Sea Club Resort - Sharm el Sheikh

Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
4 star hotel


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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 4.5 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

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Wonderful, amazing, excellent in every way


"From the moment we arrived we were made very welcome.The room was huge and beautifully furnished, as was the large terrace. We had wonderful views out to sea and over the swimming pool and pristine gardens. The room boy kept our room in superb condition and surprised us with the towel sculptures. The whole of the staff including the boys who looked after the gardens were friendly and very polite. Well I dont know how to impress you so much with the food and the staff in the resturant. All I can say is it was the finest food I have ever had on holiday served by amazing staff, waiters chefs all so very friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Thanks especially to Mamood who was out waiter. He is one outstanding member of staff. The lady on the resturant entrance, Shimaa was a lovely lady always smiling and ensuring that everything was alright for us. The Animation team were amazing and whenever they saw us around came to ask how we were. They put of really good family entertainment every evening. The whole hotel looked as if it had been polished in every nook and cranny and there was nothing anyone could ever critisize as everything sparkled making you feel very comfortable wherever you were. Cleanliness was aparant everywhere. The resident photographer was brilliant and took the most amazing photos of the guests with no pressure to purchase. He greeted us with a smile and a song every time we went into the resturant area. The fish resturant on beach served excellent food both lunchtime and evenings and the staff there were wonderful too. There was also a beach bar with staff who served you with a smile. They too provided food and drink right on the beach. The Jetty leading out to the coral reef was manned at all times so safety had been taken into account for the clients. Swimming pool was so clean and well maintained and looked after by smiling polite attendants. This Hotel is amazing so if you are looking for somewhere to stay in Sharm El Sheikh then book with my assurance that you will not want to come home. Even the little shop out in the grounds was managed by such a lovely man. He was so welcoming but never pushy. There isnt one thing I would change about the place. The management are aproachable and the information/reception staff so helpfull.....I cried when we were leaving as I felt as if I was leaving good friends behind. Thank you Sea Club Resort. Iris and Andrew Weston. 13TH NOV TO 27TH NOV 2008"

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of November 2008

Amazing Holiday


"Exelent hotel with clean, grean and big territory. Lots of stuff to do. As always, there is tiny bit that can be improved, but don't get me wrong this place is quite good and i'm recommending it."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 20th of June 2008

Fantastic Hotel and Holiday


"Well I was slightly worried about staying at this hotel after reading some of the reviews. However after arriving at the hotel and experiencing first hand I can safely say that some people are never satisfied. We had a cracking stay at the Sea Club. With the use of the Sea Life and Sea Garden on the All Inclusive what more could you ask for? We booked the VIP All Inclusive for our stay and it was worth every penny. We were upgraded to a junior suite with Sea View, We enjoyed a romantic dinner for two on the beach, FANTASTIC. The hotel staff were great and worked extremely hard, but still managed to find a happy smiling face when they saw you. The snorkelling on the hotel beach is amazing and if you venture down the jetty and jump in it's as good as any of the trips you could book. Try it!!!!
We ventured in Naama bay on a few occasions and had a great time getting some bargains and enjoying dinner out a few nights.
Sharm in general is a great place to holiday, if you like sun, sea, sand and snorkelling then your in the best place. Just for your information it was approx 33 degrees on average for our stay, during the peak July and August months it can reach 55 degrees so be careful. If your going to Sharm then enjoy, if you haven't booked yet get yourself down the agents or online and book you won't regret it."

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  • Travel date: Sun 4th of May 2008



"having read the previous reviews i think i must have stayed in a another hotel! absolutely no complaints at all, yes the italians and russians can be slightly annoying as can the germans but the staff treated us brilliantly often serving us first as we say 'please' and 'thankyou'. the room was lovely and clean our cleaner even brought us fresh towels on the morning of the day we left for our showers, we didn't go around the pool much due to all the acitivities and preferred to be on the peaceful beach where yes i did get asked if i would like a massage occasionally but a simple 'no' was enough for them to go away. the food was pretty repetitive but at least there was a different theme every night, i have been to hotels in the past where it's the same every night! the bread was the best i've ever had abroad, lots of different types and always soft, free bottles of water whenever you need them not just a glass and if you ask for an all inclusive cocktail they are more than happy to make you whatever you like we are hoping to return this summer."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of April 2008

Sea Club : Looks Good.......But isnt


"When we arrived at the hotel it looked great, very clean and tidy and the grounds looked awesome. There was then a lot of confusion regarding our bags and nobody told us what was going on. It then took 25 minutes for the reception staff to check us in considering there were only 3 couples and nobody else to serve that was pretty rubbish.

