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Reviews summary

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42 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Not 4+ more like 2+

Reviewed Tue 20th of January 2009

"If you have never traveled, are a first timer, a young "I don't care about accommodations, food or service as long as I have my girlfriend with me", a family on a tight budget or have lower standards overall, then this Hotel/Resort/Whatever is for you.

Don't get me wrong, the staff is friendly and try to be accommodating, but it is clear that they do not know what a 4+ standard is like, therefore, it's silly to blame them. The real culprits are the tour operators that qualify this hotel as a 4+. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I suggest that you do better research before you commit to this hotel, I was there with my girlfriend and demanded to be moved out of it which I accomplished after paying a "fee" to our tour operator and travelled a few miles towards Naama Bay. It was well worth it, I lost 2 out of 14 days but the time spent in the new Hotel made up for it. The Red Sea was extraordinary and the diving first class, but not a Prima Life Rehana.

Too many flies by the pool, the beach is too far and the beach bar looks right down dirty, the rooms are too dilapidated, the entertainment silly and amateurish, the towels too old and flies magnets, the food average at best, sand/dust/trash storms will permeate the hotel and the food court at any given moment. Should I go on...? I think not. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of January 2009

don't bother going!

Reviewed Tue 4th of November 2008

"My husband and I booked this last minute and really should have done our research first!I did read reviews after booking and they did concern me but we decided to make the most of the holiday and decided that the reviews were probably exagerated-well they weren't!

On arrival at the airport we waited an hour for our bags and as it was 5pm and pitch black we were nonplussed to not be shown to the coach!eventually 2 and a half hours after landing we set off for hotel.The welcome and check in procedures were excelent and reception area spotless.we were shown to our room which was enormous and to be fair kept very clean throughout the 2 week stay.The pool areas were constantly kept clean and the staff could not do enough for you.

However,all drinks were served in plastic cups which were tiny and never washed,just tipped into a sink,the tap was turned on then off and they were back on the shelf.
The restuarant was more a canteen and even for evening meal there was no dress code or even linen napkins.There were laminated place mats that one day i wiped with a baby wipe and it was black-we were scared to put the cutlery on the table.There was about 3 cruet sets for the entire restuarant so we spent 10 minutes each meal time searching for them,it did not matter because the food was cold anyway.The breakfast pastries,mouldy cheese and overripe fruit was set out directly after dinner had finished.

We survived on boiled eggs for breakfast and cheese bread and soup for lunch and tea.Initially we did try all sorts of food but were both ill.Therewere not many English there,mainly Russian,Chezc and Dutch but the 10 english we did meet were all poorly and if well enough to go to chemist ended up on antibiotics which obviously means they had a bacterial gastric infection.

It would be simple to correct the flaws;have a head waiter ensuring the tables were wiped with antibacterial spray between diners,make dinner special by seating people at tables and having cloth napkins and by serving hot food,it was actually stone cold as it was brought out of kitchen.also wash the plastic cups between uses and serve drinks in glasses in areas other than the pools.

The music arond the pool areas was far too loud and would be banging at 11.30 and 3pm especially when the young animation team were on duty.

We did go out to watch the Liverpool Chelsea game but even then did not feel well enough to take the opportunity to eat some proper food but i feel we should have eaten out from the start as once we were ill we never felt right until 2 days after returning home."

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  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of November 2008

Great Times

Reviewed Sun 2nd of November 2008

"Just return from a lovely two week holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, we stayed at the Rehana Prima Life Sharm in Nabq. Although we read a lot of bad reviews we didn’t have any intentions of changing our hotel as me and my husband are stubborn people and decided we would go with what we had booked that and the fact it was quite cheap.

The Hotel itself is a fantastic place, anyone that has complained about the grounds of the hotel I honestly would not listen to them as it really is nice.

Our room wasn’t massive but it wasn’t small either it was nice, with a big double bed which was actually incredibly comfortable considering I don’t like sleeping out of my own bed, the bathroom was nice and the bath tub was a good size, our room was cleaned daily by Ahmed we did tip him twice 10le each time and he was grateful and our room was always spotless but I don’t believe this was because we tipped them I just believe this is the hotel’s standards.

The pools were lovely although October the water was a little chilly, they again were cleaned everyday to the highest of standards and you couldn’t of asked anymore, my only complaint was the Russian people round the pools thinking they owned the place and bossing all the Egyptians around, but then again we didn’t let this spoil our holiday because we would of been stupid too.

