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A bit disappointed!

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"The hotel buildings and landscape are very well kept. The resort itself is quite visually appealing, although it is situated in the middle of nowhere! If you are looking for a more centrally located hotel, I would suggest finding a resort closer to Naama Bay. The hotel staff were very friendly, courteous, and attentive to the guests. They were, perhaps, the highlight of our stay. We were, however, extremely disappointed with the food. It was bland and uncreative. It was three star quality, certainly not five star quality! The cooks and wait staff were eager to please, but the food was just not up to par. In fact, after a few days of our holiday, we started dreading meal times, because we knew the food was going to taste exactly the same, day after day."

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  • Travel date: Mon 28th of November 2005

Beautiful hotel set in the middle of a b...

Reviewed Thu 24th of November 2005

"Beautiful hotel set in the middle of a building site, 20-30 minutes in a bus or taxi to nearest resort, 15-20 minute walk to nearest mini supermarket to buy basic refreshments, Pavements to nearest shops are a obstacle course and not suitable unless you have hiking boots in your case!

Facilities in the hotel= Freezing cold pool, cold or luke warm food, which is pretty bland. Fully inclusive bar often runs out of basics on a regular basis. out with the times that the dinning room is open there is nowhere locally to buy snacks, the hotel does provide snacks, which are nearly always chips and cold meat rolls.

Other facilities are the private beach, which is full of rubble, pool tables and tennis, courts, which you need to pay a fee to use, and a gym which seem to lack any notable air conditioning. There is on site entertainment, out of 7 nights only two nights are worth going too.


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  • Travel date: Thu 24th of November 2005

Best holiday ever!!

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a week spent at the Golden Resort hotel in Sharm el Sheikh. I can't sing its praises high enough - the people who work there are just so friendly and very funny which we didn't expect, they loved a good joke, we felt sad to leave.
Everything was very well organised in the hotel, all was so clean and cared for. Our room was very big with a very comfortable King size bed, it was cleaned daily. It was definitely worth tipping a couple of times as the genteleman cleaning our room would create different shapes out of our towels and clothes that were lying around, from a swan to a crocodile - we'd look forward to going back mid-afternoon to see what awaited us! It was very impressive!We had a balcony overlooking one of the two huge swimming pools which had bars at their centre. There were plenty of sunloungers around the pool and there seemed no reason to leave the hotel. We did venture out overnight to climb Mount Sinai which was tiring but well-worth doing and our day of snorkelling with aquarius was also fantastic, they really looked after us!The fish and the coral were amazing, we even spotted Nemo swimming around! The water was clear and a gorgeous temperature.

A lot of thought had gone into the menu which was in buffet style and it was clear that the chefs took a lot of pride in what they served. They were often seen chatting to guests. The variety was amazing and they even had a 'diet corner' and a 'Kids corner' so everyone was happy.
A huge Bedouin tent was located on the grounds also, where there was entertainment each night, from karaoke to an egyptian night where we watched traditional egyptian dancers and a man who spinned non-stop for around ten minutes dressed in a colourful flowing outfit - he was incredible and must be seen to be believed!!
The hotel itself is around 20 mins from Naama Bay where the main shopping and bars are located. We went once to do some shopping and did not feel we were missing out on anything, we preferred being in a quieter area. Buses ran from the hotel to Naama three times a day - it was very well organised. Shopping can be quite difficult if you don't like to barter as they are quite persistent. I felt inclined to buy at times but learnt that just saying no thank you firmly but politely worked well. Saying you might come back or will think about it seemed to encourage them and made it even more difficult to leave.
The beach was five minutes away behind the SAS Radisson (sister hotel) which was directly opposite the Golden Resort. The sand was coarse but there was a jetty from which you could dive into the sea and do some snorkelling (snorkelling kits were not provided). The beach itself was not fantastic and we found we had a brilliant time around the pool where there was entertainment throughout the day, from Tai Chi to Water Polo. The recreational staff were great,they tried to get you involved in the activities but understood if you didn't want to, the door was always open.
As active people,we found the gym at the hotel to be very useful. It was well equipped with 2 modern treadmills, an exercise bike, free weights as well as machines. It had no air conditioning while we were there so we definitely had a good sweat! The air condtioning is being put in in the next few weeks so it will hopefully be cooler when we return next year.

Overall, a fantastic holiday,we had such a great time and feel like we have made friends at the Golden Resort. We have just been to get a quote for the same holiday next year, again with First Choice (who were fantastic!!) and although prices have increased slightly (unsurprisingly), it's worth every penny!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 5th of November 2005

What a place. For some one who has had b...

Reviewed Tue 1st of February 2005

"What a place. For some one who has had bad experiences of hotels, this place is amazing. A welcome drink on arrival, bags taken to our room, staff who bent over backwards to try to accommodate you. The gardens are really nice and well maintained.

The only complaint I have is that I have to start doing over time in work to get the money to go back again at the end of the year.

A few words of advice though, it is a hotel and the soft drinks are a little expensive compared to the local town, my advice would be go into the town and buy soft drinks and water for your day time, you can get 3 drinks in the town for the price of what the hotel is charging for one.

Another thing, if you like to swim, the pool is pretty cold so I advise that you use the ‘pond’ to the right of the beach that is more then accommodating. The seawater is a lot warmer.

Take plenty of films for your camera, especially if you have an under water camera.

The food was good too. I dare you not to eat out at a different part of the hotel every night. I can definitely recommend the French eatery.

finally, I advise you pay your bill at the end of your stay, the hotel states that it is law that you pay in your own currency (anything but Egyptian) at the end of your holiday. The reason is that staff hardly had and change if you bought drinks etc.

Make the most of your money and give tips at the end of your stay, the tips get pooled and split between the WHOLE staff within the complex.


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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of February 2005

This hotel is absolutely beautiful you c...

Reviewed Mon 1st of November 2004

"This hotel is absolutely beautiful you cannot fault the grounds and the spacious rooms. The pool area is huge and lovely!!

The service if great and the staff cannot do enough to help you. The only thing that really let this accommodation down

Was the food. It was very bland and tasteless and there was not enough variety it seemed to be the same every night.

The staff sometimes got mixed up with vodka and rum as I seemed to get rum a lot! The location was nice and although you have to walk across the road to the beach there is a bar included on your all inclusive on the beach so you don’t lose out. The coral reef is amazing and something you must see and so close to you! Overall it was a great holiday but the hotel needs more of a variety of food, which I am sure it will look at."

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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of November 2004

The hotel is set in 30acres with waterfa...

Reviewed Tue 31st of August 2004

"The hotel is set in 30acres with waterfalls and bridges that take you down to the beach. There are 2 pools on site, which are never over, crowded, plenty of sun beds and beach/pool towels are supplied. There is a Fitness centre were you can have a massage. Rooms have toiletries and hairdryers and are cleaned everyday, staff are extremely friendly. There are several restaurants on site serving various cuisines all worth a try. The breakfast was vast everything and anything, eat as much as you want. The only complaint we did have is that the food was not hot enough, we did bring this to the attention of the management team and every effort was made to ensure that future meals were hot."

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of August 2004

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