Rehana Sharm Resort

7 km North of Sharm Airport South Sinai -Sharm - Nabq bay, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh 1111 Egypt
4 star hotel

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  • 3.5 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 5 value
  • 3 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

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Going back to Rehana next year!

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"We just arrived back on 2nd December and we had an amazing time! First of all I can't believe the reviews for this hotel are so bad!

TRANSFERS: After getting off the plane we took a transfer to the hotel, we had no transfers booked but you can pay £4pp at the last minute desk for a transfer or alternatively taxis cost about 40 or 50LE (4 or 5 pounds) but you will have to haggle hard and maybe walk out of the airport to get one this cheap!

HOTEL/ROOMS: After a 5 minute drive we pulled up to the hotel which was absolutely beautiful from the outside, all glass walls, and marble floors. A member of staff was at hand straight away to help us with our bags and show us to our room. The room was gorgeous although it was a twin not a double room, we were given the opportunity to move to a double, but we decided to stay in the twin, as the view from our balcony was fabulous so the two beds were pushed together for us.

There is a mini bar in the room which contains 2 cartons of fruit juice and 2 bottles of water (complimentary of course), it's worth hanging on to your water bottles afterwards as there are water dispensers around the hotel where you can fill up, we brought some plastic beakers too which came in handy!

The hotel was very clean, I saw people cleaning the pools and filters every day as well as staff mopping apartment floors, mowing the lawn every day. The cleanliness was to a very high standard. I don't think that the hotel is as new as it states, probably a few years old.

POOLS: The hotel pools were fantastic, about 8 in total, some of these children's pools. We didn't get a chance to swim in the pool but I dipped my legs in and the water seemed fine, not warm but I'd say probably the same temperature as the sea, so not too cold either! The crepe bar by the pool was great too.

RESTAURANTS/FOOD: The restaurant was fine, we always found plenty to eat every day, and the food varied too it wasn't all the same stuff all the time. There's plenty to choose from with a salad bar, hot food canteen, soups, freshly made pasta, chips, a desert bar, lots of bread and fresh fruit. Watch out for the Russians as they will try and barge you out of the way to get to everything! Burgers and chips are served late afternoon at the pool bar if anyone is an extremely fussy eater!

For the Italian you have to book reservations a day in advance, we did this but then our reservations were lost and we went down only to find out that we didn't have a table! Very annoying but they were very apologetic and booked us in for the next night. To be honest the Italian restaurant was pretty bad, no a la carte menu at extra cost, only the set all inclusive menu which changes daily but you only have two dishes to choose from. My partner ordered fish and I went for the safer option and ordered pizza.

When our food arrived my pizza was covered in some dodgy brown stuff, looked like some sort of fish, whatever is was it tasted really sour! My partner's fish was pretty gross too all dried out and shrivelled! Needless to say we couldn't eat any of it!

DRINKS/GLASSES: I brought a set of plastic wine glasses with me after reading the reviews about lack of wine glasses and dirty glasses; I didn't even need to use them! I was always given a nice clean wine glass, in fact I don't think we drank out of a dirty glass the whole time we were there, and clean glasses were constantly being brought out from the kitchen. The only place where we had to drink out of plastic beakers was the pool bar during the day, which makes sense, as glass around the pool could be dangerous. The drinks were fine, wine, and beer tasted good!

BARS:The upstairs hotel bar was fairly basic, a few plastic chairs and tables, looked a bit like McDonalds! We only drank here once as it was a bit chavvy and full of people chain smoking! There's a disco room up there too that's open late but we didn't go in there.
We weren't allowed to drink in any of the Prima Life bars which was annoying.

BEACH: We spent a few days on the beach, the tunnel isn't finished yet but it's only a 5 or 10 minute walk, not as far as people make out! Just past the hotel pools and across a road. The beach is quite small but I think that's because they are in the process of building the other half as it is all fenced off.

The sun beds were all taken up by the Russians but at about 1pm they all leave to go and eat their lunch and literally the whole beach empties! Very funny! This is the best time to grab yourself a sun bed! Don't lie on the sandy part next to the beach with no sun loungers on as this is apparently a “private beach” and we were quite rudely kicked off by some grumpy man!

The sea is amazing, watch out for the coral though it will hurt your feet, we wore flip flops but lots of people were wearing water shoes. Grab yourself a snorkel from the shops (about 40LE) as the fish are amazing. You can walk to the end of the coral and then there is a huge drop, incredible.