We were then taken to our room via the other couples rooms by one of the staff. Everything looked really nice.

We got to our room before our bags arrived and the room looked okay. Very spacious, very clean but very basic and in need of modernization and some more lights! The bathroom was very basic and also in need of an update and also some more lights!

We went all inclusive expecting everything to be included. However, the only things in terms of drinks that are included are watered down local Beer (and only one choice) and wine and cheap nasty local spirits. If you want anything decent you have to pay. The soft drinks choice was ok (Cola, lemonade, fanta, mineral water etc). Having been on all inclusive holidays before to Mexico where everything was included (Beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, branded drinks etc) this was a disappointment.

Now we move onto the food! Breakfast and lunch was pretty much the same for the entire week. You may get boiled potatoes one day and then chips the next but thats about as much change you will get on a daily basis. Breakfast was the worst as it was the same every single day. If you like yesterdays left over salad and cold meats then you will love this place. The evening meals were slightly better and every night was a theme night with different food to match the theme (Mexican, Italian, Asian etc). However, every theme night included rice, pasta, potatoes and not really that much of the food you would expect from a theme night.

We spent our first few days by the pool and the beach, which was fine as the temp was about 20C - 25C although there was a strong wind. The downside of this was that you get harassed by people trying to sell you massages, newspapers, tables at restaurants, day trips and evening entertainment. On the first day alone we were approached by five different people from the hotel health club trying to sell us massages and undercut each others prices. They would not take no for an answer and would literally come back within the hour to see if you had changed your mind. A word of warning! Don’t purchase any newspapers either as the guy sold us a newspaper (for £10 Egyptian) and a magazine (for £20 Egyptian). Great, we can see what’s going on in the news. The next day, the same guy then he decided to ask us for the rest of the money for our paper and magazine? He Wouldn’t leave us alone and wanted another £80 Egyptian. He even managed to get our room number and spent the rest of the week trying to get the money from us. In the end the only way to get rid of him was to match his aggression. He was even waiting for us as we left the hotel to return home!

Day trips - we booked onto the glass bottom boat trip (£12 per person) and also the star gazing and camel riding (£35 per person). Both trips were excellent. I would 100% recommend the star gazing trip. You go out into the desert and firstly ride a camel for about 1 mile/30 minutes. Then you have a cup of Tea with the Bedouin (possibly spelt wrong!) people in one of their tents. Then you watch the sunset and then you have some food made for you by the Bedouin people, which was really nice (better than the hotel food!). Then you have a bit of party round a camp fire and then you leave to go to the star gazing site. The star gazing is great and you get to see the moon/Saturn/stars through different telescopes. One bit of advice I would give is to take something warm as it really is cold, and gets a lot colder when the sun goes down.

The hotel was mainly populated by German and Russian guests and nearly everything is priced in Euros. These two sets of people have to be the most arrogant I have ever met. All the sun beds were reserved by 9am each morning, they would try and push you out of the way to get to the food in the restaurant etc and the staff always seemed to serve them before us English.

Overall I would say that for £1,000 a couple you can get much better elsewhere. If you like repetitive food, watered down alcohol, unfriendly guests, being harassed on the beach then you will love this place, otherwise avoid this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of February 2008

Wonderful Holiday!


