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  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • restaurant
  • free internet
  • bar lounge
  • free parking
  • suites
  • public wifi
  • wheelchair access
  • room service
  • air conditioning
  • non smoking rooms
  • non smoking hotel
  • laundry service
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • breakfast buffet
  • airport transportation
  • outdoor pool
  • baggage storage
  • english amenities
  • french amenities
  • secured parking
  • shops amenities
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • italian amenities
  • beach
  • darts
  • reduced mobility rooms
  • fishing amenities
  • pool beach towels
  • kids activities
  • snorkeling amenities
  • diving
  • windsurfing amenities
  • safe

Reviews summary

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10 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Very disappointed with the 'new Ocean Sports

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"Having known the old Ocean Sports we read the reviews here and thought great a change for the better! How wrong we were! We arrived just after New Year and the place was swarming with youngsters (not resident in the hotel) all enjoying the New Year celebrations, nothing wrong with that, except they were all comatose on every available surface, sleeping off the exceses of the previous nights disco.

Our room, thankfully, was well away from the main body of the hotel, because as we heard from residents in rooms near the hotel that they had not slept ,because there had been a disco every night since Dec 24th and it was now 3rd Jan starting at 10pm and finishing at dawn! Any complaints to the new owners were met by the reply that if his daughter could not have a disco every night she would go into the local town instead which he did not want!

The room itself was fairly basic which was fine, but the bathroom was a joke, the shower kept falling off the wall because it had no bracket attaching it to the wall. The bath was filthy and the loo needed a bucket of water to flush it! Complaints to the manager was met with the excuse that she kept telling housekeeping and maintenaince how to clean and check rooms but they didn't listen! The towels were disgusting and smelt damp and mouldy new ones were no better!

The improvements that have been done to the public areas are very good, unfortunately though, the local italians from the surronding houses and hotels tend to move in during the day and take possesion of all the sunbeds. Early evening all the locals and backpackers come into the main bar area armed with their lap tops to take advantage of the free wifi access! Not conducive to a quiet sundowner drink! We often felt as if we were banished to our room because the public areas were not for hotel residents!

The staff are very poilite and willing even though they lack direction from management. The food is very good and beautifully presented.

In conclusion if you want to go somewhere during the peak holiday period that is an italian doss house during the day and and an internert cafe in the evening and a club 18 - 30 at night, then this is the place for you, if not , avoid it like the plague!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

O.S. = "Outstanding Stay"

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2012

"We have just returned from a fantastic week at Ocean Sports. This was our first trip to Kenya and we were not disappointed. OS is a great place to unwind, fish, snorkel and enjoy the superb beach. Friendly and smiling staff serve excellent food in relaxed surroundings overseen by Manageress Helen."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of December 2007

Great Unspoiled Getaway

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"Friends recently posted to Nairobi convinced us to start off our Kenya trip at Watamu near Malindi at the renovated Ocean Sports. What a great way to unwind - no shoes, shorts and tees,coastal breezes, great deck overlooking the sea, lots of smiling waiters with drinks...and somehow a feeling that it was all yours - no commercialism or pushiness at all.
we did 2 days of fishing which was awesome: Tunas, sailfish, garrfish, wahoo - all released except 1 tuna we took for sashimi that night back at the hotel !....and we saw turtles, dolphins and tons of birds. Took the kids to the snakefarm near Malindi (very "Cool") and the Rock Pools at low tide were amazing ! kids enticed eels out with meat on sticks. Camel named George giving beach rides, went out in the glass bottom local boats to the reef which reminds you that the fish can swim over from the Maldives as its the same ocean...
Anyway Ocean Sports suited us in that the kids could roam all over, we could sit on the new long deck, swim in waves, kids loved the pool which is set back seperate from the beach, menu suited all and the main part of the lobby is a big bar with marlins appropriately mounted...Had a good crowd of locals and from other hotels for the Rugby World Cup -as apparently OS is known for a good party as well, certainly was that night..
.The hotel main building all looks new - fresh and open to the deck/sea so always a great clean breeze... Rooms are not uniform and look like they have been built at different stages - but ours had a private outdoor sitting and was clean and good for us and kids in 2 adjacent rooms. Prices very very reasonable....
We recommend this as a great way to start the Kenya experience as we all chilled out first then we then went a few hours drive and 2 days to Tsavo East arranged for us by Ocean Sports -then back to Malindi and up to the masai Mara for 2 nights at Naibor Camp (will review seperately)... MM is incomparable (but 2 nights Masai Mara cost same as 10 days at Ocean Sports !)"

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of November 2007

relaxed family holiday

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"Unusually, and because other plans had fallen through, we spent nearly 3 weeks at the Ocean Sports in Watamu. We did not regret it, it was a very relaxing spot, beautiful views and gorgeous beach; very friendly and personal service (we were soon on first name terms with them all!). The rooms were simple but very clean, with AC and everything needed with attractive locally made furniture. The pool is not huge, but spotless, and the "animation team" are on hand all the time with volleyball, table tennis etc to keep our boys (13 & 11) amused. Discos once or twice a week were well organised and fun and the food was very good - great pizzas from their own pizza oven! Great diving and fishing was easy to organise. We had a wonderful holiday!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of September 2007

Small but very beautiful

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"Just back from a break at OS and we have really enjoyed it! The staff is friendly and very helpful, the food excellent, the rooms clean, beautiful and with great sea views. Some minor problems got solved immediately. We had a relaxing stay and hope to come back some day!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of September 2007

My FAVE hotel eva!!!