Thee Food, well what can I say……………. We me over 6 different English families and each of them complained about the food and claimed there was nothing for there children and don’t get me wrong these families we met were lovely but all I can say is come off it………. There was food for everyone ok it wasn’t the fantastic 5* everyone might have been expecting but me and my husband knew that in a country like Egypt it would be the same as all of the other poorer countries we had visited, for what I call typically English people there was chips, burgers, pizza’s all sorts like that so I don’t see how some people can say they couldn’t find anything.
It is a typical school dinner canteen kind of atmosphere at dinner time which is quite funny takes you back to the old days hahahaha but seriously though there was rice, pasta, spaghetti, chicken, beef, lamb, so much stuff to choose from there has to be something for you there.

On our second day we were given a leaflet from a young English girl outside our hotel, she was ever so polite and wished us a nice holiday before walking, on when we got to reading the leaflet St Georges Sport And Entertainment at the Jasmine Centre Arab Sat we saw our Liverpool were playing at the weekend so we would definitely be visiting, if I am honest we walked there and it was a little far but the second and third time we went there we caught a taxi which cost us 20le which wasn’t bad.
We watched Liverpool defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, the first time Chelsea had lost at home in 4 years incase anyone didn’t know Hahahaha the atmosphere was fantastic really good banter between the Chelsea and Pool fans, To my husband delight St Georges also does snacky foods and top of the menu was an English fry up for 40le which consisted of 2 pork sausages, 3 bacon, 2 eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast it was a really good sized meal for the price hardly a snack though, my husband did have a moan about the bacon he said “its not like ours at home” but then I said to him “its not going to be is it” saying that he bloody ate it all anyway.
We returned to St Georges again on the Wednesday to see our Liverpool play and defeat Portsmouth 1-0 again my husband had food this time some bacon cheese burger with onions he really is a pig but he did say it was nice.

We went to Namba Bay and visited Hard Rock café although it was a little noisy for my husband and I, the food was really nice and we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, it is definitely worth a visit.

We also went Old Sharm which was an eye opener for the eye of a city a person, it was like Namba Bay must of looked about 200years ago, it was a very old and looked run down in a way, the people were very friendly and we found the souvenirs were half the price of Namba Bay so we bought all of our gifts for
home there.

All In we would say we had fantastic time and we thoroughly enjoyed it and we believe a Holiday is what you make it not take as is given to you.

Jackie and Fred."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 2nd of November 2008

Had a ok holiday but a few things to not...

Reviewed Thu 14th of August 2008

"Had a ok holiday but a few things to note bar staff quite rude,Drinks very limited some of the staff at the hotel very rude if you are going with your girlfriend be careful of the egyptian men always touching and commenting and staring most staff ok though.Rep was useless never saw him told us the wrong dates of the tours always late be careful of some tour operators unlicenced and not insurued.Beach great when you get out beautiful fish and amazing drop offs.Overall ok but would not not go back. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of August 2008

when we arrived at the prima life rehana...

Reviewed Sun 6th of July 2008

"when we arrived at the prima life rehana it was quite late, so everything looked lovely, but the next morning in breakfast was like a cattle market, and every bit ov the food was covered in flies, the food was terrible, and it didnt get any better through out the holiday, you constantly got harrassed by flies, infact it got so bad we was forced to eat outside the complex...there was a party of 12 of us and 10 of us came down with a bad tummy, which meant the runs and sickness, we met other english people who were also ill...the rooms were fine the beds were clean and made everyday, the towels were changed and clean each day, the staff were so friendly they couldnt do enough for you...the prima life is is down as a 4star and it deffo isnt no more than a 2star,....we even tried the mongolian restaurant one night and the food was crawling with ants, it was a disgrace...The animation team was lovely, the best, the kids loved them, and so did we, they made our holiday....the beach across the road was terrible, you couldnt take the children there, it was ok for the men who wanted to dive in off the pier to do snorkeling, but other than that, stay away...there was plenty of activities throughout the day to keep you busy, but if your looking for a really clean holiday that really is a 4star hotel then i suggest you stay away from prima life rehana...."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 6th of July 2008

this hotel is rated as a 4* and its more...

