Parrotel Beach Resort

Nabq P.O. Box 180, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
3 star hotel

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( 4121 reviews)
  • 2 room
  • 3 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 2 service
  • 1 dining
  • 1 food

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not worth 5star title

Reviewed Tue 5th of October 2010

"I went here for christmas 2009 and thought it would be like 5star kids food was always cold no kids daytime entertainment only harrasment from sales beauty team was in a good location on the beach restaurant food and breakfast was always the same some staff was rude and ignorant in the dinner hall let us wait over half hour before taking our drink order then never brought it i will go to sharm again it was lovely but not to this hotel at all"

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  • Travel date: Sun 14th of February 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 1 Food


Reviewed Thu 15th of January 2009

"For my partners 19th birthday i treated him to a week holiday at the Radisson resort, sharm el sheikh. After booking it i read a few reviews closer to the time which worried me a little of what to expect on arrival. But once we arrived i realised people have mixed opinions and didn't apply to everyone, the place was fantastic. As a young couple you usually get treated differently to older couples on holiday but they were very polite and fair to everyone.
One major downfall... the amount of Russian people around kind of spoiled it a bit, i know it's not anyones fault, but they were so rude and pushy and if you were to save a table at dinner and go up to get your food you tend to find on your return to the table they have moved your things and chucked themselves in your place, but we did speak to a few other English people from other resorts and they also found that happened. So just beware, they're all rude not just the ones you meet.
The scenery is beautiful. The rooms are spacious and clean and the cleaners are very very friendly one day i foolishy left the safe unlocked and on return to our room we couldnt unlock the safe, we rang the reception and they told us the cleaner had found the safe unlocked and reset the combination for us, when we got it open we found not a thing had been touched, not a single note or coin, which was fantastic they're very trustworthy (believe it or not).
Our holiday rep had a list of activities for us which we did a red sea cruise which we got to snorkel in lots of places on the red sea which was fantastic.
There are lots of people who come around offering things whilst you sunbathe, if you're interested in what they offering DO NOT go for the price they say, haggle as much as you can because as much as they seem like they wont go any lower every single one does.... so do it and have some fun.
Have a fantastic time... We did."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 15th of January 2009

Fantastic Holiday

Reviewed Thu 23rd of October 2008

"My partner nd i have just returned home from the wonderful Sharm el Sheikh, absoutley wonderful place and we had great time.

The hotel wasn't what we were expecting after reading strange reviews and good reviews so we had a mixed idea about how good the hotel would be.

It turned out to be superb we really enjoyed it, the hotel itself is quite big and we were fortuante that there was quite a few english in our hotel so we made some great friends which was fantastic.

The rooms were big and spacious are were spotless, we tipped our cleaner which he was chuffed to bits with and made sure our fridge was full with drinks which was a added bonus so we were happy with that.

The swimming pools were lovely and clean, although they were a little chilly but after a few hours sunbathing they it was great to jump in and cool off.

The food was actually very good, we spoke to quite a few people we met from other hotels and they complain about the food in their hotels but the food was very nice in hotel although it did tend to repeat itself but it was good all in all.

We wanted to do trips Cairo, Luxor, Quad Biking and A Boat Trip Snorkeling we were quoted in the hotel for two of us 720 english pounds, but lucky for us we had met people on our second day that had already been in sharm for a week and they advised us to go on down to St Georges Bar At The Jasmine Centre And see the owner Pete we told him what trips we wanted to do and he qouted us 460 english pounds so it was a massive save and then because we saved money we went to a Bedouin Dinner Party in the desert which again was half price qouted in the hotel.

While my wife sunbathed, i went on down to St Georges to watch the football which was quality, the beer was ice cold and only 2quid a bottle so as you can imagine i was more the tipsy on a few occasions.

We went out a few nights to Namba Bay but once you have been once you wont want to go again, it's grea for a night to Hard Rock cafe but it stops there really, most places are really expensive and invent some kind of tax out of no where which they whack on top of your build which we found amazingly stupid.

Cairo and Luxor was fantasic and its a must if you want to see the reall Egypt, but again i must mention that St Georges
was so much cheaper than in our hotel for the trips, so if you can go and save money its well worth.

