Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Resort

Naama Bay P.O.Box 27, Sharm El Sheikh 46619 Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4 value
  • 5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

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Weeks stay at the Marriott red sea resort

Reviewed Tue 19th of February 2013

"This was our 3rd visit to the Marriott Hotel. on Bed and Breakfast.The staff were polite and courtious,our room was spotless overlooking the beach, as we had requested. We ate at the three Restrauants in the Hotel, the meals were delicious. Yes we would return again.
We had previously spent a week cruising the Nile,on the Dominica Prestige, our Holiday was arranged with Orbital Travel,which was very well organised,from the time we left Heathrow all through the trip. their guides were there to assist with every check in with the internal flights, and our check in at the Marriott Hotel Sharm.
MT & JFA Marlow Buckinghamshire"

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of February 2013

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  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

June stay in Sharm

Reviewed Tue 23rd of June 2009

"Having visited Sharm for the 8th time we were looking for a hotel near to the town. This hotel ticked all the boxes, both for service, quality of hotel and food. Can well recommend the bakery across the road at the Mountain side of the hotel. All in all one of the best hotels we have stayed at in Sharm. Well done Marriott: keep up the high standards."

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of June 2009

Great Stay

Reviewed Tue 12th of May 2009

"Great stay, with wonderful staff. Clean and nice, great location, nice private beach. A big plus was the nice breakfast buffet - with incredibly nice and welcoming staff. Also the people at the front desk were very personable and friend."

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  • Travel date: Mon 4th of May 2009

Just returned from Marriot Beach Resort...

Reviewed Fri 26th of September 2008

"Just returned from Marriot Beach Resort in Naama Bay for the 2nd time this year.
Please read this and if you are thinking of goiong to Sharm el Sheikh then we promise you it will be a fantastic holiday if you stay at this resort/hotel.
It is luxury. The Hotel itself doesnt look much from the outside but inside is like a palace. Marble flooring, spotlessly clean and staff are very friendly and helpful ( and no, it's not because they want a tip like some people think ).
Our room was the same as last time, 2 Queen size beds, air-con, shower/bath (which was a huge bathroom ) also the rooms are cleaned and beds are changed etc every single day. The Egyptian Cotton sheets etc are amazing and make your bed back home seem rubbish!
The pools are great and warm, quite easy to get a sunbed, but yes you do have to be at the pool for no later than 11am to get a bed!
Russians everywhere but we know just to ignore them!!!!
You must try the Camel Hotel Tandoori Restaurant, we seen this advertised on Thomas Cook TV before we went on holiday and wish we could have eaten there more often, the food was amazing and our bellies were not upset at all. Also a 3 course meal plus drinks only came to £30, so we tipped them £10!!!!!!!!! - The Tandoori Rest. is in Namma Bay you cant miss it if you just go to the Camel Hotel right on the strip. It has no roof so it's nice and cool while you have your curry etc - We recommended this place to folk we met on holiday and they loved it as well. There is also the Camel Bar upstairs so when you finish your meal take a walk up and have a nice relaxing drink with stunning views of Namma Bay.
Also, you must try the Teppanyaki Bar which is in The Marriot Beach Hotel. Fabulous, the chef makes noise as he cook in front of you as it banishes evil spirits etc and it was brilliant to watch and see the chef juggling knives, pepper grinders and making lots of noise whilst cooking your meal to perfection, again meal for 2 was £45, slightly dearer than Tandoori but we didnt care as it was worth every penny.
DO NOT go to TAM TAM's for a meal it is vile. You will find this place on the beach front, mind you its always busy but we hd a meal and I couldnt wait to get out we were disgusted. The chicken was all fatty and bobbly with god knows what attatched to the chicken. It's a middle Eastern Rest. but it was honestly vulgar. Only good bit was the Egyptian Dancers in the place.
Also, you are a 2 minute walk to your own private beach and you dont have to pack any bath towels/beach towels as the Hotel supply you with those and they towels are huge!!!!!!!!!
The Tropical fish are a must see and they literally swim a few metres from the shore. There are plenty of jetties so we would go in the morning and sit and look at the fish and also go snorkelling in the water at peak hours as sun was very hot. Temperature was around 39 - 44degrees and believe me those extra few degrees made a huge diff it was boiling hot so plenty of suncream. We started off factor 20 and worked down to factor 8 the last day. Even at that we got caught out 1 day as it was really windy so we couldnt tel we were getting burnt so I ended up with mild sunstroke on our last night!
Myself and my partner were so gobsmacked at how nice the staff were, waiter service when you are sunbathing etc.
One waiter Mahmoud, he was great and I tipped him £7 one day near the end of the holiday and I thought he was going to cry. £7 is so much money to the staff. I dont know what else I can say, honestly we totally love this hotel and we are def going back for a 3rd time next year but this time for 2 weeks as didnt want to come home!!!!!!
We had originally booked the Concorde El Salam but changed this due to bad reviews, and boy are we glad we changed as the Airport is right across the road from that hotel, I am talking 1/4 OF A MILE AWAY!!!!!!!!.
There is probobaly lots more I could tell you all about but I think you will have gathered by now we loved it.
Cant believe we slept under bid duvets at night..........air con was amazing!!!!!
Anyways, please book this hotel you will not be disappointed. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of September 2008

