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best ever holiday thankyou sunrise staff

Reviewed Fri 7th of January 2011

"go go go visit this resort its the best ever great food great people great hotel lovely gardens fab pools wish i was still there christmas and new year was out of this world beast experience ever
mohammed in the lobby bar well what can i say but one of life first class gentlemen, go meet him and well hamnet pool bar the funniest ever anef in restaurant good man
jack entertainment team great but those italians far too loud lol cant wait to return to this resort thankyou everybody at sunrise resort for a wonderful christmas and the best new year xxxlove the beach family"

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  • Travel date: Thu 6th of January 2011

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very good

Reviewed Wed 14th of October 2009

"We stayed at the Calimera in late Sept 2009. We had heard that the place was all geared up for the Italians etc, and were a bit dubious about one or two negative reviews. However, we found that the resort itself was very good, the service was excellent and the food was varied each night and not half as bad as some of the english reviews suggested. At the end of the day, if you go abroad on holiday you expect to see a lot of foreigners and foreign food. If you want to be surrounded by british holiday makers I suggest taking a holiday at Blackpool or Butlins. I would have given a 10 out of 10 for this place had it not been for the fact that in some of the bars, the lager was not chilled adequately and the bar staff insisted in serving it in small glasses which were boiling hot or just out of the dishwasher. the local wines and spirits, are not up to scratch,so if you,re a spirt or wine drinker you will be disappointed. The bedroom staff were a credit to the hotel, they worked very hard at making our stay enjoyable. Always making sure we had clean bedding and towels daily. I have to say the same applies to the pool attendants. overall, I would recommend this hotel and would stay here again."

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of October 2009

New hotel, not good yet, but could be!

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"Seven of us stayed at the Royal Diamond, for the last two weeks in July. 2 adults, 19yr old, 16yr old, 15 yr old, 13 yr old and 8 yr old.
We have previously stayed at the Calimera Moderna which was great but too far away from everything.
Good points of the Royal Diamond,
The pools are good, the animation team who we knew a couple of from our last stay at the Calimera Moderna, were great, not too pushy.
The home-made soups
The Shisha Bar and indian restaurant on the roof were good, but I'm used to my currys rather more creamy not so dry, and the no. of courses were too many.
The snorkeling off the pontoon was brilliant, my son and I saw a small manta ray, amazing.
We liked the cold water dispensers outside the rooms.

Bad points of the Royal Diamond,
Small Rooms. Limited variety in the food. Swim-up pool staff need a kick up the bum. Kids were bored.

Italian hotel really, but I find the Italians great!
24/7 supermarket outside the gates, cheaper than the hotel shop, and the staff there very friendly. Also a short walk to the new shopping Mall, with Costa, Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, Mothercare, Virgin store etc. we walked there most evenings, there is an ampitheatre with a big screen, and mats and cushions to sit on, brilliant, great to sit and eat your mcflurry!
A lovely looking hotel, and when they get their act together it should be a very good hotel.
Nothing really too bad, but we have just stayed in better Hotels in Sharm for the same price.
Hope this helps,"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of October 2008

very clean

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"We stayed at this hotel 1-15 Sept 2008.
Overall a nice hotel.
Very clean.
Food was fresh but repetative.
Our room quite small but clean and central.
Entertainment mostly in Italian.
Front of house not always helpful.
Snorkling out of this world.
Access to the sea by hotel jetti only because of the coral. Despite some minor faults a good value for money relaxing holiday."

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

Amazing Hotel

Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"I stayed at the Calimera Hotel with my boyfriend and we had a great stay. The rooms were large with a very clean en suite with a walk in shower. We had a sea view with balcony. The pools and all facilities were always clean and the grounds are kept looking their best. The hotel is close to all of the attractions in Sharm el sheikh. All of the staff were very helpful and were always checking to make sure we were ok.
Our room was cleaned daily and petals scattered on our bed on our last day. The food was always good with alot of different things to choose from especially at dinner. Breakfast tended to be the same most mornings but was always good quality. Good variety of all inclusive drinks as well. The entertainment at night was good but a little repetitive, but the hotel have a taxi service so that you can arrange to be taken off sight to your choice and then picked up again, at reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend this hotel to people of all ages and i would definitely stay there again."

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  • Travel date: Sat 6th of September 2008

It's all about tips !!

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"ok just come back. it's best if i give you the pros and cons followed by hints and tips.

