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Perfect for divers & brave individuals

Reviewed Wed 10th of February 2010

"Good value for the money. B&B is the best basis. Room was clean(dead rat was removed efficiently over the balcony).Rooms at the back 300's please avoid. Lunch was the best option of food, but food wasnt so bad as reviews state. I think that most travellers expectations are too high & after working in the travel industry I can honestly say this place is unique. Ok, the staff need training or better opportunities at a better hotel with more facilities, but look on the bright side..Egypt has so much to offer, your hotel is just somewhere to sleep! the dive centre at the hotel was fantastic. All staff, bar, reception, waiters & the Bar manager were friendly & helpful. As a single traveller wanting to do diving this place was excellant & location isn't a problem as the dive centre is attached to the sunset & their snorkelling is cheaper than the reps!..I will return to the sunset & will enjoy my holiday & Egypt as it's a great place! The sunset made me laugh, it is Egypts own Fawlty Towers! "

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of February 2010

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  • 4 Beach
  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 3 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food

Do Not Book This Hotel!

Reviewed Mon 17th of November 2008

"On arrival to the hotel it looked ok-ish from the outside, then expecting to be walking through a grand reception area was far from, the receptionist was helful and took our luggage to the room which he said we had 'special' room. I think English meaning of 'special' and Egyptian meaning of 'special' is different! With one bright orange wall was abit sore to the eye, the furniture had seen better days and the patio door was very tempermental to shut properly which dont make you feel very safe at night. Also when my friend lay on the bed it had broke and its not as if shes fat with only weighing 8 stone!

The bathroom was basic, sink, toilet and a shower which was a nightmare, either being too hot or too cold and it was tricking out like rain.
You could also hear other people from the room next door whilst in the bathroom which didnt help for privacy.

We only went bed and breakfast because thats all what was available when booking as we only booked 3 days before going, Im so glad it was only B&B because I would have been gutted if we went All Inclusive.
The restaurant was dirty with egg shells on the floor from the chef cooking omlettes, very basic breakfast, great if you love bread! I asked for plain omlettes and everytime I had peppers in it, I gave up in the end with trying to explain what I wanted.

The pool area was fine nothing really to complain about only the fact that some of the egyptian men appear to like having abit of an eyeful, really annoying when your trying to relax and a man also comes round asking if you want a newspaper from about a week before!

The staff were friendly, some do go out their way to help you but some of the receptionists are plain lazy, I went down and asked for more towels they said they would bring them up, I had to go back down a furthur 2 times to eventually get them.

We got a taxi into Naama Bay every night, I was abit wary at first with just being two girls but it was actually fine, as long as you get in a blue and white taxi you should be fine but make sure you agree the price beforehand, they tend to change their minds half way through the journey and put the price up but just say no and they agree. I dont know why they bother trying to haggle back because they always agree your price. We always payed 30 Egyptian pounds to Naama Bay.

Naama Bay has a good selection of restaurants, eating out is really cheap, service is always good, never had to complain about anything whist eating it out. The only thing that pissed me off in Naama bay was the men standing outside the bars trying to get you in and asking you the same questions, I dont know many times I must have said England last week!!

The trips were fantastic and really good vale for money. We went quad biking at sunset for about 2 and half hours for £10, The waterpark (Cleo Park) was £20 and you got a meal and a drink with that, lots of entertainment there or just chilling on the sun loungers.
Snorkelling at Ras Mohammed is really good, again £20 for the whole day with lunch included, make sure youve got tablets if you suffer from sea sickness! The instructors are very professional and are always around if you need them.

Overall a fantastic holiday its just the hotel spoilt it, I wish I had read the reviews before booking at Sunset Partner!!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 17th of November 2008

I too was dreading my holiday after read...

