Rehana Royal Beach Resort & Spa

7th Km North Sharm Airport, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 3.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 2.5 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 2.5 location

16 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Don't expect the 5 stars

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"The hotel looks very nice on their website and on the pictures. But it's all on the surface, and the problem is that they do have all the prerequisites to be a five star hotel but with their personnel and management, too bad...

1. The buildings are fake built, the complex is only 2 years old and is falling appart already. The dinner window fell in during new years eve and they repaired it with some grout, so one could expect to get a 100 kg window on their table while eating their dinner.

2. Or maybe not, because the food is not by the way eatable. The dining-room reminds me of the school dining room, or the hospital. It smells liver and the only thing I could eat was the olives from the sallad table and the pasta (regular pasta with tomato-saus), feels almost like during the time I was studying.

3. one of the days it smelled cloak in our bathroom, so we told the cleaning guy about it, and they promised to be back in 5 minutes with the so called "engineer". After about 2 hours they came into the room and started to spray some parfume into the bathroom, and so they told us it was all fixed! [--]

4. The shower was not spraying water out from the wall but into the wall so we could almost see the mould from the outside corridor wall - intresting, this hotel complex will fall apart after 2 more years.

5. On their web-site they say that they have a tennis court and a spa with jacuzzi and sauna, they didn't (at least not when we where there). What they mean is that they have the spa in their other hotel complex Rehana Prima Life. So we told them in the reception, arguing about that there should be a spa in this hotel, and no they said for one hour until we got to talk with the hotel manager that finally told us that we were right. He told us to go to the other hotel and get the receipt and leave it for them afterwards. Well, so we paid about 20 euros for an hour in the spa (sauna and jacuzzi) and this was REALLY DISAPPOINTING! The sauna was about 2 square meters big and we were controlled by 3 sauna personnel that were walking around and "cleaned" the place at the same time as they were starring at us. The jacuzzi was so dirty and had some genital hair in the water, DISCUSTING!!!
The other thing was that when we asked for the receipt, we got a post-it were they wrote "1h, 20 euro", and that's it! The whole place was a joke!

6. When we then called back to the reception, they told us to come back in 5 minutes. We called 4 times in two days, and they told us the same everytime.

7. Once we missed the lunch with a half an hour so we went to their bar and tried to order some food. And they told us it was not possible, so we started to complain, and finally we could order some french fries which took about 30 minutes to get after having ordered it.

8. In our stay we had all inclusive, which only the russians could enjoy with the free vodka. Their local wine taste like yeast and their food seems to only consist of rice, pasta, tomato-saus and liver. We went in to Naama bay for the dinner every day! The drinks are also served in what we in Sweden call "urine cups". That is half a decilitre per cup. We walked away to SAS Radisson, about 500 m away, and their all inclusive drinks were served in real big plastic cups - very much nicer!

9. The hotel complex was not ready yet so during our stay it was all a building place - not very relaxing...

10. One of the pool cleaning guys was very rude. When we told him that we where going to Cairo, he asked us to buy him a present. And our last day, he truly asked us whether he could get our Ipod. The custom relationship is not at the very top here...

11. This place seems to be going around with all the russians. They play techno music in the pool area every day. And the russians are speaking up in the megaphone and you feel that you're in Russia in some kind of a propaganda program. They also have this fun water-aerobics in a russian military way. Looks almost like, for all swedes that have seen the old swedish movies "Sällskapsresan".

12. Big plus to our guy that served us our breakfast and also to the nice taxi-drivers with an exception ("Amir"), that tried to fool us with 50 LE, and also tried to fool us into his friends parfume shop! Our cleaning guy was also very nice.

The most intresting about our experience with this hotel is, when we finally went to the reception and told them about our complaints, we just got the answer:
- That is your opinion, I don't care!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 13th of January 2009

Good enough all inclusive hotel

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"We choose this hotel because it is new and it is on the beach.
Overall, it was good standard for the money.

Upon arrival:
We were greeted with juice. Our room took an awfully long time to be ready. Our flight was two hours delayed. We arrived at 9p.m. with two children under eight, one was asleep. At 9.30pm, our room was still not ready. The guest relations officer did ask us to have dinner before they close at 10.30. When we arrived at the room, our requested extra beds was not in the room. That night we slept, all four of us in the double bed. Did not get much sleep as the children were taking turns coughing and kicking.

