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Ngulia Safari Lodge

Reviewed 26th November 2008

"Ngulia Safari Lodge is in the same chain as Voi Safari Lodge and built around the same time in the 60s. The lodge is a little dated and could do with a lick of paint. The approach to the lodge is down a track with high rocks at the side - good hideaways for leopards. The reception/bar area has a terrace which overlooks a small watering hole and a tree which at night is baited with a meat joint to entice leopards. There is a small swimming pool at the back of the lodge with sunbeds. Very refreshing. This side of the lodge overlooks the rhino sanctuary and has a telescope for those with good eyesight to try and spot rhino. During your afternoon gamedrive it usually includes a visit to the rhino sanctuary, which opens late afternoon. Having driven around the sanctuary on many occasions I can say that its extremely difficult to spot these shy creatures and many a red termite mound has been wrongly spotted as being a rhino! The food at the lodge is OK (a tad on the cool side for me) and drinks a little over priced but then you are a captive audience. The rooms are basic and as I mentioned earlier, could do with a bit of money spent on modernisation. After dinner guests take a chair on the terrace with an after dinner drink and watch our for the visitor. If you are tired and want to retire to bed, just tell the staff and they will knock when he/she arrives. The meat also attracts other creatures and one memory I have is a hyena sat underneath the meat looking up at it longingly! "

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  • Travel date: 26th November 2008

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