Savoy Sharm El Sheikh

SOHO Square PO Box 169, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel

About Savoy Sharm El Sheikh

The graceful Savoy Sharm El Sheikh promises a peaceful getaway in the sun.
Situated in the Ras Mohammed National Park, the 5-star hotel’s rooms and
suites, its entertainment options and its blossoming gardens exude style and
luxury. Just 8km from the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the hotel is
right on the beach and not far from both cultural sites and modern shopping
facilities. Whether you want to make use of the resort’s extensive water
sports and diving facilities, or take a stroll through the nearby Soho Square,
the Savoy and its surroundings will not disappoint. You’ll wish the days on
the private beach would never end, as the Red Sea laps against the golden shore.
However, once the evenings begin the real fun starts, with an excellent variety
of dining options and bars to sample. Afterwards the popular hotel disco keeps
the tunes playing so that you can take your holiday spirit onto the dance floor
and the real party animals can take the party on to Soho Square afterwards. This
is a holiday option with plenty to keep the children occupied, with ice skating,
ten pin bowling and a soft play area in Soho Square. Meanwhile, a range of
massages, body scrubs and wrap and beauty treatments is on offer to keep the
adults Zen.

Room Information and Room Facilities

Whether you go for a guest room or a suite, the refined style of the decorations
is beautiful to behold. Decked out in majestic marble and rich hard woods,
guests cannot help but be soothed by the luxurious accommodation. Each room
features adjustable air conditioning, wifi access, mini-bar, en suite bathroom
and hairdryer. The inclusion of a balcony or terrace gives guests a little
private piece of the glorious Egyptian outdoors to savour. Each room is
furnished with a balance of elegance and comfort to ensure the guests feel well
able to relax.

Facilities, Entertainment, Activities

The coral reef in the Ras Mohammed National Park and the beautifully clear
waters of the Red Sea make this coastline one of the world’s best diving
spots. Diving or at least snorkelling is a must and with a PADI approved dive
school on the beach there has never been a better opportunity to jump straight
in. In the hotel grounds can be found tennis, squash and beach volleyball courts
as well as a modern gym facility and for the golfers there is a course situated
just 5km away. Sauna and Jacuzzis, as well as a range of beauty and spa
treatments round off an array of activities that is as exiting as it is
luxurious. For guests that would like to experience the culture and history of
Egypt, a trip around the nearby St Catherine’s Monastery is the perfect day
out. Situated next to Mount Sinai, the building dates back to the 500s. The old
part of Sharm is also worth visiting during your stay as well, for a look around
the town’s fascinating bazaar.

Food and Drink Options

At the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh the dining options are second to none, with a
superb choice of outstanding restaurants. Whether you want an intimate candle
lit meal for two or a family table for 12, the staff are expert at facilitating
your every wish. At the Caligula Hot Rocks Restaurant, the best quality local
ingredients are brought together by the resort’s passionate chefs, including
fresh fish caught straight out of the Red Sea the very same day. Further choices
can also be found at the trendy Soho Square, including Indian, Chinese, Thai,
Middle Eastern and Steakhouse restaurants. In the hotel’s intimate bars, a
good array of locally produced and imported beverages are served for the
guests’ delectation. The half board option allows guests to chose from the
buffet, or the seafood, Morgana and Hot Rock restaurants. At the Savoy you
really are spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic food and drink; all
served by the best waiting staff around.

Reviews summary

( 5362 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

35 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

What a wonderful Hotel!

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"I have just returned from a 2 week stay at the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh and it was wonderful!
I travelled with my partner, 10 month old son & our mothers (glutten for punishment eh!)

Having read some very mixed reports on Trip Advisor before I went I was a little dubious about the service (or lack of it and the cleanliness etc).but, our fears were completely unfounded because the hotel was stuuningly beautiful and possibly the cleanest hotel I've stayed in!
Upon arrival the staff were welcoming and very accomodating moving our rooms as we were travelling as a group and wanted rooms near each other.
Our room overlooked the huge pool and sea and was a really generous size even with a baby cot.

The restaurants were good, we opted for All Inclusive for the first week and bed and breakfast the second week..we only ate in the buffet restaurant one evening because the variety of food was quite poor but there are 3 other estaurants where you can eat, Seafood, Asian and Italian, where the food was absolutey marvelous!
The staff could not do enough for us..when a waiter spilt wine on my mothers clothes, her clothes were dry cleaned and returned to her the next day!

