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  • 3 room
  • 1 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2 dining
  • 1 amenities
  • 2 food

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not really a holiday inn

Reviewed Tue 18th of January 2011

"sadly the difference between what is deemed a 4/5 star hotel does not even compare to a basic B&B in england. pool was dirty, staff unaware of good service. very sad as location is idyllic but you cannot leave the site and it is not quite large enough to occupy you. we hired a taxi one night and went to radisson and 4corners hotel about 25km to north. much much better hotels and if we return we will go there instead. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of January 2011

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  • 5 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 1 Amenities
  • 2 Food

plus or minus

Reviewed Mon 20th of July 2009

"the hotel was great in the pool, the friendship, the beach, but was very bad in the food, the services of the telephone, airconditioning and water supply and one last thing the employements always wants tips, it is ok but not all the time"

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  • Travel date: Sun 19th of July 2009

Hotel This hotel does not come close to...

Reviewed Sun 17th of February 2008

This hotel does not come close to a 4star rating. No where to go. Poor beach and house reef. Surrounded by derelict half built shells. New 5 star hotel under construction next door. Predominantly Russian guests and therefore catering exclusively to their tastes. Only redeeming feature is the colourful gardens.

My husband and I were given a twin bedded room with loose floor tiles inside and on the balcony, old and tired wooden fitments, most were broken, and a medieval bathroom, again with broken fitments. After disturbed sleep on a number of occasions due to noisy guests, we were put into another ‘quieter’ block, that was even worse – and still with the loose floor tiles and identical old and tired furniture. Four nights later with ear plugs, didn’t help.

We had to rely on Spaghetti, boiled vegetables and rice for the first week for our main meals as we are vegetarians and there was nothing else on offer. A complaint to management resulted in fish for the evening meals on week two. Ice cream one flavour was offered once only in a fortnight. No chips. The house gin was vile and tonic had to be paid for. We ended up drinking larger from small wine glasses, that is, when it hadn’t run out which it did, often.

The ‘Animation Team’ absolutely loved head banging ‘house’ music, played at full volume from 10-5.30 every day by the pool. This meant it was impossible to read a book, listen to your own music on headphones or sleep! We requested it be turned down three times which eventually succeeded but this lead to a level of hostility towards us, even though others had also complained with no result.

Looking fed up most of the time. Grumpy and over sexed towards young female guests. Generally looking untidy and downright dirty.


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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of February 2008

We've booked this hotel as a 4 stars acc...

Reviewed Thu 30th of August 2007

"We've booked this hotel as a 4 stars accommodation, I would say no more than 3+.
Very quiet, nice pool, nice view, they gave us a 2 person room instead of 4, we were with 3 persons, our 16th years old son had to sleep on a children’s bed.

Waiters wore very dirty uniforms. Food was ok, however minimum choice. Tables outside very very sticky because of other peoples sweat. Enough chairs and beds outside.

No money machine, no pharmacy. Everything with taxi's al least 20 km, costs 15 euro
Good diving club. Nice excursions.

If you will, you can have a nice holiday there, very quiet, nice animation team, however I would not go with children in the age between 10 and 18, nothing to do.
There is a disco, but he opens just with minimum of 20 people, you will never find
20 over there, because most of them are old and grey.

We are rather creative and not so difficult, so we had a great time. We did not compare with 2006, so it was ok for the money we paid.

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of August 2007

What a great hotel this is! My partner a...

Reviewed Mon 25th of June 2007

"What a great hotel this is! My partner and I visited the Holiday Taba for the second time, having been there last July.

The rooms are very spacious and clean. We were provided with clean towels every day and the bed linen was changed every other day.

The guys who clean the rooms are great, leaving our towels for us in a different design each day, crocodile, a swan and it's signets, a huge heart made out of the sheets etc etc.

The reception staff were very welcoming when we arrived and were extremely friendly and helpful throughout our stay, nothing was too much trouble.

The bar staff were immaculate dressed, all very smart. They were very friendly and the service was excellent.

The entertainment staff Bazooka and Mikey were brilliant, what great guys! they work very long hours, yet were always bright and cheerful. (I don't know where they get their energy from!) I would recommend the water polo, a great laugh.