I would recommend Sharm El Sheik for any...

Reviewed Wed 13th of August 2008

"I would recommend Sharm El Sheik for any female travelling alone. I went to this beautiful resort alone and really enjoyed myself. I felt totally safe at all times within this resort and walked to Namma Bay alone during the day only (in the evening i did have company).

The taxi's are cheap, I would only recommend using the white ones with a blue stripe and from the marriott to namma bay you should not expect to pay no more than 30-40 egyptian pounds.

The room was very clean and comfortable. The bathroom consisted of a bath with a shower within the bath, sink, toilet and hairdryer with shaving point and the hair dryer was very good. My room had 2 double beds which was lovely as i was alone in the room. A safe is provided with ample space to store clothes etc and an ironing board and iron are also in the room. The mini bar was very expensive but this is typical of any hotel.

I was only on a bed and breakfast board basis and the breakfast was very nice. There is a good selection of cereals, pastries, bread and typical egyptian food. The breakfast was a buffet style and the only thing that is served at your table is the tea & coffee which for a 5 star hotel, I found rather dissapointing. The staff are all very helpful and polite.

The mountain side of this resort is much quieter and i actually preferred it. The walk on to the beach side takes around 2 mins. The road can be a nightmare to cross but you soon get used to the driving styles of this fantastic country. There are restaurants on the beach side and also a walk way which takes you into Namma Bay which is also lined with places to eat.

The beach was a bit dissapointing, the sand is very gritty and quite dirty around the sunbed area but the staff do keep the beach very tidy, it is just the irresponsible tourist that creates this problem. The coral is magnificent and the different range of fish is stunning. There is plenty of water sports on offer along with different trips. I would recommend the trip to Teanna island (sorry cannot remember the actual name) but the snorkeling is out of this world.

I would definitely return to this hotel but I do not think that this hotel should be graded as a 5 star, in my opinion I would give this 3 stars. It is 15 mins from the airport and the planes do go over head but you will get this where ever you stay in sharm.

I hope this has helped xxx"

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of August 2008

Couple 44 & 45 Just returned from a for...

Reviewed Mon 7th of July 2008

"Couple 44 & 45

Just returned from a fortnight at the Marriott Mountain (23rd June to 7th July). We preferred the Mountain side where we stayed for a quieter more relaxing time. There was a large pool near the main hotel and a smaller, more private pool, 10m from our ground floor patio doors, towards the rear of the complex. Excellent hotel facilities, very clean and uncrowded. Rooms to a high standard and cleaned thoroughly daily. Very friendly and helpful staff. Bed & breakfast basis. Near enough to Naama Bay to walk/taxi in each evening for wide choice of places to eat. Particularly enjoyed the Mexican and the Thai.