The room was clean and nice.

We were supposed to get the arm band for the all inclusive yesterday. We had to specifically ask for it. The breakfast was good - a cereal area, most of the week, there is yoghurt and feta cheese etc. The sausages have a strange look and colour. There is an omelett section. There are 12 different breakfast dishes. The breakfast buffet became vegetarian between day two and six. They are always short of juice glasses. So, as soon as you place your empty juice glass on the table, it is gone. Finding a clean one takes time.

Lunch and Dinner:
The buffet was very good. Tip the staff and you get great service. 5-10 egyptien pounds. The wine is almost drinkable.

The pool offers snacks - fried mini burgers or fried meat with peppers and popcorns at 12 noon, along with Jonnie Wallder, Gordoon Gin and other moonshine. So, if you are not used to it, please refrine from ordering. There are alot of hotel guest from the other Rehana hotel from across the street at Rehana Royal. So, if you want to sun bathe and swim at the only warmed up pool area, please reserve your deck chairs before breakfast.

Not for small children as there are a lot of corals. You need special wadding shoes so as not to cut your feet with the corals. Once you have those shoes, you can wade out looking at corals, fish etc. To buy a pair, simply go across the steet, turn right and walk down the road with Rehana Royal on your left to a mini shopping area. There is a bridge at the beach where you can snokel from.

Room service:
If you find you need to change bed sheets, or towels, you have to either tell housekeeping or be very obvious about it. - Like putting all towels outside of the toilet on the bedroom floor and stripping your bedsheets. Otherwise, your old towels (on the toilet floor) gets neatly folded and find their way back on the shelves. Complimentry 1.5l bottle of minineral water.

Childrens activities:
Great childrens activities after dinner, in the middle of the day etc. Check with the group Animation located at the pool. There is a play ground. All staff are very friendly towards children.

They have great music at the pool side. If you are looking for peace, please request for rooms away from the pool by the beach (the music box is located there).

Adult activities:
Table tennis, outdoor gymp, water aerobics and areobics.

Everyone tries to accomodate your wishes. Tipping is appreciated and can generate extra services like: when they spot you at meal time, they will automatically prepare your table and serve your usual drinks.

We had complimentary fruit and soda in the room."

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of January 2009

great stay until..............................................................

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"good points

food excellent and varied
staff excellent
rooms big and spacious
pools 36 in all a couple were heated and very large some with slides
beach quite big

got a bit nippy at night when it was breezy
stayed 17 dec to 31 dec
animation team up till 26 dec were excellent and then they left the day after the manager and his assistant went. new manager and russian animation team came things started to go downhill, more life in a tramps vest than in them.dont know why manager went he was excellent couldnt do enough for you.
bad points
ignorant russians
all in all a very good hotel. we had a great xmas break"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of January 2009

Perfect pre-Christmas holiday

Reviewed Wed 10th of October 2012

"We have just returned from a blissful week at this lovely resort. Being newly-weds (28 and 30 years old) we were looking for a romantic getaway for some winter sun and a touch of last minute booking price! The Royal Rehana exceeded our expectations in every way.
I will try not to repeat what the previous review has already said, as I feel it is very accurate. The hotel is beautiful, with gorgeous little details to the design here and there and lovely landscaping. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, nothing seemed too much trouble during our stay.
We were happy to tip, although there seemed no expectation for us to do this, and enjoyed many happy days and evenings chatting to the staff throughout the hotel and trying to improve our arabic!
The rooms really are lovely, with spa showers (bliss after a scorching hot day!) comfortable king-size beds and beautiful terraces or balconys. We enjoyed a sea view (room 3101) and our own sunbeds on the balcony, fab for enjoying a mojito or two at sunset!
We ate at the oriental resturant and main (buffet) resturant throughout our stay. the food was great overall and there should be ample choice to please eve the fussiest eaters! Mohamed in the main resturant was a real star and fussed over us throughout our stay, bringing us little plates of dates, fruits deserts etc to tempt us.
The weather was fabulous (13th-20th December) I'm sure temperatures did not fall below 25 degrees during the day, and at night all I needed was a pashmina if I wanted to walk along to the market, cafe's etc outside the hotel.
The only slight issue for us during our stay was witnessing the rude behaviour of russian guests towards the lovely staff at this hotel. You can always avoid this by sitting by one of the many deserted pools rather than the main pool by the beach, however if you are planning a holiday here I feel I should advise you that many of the russian guests can be rude and quite hostile to the staff, who DO NOT deserve this treatment, and you may find it upsetting as we did.
However, all in all a brilliant holiday for us. I highly recommend having a massage at the spa or on the beach, well worth the money (about £12 for a half hour back and neck massage)...speak to Miky he's a gem! Also, look out for Sparty aroud the pool, Mimo at the main reception bar (a real character and good fun to chat with!) and lovely Silvia the leisure manager. The management are keen to get views, comments etc on your experience and recommendations during your stay about all aspects of the hotel and service. I wrote a short complimentary note during the week, and the next day a fruit basket arrived in our room...what a lovely touch!

