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This was a disaster right from the word ...

Reviewed 29th May 2007

"This was a disaster right from the word go. The flight with Astreus was excellent and, as I have walking difficulties I was assisted on and off the aircraft. Quite the reverse was true when I got out of the airport. The coach was a long way from the arrivals terminal and I could get no help getting on or off up the steep steps. On arrival two porters took my small suitcases and expected £2.00 each for the privilege of carrying them the 100 yards to reception. I was given the only room left which was in a parlous state. The air conditioning was broken and a fan was rated at £10.00 per day, which only circulated the hot air already in the room and was quite useless. I had to leave the main light on to get any power to the fan and to an assisted breathing machine, which I have to use. The washbasin had a leak on to the floor, the toilet wouldn't always flush, and the shower mixer tap was broken, needless to say, in the hot position. The pool area was flaking paint and bits of loose concrete and the water was full of leaves and dead insects. The food was unimaginative, badly cooked, and very expensive, as were the drinks. To have to pay the equivalent of £3.00 for a bottle of water, of which one would need at least three a day, was exorbitant. When I asked to be transferred to another location I was quoted around £400.00 plus meals and single supplements, which I was not prepared to pay. After three days I had had enough and asked the rep to get me on the next flight home... To my horror the one way ticket was £525.20 as the only seat available was Star class. I have emailed the company, so far without success. Needless to say, the Gambia Experience is not one I would wish to repeat."

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  • Travel date: 29th May 2007

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