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Reviewed Mon 7th of December 2009

"i have just come home and will never visit the park inn resort again. It is too far from naama bay and cost a fortune in taxis. Unfortunately the hotel had no entertainment well there was but it was so poor even the children couldnt join in. The resort itself is beautifully presented and lovely to look at but again absolutely nothing to do. The food was not great and covered in flies which put me off altogether the hotel has a long way to go before i would rate it a 3*. The staff very friendly and the cleaners fantastic but was not impressed with the disrepect from the shop owners around the resort, they were very over friendly and touchy and disrespectful towards women i have never felt so uncomfortable . Holiday overall very boring."

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of December 2009

hell has no fury like the Park Inn

Reviewed Thu 12th of November 2009

"The best thing about the holiday was coming home! Myself, partner,daugter and grandaughter had the worst holiday at this hotel, we spent four days in our room ill with stomach cramps and diorreha. The food was horrendous, the same food was dished up day after day.The staff were killing flies in front of guests with an electric bat, the restaraurant was filthy. We saw human excrament in the baby pool and there was green algae on the bottom of the pools.We arrived at the hotel late, we did expect a meal but all we were offered was three slices of sweaty meat and a mish mash of something that resembled sick. We had to keep asking the staff for bread rolls for my grandaughter as she was so hungry, eventualy after fourty mins: we got some partly frozen rolls.If you have an accident at this hotel don't expect to travel to the hospital in an ambulance as the hotel managment wont call one, we witnessed this when a young man broke his ankle, the doctor eventualy arrived after three hours gave him a jab ,did'nt explain what it was' told him it was "broke",and left him to make his own way to the hospital.We spent ages asking staff to call an ambulance we were told "no ambulance too noisey you go in taxi".We had to get a mini bus as he couldnt get into a taxi.Whilst we were there we witnessed quite a few accidents in and around the pool area, safty was very poor.Most of our holiday was spent eating out as the food was so bad, local restaraunts and the local Mc Donalds.My partner and I have been to Egypt twice before and the hotels and services they provided compared to this hotel were fantastic and there was't that much difference in price.It was my daughters first visit to Egypt and she said the last it has put her off for good.If you have a bad holiday dont expect your tour operator to compensate you by much, we were offered £62.50 each for a ruined holiday that we saved hard for that cost us £2400."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of November 2009


Reviewed Wed 21st of October 2009

"Just retuned from 2 enjoyable weeks at the park inn, had a great time from start to finish,a family off 4, kids ages 16 and 8,
Hotel very clean and staff very helpfull, we had a family room over looking the aqua park lazy river.

Eight year old daughter had a great time, and was never bored with slides,wave pool lazy river, and pools to play in, there was food available at the pool side all day which was great if you couldn,t be bothered going to the dining hall,
On the subject of food there was lots of different choices on each night even my fussy 16 year old was trying different food,

A 10 minute walk across the road down to the beach is well worth it if you want to go snorkling, wee tip don,t by snorkles before you go, you can get them for 40 egyptian pounds in the local shops.

Went on a snorkling boat trip with first choice, and had a fantastic time, boat was brand new, plenty of space for everyone, food was good crew and guide exstremely helpfull, recommend this trip.

Also booked a quad bike trip for me and my son and daughter with the local lads who try to sell trips around the pool, half the price of first choice, went from 3pm to 6pm and had a great time going through the mountains well worth it.

The only fault i could find is the entertainment after the kids show,could be slightly better, but didn,t spoil the holiday.

But a taxi ride to Naama bay 15 minutes, 40 or 50 egyptian pounds with haggling is a lot livelier.

Never usually go back to the same place twice, but would certainly go back there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of October 2009


Reviewed Sat 10th of October 2009

"just got back from sharm recomend this holiday to all age groups. animation team are spot on help you in every way.you have a great time with them, hotel excellent, food ok have a good set up, no hassel in resterant, this is our second time at same hotel,just gets better every time the staf are very helpfull in every way. thats about it will be back time and time again. [email protected]"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of October 2009

Amazing couples holiday!

Reviewed Thu 8th of October 2009

"I got back from Sharm el Sheihk, Park inn July this year with my Girlfriend of a year and a half. Both of us are aged 22 and we wanted a fun and also relaxing holiday and we got exactly that at this resort!

