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Reviews summary

( 432 reviews)

18 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

There was good points and bad points abo...

Reviewed Thu 3rd of January 2008

"There was good points and bad points about the hotel, as many have already said; mainly Russians. The atmosphere was Russian based, for example the shows at night, the games and music.

The staff were excellent and treated you like royalty! Whatever you wanted you got. We even kept in touch with some off the staff and hopefully will see them again sometime.

I would definitely recommend it! Great relaxing place to go for any age!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 3rd of January 2008

We were disappointed at the quality of t...

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2007

"We were disappointed at the quality of the hotel, after being informed that this was 5*, as it certainly did not feel like it. After reading the reviews today, it captured accurately our views regarding the accommodation (pity we did not read them before we went, but this was a last minute booking and we have only just got access to the internet at home).

Very few English. Charged for bottled water and ice creams for example, which did not really meet our expectations of all inclusive. Staff were very friendly and attentive, but reception and management were rude and unhelpful.

Room kept clean and tidy for us, with a few special touches. We were all ill and our daughter spent two days in bed. It was great having our own coral reef and nearby beach and snorkelling was fabulous. Highly unlikely that we would return to this hotel, but made the best of the holiday and overall we enjoyed our stay.

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of October 2007

We stayed here for one week for our hone...

Reviewed Wed 19th of September 2007

"We stayed here for one week for our honeymoon, before we went here we read all the reviews and we were not looking forward to it, but we really had wonderful time. We found all the staff so helpful, they can’t do enough to help you.

The rooms were cleaned every day, clean towels every day and bed sheets too.

Food wise they do cater a lot for the Russians but there was plenty of choice, the only thing I can say is make sure you take diarrhoea tablets with you, my husband suffered with an upset stomach quite bad but I was fine, think it may of been the ice cubes as they use their own water.

We did not do much travelling while there as it was our first time to Sharm it is such a beautiful place and some of the fish you see are amazing, it was about 48 degrees while we were there very very hot.

Overall we had a brilliant time and we will return maybe we will try a different hotel next time, but I would recommend this hotel to anyone great value for money.

Just a small tip they do not accept Egyptian money in the hotel its mainly American dollars and Euros so just take a bit of each if you can or you can use English money."

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of September 2007

The hotel is situated about 5 minutes fr...

Reviewed Tue 21st of August 2007

"The hotel is situated about 5 minutes from the airport and cannot be faulted for the cleanliness and help offered by the staff, however, the management are less than interested in sorting any problems.

The hotel is suited towards Russian guests who make up the majority. All of the entertainment and any announcements are made for them and English guests are left wondering what is going on.

The all inclusive side of the hotel is a myth, this is basically a full board hotel with drinks thrown in. No drinks can be obtained after 2300 and have to be paid for on a bill which has to be settled the minute you reach a $50 limit. The hotel will not accept Egyptian currency. Ice cream by the pool must be paid for!!!

The food is basic with different themed nights; however, the Italian restaurant only opens on 4 nights, one of which has to be paid for. The fish restaurant has also to be paid for, leaving basically the main hotel and a barbecue to eat.

If you are looking for a basic holiday with no thrills this is the place. We will not go back.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of August 2007

Old fashioned hotel, in need of modernis...

Reviewed Tue 14th of August 2007

"Old fashioned hotel, in need of modernisation certainly not a 5* quality.

Basic food hygiene and quality very poor with cross contamination very evident as food was transported from main hotel restaurant to other on-site restaurants in the back of an open pick up truck (same one as used to carry dirty bed linen from apartments) ... raw meat stacked next to salad etc.

Cockroaches in rooms (even though daily sprayed with insecticide).

Whilst we were there someone had emptied their bowel in the swimming pool - the staff were not in the least bit interested and let everyone carry on swimming (without removing the faeces) and just opted to turn up the chlorine level overnight.

Management disinterested in any protests that were raised instead tried to deny / hide any allegations. We found the management generally difficult to deal with, however the main staff were all quite friendly and willing to help where they could.

Hotel predominantly catered for Eastern Europeans (who are apparently less fussy than us westerners or so we were informed by Food & Beverage Manager - when asked why we weren't eating the food provided). Approx 95% Eastern 5% Western.

Nearest decent place to eat was some 20 mins away in Nama Bay so not only did we have to pay for all inclusive, but also had to pay for a taxi and alternative food......

Would not recommend this hotel to anyone under the current conditions that we encountered.

The only good thing about this resort was the weather and the snorkelling!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 14th of August 2007

Never again! What a stunning setting -...

Reviewed Fri 20th of April 2007

"Never again!

What a stunning setting - absolutely gorgeous overlooking Sharks Bay. However, no mention was made about the hills, and this is definitely not a hotel for the disabled or anyone who has any type of mobility problems.

The staff were fantastic - very helpful and very friendly, but management were very difficult to deal with.