Points to be aware of - do not get in a taxi until you have agreed the price you will pay before - we nearly got ripped off several times and only avoided paying way too much by being very stubborn! Also Egpyt tummy - read the reviews on this site re the local chemists and what to take. We went to Egypt 2 years ago and did not know this. However this time despite taking every precaution, we still succumbed and within 12 hours of taking Antinal & 2 other pills recommended by local helpful chemist were recovered enough to continue our diving course. Thanks to all previous reviewers who gave tips on this!

Would go back to this resort and this hotel tomorrow if we could!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 7th of July 2008

I went to the marriott mountain sharm el...

Reviewed Mon 16th of June 2008

"I went to the marriott mountain sharm el sheikh in 2005 and again in 2007 , i enjoyed both holidays , they were fab , we stayed at the mountain view side , both times , i prefered it , i honestly adore egypt , its my fave place to go , ive also been to el gouna and that to is fab , but i defo highly recomend the marriott mountain view hotel , ill defo go again ,, go and see for yourself ,, egypt for me is magic ."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of June 2008

arrived the 6th dec -16th in sunshine. H...

Reviewed Tue 3rd of June 2008

"arrived the 6th dec -16th in sunshine. Hotel very clean and food fine, staff very willing to help with any problems ( we didnt have any). Rooms cleaned on a daily basis and to a high standard. Sun went in around 4 o' clockish and it went cold very quickly after that so take a warm fleece as it is much needed at night. I would recommend both hotel and resort."

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  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of June 2008

beach side and pay £50 more

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Beach side and get a view of another building for £50 extra, well I can do that in London thanks.
Travel Agency did not declare that beach side meant building side, look out the window and look at another building great; I can do that from my own flat.

Room was in need of lot of repair compared to other four or five star hotels. There was rotten wood around bathroom skirting boards, grouting out between the floor tiles. Couch badly stained. San fly’s in the bathroom around skirting boards.
A lunatic man was shouting in the early hours of the morning.
Possible staff member pretending to be room service and was knocking on the door at 2am dressed in uniform, the pest woke me up. The mountainside had much better pools.
Would not never stay in Marriott again as they do not seem to respond to their own evaluation sheet about the guest stay not sure why odd really, this is the second time I have filled out an evaluation sheet, the first time be in Hurgarda Marriott.

However the reception staff was very helpful at the Marriott.

In addition, to top it off I used my visa to call the UK a landline, be wary a 10-minute phone call cost £50 and so three phone calls later cost £150. This was not the Marriott itself though they are letting a Phone Call provider called International Calling Services supply phone line access for International calls.

They are called................... International Calling Services 511 E San Ysidro Blvd,#1770 San Ysidro, CA92173 customer servie centre ring (619) 428 7913, ..................................I rang the number recently and they told me to give the credit card number I used for the phone calls, the card was shredded not long after the incident. I have a fax from the bank that showed their own reference number, they tell me they cannot use their own reference number to do search on the computer database for the phone calls, they can only use the visa card number and then they have that they could not find anything on the computer. I said I want to speak to a manager though I cannot unless I give the visa number, of which I did as it was on the letters from the bank, the number did not come up with anything, don't know why it is still a transaction they had, it should be in their database. I received a fax which showed the 3 phone calls charged at £50 for 10 minute phone call. I noticed 2 of the calls listed had exactly the same referenc number.
I cannot believe Marriott and HSBC want to be associated with these types of companies, when you type the name into Google the phone company it comes up with similar experiences. With many different operational names, phone numbers, and fax numbers. It appears they are owned by a larger company though it is really hard to be sure. Though it looks as if the larger company contracts to all the big chain hotels.

International Calling Services 511 E San Ysidro Blvd,#1770 San Ysidro, CA92173 customer service centre ring (619) 428 7913...............