The accomodation at the resort was second to none and although i ordered a superior room anyway, we were given an extra upgrade when we checked in (A superior, double Queen size room with Balcony pool view). The cleaner was fantastic also and he made us decorative fans and swans out of the bath towels on the bed. All staff in and around the complex were very friendly and helpful all the time!

The 2 all inclusive Restaurants (buffet style) were very welcoming and served an array of different delicious dishes every night so we never went hungary and we never were restricted to any one type of foods. For Breakfast they served cooked and continental options available with their very own Omlette station open every morning which was delicous! For Lunch they had a huge spead with loads of choice again. (There is tons of choice for all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner and all are great quality). The Pool bars and beach bars served brunch and afternoon snacks which were very handy also! The Staff at the restaurants and the bars were very friendly and helpful (night and day). The two Bars at the complex were very relaxing and served local beer, cocktails and spirits all day and all night which we took full advantge of.

All three large pools were great, we always found sun beds and plenty of space - despite how popular it was when we stayed - theres so much room its very spacious everywhere. The two relaxing pools were a bit busier but we spent most of our time in the Aqua park pool area - which was filled with slides for adults and for kids, a wave machine AND a lazy river. It was both fun and relaxing.

The beach was amazing and the sea was gorgeous and only a few minutes walk across the way from the resort. although the sand wasn't perfect it was still pleasent enough to chill in the sea (with the tiny fishes from the coral swimming round your ankles) and sun bath.
We took advantage of the spa at the resort at a special price. Thanks to the friendly Spa staff offering us a good deal, we both had a full body Tai massage and it was great.

The local evening entertainment in the bedoirn tent was mainly aimed at the young children and families however we still enjoyed it with a she-shah flavoured pipe and a drink though! The bars at the resort and the bedoirn tent were nice enough to spend the evening drinking and chilling out, and they often had parties/events on offer to mix it up a bit during our two week stay, so we spent most nights at the resort.

We made several trips via a local cab into Nama bay for the night life and had drinks at the famous 'camel bar' several times which was great. Good beer and spirits at good prices. The cabs to nama bay and back weren't bad either. We also went to dinner and she-shah pipes one evening at the Camel bar restaurant (on the roof terrace) and it was top notch. One evening we ventured out to the 'old Sharm' market place in Old Sharm El Sheihk via a cab (about 15-20 mins cab drive) and it was a lot less built up then Nama bay and was very rural and was more like tradtional egypt, alot more locals and less tourists around.
Once or twice we ventured out to the surrounding shops and restaurants which were ok but you get a fair bit of hassle from the local shop keepers that want your money. you just have to take it on the chin and try and not let them bother you too much. This was the same in nama bay and in Old Sharm too. Just dont let them get in your way or bother you too much. You'll get loads of comments about them wanting to buy your girlfriend or wife for x amount of camels. Just laugh the comments off as most of them were trying to be humourous. After two weeks of "luck boy!" and "how many camels please?!" you get a little aggitated but just relax is my advice.

We went on several excursions which were all fantatsic. We went on a boat trip to the Ras Mohammed resvered Coral's and went snorkerling at three stop points and it was the most amazing thing we had ever done. Truly worth every penny. wish we had bough the underwater disposoble camera! We also went on an 'Arabian nights' evening trip into the Sinai desert for entertainment and star gazing which again was incredible and romantic which my girlfriend loved! we also did quad biking in the sinai desert which was really fun. All these trips were worth every penny!