The swimming pools are huge and two are really heated so its not too much effort to go for a dip!

We did venture out one evening to Naama bay which was good though booking the hotel car service is a better option that taking a local taxi (£10 return)

If you're child free you can stay at the Royal Savoy which has a seperate restaurant, all day canopes, wine & beer private pool etc
But book it on arrival because its far cheaper than via the travel agent etc.

Its clear at the Savoy that the staff are very proud of their hotel and work so hard to keep it in the most immaculate condition.
I will definately be returning next year - it really stands out as a wonderful place!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of March 2007

Not quite what it seems!

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"Just back from a week at the 'ultra all inclusive' Savoy. Beautiful hotel, a little shabby in places but generally well looked after and very attractive and comfortable.First thing we were offered was an upgrade at £40 per night - we declined. Our room was on level 5, quite a hike from the pool etc.. but it could have been worse. The all inlcusive simply isn't - it's a starting point. You can have 2 or 3 things from each menu but if you want steak/prawns/lobster you must pay extra. Drinks are ok, although you can have gin/vodka/rum but not brandy! Not all inclusive like the caribbean at all - but we didn't let that spoil it. The pools are lovely and the food is plentiful and available almost 24/7. Service is good although a lot of time is wasted signing for drinks etc.. The beach is the main disappointment - it is only suitable for sitting on, you cannot access the sea apart from along the pontoon. Having said that, the pools were so lovely it didn't matter too much. The other irritation was ice cream, it is only all inclusive between 4-6pm and then only some of it - they need to sort this out as it really is frustrating. Overall, an interesting experience but not one we would repeat!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 26th of February 2007

You get what you pay for

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"Not useally one to write reviews or anything such like on the net but I am compelled to do so in this case.

My wife and I have just returned from staying at the Savoy - Sharm and had a very bad experience!!

From day one, you could see that this is a 3 star hotel dressed up in 5 star clothing!! On arrival at 00.30 in the morning we were informed that the suite that we had booked 2 months earlier was not available and would we like to take a room in their sister hotel, the sierra sharm. After flatly refusing this offer, they then miraculously found us a suite after 1 hour. However, when we arrived at the room it was clear that it had not been cleaned for a couple of days or so and the bedding was still dirty! The Hotels only response to this being that they will send Housekeeping to clean it (at 03.00 in the morning!!)

After this terrible start to our Holiday, things only got worse. I will list the one's that i remember:-
-The TV Broke
- The toilet flooded
- The patio door came off its runners
- No water for 8 hours(then when it came back on it was black!)
- The air conditioning caught fire
- The minibar did not work
- The safe did not work

For all these problems the hotel offered us.........................a free bowl of fruit!!! Thanks!

I suggest to anyone wanting to go to sharm, research the hotel you will stay at, or you will be sorely dissapointed!

I for one, will never return to this hotel. From what i saw there are many mkuch better hotels in Sharm that truly are 5 star.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 19th of February 2007

Hotel superb, Noise apalling

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"I will try to keep this as short as possible. The hotel was excellent although the range of foods on offer was pretty limited.
My main complaint was the constant bang bang bang of the JCB's fitted with rock breaking tools which were on the go from 8 in the morning until 8 at night next to the hotel. The noise was incessant and completely ruined our holiday yet the hotel manager seemed to think that it was all very amusing !! Apart from the rock breaking, we had to put up with workmen using angle grinders on the marble topped pool bar from early evening until way past midnight - yes, midnight - I kid you not, for 3 consecutive nights.
After numerous letters of complaint, we managed to get a £500 refund on the holiday from Libra Holidays but had to threaten them with ABTA before they finally paid up. Be very careful when booking a holiday in this area of Egypt as there is so much building work going on."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 13th of February 2007

Great stay...recommended...especially Royal Savoy

Reviewed Sat 15th of December 2012

"After a short and timely airport transfer (TIP: book before hand), we arrived to a pleasant welcome. Be fussy about your room, there are lots of options - overlooking pool, etc.

We went for a big upgrade to the Royal Savoy wing, and whilst not cheap, as it was a rare chance for me to get away with the two children, it made for a great holiday. Lovely breakfasts in the private lounge, pool side assistance at private pool, etc. Staff are excellent. Other features include lovely rooms, very comfortable beds, internet access, free dvd hire and complimentary drinks in the lounge.