- The hotel is a beautiful hotel with some great views of the sea.
- The hotel is in a good location.
- The hotel is home to some great employees

- The front of house staff are just so bloody rude.
- The staff are consistantly waiting for tips and the more tips you
give the more they do. The staff are SO greedy.
- Not a hotel for the old, children or if you are not used to RUDE
- The rooms are nice BUT the cleaning only took our cleaner 10
- The food ois the 'same old'
- The staff are 'pervs' and you need to stay away.

- If you are old or have children - just request a 'club car' to the
resutaurant when needed - we asked for one every time we
needed food .
- Dont tip upfront as you get to see the true colours of the staff -
tip those that really want to give a good service.
- When you check in try to get into the Iberotel Grand Sharm
(sister co. of the calimera) as you will be able to use there
facilities - and that gives you double the facilities.

OK thats it for now - if you were at the hotel between 18th August till 1st September - email me - met some great people - be nice to keep in touch. email address: [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Fri 5th of September 2008

Good Holiday

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"Hotel is dominated by Italian guests. Anyone with a yellow band is Italian. Blue bands are Brits, Germans, French and a few odds and sods. This is the first all inclusive I have been on where you have to where your band! (But they are cloth not plastic so OK)


The hotel is basically on three levels.
Beach level - Main Pool, Pool Bar and Beach Bar.
Road Level - Reception, restaraunts, inside bar, outside roof bar and second pool (bar under construction).
Intermediate Level - Small pool, soft drinks bar.

Plenty of sunloungers, but same old story, if you want a particular spot then get up early and put your towels out. Hotel towels are excellant and towel man is there at 6am, should you want to change towels that early. I got up at 7am to get spot on the beach. At that time main pool was almost devoid of towels. They quote 1 hour rule for towels on beds, but was never enforced during our stay.

It is a steep climb from the beach level to the road level. If you have any mobility issues, forget it!
Our room was sea view next to the main pool, so it was a daily trek for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


On the whole food is very good, with good variety. Lots of beef, regular chicken and lamb. Not as much fish as you would expect. Would recommend omlette and pancakes for breakfast. Omlettes cooked fresh to order.
Lunch and dinner are much of a muchness, but enough variation to keep me happy.
Thursday is Egyption night, the only night to miss. Try the BBQ, on Thurs. Go early, before the rush.
Beach bar food was fresh pizza to order (sometimes big queue), salad, homemade burgers or hot dog (one day steak), and dodgy fries. Ice cream for desert (very good)
Did not not try Italian or Indian.


We had proper sea view, next to main pool. Air con is excellant. Couple of english TV channels. Good shower, always hot water.
Clean and tidy. very good.


Beer comes in two varieties. Egyption Stella, bottled 4.5%, very good. Sakara, draught, not as good, but OK.
Vodka was the only spirit I drank, very agricultural. Other spirits available were, whiskey, rum, gin and brandy, I think.

Beach bar serves bottles only. Pool bar serves both. Ask for bottled and they will give you bottled. Inside bar is draught and bottles, restaraunt is draught.

If you want a beer after midnight and have to pay, it is £1.90 per bottle. Make sure you get a bottle and not draught!


In the evening there were two singers, both good. One on the terrace in front of the restaraunt and one by the BBQ.
There was a show in a small ampitheatre. Never went as there was NO BAR. REPEAT NO BAR at this venue.

Day time entertainment was very sparse and very Italian centric. Hotel entertainment staff out numbered by italian tour operator entertainment staff. If you could be bothered dare say they would let you join in, but far to hot for me. If you want something to do during the day, go to Turkey, much better daytime entertainment.


TIP the staff, you will get much better service. Bar staff etc, get £65/month, so £2 tip (20 Egyption pounds) goes down very very well. We tipped pool bar staff £2 every other day on average.(half or quater would probably still be good to them). We never had to get a drink, they brought them to our table. We had crisps and nuts and coffees before 10am.


The walk to the restaraunt becomes a real pain in the [-], but would not stop me going back, on reflection.

Long trousers in the restaraunt. Not strictly enforced, but most adherred.

Lack of seating at the bars. Beach bar seating is closed at about 4pm. Only four tables at pool bar. Also pool bar is right next to Italian entertainment hut, with large speaker. Very very loud by main pool, except 13:00 - 15:30.

Poor entertainment.

Plus Points

Hot, but very dry heat, no sweating.

