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A view to die for!

Reviewed 6th December 2008

"We've being visiting Voi for years and hardly anything has changed! The Lodge was built in the 60s and had little done in the way of upgrade since! Having said that, its perfectly adequate as its the animals you've come to see, not the curtains! The lodge is built quite high up on a cliff. The view across the savannah is breaktaking! You can see for miles and miles. You step out from the lodge to see a magnificent panoramic view, overlooking the watering holes below. Hyrax (closest relative is the elephant) scamper around the lodge and the gardens have frequent visitors - baboons, ostrich, warthogs and elephants. There's a hide (down loads of steps) where you can safely get up close and personal with the animals visiting the watering hole. If the swallows are nesting they can dive bomb you! There is a swimming pool with terrace so you can wallow in the water watching the animals wallow below. The human's water is a little cold, but refreshing. The bedrooms are for 2 or 3 people. We did top and tail 4 kids in one room on an occasion. All the bedrooms have low glass windows so that while you are in bed you can see what's happening outside. The rooms could do with an upgrade - the decor is dated as is the bathroom fittings. A word of warning - don't leave your window open as the baboons will raid your room! There's a bar selling all the usual drinks and a shop with all the normal type of carvings. The restaurant overlooks the watering hole - try to get a table at the front so you don't miss any of the action. Tea and coffee is help yourself by the bar - the sugar is locked away in a box as the baboons often raid. It gets busy at lunchtime when the day guests arrive, but quietens down in the evening and you can relax with a cold Tusker watching the comings and goings at the watering hole. Bliss! We did a private safari with Gamewatch from Mombasa. Our driver had eyes like a hawk and I can thoroughly recommend him. Voi Safari Lodge isn't 5 but the view is 10 "

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  • Travel date: 6th December 2008

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