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of October 2009


Reviewed Sat 29th of August 2009

"Please, please, please, DO NOT GO to this complex. It is a Water Park, and thats what it should be used for. The food is unedible, food hygiene is extremly poor. Food in not refrigerated, and when snacks are provideed at the Lotus Bar in the afternoon, this is placed in directed sunlight and uncovered. We watched as birds pecked at cakes in dismay. It was pointless saying anything to the staff as they were rude and wouldn't know what to do. With the exception on the Restaurants and Reception Bar all drinks come in plastic beckers and or disposable plastic cups. All drinks were warm. Coffee and or Tea was only avail at the Lotus Bar during the day. This meant if you were situated at the Aqua Park, you had to walk 400m to get one, and the walk 400m back after. The food is repetative. One night chicken was being prepared on the BBQ, the chef/cook (I use this terminology loosely) thought spraying all the chicken with fluid (BBQ Lighter Fluid) would make the chicken cook quicker. All it did was make lots of flames and the chicken taste of lighter fluid. When I requested some fruit a banana/apple this was given reluctently. I requested a new sheet as mine had blood on it (this was not mine) it took 4 days to change, and was only done when I made an official complaint to my so called representative. He is Egyptian and didn't really grasp or understand what my complaint. We booked this holiday as an all inclusive package with Direct Holidays/Thomas Cook as a 4 Star AI in Sept 2008. It has since being downgraded to a 3 Star,and at no time was our party informed of the downgrade, in my opinion this is generous. If we had been informed of downgraded, our party would have looked at alternative accommodation. Most of our money went on eating out. Points for this complex, 1. Get your customer relations at all levels sorted out. 2. Staff training need to improve customer relations. 3. Buy suitable Refridgeration units for the site. 4. Develope this site as a Aqua Park ONLY, do not allow people to stay here, that is where you will make your money. 5. Macdonalds and KFC about 2 miles down the road. So if you have children with you they can get something to eat at a reasonable price (at £3.50 for a meal). There is also a Chinese. Free delivery is avail from all these restaurants (yes MacD and KFC have a delivery service and it's hot on arrival). But Park Inn does not like it being delivered to the complex. Some of our group went Quad Biking and enjoyed it, others went swimming in the Red Sea and fish watching. Our party was actually glad to leave Park Inn. My suggestion is do your homework when booking this complex, check all reviews. Check it is giving what it says. But really I would give this complex a WIDE BERTH. My parties and myself are fully aware what is acceptable, what was given here was below standard and most certainly unacceptable. Finally all I can say is if people think this complex was great, then they most have stayed at a different location or this is there 1st time at a all inclusive complex and believe this is the standard required. "

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of August 2009

real good family holiday

Reviewed Fri 21st of August 2009

"just come back had the best holiday my children loved it cant wait to go again and would go to same place clean friendly no problems with food would have liked more choice for evenings but a real good time had by all 7 of us from 56 to 10"

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  • Travel date: Wed 19th of August 2009

Holiday from hell, don't go there!

Reviewed Tue 11th of August 2009

"Have just returned from the worst fortnight spent at the Park Inn, Sharm El Sheik. Booked with First Choice from 16th July to 30th July on an All Inclusive package.
This Hotel is not a 4* hotel it's has to be a lot less.

On arrival at 10 p.m. local time, the hotel looked stunning we were very happy with the suite we given, but we notice that there was something not quite right from the start.
As we booked the suite, the tea and coffee facilities and bath robes were included in our package we never recieved them even though we asked for 5 days in a row and promised they were being delivered, we gave up in asking after that.

The swimming pools and aqua park was excellent, i think that was the only highlight.

Nearly every day the cleaner took it upon himself to not replace any towels and toilet paper in our room leave us we've nothing and always take our clean towels which we folded up to re-use. This happened a further 9 times during our stay. It was so frustrating especiallly when you've come back from the pool with your kids to get ready for the evening to go to dinner. Most occasions it would take them hour and a half then to be delivered.

There's no signs on the balcony door saying only open from the inside, well we got locked out. It took them a hour to let us back into our room which is on the second floor, while our kids was fast asleep in the suites other room.

Nearly all the staff are rude or pervie, there was only a few which made us feel welcomed.

The food was very average and drinks are either beer or a few spirits or soft drinks. Orange juice is not orange juice it's powder and water. Ice Cream is only free down at the beach not by the pool.
The restaurant it's more like a canteen, lots of fly's around, especially in the open chilled cabinets, lots occasions there was dead one's in the dessert cabin.
Most of the waiting staff take your plate when you haven't finished.
A few occasion's they did this to my 4 year old daughter which got really upset and cried, no apologies.
There is a la carte on certain day's but you have to pay for it, and some of the entertainment in the evening, this should be all inclusive, why!

We've been to other all inclusive hotel's, the standards are awful at the Parki Inn.