Happy holidays! Make the most of the trips and snorkelling here, as this is an amazing part of the world, but enjoy the Royal Rehana as a chilled out, luxurious base while in sinai.
P.S there was some interior building work taking place while we were here but there was no noice disturbance and it did not effect our holiday at all! Please email if you have any questions (-:"

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of December 2008

Will be fantastic when finished

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"Booked for 10 days with Lowcost on the web. We sailed through customs as we didnt want a visa. Were met outside and had private taxi to hotel less than 15 mins away organised for 1p by Lowcost!

Hotel check-in was easy and we were met with a cool towel and cocktail, but we had a room beside the part of the hotel which was still being built. The clientele here is 95% Russian and the place was full. We complained and were told we could move on day 3 to a much better room. This happened and we had a fab room after that, beside the quiet pool area with a side sea view - no complaints about this at all.

The rooms are large and airy with super quiet aircon and fresh sheets and towels every other day. You are also left a big bottle of water in your room every day. The boys who clean the rooms do those great creative things with towels which is lovely.

We were AI and had no problems with the food. The main restaurant is buffet style with a sort of bbq outside on most evenings. We also tried the Oriental and Italian restaurants which you are able to book once each per stay. However, as they do not offer a choice of menu we much preferred the main restaurant. At lunch times there are always chips and hot rolls cooked to order at the pool bar or you can use the restaurant. Breakfast has the chef cooking eggs to order which is good.

Drinks are by the glass but the restaurant puts a large bottle of water on your table too. There is a choice of red, white or rose wine and the usual local spirits which werent that bad.

We did tip a couple of dollars every other day or so and it worked wonders in both the restaurant and the lounge bar. Most evenings we arrived at the lounge to watch the entertainment and there were no tables left but one would appear like magic the minute the waiters saw us - now I know how royalty feel!

The staff are paid very little and a couple of dollars means a lot to them. It also means you get tremendous service. In the restaurant we did the same and often our waiter would bring us a plate of something special to try - nice touch.

The weather was in the 30s and the nights were warm. I took a couple of wraps for the evening but didnt need them. The hotel has an amazing number of pools and is right on the beach too. You are given a towel card and exchange it for clean pool towels as much as you want. Because of this nobody left their towels on sunbeds - no towel or card meant a $15 fine! Therefore there was never a problem getting a bed at any time of day.
One minor gripe was that the other Rehana hotels guests are able to use the facilities at the Royal but we couldnt get drinks at the other hotels! Not that you would want to as the Royal is easily the nicest but we went for a spa ans it would have been good to have got a couple of drinks before we walked back.

On the subject of the spa, the boys will come and try to get you to buy submarine trips, spa, photographic sessions etc but are very polite but dont hassle you once they have seen you around for a couple of days.

Grand tours were the appointed reps and we booked a couple of trips - the quad biking was brilliant and great value but the trip to the national park and shopping was a rip off and a complete waste of time. The beach and snorkelling at the hotel reef was far better.

The hotel has a private pier and you can see the way the reef just drops down. The variety of fish is incredible and you can swim with Nemo every day! The sea was very warm and is shallow leading up to the reef but you need shoes as it is rocky.

Overall I would have no problem recommending this place to anyone. We were told there are going to be more Brits in 2009 as there were loads of agents visiting whilst we were there. The place is expecting 6 or 7 stars when it is finished and will be the best in Sharm.