Bored now, have ticked willing to be contacted, if you want proper explanation."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of August 2008

Good value hotel in a great location

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"The Calimera Royal Diamond Beach Hotel is a lovely hotel. It is with 10 minutes walk of il mercado shopping Mall and there is a small supermarket about 2 minutes walk from the hotel which is alot cheaper than the hotel shops or the other touristy shops by the mercado.

The room

Our room ( no 277)was actually part of the ibertol which is the sister hotel next door. This was not a problem as they are so close it was no different than being in one of the Calimera rooms.
The room itself was of an average size with a a huge double bed. We had a family room and the childrens beds were Z beds which were fine . One bed was missing from the room on arrival but within 10 minutes they bought another bed and made it up for us.
There is plenty of hanging space, a large chest of drawers, dressing table and bedside tables with lamps. The tv had 30 channels including a childrens channel in english and cnn for the news.
There is a free safe which you set your own combintaion to. Ours was broken on arrival but fixed as soon as we notified the reception staff. We also requested more pillows for the beds and an extra blanket for the childrens beds all of which were supplied within 15 minutes of our request being made.
The balcony was small but with a sea view.
The bathroom was fine with a large walk in shower. Fresh towels were supplied daily and complimentary shampoo. shower gel and body cream were replaced as we used them.
A nice touch was a set of scales in the bathroom (to keep an eye on how much weight you are putting on eating all the cakes and pastries)and fresh flannels each day.
The room cleaner kept the room spotless but i never actualy saw him unlike some hotels were the staff keep hanging around looking for tips.

Breakfast consisted of the usual pastries, a couple of cereals, fruit, yogurt, eggs either boiled, fried or omlettes, pancakes, salads with cold meats or cheese, hotdog type sausages, some sort of beans and a few other bits and pieces. Plenty of breads and rolls. Help youreslf to juices and tea or coffee (there is alos a waiter who will fill your tea nad coffee cuos for you)It was the same everyday but quite a good selection.
The beach bar did a late breakfat of pastries if you wanted a lie in.
Luchtimes you could either use the main restraunt or just have a snack at the beach bar. the snacks were pizza or buger/kebab and chips with a small selection of salads. Help yourself to ice creams from the freezer. coice of vanilla, strawberry, chocalate or mango.
Evening meals usually gave a choice of 2 soups, a couple of meats and fish a pasta station cooking pasta to order, rice and some sort of patatoe option (not often chips) salads, breads and a good choice of cakes, fruit and puddings.
We used to eat quite early as it could get quite busy later. Also the the food warmers were not that effective and if we ate later the food was only luke warm. The food got a bit repetative but it we always found something that we liked to eat.

There is adress code and men must wear long trousers in the restraunts of an evening.

We also ate at the Indian on the roof terrace one night. It is not part of the AI but at 15 euros a person was great value for a 5 course meal. The food was lovely with the best naan bread i have ever tasted. The drinks are still part of the AI.

The bars
There is a bar in the lobby, a roof terrace bar, a beach bar, main pool bar, smaller pool bar than just serves soft drinks and another bar that is not finished yet at the 3rd pool.
The drinks are all served by the glass. Water and juices are help yourself from coolers.
I drank all my drinks with ice and had no dodgy tummy problems.
Egyptian spirits are rough but if you dont have the drinks too strong they are more drinkable. I didn't see any international brands and the choice was limited to vodka, gin, rum, brandy or ouzo. All the soft drinks are brands like fanta, coke or pepsi.

The pools and beach

The main pool is busy and can get noisy but it is a nice pool kept very clean with plenty of sunbeds and shade.
There is also 2 smaller pools. We didn't use these but they seemed alot less noisey with alot less people using them.

The beach is not real sand. It is man made out of shale and quite gritty. The fish and quality of snorkelling more than made up for the poor beach but if you want fine golden sands then look at another area as all the beaches are like this in this area.

The Spa

Not cheap but worth every penny. I had the morocco treatment at a cost of £70 but for this i got 2 and half hours of pampering. The reps can be a bit of a pest around the pool and on the beach but once told you were not interested they moved on to someone else.


A good hotel for the money paid. Caters mainly for Italians with just a few english, russians, french, germans and other eastern europeans. I didn't find this a problem but if you want a british hotel then this one is not for you.
My 10 year old could have done with a few more things to do of an evening as there is only one pool table which cost 40 LE (about £4) for a hour. The evening entertainment is mainly a singer on the terrace at diner and a orinetal show once a week. There is a mini disco for children but mine were not interested in this as they are abit older but if you have little ones then it would be fine.
Service, and staff excellent,. Staff didnt seem to hang around looking for tips although we did tip for good service.

