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Will definitley book here next year!

Reviewed Mon 3rd of November 2008

"Ive just returned from a 7-night holiday at the Hyatt Regency. I found the holiday online through a site called as they had the best rates. The booking process was easy and the holiday was confirmed that same day!

When we got to the hotel we were delighted to find we got a free upgrade to Ocean View and I must say the view was fantastic. The food in the hotel was okay but we ate out a few times to break it up a little.

Weather was fantastic as was the snorkelling. I would definatley go back or try out a different hotel in taba. I will be checking beachcollection for competitive rates next year!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of November 2008

Stayed here for a week in September - we...

Reviewed Sun 30th of December 2007

"Stayed here for a week in September - weather was very nice & hot but not unbearable as we feared. It was ideal for sunbathing by the many pools, which were well-designed and pleasant.

The hotel gardens were also beautiful. Our room was very spacious and had a large balcony with a spectacular view of the gulf and Jordan. The room was well-equipped and comfortable.

Rooms were arranged in 'villas' which added to the feeling of exclusivity.

Breakfast was good, with lots of choice e.g. different types of eggs, cereals, fruit, croissants etc. There are several restaurants at the hotel, we tried a Lebanese meal one night but tended to eat in the main buffet-style restaurant.

The standard of the food was good, and the meals were varied during the week we were there. We found the staff to be friendly, helpful, and very courteous.

All in all it was a great place to stay; we enjoyed our holiday and would definitely return."

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  • Travel date: Sun 30th of December 2007

We went at the end of November, intended...

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2007

"We went at the end of November, intended for a week of sun & relaxation and the Hyatt Regency certainly ticked all the boxes.

The gardens are tranquil and you can hear the birds singing in the background. Take a couple of boxes of wine with you (bought at the airport). You can do as little or as much as you want here, there is a selection of pools to choose from, though only 2 are heated.

The beach is a short stroll away and you can walk into the sea if you choose the area carefully! The fish are spectacular & photos taken from the jetty come out fine. The food was ok and it was safe to eat the salads and have ice in your drinks. The staff were extremely polite and helpful at all times apart from the waiter in the Rock bar.

Our room was cleaned well everyday and again nothing was too much trouble. The Longwood reps were very knowledgeable. We would certainly return to this hotel.

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of December 2007

We've just come back from a super holida...

Reviewed Mon 12th of November 2007

"We've just come back from a super holiday in Taba Heights. The Hyatt isn't really a proper 5star hotel, but then neither are its prices.

It's a super location for trips, good beach (although you can't walk into the sea from the beach because of the coral). There is a jetty leading out to sea for sea swimming and snorkelling, and a salt lake in the grounds if you want to wade within your depth. Lots of pools and water features, something for all tastes. The landscaping will be terrific when it's matured and it's pretty good now.

The service is very friendly but not very slick. The food is very good although you'll pay uk hotel prices for meals in the restaurants. The international cuisine in the buffet restaurant (the half board option) is good but not great.

The room service prices are quite reasonable. The mini bar prices are the same as in the hotel bar, pricey but bearable for drinks - about £3.50 for an Egyptian beer, £5 for a glass of local wine a bit more for a G&T. The room and facilities are brilliant, the entertainment was very low key (which suited us).

The internet was awful, slow, inaccurate keyboard, no help with switching to English characters, a lot of the internet sites were blocked (couldn't access my hotmail) and £8.50 for half an hour! Good location for a restful break, bad for nightlife or shopping.

We'll go again and recommend the hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of November 2007

Would rate this hotel 4 star for overall...

Reviewed Wed 12th of September 2007

"Would rate this hotel 4 star for overall facilities and cleanliness but only 3 star for food which was quite disappointing. Most of the 'hot' dishes were either tepid at best or in some cases barely lukewarm, the 'fresh fruit juice' at breakfast was made from over-sweet powdered concentrate and there was very little fresh fruit at all either at breakfast or at dinner!