Resort is beautifully done and spotless. Smashing pools spoiled only by not being heated :-(. Whilst you could be anywhere in the world, a really relaxing holiday was had by all.

Tried all the restaurants while we were there. Italian was very nice, but all good. Prices on par with hotel restaurants in the UK. Not bargains, but food and service excellent. Wine expensive, stick to local beer.

Overall 5*, thanks to all staff."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 9th of January 2007

Savoy Sharm

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"We are a retired couple in our early 60s. Experienced travellers and holidaymakers. In recent years we have stayed at a range of 5*, 4* hotels on BB, HB, FB and AI. The hotels range across Renaissance Harbour View Hong Kong; Royal Meridian Dubai; The Pellangi Beach Llankawi; Iberostar Costa Dorada and Riu Bachatta Dominican Republic and similar hotels in Singapore, China etc. This was our first visit to the Red Sea.

The hotel

We booked the Savoy expecting it to be 4/5 * and fall overall somewhere in the middle of the above list of hotels for quality.

In many respects it did but in some other areas it fell well short.

The public reception areas are to a good 4* standard as are the pools (one heated) and the hotel grounds. The staff are plentiful and we found them attentive and polite although obviously a few tips helps with this (we took our usual US dollars for this purpose). There is a small beach but no immediate access to the sea for swimming this being by way of pontoon over the reef giving access directly to the deep water.

We booked a sea view room and ultra all-inclusive. We stayed in room 2217 which was reasonably spacious with a nice terrace room and balcony. We got the morning sun at about 07.15 and a sea view over other buildings which was fine. Clean with no insects other than flies from time to time with effective and quiet AC.

The shortcomings related to the ultra AI package. It is inadequate failing miserably to meet the standards elsewhere. Far too many petty restrictions (caused we were told by the Management by the fear of exploitation by Russian guests – more of this later). Forget the al-la-carte dining options most of the items on the menu are excluded from the package, even lasagne in the Italian restaurant! Only two of the main courses being available! Likewise the Steak and Pizza restaurant which is anyway only open Saturday, Tuesday and Friday for limited hours. The ESS restaurant is not available in the package.

Thus the Tiranna buffet restaurant is the main option. Here the soup is hot and the desserts are adequate but the salad had bad gastronomic consequences and the main courses were never hot and frequently cold.

The management at middle levels know the hotel has not got it right in the restaurant or with the AI package. Emergency measures were introduced in our second week to try to keep the food warm, not completely successful, a new Chef was brought in from Thailand, and a team was sent to Turkey to learn how to do it. Thus the management promise they will have it right by February. Frankly this is doubtful.

There is also a problem with overbooking so be sure if you go and there is a room for you before you arrive. We were ok but others were not.

Many of the petty restrictions were said by management to be a response to the large number of Russian guests but they applied to all. Likewise the incredibly time consuming paper work for drinks, etc.

However the systems whilst inconvenient do not stop the abuse they are aimed at. The Russian guests, mostly a charmless lot in large groups being on BB or RO kept the remainder in ‘rations’ by a few in the group on HB or AI.

Food being taken out of the restaurant and people being smuggled into the restaurant etc. It was difficult for staff to control any of them despite the system as the Russians would become rude and aggressive to the staff.

Likewise large quantities of vodka, etc were being brought into the hotel by Russians from duty free shops and being consumed by groups of 6 plus at tables in the public areas, sometimes until they were unconscious.

We concluded that the top management at the hotel are not up to the task and at present are letting down the owners, staff and most importantly the UK customers.

The tour company travel reps know well of all these issues but are not helpful.

If you have already booked enjoy the good elements and adopt strategies (usually involving a few dollars and being polite) to mitigate the others. The staff will go out of their way to make you enjoy the stay, their efforts being only limited by the petty rules e.g. one min bar per stay! (Restock from the bar!).

If you have not yet booked do some more research. Others do it better for less. At present the ultra AI 14 nights package is probably worth circa £500.

P.S. The airport is not a nice place particularly on Thursdays when the Thomson Cruise customers overwhelm the facilities."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 28th of December 2006

Would say 4* plus and not 5

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"Me and my wife have just returned from a week at the Savoy Hotel. We were on an all inclusive basis ("S class") and therefore did not have to pocket any money out while staying whitin the hotel. I would recommend to go on an all includive basis as extras can quickly rocket through the roof.

