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El Salam Coast Road a short distance from Sharm Airport, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh 46619 Egypt
4 star hotel


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great value, new hotel,


"we have just returned from 1 week at the sea beach, and it was great. i really cant fault it at all . we didnt have upset stomachs or any problems that we heard about some of the other hotels.

the sea beach is new , the security man said it opened last year so everything looks clean and nice. the reception is spotless , cleaners are there pretty much 24/7 but then that applies in the whole hotel. we found cleaners and trolleys at nightime . the gardens are perfect and the pool is huge with connecting bridges and a swim up bar. cant say much other than that about the pool as we spent our days on the beach as it was so hot (about 45) and at least there was a breeze on the beach albeit a hot breeze !!!
sunbeds at the pool are still a prob. we got up for a trip at 5am and i saw people up and putting towels out then !!! keen is all i can say !!! there are plenty of sunbeds on the beach and i cant see the attraction of the pool. some people said its the same music every day !!!

the restaurant is ok it has a large selection. breakfast was fine, fruit, breads, cakes, continental and hot and the chef cooks omlette and eggs to order. tea was ok cant comment on coffee, juice was concentrate and i didnt like it. lunch we went to the italian which offered an english 3 course menu daily and it was very nice, evening we tried to eat at the italian or chinese (both are very very good) as i didnt like the hot food much, the puddings were great tho !! lets put it this way there is always something you can eat and its not gonna make you ill !!! the food is ok . cant comment on beach food but always a queue at lunchtime so speaks for itself.

the bar lacks atmosphere (lobby bar) needs music and lower lighting and ideally no bar stools the russians kind of stick to them and you cant get in to be served. there are more eastern europeans here than british to be fair and they dont understand queueing so elbows are usefull !!!

the entertainment is ok well what i saw of it was ok. it was too hot to sit outside most nights so we sat in reception which has sofas and comfortable seatingor took a taxi to namma (must do its an experience to say the least and thats just the taxi ride !!)

the rooms are fantastic, they are huge and clean . tv usual rubbish news channel tho on channel 10 there are some english films. the bathroom is great massive walk in shower drains are useless you stand in water before you finish but no complaints. however, if you have a POWER CUT and you are in the shower your water will shut off. PLEASE remember to turn the shower tap OFF or like us you will flood the room. we went out before the power came on hence didnt realise hubby has left water on and we returned 4HOURS later to about 6" of water in the bathroom and the room and on the balcony !!! thought we would be charged for damage but they laughed and sent 2 cleaners, 1 supervisor and 1 security to fix the room at 11.30pm. apparently it happens alot and we were the third room that night already and they expected a lot more. luckily we didnt have stuff on the floor or it would have been soaked. took about hour and half to sort the room for us but again it was no problem to them.

the beach is lovely but the sea is shallow so you can walk about half a mile out to the ship wrek and only be waist deep !!!! unfortunately due to this there are no fish to speak of so if you came to see the corals etc you need to walk up the beach to the jetty and pay the other hotel to let you walk on it !!! apparently sea beach is getting their own jetty for next summer.

trips - all good value . quads dirty and hot but fun. any boat trip great - see fish and corals and maybe dolphins. st catherines monastry worth it but baking hot - coach air con cant cope with heat on way back and blew hot air for a while, coach windows like touching an oven door dread to think how hot it was there !!!

submarine book it with alex (bald guy) on the sub desk in reception its cheaper than the rep and same trip. worth the money.

hotel overall fantastic. it was our anniversary and my hubby managed to get huge bouquet of roses 45 in total in ceramic pot delivered for me to restaurant, hotel photographer to come in, african entertainments drummers to come to restaurant to play for me and a cake delivered as well !!! how many hotels are that accomodating here - none unless there's a charge !!!

camel rides on the beach , didnt do cos been on camels before but camels really friendly and loads did rides.

shops outside hotel bit pushy but its eygpt and thats the way it is. if you dont want dont buy, dont talk keep walking no need to be rude, they just need to try to earn a living.

we have been to eygpt 4 times now and this hotel is pretty good infact i put it second in my list and i would go back here again. will be great when resort finished loads of shopping centres and only a short transfer time to airport.

go and enjoy the complainers would complain anyway even if it was the ritz, !!!!! there is nothing wrong with the tropicana sea beach."

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  • Travel date: Mon 13th of July 2009

Good if you like loud music all the time and bad music at that!!!