The shops within the complex are OK, they sell the usual souvenirs, there is also a bank, a jewellers and a leather shop selling handbags etc. The only criticism I have is that the general shop that sells toiletries etc was very expensive and they seemed to make the prices up as they went along.

The Hotel Manager was a great guy, very friendly and always around.

We had a problem with the safe in our room, we called reception, and within 5 minutes there was someone with us to repair it.

The pool and surrounding areas were immaculate and the gardens were beautiful, very well kept.

The nice thing about this hotel is that it is quiet, no fighting for sunbeds and no crowding round the pool area or beach.

The beach is manmade, yet was very clean and the staff on the beach were great, as soon as they saw you coming they would be there laying towels on the sunbeds for you.
It was the same at the pool too. The sea was very warn and if your into snorkelling or even if you’re not I would definitely recommend that you venture into the sea and have a look at the many different beautiful fish and the fantastic coral, It's amazing!

There is also a health club with a small basic gym and outdoor tennis courts, they do various massages, and we indulged in a coconut massage which was great!

As for the excursions, I would definitely recommend the Thomson Red Sea Cruise, (Nature Travel also do the same trip) The boat itself was great, very clean and very spacious, not crowded in the least like some we have been on. You stop off at a few locations to swim or snorkel and again it is amazing to see all the different types of fish and the coral.

The Nature Travel Bedouin evening is one not to be missed, a trek up the mountains on Camels followed by a meal cooked on a camp fire by a Bedouin family and after dark watching the stars and the foxes. On the way back we were invited to go and drink tea with the rest of the family, it was really nice. We totally enjoyed it. There was just the two of us and it was not at all commercialized in any way. Definitely a great experience not to be missed.

OK, OK, I agree with the some of the other reviews, the food was quite repetitive, but at the same time was very nice ad not a chip in sight! we had no complaints at all. Two of our seven evenings there they had themed nights, with a huge outdoor buffet and BBQ. The restaurant staff were very friendly and very efficient.

The evening entertainment was pretty non eventful, two nights we had a male singer, the same one on both nights, then another night a traditional Egyptian dancer ( that has to be seen!) followed by another traditional Egyptian dancer doing the same dance on another night.

We took a taxi to the nearest town of Nuweiba, we stayed 20 minutes at the most as there was nothing there apart from a few very dusty souvenir shops that you get hassled into by their owners. The taxi driver shadowed us on our walk round, which was nice and it made us feel safe.

The funny thing was that he showed us a shop to go to, to buy cigarettes and once we had made our purchases he was given a backhander £££ by the shop owner. There is however a pharmacy there where you can buy just about anything should you need it, including antibiotics and Viagra!

I would recommend this hotel for couples but wouldn't really recommend it to families with kids as there is nothing for kids to do there, they would soon be bored.

If you are looking for a lively holiday with bars and clubs then this resort and hotel is not for you. If you are looking for a totally relaxing holiday then go for it."

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  • Travel date: Mon 25th of June 2007

As one of a party of 23 people on holida...

Reviewed Mon 12th of February 2007

"As one of a party of 23 people on holiday for one week I can not praise this hotel and their staff too much.

The rooms were kept exceptionally well and cleaned thoroughly daily. Every day I had a different animal, made from the clean towels and left on the bed.

The community rooms were also kept very clean and tidy and at each mealtime the staff had set us up with a table to seat all 23 of us together.

The food was mediocre but there was always a choice even for the fussiest eaters. I mentioned the lack of a No Smoking area in the dining room. Although this doesn't bother me as we did have a few smokers with us, and by the next mealtime a section had been allocated with No Smoking signs.

The entertainment was rather poor although we did enjoy the Egyptian dancers and in the daytime we could "enjoy" the keep fit or join in one of the inter -national football games on the beach.

The pools are lovely with plenty of sun beds that were set up personally for each person to get the full benefit from the sun.

Whilst we were there we had 2 birthdays to celebrate on the same day and each lady was presented with a cake each iced with their own names.