"We were welcomed at the Reception and offered a Sea view or Swimming pool view (at an extra cost) which we declined. And we ended up with a bit of both. First impressions of the hotel, was that it was stunning! The place was lovely and clean and secure.
The room was basic, but big enough and a safety deposit box at no extra cost. The bathroom was clean and basic, but the shower was big enough for two. The hot water was there at any time of the day. A good range of TV channels, although in this beautiful place who would want to watch TV?
We spent the first day on the beach; it was a little windy, so the beach supervisors made a wind break for us. Although you have people walking round offering you to eat at their restaurant (at extra cost) or go on their glass bottom boat (£26), they are all friendly even if you are not interested. The Beach bar served Burgers and hot dogs everyday at lunchtime.
The All inclusive drinks were great and served between 9am – 11pm. After that you had to pay for them. The food was simple, and sometimes lacking in choice. I am a very fussy eater, and I always managed to find enough to eat. There was always fresh bread, a salad selection, fruit and desserts. The main meals often consisted of Pasta, Rice, Chicken, Beef, fish and Cheese cannelloni? Freshly cooked vegetables and potatoes. They did a different theme night every night on a two week Rota. All of the waiting staff are friendly and chatty.
The Pool was lovely and clean. There was someone always walking round picking up empty cups and making sure the pool was clean. The average pool temp was about 21 degrees Celsius. They had aqua aerobics in the morning and salsa dancing at the pool side in the afternoon.
After 11pm, the reps would put on a bus to the local night clubs and attractions.
The day trips are reasonably priced. For a quad bike it was £26 for a couple of hours in the desert.
The trip to Cairo was £140 each, we were picked up at 4:45am and flew over and back at about 11pm. It was a great day; we went to a temple, the museum, lunch, the pyramids and Sphinx. This trip included lunch, but you had to buy your own drinks. Cairo was cold because of the smog, so if you go take a jumper! And don’t forget camera batteries, you will need them.
My other half took the boat trip to Ras Mohammed and he said it was good, but the fish you see when your snorkeling can be seen in the natural reef at the hotel.
There were a couple of downsides to the holiday, they have everything priced in different currencies. For example, the shops would be in Euros, the airport duty free was in US Dollars. Any snacks were highly priced, especially chocolate. So buy it duty free before you leave!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of February 2008

The hotel has great grounds..........poor poor food


"Me and my girlfriend satyed here in september 2007. I was looking forward to seeing egypt, and am glad i done it (but wont again for sometime) the weather was great (too hot for me!) but the girlfriend loved it. the Staff are great! they love english people especially since alot of russians stay there and they are the most arrogant disrespectfull people i have ever met. the rooms were average but very spacious and to be honest as long as its clean and has a comfy bed i dont really care about the bedroom, i hardly spend anytime there anyway!

the ppol had seen better days lots of tiles where missing and it could get a bit dirty especially around the pool (didnt see anyone cleaning the floors around the pool all the time i was there) the grounds around the hotel are really something considering your in egypt!!

I advise everyone to take english pounds and no dollars! at everyone will except English pounds and prefer it!

The all inclusive food was where it dragged it down for me, if your happy to eat crap food on an all inclusive then you will be fine (some might say it was great) but for me the important part of my trip is eating nice filling food and it just was not that. they use the same herbs and spices for everything, and when they say there are 18 different things on offer, some are the same just cooked difference (how many different ways can you make rice!!)

the trips the hotel offer are good, we done a snorkling trip and it really does need to be done, the fish etc are great. (you need your own snorkling things, flippers, snorkle etc)

Ok you are going all inclusive.....means you can eat in like three places. the rest are at extra charges and not cheap!

they have a big show on the beach once a week, you can watch this if you eat at the seafood resturant by the beach, and paying the extra cost, i have never been to an all inclusive where they expect you to pay for extras all the time! you will have someone come round the pool everyday trying to sell you a different night or resturant and it can start to annoy you.

all in all i am glad i have done egypt (going to see the pyramids can cost over £100 which includes a internal flight, and takes all day) but i doubt i will go again anytime soon, and if i did i would stay in a really really good hotel where i can eat well.....mind you this holiday did set us back £1300 and what i found out is, is that germans and russians who booked throught travel agents in there countries get this hotel and holiday package for around 400 pound!

if you can afford it stay in a hoilton or something, if not then this maybe for you....russian entertainment.......disco that plays music from 1980 till 2am hahah and its quite a distance from narma bay which is a great place to go eating!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of November 2007