On 8th day of the holiday, my eldest daughter (8 years old) developed severe gastric cramps, severe diarrhoea up to 50 times in one day to the point of passing blood, fever and a temperature of 39 degrees C. The hotel doctor was called who immediately arranged for her to be transferred to a clinic at the Coral sea Hotel for treatment. After several IV drips and injections of antibiotics, she was allowed to return to the hotel at 11.30pm. Once back we put her to bed.
My husband and I then spent some time on the balcony talking when we heard a loud bang followed by my youngest daughter (20 months old) crying. On investigation, it was apparent that the bottom of her cot had collapsed and she was now on the floor, stuck underneath the cot and the couch. Potentially deadly incident. Had she been asleep in a certain position, no doubt her neck could have broken or one of the screws lodged in her head. (Please see attached photo's). We phoned the receptionist and a night porter brought us a different cot straight away. (We had no apology from the hotel for 3 days).

The following day, my eldest was again required to attend the clinic again at the Coral sea for further treatment and iv drips. By now, we had really had enough of the holiday and were looking forward to coming home.
However, there was more to come. With 2 days left, I then developed identical symptoms to my daughter OMG i was so ill, still am now, can't believe how much blood came with the diarrhoea. Again the doctor was called and drips, injections and tablets were used. Total cost of medical treatment for myself and daughter - £480.00 GBP. Doctor would not commit to saying it was food poisoning. All he would allude to was that both bacterial infections had entered the body through the mouth. Could have been water or food. The Doctors was very kind and did there job very well.

We arrived at the airport in good time and checked in no problems only to find that in the departure lounge, our flight home TOM845 had been delayed by 1 and 1/2 hours. We eventually boarded the aircraft where we waited for an hour whilst the captain tried to resolve a small electrical fault (the Emergency Lighting would not deactivate). Having failed to fix it we were asked to get off the aircraft and wait back in the departure lounge. Once there we were told that the flight had been cancelled and accommodation was being arranged. We were taken to Jaz Resorts Belvedere which probably the best day we had during the 2 weeks, this Hotel was most definally a 4 star and the Park Inn was definally not a 4 Star. We eventually took off, 24 hours after.

As thomson and first choice merged together, thomson arranged the hotel for the cancelled flight and did really good job organising everything i have to say.

Please don't not go there, go somewhere else, unless you want a ruined holiday.
Have written to First choice, waiting to see what they write back, this hotel is damaging there reputation.

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of August 2009


Reviewed Mon 10th of August 2009

"13th - 20th July
On arrival, we were taken to our room by one of the hotel representatives, in which there was only 1 bed between 4 of us. We made a complaint immediately and was transferred to another room.

The second room had only 2 single beds, the furniture was at least 1 inch thick with dust and also the door handle in the bathroom was hanging off. At this point we were very frustrated after a long flight, within 20 minutes of being in this room, the electric and the air conditioning went off.

I called reception and they advised they would send someone.
40 minutes later, no one arrived so we packed our cases and went to reception to make yet another complaint. By this time, it was 11:30pm. We requested to speak to a manager but they advised “no manager”.

The receptionists did not speak clear English whatsoever or pretended they did not understand and did not have a clue what we were trying to say. After a long and frustrating 15 minutes, they sent us back to our room and advised it was too late to change rooms so they would send us an engineer to fix the electrics and also bring us another bed.

We went back to our room and just after midnight the engineer came and sorted out the electric and air con. 10 minutes after the engineer left, it tripped out again.

We rang reception and they advised they would come down again to check it out but no one turned up so I ended up removing the loft panel on the roof and putting it back on myself.

After this we had to share 3 single beds between 4 of us, 3 adults and 1 child, the receptionist advised if we go back at 2pm the day after, they would change our room.
At this point, we all wanted to return home.

The morning after we went to see our Rep, Chae, who promised he would change our room and make sure we had more beds, as the room we booked originally should have had 2 big beds. Chae was the only reasonable person in the whole of this Hotel.

They wouldn’t give us the room we thought we were having upon booking as they said there would be a further charge of £179. No way would we pay this after the amount we had already paid for a disappointing room in a disappointing hotel.
Our room was changed, and we ended up with 2 single beds and 2 fold out beds, by this time we had enough of complaining and stayed in this room as the manners and attitude from the hotel staff was appalling and they were laughing at us behind our backs and acted as though they did not understand English when we had a complaint but any other time they spoke English.

