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Myself my wife and my two year old daugh...

Reviewed Wed 17th of May 2006

"Myself my wife and my two year old daughter stayed here for two weeks. The hotel is twined with the Radisson SAS hotel. I'll do the bad points first: Entertainment is very poor, if you’re taking kids they'll be very bored, there’s not much for adults either. There’s only one main bar at night time for a hotel of this size was just stupid.

Our main disappointment was checkout, everything stops at 12:00 noon that includes drinks and food, you have to pay for everything and seeing that this was supposed to be an all inclusive hotel plus the fact our flight was at night this really put a downer at the end of our holiday. Food was ok but bit samey for two weeks and for kids there wasn't much choice. On the good points this was the cleanest hotel I’ve stayed in, rooms were cleaned daily.

Nabq bay where the hotel is located is full of hotels currently being built give it a couple of years and it will look a lot better. The main centre of Sharm el sheikh is Naama bay which is a 20 minute bus ride away, it cost about £2.50 return using the hotel bus. I would recommend going here at least once the food is very cheap here.

Going to the beach means going through the sister hotel opposite the golden resort. its a good 20 minute walk through the gardens or you can take a beach bus which runs every 15 minutes. The sand is very course but there’s a beach bar just for golden resort people.
The Egyptian staff were very friendly although there were a couple of grumpy staff. If your taking a young girl like we did the staff always made a fuss of her which was nice at first but the same thing happened during every meal every day which began to get on your nerves when all you wanted to do was eat. The only disco or TV screen was over the road which meant paying for your drinks.

The overall holiday wasn't to bad i would go back Sharm again but never to this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of May 2006

Buongiorno dall'Italia! I was the 1 and...

Reviewed Mon 24th of April 2006

"Buongiorno dall'Italia!
I was the 1 and a half year ago, but I have to say. I still keep a good memory of my stay at the Radisson. I was looking for sun & relax and that was just perfect for these needs.

The room was big and clean, massages ok, beach perfect. Loved the romantic atmosphere they had for dinner; especially outside. Food ok, but a bit repetitive.

I would surely go there again and would recommend this hotel to a friend.


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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of April 2006

Fantastic hotel with excellent facilitie...

Reviewed Wed 12th of April 2006

"Fantastic hotel with excellent facilities, friendly staff and very clean environment.
Right on the beach with great friendly tour rep. A good choice of excursions to go one but personally I was a little disappointed with the Cairo tour.

It was quite expensive but we did fly to Cairo from Sharm, but it was a very long day and we visited some places I had not bargained on which I wasn't really that interested in -but then again it would probably have been a very short day if we had just done the pyramids and nothing else. If you want to swim with the dolphins make sure you book it as soon as you get there - or even beforehand - as it gets very booked up and we missed out on it.

On site shopping area, hotel bus several times a day to Sharm town and back which worked out very cheap.

Loads of choice food wise with several restaurants.
Best holiday I've been on."

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of April 2006

Excellent holiday

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"We have just returned from the Radisson SAS hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. It has to be one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The hotel was fantastic, the staff were so helpful and friendly and the weather was great. I think the friendliness of the staff rubbed off on everyone because other holidayers were so friendly with each other.
There were plenty of activities to avail of.
It is a perfect place for families with young kids (Egyptians love little kids and cannot be more helpful).
When we went originally we were told that the hotel was not wheelchair accessible. My partner is confined to a wheelchair but we found no difficulty in getting around the hotel. Anyway, if we did encounter a difficult step somewhere there was always someone who would help.
I have no hesitatons in recommending this place for potential holiday makers as it is a fantastic place to stay."

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of March 2006


Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2012

"The Radisson SAS in Naqb Bay is delightful. The staff are extremely welcoming and full of hospitality. The hotel itself is located amidst a tropical garden, and is well designed with all rooms facing the ocean and the pool area.

The pool and beach area provide sunbeds for all and towels are also available which means you can leave the big beach towel at home and save room for souvenirs in the suitcase!

We were really impressed with the overall service provided during the meal times and throughout the day. The food was excellent especially at the Jeita (typical Egyptian food) and the fruit cocktails were spectacular!
Particularly valuable was the Shuttle Bus running to Naama Bay throughout the day and the efficient Taxi service available at the hotel. We were occasionally in Naama til the early hours and were fortunate to have a taxi from the hotel pick us up rather than take one of the 'dodgy' blue and white cabs.

To some, the hotel might be too far from it all but Naama Bay is really somewhere you would want to visit but not stay. I recommend dinner in Naama Bay as it is cheaper than the hotel restaurants (and buy bottled water at the nearby supermarket as the hotel charges 13 egyptian pounds!), however other than that, the Radisson SAS is faultless and makes the holiday experience one to remember.

