. Surely this is untrue as the volume of boys they would have had to have made a block booking well in advance.


We went to Marrakech for 3 days 2 nights and the hotel we stayed in was a four star and it was beautiful the staff, the food and the rooms were superb. We were only there for bed and breakfast but the quality of the food was entirely different. Our room had air conditioning that worked brilliant and had a lovely fridge which kept our water and beer extremely cold.

Perhaps you are now wondering why I choose the Anezi Hotel after reading the reviews. We went with friends who had a certain budget and although certain waiter staff in and the dinner let this hotel down. The cleanliness of a hotel is what I was mostly after and for this I could not fault them.

Would I recommend this hotel - No
Would I come back to this hotel - No
Would I come back to Morocco - Yes

There is a restaurant which is part of this hotel (have to pay) which is across the road and down some steps. The staff and the food was excellent. I am not sure but whenever we went there were never many people here despite the view and the quality of the food.

If you require any further information etc please email [email protected]"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 30th of September 2006

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    "Its very heavily French influenced......which is no bad thing eigh "

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    "There's better out there "

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    "Take a French phrase book. look around the area there are some great restaurants "

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