Sea Life Resort

Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel


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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 3.5 amenities
  • 2 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 2 location

33 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Can't wait to go back!!


"For some reason never fancied going to Egypt before and after looking at some reviews was still unsure.. but I really can't wait to back.. I didn't even want to come home, wished I'd booked two weeks.
What can I say about the hotel? my room was lovely, plenty of room and lovely walk-in shower. The rooms either overlook lawned gardens or the swimming pool, you can pay extra to upgrade to a seaview room.
The staff were lovely, couldn't do enough to help - but yes everyone expected a tip for anything.
We tended to eat breakfast and lunch in the Sealife which was fine and most evenings we walked across to the sister hotel Seaclub where we prefered the evening meals, seemed there was more choice and more show cooking. The deserts are to die for.. I'm not a cake lover but even I caved in.
Naama Bay was an experience not to be missed, is about 15 minutes away from the hotel, we used the hotel taxi which worked out about £10 for the return trip - the hotel does offer a shuttle bus but with limited times.
Eating out in Naama Bay is SO CHEAP! and the Hard Rock Cafe is a must! watching the staff there is like entertainment itself - every 10 minutes or so their in the middle of the restaurant dancing about.
The entertainment at the Sealife & Seaclub was mainly aimed at Russian and Italian guests and I wouldn't say it was anything to write home about - I joked that I could have put on a better show.
But all in all I loved this hotel and Sharm El Sheikh in general, have already started looking to go back in March. If anyone has any questions pls feel free to get in touch I'd be happy to answer them."

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  • Travel date: Sat 30th of December 2006

very relaxin


"had a realy relaxing time. hotel great, very clean and well maintained. room spotless, hughe shower and FREE safe & aircon.
beach was shingle, rock and sparce sand, if you wanted to swim you had to go in off the jetty straight into deep water.
enertainment of an evening was poor, but found things to do.
staff very friendly & soon lernt your name. staff in lobby bar brill, brought your drinks to your table. as we were all inclusive this made a change. food was ok had worse, found some thing to eat, plenty of pasta, rice and potatoes. themed night every night.

airport the only downside to this holiday"

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of December 2006



"Just come back and it was brill the hotel its self was well kept and tidy the only thing that i would say was the nighttime entertaiment was the same each week but other than that i would recomnmended going"

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  • Travel date: Wed 6th of December 2006

lovely but...............


"After an awful experience at the airport on arrival (utter caos no one knew what they were doing and just a sea of confused passengers and oh such long queues!!!) we arrived after a very brief transfer to the Sea Life resort. On arrival we booked in with a minimal amount of fuss in a very lovely reception area. We were asked if we would like to upgrade to a sea view for an extra 6 euros per person per day ! We were taken to our rooms which was lovely not having to search ourselves. Our suitcases arrived promptly after. The room was adequate but poor lighting. We had a problem with our shower which was delt with promptly. The resort was kept imaculate the gardens beautiful. Tipping is the norm in Egypt but it does get on your nerves after a while so although you dont tip much it all adds up and digs a whole out of your spending money. Although the resort is very close to the airport the take offs are very minimal and did not cause a problem. We all visualise Egypt as sandy deserts but be warned its more rocky therefore the beach is shingle, paddling is brilliant as you can see lots of very colourful fish but you do need some protection for your feet. Snorkelling is not always easy off the pier because of the strong currents. We went on a boat trip to find "nemo" it was fantastic there were 18 people with 2 guides who were amazing even the poorest swimmers were able to snorkel with no fear and see some amazing sights. We didnt find nemo but did see a leapord shark and a moray eel!!
The staff are very helpful and friendly but you are pestered by staff arround the pool to have massages and attend other restaurants etc which are all at extra costs. Be aware that ice creams, fruit juices and sparkling wine are all extra costs too. The food is "ok " but not really suitable for the english constitution. Hence every english holiday maker had very bad stomaches. All inclusive does normally become repetative but found most days hardly any thing appealed to me and I normally love foriegn food ( mind you stomach was not up to eating).
If you like getting up early in the morning great! get down to the pool and get your sun beds asap!! or the Russians, whom I am sure sneak out in the middle of the night to reserve the sun beds, will get there first. It always amazed me as all sun beds in best spots were gone by 7.30am!!! and the towel hut didnt open until 8.00am??? The resort had mainly Russian holiday makers so be warned as they push in all the time and are very rude. The entertainmet was also geared for the Russian and Italian guests and was very poor, embarrasing at times. Therfore nothing else to do at night. The entertainment is held in an open air ampi theatre and is very loud! The pool tables cost the equvilent of £5 (english) for an hour!!
the shops are an experience they will use every trick in the book to get you into their shops to offer you "Egyptian hospitality" offering you free gifts or to look at their art work, their male charm and oh so many!!! methods to get you through that door do not get taken in and be intimidated into purchasing products.
The resturant staff were very accomodating and always eagar to help.
Would we go back? No. The reasons were :
Lack of entertainment

