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Reviewed Sun 6th of May 2012

"I just had 3 weeks in taba, what a great way to spend it, so relaxed wonderfull staff. The rooms are clean, its really peacefull, many people and friends advised me not to go because of previous bugs and infections but i went along anyway, i ate every thing in the buffet and it was fantastic, the spa is a rip off though so try and avoid the spa.
other than that dont delay and book today, im going back in september 12th 2010. We have got three families going."

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  • Travel date: Sun 9th of May 2010

Ive been to the movenpick and Im going again!

Reviewed Fri 18th of June 2010

"I loved it at the Movenpick where I went last year in July with my family. I'm going again this year because it's cheap and wonderful. the food was lovely, I didn't mind much that it was busy, I actually perferred it to the other resturant which seemed lifeless. I loved that fact that you could go to the hotel next door (the hilton) which is even better, I've stayed there twice as well and would stay again. In the hilton there is a small but handy shopping mall, which is where i bought all of my friends gifts. I think some of the people who commented this are fussy. no one is perfect, and nether are the hotels. the people in the hotels work hard for their money, and i understand that we all pay a lot of money for out holiday and expect the best, but there just not as lucky as us so next time you go to complain about a little pathetic thing, think how you would feel to be in their shoes, waiting on you hand and foot, there not being paid megabucks. and tipping them wouldn't hurt. Do go see the fish in the sea. thats the best part of my holiday! i do say dont go with longwood, they are a rip off compared to thomas cook and first choice. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of February 2010

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You'd be mad not to go

Reviewed Fri 21st of August 2009

"I've just returned from a two week holiday here and am going back as soon as possible. Some people might moan about the buffet food but it was perfect, different every night, varied and great quality, all organic, and great for picky eaters.

I was slightly aprehensive, we were setting off for 14 days to a place with no town, only two hotels with a few small shops incorporated into them, surely I would get bored? No!

There were many trips you could join, to Eilat, Petra, Cairo ect but we decided these were too pricey. If you can and it interests you I reccommend scuba diving (good value), we got to know the staff at aqua sport very well and you can't come to Taba and not snorkel even if you can't scuba. Swimming with the fishes, and the coral and just seeing how much life is in that sea is magical.

The staff. I couldn't believe they were all people who are so welcoming, naturally friendly and willing to do almost anything to help you, we made many friends, the thing I miss most is the attention and care of the staff, they honestly wanted us to have the best holiday ever. They were the icing on the cake.

The sea is warm, the views are postcard perfect and the private beach doesn't become crowded, everyone is on sunbeds spread regularly around- so no hunting for a tiny scrap of sand. Don't forget your suncream, go and relax!!


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  • Travel date: Fri 21st of August 2009

Well worth a visit

Reviewed Wed 26th of November 2008

"Wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, no rush for the sun beds, excellent and varied food - if a little cold, helpful staff, spotlessly clean.
In common with many hotels in Egypt, you're more or less restricted to this one hotel so towards the end of the stay it can get a little boring. That said, the Hilton is right next door and can be accessed via the beach front - small shopping mal close to the Hilton.
I normally like a lie in, in the morning and stay up late at night, but changed my routine to fit in with the sunshine hours and time of bar closure! At this time of year (November)the sun is at its best between 9 - 1. By 3.30 it starts to go cool.

My tips are:
Take a travel kettle, long life milk (there's a fridge in room), a couple of mugs, tea, coffee. We dialled 2 for room service and ordered tea making facilities which were 5 dollars a day. The trouble is, they rarely replaced what we'd used and when we asked for more powdered cream or sachets of coffee, we got green tea.

Service in the Sea Shell restaurant alot faster and better organised than in the main restaurant. (When we were there, they served the same menu at both)

If you wish to book a set meal at either the chinese or lebonese restaurants do it quickly as there is a 3 day waiting list. (The set meal is part of the all inclusive
package and therefore is free. However, we, in common with other guests ended up ordering from the a la carte menu when we got there because of the better choice. There is a charge for a la carte - but well worth it.)