Reviewed Wed 27th of August 2008

"I too was dreading my holiday after reading these reports, on arrival to our room we had a dirty toilet and a bush fighting its way through the patio window with a main road outside, there was twin beds with tatty covers and the furniture was chipt and old, run down looking. After spending 2 hours trying to get a better hotel, we discovered that everywhere else was booked up although the rep offered us a change for extra payment, he said it would be difficult to find. So.. we asked for another room which was similar in standard bar a patio set outside the patio doors and only a few metres away from the pool, this was nicer, they made the twins in to a double and the bathroom was larger and cleaner. So we made do, my partners diving course was being hosted two doors down at the ocean hotel so we stuck with the convienience for him. There were only 5 english people booked in which meant the pool was mainly occupied with full head dress egyptians and was very busy, alittle intimidating for youngsters, and boy do they fight for their food at meal times. Its kind of a rush to get any form of pudding so be aware! The food was very basic, breakfast was croissant, jam, boiled, eggs, omelete if you asked and dodgy cereal. Lunch was better at the bar area..not a normal bar area, its a coke freezer locked and accessed by the waiters!!! If you don't ask you don't get offered or told about what your entitlements are, as there is no english info book or signs or ..anything really to help you. so here goes. the bar serves wine, beer or a small selection of local spirits until 11pm then you pay.. you can only have them by the glass and have to sign for each drink to your room which is rather embaresing when you want lots of water to drink. Lunch is pizza or sandwiches or their kind of mixed grill, tea back at the restaurant is usually rice or pasta with liver, stewing meat or chicken on the bone, with veg in a tomato based sauce and salad. The puddings are like angel whirl or blancmange, sponge cake etc. Avoid the first hour of dining room being open its chaos! The staff are not overly helpful but when cornered will try and are pleasant- and watch out for the waiters who claim to have no change and yet dont offer it again if you dont ask for it back directly either the next day or whenever etc. Next issue taxi men..some prone to verbally bully you, do not pay then any more than 20 egyptian pounds -£2, agree the price before you enter the taxi and STICK to it, even if they change their mind half way there, they can take you to old town or neema bay -more up beat lots of restaurants with kfc and hardrock cafe if you are desperate for some decent food. Drinking outs wow its expensive so be warned.. discos...11pm on wards hardrock cafe and paacha but its £25 to get it and extortionate for drinks. There is little or no facilities for kids... dont take them ! The beach are packed and come with a charge, the hotel beach the same but has rocks not sand. the heat in august is toooooo hot, 37 degrees at night, so forget any form of trousers for an evening, stick with shorts skirts and vests, try nov - feb if you want to be cooler they say. There is no hotel entertainment only some very quiet music played off a cd from the bar (look like alot of wicker chairs together with a pool table) area. this will be packed full of the local muslim women and children until 11pm then all goes dead. old town is good for the local nic nacs for pressies, and the open air cafes but thats all! Buy your duty frees at the airport at egypt they are cheaper. Overall i would not use this hotel again, especially not with kids..its ok for young adults who can over look the standards and just want a quick beer and belly fodder, also for those on a diving course who just want the same. The waiters bless em work hard for their £1.20 a day!!! And some have their trousers and top ripped or badly stitched .. need new uniforms, as do the cleaners whos shoes were terrible bless them. Ps take you own towels their ones are raggy and not nice !! Good luck"

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of August 2008

I was dreading going to this hotel havin...

Reviewed Tue 1st of July 2008

"I was dreading going to this hotel having read the reviews AFTER booking the holiday but decided to reserve judgement until I'd seen for myself. On arriving at the hotel we were met by a rather unfriendly receptionist and were taken to our room. The room was nowhere near as bad as I'd read about. It was clean enough with small fridge, television and much appreciated air-conditioning. Beds and towels were changed every day, with lovely towel art on our last morning at the hotel. The shower was a bit of a pain going either hot or cold (no inbetween) and pressure varied depending on what time of day it was. Otherwise room was fine considering we were of the opinion that it was only somewhere to sleep.

Pool was lovely for the first week...unfortunately it turned a bit green and cloudy on the second week and thus was avoided. Felt a bit uncomfortable sunbathing in bikini due to all the unwanted attention from Egyptian men...offputting but I wasn't going to let it spoil my time in the sun. The boys in the Bazaar on site were lovely and couldn't do enough to help. Booked all our trips through them at very cheap prices...fantastic value.

Food was nothing to yell about. Although we'd booked bed and breakfast we had breakfast once...other than the bread everything else was disgusting and the butter smelled off so we took the time to sleep. Lunch at the poolside was slightly better although the cats and flies that appeared when food did were annoying. For dinner we left the hotel since the food again was nothing to shout about...we alternated between small restaurants called Blu and Picasso's. Both had excellent choice of meals that were excellent value for money (I would highly recommed the Sunday roast from Picassos).

Nothing much else to say about the hotel other than it was fine for our purposes since we spent much more of our time on trips and out of the hotel. Recommend this place if all you want is a bed and maybe a couple of days by the pool. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 1st of July 2008

I always book cheap and cheerful, but th...