"We spent a long time choosing a hotel in Sharm because we wanted somewhere quiet and relaxing from our busy working lives and Trip advisor helped us choose the Hotel Tropicana New Tower (all incl) in Sharm for one week. We booked it through Bookable Holidays about a week or so before and all was fine. We flew out on the 22.09.08 and arrived very late at the hotel only to find we weren't staying there and were moving hotels because "the management company stop managing this hotel during the time we would be staying" but assured us the one we were being changed to would be nicer and they arranged a taxi and off we went.

Although that sounded like a load of twaddle, we weren't going to argue and they may be right it could be better. Unfortunately and to our surprise, when we arrived we were asked to pay for the taxi which by this time was knocking on 1am. We tried not to pay and to pass it to one or the other hotels as we had already paid the transfer to the hotel we booked but they did not want to know or help us and by this time the taxi driver was shouting at us and was calling his mates to come and threaten us and worse. He kept asking how much we paid for the transfer which was £20 (but of course for two ways for two of us) so he kept asking for that amount, luckily we had a £20 and so we gave it to him and off he went. We were shocked, upset and as you could imagine this was not a good start to a relaxing holiday!! I know this is not to do with the hotel as such but it did seem common when reading any hotel reviews in Sharm that many people ended being transferred from the hotel they originally booked so be prepared and bring cash!!

Once we settled in and had a good night sleep we were woken by awful and very loud music about 10am which went on all day with a very short break in the afternoon and then all evening with very dodgy entertainment. Ok so we could avoid the entertainment sort of but if we wanted to have a drink we could still hear it and from our bedroom.

The other downside was that we were then know by the staff as 'the ones that overpaid for the taxi' (because of course it was twice the price) everytime we spoke to reception about something so were made to feel humiliated alot of the time. The irony was £20 is not a lot for a taxi really especially as it stopped us from being beaten up!!

In general, the food was good the facilities were good, the beech and pool were lovely. The place was spacious and clean. The place I think was fairly new and there was building work being done behind our room which was noisy sometimes. There was the usual bunch of rude foreign guests and was busy at peak meal times. There was a mix of friendly and unfriendly staff, we found they were funny towards women and as we were young that didn't seem to help. They seem obsessed with money and how much we earn etc and seem bitter toward westerners. When we spoke with staff (the friendly ones) about the fact we weren't suppose to stay there, they said the other hotel would have been too quiet for us which I assume they based this assumption on the fact that we are young (late 20's) we begged to differ!!

For us personally, this did not do it for us and we are still haunted by the 'birdy song', 'agadoo' and 'piano man' a year on and aren't big on rubbish pop especially euro pop, very loud all day and into the night (up until about midnight) but somehow we were minorities which amazes me!!?? So you maybe reading this and thinking that that is ok which is great but I needed to voice our experience to share with those whom like to go out and love music but in a very different way!! yet want peace and quiet when on holiday.

Would we go to this hotel again - Definately not

Would we go back to Sharm - Probably not

Would we book through 'Bookable holidays' again - Definately not (they have not replied to our complaints and requests)."

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of July 2009

Great holiday, Great hotel apart from a few little things.....


"I stayed here for 10 nights with my partner, it was great, but i thought it was weird how drinks only came in little plastic cups so i would advise you take your own plastic glasses (pint size or half pint sizes), i didnt like the fact how you walked off the complex and you got mithered, dont be put off by this just be very strong and say no and walk off. My partner said the food was lovely but im a really fussy eater so i just lived on chips and pizza, the staff were really friendly if you tip them £1 they look after you through your holiday. The entertainment was quite poor they had activities going on around the pool but you will get fed up in hearing the same music everyday. The hotel was very clean and tidy which always gives a very good first impression."

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  • Travel date: Mon 6th of July 2009