In all of the 3 rooms we were in there were squashed mosquitos all over the walls, we did not get any photos of this but im sure every room is the same. This is not nice to look at when you are laid in bed at night.

This is definitely not a 4star hotel, we would rate this as a 2 star – the reception area was beautiful but the rooms are like travel lodge rooms in which we were very disappointed. For a room of this standard in England, would only cost around £30 per night. This is hotel is not the same as what is advertised from the brochures at all, it is no where near the same. It is made out to be absolutely fantastic, this is not the case.

When we arrived at the room, there were only 1 towel, so we had to call for extra in which the hotel staff didn’t approve of and this took them over an hour to bring them down to us.
In the bathroom, there was a card advising if we needed clean towels, we would need to leave the previous ones on the bathroom floor. When we were desperate for clean towels, we did this but only to find they were not changed, so yet again, this resulted in more calls to reception.
We did not request the towels to be cleaned every day as we are aware of the water shortage but we did need clean ones throughout the week

Every morning around 4:30am they would do a fire alarm test, or as they call it, a “pest control” alarm test, on the third day we complained, however the staff just laughed at us then spoke to each other in egyptian, they had no manners and would not help with any complaint you took to them.

We are aware that the people that work here do work long hours, but they chose to do that job and are there to make sure we have a great holiday and to help with any issues that arise.
As the week went on we found the staff to be very abrupt and not friendly at all, we did not feel welcome at this hotel.

Also, the food was bland and was the same every day with flies all over the foods and people watching you and sniggering if they thought you had taken more than an acceptable portion. We felt very uncomfortable eating in the restaurants, and was put off by flies having a nap on the food, so as for all inclusive, we were ripped off big style. We are not fussy eaters but we ended up eating out at places like Mc Donalds, costing yet, more money.
The waiters did not seem to take much notice of health and hygeine laws as they were dropping cutlery all over the place and then putting these on the tables, not caring if anoyone saw.

We had issues trying to fill our waterbottles with fresh cold water from the watercoolers. On numerous occasions we had to wait 10 minutes for them to put a new bottle on the cooler as this was empty, we experienced this every day. They huffed at us and stomped around when we very kindly requested they put a new bottle on the cooler.
Also, there is not many watercoolers around this hotel, we had to go upstairs to the main bar to be able to get water. As we found getting water an issue, we found it much more easier and more convenient to buy it from the local supermarket. Upon booking, we were advised there was plenty of water stations all-over which are easily accessed.

We very rarely drank any alcoholic drinks from either of the bars, as we found the glasses to be filmed with dirt and more often than not, we had things “floating” in our drinks. The drinks were not cold, fair enough, the weather was 43 degrees but we would expect them to be at least chilled. A few times when we had a drink, the glass even had a fusty smell to it, which totally put us off. We played it safe and drank bottled water from the supermarket, needless to say we still ended up with upset tummys.

Another issue we found very disturbing, was when we were all swimming around the lazy river we came across human feces floating around with us.
I alarmed a life guard which resulted in about 7 of them laughing and pointing and then all they did was fish it out with a net and carried on letting people swim.
They would not drain this and clean out the pool, so after this, we could not swim in there as it could have been carrying anything, especially with the precautions of things that can be caught abroad.

As we were all inclusive, we went to attend the pool party on the Sunday night which was our last night, we thought this should cheer us up after a very disappointing week. We walked down and they tried charging us 10euros per person, but our 11 year old could enter free.
This was to cover the costs of our drinks and BBQ, which only consists of burgers and pizza, we walked away, what happened to all inclusive?? No way would we pay extra for something else that we had already paid in our very expensive holiday.

When it was our day and time to check out, one of the porters came for our suitcases to take these to reception, he also took our jackets and placed them under our luggage strap, as he did this, these were under his responsibility. We met him at the reception 30 mins after and I took my jacket from on top of my case. I was very unhappy as there were black marks on the hood of my jacket which looked like oil.

I took this to reception and they were very rude and unhelpful and advised “not their problem”.
This jacket was very expensive as it is G-Star, and is now ruined as we have tried washing it with vanish and the stain is still there and very visible.