Food credit for dining at other restaurants was a joke... the 30 Egyptian pounds per person did not even cover the cost of a starter! We ate at the Italian twice and ended up paying 230 Egyptian pounds each time, but at least it broke up the monotony of the main restaurant. All drinks expensive and the only really cold bottles of water were from the on-site shop.

Pools and beach very good with plenty of loungers for all and clean beach towels each day.
Entertainment poor, same show 4 nights of the week.

Welcome meeting not worth wasting 2 hours of your holiday, all the info given here is available from rep 8 hours a day at the Longwood desk in hotel foyer.

Excursions: Eilat Fun Day, great if you want to snorkel/dive with dolphins! We went diving and it was well worth the money. If not doing either of these activities then 3.5 hours at the Dolphin Reef too long just sitting around on a small beach. This trip is completed by 1.5 hours of shopping at centre in Eilat. This shopping mall was sold as 'full of designer shops' and all at duty free prices, the centre was run-down and certainly not a designer store in situ! Prices may have been duty free for the area but more expensive than at home! Avoid.

Waterworld: Very good facility. We went on a day cruise, snorkelling at 2 sites and diving with instructor...excellent day out. Lots of fun activities here as well and prices reasonable [and in Euros].

Golf: Played 9 holes, good course, hardly anyone playing! Once again take your own shoes, glove and balls as all expensive, but the hire of clubs really cheap. Prices again in Euros.

Currency: take Egyptian pounds, Sterling and not need US dollars. If going to Eilat take local currency as they will not accept Egyptian pounds anywhere, can change at border.

Snorkelling off hotel beach was fantastic, take own gear as hire is only for 30 minutes at a time.
Take own toilet rolls as hotel paper really cheap and rough!

The upgraded sea-view rooms [a deal done with Longwood] were in the back upgrade to be nearer to the beach would cost 20 US Dollars per night.

Overall good place to relax!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of September 2007

We have just returned from a 7 night hol...

Reviewed Mon 14th of May 2007

"We have just returned from a 7 night holiday. What an experience, superb hotel set in beautiful grounds that are so well kept- a little bit of paradise!

A real contrast to the landscape outside of the Taba heights resort. We went for a relaxing holiday not intending to leave the hotel and did just that other than going quad biking.

Snorkelling at the beach is brilliant. We bought snorkels and masks before going. This proved more cost effective as you don’t want to snorkel all day on the day of hire just half an hour each day.

The room was comfortable and air conditioned- a must in the heat- It was about 38-42 degrees all week. Daily room service was good. The hotel never seemed busy albeit we were told that it was relatively full.

The food was a bit samey as stated before but different options were always available every day.

Breakfasts were great with continental, Egyptian and British type breakfasts being available. The egg counter was good with fried, poached, scrambled and the good old omelette.

Coffee never seemed that strong with others commenting on this, so it wasn’t just me.

Dinners were also reasonable in terms of quality and choice and as for the desserts, a huge selection which varied every night. We did both however get taken over by the dreaded Taba tummy for a couple of days but nothing the Imodium couldn’t sort!

Wine really expensive £15-45. Local beer £3.50 per can. Take a couple of wine boxes!
There were a couple of happy hours where with the local beer you got the buy one and get one free approach which made the prices seem a bit more sensible. Bought some beer at the dive centre and it was half the hotel price!

We took dollars given the good exchange and this worked to my favour as the hotel will take many currencies. Although I was usually getting change in Egyptian pounds, I still always got a better deal overall.

Staff were very polite and very helpful. Consider the Hyatt Gold card as this does some free extras... free coffees and allows late checkout where possible.

Only been back a week and really miss the place. Certainly excellent value and we would happily go back ......hopefully very soon."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of May 2007

Taba is a new and quiet resort. This hot...

Reviewed Fri 30th of June 2006

"Taba is a new and quiet resort. This hotel was wonderful, great rooms, swimming pools, private beach etc. Staff were friendly and very helpful, whilst the food was an OK standard it did sometimes feel very samey.

