About Savoy Sharm El Sheikh

The graceful Savoy Sharm El Sheikh promises a peaceful getaway in the sun.
Situated in the Ras Mohammed National Park, the 5-star hotel’s rooms and
suites, its entertainment options and its blossoming gardens exude style and
luxury. Just 8km from the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, the hotel is
right on the beach and not far from both cultural sites and modern shopping
facilities. Whether you want to make use of the resort’s extensive water
sports and diving facilities, or take a stroll through the nearby Soho Square,
the Savoy and its surroundings will not disappoint. You’ll wish the days on
the private beach would never end, as the Red Sea laps against the golden shore.
However, once the evenings begin the real fun starts, with an excellent variety
of dining options and bars to sample. Afterwards the popular hotel disco keeps
the tunes playing so that you can take your holiday spirit onto the dance floor
and the real party animals can take the party on to Soho Square afterwards. This
is a holiday option with plenty to keep the children occupied, with ice skating,
ten pin bowling and a soft play area in Soho Square. Meanwhile, a range of
massages, body scrubs and wrap and beauty treatments is on offer to keep the
adults Zen.

Room Information and Room Facilities

Whether you go for a guest room or a suite, the refined style of the decorations
is beautiful to behold. Decked out in majestic marble and rich hard woods,
guests cannot help but be soothed by the luxurious accommodation. Each room
features adjustable air conditioning, wifi access, mini-bar, en suite bathroom
and hairdryer. The inclusion of a balcony or terrace gives guests a little
private piece of the glorious Egyptian outdoors to savour. Each room is
furnished with a balance of elegance and comfort to ensure the guests feel well
able to relax.

Facilities, Entertainment, Activities

The coral reef in the Ras Mohammed National Park and the beautifully clear
waters of the Red Sea make this coastline one of the world’s best diving
spots. Diving or at least snorkelling is a must and with a PADI approved dive
school on the beach there has never been a better opportunity to jump straight
in. In the hotel grounds can be found tennis, squash and beach volleyball courts
as well as a modern gym facility and for the golfers there is a course situated
just 5km away. Sauna and Jacuzzis, as well as a range of beauty and spa
treatments round off an array of activities that is as exiting as it is
luxurious. For guests that would like to experience the culture and history of
Egypt, a trip around the nearby St Catherine’s Monastery is the perfect day
out. Situated next to Mount Sinai, the building dates back to the 500s. The old
part of Sharm is also worth visiting during your stay as well, for a look around
the town’s fascinating bazaar.

Food and Drink Options

At the Savoy Sharm El Sheikh the dining options are second to none, with a
superb choice of outstanding restaurants. Whether you want an intimate candle
lit meal for two or a family table for 12, the staff are expert at facilitating
your every wish. At the Caligula Hot Rocks Restaurant, the best quality local
ingredients are brought together by the resort’s passionate chefs, including
fresh fish caught straight out of the Red Sea the very same day. Further choices
can also be found at the trendy Soho Square, including Indian, Chinese, Thai,
Middle Eastern and Steakhouse restaurants. In the hotel’s intimate bars, a
good array of locally produced and imported beverages are served for the
guests’ delectation. The half board option allows guests to chose from the
buffet, or the seafood, Morgana and Hot Rock restaurants. At the Savoy you
really are spoilt for choice when it comes to fantastic food and drink; all
served by the best waiting staff around.

Reviews summary

( 5506 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

35 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

simply amazing

Reviewed Mon 28th of June 2010

"Have just arrived home from spending a week at the Royal Savoy in Sharm el Sheikh. What an amazing hotel! My partner and i were looking for somewhere a bit special to stay and this hotel certainly catered for everything we were looking for. The staff are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Drinks are served around the pool all day and at a very reasonable price. The restaurants are also very good.
During our stay we did a camel safari trip that we booked through www. onetour-egypt.com We did this before leaving the UK. This cost us 30gbp per person and was an amazing experience - going through the desert on a camel and being able to look at the breathtaking scenery as the sun goes down. We booked our trip through this company as they had been reccommended by friends and they really do provide the best service and value for money.
The hotel is located in Soho square in Nabq about 20 minutes from the main hub of Namma Bay. It is in a very quiet location and good if you are looking for a nice relaxing holiday.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 19th of June 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

The truth about the Savoy in Sharm

Reviewed Tue 23rd of June 2009

"Please read this if you have any doubts about the Savoy in Sharm or would like to read an accurate review of this hotel.

