About Sharm Cliff Resort

  • high speed internet in room
  • swimming pool
  • shuttle bus service
  • free internet
  • restaurant
  • bar lounge
  • fitness center
  • suites
  • wheelchair access
  • air conditioning
  • room service
  • concierge desk
  • family rooms
  • airport transportation
  • breakfast buffet
  • outdoor pool
  • free breakfast
  • private balcony
  • kids activities
  • tennis court
  • poolside bar
  • tv channel one russia

Reviews summary

( 670 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 1 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 3 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

35 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

How i got my lover back

Reviewed Wed 27th of July 2016

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Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 16th of July 2016

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Remeber insect spray

Reviewed Mon 12th of April 2010

"Hotel is really nice, our room was not that clean, but clean towels and sheets every day.
We payed for all inclusive but had to by water downtown in big bowls, couse its not allowed to fill bottles with water in the hotel.... Thats BAD
The food is poor and the plates and glases are not clean even after washing.
The staff is mostly really nice, they dont understand or speak english very good, but they do their best.

Highly recommand the waterpolo :o)

Some from the animationteam are wonderful, and they all do their best.

Watch out for the thoussands of mosquitos down there, remember to bring spray and antihistamin. The hotel gasses some days, but people are badly bitten anyway.

Give the poolguy 20 Egyptian pounds on the first day, and he will keep your sunbed ready for you every day."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 8th of April 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 1 Food

Fantastic budget holiday

Reviewed Thu 10th of September 2009

"Stayed here in July 2009 and couldn't fault it. It was clean, hot and entertaining. The staff were excellent and it was good to be acknowleged when they know what you want to drink!
We didn't pay much for the holiday but it was well worth it! Fantastic transport arrangement for the beach and even the staff there were excellent. I wouldn't reccomend it for families with young children as the food isn't very versatile for kids, but for couples its perfect."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of September 2009

It was great!!!!

Reviewed Wed 27th of May 2009

"I spent 6days in Sharm Cliff Resort with my husband and i really want to go back again!The hotel was very clean,the staff very very good with us and we were realy sad that we had to go back home...I'm planning to go back very very soon...We had a lot of fun in the pool day and night..I hope to see all of them again soon!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 26th of May 2009

Didn't want to leave.First class holiday.

Reviewed Wed 22nd of April 2009

"My wife and me stayed at the Sharm Cliff Hotel from 5th April to 19th April 2009 (14 nights). All inclusive.

We booked in August with On The Beach and found the Company to be superb. No problems at all and the convenience of the instant e-mail flight and hotel vouchers were great.

As our professions won't allow us to take vacations together at any other time than school holidays we always end up paying the maximum for any holiday, which is unfair but that's another debate.

After reading some reviews on here we went with some trepidation but as you will read, that was a wasted anxiety.

Flights were with Thomas Cook. On time going out but an hour late leaving Sharm, but still managed to arrive at the scheduled time. Great in-flight service and smooth check-ins both at Manchester and Sharm airport. Aircraft was a 767, which is a large aircraft and somewhat dated. Unless you're in an aisle seat you only see half of the video screen. Also the ear plug jacks are 2 pin 3.5" but will work with standard earphones but you only get sound out of one side! Still saves buying theirs at £2.50 and they certainly aren't Sony quality!

The hotel offered a free transfer with Tarrott Tours and we were met by the rep’ immediately on coming out of the airport and taken to an air-conditioned coach. Arrived at hotel about 30 minutes later. Perfect.

Cases were quickly taken to the room. Front desk staff were highly efficient and spoke good English. We had our all-inclusive wristbands and were good to go!

We were with YouTravel and Sayed, our Rep’ was brilliant. As he is Egyptian he had in depth local knowledge and cultural advice, which is always a bonus. His English is excellent and he was on hand almost all of the time if you needed him. First class all round from You Travel. The glass bottomed boat excursion my wife booked with him was great she said and only £12.00.

Superb room. The most spacious we have ever had. We had two three quarter beds with memory foam mattresses. This was just great for me as I have a chronic back problem.

The climate control was also the best we have experienced. You get your own individual digital unit instead of the inefficient usual centrally controlled/piped ones. It had to be left on all night due to the heat and being unable to open the doors due to the mosquitoes, but it was very quiet and kept the room at a constant temperature.

There's also a fridge and TV. Having watched the dire CNN a few times I did wish it could have been tuned to BBC News 24, but there were two movie channels in English also. Who wants to watch TV anyway when in that beautiful place!