Value for money, but nothing special


"Arrived at the Tropicana Sea Beach hotel for a weeks holiday and my first impression was that it was a very tastefully designed hotel, one reason i chose it was because of its newness, hotels can get shabby very quickly. We were shown to our room, which to my delight was on the ground floor, the room was large clean and again tastefully decorated (great walk in shower!!!) We arrived around 7pm made out way to the dining room around 8.30pm and to my horror all the food was cold; I had a meal of cold potatoes, cold chicken and cold vegetables, I had already read this was a problem in reviews, but hoped they had got this sorted. The next day around the pool, to my horror at 8am all sunbeds were taken, yet another thing I had read in a review but hoped they had got this sorted. Eventually we found two odd sunbeds around the pool, put them together and spent a relaxing day in the sun. We used the beach bar for lunch, and the food was nice and hot with nice fresh salads. The beach was fantastic, as too was the sea, but alas the evening too in the main restaurant was no better than evening one. I bought the head chefs attention to the food which was cold and he couldn't do enough for me, he cooked us a fresh meal that was piping hot, luckily we never needed to have a meal in the retaurant again as we used the on-site chinese, italian and there were 2 special British themed nights in the beach bar, all this food was fantastic, couldn't fault it, and it was at no extra cost. The entertainment wasn't great, very family orientated even though it isn't the school holidays. All the bar and restaurant staff are very helpful and friendly, but alas there is a lack of this staff - there seems to be too many 'chiefs' walking around not doing much, even saw one 'chief' call a member over to pick up some cushions which had fallen off a chair. I do feel that they need more staff manning the bars. They had a new English liaison manager at the hotel who hoepfully will make all the improvements which are needed to make this an excellent . This is my 5th trip to Egypt, and at the end of the day it is great value for money, but nothing excellent.

ps. Ladies, watch out for the overly (much too overly) friendly/touchy female masseuse around the pool - I needed to be rude to her as she made me and my other female friend feel VERY uncomfortable on numerous occasions."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 6th of July 2009

Fantastic Holiday


"Hi we went as a group of 5 girls and was booked into the Tropicana Jasmine but was sent to the Sea Beach as Jasmine was over booked !!!Thank God they did as when we arrived the hotel was very clean and staff very helpful they couldnt do any more for you which was lovely. The view was fantastic as we looked over the pools then the beautiful
beach with palm trees going down the beach. Food was ok, the only thing we could fault was the drinks behind the bar as they were very limited as we found out Vodka, Whisky, Gin., bacardi and wine and beer. but we got through as we just made the most of it. It also had a lovely pool bar lots of space around so you didnt feel cramped. would go back tomorrow to the Sea Beach. We were about half an hour from Narma Bay which we liked as we just got on the bus or got a taxi down for around £6-£7. Rooms were great 2 double beds, cleaned every day I would certainly recommend this hotel V. Good."

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of June 2009

Great Hotel- You will have so much fun!


"Arrived at tropicana sea beach around 10pm on the 4th june as part of a group of 6...5 girls and 1 boy (yes lucky man-the egyptians thought we were his wives imagine if hed told them he was gay!), the staff could not have been more accomodating from the word go! Upon arrival our suitcases were taken off our hands straight away and taken up to our room which we were assigned at check in- we were then informed that although we had missed that evenings dinner sitting they had arranged a small buffet in the italian restaurant for us which was extremley appreciated!
The rooms were absoloutly lovely, one of the nicest rooms i have stayed in through all my holidays and was very well equipped! the hotel throughout was absoloutly spotless and being a new build was really well presented.
Meal times were not a problem but with any all inclusive package the first hour of the buffet opening are always busy, however there were always tables available and providing you had the patience to queue with the pushing and shoving from some of the less well mannered guests this was certainly not a problem! the standard of food was good, i am a typical fussy english eater but was so pleased to find out they had home made chips every night and always a selection of meat! The southern fired chicken was my favourite dish, along with the steak and pasta- so plenty to choose from. Included also within your stay is a visit to both the italian and chinese restaurants which both had a choice of 4 courses and were to a very high standard- we did book the day before to guarantee our place though!
The pool was huge and there were also 2 slides, we were pleased to see there were no age or height restrictions as to who could use them as they were alot of fun despite being 20 years old. There was a large choice of activities to choose from in the day and these were usually run by sam, he is sooo funny and really just enjoys his job! he can be found all day bouncing a ball somewhere or doing a crazy dance on the main platform next to the beach hut and he will organise any activities you wish to do! I have read alot of reviews where people are whining bout sunbeds- you do have to get up early to get the good sunbeds- HOWEVER- there are pleanty of beds on the beach which is literally meters away from the pool and very obviously next to the sea. also so if you are smart enough to tip a member of staff something between 1-2 english pounds they will literally pull you a sun lounger out of thin air! we took a bag of pound coins as it is easier to tip in our money and more appreciated by them.
The weather was hot hot hot, although weather reports on the net here will tell you the high of the day is "37" you will soon find once you are out there that isnt the case- its more like 44! when we landed at 10pm on arrival it was 33 so somehtings not quite right there!
The hotels evening entertainment is actually really good there was a mini disco for kids before and a main show each evening- the entertainment is cheesy but alot of fun- good old sam is there doing some crazy dancing whatever the theme is! During our stay we saw the oriental night which was to a high standard but also hilarious- there was a transgender belly dancer who moved his/her hips like iv never seen and also a traditional egyptian dancer who spun for 20 minutes continuiously spinning and flipping about 8 plates -unbelievable! the excursion night out to "black house disco" at a sister tropicana hotel was however disappointing, it gave u free admission but then trapped u in a club for 4 hours where the bar was extortionate and drinks cost double what they would at home- this is made even worse in comparison with everything else within the holiday being so cheap!
Naama bay is about 20m taxi away, you can either order a taxi form the hotel which costs about 10 english quid return or if you walk outside the hotel to the main enterance you can get one way from about 3 english quid...either way its dirt cheap. Naama bay is defo worth a visit, we went two nights and ate out at hard rock cafe and tgi fridays both again were dirt cheap, i had steak both nights and had 3 courses- it literally cost me 15 english quid for the entire meal including drinks! There are lots of little bedouin tents dotted along the stip of naama bay and also rooftop bars offering the famous sheish pipe which uses flavoured tobacco- we loved this and had a lot of fun with locals playing around with the different flavours and pipes. People also seem to whine about locals harrassing you into shops- this is isnt entirely true. Because there arent many english people in sharm (mostly russians-who the egyptians despise and germans) all the english speaking egyptians want to talk to you. as long as you keep walking and give a polite but firm no thanks there is no issue! If you are rude to them expect them to be rude back! The funniest man i met was a local who called us all spicy english chickens and said that his shop was "lovely jubbly" and "cheaper than our primark" sooo funny.
Anyways im sure you will love sharm, and you will definatley be super happy with this hotel just ignore any bad reviews- if you are a genuine normal person who doesn't spend his weekends in st tropez baking on a yacht you will be more then satisfied with the standard and quality of the gorgeous tropicana sea beach!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 24th of June 2009