For those interested in seeing more of Egypt, the trip to St.Katherine's Monastery is worth a visit (don't be put off by the early morning start) and of course any chance to do some snorkelling is a must.

Go to the SAS for a refreshing break - don't expect activities and entertainment galore. It's a place to unwind, relax and experience royal treatment."

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  • Travel date: Mon 13th of March 2006


Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2012

"This hotel was fab! the staff are amazing and love to have a laugh with you, especially the waiters in the dining hall. rooms were great and as lots of other people have stated they made towels into boats, swans etc. we also had flowers and petals on 1 of the days. the recreation team are very entertaining and join in playing table tennis with you and other sports. the entertainment wasen't very good but you could entertain yourself or seek out the bar staff who would entertain you. We stayed in dec 05 and left on the 25th dec. the gala dinner on xmas eve was a great way to end the holiday. the staff get up and dance with you and it's just so fun. the food was good and had a different theme every night. plenty to chose from. not much for kids over 12 to do as we found out. i am definately going to return."

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  • Travel date: Thu 23rd of February 2006

Radisson SAS (not Golden Resort) Is excellent.

Reviewed Thu 18th of October 2012

"Be careful with some of the reports on this site because they refer to the Radisson Golden Resort and not the Radisson SAS which is of a noticeably higher standard.

We stayed for a weeks B&B in Late January in a standard room at the SAS and cannot fault the quality of the hotel.

The layout was picturesque the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful the rooms were spotless and every service you would expect from a 4/5 star hotel was available.

The breakfasts were superb and we ate in 3 of the five other restaurants on site. The French and Italiian ones were fairly expensive (GBP 20-30 for a three course meal without wine) but the food and service was of a very high standard, we didn't try the Evening Buffet because it looked a little bland.

It is definitely a resort for getting away from it all.

The evening entertainment was very limited and although you had free access to the local Disco it was very low key. They hold theme nights such as Arabian Dinner shows and Bedouin Nights which were ok but fairly pricey. (not a hotel for the Disco Party set).

One big drawback is that there is absolutely nothing around the resort within easy walking distance, you can walk along your own private beach & Snorkeling jetty for a couple of hundred yards in both directions and that is it.

Naama Bay is a twenty minute Shuttle Bus or Taxi ride away (GBP 5 in each direction) and is well worth a visit if you stay away from the tacky tourist bit where the bus drops you off.

We were fairly lucky with the weather 23 or 24 degrees most days but it can get a little windy and make the sea and snorkeling Jetty totally out of bounds (but what do you expect in January).

We went to look at the sister hotel (the golden resort) on the other side of the road and it was fine as well but not quite of the same standard as the SAS.

We would definitely return back to the SAS if we wanted a holiday of total relaxation but I am not sure there would be enough at the hotel to keep a family happy."

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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of January 2006

We had an "allocated on arrival" holiday...

Reviewed Tue 24th of January 2006

"We had an "allocated on arrival" holiday and we were allocated the Golden Resort.

I was very impressed, the hotel is kept extremely clean all day every day. Sunbeds are washed down every day, as are tables and floors mopped. Rooms cleaned everyday - cannot fault them on cleanliness.

Staff are extremely friendly, sometimes over friendly and it can get a little annoying at times but they are all lovely and get to know as many people as possible on first name terms, they never pass you without saying Hi.

We upgraded to a Superior Room upon arrival and it was a lovely room with a massive bed, bath robes and slippers - the "fruit basket" that came with the upgrade was a bit pathetic though.

The pool was cold but that didn't put some people off. The Spa was lovely and warm and you can use that the gym (basic), sauna and steam room free of charge whenever you like. They provide massages and other treatments at a charge, i had a Soft Body Treatment which isn't for the prudish but was great. We also had a go in the Tennis Courts (a small fee), which are not the best courts in the world granted but we still had a laugh.

Restaurant surprised me, I've been to terrible All Inclusive's before but the food was kept warm and regularly topped up with fresh food - I must admit however after 1 week I was ready to go home food wise as it does get very repetitive and bland after a while but the omelette station at breakfast in the mornings was great and very popular. Be warned, the staff whip your plate away as soon as they think you are finished, which can sometimes mean that they whip away your plate when your not finished, but being All Inclusive it's not really a problem because you can go back up for another plate full if you want to.

Panorama Bar is brilliant, as is the bar man Mohammed - the spirit measures are huge, actually he doesn't measure he just pours and pours - you get a huge list of cocktails you can chose from as well which is fabulous. Both pool bars are also good and there is also a beach bar exclusively for Golden Resort guests down on the beach.

