Viva Sharm Hotel

Motels St. 500 Meter from El Mercato Street, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
3 star hotel

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Disappointed !!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We stayed at the Falcon Inn Viva from 13th – 27th September 07, on an all inclusive basis. Overall we were a little disappointed with our stay, after the hotel was sold to us through an internet site as a good 4 star hotel (first choice sell it’s a 3 star). From my experience I would rate this hotel as a good 2star / poor 3star.

There are a few areas worthy of criticism.

The hotel in general is in need of a little TLC, an example being there are many broken tiles in the pool, crumbling concrete on the walkways around the pool and the bathrooms in the rooms are a little dated. They are currently finishing off an annexe to the side of the hotel, and when this is complete, we are told that the current hotel will then close for a refit. This may explain why there is currently no remedial work at the hotel. However, the cleanliness of the hotel was of an extremely high standard, and the rooms were cleaned every day. Likewise the pool, although a little shoddy was cleaned every day. The rooms were also very comfortable, although a little basic. They were all of a good size, and I think about 95% of them overlook the pool.

Customer Service – This was our biggest area of criticism, and it seemed that the public facing staff, ie bar, restaurant and reception staff were unwilling to provide basic customer service unless you laid their palms with money upfront. Those that did received a barely adequate service and those that refused to tip before being provided with a service were shunned. All of these staff were incredibly ill mannered and rude and did not deserve a penny.

All-Inclusive – I can echo the previous comments in this review that if you were all inclusive then you were treated as a second class guest. An example being that pay as you go guests received attention to detail and waiter service. AI guests were left to fend for themselves on all aspects of the dining experience. Although the holiday is sold as all inclusive, the AI at the hotel is quite restrictive. On previous AI holidays, all local drinks and food has been available 24 hours a day. Drinks are restricted here from 11am to 11pm, and you cannot even get a bottle of water with breakfast without paying for it. Food can only be obtained during thee breakfast/lunch/dinner periods, and you can order pizza and burgers between 430-530 and 1100-midnight.

Hotel Entertainment – is non-existent, apart from a male who purports to be the hotel singer, who in fact does a poor rendition of pop songs using a Karaoke program on his laptop.

Overall, we didn’t pay a great deal of money for our 14 days stay, and were disappointed that this was made out to be a 4 star hotel. If you can buy a stay at the hotel for a cheap price and are not expecting any more than a low 3 star hotel, then you will be laughing. This is not by far the worse hotel I have ever stayed in, but it is nowhere near the best either. There are many hotels in Sharm, and I certainly would not be returning to the Falcon Inn Viva. I know from speaking to other travellers staying at hotels that have also had high star ratings that there have been problems. If staying in Sharm, I would suggest that you either stay somewhere on recommendation by somebody that has similar standards as yourself, and who knows what you find acceptable, or stay at one of the international hotels, ie Marriott, Hilton etc"

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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of October 2007

A fantastic place to visit!!!

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"ok so there are numerous reviews on here from one scale to another, so just to add one more to the bunch heres mine. We had an absolutely fantastic time here!!! For starters we were given what must have been the best room in the whole hotel, Room 101. It was ground floor, right next to the bar/pool and overlooked the pool! the room itself was spotlessly clean, tidy, a good size, with a good fridge, fantastic air con, and a fantastic daily maid service. Staying all inclusive we really made the most of it. The food was very good, as long as your not going in expecting gourmet. the in between meal snacks included burgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs and pasta, so if your not feeling adventurous you can been a junk food junkie, you wont go hungry!! Drinks were included from 11 till 11 which is perhaps only the slightest of draw backs. The pool was reasonably clean and warm for the season, the towel guy was always helpful in moving sun loungers around etc. The bar staff were all fantastic, and we made good friends with many of them. (be kind to them and they will treat you well in turn!!). One of the bar staff even came out with us a couple of nights!! the location was fine, as Naama Bay was only 5 minutes away by taxi (dont pay any more than 20 egyptian pounds (about 2 quid) to Naama bay, if they wont accept 20 move on to the next one). All in all this was an absolutely fantastic place to visit and for a 3/4 star hotel we really could not have asked for more!!! we'll be returning next year without question!!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of September 2007

dont listen to bad reviews!