We will be returning to Sharm not sure when but we will back, we most probably will try a different hotel just to try somewhere different.

Thanks Pete and Holly for some fantastic trips hope to see you soon.

Dave and Marie

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of October 2008

great hotel clean friendly and food at b...

Reviewed Thu 2nd of October 2008

"great hotel clean friendly and food at breakfast enjoyable and freshly cooked.
several people complain just too moan & groan we believe.
biggest problem we found was were the non stop pestering wanna trip go here go there, do you want a paper a massage! it is so full on & gets to you after a few days..
we did book trips but not through the hotel i advise everyone go out of hotel turn right too roundabout go across jasmine center on left upstairs is st georges bar !!!!! yes ! honest loyal & great knowledge we booked cairo by bus dinner on nile spinx, prymids 60.00 all incl great fantastic day, coloured canyon 49.00 & abu gallium the blue lagoon both full days lunch incl 49.00, & a full day boat trip snorkeling 30.00 amazing 190.00 total for all trips = hotel was going to charge us 305.00 pounds st georges gave us amazing trips memories foreever.
overall wait & judge hotel yourself but holidays are what you make them add radisson & st georges together 5 star plus without doubt. "

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of October 2008

i stayed at the radisson sas sharm el sh...

Reviewed Thu 28th of August 2008

"i stayed at the radisson sas sharm el sheik in Sept 07. i went with 2 mates and had
a fantastic week. staff were really nice and very helpful. rooms wear spotless,cleaned every day. breakfast buffet was always great with plenty of choices. there were also
about 5 different cafe/restaurants within the complex.if your into snorkeling you`ll love this place. they have a private beach and you can just go in off the jetty and see the most amazing fish and coral. it was my first time snorkeling but after just a few minutes
i was hooked (pardon the pun). there are some shops at the front of the hotel where you can buy your own snorkeling gear quite cheap. can`t fault this hotel. enjoy."

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of August 2008

All inclusive is a waste of money. They...

Reviewed Sat 23rd of February 2008

"All inclusive is a waste of money. They will try and persuade you to visit the alternative restaurants, but you will have to pay for them. I found the rooms and the restaurant dirty and complained to the Manager. He must have had a guilty conscience, because my room was visited straight away and given a good cleaning. We were also given towelling robes and a basket of fruit was delivered. He said they were in the middle of renovation, but this shouldn't allow dirty dining room floors and dining tables. There was a slight improvement. The food is rubbish (unless you were prepared to pay for the specials), the best meal of the day was breakfast, but lunch was the same everyday, and dinner was hardly worth going down for. The "Chef" on the carvery could produce about 25 portions from 1 duck, and the lamb and beef were very tiny. Probably the final straw was returning to the room one night to find 3 inches of water all over the floor due to a broken water pipe. It was cleaned up and I can say then that the room floor was the cleanest it had been all the time we were there. This is not an isolated visit to Egypt, but the 4th. We will return but certainly not to THAT Radisson. It did not live up the expectation (or expense) of a 5 star hotel"

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  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of February 2008

This was our first time to Egypt and I w...

Reviewed Sat 22nd of September 2007

"This was our first time to Egypt and I was rather sceptical.

On arrival to our resort, the Radisson, we were overwhelmed by how friendly the staff were and that we were taken with our luggage to our room by golf buggy!! The views are amazing and gardens are beautiful. We couldn't believe how close to paradise we had come.

The food is fantastic and the choice is rather overwhelming, you just can't decide! If you can't find anything to eat than you must be the fussiest ever as there is so much to choose from.

There are several bars to choose from although I would recommend the Crow's Nest. Great staff and beautiful views of the beach and ocean. On this holiday, my partner proposed here and it was beautiful!

A wonderful hotel with great staff, beautiful views and lovely food. The quad biking tour is a must as is the Beduin Night in the desert.

A highly recommended hotel and resort. 10/10 all round!!

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of September 2007

The property is in ok condition, the gar...

Reviewed Mon 16th of July 2007

"The property is in ok condition, the gardens and pool are well looked after but the rooms could do with some tender loving care.