EXCURSIONS: We went to Naama bay to book our excursions as it's much cheaper, shop around to get a good price, here's the excursions we tried Ras Mohammed by boat – booked with “Pisa Moto” we paid £17pp but later found out that you can get for £14pp – this involves a boat trip from 9am till 5pm into Ras Mohammed national park, 3 snorkelling trips and lunch on the boat. We really enjoyed ourselves and the weather was great, we didn't see many fish though, not nearly as many as we saw in the sea, one of the taxi drivers told me that this is because the boats tie themselves together and play loud music and it scares the fish away and that if you go by car and then swim then you see a lot more.

Quad Runners – we paid £15 altogether for a double quad booked with “Pisa Moto”– they sell scarves for £2.50 each to keep the sand out of your face, sunglasses are a good idea too as its very dusty. If you're concerned about safety then it's better to book through the hotel tour operator as we had no helmets and went pretty fast whereas the hotel groups were all kitted up. Also funnily enough there was a huge sticker on the quad saying, “never carry passengers”! It was great fun though we really enjoyed it! There's a stop at a Bedouin camp too to drink Bedouin tea. Altogether takes about 2 hours.

Camel Riding – we paid £9pp – all I have to say is OUCH! We actually went through a different excursion company for this one which wasn't as good. The trip is meant to be 1 hour long, 40 minutes on a camel and 20 minutes at a Bedouin camp. In our case it was 20 minutes on a camel and nearly 3 hours at a Bedouin camp watching other people eat! And that’s not including the 1 hour transfer from the hotel! By the time our return transfer arrived we were very pleased to get away! This company was called L'aube Voyage, avoid them like the plague! The camel riding was fun though but it's so uncomfortable your bum will be sore for days after! Haha!

SHOPPING: Shopping was great, although you have to be prepared to haggle hard, even to the point where they get really angry with you and start swearing at you in Arabic! Haha! Don't pay their ridiculous prices; we bought a fake big Louis Vuitton bag which they tried to charge us £65 for but in the end got it for a tenner, the guy was almost crying by the time we left. The prices are really high so only pay what you think it’s worth; we didn't buy much because most things (even after haggling) were more than you would pay in England. Do all your shopping in Old Sharm as its cheapest here, and when your haggling don't start at 50% off the original price, more like 90%!

And don't fall for their little tricks like “come in and I give you free gift / business card” as it’s all a ploy to get you to spend money! 200 Marlboro lights are about 60 or 70LE in Old Sharm

NAAMA BAY: Naama Bay is a great night out and again watch out for the hassle, we ate at TGI Fridays one night and the food was beautiful there was so much we couldn't eat it all! It wasn't that cheap though, £30 for two people but well worth it! Listen out for the funny phrases that the Egyptians say to the English like “cheap as chips” and “asda price” and “lovely jubbly”.

LEAVING THE HOTEL: They tried to charge us £10 for a bin in the toilet that was already broken when we arrived so make sure you report anything that’s broken as soon as you arrive. Also there was no bell boy available to take our luggage to reception but the cleaner saw us struggling and came to our rescue! There is a £15 charge to keep your room after 12:00pm.

TAXIS: Here are the prices that we paid while we were on holiday...

Naama Bay – 40 – 50LE (only ever 40 on your return as there are so many taxis lined up)
Old Sharm – 60LE
Airport – 50LE.

You can probably get them even cheaper than this but don't pay any more! And make sure you agree on the price per car and not per person as they will try and trick you!

I hope all this helps, we had such a great time, and we are going back again next year to stay in this hotel! I will post some photos soon; if I can help with anything just ask!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of December 2007

Mixed Reviews

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"Returned from this hotel on the 12th november after a two week stay.Whilst i have to agree with most of the previous comments the experience was not all bad.I had already had an acceptance before going that this would not be the five star resort that was claimed.What it was however was much cheaper than other hotels in Sharm,particulary my first choice the Hilton Sharks Bay.We made the conscious decision to save £400 and book this hotel instead.The major concern for me was the constant noise from an indusrial size generator at the side of the hotel which seemed to operate 24 hours.We did ask for a room change and were given a choice,finally accepting a large room overlooking the pools and above the restaurants.This was not an ideal choice as the Russian entertainment team seemed to feel that their job was to make sure that anyone around the pool areas needed to be subjected to very loud music for hours ever y day.Food-i found generally that there was something for my taste most days in the restaurant.The soups were always nice,the breads freshly made and a very good selection of sweets.We also ate several nights in Nama Bay(there is a bus from the hotelat an approximate cost of five pounds return).The beach area was small but the coral was magnificent and when the wind died and the sea was calm there was no real need to snorkel as you could wal;k out about100 yards and see amazing varieties of fish swimming around you feet.The beach bar is very limited and confined to people from the Rehana side only,with no access to thePrima beach bar or indeed any of their faclities.This was completely contrary to how this hotel was sold to us and others.The staff were always willing to help however and despite the incredably long hours were always cheerful and welcoming.The weather was amazing whist we were there about 33 degrees most days.Would i return.To Sharm probably,to this hotel no.However it is an old sying but a true ne"You get what you pay for""