Reviewed Wed 11th of June 2008

"I always book cheap and cheerful, but this place is VERY CHEAP AND CHEERFUL (although the guy at reception could never be described as cheerful!).
I have never reviewed a hotel before as i do not usually expect much from accomodation (i've been travelling and stayed in many shabby hostels) - however there were some things about this hotel i felt i had to share. Sunset Partner is nothing like 3 star hotels ive had anywhere else (even the Dom Rep).

There were basic rooms with fridge etc. (nice Towel sculptures) which were nice satisfactory, restaurants had basic food with very little choice, mostly friendly staff (some a little over friendly - they stare at women alot and several of them took photos of my wife on their mobile phones whilst she was in the pool etc! - very creepy!).

The pool was nice (no dead insects, leaves etc.) although some days it was out of use for until mid afternoon. The shuttle bus was handy, taking guests to the beach (great for snorkelling - expect eels and barracudas), and evening trips to Naama Bay.

All inclusive is new for this hotel (apparently) so dont expect a wrist band, and expect to sign for EVERY drink you get (if get a brandy and coke - you will sign for the brandy and sign again for the coke). The afternoon snacks at the poolside bar are nice (burgers, chicken sandwich, pizza) and we usually made sure we had them each day because we knew there wouldn't be a lot of choice for the evening meal. Towards the end we barely ate anything in the evening (except the lovely deserts) because we had both had bad cases of the 'trots'. If there is nothing you like to eat in the evening (rice, liver, pasta or chicken) just ask and they will bring you something else (chips, burgers etc.). If you really struggle with the hotel food try Picasso, and English run restaurant over the road - HUGE, and i mean huge, portions of lovely food.

If you use the Med Hotels rep, he is tricky to catch and his trip prices are very high (as are all tour operator trip prices), He was charging £145 for Cairo by plane - we got it for £110 down the road. Everyone told us Cairo was horrible and not to bother - but we had to see it for ourselves. They were right it was a horrible place but having seen the sights im happy to say i'll never have to go back - people were not very nice and one man insisted i tip him as i left the toilets in a museum (all he did was show me to an empty cubicle - im fully capable of finding that myself!). We went all inc. because we did not have extra money to spend - so constantly being expected to give tips was not something we were in a position to do.

So in conclusion the downsides my wife and I found were the lack of choice for meals, some staff were too 'pervy' (my wife didnt feel comfortable in and around the pool towards the end), there was a continual feeling that staff were just after tips, and worst of all cleanliness was not great - placemats in the restaurant had food encrusted on them, some paper napkins were re-used if not over used by previous guest, glasses were usually poorly cleaned, some staff often smelt and had the same dirty/ worn clothes on for several days. Also there is NO onsite entertainment, but as it turned out we wanted a relaxed holiday anyway; We were happy to spend most nights playing cards and having drinks in the bar til 11pm (when the all inc. stopped). But it would have been nice if some entertainment was on offer.

I read the bad reviews before i went on holiday and didnt think anything of it, as everyone is different and what is 'good' to one person could be totally unacceptable to another, but on this occassion the reviews were very accurate (in my opinion). Thankfully Im a firm believer in making the most of a situation, so i made sure i still had a good holiday.
I would not go back to the Sunset Partner IF i returned to Sharm - for the first time ever i would deliberatly select a higher star rating (4 or 5) - but saying that, besides going back for the amazing Red-Sea SCUBA diving, i would be in no hurry to revisit Egypt.

Finally, i'd like to add that the guys at Sinai SCUBA Centre (connected to the Sunset Partner) were great; really helpful and friendly (my wife got her PADI qualification there for a fantastic price)"

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of June 2008

I arrived at the hotel at 6am on Monday...

Reviewed Mon 10th of March 2008

"I arrived at the hotel at 6am on Monday morning, I booked this hotel as my daughter and grandaughter had also booked and I was to join them for the last week of there holiday. I traveled on my own, so you can imagine how distressed I was when I found that they were no longer there. I was greeted by a very unhelpful man who spoke very little English and did not seem to know where my daughter was. The hotel was nothing like the brocher it was unkempt the rooms very dredfull and I could only compare it to Butlins in the 1950's and that is an insult to Butlins. Luckily I had my mobile phone with me and was able to contact my daughter who came to get me straight away. I then managed to book into the hotel where she was staying. It cost me another £180.00
to stay whith them at the Sonesta Club Resort. I look forward to hearing from Holiday Hotels and expect a full refund. Please anyone thinking of booking this Hotel please please don't."