Would I recommend this hotel? Yes I had a great holiday, very relaxing, my 3 yr old son had a whale of a time.

This is not an action packed holiday but you will return relaxed and feeling good."

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of June 2006

Super Hotel Somewhere Different

Reviewed Tue 18th of December 2012

"We went with Libra Holidays although it appeared that Longwood Holidays had better representation in Taba and were helpful when we wanted to do a trip.
The flight was about 5 hours with Excel Airways which we were pleasantly suprised with as they provided leather seats,good food,films and Cabin Crew with personality.
On arrival at Taba everyone purchased an Egyptian Visa on recommendation from Libra rep which in our minds prevented aggravation at checkpoints etc so was worth buying even if you did not need it.It seemed that when any authority checked passports it was this they were looking for.
Taba airport is small and only caters for a couple of planes here and there so all opportunities to get a tip are exploited.
The guys on the toilet doors are handing out hand towels to dry hands with and the guys who put the cases on the buses.
Overall i dont think the Egyptians give first time visitors a first good impression of their country by employing these tactics on arrival.
Anyway once your baggage is retrieved its outside and your rep directs you to your coach for transfer.
By the way all the airport stuff is not too long and pretty straightforward.
The transfer was in the dark about 2100 so did not see much.
We crossed a checkpoint and then down below you could see the lights of the Hyatt,Sofitel and Marriot all in a line.
There are more checkpoints and dropping off at hotels and then when you do get off the coach you have to go through an airport metal detector doorway.
Security and checking is a way of life here and is probably correct as to what happened down the road at the Taba Hilton a while ago.
The restaurant had been kept open and we all got something to eat.
I was suprised at the quality and quantity of food at this hotel,my wife and i thought the standards were very good.
We then went to our room which overlooked the sculptured pool and the sea and were really pleased with the cleanliness,size and overall quality.
The hotel itself has a sculptured pool surrounded by sunbeds which were not difficult to get,the difficulty is probably that people liked certain areas around the pool and could not always get the same ones each day.
It has to be said though that the guys who issue towels and put up the umbrellas can be bought as we were aware of sunbeds being taken by the same people everyday whether they turned up early or not.
There is another large rectangular pool,a kids pool area and a large waterfall type pool which was popular and got filled up purely because you could not put a lot of sunbeds around it.
By the beach was a saltwater lagoon which seemed to be more for landscaping purposes than anything else.
Then there was an immaculate private beach which was never crowded and stretched for a long way.
On entering the sea the rocks and coral reefs are very evident so it was not possible to go seabathing in the true sense of the word.
What they had done though was built a jetty out over the rocks into the sea.
Off the edge of this jetty were really beautiful corals which you could snorkel with all types of fish.
I learnt to dive in the Maldives and have done a lot of snorkelling there but nowhere had i seen such beatiful corals as here which were so accessible to all.
This aspect of the hotel was an absolute stunner.
The hotel had extensive grounds and it could take quite a while to walk to places.The grounds were lovely and some of the fauna beautiful to see.
The hotel seems confusing as buildings with rooms were all across the place but you quite quickly work out your own routes to and from places.
The public areas of the hotel were clean including the toilets.
The restaurants were the main buffet area which to all those that have been to the USA and used the buffets or Golden Corral etc will know what to expect.
There was an Itailian,Lebanese and a Seafood restaurant which were well used at Lunchtime but not so in the evening as all were at the buffet.
The service in this hotel was friendly and efficient.
Drinks were not that long in coming and were not super expensive as some have said.
The Sofitel next door did not look nice,it had scruffy public areas and one of the pools was just dirty green water.
The Marriot next to that looked a lot better and was generally quite nice,i might stay there if the Hyatt was not available.
Overall the Hyatt was a clear winner as was confirmed by many guests from the other two hotels who visited.
The Hyatt also had a shop,games room,tennis courts,diving centre,pool tables,a gym and spa as well as a casino.
The entertainment was poor for adults and was repeated a lot,we did not bother with it anyway.
For kids this hotel had a full programme and judging by the familys there it must have been good.
You could organise trips to Cairo,Jordan and Eilat as weel as other places but i can not comment as we went to relax.
Those who went on the trips enjoyed them but said they were tiring and a bit expensive.There are some quite hefty border taxes to add on.
All in all we enjoyed this hotel and place a lot.
If you want a very nice hotel (good 4 star) in a hot place and you want to relax knowing that all you have is the hotel where you are and the possibility of a trip here and there then this is a winner.
It is nice to find a quality hotel that caters for such a broad spectrum of people and manages to succeed to a respectable level.
I would go back without any qualms whatsoever"