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of November 2007

Lovelly Hotel For The price

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"Like other people on here I was dreading arriving at this hotel. I needn't have worried.

I do not know what all the fuss is about on here. What do you expect?? If you want a British 5 star hotel and food pay the extra and go to Barbados or go to a Hilton or Savoy hotel in Sharm.
In 99% of the countries in this world the hotels star system does not match up to the English one.


Had a very good flight out with Thomsonfly. Having a 9-month-old daughter they were very accommodating. The plane had a 2,4,2 seat formation and very spacious. As opposed to the return flight, which was a 3,3, seat formation and I think it would have been illegal to transport sheep in it.

Arrived at Sharm airport and had no worries at all. Just wrote ‘Sinai Only’ on the immigration card given to us on the aeroplane and sailed right through passport control.
Once we got out bags Egyptian men are very keen to help you obviously cause they want a tip. With pay a couple of pound or say no thank you and take them yourselves. We didn’t have a transfer included so I pre booked a return transfer through Charm of Sharm ([email protected]). £24 return and was a mini bus, which was needed to take the 6 of us. Was there on time and picked us up on time.

The hotel rooms are very nice and ours had a big double bed and a single. One point was no bath just a walk in shower.

People in previous reviews commented on lack of sun loungers. We had no trouble getting one and were always spare ones throughout the day. This hotel has two pools and both very cold. Other hotel has a few more also very cold.

The food I though was very good. Always a large variety. For the Brits there is the safe food of chips, pancakes, pasta, omelette etc. Also fish, chicken, beef and lovely puddings.

Just a few points: -
· Doesn’t matter what currency you take they will accept and convert whatever you got whether it Egyptian, Euro, Sterling or US Dollars.
· Namaba Bay is about £20 return we used Zakaria who was very good and there on time to pick us up. His number is 0103035376. Bout 20 minutes to get there.
· You don’t get bottled water (Just two when you arrive in your mini bar) but there are dispensers all over the hotel,
· At the restaurant and pool bar they serve tea and coffee.
· We tried the seafood restaurant at the other hotel and was US$ each and very very good. Drinks obviously free.
· The massages were superb and very cheap so well worth the money. Also the cutthroat shave was very nice too. Also have a technique where they use cotton to remove all hair from face. The women loved it.
· The staff (And guests) were besotted with out daughter and couldn’t do enough for her and our elderly grandmother.
· Is a chemist across the road and just down the road. GHD hair straightners only £25 there!! And Viagra if you wanted it!!!

All in all we had a lovely time and would def return. I think the complaints are unfounded and while yes there have been a few teething problems like lack of glasses etc it still made for a superb holiday. We took our 9-month daughter and while it was about 27degrees previous years it was mid 30’s this time, which was too hot for her. We all thought the food was and staff and hotel was excellent for the money we paid. Yes not a 5 or a 4 star but that is probably the same with 90% of the other hotels there.

If you’re after a cheap sunny getaway hotel you could do allot worse than here.

Please contact me if you want further info."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of November 2007

Don't Change Hotels!!!

Reviewed Sun 2nd of December 2012

"We have just returned from our Honeymoon which was arranged for us and therefore, reading the reviews before we left - we were VERY worried and concerned - to the point that my new husband even spoke to the travel company 10 mins before our flight left to try and change hotels.

I would just like to say how pleased and happy we were with the whole experience. I would recommend this hotel 100% and have already done so - we only arrived home at 1am this morning and was determined to post our review to squash the bad reports that seem to be everywhere.