Reviewed Sun 6th of July 2008

"this hotel is rated as a 4* and its more like a 2*, everything is dirty especially the cups, which were all plastic!! we went as a party of 12, 8 adults and 4 children, 10 of us had the diarrhea and sickness bug which alot of other guests had too due to the lack of hygiene and crap food!!! flys were everywhere!! in the mongolian restaurant they were ants crawling on the plates! the pools were nice but sometimes not very clean. the workers like being tipped but its worth it for the better service. the staff where very friendly and the animation team were brilliant and really made our holiday, mido especially! DO NOT USE THE HOTELS TAXI SERVICE!! they never returned for half of us on a trip to nama bay and the other half they left abandoned in one of the cars and never returned! alot of the food in the restaurant was not covered so flys were all over them. theres alot of queueing at the bars and in the restaurant as there wasnt enough cups and glasses for everyone. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 6th of July 2008

Think twice about going to this hotel it...

Reviewed Wed 25th of June 2008

"Think twice about going to this hotel it is being sold as a 5 star hotel/resort it in real life is no better than a poor 3 star second rate hotel, the food is disgusting unless you enjoy LIVER pie your drinks at all times are served in plastic white vending cups the service is awfull and club 18-30 would appear to be more luxurious. my holiday was a sheer nightmare from start to finish the holiday rep did nothing to assist and when i asked to move hotel the rep wanted about another £1000.00. Beware, for the traveller who wants to relax and have a holiday filled with eatable food and a hotel room where the bathroom is not flooded from the drains every time you run a sink of cold water to shave (there was no hot water) and be plagued by loud and i mean real loud banging house music this holiday is not for you."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 25th of June 2008

Where to start? When we arrived we were...

Reviewed Fri 16th of May 2008

"Where to start?

When we arrived we were shown a room with two beds - I asked where my children were supposed to sleep and was told it would be no problem to put two extra beds in. Not for them maybe but for me that would have been wall to wall bed as the room was so small. I declined the room and asked for a larger one. The room we were given was larger, (again lacking in beds but they were quickly brought in), but there were bulbs out and the patio door did not lock (not good on a ground floor room!) We asked for these to be fixed three times that night - the light was fixed but the door did not get fixed until the following day - I didn't sleep at all that night with a chair wedged up against the door! The room itself wasn't to my normal standard of cleanliness - sticky marks on the bedside tables and "fluff" on the floor that swirled around and stayed there for the whole fortnight, slowly gaining in size! The general cleanliness of the room wasn't good. The actual room itself can only be described as basic - no frills - an average 3* - not some where you'd want to spend two nights in never mind two weeks!

That first night we went for a meal in the restaurant - both myself and my husband are foodies and are usually willing to try most things but found it difficult to find anything we could eat - let alone our children. To cap it all on the first night the piped music which was played every day was actually Bing Crosby singing "Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!" I honestly thought we were on candid camera!

But, to be fair to the hotel the staff were very friendly. The pools were excellent. There were eight pools between the Rehana and the sister hotel the Prima Life. We generally stayed at the one of the pools at the Prima Life as it had two water slides which my children loved. One of the better things about the Egyptians is there love of a monetary tip - we gave the guy at the pool £5 a week and he put clean towels on the same sunbeds for us each day - which meant we didn't have to worry about getting up early to get a good spot to keep an eye on the children in the pool.

The beach can be accessed by going out of the reception area at the Prima Life, crossing the road and it's about a five minute walk down to the sea. There is a small beach hut where you can get drinks from on the all inclusive package of the Rehana - it's very basic - there are showers and loo's - all basic. The beach is very small and not really what you would call idyllic but it's the sea that is the star of the show.

Depending on the tide - you can walk out for about 500 metres with the water no higher than your knees - but you only need to walk about three steps in to the water before you see the fish - it's fantastic! At about 500 metres out there is a sheer drop down the coral edge - it's amazing! For us the sea made the holiday! I think if it wasn't for that we would have asked to be flown home earlier.

Back to the Rehana - we decided that as the food wasn't great we would just get a taxi into Naama Bay and eat there which we did as often as we could. The only thing was there were periods of the holiday when either myself, my husband or the children had upset tummies so we couldn't actually leave the hotel to eat else where - it was a vicious circle. Also when I remember - don't go the pharmacy directly outside the Prima Life as we were ripped off in the first couple of days for diarrhoea tablets - he charged us £15 for tablets which we could have got for £2 at the most. After my husband was ill we then asked for Antinal tablets by name for myself and my children which only cost about £1, we paid a bit more for it in medicine form for the little one but not much more.

To round up - the hotel grounds are very nice - well presented and kept clean. The rooms are basic and in my opinion not well presented or cleaned. To eat the food is like playing Russian roulette - there may be things that look nice and are well cooked - but you have to remember that you haven't seen behind the scenes. As my husband pointed out to me - the guy at the pool side snack bar was very good at putting his rubber gloves on to handle the raw meat for the burgers - but then he assembled the salad with the same gloved hands?! The staff are friendly and helpful - even more so if you slip them some cash.