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"OS is an absolutely bootiful hotel which has recently had a big refurbishment to make it look stunning, all the staff r realli nice and helpful.

The 'Animators' (a team of guys who play sports and games with the guests) are great for all kids/teens who get bored on holidays(i am testimony to this as am 13 myself), They play daily volleyball, lots of darts,tabletennis,tennis,scrabble,ludo and any other games u want.

There is a big pool, scuba diving and deep sea fishing as well.

The food is delicious (contrary to a previous review) and i have eaten in the hotel 20 0ut of the 21 days i have bn here!

Thanx 2 all the guys & gals @ ocean sports 4 a great time!

ps. they jave a great wireless internet connection"

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of August 2007

Fantastic Time!

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"We stayed for thirteen nights and had a thoroughly relaxing time. The hotel fronts right onto the beach and so the views are stunning The facilities are good with a kids club running, nice pool and wireless connection both in the bar and at the poolside. The restaurant has a lovely ambiance and the food and service excellent. Helen and her team at Ocean Sports all make you feel so welcome and nothing was too much trouble! Would definately go back again if we happen to be in Kenya again!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

the best hideaway on the Kenya coast

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"Simple, unpretentious, totally relaxing, I have enjoyed Ocean Sports for the last 35 years. Set beside the beautiful Turtle Bay although Watamu has grown into a resort it remains unspoilt.
Walking in and drawing a stool up to the boat/bar dragged there by Ian Pritchard all those years ago is the moment when you can start to relax and forget the outside world.
Enjoy the famous Sunday buffet, a favourite of the locals, or spot a fisherman with his catch and Ocean Sports will instantly offer to cook it for you- and in just the time it takes to drink a couple of cold Tuskers superbly grilled lobster arrives.
It isn't grand- a kikoy is 'dressed up' but all your creature comforts are attended to by willling and friendly staff.
Don't miss the chance to snorkel at the coral garden, and wander over the rocks at low tide marvelling at the underwater life revealed.
The rooms are scattered over the grounds, and you stroll past frangipane and hibiscus bushes and bouganvillea of all shades, to get to the main building.
There's plenty to do if you want to be energetic, but it is also a place where you can sit backand just enjoy the atmosphere."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 28th of May 2007

Fantastic time !

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"We stayed at Ocean sports august 2006 & never experienced any problems at all at Os, in fact it was fantastic, there was a rugby competition on whilst we where there including some of the top names in world rugby ! Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennet, Jeremu guscot, Rory Underwood, Scott Quinnell, to name just a few !
Yes we did experience problems with the electricity supply but this was only for a short period of time untill the generator kicked in, all the hotels in Turtle bay suffer from this, even Hemmingways next door.
Rooms are clean, and the food we found very good, Sundays is a must (afternoon) lots of ex-pats turn up for the weekly gossip and a few tuskers of course !
Its obvious someone is spending a lot of money at Ocean sports as its appearance is far different to how I remember it a few years ago, the toilets are all new and all the verandah furniture is brilliant, although the tables and chairs inside weigh a ton !
The staff are fantastic by the way, very friendly & will cater for every need, its good to see the new management has retained most of the origional staff, they really do work hard to make your stay a welcoming one.
The view from the sea wall is fantastic, Ocean sports has got to have the best view of the bay, its stunning, the beach is also excellent.
This place seems a mecca for sports fishermen, I,ve never seen so much fresh fish in my life ! the tuna & sailfish are to die for !
We love ocean sports, its nothing at all like some of the other hotels in the bay, it has character & has a lot going for it now, people who have not been there for a few years will be suprised, we was.
And as for the english manager, we found her to be very polite & hard working, we will return again, especially if the rugby competition happens again ! I've never met such massive giants who were all true gentlemen, a holiday to remember.


The above link gives a list of who played in the touch rugby competition in august 2006, it was such a a huge success, I hope they do it again, if they do we,ll be back like a shot !"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 3rd of February 2007

Ocean Sports Hotel, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2012

"This historically Kenya locals' coastal hangout has recently been bought by new owners who very mistakenly have employed a British General Manageress who, rumour has it, came from a banking bankground, which would explain her incompetence when dealing with
guests. The hotel has been given a bit of a wash and brush up but the food is awful so make sure you B&B only and eat out (the divine Pilipan restaurant nearby is a MUST). Oh and if you ask for tea/coffee on your verandah in the morning - don't hold your breath!!
When the electricity goes off the generator is supposed to kick in but they seem to have problems with it. On our first night my friend went to Reception to ask for candles for their room and was told by the Manageress (who is like something out of Fawlty
Towers!) that there WERE candles in their room and couldn't they see them?! (Not in the dark lady!!)
Another night the power went off the generator kicked in but was unable to get power any further than the main hotel and a few rooms. Again my friend went to inform the Manageress who very curtly told him that she would refund our money and we could
leave! What?! Needless to say we would not leave. We complained to the Ops Manager - we were told that the Manageress would apologise to us personally - she never did. Appointments were made with the Owners which were never kept. Sadly the tour operator had paid them in full so we had no come-back.
Such a pity because Ocean Sports is an institution - get rid of the Manageress and get someone in who knows how to run a hotel (preferably a local) and maybe Ocean Sports will be restored to its former glory??
And by the way despite the power problems the nightly "disco" managed to operate which wore very thin after a few nights - and round the clock over New Year - I'd rather hear the waves than that constant "doof doof doof".
I'd love to go back but only when the ghastly "Helen" has moved on."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of January 2007

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