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"thought id write a review because i was a little bit worried about going after reading the reviews on here!

Me and my boyfriend (both 20) went for 2 weeks B&B got back on the 24th Sept. The hotel was a bit out of the way but only a 10 minute taxi away from Na'ama Bay (costing £2.50 one way) which we went to most nights to eat. People we spoke to at the hotel said the all inclusive meals were a bit repetative but were nice enough. Yes you get hassled a bit in Na'ama but nothing too bad just say no thanks and carry on walking, not hard!

The hotel is pretty small, the staff aren't rude, it is very clean, water is a mucky colour as it is everywhere in sharm, there is a man round the pool taking photos but again just say no thanks and he doesn't try anymore. Its not just this hotel thats like that tho, it happens everywhere. I think the bad reviews written on here are just from fussy people who don't realise your holiday is what you make it your not gonna enjoy it if you pick at every little thing and moan the whole time...miserable gits!!

if i was to go again i wouldn't stay in this hotel...not because its not nice or anything at all. I think id rather be nearer Sharks Bay which is gorgeous for snorkelling or if i wasn't going All Inclusive id rather be a bit within walking distance of Na'ama Bay (but not in the middle!).

One tip - we found a really nice place to eat called Trianons its at the very end of the big strip in Na'ama on the right hand side just past Little Buddha, gorgeous food - more expensive than other places but 10 times better and still compared to here!!

All in all we went for a relaxing time and had one in a really good hotel for what we paid, we got it pretty cheap. your not gonna get the Hilton for what your paying!

id definately go ack to sharm aswell - make sure you snorkel especially in sharks bay its amazing, i was pooping myself at first incase the fish touch me but they dont!

hope you have a good time and dont listen to the moaners!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of September 2007

Had a fab time.

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"I have just come back from staying at Falcon Inn for a week on a half board basis with 2 of my friends. We had a great time, and the hotel was well worth the price we paid. The bar/reception staff were not overally friendly but nice enough and the cleaners were fantastic - I would rate the cleanliness 5star.

The food was OK, and we were glad we went HB as we ate in the hotel every night. If you are not fussy then there will definitely be something for you. I spent most of time there living off pasta, which is a god send as you know where you are with Pasta. Just a quick point if you go HB -you don’t get drinks at dinner.

Sharm was really nice and we really enjoyed our time there, however the Egyptians did pester us a bit too much. Be careful of picking up things in shops because on a few occasions we were sworn at and shouted out for not buying what we had picked up (it is not like England at all, you can not just browse!)

Back to the hotel...the pool was nice enough and we did spend a few days around there. Be weary of the sewage smell that appears at night, the rumour is that they are using old water to water the plants and this is what is giving everyone the runs. We were lucky as we were all OK but all of the other families were taken down by the Egyptian tummy and had to take antibiotics to settle it! The facilites were quite basic, we also had a facial - Adel ripped us off, try to barter on the price with this, although our faces did feel really smooth, and a massage which for the price we paid £10 (we bartered) for full body was good enough. The gym was a tad bit disappointing, but then again who goes on holiday to excersise!

As a starting point to Sharm, this is a good place, conveniently enough located and cheap enough. We made the most out of it, and enjoyed ourselves

One more note, for those who are not taking transfers, just a word of advice when you get your taxi at the airport. They will try as much as possible to rip you, so don’t let them know it is your first time in Sharm. Pretend you have been before and don’t pay more than £15 (which is the most you should pay) for your taxi.

Hope this helps."

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  • Travel date: Sun 16th of September 2007

Great hotel, ignore the complainers!