I have just returned from the Savoy with my girlfried (3am this morning) and we stayed for 10 days. What can i say... this hotel is in a different league! Not only the size of the hotel but every detail is perfect. Soho Square has just been built by the hotel and has approx 6 new places to eat 6 different bars including an english pub and Steak house which was amazing. Ice skating, bowling.... you name it they probably have it.
On turning up to the hotel you have your first taste of how polite and exclusive the hotel is. A bell boy will take your bags to the room while you check in. Your walked to your room and given a brief tour of the hotel..... the rooms are a great size and if your not happy then you can always ask to see another or upgrade but for us who are use to living some what of a high life were delighted with the room size and decor.

Some reviews i have read before we departed did worry me slightly but as soon as we arrived our worrys were put to rest.

we arrived at midnite so therefore grabbed some room service which turned up immediatly and was fantastic. the food in room service is cheap but the quality and size is unbelievable.

Breakfast buffet is the best i have seen worldwide and the food is fresh with such a variety to cater for all tastes.

Your given pool/beach towels at reception when you check in which you hand in at the pool or beach for a towel to save you from taking your own and just return the towels once your finished each day to get your card back.
The pool is HUGE!!! 3 different levels so you can change it up each day and move about. The guys at the pool bar are just the best..... so friendly, polite well dressed all the time and a great laugh, really cant do enough for you.
Take a seat at the pool and the boys will run around after you all day and bring you drinks as and when, they come around and clean your sun glasses, bring you cold wet flannels.... you name it and they do it.
tipping goes along way out there as they dont earn as much money but they do work hard as they are all very dedecated to build on their ecconomy.
50LE is approx 5-6GBP so not a biggy.

The beach is good, loads of sunbed's, same service as the pool bar boys and the snorkelling is breathtaking. the water is so clear and 100's of different fish swimming past you... words cant describe this as you will have to see it yourself.

theres vollyball, water arobics and other activitys to keep you busy.
The food bars and resturants for lunch are great, service is always on top form and so is the food.

Going back to the room each day the cleaner had been and what a job he had done. everyday our room was spotless, mopped through, beds made all cosmetics and products had been placed neatly and looked tidy. to top this the cleaner made everyday something out of the towels and put on our bed, 2 great big flowers, crocodiles, sharks..... something different everyday and it was a shame to move them to get in bed.
Fresh towels and bed sheets everyday!!!!
again a little tip for the cleaners goes along way.

We did the quad biking excersion in the desert which was brillinat. 250LE each...what a bargin. make sure women wear longer shorts as the seats are hott.

in Soho square at night there are guys doing camel rides... good laugh but they do try and rip you off as they are not hotel staff and just want money. either agree a price before or do what we did and give them 100LE when they asked for 250LE and walk off.

there is no need to leave the hotel of a night and i wish we didnt..... we got curious late on night and decided to take a trip to Nama bay....... absolute [--]!!! these people give egyptians a bad name as they are all after money, pester the life out of you, drag you into their shop and annoy the life out of you. Perverts aswell!!! my girlfriend is blonde and as they dont have any blonde's out there they love a look and a pester. dirty smelly people and you could end up bashing the life out of all of them so i would suggest dont go as anythin you buy there you could just buy in soho square. also you wouldnt like to eat in any of the places there, and anyways its only 2 streets big so really not worth it.
Comming back to the hotel does make you realize just how good the Savoy is.

On the way back from the quad biking we dropped other people off at their hotels....... lets put this nicely...... Savoy wins hands down, there really is no beating this hotel for looks, size and service.