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 24th of November 2006

Great holiday


"just returned from sea club resort sister hotel of sea life. sea life restaurant more relaxing than sea club. hotel and rooms lovely and clean, air conditioning a god send. only downside not enough lighting around the grounds in the evening and also the music can be a bit loud outside but finishes around 11pm apart from the disco which is away from the rooms.
good choice of food and pastries to die for at breakfast, we were all inclusive and had no problems with the drinks."

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of October 2006

not the right place to go...


"We stayed in Sea Life for 5 days in october 2006..Originally we had booked in another hotel of the same group and we were told that they upgraded us to this hotel....what a hoax...
First of all hotel is located somewhere across to tiran island and there was a steady current and wind/wave at the beach while the other hotels closer to Naama Bay were enjoying calm seas..So snorkeling was not possible at the reef location a big minus...secondly Food quality was acceptable but service at the restaurant is terrible...The chief waitress was a good example of negative tourism....pretending to help visitors he was satisfying hi own ego...Far from respect and hospitality...
Front office was very slow and not repsective during check in...
I assume the management is rather poor and responsible from all shortcomings...I suggest you to avoid to stay in this place... there are hundreds of alternatives out there...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 25th of October 2006

Great Place


"We stayed at Sea Life for one week with two children under 6 years. Our arrival was swift and our luggage delivered to our room (10 egypt pounds tip rqd!) Room ok, a little small with two extra beds for the kids but clean. We did not have a bath but a large walk in shower. Which was ok but i was expecting both.
We thought the food was great, yes there was alot of rice and pasta but there was plenty of other choices too. The breads, cakes and puddings where very good. No upset stomachs either.
With any all inclusive the food does get a bit repetitive in my experience anyway. The beer was not too gassy and very drinkable, also the red and white wine was great too! Didnt try local spirits. Being served was not a problem, if it was busy we tended to go to the bar ourselves anyway. The staff were very attentive and did seem to like the english more than the other ruder guests such as the italians and russians. You did not feel pressured to tip but we did if we recieved good service.
The grounds were kept immaculate, the rooms clean, everywhere clean.
The entertainment people were geared up for the Italians but this didnt affect our holiday at all. For the money we paid I was happy with what we got."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of October 2006

Totally Wiked:d XX


"this hotel was amazing! i loved every minute of it the staff are so funny but theres one strange one who works down at the beach bar his small and pretty big...he fancied my daughter (shes 14!) the staff in the pool bar were so funny always taking the mick out of mine and my friends accent..if you do go say to them 2 girls ask 4 water (prounounced without the t!) see if he says any thing lmao:P the ones that probarley would are 1 with a moustache and one with a pretty big nose! but they were great so friendly the hotel rooms were clean and the maids made sure everything was tidy and my daughters left there room a tip everyday and they cleaned it to a top standard!! the lobby bar staff were also amazing this holiday was really good they only problem we had is that there are not many english in the hotel so be warned! and some reception staff dont talk much english overall i loved every minute of this holiday (if you do say anything to the waiters let them no katie and kellie miss them lmao) xx"

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of October 2006

Really nice hotel


"We stayed for a week at the Sea Life and found it to be brilliant! The staff are lovely and helpful, although the animation team were mostly german and didn't understand English!

The room was immaculate with a big bathroom and a massive shower which was really powerful!

The food was nice, but a bit predictable after a few days, mainly rice, pasta and meat every day! Be careful the only free restaurant is the main buffet, and the pool bar. The others you all have to pay for, and even in the buffet restaurant sometimes the waiters will offer you a glass of wine or freshly squeezed orange juice, but they are not free and will be put on your bill!