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"We have just returned from the Viva Sharm, Falcon inn and had a great holiday, the hotel is quite small and is ideal for a nice relaxing holiday, for people who want to chill out by the pool or use as a base for site seeing.
Food - we stayed all inclusive and found the food to be of a good quality and good variation, admitting that after 2 weeks it can get a bit repetative but we ate out in Namma Bay a couple of times, although would advise avoiding "The Hard Rock Cafe" we had meal there in the first week and the food was terrible, we were not the only people who complained.
Rooms- the rooms are spacious and the air con and fridge are excellent in 40c temp, our room was cleaned everyday to a high standard, yes the water is discoloured but all travellers are informed that the water is not for drinking and bottled water is in abundance and people should remember that most of Egypt is desert!!
Staff - im astounded that one reviewer found the staff rude, this was not our experience at all, we found the staff very accommodating and helpful, the waiters and bar staff couldnt do enough to help you and the service in the restaurant was excellent, although we did observe guests being rude to staff!
Trips - we flew to Cairo which was expensive for family of four but the pyramids and sphinx were well worth it, we also did the snokelling trip to Raz Mohammad, the snokelling in the red sea was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced, like swimming in an aquarium
In all we have a great holiday, and would recommend the Falcon Inn, as long as you bear in mind that you are in a foriegn country and the food and environment will be different from Britain but thankfully so is the weather."

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  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of September 2007

Dont listen to the bad reviews

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"Me and my friend stayed at the falcon inn 7/8-14/8. i read the reviews before we left and was a little worried. we arrived just before 11pm the receptionist were very friendly and we were shown to our room. our room 101 it was a lovely pool view. it was very spacious . there was a mini fridge which we left bottled water in. the bathroom was large too. the only thing i didnt like was the yellow water coming from the taps but i had been warned that that is what its like in egypt. we had to pay for drinks after 11 but you could still order food till 12 which was good. we went all inclusive. this was good as we drank soooooo much. the pool was lovley it was just a bit slippery around the edge. but it was good for sun bathing on. the pool was cleaned every night. the pool guy gave us clean towels every day which was good so you dont really have to take your own. the rooms were cleaned everyday.
i really dont know why people are slating the hotel as i think itwas lovely. its not good for groups of teenagers but if you just want a relaxing holiday then it wa a good hotel to go too.

we went on a camel ride which my friend loved but im scared of heights so was holding on for dear life lol. we also went quad biking to watch the sun rise it was lovely. we were on the bikes for about 2hrs. it cost £18 to share the quad bike. we booked it through a place that is oposite the tesco shops you turned right out of the hotel and walked about 10 mins up the road. it was on the left handside of the road.

the beach was about a 10min walk. - you can get a bus to the beach there was a time table at reception. we walked it one day and you turn let out of the hotel and keep going straight cross over a main road and carry on straigth and its at the end of the road. the fish were really pretty.

overall me and my friend had a lovely holiday and dont know what all these people are moaning about."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of August 2007

Great value for money.

Reviewed Thu 20th of December 2012

"I found the reviews I read on here very helpful so thought I would write one of my own. My girlfriend and I stayed for a week and I really can't fault this hotel considering how cheap it was.

The rooms were a really nice size and in cood condition. They were cleaned to a very high standard every day and the fact you have a fridge in your room's a godsend. It was 45 degrees C while we were there so this and the good air con were a must.
On our last night the air conditioning broke as we were getting ready to go out for a meal. On the way out I mentioned it to reception and it was fixed by the time we got back 3 hours later.

The service was very good and the staff, despite working rediculously long hours, were very friendly. Although a couple of them were a bit difficult to understand at times. Instead of paying cash for stuff it all just gets signed for and you can settle your room bill as often as you like, we did it every couple of days so that we didn't overspend.

I'm glad I just went bed and breakfast rather than all inclusive because we didn't eat in the hotel that often because we wanted to do a good few trips and try some of the surrounding resteraunts. If you do go to a resteraunt I'd highly recommend Al Fanar. It's right on the sea at the base of a lighthouse, and only 5 mins from this hotel by taxi. The view is fantastic, especially if you get there in time to watch the sun go down. It's a bit pricey though, my girlfriend and I had a really nice starter and main course each and this came to the equivalent of £40, which is not too bad. The trouble is they don't tell you the price of the drinks on the menu and I had 5 bottles of Corona and my Girlfriend had 5 glasses of wine. It was only when we got the bill that we realised it was the equivalent of £5 per drink!
We didn't mind though because it really is the most beautiful place I've ever had a meal.