The hotel is probably less than 10 years old and generally still in good condition. It has this whoua factor, marble stone is present everywhere; you can feel that this is a luxury hotel. The decor is just superb (especially the external areas) or at least at the level of our expexctations.

The hotel has three swimming pools and a private beach. We never had any problem to find a deck chair and you will even get the member of staff to lay the beach towel for you.

Talking about the staff, they are generally friendly and never too far to please your wishes. However they find it difficult to work under pressure and you may sometimes have to wait (15mns) before getting your drinks or being served. Also they can be too friendly and tend to forget that you are the customer and that they are working for the savoy, but I believe this is the arabic friendliness taking over.

The choice of restaurant may appear good but you will quickly find out that it is not as impressive as it sounds. Unfortunately after two days you will find the choice of food boring and repetitive or served differently. It is disappointing for a 5star. Also you would need to be there first otherwise you will eat cold food and the left over as they do not refill the dishes very often.

The room was of correct size. We had a sea view and would recommend it. Rooms are clean every day and your towels get also changed every day. Do not have to complain on this point.

The other guests are mainly Russians (85% of the customers) and the rest are europeens. Be prepared Russians have different ccustoms. Queing, wait for your turn, speak (as opposed to shout), smile, apologise or thank are not really in their habits, but you will quickly get over it and ignore them...

We would recommend to take few trips out of the hotel. We experienced the camel ride in the desert followed by a dinner in the desert with bedhouins. Also we went on one day boat trip in Ras Mohammed and snorkel in the national park. Very nice to out. These only costed us £25.00 each and have been booked with the travel agent before the trip. I would recommend (if your pocket money allows it) the boat trip to tiran island as well as the star gazing night and the diving experience. Otherwise you can also enjoy the gym or the spa (massages and beauty treatment) at the hotel.

We also went to naama bay. The little town is only 15mns drive away from the hotel an will cost you LE45.00 (£4.50) by taxi (white and blue Peugeot car). Did not really like the town. Be preapred to spend minimum 1hr in each shop as Egyptians will first invite/offer you a tea and then try to sell you their goods. you can feel that people are only after your money. We even have been asked for money when asking directions to the toilets and as well to use the toilets. I believe this the downside of being a tourist.

Overall we would recommend the hotel (All inclusive basis only) We had a pleasant stay. We definitly enjoyed the room and facilities proposed at the hotel. The food is not at the level you would expect it to be. We would recommend to take few trips out of the hotel. We would probably go back to sharm but will try the Hilton or the Marriott."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of December 2006

Gorgeous, romantic, relaxing!

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"My boyfriend and I recently returned from a 4 day stay at the Savoy. The hotel is so well run and so beautiful that it was hard to drag oursleves away to explore Naama Bay and surrounding areas.

I cannot give the staff a high enough recommendation. They were all extremely friendly and attentive.

We had a sea view room which also had a view of the pools which we were more than happy with. The inclusive breakfast was more than enough and as well as the buffet we had the choice of made-to-order omelettes and pancakes.

The on-site dive centre were extremely helpful and friendly and took us on two amazing dives off the hotel's pontoon out the front. Because of the hotel's location there is brilliant scuba diving and snorkelling right off the beach. You literally dive into 30 m deep crystal clear water and schools of tropical fish.

The hotel was quite busy around the pools and beach even for the off-season with mainly Russian and German tourists. We were the only Australians there and I spotted only a few English. There were also a lot of kids and mostly families staying at the hotel, but that didn't affect our romantic holiday.

The beach belly dance lesson went down very well too!

The on-site restaurants are good value and serve delicious food. You don't even need to leave the hotel grounds your entire holiday if you don't want to. We did use the hotel's 'limousine' taxi service which charges £9 return trip to Naama Bay with the same driver in a nice car (as opposed to the horrible local taxis).

The only gripe I have is that we booked a massage each for the llast day at the same time. We were 5 minutes late for our appointment and found they had given one of our masseurs away to someone else so only one of us were able to have a massage. Neither of us did and it left a bit of a sour taste in our mouth.