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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of August 2005

Would definately go back!

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"Stayed in the Hyatt Regency from the 31st June - 7th July. The holiday was truly relaxing and a great getaway.
We went with First choice, the flight time was about 5 hours. Luckily, we had in flight entertainment which I don't think any of the other airlines flying to Taba have. Taba airport is basically in the middle of no where and the surrounding area doesn't look finished quite yet. Try to go to the loo before getting off the plane as if you want to go in the airport, you have to pay for some tissue that someone has stolen out of the loos.
The transfer to the hotel took about 35 minutes and it was quite dark when we got to the hotel. We stayed in a sea front room next to the presidential suite and we had a great view! The balcony was also huge and the walk in shower could probably fit about 4 people in it!
We got lost going for dinner the first night due to various amount of ways in which you can walk throught the gardens to the main building!
There are five amazing pools and a sea water lagoon however we tended to stay by the same pool everyday. We spent most of our time in the pool as I could just about manage ten minutes in the sun before getting too hot. Although the hotel is reasonably full, it remained quiet the whole time we were there and there was no problem getting a sunbed everyday. The private beach has a jetty going over the coral reef in which you can snorkel. I think you could rent snorkels for about 6 pound a day.
The food in my opinion was great, a good variety. Trying the waffles at breakfast is a must, I ended up having them every morning! I tended to avoid the salad as I didn't want to have an upset stomach.
Whilst we were in Taba we went on two excursions. The first was to Cairo - 5 hours there, 7 hours back. We had to leave at three in the morning so the hotel provided us with a breakfast box. Cairo is a complete dump in my opinion and I got a bit fed up, but I did enjoy seeing the pyramids.
The other trip was a Longwood holiday excursion to Eilat, Israel. It ony takes half hour to get to the border however you have a long procedure at the border. They are extremely strict but the trip is well worth the hassle. Just make sure you keep an eye on your things the whole journey. Also, be prepared to show your passport about fifty million times and about 3 pages of your passport stamped.
It was definately a lot hotter in Eilat although the temperature reached 51 degrees celsius in the sun in Taba one day! Not sure how hot it was in Eilat but it was very hot! We went to the underwater observatory which was quite enjoyable and then to the Dolphin Reef. Swimming with the dolphins is optional and costs an extra $50 but I did it and loved it! This was then followed by about an hour and a half shopping in Eilat. The shopping centre is tax free and has both designer shops and slightly cheaper ones. Was a great day out.
The staff in the hotel were absolutely lovely! Everytime you would walk past someone they would go out of their way to say hello. They all bend over backwards to help you without annoying you. There was always someone hovering, gardening, cleaning and they all seem quite happy considering their wage. The average wage in Egypt is twenty pounds a month so they really appreciaite a tip although they don't expect it. Tipping is customary in Egypt. We tipped our housekeeper a dollar a day and he started coming to clean twice a day!
A few tips-
.Bring lots of one dollar bills for tipping.
.Drink a lot of water- not only is it boiling in the day, it's also about 30 degrees or more in the night!
.Wear insect reppellent at night. We didn't get bitten, but the bugs are big!
.Bring some trot tablets, I personally didn't have an upset stomach but my boyfriend and a few other people we spoke to did. don't think its just the food but also the heat.
.Get a Gold passport. You can get these on the Hyatt website. With this we recieved the room upgrade. My father rung to ask for a room upgrade whilst I was on the way there and they told him we were already in a VIP room! You can also have a late checkout and a complimentary breakfast in bed(which was huge!We were still eating the croissants days after).
.Bring snacks- biscuits etc, the hotel shop is a rip off!