The pool was lovely, but the beach was disappointing. The sand was shingle and hurt your feet, and you couldn't walk to the water as you were not allowed to step on the coral so you had to jump off the jetty into very deep water, but a lot of the time you wernt allowed to go in as the sea was too rough! Other than that we had a briliant time and would recommend the hotel to anyone!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of October 2006

Worth Visiting


"We arrived after a good flight from Newcastle . In entering the Airport we was ushered to a que asking if we was leaving Sharm at all .. We was only staying a week and had no plans to leave the resort .. SO WE DID NOT HAVE TO BUY THE VISA THAT IS SAID THAT YOU MUST HAVE ..
The first impression of the hotel was that the hotel seemed very nice we was taken our room .It was very nice the room, very spacious, and very clean..
The meals where alright you would not starve but i think after 2 weeks you would be struggling for a change .. of food .
Even though stating that you are all inclusive it is not the case as in the Beach Bar you are charged for meals.. NOT expensive but still cannot work why you should be charged..
The beach is cleaned all the time the people are so helpful that you can be ASSURED OF ..
Aslo i think the need to sign for everything that you order .. some drinks all inclusive and some not be aware of this ..

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 29th of September 2006

Never again but some of the staff are really lovely


"What can I say about this holiday....I got to the airport at Sharm and bought our visas there. A rather charming custom official took the money for the visas for 3 of us my son 23,granddaughter 6 and myself. I did not know the value of the Egyptian pound and only had Egyptian money on me. I was asked to pay 750 Egyptian pounds and he then said he was taking money for himself! He said 50 and was laughing at me I said no you don't take anything but he only gave me 20 back from the 800. I later found out that this was more than the cost of 4 visas plus his own take. This is the customs guy in a foreign country and you've just arrived late at night and shattered. You don't argue! and you don't get a receipt he told me!

Got to the Sea Life and my booking was not correct. This a problem from Low Cost Holidays not the hotels fault. As I originally booked for myself and granddaughter I specified and paid for sea view with twin beds paid and then 2 days later I added my son on the booking but Low Cost did not notify or pay the hotel for him. So at 11pm at night an very tired was told to sort it out later next day. Got to room and found just a king size bed. Reception then sent a child's single to us and made it up. My son is 6ft and this bed was way too small but they seemed to think my son was my partner and granddaughter our child. Within 2 days my son took extremely ill with vomiting and diarrhea and didn't go out of the room for 5 days. I spoke to Zak ...lovely bar manager there and he mentioned a medicine to take. I went to the pharmacist in the Sea Life and asked him for it. He tried to sell me a number of different items but I was specific in asking for the Antinel. He eventually said he had it and then took the 1 strip of tablets from the packet to give me, fiddled with his calculator and said 70 E/Ps. I asked for a receipt after questioning the cost. He then said he had no receipts left. He had a pad full of written ones and I insisted he gave me a receipt. He was not very happy at doing this. I then said to keep hold of the tablets as I wanted to check on how much he was charging me after the episode at the airport. I checked with Zak and he said they should be around 20 E/Ps. I told him how much the pharmacist was charging and he was amazed. I then didn't want to be ripped off again so was going to go into Naama Bay to purchase but Zak actually went home and brought a full strip of tablets to our room for my son. How very kind of him to do this. My son took the pills and was much better in 2 days. I then got ill with the same as he was getting better and I was so ill I cant put into words just how bad I felt and all the time I had my granddaughter to look after. I took what was left of the pills and then my granddaughter got sick and had diarrhea. I did not trust the pharmacist and didn't want to give her the adult medication so I consulted guest services ....Laura who had sorted out a room change for us. She kindly looked on internet as internet terminals at hotel were not working. She recommended I go and see the doctor at the Sea Club (sister hotel). I did this and was told there was a children's syrup formula of Antinel which I purchased from the chemist at the Sea Club (120 E/Ps). She was violently sick for 1 day and terrible diarrhea which really upset her but the medicine kicked in really quick.

The hotel...well the grounds are amazing and the pools are really lovely and you can use the facilities at the two other sister hotels (Sea Club and Sea Gardens) but the original room I had (826)which was very close to the sea was very basic and really in need of updating. Not at suitable for 3 singles to go in as too small. I asked for the sheets to be changed but they weren't done so I stripped the bed myself and to my horror found black mold stains and a significantly large patch on the mattress as I took the mattress cover off as it was dirty. I complained immediately and asked for the housekeeping manager to come. I showed him this and demanded that it be changed. I also asked for a larger single bed for my son. This was done immediately and mattress was changed for a brand new one and when they took the dirty mattress of my sons bed again to my horror this was broken and a metal rod immediately sprung up which was over 18 inches and very sharp. My granddaughter could easily of impaled herself on this. I was appalled. I photographed this and the other mattress. I then complained to guest services and we ended up moving over to the Sea Gardens. We lost the sea view and breeze but to be honest....the Sea Gardens had a much better feel as there were more English guests there as the Sea Life was full of Russians and Polish guests.