Lovely Resort


"My teenage daughter and I stayed at this hotel at the end of August this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is away from the main Naama Bay resort and fairly quiet which is good for a relaxing beach holiday. There are two hotels in the complex, Sea club and Sea Life and you can visit both, if you are all inclusive you still get your drinks, snacks free which is good. The staff were absolutely brilliant, they could not do enough for you and we couldn't believe how hard they work and what long hours they do.
There are a lot of Russians staying at the hotel, and they can be fairly rude and agressive, my tip would be not to use the sunbeds next to the main (middle) pool as you will be under constant attack from the ball whilst they play water polo and keep your elbows ready for those people jumping the food queue.
Food was ok, my daughter is VERY fussy with her food and she managed to eat well. The waiters dress up for different themed evenings.
The staff come to see you when you are at the pool side to see if you will have a massage or go on a trip but if you say no they do get the message. I can recommend the massage given from the health spa on site, one of the nicest I have had.
We had a nice quiet room in the 6200's in a block near to the sea and the other hotel, Sea Life, which was lovely but the rooms nearer the main part of the hotel do suffer from noise. The entertainment is not brilliant at night and doesnt start until about 10pm but the belly dancing and other daily stuff is good fun if you want to join in.
Having said all this I would go back to this hotel in a heartbeat for the service, the lovely views and the non stop sunshine... lovely."

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  • Travel date: Sun 9th of September 2007



"We visited the Sea Club from the 15th-29th July and all i can say is good things really. Ill start off with the only bad thing i can think of and that would be the animation team in the evenings.
They seem uncapable of presenting things in English and most of the jokes and plays they present are anything but funny (the Italians and Russians seem to love it though) so maybe it was just us. The acts are really unprofessional, most of them involving a gay theme, which they find hilarious?? Moving on-

The hotel-

Beautiful, the entrance is so much nicer than the Sea Life, it is very classy and could be anything from a Hilton to a Four Seasons.
The swimming pool was big enough for all the guests, everyone did get up early to get a good sun lounger though, but its expected really.
The beach was nice, not sandy but more gritty, however very relaxing and a nice breeze.
The Jetti to the coral is great, last year we went to the Coral Beach Tiran and i think there where much more fish at the Sea Club. The best time to go is about 4pm, its not as rough and the tide tends to be in, we saw Tuna, Box Fish, Lion Fish and all the other usuals e.g Angel fish, Napolean Fish etc

The Staff-

Most of them very polite, had no problem at all getting served drinks, they were very generous with the water, you could ask for as many bottles as u'd like and can then stock up your frigde throughout the day.
Drinks were nice, all brand names e.g Coke Cola, Miranda (Fanta), Sprite etc, Local beer was very nice, wine was a bit rough and spirits all seemed to be a lot like Petrol, but you really dont drink a lot when temperatures are 35 degress in the evening.

Hotel room-
Very nice room, we were next to the pool and beach in the block caled 'TUT', was probably the best place to be because we were quite far from the very bad entertainment and close to the pool. Very well equipt, has everything you need, balcony furniture was cheap but never really used it to be honest.

Some advise for English travellers

1.) Take EURO'S, they take Sterling and Dollars but absolutely screw you on the exchange rates

2.) DO NOT use the "Hotel Taxi", Cosmos told us that they were just as cheap as the blue and white local taxi's and a lot safer, what a load of rubbish, they charged 70 LE to get to Naama Bay whereas in the Blue and White taxi's we got it for 30 LE.
We spoke to a local and he said that he would pay about 25 LE so for a tourist anything below 40 LE is reasonable but just haggle and walk away if they dont agree to your price, they will eventually i promise.

3.) The GRAND SINAI CASINO was an absolute rip-off, we took Egyptian pounds, they told us to convert it to Dollars, which we got screwed on the interest, then if you wanted to play on the slots you had to convert it into EURO's, again being screwed over on exchange, then when you want to leave they have to convert back to Dollars, so well and truely a rip off!!!

4.) If you like Go-Karting there is a place on the way to naama bay called Ghibili Raceway, noone has heard of it even though its on the main road just outside of Naamabay, but absolutely brilliant, loads of fun.