We would love to go back with our children but I'm not sure we will be able to afford it now the place is finished. It is going to be beautiful. Take a look at the pics I have posted and see how quiet it was when we were there (24 Nov - 4 Dec)

Must mention we flew with Thomas Cook airlines who were late on the way out and on the way back with the smallest leg room ever! 5 hours of pure torture in those seats which should be illegal!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 17th of December 2008

An absolutely fantastic resort

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"Our 2 week holiday experience at the Rehana Royal Beach & Spa Resort was absolutely wonderful (6th to 20th November). We'd gone hoping for hot sunny days, rest and relaxation - and we got it all.

Although the resort is still unfinished, none of the still ongoing building work affected us. But once totally completed, this resort will rival the best that there is in the whole of Sharm!

ROOM: Our room was large & spacious with large balcony from where we had sea views with Tiran Island as a backdrop. The bathroom had a super power shower that couldn't be faulted. Hairdryers, safes and fridges are all provided. The air con is fabulous - and needed. Take your own travel kettle if you like your early morning brew! [All rooms are either on ground, 1st or 2nd floor, with either a terrace or balcony.]

FOOD: In the main restaurant, food was buffet-style. It was plentiful and fresh. They added some freshly barbequed meat on some nights - this suited the carnivores like myself down to the ground! There are currently 2 al le carte restaurants, Italian & Oriental, which currently only have a set menu. We were so content with the main buffet restaurant so we didn't try these. [More restaurants are in the process of being built.] When we first arrived the tables were not being cleared quickly enough, but this situation improved within days.

There is also a Pool Bar where hot snacks, ie burger & chips, are served at lunchtime, and pancakes served from around 4.00pm. All drinks from here are - quite appropriately for safety reasons - served in plastic cups.

POOLS: We were totally spoilt for the number of pools available. All were unheated, but great for swimming and cooling off. There were 2 pools with slides for children, 1 main "quiet" pool and 1 main "noisy" pool with various activities either in it or around it. [Water polo, aerobics, dance (including lessons) darts, volleyball & boulles (on the beach nearby). There were also other, smaller pools - and another pool is due to open in December. The pools were all extremely clean. Fresh, large, beach/pool towels are available daily from either of the 2 "Towel Stations".

BEACH: The beach has plentiful sun loungers with permanent-style umbrellas.

JETTY: The jetty is a solid construction and easily accessible from the beach. The sea is quite shallow until the end of the jetty, when there is a huge drop. Absolutely ideal for snorkellers. The fish are fabulous, but found the coral a bit disappointing (not surprising after snorkelling at The Great Barrier Reef!). There were quite a few days when the red flag flew as the sea could get a tad choppy, but you could get in the shallower parts (being careful not to walk on the live coral). Sea shoes are a must, but you can buy them in the local shops for about £2 to £3.

STAFF: The staff - without exception - were absolutely wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble. We had a couple of minor problems which, once reported to reception, were sorted out quickly and without any fuss. We did tip a dollar here and a dollar there, but didn't notice any less attentiveness from the staff who we hadn't yet tipped. Nobody at the resort held out a hand for a tip in all of our 2 weeks.

CLEANLINESS: Absolutely spot on. Both our own room, bathroom & the resort in general were cleaned meticulously.

HEALTH: Neither of us had any tummy upsets, although we did hear of a few people who had some minor stomach problems. Heat? Too much alcohol? Cleaning teeth with tap water? Eating outside the resort? Didn't hear of anyone having any serious problems, ie longer lasting than 24 hours.

ENTERTAINMENT: There was some entertainment every night, but most of it was pretty mediocre. But then we knew before we booked that the entertainment wouldn't amount to much. Having said that, the "Animators" did do their best with what they had at their disposal, and they all worked very hard to give of their best. A special mention must go to Rachael, Hanni and Ahmed ("Crazy Man").

THE BAR: The main bar serves very generous measures of alcohol. All drinks are given in normal sized glasses.

OTHER NATIONALITIES: Currently the resort's guests are predominantly Russian, but on speaking to Gino, the manager, from December there will be a far better mix, with Brits being far more numerous. [During our 2 weeks we played "spot the Brit", as we were so outnumbered! Lol.]

STAIRS: There are some stairs to negotiate at the resort, but I certainly didn't find them too onerous (and I'm both overweight and heading rapidly towards gaining my free bus pass!).