We took a taxi to 'uptown' (or downtown, I can't remember)in Taba Heights. Small purpose built complex for tourists comprising shops and bars. Made a change, but only ok. Quite quiet. The taxi cost 18 egyptian pounds and carries about 8 people.

I could have done with tooth picks!

I rely on these reviews, so hope this has been of some help.

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  • Travel date: Wed 26th of November 2008

From the moment we arrived we were made...

Reviewed Sat 27th of September 2008

"From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome.We had one of the bungalows which are spacious and cleaned every day.This was our third visit to this lovely hotel and nothing was too much trouble for the staff,they were great.The food was plentiful and there was a great choice of dine around too.A Chinese,an Egyptian restaurant and a Fish restaurant.The room boy was lovely and always had a big smile when we saw him.The Bungalow pool attendants/bar staff were friendly and helpful too.The front desk staff were always helpful and eager to fulfil any requests you might have.Hygeine was taken very seriously and handgel was supplied on entering the restaurant every time.There is a nice atmosphere all around the complex,quiet and relaxing.We have been to many hotels and countries but this is one of my favourites.We are going again with my sister and her husband next year and can't wait.Thankyou Movenpick and see you next year!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 27th of September 2008

We have just returned from a weeks stay...

Reviewed Thu 3rd of July 2008

"We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Movenpick with mixed views and emotions. The hotel was spotless (on the whole) and the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.

However their buffet dining room was a joke and run more like a canteen than a restaurant.

They were unorganised which showed predominantly at the weekend when they were busier. I chose not to go to the restaurant for breakfast or lunch and only visited when we couldn't get in the on site al la carte restaurants (which cost extra to the all inlcusive).

The restaurant staff were slow to tidy table and when they did they knocked the uneaten food onto the floor, the waiters to get the drinks were sporadically available so it was quicker and less stressful to get up and get your own (that is if your place in the restaurant wasn't snaffled up by another person looking for somehwere to sit and eat).

The rooms and views were amazing and the sun was great (averaged 42 degrees for the week) - a good place to go if you are wanting to sit by the pool, or on the beach and do nothing else because other than the Hilton next door there is nowhere to go.

I don't think I will go back out of four couples that palled up only one person got away without diarrhoea."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of July 2008

Just back from Movenpick Taba Resort and...

Reviewed Mon 28th of January 2008

"Just back from Movenpick Taba Resort and apart from the weather had a good time.
Having spoken to people and checking other reviews before we went (including this site) we were unsure what to expect.

Taba airport is a terrible place if you should happen to be stuck there if your plane is delayed which ours fortunately was not.
We were queueing outside the doors in the rain waiting to have passports checked and luggage scanned before getting into the terminal.
Inside the terminal is not much better and the departure room has metal seats which could be uncomfortable after a short space of time. Small kiosk to get drinks or sweets and little else.

The Peltours rep was very good and from leaving the coach to checking in and going to our room (which had been upgraded) only took a few minutes.
Luggage appeared almost as soon as we were in the room.
Room spacious and clean.
We found the hotel to be great for a quiet rest although if your room is next to the main walk areas, you may find it noisy.
Food in restaurant was fine and varied with no problems of it running out.
Drinks could some times be a problem as staff seemed to forget who they were serving so sometimes you had no drinks and sometimes you asked again and had 2 lots.
Main bar in lobby area is quite small so again there may be problems if hotel is very busy as staff do not seem to go around the lobby area seating to serve drinks.
There are 3 other theme restaurants which could be used with a set menu or a la carte with an allowance if you are on all inclusive.
Well worth a meal except for the great food at the Sharazad being spoilt by having french fries served with authentic middle east food.
Most of the food was not as hot as we are used to but this seems to be the same where ever you go on the continent.

Hotel grounds were great for a walk round and they are still improving some areas.
Swimming pool and surround area was very clean and staff happy to set up the sunbeds and towels (with the usual small tip always being appreciated).
With the exchange rate being about 10 Egyptian Pounds to 1 Pound Sterling it is not much to give a couple of Egyptian Pounds as a tip.
Pool bar good as was the beach bar.
Swimming pool not heated but sea was fine.
Indoor swimming pool a bit too warm.
Spa area was good with sauna, steam room, gym and massage rooms.
We had free access each day and a free 1/2 hour massage.