The room was very clean and the male housekeeper was first class. He maintained very high standards throughout with clean daily towels etc.

Our room was on the ground floor on the front of the Hotel and was very quiet, with a good size balcony and patio doors. The gardens are very well maintained also. Also blackout linings in the curtains, which is a must.

At the start of the week, some cloud but very hot. One day it hit 35 degrees. Very warm at night also but not over-powering. You will need a high factor sun cream here! I love the sun so it suited me just fine. Mainly around 30 degrees with going dark around 18.00hrs, but their clocks go forward soon.

We were so pleased with the food.
There was always something to choose and precisely “aldante” cooked vegetables. The meats were Chicken, Steak, Kofti, Beef, and Veal.
The salads were varied also with various dressings.
If you’re after MacDonald’s/KFC type food here you’ll go back very hungry. No trashy junk food in this hotel apart from some pizza, just locally sourced Egyptian recipes, which is all part of experiencing another country isn’t it? They do chips I think but I didn’t taste those.
One night per week there is a BBQ with chicken and Kofti cooked which was great.
The bread and hot croissants in the mornings haven’t helped my calorie intake but oh so tasty!

My wife wanted to pack the pastry chef into her suitcase, as there is a vast selection each night of homemade cakes. He did escape, I hasten to add!

I had read that the glasses were like eggcups. Not so. They are of perfectly adequate proportion and when by the pool you get a larger paper cup which is fine. Paper, because of being by two large pools. The local lager is excellent. There is no wine but you can buy a really cheap bottle from the local shops and they will chill it for you. Or keep it in your room in your fridge.

Be careful with the measures of spirits, they are very large!

What can I say? They go all out to make sure you have the best holiday possible. If we were in the financial position to tip each and every one with £20 or more we would have done so, but with financial restrains this obviously isn’t possible. We felt like a member of the family by the time we left. Ahmed (pool staff) was golden.

This was the very best animation experience we have had abroad. There is the lovely pool area with copious amounts of coffee tables. Then there is the outside theatre area where the entertainment is in the evening. The team, consists of (please forgive the spellings of the names if they are incorrect) Amero, Merlo, Mario, Anthony and the most beautiful (reminds me of a young Agnetha from Abba!) Eeara!!!. These people deserve the HIGHEST praise. They work so hard and are individually really lovely, warm, welcoming, genuine people. I must be an animation team’s nightmare as due to severe back pain on occasion I can’t participate in physically demanding activities, but they still chatted to me, not in a pestering manner, and felt I got to know them briefly. My wife did stretching which she loved, water aerobics, etc. They are unassuming, delightful guys. We really enjoyed the evening entertainment, particularly Mr Sharm Cliff which was hilarious, and the next week Miss Sharm Cliff which was equally as fun. There is a different theme each evening. If any of the team read this. THANKYOU one thousand times over!

You’ve probably read about “The Steps”, no not a novel by John Buchan and there are more than 39! We expected them to be narrow, highly treacherous cliff type clay steps where we might fall off one and disappear forever. However, in actual fact they are simply unfinished very wide, very large steps in blocks of about 6 rises. They are made of brick and mortar and are perfectly safe, just unfinished. At night they are fairly well lit. You just have to take care. Obviously not suitable if you have mobility problems but there are taxis and busses etc. We loved the exercise of these steps and I have back problems and my wife has just had both feet operated on and is still recovering. These steps lead to the centre of Naama Bay, which we went into each evening before returning to the hotel to catch the entertainment. The location of this hotel could not be better.

Naama is lively and with some great shops. I particularly liked the designer ones and bought a few belts etc. You do get harassed a few hundred times on each street but it’s all part of the fun! The rep told us to say “Shockrun” which is Egyptian for “Thank you” and it worked well most of the time. They are only trying to make a living. The Egyptian people are lovely and although they will barter with you, once a price is agreed they will not rip you off with the change etc. We found an amazing bar called Zane, you can’t miss it, it’s high up over looking the streets. Quite reasonable prices and a menu for drinks. The one next door, Panorama was VERY expensive for drinks. The Camel bar is nice upstairs. We found Naama a very cosmopolitan place. There’s never any drunkenness or trouble.