Depite this, I would highly recommend the Savoy. Very clean, spacious, well organised, perfet location, a great variety of restaurants, bars and even a nightclub!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 29th of November 2006

Could be a great hotel, but it isn't

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"This hotel absolutely does not cater for anything other than All Inclusive. They have a card which they use like a magic wand to get the best service going. When you add up the cost of the holiday and add that to the amount of money that my fiance and I spent on food and drinks within the hotel, it far outweighs the cost of an all inclusve trip, yet we felt that we were treated as second class compared to the AI guests. Although there are six restaurants on site, very few of them are open during the day so you either have to queue for about 30 minutes in the Rocky pool bar (waiting whilst they serve the AI guets first, even the ones who turn up 20 minutes after you've already been waiting), or go upstairs to the AI buffet lunch, which is dire.

Twice the visited the Italian restaurant on site and spent over £100 on our meal both times (including £42 - yes, English pounds, not Euros or Egyptian pounds - for a bottle of Italian wine because the Egyptian wine is diabolical) yet we were treated as though we were putting the staff out by asking for a table in the first place.

There is a horrid little man in the on site bank who not only accused my fiance of having forged money, but also accused him of cutting of the serial numbers on our travellers cheques. He makes changing money the most difficult thing in the world to achieve, yet the Russian AI guests just walked in, threw their travellers cheques at him and had no problem.

On the subject of money, for the love of God don't take USD travellers cheques - there are only two places in Naama Bay which exchange them. Save yourself the pain in the neck and just take currency instead. Our hotel bill had to settled in USD so I would reccommend taking 10% Egyptian currencly and the rest USD. Most places will also accpet Euros.

This hotel could be fantastic but the staff are obviously told to serve the AI guests first and treat them better than the other guests and they do this to the letter. All of the British couples we met who weren't on an AI basis said exactly the same thing. If you want AI, then this hotel is probably fine, but as it's 8K away from Namma Bay if you find that it's not what you were expecting, the problems are amplified by the location."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 27th of November 2006

Do not go there

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"On arrival we were pressurised to move to the sister hotel Sierra on all-inclusive basis, we refused and 1hour 30 mins later we eventually got our booked room. After speaking to other guests it appears all the British guests are given the same option. The Savoy hotel is 3*+ at best, sockets hanging off the wall and toilet basin cracked. Most other nationalities especially the Russians are on All Inclusive and flash their white card to get service; I stood at the beach bar for 15 mins and could not get served.

The restaurant staff are friendly, but the choice of food is limited and repetitive the themed nights only change the way the meat is cooked, creamed sauce it is French, spices it is Mexican etc. The lack of snacks meant quite a few guests mainly Brits either had to order room service at lunchtime or get a cab at £10 return into Naama Bay. The other restaurants at the hotel are very expensive for what they offer. At one of the beach restaurants food is left out in the sun on a boat sometimes covered in cling film sometimes covered in birds feasting?

Get used to being asked what class you are, i.e. All Inclusive you are First Class anything else you are Second Class, this comment comes from staff members. This is definitely not a hotel I would recommend, but I would recommend the area and the diving is excellent."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 25th of November 2006

simply amazing

Reviewed Mon 28th of June 2010

"Have just arrived home from spending a week at the Royal Savoy in Sharm el Sheikh. What an amazing hotel! My partner and i were looking for somewhere a bit special to stay and this hotel certainly catered for everything we were looking for. The staff are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Drinks are served around the pool all day and at a very reasonable price. The restaurants are also very good.
During our stay we did a camel safari trip that we booked through www. We did this before leaving the UK. This cost us 30gbp per person and was an amazing experience - going through the desert on a camel and being able to look at the breathtaking scenery as the sun goes down. We booked our trip through this company as they had been reccommended by friends and they really do provide the best service and value for money.
The hotel is located in Soho square in Nabq about 20 minutes from the main hub of Namma Bay. It is in a very quiet location and good if you are looking for a nice relaxing holiday.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 19th of June 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

The truth about the Savoy in Sharm

Reviewed Tue 23rd of June 2009

"Please read this if you have any doubts about the Savoy in Sharm or would like to read an accurate review of this hotel.

I have just returned from the Savoy with my girlfried (3am this morning) and we stayed for 10 days. What can i say... this hotel is in a different league! Not only the size of the hotel but every detail is perfect. Soho Square has just been built by the hotel and has approx 6 new places to eat 6 different bars including an english pub and Steak house which was amazing. Ice skating, bowling.... you name it they probably have it.
On turning up to the hotel you have your first taste of how polite and exclusive the hotel is. A bell boy will take your bags to the room while you check in. Your walked to your room and given a brief tour of the hotel..... the rooms are a great size and if your not happy then you can always ask to see another or upgrade but for us who are use to living some what of a high life were delighted with the room size and decor.