Other reviews rave on about germans, russians and italians.... you get this worldwide and there is never a problem with them atal. The equptians like the english more than any other as we are polite and say thank you and please, the others just bark orders at the waiters. If there are any Germans pushing in the breakfast que then a swift "oi what are you doing" normally gives them the idea to wait their turn.

the weather is outragously hot and we hit 45 deg C and in July it can be up to 55 so make sure you you use high SPF and the beach is way hotter then the pool.

All drinks if not all inc are charged to your room and paid every 2 days or so to save you from taking money everywhere.

I really cant stress that if you are going to go to Sharm then go to the Savoy you will not be disapointed. This is a 5 star hotel and well up to UK 5 star standards.

if you have any questions then please do email me [email protected] and i will try to help.

few last vital points;

Make sure you change your money up in the hotel bank. their ex rate 9.15 at gatwick 6.91 to the pound
Eat in the hotels italian - better then at home
Eat at the BOMBAY curry in SOHO above mandarin bar
Go see Mohamed, Peter, Nasar and Michal at the pool bar, these boys are seriously the best guys in eqypt. so funny, polite and just really nice guys. Looked after me and my girlfriend."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of June 2009

Just got back

Reviewed Tue 30th of December 2008

"First of all, all 4 of our Family Members ended up with food poisening within the first 2 days, thus meaning the first 3 days were pretty much ruined. Once we had got over the initial food poisening, we could only just start enjoying our food without throwing up. The Italian restaurant I thought was brilliant, as was the restaurant just down from the cave bar which served grilled meats, pizza, etc. The 'Middle Eastern' restaurant was very poor, and I rate the Chinese as 'average'.

Despite advertising for free wirless internet use in your room, the internet was unavailable for the whole week of our holiday. Upon asking what was wrong with it, the Hotel Reception told me "The Internet was down in the whole of Egypt". I had to laugh at that comment. I then proceeded to ask when he can expect it to be fixed and he said "Maybe today, or tommorrow". This was the answer I received every day for the next 7 days. On the 6th day I decided to take a walk up the road for a few minutes, and after just a 4 minute walk I found an internet cafe with internet access (Clearly internet was down across ALL of Egypt as Savoy stated [rolling eyes]). It was too late for me to respond to a business matter via email, but it would have been handy if The Savoy reception had made me aware of this place when they first told me the internet was down, rather than fobbing me off with excuses and empty promises.

Like majority of holiday destinations, be carefull with Taxi drivers from the airport. Our taxi driver packed our suitcases in his boot, we set off, and only then did he turn around and tell us it was 100 Egyption Pounds EACH!! We paid this to him, and he tried to drop us off a 2 minute walk from the hotel. After a very heated argument, we forced him to drive us into our hotel. Again, he tried to drop us off just outside and we again in a heated row forced him to drive us up to reception. As we got out the taxi, we called the Hotel Security over and told him how much the Taxi Driver had charged us, which sparked off a row between the Taxi Driver against Us and Security. To the credit of Hotel Security, they locked the bloke in the hotel premises and were on the phone to the police. The Taxi man coughed up 300 Egyption Pounds in refund meaning our Taxi only cost 100 Egyption pounds in the end (115 is the going rate). We then proceeded to drop charges against him to the police as we just wanted to concentrate on our holiday, but what a fiasco that was!

I went to Narma Bay shopping 1 of the days. Its a waste of time. Horrible place, horrible people who pester you none stop and make you feel uncomfortable. I ended up buying 1 item, and that was meerly out of principle. I passed a watch shop and for the first time, the guy didnt come and harrass me, so out of kindness, I went up and purchased a watch, and made a point of it to other stall men out there that being friendly and not pestering will bring you sales.

Ok ok, so I've been a bit critical so far. The Hotel itself was attractive around the pool, and the beach was crowded but ok. The Hotel Staff were friendly, and the cleaner always did a very good job with our room.

Would I recommend this holiday to anyone? No I wouldn't, I think you can get much better holidays for the price it costs to go to Savoy in Egypt.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 30th of December 2008

I always tend to read comments on websit...