You do get some mild abuse, for example, we were walking along and a guy says “You English?” not wishing to appear rude we engaged in conversion with him. We chatted for about 5-10 mins and then he wanted us to go into his shop for his “business card” etc. As we’d grown wise to this (see below!) we said politely “no thank you”, he suddenly turned and started going into Catherine Tate mode – “Face/bothered – Am I bothered” we smiled and proceeded to walk away and I got called a “Loser” and my wife a “Minger”. It really was so funny. Bless him! They are totally harmless. Someone else shouted out “Hey you with the short wife” – I didn’t let her live that one down for a while – hilarious!

You will not find a hotel with a better location than this one.

We were persuaded to go into a shop to see a guys paintings and perfumes but must admit to feeling a bit apprehensive when he shut the door and sat in front of us showing us how his perfume is made. Then three big Russian guys walked in and sat down watching us, I thought, this is it, our phones are about to go and the cash on me! However, I was very wrong and they were simply the next customers being dragged in! I’m sure the guy would have been very upset to think he made us feel this way.

I went a walk for two hours each afternoon right up to the mosque towards the airport. I have to admit to feeling safer in Sharm than when I walk around central London or my local area. The police presence is intense and they carefully monitor each vehicle at various points. They do carry guns but keep them hidden. They were always very helpful if I needed advice.

On check in you are given towel cards for the pool and the beds are very comfortable but you have to be up early to get your desired position. The beach called Wind Beach is small and rather cramped but the staff are good. It’s only a short walk away.

If there were one negative it would only be the constant music via the pool and other speakers. Please, if any of the lovely staff read this – change it more often! Enya singing “Silent Night” on repeat (the album that is) for 12 hours is no joke!!!! There were a lot of love songs being played so if you’ve just split or are feeling melancholy, I’d say take your Ipod otherwise you’ll feel like throwing yourself in the pool!!

The hotel is a flight path from the airport but the noise in minimal and the building work is virtually silent. There is building work around but it does not affect your holiday at all and we felt it was a positive thing to create more jobs and build their most deserved tourist industry.

We had diarrhoea for about 3 days on and off but this is not due to the hotel. We had it last time at another hotel. I think it is simply the dramatic change in climate and food etc. Take Imodium and it’s fine.

There is a clinic in the hotel should you need medical help.

One thing I love about Egypt is the grandness and vast space of everything. The chairs in the cafes, the streets, the buildings, no expense is spared. Nothing is cramped.

If you need Wifi it’s almost everywhere.

The currency is the Egyptian pound with piastres.

For cash I used the HSBC cash point just opposite the Zane bar, only a short walk from the hotel. Got a rate of 8.1 LE which was good.

One thing that absolutely appalled my wife and me was the attitude towards the staff of some people. The cliental was a mixture of Russian, Egyptian, British, Latvian etc. Some of the British treated the staff like dirt. I was ashamed to be associated with the race. We witnessed this in the towns and other areas also. I think you have to remember that they are dealing with many nationalities and just because they can’t understand us doesn’t mean we have to be abusive or rude. If it were the UK we wouldn’t expect an Egyptian person to order a drink in Arabic, it’d be English as we’re so arrogant as a race. This hotel gets very little of the total cost of the holiday, approx’ £80 per week for ALL INCLUSIVE, the rest is on the flight. What gives people the right to act as though they are so superior to these people who work their guts out for very little wages to ensure we get a good holiday? I would say to these people, stop your delusions of grandeur, put your money where your ego is and pay fifteen times more to stay at the Hilton or Marriott, THEN you would have the right to complain if your exacting standards weren’t met, but could you afford that? I doubt it by your demeanour and general presentation.

For value for money this hotel exceeds all expectations with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

If I can give anyone any further advice please e-mail me, my address is on my profile.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of April 2009

The REAL Sharm Cliff.

Reviewed Sun 19th of April 2009

"Lets Start from the beginning. First Impressions are realy good. the drive up is diseving but the Sharm Cliff is a rose amongst thorns in that particular street. Reception, the guy that we had spoke resonable English, however there is one or to guys in that position that understand it perfectly, and there are also one or two that dont. the bell boy does speak eligiable english and was quite a friendly guy, but i think i pissed him off royally when i didnt have any change to tip him! but dont worry, you wont see him again all holiday.

The rooms. Very spacious, barthrooms are good, showers are good. tv, fridge, hairdryer. Clean freaks (my girlfriend) this is deffinatly the hotel for you. I cant even begin to describe how good the maids are. they are superb at there work and they know it. We came back early on the odd day and found our rooms in the process of getting cleaned, and lemme tell ya there very throrough. the corridors get dis- infected daily, and you well never see rubbish on the floor around the hotel. hats off to them.