DO go here if you want a relaxing, quiet holiday.
DON'T go here if you want the nightlife as there is NOTHING outside the hotel.
Loved the holiday so much, we're hoping to back next year."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of July 2005

not 5 star but very relaxing and friendly

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"If your used to 5 star then you would be disappointed, rooms not spotless bedding and towels clean but stained, staff friendly and if required will go out of their way to provide for your needs(excluding front desk) we stayed HB and found the food provided of a reasonable standard, considering the time of year and the temperatures in the resort, the rooms themselves (yes we had to move) were a little tired and parts of the resort are still undergoing final build (north side) A/ block is in need of refurbishment particularly the stairwell (cracked and broken steps, 5 flights no lift) best of the 3 resort hotels for location and grounds. we suffered food poisoning but put it down to the boat trips (snorkeling/diving).
Tours: avoid petra this time of year you'd be better off staying in Jordan and visiting over a longer period, Peltours don't provide refreshment of any kind on the tour (they will tell you otherwise)you have to take your own, getting through Isreal is an unpleasant experience if you are not white and extremely protracted. you will have a very limited time at petra my advise ignore the tour guide and make your way straight down to the main attractions or you will not have time to take anything in."

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of July 2005

Great Relaxing Week In The Sun + Seeing Petra

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"We have been twice now and enjoyed both visits. It's true that it's not quite 5* but if you get a good deal you're not typically paying 5* prices for it. In it's favour is the fact that the grounds are nice, there's a lot of space around the pools and beach, and that it's overally a very relaxing place to be. It's true that the food is often not that wonderful, but it's usually really quite acceptable and I found that it paled into insignificance in comparison to the enjoyment I had with both my room and the general surroundings. I'd recommend going on the Petra trip which is available from the Hyatt (and just about every other hotel in that area), as it's somewhere you're unlikely to be able to get to go to again unless you holiday in Jordan a lot. One thing to be wary of, don't go thinking you're going to get to see anything of local Eyptian life, you won't see anything of it as it's only the hotels in that area for miles (no local markets or anything like that).

Conclusion: If you'd like a relaxing 7 day holiday in the sun where you can relax and enjoy a book you'll love Hyatt. If you're up that relaxing holiday but want to mix it in with a few day trips again you're going to be in the right place. However, if you're up for a real energetic sightseeing holiday seeing local life you've picked the wrong place.

Final note...If you don't take one other thing away from the review realise that the Hyatt's grounds are infinitely nicer than the Marriotts and Sofitels (the other hotels in the area), so if you have the choice go the Hyatt (and pay the little bit extra money if you need to, it's worth it)."

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  • Travel date: Sat 16th of July 2005

Beautiful spot

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"I was a little worried about visiting this hotel as we had got such a good deal. Once there all my worries vanished. The hotel is lovely although I would grade it as a good 4 star. It is definitely the best place to stay in Taba. We have travelled a lot and usually stay at only 5 star properties and never usually on a package deal, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. We found the food to be fantastic, there was lots of choice at both dinner and breakfast. The staff apart from the reception staff were extremely nice and friendly. we did not experience the slow service other travellers have mentioned. A word of warning though, check out when the Israeli holidays are, as we overlapped with one and the hotel became really noisy and busy. There is plently of space and we never had a problem getting a sun lounger. I would love to go back for a week in the sun again, I would advise avoiding the school holidays as the staff mentioned it was too busy at that time. There are loads of days trips, we went to Cairo which was a long haul (5 hours on a bus there and back) but well worth it - I wouldn't go for any longer. Visit Taba now as it will not stay unspoilt for very long."

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of July 2005

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