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  • Travel date: Mon 10th of March 2008

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL, We arrived at 1...

Reviewed Fri 7th of March 2008

"DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL, We arrived at 10.45pm, 1st impression from outside looked pretty promising, (probably as it was dark & travelling all day) carried luggage in to reception & was met by the most unhelpful arrogant receptionist i have ever met. Hardly speak any English, no welcome pack or information told us meal times very quickly & dispatched us to our room. After traveling all day we hit the bar at 11.10pm & was told we would have to pay for drinks as it was after 11.00pm so we had missed our all inclusive time. The room was basic to say the least with huge cracks in the walls, a fridge making its own music in the corner that looked older than me (35). Broken lights, bed covers with holes & a shower curtain that had decided it couldn’t live at the sunset anymore & was hanging off the wall in an attempt to escape.
We also had water coming up from the trap by the toilet, one can only imagine what it was. To be fair to the staff our rep asked the manager to show us better rooms & they offered us 3 alternatives, although better than ours we had already decided to make a run for it & transfer. The breakfast was a joke 4 choices & their top chef cooking omelettes, we bailed out to a life saver cafe called Picassos (lovely English lady runs it). Lunch & dinner was better, actually found something nice to eat & staff were helpful. Drinks at the pool bar was limited to 4 spirits & beer, even had to fight to get our 6yr old Sprit. Thankfully after 2 days we got transferred to the Sonesta Club Hotel by our Rep Ali god bless him & all was well, finally.

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of March 2008

The sunset partner hotel Om elsied cliff...

Reviewed Mon 18th of February 2008

"The sunset partner hotel
Om elsied cliff
Sharm el sheikh

on pulling up on the duel carriageway out side your hotel, you will think you’re In the wrong hotel immediately. The building looks run down and the car park is rough gravel with broken paving slabs. The entrance is through two glass swing doors, then through a metal detector, which no body bothers with when it beeps loudly at you. Reception looks like the picture, but a very old picture. The staff has no interest to please any holiday makers. And speak varied amounts of English. Walking out of reception to your room, you will pass the pool, which is very good, except for the plastic filter bars around the edge; they are all protruding up in various ways or broken altogether. But they do clean it everyday so you won’t get leaves on you as you wade into the three foot of freezing water. The sun beds are good sturdy wooden ones, the paint is pealing of but they are good at what they do. On entering the room, the first thing you will want to do, is run away. It is clean-ish, it has what you need, but don’t expect the luxury you see in the brochure pictures. The bed is welded metal frame with wooden slats; this has rusted to the floor slightly and cleaned off. The mattress is, just a mattress, sunk in the middle and quite firm. the sheets are clean everyday, but not all stains come out in the wash. The blanket never gets clean. I have watched people leave to go home, and the housekeeping changes the sheets only. The blanket has more marks on it than the one in the boot of my car. The top cover does not get washed also. There is a TV, works but not very good. The shower will produce lovely boiling water or cold, trying to mix the two is a feat in itself, and can fluctuate when someone else in the complex flushes. You have a balcony, a garden view or pool view. The garden view is just a few trees in-between the paths to each block. It is a flat slab ten foot by 6 foot. With no rail or border, my table and chairs disappeared next door for them to hang their washing on. The good thing about the room is the housekeeping he will make you the best towel art I have ever seen, shame he spent the same amount of time cleaning the room. Thanks. Moving to the sustenance. The food hall, is a double glass door by reception, on entering at the correct time, because they will shout loudly if its not. You will see the serving area, or trough, as I dubbed it. It is similar to the one in the brochure, but yet again very tired. There will be four large serving trays with lids, don’t want to surprise you to early. On opening these you will find, rice, every day, potatoes, sliced with some kind of tomatoes and herb sauce, every other day, vegetables, carrots and another green vegetable, I could not find the name off, tasted like cucumber, alternate days to the potatoes. Spaghetti, this has a tomatoes based sauce pour in either a cross shape or in spots. This means if you are not there in time, you will get dry spaghetti. Then we have a meat dish, now I will not put my name to anything about this dish, I was told it was beef. I could not eat it, and I was in the special forces, and have eaten anything. Alternately you have liver, but I assume by the amount of grizzly tubes in it, its old cows. Skipping quickly to the salad refrigerated trough, there will be some dates, some green pods, smaller than peas, and darker. I think these were capers. Some green peppers, shredded, some brown ish stuff in a bowl, I thought was pate, and had a taste shock, cant describe it, and a few other bowls of stuff, but if your not quick it will be gone, you then have a table with bread on, which will also disappear. On collecting your food you will not be greeted at any time you enter the restaurant, you will find a seat and slump at your table ready for your feast of delights. If you are lucky and you catch a waiter, you can order tea or coffee, I have seen other people who have had wine, but I am scared to order. And just want eat what I can I leave. Walking out and around to the pool, there Is a bar. It’s the shape of a bar but that is about it, there nice tables and comfy chairs, but has u look at the bar, you will see no advertisement for anything, there are four large bottles on the top shelf, all there own brand, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, and a large fridge placed next to the bar, with beer bottles and other drinks, I was scared to have anything from this fridge at it looked open and dirty. Scanning the surrounding area, you will see a bazaar, selling the usual junk, and other blocks. Outside the hotel, other than a busy road, you have an unopened hotel on one side and a refurbished on the other, still in rip out stage. There is a dive shop at the corner of the pool, but they are not the most pleasant people, I walked over and was looking at the map, and they just gave me a dirty look at continued sitting with their feet up.
In all I am spending five weeks here, all inclusive, it has cost me twelve hundred pounds sterling. I am here to write a book, so everything did n't really get to me, until I was starving to death. Trying to get in touch with the med hotels rep is near nigh impossible. Eventually I contacted my wife and she called from England. And he promised her he would come see me, but he did not. I ve been here nearly a week now, it feels like a refugee prison.
I eventualy got through to the rep, even tho his attitude stunk, he charged me another £400. to move to another hotel, the sonesta club hotel, namma bay.