Reviewed Thu 7th of August 2008

"I always tend to read comments on websites like this before I go anywhere and am suprised by some of the comments. People forget that 5* in some countries such as Egypt is not like a 5* London Hotel. Overall I enjoyed my holiday at the Savoy.

I stayed here for 2 weeks in May 2007 on a B&B basis. On arrival we were given our room key and our bags arrived to our room rather quickly. The room was fine, clean and large enough. The linen, towels were changed regularly.

We ate in 3 of the restaurants and had no problems (Italian, Steak, Chinese), although the Italian on one night was a little too salty for me. At one point we were the only 2 people left as we had dinner quite late and ended up being privately serenaded by the lady singing that night. The breakfast gave loads of choice, cooked, continental, cereals, fruit, Egyptian, lots of breads, cakes, pastries and pancakes etc. So plenty to make a difference every day. The food was fine as far as I am concerned. We ordered room service a few times and food arrived piping hot and tasted very nice. Staff were always very friendly. I think if you are polite to them the favour is returned. Some we spoke to said that some holiday makers were incredibly rude and this seemed to really offend them. I found them all nice and helpful. Even giving us free snacks at the bar when we got a few beers.

The pool was great, plenty of sun beds and parasols to go around and staff were friendly. My only criticism were the bar staff at the pool were a little slow.
As for the beach, again people forget that a lot of the beaches are man made in Sharm, but if you get a snorkel there are some great reefs to see lots of fish.
If you want to get out and about, go to Naama Bay, lots of choices of restaurants and the taxi is approx £5, but try and haggle.

As for dodgy tums, it seems to happen to loads of people in Egypt regardless of where you stay, be it the money (its all notes and rather dirty, always wash your hands! It smells to), not drinking enough water, food, hot weather, your own personal hygiene etc etc, most of the time you can tell when a restaurant is 'good' quality or not. Buffets do tend to be the worst offenders, so best to get there when they open and food is fresh.

Personally, I would stay here again, most of the time a holiday is what you make of it. People mainly tend to comment on something when it has gone wrong. So in closing I would reccommend this hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 7th of August 2008

This was the best holiday we have ever b...

Reviewed Tue 10th of June 2008

"This was the best holiday we have ever been on.

The Savoy hotel could not be faulted in any way and the weather was around 40 the whole time but with a nice breeze on most days.

Our room was cleaned twice a day, spacious and very comfortable.

The pool area was kept beautiful; pool attendants very helpful and the bar staff kept us refreshed throughout the day - Mahmoud needs a special mention here :)
Restaurants were all superb although we didn't eat in the Tirana (buffet style) on any evening.
What some people weren't aware of was that there were 3/4 other restaurants across the road that were also included on the all inclusive basis. There were Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern (soon to be a Ukranian also) and a really funky bar which served some great cocktails.
The food quality and choice is amazing, the Indian or Italian was our favourite but they were all 5* quality.
Evening entertainment is a little bit limited but that suited us just fine, the African dancers one night were fantastic. Again, bar staff were so attentive and made you feel so welcome. Particularly Mo (Mohammed) in the Le Balconie bar.

One evening we went to N'ama Bay and wish we hadn't bothered. Got hassled from the minute we got out of the taxi and found people very intimidating. We couldn't wait to get back into another taxi and get back.
Be careful with taxis. You should only pay 50 Egyptian pounds to get to and from the Savoy to N'ama Bay and they were trying to charge 100. Haggle with them to get them down and even pretend to walk away from them and they will give in.

Sharm airport - what a nightmare!
If you are not looking to go sight-seeing and just staying on the hotel resort or local areas, go straight to passport control (to the right as you walk in). They will try and make you get a visa (which is on the left hand side) but you don't need one unless you are venturing out to places like Cairo etc. It looks very confusing but just bear this in mind.

We were really worried about getting funny tummies whilst we were away but we are fine all week. We drank lots of water during the day and used an antibacterial hand wash throughout the day. We ate all different foods from the salads to fish to cream cakes and had no problems at all. We even had ice which was fine as it's made from bottled water.
Just don't drink the water out of the tap, even when brushing your teeth we were advised to use bottled water.