The other problem I have with this hotel is that you are constantly being harassed by the staff from the Spa and the beauty salon. Time after time day after day the same hassle. I relented and had a treatment at the spa but it was not worth the money I paid. I still got pestered to have more treatments after that! The beauty salon was the same. You just could not relax by the pool or on the beach as they constantly throw out at you about what they can do for you.

Another things is the food. At the poolside bar outside of mealtimes they provide snacks. It was continually over 100 yet they served what they called snacks but was just a small finger roll sliced with a slice of processed cheese or meat. These were not buttered or wrapped individually just piled on top of each other in a metal container. This was not chilled and was in the shade of the bar but still very very warm. People, children were just picking up the sandwiches to see what was in then and then putting them back. This was a huge concern to me and I did not let my granddaughter eat from them. They also served up sponge slices with jam on....pretty disgusting really. Deserts at mealtimes were various sponge cakes, bananas, apples, oranges and blancmange of various colors. We did book for a couple of the A La cart e nights which were really lovely I have to say especially the Tepanyaki night and the Lebanese I would definitely recommend going to those.

Overall...would I go as too much hassle but some of the staff there absolutely make a huge difference and are a credit to the hotel. The pharmacist at the Sea Life.....what a disgrace, go to the one at the Sea Club. He is very helpful and you feel that you can trust him.

It was arranged that we could keep our room until late as we were not flying until 9.25 but on the day this was not the case and was asked to leave the room at 3pm. Was also not picked up for the transfer back to the airport even though this was previously arranged by our fantastic rep earlier in the day. He ended up coming to the hotel himself to take us to airport. We should of been picked up at 6pm and were waiting until 7.30pm despite numerous calls from our lovely reception staff at the Sea Garden. After loading his car up and just leaving our transfer finally turned up so unloaded car and loaded his car up..3 large cases 3 adults 1 child. Our rep told us we were leaving from terminal 2 but then the driver insisted it was terminal 1. I questioned this but my son said to trust him...he was doing this day in and out. We piled out at Terminal 1 very late for check in...driver left us. Then after queuing up found that we were at the wrong terminal! Had then to rush across to the other terminal with all cases and a very upset child as I was worrying we would miss the flight as we were so late. The air was blue...the temperature was very hot and after missing our meals and losing the room so early had a very stressful departure as we got to the other terminal and there was a huge queue and by this time it was gone 8pm. I asked for help from a member of the airport staff who got 2 members of security to take us through to check in who then demanded money from me. I gave him a 100 E/Ps but he still demanded more but I insisted I had no more. What an absolutely terrible experience. My little granddaughter was at times so distraught as she thought we were going to be stuck at the airport. She was very sick as we arrived at Manchester and several times was sick when arriving home. An awful ending to the holiday really.

Would like to thank our rep....he was a great help from start to finish and was called Monsef. Thank you so much for all your help. M M"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 8th of August 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Five stat . . . three and a half if your lucky


"Yes the gardens and the pool's look like the brochure. the rooms need re-plastering. the food not good especially standard of meat (v poor) salad, fruit sweets good. pasta dishes not bad. Local wine horrific don't forget to take the diarrhoea tablets. Animation team to keep children happy worked hard, they did eventually bring in two pro musicians who were fabulous, so at last something that two ex entertainers could appreciate.
However I think it was of the evening before valentines day they started to round up there cats, they had the most beautiful young healthy cats of various colours and ages from seven months to 5 years ish. Then suddenly on the 14th February people with young families with toddlers and older children sunbathing and playing around the pool, imagine the noise of 20-30 cats screaming and screaming and screaming all being slaughtered in ear splitting reach only yards from the pools. Young English people rushing to see, children asking there parents what’s the matter with the cats, then silence deadly silence, and one of there unthinking staff saying the cats are all dead, all dead, and promptly throwing them in large sacks onto the back of one of the gardening vehicles. I’ll never forget the children saying what’s happened to the cats, only to be told they are dead. If you are an animal lover please give this place a miss. human discreet, they don't know the meaning of"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 27th of February 2011
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