All things considered - we did have a good holiday the majority of the time because we put it all down to experience. We've also decided if we did go back to Egypt we would only consider an international chain of hotels with a 5* rating and it would have to be within walking distance of Naama Bay!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 16th of May 2008

This holiday has to be the best holiday...

Reviewed Tue 8th of April 2008

"This holiday has to be the best holiday i have ever been on.
The staff are freindly and i have kept in contact with many of them
The food isn't so good but you get use to it, it's just different to what we are use to in england but it is fresh and some of it is rather tasty!!
Maids come eveyday with no hassle and do a great job.
The entertainment at night can be quite funny from the animation team and some nights there were dancers who came.
The beach is still being progressed so not very attractive bt absolutely fantastic for snorkelling and diving, the fish to see are AMAZING!
the sea was lovely and warm but i didnt find much need to go onto the beach because there was so much going on in the day like volleyball, water polo, table tennis, water aerobics, dancing and much more! There are slides in the pool which is a lovely temperature. You get towels from the hut in exchange for cars which they give you on arrival, when you take the towels back to the hut they give you a card back so you can get clean towels everyday for the pool.
The disco is great fun, it says you musy pay to go in there but neither me or my friends got asked for money.
I recommend this hotel to eveyone.
ignore the bad comments
and i can't wait to go back!!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 8th of April 2008

RUBBISH!! This about sums up this terrib...

Reviewed Sun 30th of March 2008

"RUBBISH!! This about sums up this terrible hotel, if you are booking a holiday to Sharm el Sheikh i would say stay well away unless you want to waste your money on a RUBBISH HOLIDAY, we first saw the hotel on the internet and thought wow!! but NO, then we stepped inside the pool was ok but then they started to play a kind of War style music you would have thought u were in sunny blackpool all the entertainment staff could hardly speak English they were rubbish they only really got involved with their own nationality (russian, polish), recepiton staff extermely rude and stupid on arrival ur told to go and sit down whilst they chek u in so we did so one hour later still not check in a hotel worker had just left us to sit there, but we got over it. We then went to the room well! we were promised a luxury sea view and great room we had the view of a derrelict building site as well as a mosque. they had not put a third be / sofabed inso we asked for one we received a wooden sunbed with no bedding but this after 2 days was sorted out. at 6am everday of ur holiday u would here the muezzin (mosque announcer) cry out this happend 5 times a day. basically a week in hell!!!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 30th of March 2008

We have just returned from the Prima Sha...

Reviewed Fri 7th of December 2007

"We have just returned from the Prima Sharm hotel with Olympic Holidays - which is right next door to the Rehana Resort (basically it is one big resort with a hotel at each end and all the pools in the middle).

We had a lovely time ... so here are some details...

1) The pools were clean, attractive, well kept, if a little cold but then it was November. There were quite a lot of pools in the resort therefore finding a sunbed wasn’t an issue although getting up a little early was advised, why - firstly to get a sunbed that is in the sun most of the day (often in Sharm the sun goes behind the buildings at around 2ish) - also in Sharm in our winter the sun is up early and goes down at 4..

2) The resort was nice, gardens and paths well kept too, lovely lighting at night so quite romantic, water aerobics and volleyball - if you are the active type and relax pools if you're not.

3) Our room was lovely, big with seating area at one end and a queen size bed at the other, a dressing area, and massive bathroom with walk in shower. Cleaned everyday and a mini bar with water (you can pay to have it stocked with local drinks). Only two English channels on the tele BBC News 24 and MBC Action, which was ok, but then again you’re not really there to watch tele?

4) The day bars - coffee bar and pool bars all had clean glasses and cups and were stocked with local sprits. The two Prima pool bars both stayed open until around 11ish. Water dispensers are provided for you to re-fill the bottles of water in your room.

5) Evening bars - coffee bar, pool bars and magic bar were all open late and then the magic bar for £2.50 would serve you drinks until 2 (however we weren’t charged and I didn’t see many other people being charged either). Coffee bar does free hot chocolate (scrum). The wine was ok according to my other half and beer wasn’t bad either - I am a fan of vodka and tonic and was really pleased to see the hotel did tonic and enjoyed a few of those over the holiday.

6) Magic bar does a great Karaoke night which is a good laugh on a Thursday and is open from 11 every night with a pretty good dj - It is funny to watch the Russians and polish guys dance (they love it)!