Hope this helps!

We can't wait to book again next year!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 10th of June 2008

Just back from the Savoy Hotel in Sharm...

Reviewed Sun 25th of May 2008

"Just back from the Savoy Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh& I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing& luxurious holidays i've ever had. Rooms were very spacious& spotless, cleaners done a remarkable job. Wide variety of food& restaurants to choose from. Beach& pool were incredible& staff were extremely friendly& attentive. Apart from a mix up with our room (we had booked to stay in the Royal Savoy section, but this didnt happen, Thomas Cooks fault) we experienced no other disruptions. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who's fed up with the same old holidays to Spain, who enjoys the sunshine& who's looking for a little bit of luxury."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 25th of May 2008

Just returned from a week in the above....

Reviewed Mon 21st of April 2008

"Just returned from a week in the above. Positives are:

Sunshine everyday
No hassle
Some very attentive local staff - cleaners.
Big enough not to feel uncomfortable with the same people
A range of activities on the beach - we did not do any of them though!
Pools clean and not too many people using them


Not enough umbrellas
System of booking evening restaurants was irratating
Russians are very rude - one incident whereby they demanded to have our sunbeds even though we had been using them for two hours!
Food was plentiful and some of it very good - Seafood

The major set back for me was Fleetway Travel. We booked last minute through Lastminute.com with Fleetway being the travel company. They were awful in my view. After they had taken the money, zero service and communication. I telephoned every day for the whole of the week before, and then had to make a formal complaint to get the booking vouchures.

I will never use them again as the stress did me in.

So to conclude, good holiday if you want to relax and unwind with not stress or hassle.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 21st of April 2008

We stayed in the Royal Savoy on an all i...

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2007

"We stayed in the Royal Savoy on an all inclusive basis for two weeks in early December. We enjoyed one of the most relaxing and enjoyable holidays to date. Royal Savoy rooms (ours was 4034) featured marble bathroom with separate shower, dressing/wardrobe area and substantial bedroom complete with enormous four poster bed, dressing table and private patio overlooking gardens and pool area.

The Royal Savoy complex has it's own private lounge and reception - this was an excellent benefit and keeps you away from the main complex, it's quiet, elegant and very relaxed. The Royal Savoy staff are very helpful, always pleasant and very eager to please - Hani and Mohammed in particular were always there to help (whatever you wanted or needed). In the Royal Savoy lounge we enjoyed leisurely breakfasts with Hani the omelette chef, mid morning coffees, tasty canapés and nibbles throughout the day and early evening. Canapés were delicious and if you didn't feel like lunch after a large breakfast, these were ideal for light snack.

Within the Royal Savoy you also have a dedicated pool, this is on the small side BUT there's only about 40 rooms within the RS to share it with. Ahmed the pool attendant provides numerous towels, refreshes them throughout the day and keeps your sunbeds in the sun. The private pool bar is open for drinks only, if you want to eat here you can order from the room service menu and the staff will phone it through and bring it over to you. This isn't included in the all inclusive option but we felt it was well worth it to stay relaxed. The Rocky Pool Bar in the main complex was a little too rowdy for our tastes (staff and guests included).

The beach area was disappointing, we felt it there were too many beds and people for the space, we discovered they allow guests from their sister hotel, the Sierra to use the beach facilities which may explain why it felt so crowded. However, walk onto the pontoon and enjoy superb snorkelling - the hotel sits on National Park waters, it really is beautiful.

Restaurants and food quality - overall we felt this was fair but could be improved on. We avoided the main buffet restaurant, the Tirana on negative advice from other guests. It's catering on a large scale and you have to accept that. There are however, 4 or 5 other restaurants to choose from - we stuck with Rosamorino (Italian), Eest (Oriental) and Morgana (a la carte). We always asked the Royal Savoy reception to book us a table and we always got one, we didn't get bogged down with the different menus we just had what we wanted, yes you're charged extra for Eest but we felt the food here was excellent and very good value for money (you are given 25% discount if your on all inclusive and the drinks are still free). Make sure you know what nights the restaurants are open as they have Savoy buffet nights in Eest and Morgana so you can't eat here every night. We didn't really see the point of the these nights - if you want buffet food you could go to the Tirana, it just limited us to Rosamorino only.