The food is ok but does become repetitive, the bar is very expensive.

The entertainment is very poor and to be honest most people head into Naama Bay.

This is not a hotel for those with walking difficulties as there are plenty of stairs and no lifts available.

The hotel is aprox 15-20 mins from Naama Bay and the local taxis are always racing into Naama Bay from outside the hotel. Make sure you confirm the price before the journey or you will have an argument."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

Went to the Radisson SAS Sharm el Sheikh...

Reviewed Tue 26th of June 2007

"Went to the Radisson SAS Sharm el Sheikh, in April 07, with my husband and two daughters.

Had a wonderful time weather very hot, hotel lovely and clean, and rooms well equipped and cleaned daily. Had an adjoining room with our teenage girls which was a great idea. We were offered upgrades, at a cost, to the apartments on the beach but after looking at them there wasn't much difference so stayed where we were.

Gardens/flowers are amazing, pool clean. Kamal the restaurant manager and his staff were the best, so helpful and friendly and to our amazement at the end of our stay, presented our daughter with a lovely gift for being Guest of the week .

Found the large number of Russian guests the rudest ever especially to the hotel staff.

But would still recommend this hotel and would go back."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 26th of June 2007

Just returned home from the Radisson. P...

Reviewed Fri 18th of August 2006

"Just returned home from the Radisson. Party consists of 2 adults 2 16 year olds and a 13 year old. Not what I would call a five star hotel. Staff - very friendly and helpful cannot fault them.

Entertainment – poor, no games for the day time apart from water aerobics twice on our holiday. Evening was very poor and not as the brochure described.

Food - the buffet evenings were good but there was nothing for children with difficult tastes apart from a pizza restaurant. Overall a very relaxing holiday but if you are looking for a lively time do not pick the Radisson.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 18th of August 2006

We both really enjoyed our stay at the g...

Reviewed Sun 9th of July 2006

"We both really enjoyed our stay at the golden resort. The staff were all extremely helpful and friendly. The rooms were very comfortable and spacious.

The food was nice and there was a different selection to choice from each day and something for everyone. It is about 20 min taxi ride from Naama bay but I would recommend getting a taxi from outside the hotel, much safer than local taxi, pay no more than 50 Egyptian pounds.

We visited Cairo, Bedouin tent and done snorkelling in the red sea and I would recommend all the trips they were amazing.

We will definitely return to the golden resort. Excellent holiday!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 9th of July 2006

I arrived back I England from Sharm at 5...

Reviewed Mon 19th of June 2006

"I arrived back I England from Sharm at 5.30 this am (19.6.06) and I wish I was still there. The hotel was absolutely amazing. It was the first all inclusive holiday I have been on and it won’t be the last!

All of the staff at golden resort couldn’t do enough to help us all and they were all so friendly.

The rooms were lovely and cleaned everyday. The food was a bit repetitive and as we were there 2 wks it got boring, but there was always something we would eat. The only thing I say they should do is an "English night" as they do everywhere but at the moment.

The only other thing the hotel could improve on is evening entertainment. We played bingo on Wednesday night and it lasted half an hour! After that we had to entertain ourselves.

The pool bar is very good and u can just swim up 2 it and have a drink. You don’t need to take any towels with u to golden resort as they issue u with towel cards which u hand in every morning and hand back in at night when u have finished with them. By the towel hut now they also have a "library" where old guests put books and magazines they have read which is a good idea as the magazines out there are around 5pounds!!

The beach bar was excellent and the staff there were very friendly and if they saw you coming would have a drink waiting for you! The corals and fish were also amazing and I would definitely recommend seeing them - I only used goggles as cant snorkel and that was enough!

Naama bay was en experience! But you do get hassled alot. But it’s better to go here for shopping. But only go in the evening as it is far too hot during the day.

I was very impressed with my 2 week stay at golden resort and would definitely recommend it to any one who is going to Egypt. I can’t wait to go there again in the near future.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 19th of June 2006

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    "dont stay at radisson "

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    "red sea cruise, quad biking through the desert "

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