I would have no problem with recommending the hotel to friends.

One word of warning is the number of Eastern Europeans (Russians,Ukranians,Croatians) who seem to go to Egypt now as some of them seem to have no idea about queueing or saying please and thank you.


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  • Travel date: Mon 28th of January 2008

We have just got back from a weeks holid...

Reviewed Mon 7th of January 2008

"We have just got back from a weeks holiday spent over the New Year period and cannot fault the hotel or staff in anyway. From the quick efficient check in, to the friendly farewells as we left, the service was superb.

The hotel and rooms were spotlessly clean, the food was always varied and warm with extra choices for the children in 'kids corner'. Drinks seemed to be never-ending (though sometimes pretty potent!!), whenever we were nearly done someone was offering to refill our glasses.

Staff couldn't have been more friendly or accommodating to the children, which meant we could relax that little more.

Finally the New Years Eve Gala Dinner really made the holiday for us, they had gone to so much effort, all the staff working ridiculously long hours to make everything perfect for us all.

We would happily come back to this hotel, and certainly recommend it to family and friends!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 7th of January 2008

Steer clear. Magnolia. Ignorant. Dirty....

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2007

"Steer clear. Magnolia. Ignorant. Dirty. Bland. Money grabbing.

Cheap but in an expensive way.

We booked half board, but then discovered there wasn't anything around the hotel to do. A roadside cafe at the bus station and few local shops.

The few shops in the complex were very expensive and very limited in range.

Apart from the Concierge the staff all had an attitude.

The furnishing in a hotel that was less than two years were tired and worn.

The pool filtration failed and the pool went green. In other hotels staff clean the pool in the early morning before guests get up. At Movenpick they expect the staff to clean around you as you sit at the pool bar.

My four year old son went to put some rubbish in the bin that collapsed, the pottery bowl broke, causing him to burst into tears. My daughter broke a glass in the room. It wasn't replaced. Other hotels I've experience it gets replaced and you tip the room service accordingly.

The pool bar staff were indifferent.

The food was fairly bland the beef stew tasting the same as the beef curry, tasting the same as the goulash etc.

I brought some trousers to go into the restaurant but found that there were no standards imposed on guests, some eating in their wet swim wear as evidenced by the stations on the dining room chairs.

Waiters were happy to seat you and ensure that you got your first drink but it was almost impossible to get a refill.

If you want chips as a treat expect to pay £5 Stirling and get supermarket style frozen chips.

Some of clientele were nasty. The staff didn't intervene or ask them to refrain at any stage.

Whilst I have no problem with topless sunbathing I do draw the line at the Eastern European couple who with the girl sat on the pool steps allowed her male companion to massage her breast. Not good in front of the children.

The hotel itself was magnolia. "Swiss hospitality" the sign said. I think I would be driven to suicide if I had to live in Switzerland if that’s the best they have to offer. There was nothing Egyptian in a country that has 1000s of years of culture, some of it incredibly striking.

Room service was apparently banned from do anything like making sculptures with your towels.

The only redeeming features were the concierge who was very helpful, Tina the children entertainer who was outstanding especially in comparison with her colleagues and the dive team who were obviously very passionate about diving and introduced us to the delights of scuba diving.

First Choice compensated us when they received our five pages of complaint. We never heard anything back from Movenpick."

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of December 2007

I went to the Movenpick in Taba in April...

Reviewed Wed 12th of September 2007

"I went to the Movenpick in Taba in April with my son, I loved it that much I am going back on 24th September with my partner.

The tour operator Peltours were great, I booked off the internet and the service I got was second to non. That is why I am going with them again.

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive on landing at Taba Airport as we had an armed escort to the resort, but I understand that is a matter of course after the terrorist threats a couple of years ago.

The hotel is fantastic, the rooms are well equipped and very comfortable. The staff are very friendly and cannot do enough for you, and are not (in your face) all the time, which made a pleasant change.