Our brief was a "fly & flop" holiday, we weren't interested in sightseeing, entertainment or activities. For us the Royal Savoy was perfect and we were able to relax and unwind, we had superb weather, beautiful accomodation and incredibly helpful staff. It was the little touches that made the difference e.g. fresh flowers appeared on the patio every morning, turn down service in the evenings etc. We are more than happy to recommend the Royal Savoy and are planning a return trip next year. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 27th of December 2007

This Hotel does not warrant 5*, rooms ok...

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2007

"This Hotel does not warrant 5*, rooms okay and clean, not much to do either except swimming. If you go all inclusive you receive a different menu from those that are paying and the menu is very basic. We had a free invitation to the Savoy Gala night, don't bother to go... same as the rest of help yourself meals; the only difference was a belly dancer and a singer.

The only restaurant worth visiting is the Italian, the food was very good, but again you are limited on what you can have if you are all inclusive. The Asian restaurant - we did go there but you will have to pay extra for the privilege.

The lunch time food is the same every day, burger & chips, chicken in a bun and chips, you might as well go to MacDonald’s. Drinks are the basic and if you want a bottle of wine you will have to pay for it, but if you have a glass of wine you don’t. The wine by the bottle tastes better, but the wine by the glass is cheap.

This is not an all inclusive holiday I am used too and will not be going back there.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 11th of December 2007

Resort: Rating= 7/10 The resort itself...

Reviewed Fri 7th of December 2007

"Resort: Rating= 7/10
The resort itself has some pretty features such as rocks and small waterfalls with flowers to give it that tranquil feeling. Unfortunately this is as far as it goes. The beach is standard.

Not much to do. The quality of sand is average with rock and stone throughout. It’s not all as it sounds and looks. The waters are fine and has some good coral and variety of sea life for eager snorkelers.

Facilities: Rating5/10
Unfortunately if you have children then this isn’t the place to take them as there is little to do for them! The most you will find is a small kids club near the beach in front of one of the restaurants which is poorly staffed as they were never seen to be there. In my experience I only saw them just the once.

For adults there is a club daily from 11pm onwards. For non club goers well your extremely limited to a small gym, sauna and steam room are booked in advance so if you fancy a session tough! You have to book this but nor may you’re lucky and can just go in.

You can participate in water aerobics but this isn’t all the time, if and when it is available.

Excursions are more or less typical of all hotels. The hotel gives free vouchers including

Free gala dinner x1
Use of tennis court x1
30 minute stress massage x2
7 piece laundry voucher x1

Rooms: Rating 5/10 for Savoy and 7/10 for Royal Savoy.
This was the most disappointing part of the hotel experience. The Savoy boasts about luxury and quality. When I was taken to my room it really gave me the impression of a 4 star. The furniture was old and chipped that hadn’t been looked after or replaced.

The rooms looked old and neglected. This was a big letdown. The bathroom was disappointing too. The actual bath was stained yellow through ware and tear and corrosion and naturally decaying factors were taking its toll.

The Royal Savoy was the biggest let down. Really this should have been the starting place where the hotel should have based its bench mark of its 5 star room. Again the furniture was old and used. There was signs of decay and the overall finish was bad. For example the paid work needed going over again and you could spot several coats of paint on 1 particular area compared to others. A very big letdown.

Staff: Rating= 9/10.
Egyptian staff are normally welcoming and will go out their way to help you as much as possible. For example I left my pram at the airport the concierge had this kept safe for me for my return journey.