This cost me £150 and should have cost most likely a maximum of £10.
I tried to ring these people back, did not get an answer; they must have disconnected this number though on the Internet there are several numbers that come up."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of May 2007

A Little Tired

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"We generally enjoyed our experience at this hotel but I would like to comment on the overall condition of the rooms etc. I have travelled to many countries around the world and I must say that Egypt has the lowest quality 5 Star hotels. The rate was pretty good but to be fair I would have been happy to pay a little more for a cleaner / newer hotel. The biggest problem is the workmanship in Egypt. The rooms are shabby and quite old. It's a shame because the staff are very helpful and the location of the hotel within Naama Bay is fantastic. Everything was within walking distance and it is very well located on the beach front. if I return I will probably book at the Ritz Carlton. It will cost $20 USD extra per night but is a much newer and cleaner hotel I am told????"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 7th of May 2007

trip to sharm el sheikh

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"last summer i was very upset and i dicided to make a journey to a magneficent place so i make aplane to visit sharm el sheikh i met my best friend in (5 * hotel marriott hotel see view hotel ) it was fantastic as we have a see view room we stayed there 6 nights . first day in the morning we dicide to sea the deep of the see so considerd to make atrip on aquascope submarine to enjoy almost 3 hours with the magneficent deep deep blue sea with the magneficent different kinds of fish we realy love it after we retairned back we was very hungrey so we dicided to take our lunch at class (A sea food resturant ) called estacoza it was very very delisious you can sea the fish alive before cooking . in the night we dicided to join a bedwin party with oriental dance and we still dancing until the morning and we retarned back to the hotel we was so tired but so happy . next day we went to a safary trip in the desert we enjoy the marvelious atmosfere we stayed there 2nights it was fantastic . after that we retarned to the hotel and at night we enjoy the disco tick party wich was held in the hotel . the next day we dicided to make something deferent as we went to a diving center and arrange to make adive so it organise to us avery wonder foul dive with a guide .at night we we stayed in the hotel as we was so tired . next day we went to tyran valley with boat and we enjpy the fantastic sea trip and the fantastic sea food on board then we retairned back to the hotel to arrange our laguege to retairn back home the next morning . we retairned back home we dicided to make it again as we was very very happy ."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 25th of April 2007

Fine Hotel in a Good Location

Reviewed Fri 28th of December 2012

"We have just returned from 7 days in the Marriott Beach. The standard is as you would expect from a Marriott anywhere else in the world, with the service perhaps being a little better than you would expect in Europe or North America. I had a problem with an excursion booked with Sun'n'fun, Marriott's recommended agent and I raised it with reception and withing 5 minutes I had the duty manager and assistant manager both listening to my problem and then personally resolving it!

The only minor complaints were that our bathroom looked like it could do with refurbishing. We noticed other rooms were being upgraded. Also the choice of English language TV channels is limited to CNN and a cartoon channel, but since we don't watch much TV on holiday this was not a problem for us.

We went half board and although we didn't eat in the hotel everynight, when we did the food was of a far better standard than we would normally expect from a hotel buffet, even one of Marriott's standard.

The pool is clean and welcoming and also quiet when we were there. The beach is likewise kept clean with plenty of sunbeds. A good range of watersports is available from the beach at a charge. Charges for watersports were low. £15 for an hour on a laser dinghy for instance.

The highlight from the beach is the snorkelling, especially if you snorkel in the direction of the Sofitel and Hyatt (left if you are facing the sea). The sealife has to be seen to be believed, its like snorkelling in an aquarium!

In all I have no hesitation in recommending this hotel and would return happily. Not 5 star, but a good European/North American 4 star."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 22nd of April 2007

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  • lamia.assem by lamia.assem

    "Sharm El Sheikh is amazing "

  • John Pettipher by John Pettipher

    "Only go B & B as eating out is excellent in Naama Bay! Can recommend the Pomedora next to Camel Dive "

  • John Pettipher by John Pettipher

    "Suba diving with a whale shark and 2 eagle rays.... "

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  • Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Red Sea Resort
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