None of our family suffered with any tummy bugs apart from me but this was after a meal out in naama bay when we all ate something different. It only lasted one day and i didn't need any medication so nothing major.

Sorry this review is so long but i hope i have covered all the major points. If i have missed anything or you want any other info feel free to pm me.
I will add some photos to my profile once i sort out the hundreds that we took."

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of August 2008

Great Hotel

Reviewed Mon 15th of October 2012

"After reading the mixed reveiws i was a little worried about hotel as i have never been to Egypt before. Arrived about 8.45pm with daughter booked tai direct through hotel which was waiting at airport this cost euro 15. As hotel was full we were put in the Ibertotel next door but we used all facilities of calimera we has lovley view but it was long walk from all facilities. My husband joined us on 7 August and we were moved to beach front deluxe bungalow in the Calimera. What can i say about hotel it is clean food fine if you wanted pizza at beach bar though for lunch expect to queue a long time. The animation team was excellent. Ok there are loads of italians here but they had there own entertainment. The Calimera animation team worked hard there was loads of sports volley ball water polo water aerobics and there was kids club. At night there was a mini disco and then the animation team put on a show which was pure cheese! This was based at outside theatre in hotel grounds. The drinks for all inclusive was excellent proper coke and sprite the wine fine as well. I did have upset tummy but got tablets from local pharmacy which cleared it up. We did venture out of hotel went to Naama bay which was horrific Old Sharm Market a place called Fantasia and a shopping centre 5 minute walk away Il Mercato. We also went on a day trip to Cairo which I arranged through Sharm Club and they were excellent we had private guide saw Pyramids.
Just a note on the hassling you do get it around pool but if you say your not interested they will leave you alone. Also my daughter is 15 and the waiters were friendly towards her but she took it in her stride she also made friends with the pool man where we got towels from every day. It was very hot here but there is plenty of sun shades around the pool.
I did a lot of research on all hotels in sharm and I am extremly happy i picked the right hotel as it was in quite location and not near airport. I would go back to hotel again and I would defintly recommend it to my friends and family."

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of August 2008

Sun, sea, Calimera.

Reviewed Sat 3rd of November 2012

"Had a wonderful time and everything was perfect from start to end. The room was cleaned everyday with fresh towels and sheets. The food was delicious and try the beach bar bbq which you have to book in advance as it gets very busy down there. The staff are really friendly and helpful especially the guys who work the bar in reception, where you can get a lovely cup of coffee. The pool area was also really clean and we used the smaller pool near the steps to the restaurant as it was quieter. Look for Beckham down there as he is a lovely bloke and great entertainer! The VIP spa staff are persistant and come round a few times during the day. I had my eyebrows plucked just to shut them up!
We took advantage of the free shuttle bus at 5pm and went down into Naama Bay which is amazing. Had a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe which, although expensive is really good. Avoid the Old Market in Sharm as we got really hasselled and also totally ripped off in a bar - we paid £9 for two lagers and didn't realise till we'd paid and left. All in all we had a great time and are planning a 'sneaky week' there in November."

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  • Travel date: Thu 14th of August 2008

A good holiday at the Calimera

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Arrived around 5 30pm on 17th july from Manchester(no delay), hubby and 2 children aged 8 and 9.
Reception efficient, after welcome drink and registration were shown around main areas, restaurants, pools, bars and all opening times(this was a great idea we thought)

Family room excellent., split into 2 main areas, giant king size bed, vanity unit , 4 double wardrobes, 2 proper double beds for children, also in lounge area a sofa bed, chair, tv( 4 english speaking channels), fridge, safe and small terrace overlooking garden. No tea making facilites but we always take our own - coffee addicts! Air conditioning excellent, best we have ever had.

Pool , 3 pools, 2 quiet, 1 active, lots sunbeds always available, if you wanted shade best to be down by 8 30 am, although pool boys were always happy to bring a parasol for you if none available. All the animation team definately there for the italians, who make up 80% or more of the holidaymakers. (Germans, brits, french, russians making up the remainder). It rarely got too loud and didnt bother us. There is a great swim up pool bar which we all loved. Great little play area for children too.

Gardens/Grounds, well maintained, spotlessly clean, and pretty, with waterfalls. Lot and lots of steps, no lifts, so only suitable for fit and healthy as you will be climbing up and down stairs frequently to visit pools, beach, restaurants, rooms, bars etc. Several hotel blocks, and in our 2nd week hotel was full and it felt like a big complex with lots people everywhere( school holidays)

Beach, only visited beach to go snorkelling, hubby and son loved this and did several times, fish and coral very beautiful.