Talking of the beach, well it isn't exactly sand it's more stones mixed with sand but the beach is lovely, it's attached to the SAS Radisson across the road from the Golden Resort. As far as I’m concerned it's a beach, it has sun, its has pina coladas and sunbeds - it'll do me!

Went to the Radisson for lunch twice which was really nice and made a change from the Golden Resort restaurant - SAS isn't an all inclusive hotel so we had to pay but we got lunch (burgers and chips, wraps, salads) and a drink each for about £15 in total.

The bank is over at the SAS Radisson if you want to change travellers cheques. However, the staff are as miserable as sin in there, they changed my GBP Travellers Cheques into Egyptian Pounds but they wouldn't change them into US Dollars, you had to go the Naama Bay for that!!

Golden Resort has a free bus that takes you into Naama Bay (about 20min journey) - gorgeous beaches with "proper" sand and watersports at Naama Bay, shuttle also brings you back again at specific times of the day. Also a shuttle bus to the Radisson beach but you can walk it in about 5mins.

We preferred staying where we were rather than actually in Naama Bay, it was nice to get into Naama but it would be a bit much to actually stay there we thought. Golden Resort was a good location, although apart from Radisson across the road and the beach there isn't anything else within walking distance but we didn't feel we needed anything else to be honest. Radisson also has it's own Nightclub "Ricks" which you can get into for about £7 I think, we went there to watch football one afternoon, it seemed nice, drinks about same prices as UK - cocktail £5.50!

You don't need to take beach towels either, you get a special card which you hand over at the pool side every day and you get a towel, when your finished with it, hand the towel back and you get your card back and you can do that everyday - you can also do the same at the Radisson beach.

I would definitely recommend this hotel and will be going back."

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  • Travel date: Tue 24th of January 2006

Great Hotel, Shame About The Location!!

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"My wife and I stayed in the Golden Resort, Sharm el Sheikh over Christmas and New Year 2005 / 2006.

First of all the resort is fantastic, the rooms are immaculate and the cleaning staff and all the waiting staff in the restuarants are very friendly and a lot of them speak very good english too.

A couple of things to note about the hotel not mentioned by other people, the rooms all have safes in them and the hotel also has internet access (chargeable). The also wireless internet available for guests, but again this is at a charge.

The food was wonderful, i have to agree with another reviewer about the "theme nights" e.g. italian, chinese. There is not much evidence of the theme night from the buffet (pretty much the same every night). The food is wonderful, i am a vegetarian and never struggled to find something to eat, the choice was excellent and the flavours of the food where superb. I can heartily recommend the calamari, the best i have ever had. The pool and the facilities are also very good, the gym seems very modern and the staff are always willing to show you around the complex if you cannot find anything. I have to mention the 2 Ahmed's on the upstairs reception, they where both so friendly on our trip and also Ayman in the dining hall.

My one problem with the resort is that if you are expecting something to do all the time then you will be dissapointed and the place seems very remote from naama bay (the nearest town). Even Naama Bay is not that great and you do get hassled to buy things a lot! The problem does seem to be due to the location, there is nowhere to walk to and at times I did feel a bit trapped on the resort. If I where to go back then i would probably think about hiring a car, but this would seem to defeat the purpose of staying all inclusive. There do seem to be a lot of people content with going to the pool and the bar and nothing else. In short Sharm seems to be something of a cultural wasteland with not much else to do than snorkel or scuba (but this is fantastic).

I would ignore the people who seem to think the radisson over the road is superior, it is not. They are essentially the same hotel with the same amenities but the golden resort is all inclusive and the radisson hotel is not, people staying in the golden resort can use all the facilities of the radisson anyway, oh and by the way for the reviewer who said the beach was difficult to reach, they now have a bus every five minutes to the beach and there is a bar for golden resort guests on the beach, where you can get free drinks.

One piece of advice would be to shop around for excursions as the Thomas Cook ones that the rep sells seems to be very expensive and naama bay has much cheaper ones (and you can probably bargain them down). Having said that I would definetly recommend the Thomas Cook snorkelling trip to Ras Mohammed, best trip ever.

If I was to go back to Sharm, I would probably not go back to the Golden Resort due to the location of the resort and the lack of local attractions and may choose to go to Alexandria or even Cairo.

I hope you all find this review helpgul, happy holidays!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of January 2006

Overall very good

Reviewed Fri 26th of October 2012

"A lot of the reviews on here are pretty accurate as i read them before we left to go to the golden resort.
My personal views are:

Rooms: Very good, large and kept very clean.