Restaurants: Ratings = 6/10
The best restaurant was the Rosario, the Italian styled had a nice feel to it with good sized meals and variety. Other restaurants were tacky and didn’t have the same level of service and variety. In total there were about several restaurants which had to be pre booked by 10am but again if you were lucky then you could just go in. Please be aware that all inclusive had its imitations as there are separate menus with better choice and variety which is not for the al inclusive guest which also goes for the drinks!!! Al inclusive should mean ALL INCLUSIVE but at the Savoy this is not the case!!!!Be aware!

Overall rating = 6.
For the price we paid for 2 adults and a baby £1260 it was not worth it.

Please consider and make sure you know exactly what you are getting and entitled to before parting with YOUR hard earned cash.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 7th of December 2007

Good hotel and great staff, completely r...

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2007

"Good hotel and great staff, completely ruined by terrible food.

We tried all but one of the hotel restaurants and they were consistently extremely disappointing. Trying to be constructive, and since we do work in the food sector, we left a 4 page report for the general manager which wasn't even acknowledged!

I pride myself as having an "iron stomach" but even this succumbed to food poising, totally ruining the holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of December 2007

On arrival they tried to put us in a roo...

Reviewed Wed 19th of September 2007

"On arrival they tried to put us in a room that was rejected by another couple, so we refused and put into a fabulous room with sea views. Room was spotless and cleaned and new towels everyday, only moan was that they didn't give us tea and coffee when we had used it up. Second day in, they filled the fridge our with soft drinks and a marvelous gift of chocolate and fruit bowl, lovely touch.

Pools were amazing and clean. Towels were put on the beds for you, drinks came to you if you ordered them while sunbathing. They like to be tipped and if you do this you will be surprised because word gets around and they will really look after you but you must keep it up. We only tipped on excellent service over and above.

Food was very much typical of all inclusive. Pasta, bread, meats and salads and the occasional meat dishes, however the deserts are to die for. The last three days I was very ill with food poisoning, but to be honest where ever I go in the world I get an upset tummy. The restaurants especially the Italian was very nice but we were disappointed that the other restaurants were available at a 20% discount only and that was only if you were all inclusive, full price otherwise, I felt that it was expensive.

Drinks free if local and some lager. Look out for the brown drinks menu as they have all the free drinks! You have to show your thin card every time and sign for it, so a tip is to have two cards and two different signatures so that if anyone wants to go out for the day and anyone else left wants to just relax then they can use the facilities.

Spa rubbish but it was free. One use if you are all inclusive.

You get one banana boat trip free on arrival and a laundry voucher.

Gym ok.

My partner went on a night dive and day dive average price but amazing. If you like the sea but can't snorkel then this area isn't for you. There were alot of parents that had children on the beach and they couldn't go into the water as you had to go out on a floating bridge (due to the dangerous rocks and reef) and it was very deep once across the floating bridges, brilliant for snorkeling but not for children. All you can do is watch and build sand castles, so there was alot of kids playing up because they were bored. But the pool area was great but the beds go very early, but you get that in alot of hotels.

There was alot of Russian but I found them very friendly and a good sign as far as I was concerned because they only go on holidays that are first class, which the Savoy was. Savoy had its own beach, friendly staff and you can use your all inclusive paper pass to obtain food at beach cafe.

Entertainment was rubbish, they haven't a clue but when the drinks are pouring who cares. They need an entertainment manager for sure. While we where there we found out that they where having a change of management so they may put this right.

The disco was fabulous and brilliant all round music. Shops within the hotel were ok but expensive.

Toilets all very clean.

On departure if you are lucky like us, we were able to shower in somebodys room because of a late flight. But you have to pay for a room if you have a late flight. Also everything is computerized if you are all inclusive the deal finishes at 12 noon, so stock up on your drinks otherwise you have to pay full price

I don't think I have missed anything, so final conclusion: very good, will love to go again. The trip was a special trip as it was for my 40th so if we win the lottery I will go again. However we meet a lovely family who paid less then us for two weeks all inclusive so shop around.

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of September 2007

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  • richard.baird by richard.baird

    "Rocky pool bar, Mohammed and the boys will look after you. World class!!!!!! "

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  • The Savoy Sharm El Sheikh
  • Savoy Sharm El Sheikh
  • Savoy Sharm

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