7) Breakfast was ok, fresh eggs fried for you etc, but sometimes a strange mixture of hot dishes, although the breads, cheeses and pastries were excellent. Sometimes a problem getting a cup for tea and coffee at busy times.

8) Lunch was nice, a good mixture of cold meats, cheeses and salads and range of hot dishes including freshly cooked pasta (if a bit garlicky). The soup was always lovely at lunch or dinner time if you fancy a light snack and mini burgers and chips were available from the main pool bar or the oriental corner.

9) Dinner - the main buffet was ok, a good mix of dishes usually different from at lunch time with salads and great deserts. However we preferred to eat at the al a carte as you had waiter service which on hols is quite nice for dinner rather than serving yourself at a buffet. The Mongolian was lovely - good stir-fry, no extra charge. The seafood, which is the main pool bar during the day was great, 4 course seafood or mixed grill menu for about 10 per head and the Italian in the min prima building was fab (we ate there twice) cost about £5 in total for three courses .. Fresh fish, pastas, and lovely pizza's.

10) The beach was disappointing for me, having stayed in sharks bay on a previous holiday if you like the beach and snorkelling etc go there as its better. The sea was quite rough and the beach area itself is being re-developed so isn’t the best looking area at the moment. The beach itself is about a 5 mins walk from the hotel.

11) The Gym - yes we went was ok. There were adequate free weights, but the running and step machine weren’t working which was disappointing for me. The sauna and Jacuzzi were nice though.

12) Massages were great about £20 each for an hour - haggle and you will get it for less, but well worth it

13) Shops on site were great, and ok prices, didn’t need to haggle...

14) Photographer on site ok but quality of printed photos poor and overpriced

15) Entertainment was in a really cute venue on resort, however it is very European and not really our type of thing - however plenty of other areas to enjoy your evenings in, such as out by the pool, in the coffee bar or perhaps the card area/library area.

16) Naama Bay - definitely go to Naama Bay, we went a couple of times and really enjoyed it. There are a great mix of restaurants, English TGI's, Hard Rock, McDonalds etc and then more local ones along the sea front and Bedouin coffee houses which are great. The bars to go to are Buddha Bar, The Tavern, Pacha, Mexican Bar etc - although out of season they are quiet until later on. Wednesday night at the hard rock is English night £15 from 11 and your drinks are free!!! We didn’t get hassled in the street or shops, be polite and say no thanks and they will leave you alone -- If you waver however and make conversation you will end up in their shops. Haggle to around half the price you were originally offered - I got some bargains!!!

17) Quad bikes - do it, it is totally brilliant and a really fun afternoon. If you want safety book it though your rep as you get helmets etc, if you want cheaper pop down to the beach and book it though those guys - same trip!! Out in the afternoon, a few stops and then watch the sunset and come back in the dark - Brilliant three hours which felt much longer.

Overall for the money we spent on the holiday £300 each, and spending money of no more than £100, a trip costing £20 each we had a lovely time.

The pools and bars were great, the staff were very good at the Prima (a little tip or politeness always goes a long way) - the food was ok, al a carte nice and the weather was perfect for this time of year - oh and our room was a bonus. The only disappointment was the beach and snorkelling area, but having been before we just enjoyed our relaxing break away...

If you want to be spoiled and have everything noted above being excellent then pay a bit more money and choose one of the Hiltons or Sheraton hotels in Naama or Sharks Bay."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 7th of December 2007

Well what can I say?? Me and my friend b...

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2007

"Well what can I say?? Me and my friend booked up 2to go to Egypt at the last minute and we choose Prima life, the rating of the hotel wasn't great but as a cheap holiday we couldn't complain. As we arrived we were greeted with soft drinks and from then the first impression through me! I enjoyed the stay soo much that I've booked up to go there again in May.

The staff were really freindly and nothing was too much trouble what ever time the day or night. The rooms were kept clean which is handy if you have small children, we also booked all our trips within the hotel which turned out to be fine and had no trouble what so ever! The food there isn't so good but there is a wide selection of restaurants in the hotel so your spoiled for choice.

There are two pools, one of which is heated and another one with flumes/slides so its great for the children and there are also activities going on all day such as water polo and volleyball many more! The staff speak english really well so connecting with them is no problem, I enjoyed my stay very much and I cannot wait to go back and re-live it all again! thank you Prima Rehana."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 1st of December 2007

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  • trampslikeus by trampslikeus

    "Go to the Faraana Reef Hotel, an older (14 years), but extraordinary resort. "

  • trampslikeus by trampslikeus

    "The coral reefs right in front of the hotel, extraordinary. "

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