Its very rare that I put somebody down for any reason, but this hotel and Med hotels will never get another good word from me.
The Writer
I have pictures, which I will load up when I get back

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of February 2008

We were very disappointed with Sunset Ho...

Reviewed Fri 4th of January 2008

"We were very disappointed with Sunset Hotel before we went into front entrance, very shabby and run-down, lobby and reception the same. We weren't too impressed when receptionist scrawled on piece of scrap paper meal times. My wife felt like crying, upon reaching our room, which had a very unpleasant smell and was very basic.

The food was very limited in selection and quality, we have been going all inclusive for many years, this was the very, very worst we have ever experienced. Fortunately there was a very nice restaurant across the road, name of Picasso's, which saved us from starving.

The majority of the staff were friendly and within their constraints were helpful. Unfortunately most of the waiters clothing was filthy and did not inspire confidence in eating the odd food items that were acceptable. We would advise anyone going to Sharm El Sheikh to avoid this hotel like the plague."

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  • Travel date: Fri 4th of January 2008

very basic

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"the one thing I can say about it is that the bedlinen was changed everyday and so were the towels.the bedrooms were vey basic but clean
The food was very basic and there was no choice especialy at breakfast at diner you had two choices but if you did not like any of them you could not have salad because there was no lettuce or anything like that.
The staff was very helpful especially in reception.
The pool was good.
The choice of spirits was 4in all
so allinclusive was a letdown especially what we got
would not stay there again"

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  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of November 2007

Just returned from 2 weeks in the Sunset...

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2007

"Just returned from 2 weeks in the Sunset Parner Hotel. Very disappointed with the standard of the room - not what we were led to expect. The curtains were hanging off the hooks - we fixed them - this was not an elegantly furnished room as advertised. That said the rooms were clean and the towels and bedding was changed every day. The towel art was fantastic.

The staff were very helpful - nothing too much trouble. The bar area needs a thorough clean and reception and the dining room need upgrading. The food was very basic - no fresh vegetables or fruit - we only had potatoes one day. Did not think it wise to touch the salad bar.

The hotel provided fresh towels for a visit to the beach which was very good. The shop had closed and the roof terrace had to be seen to be believed. - it looked more like a landscaped bomb site!

Enjoyed Sharm but will not be returning to the hotel.

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  • Travel date: Mon 29th of October 2007

Just returned from Sunset Partner Hotel,...

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2007

"Just returned from Sunset Partner Hotel, disappointed to find no shop on site. Pool was nice and rooms satisfactory.

The bar area around the pool was disgusting, needed a good clean. Flies everywhere. Some staff very friendly.

Restaurant was basic, food basic and plenty of it if you like Egyptian food.

Beware of the cab drivers from the airport, they will rip you off if they can get away with it!

Overall, stay was ok but would never go back all-inclusive.

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  • Travel date: Thu 25th of October 2007

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