Although they have several restaurants, you cannot move food from one restaurant or another. My son is a fussy eater and wanted to eat a pizza from the Italian restaurant in the Grill restaurant so that he could eat with the rest of the family.

This was refused! If you want a pizza, you have to eat in the Italian restaurant or starve!

This hotel was set up for the Russians who made up about 95% of the guests. The other 5% was varied. The food was poor as it was predominately for the Russians - I could not even tell you what some of it was!

There were several families who were all inclusive, who visited McDonalds for lunch and then one of the restaurants in Naama Bay for dinner - all at extra expense.

This hotel was not of a 5* standard - more like 3*!

Unfortunately, 5 days after our arrival, we could not take any more and moved to another hotel.

Rating for this hotel is 3 out of 10 - a point each for the cleanliness, friendliness & setting."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 20th of April 2007

The hotel staff were very polite and obl...

Reviewed Sun 15th of April 2007

"The hotel staff were very polite and obliging. The food was very basic with lots of salads only 3 types of 'meat'- fish, chicken and beef.

The chicken was very rarely cooked. The crockery was chipped as were the glasses.

Very hilly and not ideal for people who have mobility problems. The music around the pool was very loud at times and no chance of afternoon siestas.

Entertainment was very basic with 2 singers alternating evenings.

The Italian restaurant was very nice and a change from the main restaurant.
Not many English people mainly Russians.

Yes it was all inclusive but they take your bands off you at 12 noon on the day you leave so you cannot access the bar for drinks or pay for them, as the hotel does not accept Egyptian currency.

We suffered poorly tummy's, infact a mild dose of food poisoning only 3 days into our holiday.

Nearest place was 20 minutes away in a taxi and it costs £10 return. No shops nearby.
Very close to the airport.

Ideal for snorkelling and diving. Nowhere to walk.

Naama bay is nearest place and the Egyptians wanting you to go in their shops all the time. A lot of tat watch out, and don't forget to barter."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 15th of April 2007

As I had only read one review about this...

Reviewed Fri 9th of March 2007

"As I had only read one review about this hotel before I went and that was not good, I was very concerned but I have to say, all doubts were dismissed after spending a few days there.

This hotel is certainly not a 5* more a 3*, it is a little dated and in need of some general refurbishment.

Considering the price I paid it was value for money.

Nevertheless, I must stress the cleanliness of the hotel is not to be faulted, every day and we were given fresh sheets and towels and our room was spotless, if a tip is given to the cleaner early in the holiday you every need will be catered for.

They work long hours with very little pay but they always manage a smile for you.

The food was good but you have to remember they have to cater for a few different nationalities; mostly Russians who seem to devour food at an enormous rate!

As a lot of English people are not very adventurous when it comes to food so perhaps some might say it was boring, no English fish and chips here.

The food was hot and well presented and we never experienced any tummy upsets throughout our stay.

There are three other restaurants, the Italian and the Baywatch serving meals al fresco, and the Seafood restaurant at an extra charge.

It was my birthday when we were there and the head waiter wanted to do a party with a cake for me with some of the friends we had made at no extra charge. The staff could not do enough for my husband and myself and other English people we had met there.

The beaches are very poor mostly of shingle, the main beach is very crowded with too many sun beds but there is a smaller beach further up the resort which is very quiet.

There are numerous pools but the entertainment staff tend to play the music a little too loud so an afternoon siesta is out of the question.

The only fault I have (apart from too many rude Russians) is that the hotel is slightly out of the way; Naama Bay is about ½ hour in a taxi or the hotel bus and most nights we went there, as the hotel entertainment is not too good.

I met a lot of English people who would come again to this hotel, including myself and my husband."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of March 2007

Best go B&B

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"We arrived on Christmas Eve and left 7th Jan 07!
The positives about this hotel are that it is very clean, the rooms are a nice size. (Finally we go to a hotel where we can have a shower without flooding the bathroom)/ The staff are more than friendly (especially when you tip them). The omeletes for breakfast were a major plus as they were cooked in front of you. There were plenty of sunbeds and you could choose from the activity beach, which was lively, the peaceful beach., or sit around one of the many pools. The hotel is situated on a cliff above the lovely Shark's Bay, which was a real chill-out place, and can be reached either by steps or along the road if you are disabled.

The negatives
Only one bar to drink in the evening where it was a struggle to find a seat. (We counted 50 seats!) The food was never hot, unless you were able to get something cooked in front of you, which was either pasta or something from the grill bar. As the food in the hotel was not to our liking and finding that we could never sit and relax in the bar in the evening we decided to take a Taxi into Naama Bay where we found a number of VERY good Restaurants that were VERY good Value and we got to eat what we wanted to eat.
The reception was very dis-organised. Especially when checking out. You cannot pay your bill with Egyptian Money unless you pay on a card, which you are charged a fee to use! My advice is ensure you have Dollars or Euros at the end of your stay to pay for all he extras that you have had, including the safety deposit box, which we found was reasonably priced. You can keep your room up to 3pm, but this can only be arranged on the day of your departure and has to be authorised by management. We had to wait until 10am to know if we could keep ours!
Mainly the problem was the number of Russians in the hotel. We did not realise that this was a Russian owned hotel until we read one of the other reviews after our return. Had we realised before we booked we would have gone elsewhere, but we stayed in another AI hotel in Sharm before and found that that was overrun by Russians too, who we found rather rude and obnoxious.