Amazing would defo go again!!


"firstly anyone who writes a bad review about this hotel is crazy and must be a person who complains about the slightest thing and goes on holiday to moan!

anyway arrived here with my boyfriend on thurs 11th june, airport was pretty chaotic but once got through everything was ok. got on coach to hotel arrived in lobby and they had put a late meal on for all of us that had arrived which was good as we were both starving. next day we had a welcome meeting which told us about the resort what there was to do etc, we booked four trips- ultimate desert experience, waterpark, submarine and vip cruise.

our room was lovely, very clean and bathroom was all marble. good size balcony and brilliant view of sea. we had a few days of chilling around the hotel and beach, i advise you get up early to put towels out on sunbeds however we managed to get them at midday.

food was ace, no bad stomachs, everything fresh and alot was cooked infront of you, i loved the beach bar grill where i had pizza and chips which was amazin! we also went to a welcome BBQ which was really good..

the ultimate desert experience was a great trip that cost £50 and was defo good value for money, we drove the quads for about 30mins then stopped for a short break then got on them again for about 20mins. after this we rode a camel each and then got taken to a bedouin we had a bbq whilst watching dancing from tribes and a belly dancer, this was very relaxing and food was great! as night came we got back on the quads for another 25mins and drove back to the base in the dark, this was so fun and they go very fast and you can do jumps and stuff which i loved. you have the buy the goggles and scarf but they only cost like £3 so i didnt mind that.

we also did a vip cruise, this is where children arent allowed its adults only PEACE! we were waited on all day, had any amounts of drinks and buffet lunch consisting of sea food, chicken, lamb, veg, pasta etc, im quite picky and could find loads to eat. we stopped off at 3 snorkeling sites, and jumped off back of the boat. the corals are amazing and the fish blew me away, its a totally different world under the water. i wish i had an underwater camera as we saw nemo and sting rays, manta rays, zebra fish, rainbow fish etc. the whole trip was fab and lasted from around 8.30am till 5ish

we also went to the cleo waterpark, its small but its a waterpark so theres slides, waves, lazy river and food etc. you have to pay extra for the locker and you dont get this back but its only £2 or so. had a great day there then walked down to the shops at naama bay, i bought a painting which is brilliant, they start off high for example the painting guy originally wanted 260 egyptian i got him down to 130, so always barter and if you dont want to pay that much walk away and i guarantee they will say ok i will do it cheaper, worked for me anyway. got taxi back to hotel omg worst taxi ride ever but was an experience.