Some reviews i have read before we departed did worry me slightly but as soon as we arrived our worrys were put to rest.

we arrived at midnite so therefore grabbed some room service which turned up immediatly and was fantastic. the food in room service is cheap but the quality and size is unbelievable.

Breakfast buffet is the best i have seen worldwide and the food is fresh with such a variety to cater for all tastes.

Your given pool/beach towels at reception when you check in which you hand in at the pool or beach for a towel to save you from taking your own and just return the towels once your finished each day to get your card back.
The pool is HUGE!!! 3 different levels so you can change it up each day and move about. The guys at the pool bar are just the best..... so friendly, polite well dressed all the time and a great laugh, really cant do enough for you.
Take a seat at the pool and the boys will run around after you all day and bring you drinks as and when, they come around and clean your sun glasses, bring you cold wet flannels.... you name it and they do it.
tipping goes along way out there as they dont earn as much money but they do work hard as they are all very dedecated to build on their ecconomy.
50LE is approx 5-6GBP so not a biggy.

The beach is good, loads of sunbed's, same service as the pool bar boys and the snorkelling is breathtaking. the water is so clear and 100's of different fish swimming past you... words cant describe this as you will have to see it yourself.

theres vollyball, water arobics and other activitys to keep you busy.
The food bars and resturants for lunch are great, service is always on top form and so is the food.

Going back to the room each day the cleaner had been and what a job he had done. everyday our room was spotless, mopped through, beds made all cosmetics and products had been placed neatly and looked tidy. to top this the cleaner made everyday something out of the towels and put on our bed, 2 great big flowers, crocodiles, sharks..... something different everyday and it was a shame to move them to get in bed.
Fresh towels and bed sheets everyday!!!!
again a little tip for the cleaners goes along way.

We did the quad biking excersion in the desert which was brillinat. 250LE each...what a bargin. make sure women wear longer shorts as the seats are hott.

in Soho square at night there are guys doing camel rides... good laugh but they do try and rip you off as they are not hotel staff and just want money. either agree a price before or do what we did and give them 100LE when they asked for 250LE and walk off.

there is no need to leave the hotel of a night and i wish we didnt..... we got curious late on night and decided to take a trip to Nama bay....... absolute [--]!!! these people give egyptians a bad name as they are all after money, pester the life out of you, drag you into their shop and annoy the life out of you. Perverts aswell!!! my girlfriend is blonde and as they dont have any blonde's out there they love a look and a pester. dirty smelly people and you could end up bashing the life out of all of them so i would suggest dont go as anythin you buy there you could just buy in soho square. also you wouldnt like to eat in any of the places there, and anyways its only 2 streets big so really not worth it.
Comming back to the hotel does make you realize just how good the Savoy is.

On the way back from the quad biking we dropped other people off at their hotels....... lets put this nicely...... Savoy wins hands down, there really is no beating this hotel for looks, size and service.

Other reviews rave on about germans, russians and italians.... you get this worldwide and there is never a problem with them atal. The equptians like the english more than any other as we are polite and say thank you and please, the others just bark orders at the waiters. If there are any Germans pushing in the breakfast que then a swift "oi what are you doing" normally gives them the idea to wait their turn.

the weather is outragously hot and we hit 45 deg C and in July it can be up to 55 so make sure you you use high SPF and the beach is way hotter then the pool.

All drinks if not all inc are charged to your room and paid every 2 days or so to save you from taking money everywhere.

I really cant stress that if you are going to go to Sharm then go to the Savoy you will not be disapointed. This is a 5 star hotel and well up to UK 5 star standards.

if you have any questions then please do email me [email protected] and i will try to help.

few last vital points;

Make sure you change your money up in the hotel bank. their ex rate 9.15 at gatwick 6.91 to the pound
Eat in the hotels italian - better then at home
Eat at the BOMBAY curry in SOHO above mandarin bar
Go see Mohamed, Peter, Nasar and Michal at the pool bar, these boys are seriously the best guys in eqypt. so funny, polite and just really nice guys. Looked after me and my girlfriend."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of June 2009

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  • richard.baird by richard.baird

    "Rocky pool bar, Mohammed and the boys will look after you. World class!!!!!! "

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