We hired a couple of mini-buses to go to Taba heights one morning for the men and children to play golf and the ladies to shop and I was very re-assured to find a security guard travelling on each coach.

He came in handy too, to tell us the best shops to go into.

Overall a lovely break, not one for people who like a lot of night life but a very relaxing time none the less."

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of February 2007

I had read terrible reports of this hote...

Reviewed Sat 30th of December 2006

"I had read terrible reports of this hotel, in particular the food and having booked last March, I spent 2 months worrying if our party of 4 was going to be satisfied.

What an incredible waste of worry. This was one of the best holidays any of our group had ever had. As a professional nutritionist and health carer, I intend to put to rest the rumours of bad food in this hotel once and for all.

The service was excellent - NOTHING was too much trouble for these guys who ran the hotel - and they had some very difficult British (I am ashamed to say) people with which to deal.

Breakfast - consisted of anything one would normally expect - eggs, hard boiled, omelettes, fried. Sausages with onions, (not the spicy kind usually expected abroad). Fried potatoes if required, a whole range of hot food, including foul which is an Egyptian "bean" mix.

Sometimes fruit salad consisting of melon, orange, apple etc. All the usual croissants, toast, various breads, yogurts, molasses to sweeten if needed, jams, marmalades, cereals.

The only possible thing missing was an oat cereal (plenty of wheat ones) and bacon, which a) is very bad for you and b) you would not expect in this kind of country.

Lunch and evening meal - loads of salad to choose from, including beetroot, carrot, tomatoes - all the usual plus about 8 bowls of extras i.e. pasta with tuna, peppers etc. or soup for starters.

Main courses - the meats available through the week were: Beef (in MANY different forms, all tender and with no fat) chicken (again in MANY different forms), veal, liver, fish (in many different forms i.e. mackerel, tuna, even fish burgers).

Vegetables were out of this world. Aubergines, cabbage, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, spinach Florentine, courgettes, and SO many others - beautifully cooked and too many to mention.

Potatoes done in many different forms - duchess, Florentine, dauphinois, mashed, jacket, roasted. I can only suggest that the people, who have complained about the food here, are not actually aware of well cooked, nicely presented and high class food. Fruit was always available at least one meal a day.

There were dates, oranges, melon, star fruit, grapefruit, pomegranate, kaw-kaw, guava, -perhaps no apple or banana but apple was used to decorate many of the beautiful flans/cakes.

I can only think that the British need to be more flexible in their idea of fruit. If you want a holiday with burgers, pizza and chips - then don't go to Taba - stay in England and visit McDonalds! I thankfully never saw a slice of Pizza for two weeks!

The rooms were superb with French doors overlooking the pool, gardens and sea. Large bathrooms, low sunk baths, even a telephone in the bathroom. Hairdryer, TV, safe deposit in the room.

Comfortable huge bed, lots of pillows, blankets if needed. Perhaps a little short on coat hangers, but this was rectified by our 2nd day.

The only reason we gave the Hotel 9/10 and not 10, was that on the 3 occasions we used the shower, it was difficult to control the temperature - it was either boiling hot or cold and had to keep being adjusted but this could have meant everyone else was using it at the same time.

Usually we are "bath" people, so this didn't bother us - if it had, I am SURE the guys would have rectified it immediately.

The service was out of this world - from setting out beds on the beach, to delivering towels, delivering wine, soft drinks, gin, scotch - all of it inclusive and given with lots of smiles.

The gardens in this hotel were superb - it was like being transported to the garden of Eden - the sea was warm (22degrees over Xmas) - a rocky beach, but beach shoes are sold for £6 at the Hotel and are a necessity, but the sea is beautiful.

Some people complain that this Hotel is "cut off". If you want a rest - this is the place to go. There are plenty of trips to go on, either arranged by Thomson or by the Hotel and each are good to take.

The Hotel has some shops which are very reasonably priced - we found them much more reasonable than the local shops in Dahab or markets and the guys are lovely to deal with - Mark in the jewellers, Sam in the general shop and Viktor in the perfume and papyrus shop - thanks to you all for some fabulous business!

Gemma was the best Rep. we had ever had (and we have done 4 trips with Portland this year). Nothing was too much trouble and she had some difficult Xmas clients with which to deal.