There were many people in the hotel while we were there who were just happy sitting round the pool getting a tan, but this wasn't for us. We wanted to cram in as much as possible and if your the same I'd recommend booking the trips that you're offered by your rep. We'd heard people saying it was cheaper taking trips organised by the locals but we heard a couple of stories of people paying their money and not getting picked up and that sort of thing and we were really glad we paid the little bit extra it cost to go with tour operator.

The trips we took were:
Full day bus trip to Cairo - about £78 each. I'm really glad we did this right at the start of the week. Although it was roughly 8 hours each way on the coach it wasn't as bad as I expected because the coach was very comfortable and we set off at midnight so just took some pillows and slept most of the way there. The way I see it you can't go all the way to Egypt without seeing the Pyramids and this is the cheapest way to do it. We could have done the same trip by plane but it was twice as expensive.

Full days snorkling to Tiran Island - about £15-£20 each. This was a fantastic full day out on a boat with lunch included on the boat. We went out to some stunning coral reefs and there were beautiful fish everywhere. The guides on this trip are great and they pull rubber rings around with them so even if your not a strong swimmer it's great fun.

Introduction to Scuba diving - About £55 each. This was the highlight of my trip and has made me want to get my full PADI qualifications. I'd never done anything like this before and to be honest I was a little uncomfortable in the sea before going to Egypt. But the instructors were great and you watch a video before learning how to use the equipment in a swimming pool. The we went for a 12 meter dive in the sea, just from a platform off the beach, but wow! There was coral and amazing fish everywhere and it was truely amazing.

Camal safari - About £15 each. I've never laughed quite so much as the day I went trekking on a camel. It was great fun and a great way to spend the afternoon. The Bedouins were great and cooked us some nice food.

So all in all I think this hotel was great value for money and I can't really find any fault with it. If you expect 5 star service for this price then your expectations are far to unrealistic.

And Egypt itself is a fantastic place which I definitely visit again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of August 2007

A great hotel! Please dont believe the bad reviews!!

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"First of all i want to start this review by saying please dont believe the bad reviews on this website. I went to egypt with my mum and brother and had a brillant time. This is my first time to egypt and i was a little apprehensive as i had heard loads of bad storied about sharm el sheikh. All i can say is im glad i did not listen to them. The staff at this hotel are wonderfull they will help you with everything and it isnt just because the expect a tip. The generally care. Im blonde and 19 so i was obviously worried i would be hassled by the men. But i wasnt at all, yeah they did like to speak to me rather and my mum recieved offers to sell my for some camels but that was all. I did not feel uncomfortable at all.


The rooms were massive and had a very big balcony and the air conditioning is free. I could not fault the rooms at all. They were cleaned regularly and the cleaners always made little shapes out of towls or jewlery on the beds.


Okay i am a fussy eater but i still managed to find something to eat. We were only bed and breakfast which was fine as we would prefer to explore and eat out anyway. Everything is made with mineral water at the hotel so u can eat everything without worrying about getting a bad stomach.


The pool was big and was cleaned every night! I cant believe people are saying it was dirty!!! The only fault is the outskirts is slippery so you need to be careful. There were always plenty of sunbeds and you are given towels to use so you do not need to take your own.


The beach is only about 10 minutes walk away but it isnt the best beach! its great if you love fish as you see them as soon as you get in the water in every colour possibly. Even i was impressed and im slightly scared of fish lol

Naama Bay

Most nights we went into naama bay which is commerialised however you do still know your in egypt. Hard rock cafe and tgi fridays is great you have to eat there! As long as you dont speak to people who hassle you or just say No firmly you will be left alone.


HOT!!! which is just how i like it :)!!