Food: Ok, pretty standard AI fare. I would imagine that after 14 days you might get a little bored (we only stayed for 7). The egyptian themed night was fantastic however! Huge outdoor BBQ's!

Bars: Pretty basic with drinks of your usual AI standard. The red wine was nice enough...well you get used to it :)

Staff: Amazing, really could not do enough for you. Even though we visited during rammadan they were always happy and eager to help.

Pool: Freezing.... a bit of a let down as its huge

Overall its a nice hotel with great staff. If you aren't expecting 5 star standards in the bars (which in a AI resort you aren't gonna get are you?)."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of January 2006

A bit dissapointing

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"Stayed at the Radisson Golden Resort Hotel between the 17th December and the 24th December 2005. My personal opinions are as follows:

Rooms: Excellent. We had a standard room which had 2 double beds. Very very comfortable beds, good air con, nice bathroom, nice terrace/balcony over looking the gardens and pool area. Rooms were kept clean on a daily basis. Room had a fridge which the cleaners used to store your 2 bottles of free mineral water every day.

Restaurant: Food was pretty good and served in a buffet style.About 3 or 4 rotating themes including Asian, Egyptian, Italian and International. To be honest whilst the themes "rotated" they were pretty much the same every day. There is something for everyone. One thing that really annoyed me was that although all inclusive if you went to the pasta station or noodle station more than once you were asked "is this your first helping". To me that is irrelevant as this is supposed to be All Inclusive. We were not greedy by any means and on several occasions ate out for a change so to be questioned as to how much you want really annoyed us. Guests staying here get 25% discount to eat at the sister Radisson hotel across the road and I would definitely recommend a visit especially to the Italian restaurant where a main course together with 2 glasses of wine and 1 dessert only set us back £ 20 after discount. One word of warning though what your step as the lighting is poor at night and my wife managed to break her arm here !

Bars: Very very dissapointing and that was pretty much the consensus of most guests. During the day you have 2 small pool bars with seating for about 15 - 20 people. These bars get extremely busy and unless you are regularly tipping the bar staff they were pretty slow and rude. The only other bar is open from 6pm till midnight and is located on the first floor within the hotel lobby. It is basically a large open space with a bar at one end. The lights are always switched off and there is no real atmosphere. Very much a drinking culture in this bar with Benidorm type of holiday makers getting as much free drink as they can. Tip get a couple of drinks and take them to your balcony. Its the only place to enjoy a quiet relaxing drink.

Entertainment: Very very Butlins catering for once again your typical Brit abroad. Most entertainment takes place in the Bedouin tent which most people with sense avoided like the plague. Karaoke, Miss Golden Resort, Mr Golden Resort etc etc. Unfortunately no Knobbly knees or gurning contest.

Overall: A very nice hotel with massive potential but it really did feel like Butlins. If you have travelled a bit and stayed in 4 or 5 star resorts in say the Maldives, Bali etc then dont expect this too match. The hotel is also quite remote and approx 1/2 hour by Taxi to Naama bay which is where all the dive centres are although they do pick yopu up from the hotel. I will definitely return to Sharm although not the Golden Resort although I would pay extra and stay B&B at the Radisson SAS across the road which really is 5 star."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of December 2005

Fantastic all round holiday

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"We Travelled to Egypt on a last minute holiday on the 17th Nov - 1st Dec.

What a stay.We had a wonderful time.

The hotel was clean, friendly and was very relaxing.

The hotel it's self is situated about 15 minutes away from the airport. It is vert peaceful and yet close enough to the main town to get a bus or taxi if you want to be in the hussle and bussle.

The staff were incredibly friendly and took great pride in their work. They all spoke very clear and fluent English.

The buffet was extrordinary. Although we were advised to stay away from the fruit, salad and ice we found that we were able to eat it daily without suffering upset stomachs.
There was such a wide variety of food, there was no room for complaint.

Our room was very spacious and cleaned to well beyond our expectations every day. As with many of these hotels we were made a beautiful ornament with towels and given bottled water each day.

The only let down was the entertainment, if you are not one to get up and try but would rather watch. There was kareooke and belly dancing etc but much of this was audience participation.
The entertainment was wonderful on Egyptian night however. With dancers, music and a fantastic buffet.

As we went in the winter season, only one of the two pools was warmed but the cool pool made for a refreshing dip as temperatures soared.

Over all we found it a fantastic trip, we are a young couple in our twenties, we met people from all ages and walks of life and everyone seemed to find it equally enjoyable."

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  • Travel date: Sun 4th of December 2005

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