We would advise anyone to take advantage of the Egyptian massage in the Hotel. Hossam is fantastic. It beats any massage I have ever had in England. Not embarrassing, for those who are worried - you can keep your bikini on - the Egyptians are modest, and learn their massage technique from Italy and Sweden and this was the most relaxing and wonderful massage ever. Had I known before week 2, I'd have fitted 3 in . . . all for about £20 for full body!

This is a wonderful hotel, set in the Sinai Mountains, absolutely beautiful and we shall certainly visit again.

The worst thing of the whole holiday and one which will detract people from coming was the huge 2 hour queue at Gatwick due to airport security - and we were the very first people to check in - and the 2 and a half hour wait for baggage from 11.30pm until 2.10am in the morning, which took the edge off a wonderful holiday.

This needs much greater organisation - if Manchester can do it, why can't Gatwick. This meant we did not arrive home until 5.10am and had been picked up from the hotel at 1.15pm British time. NOT good. Nevertheless, in flight service and attention, AND humour, excellent!

I would most definitely recommend the old Holiday Inn Taba (not Holiday Taba Resort) and definitely the Dead Sea trip up through Jordan with the most excellent guide.

If you are going to Cairo - go by air - or else it's get up and leave at 1.30am and a 7 plus hour coach ride both ways - which would leave you too exhausted to enjoy it.

By air, one can fit in visits to the Citadel, pyramids, sphinx, papyrus factory, lunch on a floating Nile restaurant, and King Tut's museum - all comfortably.

Anyone who books here - don't spent time worrying needlessly about it as we did, due to bad reports!

A FABULOUS holiday and FANTASTIC Hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 30th of December 2006

Having just read some reviews here I fel...

Reviewed Wed 27th of December 2006

"Having just read some reviews here I felt I must reply. I found the hotel to be very reasonable for the money paid, I also agree that the food was repetitive but there was plenty and it was quite nice.

The staff were very friendly and accommodating and the rooms and grounds were very clean although the nightlife wasn’t exactly booming, whilst we were there we made the most of the situation and I’m sure with feedback the hotel management will rectify this.

The best thing was the chance to just get away and relax in a friendly clean environment."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of December 2006

I have given this hotel a rating of 5/10...

Reviewed Tue 26th of September 2006

"I have given this hotel a rating of 5/10 because half of the package was 4T, the hotel itself and the room we stayed in were spacious and clean, the pool and its' surrounding area was clean and tidy but the food was a joke. Same things every meal although it did get slightly better whilst we were there. Chicken, beef, rice, pasta, uncooked potatoes and the same sautéed vegetables!

Masses of stodge and literally no fruit or anything healthy! The staff's clothes were filthy (something I have never seen before in Egypt) and the lack of knowledge of the English language was appalling. Obviously this is not their faults and they do try their best but it is so frustrating when you can’t make yourself understood with a simple request.

We also found that staff were quick enough to take your orders but then might give the drinks to other people and leave you standing there and having to ask again and sometimes again. What is really needed is some basic training and some cookery lessons (for more variety) it may have been OK for a week but after 2 we couldn't wait to come home."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of September 2006

Me and my girlfriend stayed at the holid...

Reviewed Sun 27th of August 2006

"Me and my girlfriend stayed at the holiday resort in Aug 2006, we had read many reviews prior to going regarding the hotel and the location, the reviews on this site are very harsh and a little unfair.

We flew out of Gatwick with Thomson Fly and arrived 1/2 an hour early we were met by the Rep (Shaddy) who was very friendly and helpful, it took about 50mins to get to the hotel passing all the security road check points.

The hotel is only a couple of years old and is very nice and clean, rooms are very spacious and the air conditioning is very effective (it’s needed).

The pool is excellent very clean and not busy, the sun beds are all in good condition and the pool staff are on hand to supply towels.

The beach is man made but very nice water is crystal clear but beware there is a Coral Reef right out side the hotel, Snorkeling is a must but rock shoes are needed as it is very sharp.

There have been many complaints about the food in the hotel, we did not have an issue with it. There was always plenty to go around, it did however get a little repetitive (Chicken and Beef every night).