We did do one excursion which was quad biking in the dessert. This lasted a couple of hours and you also visit a beduin village.
I would definatly recommend this as it was so much fun. Even my mum enjoyed it :)!!

Overall i would say Sharm is not for you if you are into tradition and culture. As it is built simply for tourists. I had a great time and will definatly be returning. It is good for families and the hotel staff love kids!!! Also ideal for couples! i would say this hotel suits everyone apart from a group of teenagers as the hotel does not offer much entertainment. You do however have the use of Falcon Hills which is opposite if you fancey a change of scenery these are sister hotels."

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of August 2007


Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"Well to be honest i dont really want to repeat everything that all the other review's state, but to be truthful this hotel was very decieving from what the pictures show. Me and my husband went there for our honeymoon and we were both very dissapointed and bored, dont get me wrong its perfect for relaxing but there simply is nothing to do, especially for kids! The taxi men are very nerve racking and i was on the edge of my seat the whole journey to Namma bay, and would never of considered putting my little boy in the taxi!
I once Bit into a piece of pizza and found a chicken did that happen? i was disgusted and was worried because what if that was a child? Also i am pregnant and i fell on water in the reception and to make matters worse i fell straight in front of the manager and they seemed not bothered they didnt even check that i was ok. The food is very very repetitive and we were supposed to be AI but felt like we HB as we ate out every night. The staff were all very rude, and the pool never got cleaned. the only good thing i have to say is that the room was nice (water could of been better) they upgraded us which was a bonus. i would advise that anyone looking for a good time in a hotel near to town do not book this hotel i would not recommend it!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 15th of August 2007

Stayed July 17th - 24th. Wouldn't go back

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We won’t be going back to this hotel. We will go back to Sharm but to a 5 star next time. They said this was 4, but I would say it's at best a 2.
We were told by friends who live there and are dive instructors that most hotels are at least one star less than what they say.
The Falcon Viva was more like an average motel.
The worse part for us was not having a beach. And the pool is allot smaller than the photos make it look.
It's also out in the middle of nowhere so you need to take a taxi to get anywhere at all. The taxis are cheap, but its just a hassle.
We do like a quite holiday but there really is nothing to do at this hotel, except sit by the pool and that can get very boring.
We are used to All Inclusive being much different to what you get here. If you want good service, make sure and tip right from the start. All of the staff are brought in from Cairo or Alexandra and work 4 - 8 weeks and go home for just one week. For this they get less than £30 a month! So, it didn't bother me to give them a couple of pound a day.
Before you accept your room, make sure you are not in the block that is to the right (as you walk out on the terrace) as there is an awful smell that comes from that direction everyday. (I think it is sewage)
I couldn't possibly recommend this hotel to friends. But if like us, you discovered this too late, don't worry, make the most of the holiday and go out more. It is very cheap to eat out.
Oh, and one more thing, most other hotels will let you pay a small charge to use their beaches and hotel faculties, so that is another option.
The diving is AMAZING, and that’s the main reason for going to the Red Sea, even if you don't dive you can snorkel and see some beautiful fish and coral etc. Have Fun :)"

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of August 2007

Our lives were put at risk, Stay away!