The buffet style restaurant is excellent, although it can be a bit of a mad stampede when the Russians get going! There are also 3 al la carte restaurants which offered a delicious variety of culinary delights.

The Pool area is clean and the staff are very attentive to your needs, even putting your beach towel on the sunbed for you!!

The beach is lovely and the Coral Reef just off the beach is something else.

I would definitely recommend this Resort to anyone wishing to visit Egypt and can't wait to be returning on the 24th Sept."

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of September 2007

Not quite as the brochure describes!

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday this is definately not the place to go! We arrived on Saturday 24 March 2007 and after a long journey were looking forward to a bite to eat in one of the restaurants. We found the main buffet and were disappointed with both
the quality and quantity of food available. We returned the next
morning for breakfast and found what could only be described as a holiday camp canteen on a bad day. The service was poor (took 20 minutes to get tea & coffee) food trays were empty, cutlery & crockery was dirty or not available, tables were not cleared, the floor was wet and dirty - I slipped and cricked my neck, cigarette butts were on dirty plates and left by the toasters.

We didn't get one decent night's sleep; there is a serious noise issue coming from the corridors, doors slamming or outside noise as the balcony doors don't close snugly. Perhaps inner doors in the rooms would reduce the internal noise - this seems to work well in other hotels.

During our visit there were alot of Israeli families who were extremely noisy and very rude and created some upset with the other guests. At times the gardens resembled a school playground. The families would congregate either in the reception or patio area and had no regard for other guests, allowing the children to run riot.

The beach is shingle and the hotel was bringing in (red) sand with bulldozers and spreading it at night, adding further disruption.

If by now you're still tempted to visit this Movenpick, please do not use the SeaShells restaurant - the majority of guests we spoke to who had used this outlet had returned their food to the kitchen as it was so poor. The wine glasses on the table were dirty and the waiter got rather agitated when I asked for a clean glass. The service here was generally below standard. I ended up following a waiter around trying to get a glass of wine. They did apologise and try to put it right by asking us to visit on another occasion, sadly not much had improved and we still got a bill!

Some garden areas are still under development and should look good when finished but duriing our stay was rather barren. The hotel is only about 200 yards from the Israeli border and other than the Hilton being next door there is nothing else within walking distance.
However as it is so close to the border Eilat is within easy reach.

There were some positives; I celebrated my birthday whilst there and the staff in the chinese (Chopsticks) restaurant were outstanding. The food here was very good as it was in the Sheherzard outlet. The hotel staff were generally friendly and pleasant.

The hotel did acknowledge there were some difficulties and were trying to resolve them. However as it stands I could not recommend this as a relaxing holiday destination. If things were to improve and once the hotel/grounds are complete it could be very nice and may then be worthy of 5 stars."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of April 2007

Will go back again and again

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2012

"My partner and I just returned from a last minute booking through Peltours. Although unimpressed with the Airline (Astraeus) the trevel reps from Peltours were most helpful and informative. The hotel itself was amazing. Not a place to go if you like to be active but if ,like us, you're looking for a complete break and want to take it easy and relax then this is definatley the place.
We were given a bungalow with a view of the beach. Although the beach is stoney the water was very clear and it was all very clean.
The food in the hotel and all its restaurants is excellent. We found the buffet a bit boring after a while but with All Inclusive we were allowed to eat in one of the 3 themed restuarants off a set menu on any night of the week so long as we booked a table by 3pm on the same day. And even when we book in advance or eat of the set menu we were given a discount of 3.50 EGP per person against the final bill. Pharo's bar was a nice quiet venue for the evening with lovely staff adn excellent cocktails!
During the day the hotel ran an activity programme with yoga, volleyball and even a darts tournament in. There was a disco and the Sea Shells restaurant most nights and Traditional Egyptian and Bellydancing two nights a week at the Shahrazad restaurant.
We also had a fantastic massage (additional cost) onsite in the hotel. The snorkelling was fantasic although the water a bit cold.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the Movenpick returning very relaxed and refreshed. If its a quiet holiday you want then this is the perfect place - the only decisions I made in a week where which pool to lie by or where to eat in the evening! I shall definatley be returning!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of April 2007

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