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Gambia Senegal River Forest Jungle Niokolo Koba
Gambia Senegal River Forest Jungle Niokolo Koba
Situated on the West Coast of Africa, Gambia is the smallest of the African countries and all but surrounded by the country of Senegal.

Tourists have been visiting Gambia since the 60s, especially Europeans in search of some winter sun. With just over 5 hours flying time from Britain, and an official language of English, it is a popular destination for British Holidaymakers who can experience the tropical climate and beautiful beaches that the Caribbean has to offer, without the lengthy flying time.

Beach resorts in Gambia are concentrated on the small piece of coast that faces out over the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular of these are Kololi and Kotu. Kololi has golden, sandy beaches, plenty of restaurants as well as a lively nightlife centred around an area known locally as ‘The Strip’. Kotu resort is less established than Kololi but still has plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Gambia benefits from a year round temperature, that doesn’t rise or dip much below 30°C, as well as continual sunshine. The only consideration of when to go depends on which of the two seasons, wet or dry, is more preferable. The wet season, which runs between June and October, experiences increased humidity which some can find quite stifling.

Banjul International Airport is situated around 15 miles from the capital: Banjul.

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