We went there expecting the worse and all I can say is that everything was great. I genuinely feel that people are arriving at the Rehana Sharm with their expectations way too high. Can I just say (without offending anyone) that yes, this is advertised as a 5* resort - and no it probably isn't what us Brits would regard as a 5*, however surely if you really, really wanted a "British" 5* you would have paid approximately more than £1500 EXTRA than what you paid at the Rehana and booked into the Hilton/Marriott etc.

We were expecting Honeymoon upgrade and admittedly no such thing existed - but this wasn't the hotels fault - this was misselling by the travel company. However, they went out of their way to give us little extras - fruit, wine etc. We also pointed out that we had 2 (large) single beds... great for the honeymoon...!! As soon as we went to Reception they found 3 other rooms to show us for us to choose from, but to be honest our room (ok single beds) had the most spectacular view (looking over the pool and you could see the sea) so we chose to stay where we were, with that they arranged to have our beds pushed together so we were happy!! Our rooms were always cleaned - if we wanted them to be - sometimes we just wanted to sleep in afternoon... however the guy cleaning was great and always polite and helpful - and made great things out of the towels etc.

The pools were lovely - although VERY cold and I couldn't face the freezing water but that suited me... it was funny watching everyones faces as they tried to get in without looking shocked at the cold!! The guys behind the bars were always helpful and we just used straws rather than drinking out of the glasses directly after hearing the reports of glasses not being clean. You could ask them for any combination for a cocktail or let them make them up - which was always interesting... and very strong!!

The food was fine - ok not 5* but we never had a problem with any of it - even on Sunday they did their version of a roast, so not sure why people were complaining - it's not british food but you're not in the UK so you have to make allowances. The desserts were always interesting and therefore had to try them all...!! There was always rice, chicken, beef or fish - which on one occasion there was only fish - and as I don't eat fish proved interesting but I just moved on to the pasta bar instead. During the day the Crepe Station opened and if you love our pancakes - you'll love these. Also around 3.30pm the pool bar serves snacks of burger and chips - so you can always get by.

There are loads of Russians around and yes, the majority are rude and arrogant unfortunately - no please/thank you - even to us!! You do need to tip and this goes a long way to making your stay even better - just £2 gets you friends for life.

The Egyptians will try and rip you off and bartering is their way of life and this can get tiresome but stand your ground and only pay what you want - and if it's too much just walk away - you'll soon know if they want your business.

When visiting Naama Bay be very careful not to get "kidnapped" as one of the other guests put it!! You have to really visit first during the day and find your bearings before going their for the nightlife - then you know who is trying to take you to their shops before demanding you buy something!! Where all the taxis gather is the start of the shopping not where they try and take you too. Just stand your ground and be polite, smiley and finally just walk off - that's what we did and we never had a problem - you come across as weak and they will pick up on it and harass you constantly.

All in all we had a fantastic time - yes the area the hotel is being built in is up and coming but we did not have any issues at all. One last thing - take a jumper for the evenings as although it's around 23 degrees the wind makes it chilly.

Don't just take the bad reports for this hotel - we loved and would definately recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Wed 14th of November 2007

Dont Book It

Reviewed Fri 19th of October 2012

"TERRIBLE! We were so glad we didnt book for a fortnight, for the first time ever i was counting the days we would be going home,please read all the points sambenkh has pointed out . i could type for hours giving reason not to go. Dont expect a 5* hotel, here are a few tips if you do go. Take an alarm clock you wont get a lounger anywhere after 8.30. Towels have usually run out by 9am try to get to breakfast lunch and dinner early if you dont the chances are there are no clean tables, theyve run out of coffee, cups, glassess,and plates, learn russian, cos you will be waiting forever to get served at the pool bar, Our room was ok but at the back of it was waste land and a big pipe leading from the rehana to a huge hole which i assume had been dug for waste, the smell was sickening. we booked a family room which only had one double bed so the kids slept on sunloungers the whole holiday, We are not fussy eaters but ended up living off soup and salad, We will never go back to egypt we felt hasseled to give money everywhere we went especially the trips not the relaxing holiday we hoped for. I would really love to say something posotive as i think it is important to read all reviews before i book a holiday but as i thought this was a new hotel there wernt that many, this hotel was prima life theyve just cut it in half the new one is still being built."

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of November 2007

Don't Go!

Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2012

"i am just back from a 1 week holiday staying at the Rehana Sharm Resort. Firstly, this hotel is not a 5 star hotel at all! At best it may scrape 2 stars!!!