Reviewed Fri 4th of September 2015

"I visited Viva Sharm in August 2015 for 11 nights with my 19 year old daughter and 11 year old son. Before booking this hotel I did a lot of research as I do every year to ensure that we have an amazing holiday. The reviews were amazing and the pictures made the hotel look very appealing. When we pulled up to the hotel, my heart sank a bit as it looked like one of them hotels that you pass and feel thankful that you're not staying there, however not to judge a book by its cover we kept an open mind. Walking into reception we were greeted by a cloud of smoke that was coming from the bar where smoking was permitted, there was no air conditioning either. The check-in was quick and our cases were taken to our room by a helpful porter. the room was standard, a bit outdated but on first sight it was fine for us, there was 3 of us and only 2 beds, when we pointed this out to the porter he quickly ran of and pulled in another bed and a mattress that was just sitting on the balcony. We then headed down to reception to ask if they could provide us with some food as we arrive late at night and were starving, they were quite happy to do so and showed us to the dinner hall where they gave us some bread and picky bits which were quite tasty. So far our initial thoughts on the hotel were good but what came next swiftly changed our minds. We went all inclusive so we woke up the next morning excited for breakfast. Unless you like eggs or croissants then you cannot eat, they do not cater for English people so we went for 11 days without breakfast. Also good luck on trying to get a cup or a plate as I'm sure they only have about 20 plates and cups for the whole hotel and they do not bring clean ones out any time soon. Lunch was even worse, yet again there was no English food, except for chips that were always under cooked and on one occasion there were some nice burgers. As for dinner, well the same story goes, no English food, and what ever was there was almost inedible. For 11 days we did not eat all day until the evening when we went out of the hotel for food which is not what you want to be doing when you have paid for all inclusive. On the second day my 19 year old daughter went up to the room by herself and was cornered by the male maid, who told her to sit on the bed and the asked for a hug and tried to kiss her, he left her scared, shaking and crying, when I reported it to the management they tried to justify his actions by telling her that she was beautiful and that is why he did it. The maid was sacked and we were told that our room would only be cleaned when we asked to ensure that nothing like that would happen again, much to my disbelief the cleaners came in the next day when we had not asked for the room to be cleaned, this did not put my daughter at ease and she was on edge for the rest of the holiday. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse we had to get up on our third night at the hotel at 2am in the morning and move all of our stuff to another room because our mattresses were crawling with bed bugs. When we realized what they were, we were shocked and pulled back the sheets to further inspect the mattress, what we saw was just awful, the mattress was manky, it was covered in huge brown stains and was falling apart. The staff moved us to another room on the Arabic side of the hotel and I can tell you now this room was not much better, the bathroom was rundown and chipped all over the place, the shower was a trickle and the air conditioning was about 30 years old, by this point we all wanted to get on the next flight out of Egypt and return home. We were moved again in the morning to another room that was supposedly VIP, this is the room that we should have been given in the first place, it looked clean and modern and what you would expect at a 3* hotel. We settled in and try to enjoy the rest of the 7 days we had left. We still didn't eat in the hotel as the food never improved even after we had complained several times. The hotel offered us a discounted trip to compensate for the trouble we had, so we chose to go swimming with dolphins, we later found out that they had actually over charged us and scammed us out of £60. Once we started to actually relax and enjoy the holiday we were proven wrong, yet again we had bed bugs and when we reported it to reception this time they told us they couldn't do anything and we just had to live with it. Refusing to sleep in a bed riddled with bed bugs we all trekked down to reception to sleep on the chairs. The management weren't happy about this and came up to the room and inspected the mattresses, after looking over them quickly they told us they were clean, we were just so shocked as we could see them from where we were standing. After much stressing they finally brought 3 different mattresses in that were not much cleaner, safe to say we did not sleep much for the rest of the holiday. The final straw came for us when they laced our room and all our stuff with Kerosene which smells like petrol and has astronomical side effect such as respiratory problems and brain damage not to mention we all could have gone up in a blue flash as there were live wire everywhere in the room. By this point we were mentally and physically drained, I cannot tell you how many times we had been in tears, and how many times we had been to reception to complain. When we were sat there in tears stressing to the managers about how dangerous it was to put kerosene in our room they laughed at us. No matter how much i shouted or how much my kids cried they just didn't take anything seriously. I save up all year to take my kids on one holiday and every year we have an amazing time, never have I ever had problems like this. All I felt like I did on this holiday was complain which is very unlike me, were are an easy going family all we ask for is basic amenities and decent food. This wasn't just a bad holiday, our lives were endangered, the hotel NEEDS to be closed down. We also made friends with another family who also had a hell of a holiday, they couldn't eat, which was the general consensus anyway, their room wouldn't lock and nobody fixed it so they felt they had to leave their stuff at reception as it was the safest place. I told them to go and check that there passports and stuff were safe as i didn't trust anyone at the hotel after what we had been through and much to their horror one of their passports had been stolen, the hotel accused them of losing it and they would not let them call the police so they were forced to walk to another hotel at 1am. One of the girls was also sexually assaulted in the spa, she was pinned down and touched inappropriately and also made to touch his private parts. he intimidated her and she was terrified to tell anyone because she was in a room on her own. when she finally decided to report it they laughed at her and said she was lying because she didn't report is as soon as it happened, when she said she was going to report it to the police they begged her not to because it would be bad for their reputation, we also hear from another guest that had been sexually assaulted by the same man that she was paid to keep quiet. I have never wanted to come home so much in all my life, normally I don't want to go home. Please do not put you and your family at risk in this hotel and if you have already booked it i strongly advise you try and change it. It is full of corruption, sexual assault and seriously dangerous risks that are just not worth the couple of hundred quid you pay to stay here. The only positive thing that i can say is that the bar and restaurant staff are amazing, they were so supportive and helped you whenever you needed it, especially Yasser, Mohamed, the Bruno mars look a like and Ehab the pool guy who is outstanding, they are worth so much more than this hotel and they know it. Please Please Please stay away."