All in all the hotel was really good, ill get some pictures up soon, the food was repetitive but i enjoyed most of it so dont worry, everyone complains about there being to muhc pasta, but its not the case, they do have Pasta but have so much more to choose from.

Have a great time!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 5th of August 2007

fantastic time


"We arrived in Egypt a little apprehensive and unsure about what to expect. Little did we know we were worrying about nothing. The hotel was beautiful, staff friendly and helpful, rooms were lovely, food great and plentiful, everything you could ask for. As we found out during the week the evening entertaininment was a little bit hit and miss but i think that is because they are trying to cater for so many different languages. However there was little to complain about as we were happy to have a drink in the evening in the warm, try the latin dances and speak to the friendly waiting staff and enjoy their company. The animation team were fantastic, there was plenty to do during the day - aqua gym, football, water polo, belly dancing (or just laze by the pool or on the beach)and then dancing and entertaininment in the evening. The Jungle disco was good which started at 11 but was very warm in there. I would love to return to Egypt, the holiday was lovely, the people we met defiantly made our holiday and made us feel so welcome. We went to Cairo which was absolutely amazing, a trip of a lifetime, the Pyramids and Sphinz were fantastic but the Cairo museum also had the wow factor. Everyone had said we would love it and they weren't wrong. We had trouble changing a travellers cheque but our tour guide took it for us and gave us the money for it after travelling around Cairo trying to get someone to change it for us. We also went on a star gazing evening, this was a great, we had a go on a camel and spent the evening waiting for the sunset. Another lovely evening. I would recommend Egypt and this hotel to all."

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of July 2007

An Honest Review


"We flew with Thomson’s in January & stayed at the Sea Club. The complex is close to the airport and took us around 10 minutes to get there. The weather was great a bit cold in the mornings and evenings but lovely and warm during the day
There are 3 hotels in the Sea Group complex, Sea Club, Sea Gardens & Sea Life and what is great is that you can use all of the other hotels facilities also there is the Sea Club Aqua Park & Spa which is part of the group just up the road, we never went there but apparently there is a free bus from the hotels and discounted entry to the water park.

The Hotel
The hotel itself is kept in a very good overall condition of cleanliness, and the grounds are immaculate.
Lots of pools to choose from and some are heated in the winter, lots of sunbeds and space, the Sea Club pool is the liveliest and the Sea Garden pool is the most relaxing and quiet. Take an hour or so to walk round the complex so you can get you bearings.

The sandy private beach was a 2 minute walk from our room in block B. You have to go to the pier to swim and snorkel as there is coral and rocks close to the shore but it’s ok to paddle, plenty of sunbeds for all and a nice bar and restaurant right on the beach. Also towels to take are free with your card you get at reception.

We had a double bed with a view to the pool, a fridge, T.V (English News & Films) & shower with lovely hot water. There are rooms at the Sea Club close to the disco so choose wisely when booking. The room was kept spotlessly clean by our cleaner Abdul who was always polite and friendly and nothing was too much trouble even though he was very busy.

3 main meals a day with snacks in-between, there are 4 highly recommended specialized restaurants which you have to book in advance, my tip is to book while people are eating in the restaurants at breakfast and lunch to avoid the queues. The food itself in the Sea Club main restaurant is ok with a wide selection of choice but some people with English pallets might find some of it not what they are used to, the best bet is to try all of the complex’s restaurants and you will find something that suits you. Away from the main restaurants there are snack bars next to the pools that serve burgers, pizza, chips etc.

Lots of bars to choose from and some open 24 hours, the drinks served are of good quality and measures and if you want them a bit stronger just ask. At certain times of the day they do get busy so queues ensue but if you are friendly and polite you will find that the bar staff and waiters will bring drinks to your table. Smoking isn’t allowed in the hotel and bars but there are plenty of places to have a puff and drink outside.

Daytime: Well I have seen better but it’s more inclined towards the kids.
Evening: A mixture of Russian, English & Egyptian Music, Karaoke & Games.

Nice modern Gym plus Massage rooms, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Bath, Turkish Bath, Hair Dresser, and Beauty Salon, Kids Playground & Arena. There are the usual shops at the hotel selling gifts, perfumes, carpets, tobacco & sweets. Cash machines are also available.