Breakfast, served 7 - 10, consists of pancakes, omlettes, cereal, all the usually really. however dont expect a fry up. the breakfasts I found were nice, filling, and quite tasty. however as the week went on I found them a bit boring as breakfast is the one meal they serve up that doesnt change. if your miss breakfast, theres some cheese and rolls, somtimes cereal, up for grabs from 10 to around half 11. simple answear, dont miss breakfast!

Lunch, 1 - 3 is deffintaluy the best meal they serve up and changes daily. things to expect here are everything from fryed chicken, to nice chicken salads. chips, mash, some Egyptian style foods, soups. Again if you miss this theres some more rolls and savoury selection by the pool bar. that continues for another hour or so.

Dinner, served 7 - 10 is different every day, good selection and vearyed. however, dont go to mad as you will get the standard Egyptian tummy ache. if your going to Egypt for the first time, you WILL get it. its inevitable. and because the Sharm CLiff servs a lot of Egyptian food for dinner your more prone to getting it. it lasts around 2 days and is awful if untreated. But dont worry to much! one of the good things about Naama bay is that theres a pharmacy on every corner. there all pretty good to be honest and know what there talking about, explain to them ya symptoms and they no instantly its the Egyptian bug. The capsuls they give you come in a Yellow box and you'll feel better in a few hours after taking them. they cost around 70 Egyptian. DO NOT GO TO THE HOTEL CLINIC. speak to your Rep first if you think you need proper medical attention and he'll arange it. the majority of the travel firms have there own clinics which are completly free, and our Rep, Sayed, good as gold.

The hotel Docotor is a joke. just for seeing him its going to cost you £50 (thats English) and to diagnose the problem is another £25 (English) thats before the medicines he gives you which you do have to pay for. i got stung £100 and then found out i couldve had everything free with my tour opertaors Clinic. you can claim back the medical expenses from your insurance, but bare in mind your excess.

ok, the all inclusive. at meal time you cant obviously eat as much as your can handle, and the same goes for the drink. all inclusive drinks, coke, fanta, water, soda water, orange squash. alcholic drinks, Stella, brandy, vodka, tequilla, whiskey. (the spirits are Egyptian so dont expect any brand names) But, and it is a big but, you can only drink out of the quarter pint glasses that the hotel provide. is pretty ridiculus, they dont let you take the bottles and you have to go up to the bar every 5 mins to top your drink up. for big beer drinkers (me) this is a nightmare. but if you use your head, just get 5 glasses at a time. wine is not all inclusive, it isnt even free. but if when booking your holiday you see that wine is shown as all inclusive, you can actually claim money back.

the staff around the hotel are friendly, and the entertainments ok. theres always events on like footy, volly ball, water polo, tennis etc. it was just the bar staff that constantly seem pissed off, and they dont speak a great deal of English.

the sharm cliff has two pools, both fairly decent sizes with sun beds all round. thow it was fairly quite when we went, in the summer times it is going to be a bums rush to these sunbeds, so towels down quick. the hotel also has 2 beaches. the first is Wind beach, fairly small and crowded in Naama bay. the sun beds are tightly packed together and the beach is shared by 3 other Sharm Holidy hotels. but its still fairly good. the sencond is a Snorkling beach, bigger, and better, however because its inside a National Park, there are no buildings, so no bar, no toilets on this beach. beach bars are NOT covered in your all inclusive packages. a shuttle services runs every half hour or so to these to beaches, wind beach is 10 min drive, 5 min walk, the snorkle beach is 25 minute drive.

all in all, the Sharm Cliff is alright for a week. any longer and it will start to drag on you a bit.

Avoid TGI FRidays out there, its gone right down hill, and the food is awful, NOTHING like home. Hard Rock is fantastic, cheap, decently cooked, wholesome food, we went twice in one week. Have a night in with KFC, that tastes the same, and Pizza Hut is pretty good. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of April 2009

Just back

Reviewed Mon 9th of March 2009

"Sharm Cliff Hotel is clean and well kept. The staff speak bad english considering they work in a holiday resort, especially at reception. The rooms are spacious and very clean (house keeping do a fine job) but my boyfried got bitten alive (even with repellant) and his ankle is very badly swollen, think roughly 30 bites on one ankle, in 1 night. Drinks come in very small glasses, just make sure the water is ok, the bottles of water were 4 months out of date (and I didn't think water went out of date) and the water from the cooler may have gave us both bad throats. The food was terrible, very limited and tasteless. Be aware, pizzas and burgers (in a british sense) are available, as room service. So, if you're hungry after your all inclusive dinner, expect to dip into your egyptian pounds. There is a gym albeit with the sister hotel down the road, with a charge! Lastly, if you don't like self obsessed, ignorant russians, i hope you haven't already booked! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 8th of March 2009

brilliant time

Reviewed Fri 28th of November 2008

"Just arrived back last night and would like everyone to know we had a really good holiday.