This hotel is not ALL bad, but we have been to Sharm 3 times now and have decided that the next trip will definitely not be in this hotel as there are a number that are better, but also not in an AI resort! When we visit Sharm next time it will be Bed & Breakfast in a hotel in Naama Bay.

Also I would warn any of you that the hotel is very near the airport and you can hear the planes taking off. We did not find this a problem as we live on teh flightpath to our local airport, but someone else may find this could ruin their holiday."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 14th of January 2007

Don't be put off

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"We stayed at this hotel over Christmas and New Year and after reading the reviews we were a bit speptic of going there. I have never seen a hotel that is so clean, there were cleaners everywhere who also worked during the night. The staff were very friendly and helpful and if you gave them a small tip, they couldn't do enough for you. The food was typical to non-european standards, but there was always something on the menu that you could eat. They had two types of soup, 20 different salad bowls, fresh cut roasts, kebabs, veg, various breads and 20 different kinds of desserts. There are 4 different restauants that you can eat from including an Italian. The hotel has various beaches/coves with their own jetties and six swimming pools. The weather was brilliant for that time of year and we met some fantastic people who we made friends with and had an excellent holiday. The hotel had a lot of Russian tourists but are not catering for the British market. All in all, this was a very good holiday and a great base for exploring the sights of Egypt."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 12th of January 2007

We had a lovely time!

Reviewed Wed 14th of November 2012

"Having read the reviews on this hotel after booking on a last minute deal for New year I was wary to say the least however I would not worry unless you are going to complain about the all inclusive finishing at 11pm which you know when you book or the food not being english....you are in Egypt! My boyfiend and myself had a great holiday and found the hotel exceptionnaly clean....the staff were always cleaning somewhere and whilst not a brand new hotel you could not complain as the room was spotless and cleaned to a high standard every day. Not quite sure how you can claim that 7up and Pepsi is unpallatable and the beer was very nice, the Vodka was very strong but the measures are huge so that is expected. We did not eat in the main restaurant mainly because it was very much like a canteen in the evening but that is the case with most all inc buffet style restaurants, however the Russians are very rude but this is the case in all the hotels in Egypt not just the Rojana. We had breakfast in the main rest as this was sound with bread, croissants, cereals and freshly made omelettes. lunch in the grill as there was many meats straight of the BBQ and salad bowls along with chips and then the Italian in the evening had fab freshly made Pizza's to order and pasta along with salad bowls and other past dishes already prepared. The staff are very friendly and like anywhere they rely on tips to top up their terrible wages but they are genuinely nice people and we made many good friends with the staff especially the security guards who make you feel very safe. We did eat out in Naama bay just for a change of scenery more than anything else. I think some people read the reviews on this hotel and go expecting a bad time. My boyfriend did not read the reviews and we had an amazing time relaxing on the beaches and by the pool gong quad biking and having massages. I am sure there are better hotels in Sharm if you book early and pay more money but this is not a holiday from hell and we came back heavier, browner and completley chilled!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of January 2007

We had a brilliant time and loved this hotel

Reviewed Sat 13th of October 2012

"What can I say about this hotel. I challenge anyone to try and get a better deal in Blackpool for a week on a bed and breakfast basis at a hotel of similar quality for what we got for a fortnight in Sharm El Sheikh all inclusive. The hotel staff were lovely and catered for the English upon our request. We had a specially cooked fillet steak meal on Christmas Eve and Chef went out and bought a Turkey especially for the English people for Christmas day. They waited on us hand and foot and couldn't do enough to please us. We did tip once or twice which goes down well but that's just a personal thing that we do. There were lots of Russians in the hotel and they do not believe in queueing although we did meet a few who were really friendly. I cannot complain about the food at all - in fact I thought it was excellent and lots to choose from. Yes they did cater more for Russians but they are 95% of their tourism so no wonder. We could have paid double to stay in Sharm at another hotel and after reading reviews the day before we went away I nearly paid extra to move to another hotel - that would have been a big mistake because I would have wasted my money. Please do not be put off by the reviews, if you go to Royal Rojana and you are unhappy with anything at all just go and ask the manager who will go out of his way to make your stay there a happy one. We had a fantastic time and didn't get disturbed by building work at all. I would definitely return to this hotel. It was clean the food was good and the people absolutely gorgeous and so nice all the time."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 9th of January 2007

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