The housekeeping staff do work hard to keep the rooms and pool area clean. They are very polite. However, the management are the complete opposite. They hover around watching every move of the other workers who are generally overworked and underpaid. For example, there would only be one bar attendant serving people at the busy pool bar. Managers would just stand and watch and offer no assistance.

The hotel is all inclusive. However, the food is disgusting. We found ourselves having to go out of the hotel each day to source a restaurant.

Often the pool bar would run out of clean glasses and would give you a plastic beaker instead. Often these were broken and were evidently dirty. Glasses were generally rinsed under a cold tap then filled up with another drink. It was unsurprising that my boyfriend contracted gastroenteritis (infectious illness involving vomiting and diarrhoea caused by bacteria and parasites). He needed immediate medical attention.

The beach area is tiny! You would be lucky to get a sun lounger. The so called "tunnel leading into the beach from the hotel" is non existent! i.e. it has not yet been built! You are not allowed to venture far along the beach as it runs into another hotel's area which is not permitted. The beach bar is a tiny hut and does not supply any food. Only soft drinks and beer are available.

When we arrived at the hotel we were informed that we did not have a reservation (this was utter nonsense as we had a booking confirmation). We had to wait 3 hours until we got our room. Never have i ever witnessed such bad customer service.

On the last day of our holiday, we were asked to pay a further charge when we were checking out! We automatically refused and after a few heated words, we were allowed to leave without making this payment.

Sharm el Sheikh is a lovely resort. However, I would strongly recommend spending that bit more to get a descent 5 star hotel. Stick to hotel names that you have heard of and you shouldn't go wrong."

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  • Travel date: Mon 5th of November 2007

please do not stay at this resort

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"just got back from a holiday in this resort, what an experience!
firstly this is not a 5* at best a 3*. we arrived to a 2hr wait before the staff told us there were no rooms ,they had overbooked, there were another 10 families with the same problem....CHAOS! we have never been treated so badly. then we had the best part of our holiday, 3 days in another resort (coral sea ) unfortunately we had to return so here is a summary.
BEACH-this was halarious, a small strip the size of a garden allotment(looked like one too)the bar here was also a garden shed which only served warm beer and water.The so called tunnel was not finished .
POOL- were okay but if you wanted a sunlounger you would have to get up at 600am to get one.
BARS- very poor , small lobby bar and 1 pool bar, very unhygenic as they rinsed all glasses under tap water to clean (no sanitiser/cleaning fluid used).
RESTAURANTS- boring , bland, repetitive selection, often cold,had to wait for plates and cups frequently,slow to serve drinks.
just a few other points; water was not readily available, no bottles only dispensers which were often empty( talk about being in the desert), dont expect a room with a view if your not poolside as the hotel is surrounded with building sites, and bring earplugs to block out low flying planes and a generater that sounded like a helicopter hovering above the resort.
thats all for now im off to sue my tour operater (wings)."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of October 2007

nitemare of a holiday getaway

Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2012

"we went to sharm in october for a relaxing holiday with my best friend. we were expecting a 5* hotel and going by the photo's it looked lovely... until we got there and thought it was going to be a long two weeks. when we arrived at the airport we were mean't to be met by wings tours. They never turn'd up. had to get a taxi to my hotel. when we arrived we were takin to the sisters hotel to checkin so we had to make ur own way to ur hotel with a luggage.
we checkin to r room and noticed there was only 1 bed said to the guy in recp and said if you say here tonight i sort it out tomorrow. We didn't get moved till a week into r hotel.
the entertainment was bad and the entertainment staff were even worse. The food was basic and didn't cater for non meat eaters. The cleaners were very good and rooms were clean'ed everday. The bar staff at the pool didn't speak much english and you were lucky if you got a clean glass with the drink you asked for. That when they even had glass's. Sum of the staff were very friendly. They did get a new manager on ur second week and we did start to notice the hotel was getting better.
i wouldn't cal this a 4* hotel i have stayed in better 3*."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of October 2007

It was okay in the end

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"I have been to other hotels in Sharm and would say that this isn't as
good a hotel as the other resorts I have stayed at (LTI Grand Azure
/Reef Oasis). The bar was very small and was on an upper floor without pram/wheel chair access and as I have a 17 month old this was no use to me. The first week the hotel had some logistical problems, no glasses available when you wanted a drink but this was sorted after a few days. Food was palatable, pretty standard buffet food as you would find in other hotels. There are 3 al a carte restaurants, Italian (good) different menu each night, fish (didn't use as don't like fish) and BBQ (good). There is a Shisha corner 12 L.E per pipe £1.20. Entertainment was average as is the general case in Egypt. Major issue with only bar near the theatre being the restaurant bar which became busy and closed at 10pm. Best to go to Prima Life entertainment for this issue alone. You do get to use the facilities in the Prima Life Rehana which is attached but not the restaurants. This is where the 8 pools come in, only 2 in Rehana Sharm Resort.