Food, On the whole food of a good standard you can always find something to eat, just got quite repetative. We found the food to be aimed at the italians too especially at breakfast with the amazing pastries, breads, .cakes, danish, etc. My hubby became bored with the hot breakfast selection which never changed apart from 1 day during the 2 weeks. However the egg station was excellent. In addition to buffet, beach snack bar great at lunch time for pizzas, burgers, chips, if a litttle busy. Italian restaurant serves exactly same as main buffet, but quieter. Seafood on the beach ( 25 euros extra each, we never went) and Indian (15 euros extra) went once, was very good but quite costly as we ordered tandorri shrimp and no one told us this was an extra 5 euros each! so 80 euros for the 4 off us. Definately a lot busier in our 2nd week.

Service, Absolutely excellent, couldnt really fault anything. Staff lovely people and didnt expect tips although we tipped because of good service.

Spa, used twice and happy with it, however everyone who says the spa staff are a menace are telling the truth, they come around whilst your relaxing on your sunbed offering their treatments several times a day, and this eventually becomes hassle and a pain in the neck, as they wont take no for an answer.

Bars, Pool bar, lobby bar and roof top bar ( our favourite)all lovely, good choice of drinks, and very good prompt service.

Cleanliness, Spotless, always people cleaning.

Weather, Amazing, hot hot hot, sunny all day long and wonderful!

All in all our holiday very good, would have liked 2 a la carte restaurants to have been part of the all inclusive. We didnt bother with entertainment apart from singer who serenaded us every evening whilst having our dinner, and although he wasnt the best singer in the world, it was lovely.

We took trips to il mercado shopping Mall, great for shopping( no hassle but no cheaper than UK), and food ( very good and cheap) 10 mins walk away. Then on another occasion a taxi to narma bay, enjoyed our visit, no problems in narma bay and had a fantastic meal at the camel Tandorri.

Only downside really was the horrible tummy bug, affected 3 of us and in the end a visit to the pharmacy essential, 24 hours later almost recovered. It seemed to effect every family and I think this just combination of heat, water, food and dehydration."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of August 2008


Reviewed Thu 29th of November 2012

"After hearing all the bad comments made about this hotel, we were a little aprehensive. First off there isnt any building work going on apart from a little at the entrance to the hotel which is far away from the hotel itself. On arrival we were greeted and taken straight to our rooms which were right by the main pool, it was fantastic! our rooms also had a joining door so we didnt have to keep going outside to get into the other room ( we had two rooms) on our first day we sat down by the main pool enjoying the heat, but then the animation box team came this has to be the downside to the hotel, at first we thought it would only be for a few hours but it went on all day and is very loud and intrusive, plus its all designed for italians who in my opinion have a very bad sense of humour judging by the way they all laughed at this animation team, but to the delight of english people there is a smaller pool which is closer to the lobby, this pool is a lot quieter and you cant hear the animation team and when we were there it was full of english families, we stayed up there for the whole of our holiday and didnt hear the animation team again. The food is good, im a fussy eater and i found something to eat, at lunch they do pizza and chips down at the beach bar which not many people knew about as it was always empty. After a week we all got bored of the food as its all the same but a 5 min walk up the road there is a new shopping centre which has mcdonalds, pizza hut and kfc which is always handy if you get bored of the food as we did, we never have fast food on holiday and yet we did find ourselves up there a few times also there is a pizza delivery service who deliver to the hotel. The hard rock cafe is a must again full of english but the waiters there are very funny. The hotel entertainment is repetative and we didnt enjoy it again its aimed around the italians, but as i said before a 5 min walk up the road brings you into the middle of nightlife, its very busy and a lot of entertainment. Hotel staff are very friendly and made our holiday. Do be warned you do get hassled by the spa staff but a simple no and they go away. Overall a very nice hotel very clean and friendly, all four of us would definatly go there again. When we went out and about we drove past many hotels and this one not being biased definatly looked from the outside the best and when we were in the taxi coming from the airport we were worried each time it stopped that this was going to be our hotel and luckily the one that looked the most impressive was this one. we also spoke to other english families who were staying at other hotels and they all said they didnt like theres which was a suprise as we really liked ours but this is down to individuals opinion.Hope this has been helpful as i definatly recommend this hotel. x"

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of August 2008

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