we also went on a submarine which was £39 each all trips we organised through our thomson rep at hotel he was great. submarine lasted half a day but i got great photos of all the fish as i didnt have underwater camera for the cruise. got some videos too.

weather was hot i couldnt actually believe people bring babies here must be so uncomfortable for them! the breeze from the sea made the heat bareable and i didnt have a problem with it, i think people get ill because they dont drink enough water, doesnt have anything to do with the food.

we met 3 other couples here too whom im sure we will keep in touch with. the entertainment on an evening is slightly cheesy but we had some right laughs.

overall this hotel was fab, i cant actually find anything to moan about apart from bring your own glass as the drinks are given out in plastic cups and you have 2 gulps and you need another. i would definatley come back. the locals are alright a few do hassle you but if you ignore them they soon get the message. i think we are going back next year to do the scuba diving, also our hotel looked the best out of the ones along our strip and other people who were meant to go to other hotels got upgraded to ours and they said it was alot better.

dont be put off by bad reviews, people who write reviews i think only write bad ones there arent many good reviews thats why i felt the need to write one! if you book this hotel you wont be disappointed!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of June 2009

not for people with disabilities,also food was poor


"me and my wife stayed at the tropicana sea beach hotel which is beautifull, the staff are fantastic and are always happy to help,i cannot fault them. If you have a disability i would not recommend this hotel as it does not cater for people with disabilities from the entrance there are steps ,to your room there are steps ,into your room there is a slight step, into the bathroom a step, the door into the bathroom is not wide enough for a wheelchair and the list goes on. the food is not the best usually cheap cuts from chicken like thighs, i never had a hot meal the whole time as the food is kept warm using candle lights. iam not a moaner i just say things as they are , hope this helps somebody any questions please email me on [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of June 2009

Hotel Great Operator Not


"We had great flights out to Egypt and arrived in daylight, the accommodation is clean and is kept clean with towel change every day. The staff are really healpfull and will do anything you ask, the only downside is they try to clear your plates before you have finnished. The hotel has a few teathing problems but a newly apointed british co-ordinator (Karen) is sorting them out. The food is pleantyful and of high quality, but they could sort out the glass issue, white plastic cups around the pool is not good. A few more sunbeds around the pool would be good asyou have to get up early to get one. You must buy some coral shoes from one of the local shops for a couple of puonds if you are thinking of going to the beach and in the sea.
Everything was going great until we found out that the grandson could not fly home due to a medical condition, when the Tour Operator dropped us like a stone having nothing to do with our insurance company. Very frustrating.
The insurance company dealt directly with the hotel who were great and without Karen we dont know what we would have done. All sorted in the end.
All in all, great place to go if you want sun sea and all inclusive, the town of Nama Bay is only a taxi ride away if you want the nightlife."

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of June 2009

Great Place for Sun Sea and food


"Hi all ,

I have just returned from this resort after a week stay with my partner . This was a great resort if you go for the all inclusive . Just to let you all know this hotel is great . Food is nice and when you arrive you will recieve a band which allows you to eat breakfast lunch and dinner and also your drinks etc through the day . If you want a sunbed i would get up early as this seem to go quick as for towels you need to find the towel man near the slide 's you need your towel cards which you will get when you arrive at the hotel . You also get to visit the chinese and italian Once . This needs to be booked at the reception but this is also free. There was arobics , darts ,vollyball , waterarobics every day going so if thats your thing its avalible there . It was a nice stay one warning they keep running out of glasses so i would bring your own plastic mug apart from that the staff are great !"

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  • Travel date: Sun 7th of June 2009

Don't waste your hard earned money


"Our family of six went to this hotel during the school holidays 2012.They put food on for the late incoming flight it was cold dry in one word disgusting.Things did not improve pool dirty sun beds falling apart with four inch nails sticking out.only one toilet for everyone .Can only guess where most people were going.Drinks served warm in very small plastic quality and hygiene very poor all party ill for duration of holiday and majority of guests the same .the only good comment I can make is the rooms which are kept clean and good size which is a good job because we spent most of time in room ill.If you want a good holiday and keep your family safe keep away from this hotel.Well over eighty people from the weeks we were there have compensation claims in I think that says it all.Could go on but felt I had to worn people before they book summer holidays for 2013.If you email your concerns to Thompsons they will send you a reply not to worry .We did this before we went after many bad reviews .I also received one by mistake from another Thompsons concerned customer offering them another hotel if you get offered the same take it."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of March 2013

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  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
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  • 1 Cleanliness
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