After reading the many reviews about Egypt and we anticipated to experience upset stomachs and the need for Imodium. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the pills that we bought were not needed.

We went on 2 excursions whilst away with Thomson.

Stars and Dinner
This consisted of being driven into the desert in the evening and sitting in a Bedouin Tent (Desert people) and trying the sheesha pipe and some Egyptian Tea.

You are then given a talk by a star gazer who had a very funny English accent and made the talk very funny and informative. You are given the option to by a DVD of the trip for £10. This is not the best quality so beware.

We also went on the red sea cruise

This is a must for all keen snorkellers the boat made for 50 had only 16 on it. This meant that there were lots of space and the guide was able to help everyone

The dives were amazing full of fish (Bring a Underwater camera).

We really enjoyed our visit to Egypt and will definitely be going back but not necessary to this hotel as it was a little too quiet for us. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere which means that you are confined to the hotel, and in the evening there is not much to do.

There are several shops in the hotel, these seem competitively priced, especially the art shop Victor (owner) is really friendly and loves a chat over a tea.

The all inclusive finishes at 11pm and drinks can be a little expensive.

Although this hotel was not the best matched hotel for us, it really was a beautiful hotel with excellent facilities and would be excellent for anyone after a relaxing break with fantastic scenery."

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  • Travel date: Sun 27th of August 2006

Having literally just returned from the...

Reviewed Sat 12th of August 2006

"Having literally just returned from the middle of no where because that is basically where the" Holiday Taba" is, I feel utterly drained and extremely disappointed, having never been to Egypt before we had high hopes of a relaxing holiday which to turned out to be like an episode of Holidays from hell!

Hotel started off good very clean, polite staff etc after that all down hill, 2nd fold up bed given in the room nearly collapsed due to the fact it had that many broken springs please be careful if there are 3 to a room as the same thing may happen to you. The hotels answer to my initial complaint was to turn the bed around and re make the bed! This was after at least 3 calls to reception, later that night I say night as we were woken up to change the bed without any notice. The staff don’t seem to care what time it is, they came back 3 hours later to change the bed!

After that food was appalling lacked variety, taste and sometimes even cooking snacks were never seen and ice cream well often not even frozen, staff in the restaurant are very good at taking orders but bringing the drinks or getting the order correct is restricted to certain guests!! And beware they often turn the gas off the drinks machine which leaves you with flat drinks and a dodgy tummy! As there beer pulling leaves a lot to be desired, also be warned if you have children they keep wrong drinks under the bar so your child could end up with vodka!

Entertainment where to start with this! Animation staff are appalling and this is being polite they do very little to "entertain", same repetitive "retching" on a morning followed by "death polo" if you want to take the risk of playing a no rules game with children in the pool and polish people who don’t think twice of drowning a child then join in! Please feel free to try and complain if you don’t mind being laughed in your face! Barring that trip to Cairo fab except the soul destroying journey about 7 hours by coach! And quad biking can also be well recommended!

And little housekeeper Ahmed lovely young man makes little animals on your bed ever so polite for a 16 yr old always happy to assist! Pool could be an awful lot cleaner."

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  • Travel date: Sat 12th of August 2006

We had a fairly relaxing time at the hot...

Reviewed Wed 9th of August 2006

"We had a fairly relaxing time at the hotel, we felt so isolated we couldn't do anything really but relax!

The food is as others say, we actually found it a point of amusement, you can predict the dishes every day, and there is no description as to what type of dish it is supposed to be just "fish", "chicken" etc. We lived in hope there would be something different.

Our holiday rep wasn't very good, he charged everyone different prices for a snorkeling trip (speak to other guests to check on this) and would only take cash so we couldn't go to see the pyramids as we didn't have enough money on us and there is no cash point near the resort. That was very disappointing.

Oh, and don't go in April because you're not allowed in the sea because of the jellyfish.

I really hope the DJ by the pool has got some more CD's, the same tracks were repeated over & over again. He played a total of 12 different tunes non-stop for the entire time. We still laugh every time we hear them played now."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of August 2006

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