WEATHER: The weather was absolutely fabulous and sunny. Not sure of the temperatures, but guesstimate it to have been in the low to high 80s. We didn't need wraps or cardigans in the evening, although I did see some people with them. Not sure what the sea temperature was, but it was almost like walking into a warm bath. Sheer bliss.

Happy to answer any questions. Just send me a message and I'll get back to you."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 24th of November 2008

great for snorkeling

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"this is a true reflection of a stay.
room was very spacious andthe cleaning was adequate.
water is yellow when taps are first put on.
cuboards not hinged properly and came off
A/C was good
pools was execelent
watering the grass and plants were done in the day and the smell from this was horrible.
flies everwhere because of the watering.
entertainment was good
service was ok waiters and reception always arguing with each other.
overall when this hotel settles down has the potentail of being the best but the staff needs training and its opened to early."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of October 2008

The Luxury Rehana Royal Beach - Just Fantastic

Reviewed Fri 16th of November 2012

"We moved over to the Rehana Royal Beach from the Rehana Sharm Resort after hearing that there were 50 rooms ready, it was the best move we made. The resort is fantastic even though it wasn't finished, the pools are great and the rooms spacious and very cool with the A/C and of course all brand new. The food was varied and there was always something for everyone. The entertainment was a little disappointing but I am told that is the norm for Egypt. If you have booked this hotel your in for a great time the staff cannot do enough for you a tip does go a long way. Book to go on a boat trip over in the Rehana Prima Life resort, the trip is fantastic what an experience. You can also dive off the Rehana Royal Beach Jetty which is a 2 minute walk from the main pool bar area.

Overall a great holiday but August is very very hot 98F in the evenings, hope they have finished a A/C bar there now."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 30th of September 2008

'Wonderful Place'..and its not finished yet !!!

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"We stayed at the Royal rehana for 17 nights after being upgraded from the Rehana sharm.
The hotel isnt finished yet but this didnt affect our holiday at fact we got treated like royalty as there were only a few rooms open so not too many guests there.
All the staff were fantastic..especially Diaa on reception,who sorted everything out for us from the minute we arrived until the minute we left,he even organised a taxi for us to take us to the airport.
The rooms are huge,we had the best maid ever (male) who constantly asked us if everything was ok,and always made a beautiful display on the beds of shapes and animals,we had a room directly next to the pool on the ground floor,we had the most fab view of everything!
The pool towel chaps were great especially Sparty who would always take our towels and place them on our choice of beds..also the pool bar chaps who always had our drinks ready as soon as we swam up to the bar..excellent!!
The food was all very nice,always hot and the chefs always there to help u lift the lids...if needed!!!
The jetty was great,Refaat the life guard was so lovely,every day he would lend us a snorkel and goggles,the fish were amazing,and would never accept any payment for this and was always keeping his eye on you to make sure u were ok.
There was a shuttle bus outside the reception which took you to the other rehana resort or to the shops whenever u wanted,as its not far to walk but is up a steep hill and in the day,this was very welcoming,this was free too.Everything was free,we didnt pay for anything,everything was included!
Deano the manager is a very nice man who always came to chat to us about things and told us what it would be like when will be amazing as while we were there they did so much more to the place,the people work very very hard and in such hot weather too!
The entertainment was ok,they bought people in to do shows as they only had 2 girl animators who didnt really do much,but i think this was due to there being not many guests.
There are lots of pools some with slides,all very lovely,its a huge resort and will be fantastic when its finished,all the staff are a credit to this hotel,and we wouldnt hesitate going back..if we could afford it !! As we were told its going to be one of the biggest and best hotels in Sharm..its the best one weve ever been to and probably go we were very very lucky! Thank you to Diaa who invited us to move and to ALL the staff for making our stay soooo GREAT!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of September 2008