All inc. basis was well worth the money. Okay the glasses were quite small but the beer was poured out of bottles that were always cold. If you asked for larger glasses (depending on who you asked) you could get them. The food was quite good, did become repetative though and got fed up with rice. Do be careful with the salad my hubby had bad stomach after having a plate of it.

Hotel room was lovely, very clean. The cleaner made special effort in your room. Would come back to find towels made into animal shapes on the beds.

We found staff to be very helpful and friendly. Wasn't ignored (except by some guests who push way ahead of queue).

There is lot of building work going on around the hotel but it was not a problem, we didn't hear much noise and it didn't spoil the holiday at all. The steps leading into the resort are a little uneven but if uou're careful not a problem. You don't realize that you have walked down about 150 steps. Be prepared for the shop owners in the town to hassle you. Just ignore them and avoid eye contact if you are not interested in buying anything.

Please take mosquito repellant!!!! Got bit to shreds (60 bites on legs from knees down). Plug ins didn't work.

Sharm airport on way back was BEDLAM!!! No organisation. Got to airport @ 4.00pm but never got through check in till 6.00pm and flight was supposed to take off @ 6.05pm.

All in all excellant holiday and would think about returning.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 28th of November 2008

just returned this morning, wanted to po...

Reviewed Sat 4th of October 2008

"just returned this morning, wanted to post straight away so its fresh. Please if reading these reviews take notice, i read before i went but thought it wont be that bad, well it is,
all inclusive is not very inclusive, the glasses are like drinking from a shot glass, what a joke, i had to pay for pineapple juice 10 egyptian punds per gass.
the food was the worst i have ever tasted in my life. My boyfriend could not eat a thing this was mainly due to the smell.
I would say this hotel is not catered for the english much, this is outlined by the fact there is flags outside however not a union jack.
the russians have taken over there were no more than 5 or 6 english couples there.
The good points -
reception staff very helpful and the luggage man, the staff in the bar inside were lovley and even upgraded my boyfriend to a half pint glass after approx £10 in tips. the pool bar staff were rude and reguarly ignored me favouring to serve men instead and pretending i wasnt there.
the pool is clean
the cleaners are excellent
massage tent although not cheap is worth the money
the surrounding area is a building site and no work going on at the moment"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of October 2008

My boyfriend and I chose this hotel for...

Reviewed Wed 1st of October 2008

"My boyfriend and I chose this hotel for our first holiday together. The hotel itself is picturesque and very clean. Some of the staff are lovely although others just want your money and are dam right rude, my boyfriend poured a beer from the poolside bar which was warm so asked for a cold one which they refused and then just threw some ice cubes in there. The cleaners were brilliant and always cleaned our rooms thoroughly on a daily basis even lining our money up if they were to find any on the floor.
The food started off ok although after a while became very repetitive and began to give me the worst stomach cramps I have ever had. People we met had been bed ridden for at least a couple of days during their stay one women even had to be put on a drip. The all inclusive drinks were a joke, beer was poured from the bottle and served in the smallest glass I had ever seen resulting in about 4 trips to the bar to even consume a pint of beer. The coke machine always ran out, someone actually got an electric shock off this machine. Whilst eating in the restaurant the staff just stood there doing nothing apart from glaring at you when you went to get another drink. The room service was disgusting and took about an hour to arrive and once again the members of staff wanting a tip for making you wait for ever. Although Mohamed in the Lobby bar was so lovely to me and my boyfriend, always chatty and helpful.
The security staff were really nice also, always opening doors for you and greeting you with a lovely smile.
The steps down to Naama Bay were ridiculous, my boyfriend counted about 150 steps we had to walk up and down each day although you were able to catch a cramped bus into the Bay or even down to the private beach if you liked. One gentleman fell down the steps, also not recommended for the elderly or young children although if wanting to loose a stone or ten ideal ha.
Naama bay itself was lovely although the people were pests, kept grabbing me and trying to drag me in their shops and shutting the door behind me which made my boyfriend very annoyed. If you weren’t to buy anything from one of the shops that sell the same as every other shop we would be called bloody English. And the only way to get any peace was to go to the Tavern bar which is one of two English bars in the area. The excursions were brilliant and such good value for money, I would recommend this to anyone.
So therefore the hotel itself was lovely the food wasn’t fit for a dog and the locals weren’t very pleasant. Shame as the place was like paradise to look at just spoiled by the everyday harassment. Definitely not a holiday for elderly or young and I will not be revisiting. I wouldn’t mind visiting another part of Egypt to change my mind about the country as I hear from many friends and family it is beautiful especially a cruise on the Nile.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 1st of October 2008