Out & About
There is not much too see outside of the complex within walking distance as its quite a way from any shops and other hotels you will probably want to get a taxi to visit shops, markets and places of interest. There is a taxi service within the hotel with modern day cars which are a little more expensive than the old rundown taxis you get outside the complex. The budget option which is 5 times cheaper are the little mini buses that run up and down the roads all day and night and will stop to pick up and drop off people as they go.
The old market is worth visit for an hour just to have a look round and do a bit of haggling, there is also a place called Soho Square which is a modern day shopping centre best visited in the evening. It’s worth a visit just to experience the absolutely extortionate prices for everything, for example if you want a pint its £5 plus service charge plus some other charge that goes to the owners so it could end up costing £7 and around £8 for a cocktail. My partner saw a gorgeous leather jacket which was £600 in a shop there but we ended up paying £295 at the hotel shop for the same jacket. If you want to buy stuff it’s crucial that you are prepared to haggle as you can get bargains.

When you are by the pool or on the beach you do get a little fed up with the constant hassle of guys asking if you want to go on boat trips, diving, quad biking, pyramids and massages etc. usually a polite no will suffice but there are occasions when they do go on a bit. The people I spoke to say for the right price the massages and facials are very good as are the trips plus they are much cheaper than the Thomson’s tours. We found that the Thomson rep was non-existent when we were there, we didn’t see him in 11 days just a couple of cards that were put through the door asking if we enjoyed our holiday.

All in all a great holiday, the staff at this complex are fantastic no complaints at all with the service and the hotel is one of the best in Sharm. The only niggle I have is the Wi Fi which is dire, they wanted $50 for a week for Wi Fi in the room which is non-existent also in the Wi Fi lounge if there are more than 3 people in there you might as well give up trying to connect. I got an Egyptian sim card for £5 put it in my unlocked phone and connected it to my laptop and ipad through mobile hot spot for internet accesses no problem with connection and the sim lasted over a week.

Would I recommend this hotel, yes definitely.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 29th of January 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Thanks the best «SEA CLUB ANIMATION TEAM» for an enjoyable and memorable holiday!!!


"First time in Egypt at the hotel Sea Club Resort and so many positive impressions. We had a wonderful stay with You a few days ago. Nice hotel , service with smile, helpful and friendly. Clean rooms with a surprise towel swans, rabbits or any creative folding The man in reception was really welcoming. Special thanks to the waiting staff Manager who made our dining experience special. All requests were met with ease and pleasant courtesy by the staff. Please, pass on my thanks to all your staff. BUT in particular please pass on my many-many thanks to the Sea Club Animation Team , because without them we were bored. Thanks Sam, Coco, Elvina, Emma, Fabio, Adriano, Nastya , Cal, Cherry…. All of them. Thank you guys for making our trip so special, for the really warm welcome given to us during our stay at the hotel . You all did a super job. WaterGym with Coco, and the Bachata dance lessons. Thanks him, now we can dance better ))). Thanks Adriano for yoga, for aqua aerobics too. Georgiana for morning exercises. Thanks a lot our fellow countryman Sam for his friendship, for attention and care. We had an enjoyable, happy pastime at Hard Rock on R&B party with Sam and Elvina and other guys from our hotel.
Every time coming for dinner we wondered how we will meet you, in what characters, in what suits…? And they surprised us with their ingenuity and originality. Thanks them for the wonderful evenings with interesting programmers, funny competitions. They are brilliant and good friends for us.
All of them lovely, hardworking and entertain you every single morning, noon and night, the shows of a night are varied and entertaining! And we had a superb time, the ambiance, days and evenings and party atmosphere . We loved every second of our 7 days stay here and we are definitely going to return as soon as possible!!! … It was an enjoyable stay – Thank you guys! Thanks so much for the professionalism and excellent job given by all your team!!! You are the best «the Sea Club ANIMATION TEAM» !!! I would stay here again in a heartbeat!
All the best from Armenia.
Kind regards, Lucy ! 

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 15th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness
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    "Fantastic resort with the best staff "

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    "A visit to old sharm is a must. "

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    "Get an Egyptian sim card for your internet accesses "

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