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of September 2015

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  • 2 Pool
  • 3 Service
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Viva Sharm. value for money.

Reviewed Mon 10th of November 2014

"I arrived at Viva Sharm by 17.45 on the 06/11/14 For a 28 night stay, I was greeted with a smile on a Friendly face at reception, the booking in process was quick and efficient, I was Given my key, the WiFi password and the usual list of dos and don't.

My cases were carried to my room by another happy pleasant chap (and by the end of my stay I will remember all their names), we had to walk past the pool area to get to my room. Being of a “Certain age” the “Music” around the pool area was both too loud and shall we say not my kind of thing, however the younger people and families with kiddies were enjoying the entertainment.

After dinner I had a couple of drinks and returned to my room to read and catch up on some writing (I am writing a book, so quiet helps), it was then that I found that my room was perhaps not placed right for my needs of peace and quiet. The room itself serves its purpose it has all one needs as well as being clean, aged a little but one pays for what one gets and at the price I paid in cannot really complain. I slept when the music and fun had finished.

The next morning I spoke to the Receptionist and explained the problem I was having. There were no questions or debates, they told me to go back after 13.00 and I would be relocated to a quieter room, there was no fuss.
My new room is now much, much quieter and has the same qualities as the previous room, a few bangs and bruises but on the whole pleasant and very clean.

The WiFi is limited and as usual there is no Sky movie channel, but one can’t have everything, and thinking about it now, perhaps we shouldn’t take on holiday what we take for granted in the UK.
So on the whole one can pick holes in every hotel, but if you are getting value for your money, then what’s to complain about??

Note if you want it quieter ask for a room not around the main pool area, and if you have a complaint just take it politely to the front desk, the staff make this hotel, anything you want and service with a smile, from the “Wing men” up to management” Nothing is too much trouble! (As I found out myself). “Viva Sharm”
Dave Hall


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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of November 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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Top traveller tips for Viva Sharm Hotel

  • Prineethi by Prineethi

    "Please research the hotels before making a booking "

  • Prineethi by Prineethi

    "Charleston in Sharm where the ambience was brilliant "

  • kev003 by kev003

    "Beware of taxi drivers who will try to con you, also shop owners who will try to get you in the shop "

  • kev003 by kev003

    "Excellent for diving even if you just snorkel plenty of fish to see. "

  • mandaloo by mandaloo

    "the snorkeling is a must as the fish are amazing, "

  • mandaloo by mandaloo

    "we loved naam bay both during the day & at night "

  • LyndaBaz by LyndaBaz

    "100 to the cleaners, waiters, bar staff & left over currency to reception. "

  • David H by David H

    "it depends upon what you want from your holiday. we are all different, and no Hotel can cover that 100% "

  • Beth K by Beth K

    "Get the hell out of there "

Viva Sharm Hotel is also called

  • Viva Sharm Complex
  • Falcon Hotel Viva Sharm
  • Falcon Inn Viva

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