Great Holiday

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a weeks stay in the Rehana Royal, We had booked for Rehana Sharm but on arrival were told the hotel was fully booked & we would be shuttled over to the Rehana Royal. Probably the best thing that could have happened.
The hotel is far from finished but this does not affect your holiday. When we arrived only 30 rooms had been checked out so getting a space by the pool or food in the restaurant was not a problem.
The Staff are AMAZING. The staff here could not do enough for you. The pool bar staff were our favourites. Very friendly & likable people who worked very hard.
The royal has much too offer despite being unfinished. We were informed that the hotel will once finished be the best & most expensive hotel in Sharm. It will definitely be one of the biggest.
The room we had was huge which was cleaned everyday & fresh towels left, our cleaner made shapes & animals out of the clean towels. Our room was on the second floor & had a perfect view of the sea & pools. We really couldn't have asked for more.
The Food - We had done a few all inclusive before & knew what to expect. The food was ok & there was always something we liked. The pool bar serves snacks through out the day, the chef cooks while you wait so you can imagine that the queue for snacks gets quite long at times.
Entertainment - As not many of the rooms were taken there wasn’t any entertainment for the first few nights, however then the animation team arrived & provided entertainment. We didn't see any of the entertainment as we spent most nights in the pool. Once the hotel is finished I would imagine there to be full itinerary of entertainment.
The hotel has a jetty leading off the beach – We were kindly lent a snorkel & mask from other guests. This was a brilliant experience. The jetty is manned with a life guard & has a flag system for how choppy the sea is.
The Manager (Deano) is often found walking around the complex mingling with the guests. Many things were suggested to Deano when we were there & all were taken on board & actioned. A customer questionnaire is also given at the end of your stay. The hotel really needs the input as they are desperate to get it right.

We have decided to go back - this time for 2 weeks. We really loved our holiday & was gutted to leave."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 11th of September 2008


Reviewed Mon 22nd of June 2015

"- Food is disgusting. Cheapest food ever with the cheapest ingredients just so they have something to put on the tables and fill the people up. The food was also very undercooked and I found a hair in my food twice, which was utterly revolting! Everyday they had the same horrible food (they just decorated/served the food in a different way to make it look like its something new, for example, they cut the courgettes in a circle shape and the next day they would cut it in a oval shape). Extremely poor quality which made my family ill (stomach ache - food poisoning)

- No internet in rooms, have to pay for it just to use in the lobby which is ridiculous

- Staff are rude, untrained, don't know how to deal with guests, inattentive, careless and money obsessed people that expect you to tip them for breathing the same air as you

- Doctor is the most disrespectful, uneducated, repulsive human being I've ever encountered. Charged us £818 for a stomach ache!!!

- Hotel management is atrocious. No real management, staff are clueless half of the time, they don't help especially the general manager and reception staff that work against the customers in order to rip you off in any way possible

In conclusion, this was the most outrageous hotel I had ever experienced. Do not book your holiday in this hotel!!!!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 21st of June 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

nice hotel - glad we read watchdog reviews

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"After reading in numerous place reviews about how bad this hotel was we are happy we found watchdog that gave us real honest reviews of pro's and con's, not just negative con's of how bad the place was.

The rooms are of very good standard of which we were not expecting them too be but they were in honesty great, in terms of the cleanliness the room cleaners cleaned the room to a very high standard everyday and they were spotless.

The pools were very clean and still warm which was a bonus because friends of ours told us during the winter months the pools become unbearable but this wasn't the case so it was great to cool down in a nice cold but pleasant pool.

The hotel staff are very friendly and polite but not too in your face which i read on other sites, they are really good people that work very hard all day and its fantastic.

The food is very nice but it does get repetitive but like anywhere i go on holiday i like to eat out and this was no different, they have a huge selection of different dishes so theres always something for everyone, but it can get a little boring after day three or four.

We met three nice families while we were there and we all went out for various meals, first time we went to TGI Friday's which in honestly wasn't that great and they do not serve alcohol and the food seems to be microwaved processed rubbish, 2nd time we went out to onions restaurant which is bang next to kfc and peking chinese, and it was really nice they have a different choice of lots of dishes from steaks to traditional egyptian food it was a really pleasant meal, 3rd time we went out we went to st georges bar and english family run bar not far from the hotel, they do all traditional home cooked food which was really really nice with big chunky homemade chips the family that run it are very informative and lovely.

we went out on excursions quad biking and all day boat trip, which were both brilliant but being stupid first timers we booked through the hotel and it was 180GBP for two people to do, yet when we out at places like st george's they do it by a 1/4 of the price so when we return we would defiantly book outside the hotel.

all in all the hotel is fantastic, the entertainment is lacking a little bit so its always good to get out and see different places, but for cleanliness, high standards and good staff this hotel is one of the best we have stayed at without a doubt. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 14th of October 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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    "nowhere due to being ill "

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    "the staff make the holiday for you, the hotel is fantastic because of the staff. "

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