Beach is below par and difficult to access with pram, the cool tunnel
isn't finished and is basically a subway under the road. If I was to rate the hotel I would not recommend for Pram/Wheelchair users.
Room 4* - shower only no bath.
Pool area 5*
Bar 2*
Beach 2*
Food 3*+
I don't think it has been open since July but maybe 5/6 weeks and will only get better, I noticed daily improvements, little things like an extra toaster, more glasses. Staff were also very friendly especially Hani in the restaurant and Peter in the Bar. Hope this helps.

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  • Travel date: Fri 26th of October 2007

This is offically only 4* not 5* Be warned if you sold it as a 5Star

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"This hotel has a long way to go before it reaches 5 * status I would rate it 3. This hotel is being sold in the UK as a 5star but the tour operator Wings Tours in Egypt and the management of this hotel openly state it is only a 4 star, I have both our holiday rep and front of house manager stating it recorded on my mobile phone.

Basically the hotel itself all looks lovely but as for the rest of it....... the food - terrible very little choice nothing is labeled to tell you what it is etc the choice of drinks soft or alcoholic is terrible even if you want to buy a branded drink its not available. It states that mineral water is included in the All inclusive, yes apparantely its mineral water but you can only obtain it in a small plastic cup from a dispenser, Not in sealed bottles. Oh and the air conditioned tunnel that leads you directly from the hotel to the beach is not operational until next year at the earliest. Unless you dont mind a 25 minute walk to the sister hotel and across then forget it.
The management are also full of .... by day 2 we had been upgraded to a executive suite due to our complaints but this room was worse than the standard room, the air con just spouted out sewage smell we had no hot water in the shower the safe was broken, they kept promising to sort or repair but tomorrow never came and by day 3 I was demanding to be moved to a 5* hotel as that is what I thought I had booked and paid for!!! WE stayed in 4 hotels in 7 days not very relaxing!!!! I will be adding some photos shortly.
I could go on for hours but I have listed the main down falls I experienced without whining to much. I am currently pursuing a claim with ABTA as I was mis sold the rating of this hotel and was advised that the special offer was due to this being a new hotel wanting to encourage UK bookings. I certainly wont be going back there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of October 2007

Another Fab Holiday

Reviewed Sun 15th of July 2012

"This was the second time back at this hotel within 2 months and it was again an unforgettable holiday. The food was better than the previous trip, a lot more of a selection and very tasty - not what I expected as previously it had been slightly bland. The staff again were very friendly and couldn't do enough for you. The on site shops were brilliant and better prices by far than if you were to buy from outside of the hotel. A lot of Russian and Polish people there this time, but this didn't bother us one bit, other than having to be up extremely early to get a sunbed in a good spot by the pool. When we arrived we couldn't get our safe to work but one quick call to reception and the problem was sorted very quickly so no complaints there.

Overall a fantastic experience and would recommend this hotel again and again.

*****Buy from the shops inside the hotel if you're looking for a bargain, they really are the best prices and the staff are great too*****

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Nice place but not much to do and food not great

Reviewed Tue 3rd of July 2012

"Just come back from rehana sharm resort staff very friendly had a nice big room fairly clean not much to do at night entertainment at night absolutely crap food terrible. Watch out for the people who try in sell u things round the pool ie facials massages they don't take no for a answer in won't leave you alone. Also watch out for the greedy russians greedy and ignorant and always pushing in at the bar."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of July 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

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    "Wonderful place...we hope we are fortunate enough to return "

  • intrepid by intrepid

    "Ask your self, why are there no Germans. "

  • knightrider by knightrider

    "dont expect to be waited on at this hotel "

  • kazie by kazie

    "its great for snorkling "

  • lauren coan. by lauren coan.

    "it was very good. great for familys !(: "

  • camel by camel

    "for family and friends not for young adults "

  • Kilgetty Crew by Kilgetty Crew

    "Second visit to Egypt would definately go again. "

Rehana Sharm Resort is also called

  • Rehana Sharm Hotel
  • Rehana Sharm El Sheikh

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