I took my girlfriend to Sharm Cliff reso...

Reviewed Tue 23rd of September 2008

"I took my girlfriend to Sharm Cliff resort on 10th september. after ready many bad reviews on forums, we was a little worried about what the hotel would be like. To start Freedom Flights, Next Escape or XL Airways, dont know who we booked with becuase there was that many different companys on different bits of paper work. who knows, there all rubbish. we booked transferes but was not down on the last and had to wait around for ages outside the airport, whilst a dis organised group of egytptain men tried to get people on coaches. we eventally just got on a coach which was stoppin at our hotel. upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of fanta. v nice i might add. we were told about the whole tipping culture in egypt on the coach wich was annoying as people totally expect tips no matter what.

The room was v nice and clean. House keeping everyday clean towels etc. which is good.

The hotel, and all of naama bay for that matter was immaculate. did not see one piece of litter during the whole stay.

The all inclusive was a joke. one crappy bar with the rudest bar staff ever, they would just stare at you when you ordered a drink. i wanted to slap them.. the food in the restaurant wasnt too bad. well not as bad as people had made out but, defo wasnt good. very samish and bland but did the job. we ate out for dinner every evening. and occasionally for lunch.

no in between snacks available as stated, there is a menu where you can PURCHASE snack. but that wasnt the deal was it. bar stock very limited. local spirits aint too bad. but brandy for aweek just dont cut it.

Some fantastic bars in naama bay. very nice at night time.

Would reccomend quad biking in sanai desert, ras mohammed boat trip / snorkelling and cleo park was good too."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of September 2008

This hotel in my opinion has good points...

Reviewed Sat 30th of August 2008

"This hotel in my opinion has good points and bad points.

Firstly the good points:-

The hotel was very clean and the pools were of a good standard with three levels of depth in each. The pool staff looked after you, helping you put umbrellas up and putting out your towels. The front doors staff/security were also very helpful opening doors and ringing up and getting you taxis/mini bus when you needed one. Also the food was fine, yes it got repetitive on the second week but you get that in any hotel in any country, we did eat out on the second week but that was purely down to getting bored of the food not that it wasn’t edible. People get ill in Egypt and blame it on the food when in actual fact 9 times out of 10 it’s down to not being used to such hot weather and not drinking enough water. And the steps down to Naama Bay are not as treacherous as people make out. Yes you can not wear high heels to walk down them but they are fine with flat shoes on.

Now the bad points:-

On our first day we had £80.00 sterling stolen from our room. We had unfortunately forgotten to lock the safe and when we got back at the end of the day having spent no money at all we was £80.00 down. As it happened around the fourth day in another member of our party had mistakenly put a number in four times and it opened her safe. The override button is so easy that I am sure the staff all know it so even if we had locked the safe there was no guarantees that we still wouldn’t have had the money stolen. The bar staff was ever so rude and as I had my fiancé with me and wasn’t single they refused at times to serve me with drinks. Also my fiancé is diabetic and on many occasions they didn’t have diet coke therefore if he wanted a cold drink what was he going to have? Water yes but you had to pay for it as the water out of the drinking coolers I didn’t trust as it could be filled up out of a tap.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 30th of August 2008

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  • R+D Neath by R+D Neath

    "Ras Mohammed well worth visit on boat trip. Hubby loved the snorkelling and I loved the sun bathing. "

  • skelly690 by skelly690

    "nice town. pushy people. "

  • BarroomHero by BarroomHero

    "Visit Ras Mohammed national park for snorkling. Hard Rock cafe. "

  • ddaavviidd30 by ddaavviidd30

    "Wonderful safe place. "

  • ddaavviidd30 by ddaavviidd30

    "Zane bar, Naama Bay-all of. "

  • Laura B by Laura B

    "Can't wait to go back "

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