We also had to experience the squashing of Lizards – maybe this is their way of life, but to us, these are pets and beautiful animals, and to set a fire alarm off when a lizard is spotted at the hotel for someone to come and end its life is appalling. This was upsetting and fruriated us. We had a child travelling with us who shouldn’t have to witness this, he was distraught when he saw a receptionist jumping around on a baby Lizard which was no bigger than a little finger. It was bad enough for us, as adults to see this but this caused a lot of upset during our holiday.

When we booked this holiday, we were advised there were a total of 28 slides at the waterpark. 12 Adult slides, and 16 Children slides. We did not see even half of these slides, so they’ve either moved them before we got there or they do not exist.
As for the indoor pool in which we were advised the hotel has, this is not at the Park Inn, this is at Radisson SAS.
Also, as sold to us, onsite shopping. There is no onsite shopping at all, yes, there are shops next door, out of the grounds, but no on site shopping.

We also paid 25 EGP to use the internet service for 30 minutes.
We paid this a few times as this was our way to contact family at home, a few times whilst using the service the power in the hotel cut out for at least half an hour. When we complained about this, once again, we was told….. “not our problem”.
After this, I made a phone call for 8 seconds to England in which the phone did not work, the hotel man still charged me £3 even after admitting it was an issue with the phone.
The amount we paid for this holiday was way over the top and we were totally misold this by the travel agents – “Holiday Hypermarket” Parkgate, Rotherham. The travel agent sold this to us at it was to be a dream holiday and a once in a lifetime experience. This was untrue whilst staying at the Park Inn. Maybe all hotels in Egypt has this standard for a 4 star hotel but this is definitely not up to our standards, and was not worth the amount we paid. We did not come home feeling happy and refreshed and we didn’t have any good things to say about this holiday.

The only thing that made this holiday worth while is the swimming in the red sea with he fish - this was amazing!!! And the laughs we had as a family, this was the only thing that got us through this holiday without sitting and crying.
Egypt was worth a visit but we will never go again and would not recommend this to anyone thinking about going."

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  • Travel date: Sat 8th of August 2009


Reviewed Fri 29th of May 2009

"we stayed in the park inn may the 7 and stayed for 2weeks it was the worst holiday ive ever been on in my life,there were bed bugs in the bed and the food is absolutly discusting,it was the same every day and the only thing we ate was chicken and chips and mayo with dead flies in,the evening meal we only ate about 5 times the rest we went out which wasnt what we were planning to spend our money on as we were all inclusive, the pools are grubby with plastic bags and other creatures of some sort floating around,the staff dont leave you alone all they want to do is sell you something and take your money,you would be laying in the sun relaxing and they would come around wake you up and sit on you sun lounger with out permission and insult you by telling you your faults which isnt what you want to hear being on holiday even when you tell them to go they still pressure and try to push things on you,we also done a trip in the desert with thomas cook which if i was you i wouldnt waste your money on unless you want to see animals eating rubbish everywhere and dead camels,a word of advice to any one going to this hotel dont eat the food,dont sleep in the beds and keep your money close to your chest or even better just dont go this hotel.


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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of May 2009

splashing time

Reviewed Fri 29th of May 2009

"Iv just got back from Sharm el sheikh, had a great time there i went with my husband, two sons, my sister and nephew, age range (1-27). There was something for everyone at the park inn hotel. Great food and service. The workers there are so helpful and kind. My 3year old son thought he had landed in heaven when he saw all the slides and swimming pools, you cant imagine just how big this hotel is until u arrive there. There is also a park on site which is lovely. There is a kids club free of charge, so some times i left my one year old son there as he didnt like going swimmig. Well i was on holiday there a went to a dolphine show which was magical, i also went para-gliding and on a banana boat which was an experiance. I loved the bedoin tent, great for kids, people told me if i went in there i would get eaten by mosquitos, but none of us in my family got bit once whilst on holiday.
This hotel is especially good for FAMILIES with young children, there is so much for them to do 24/7. The animation team are lovely, and really get involved with the kids. I will definatly be going to this hotel again with the children.
Hi to Hasan and hussian.


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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of May 2009

park Inn is fantastic

Reviewed Wed 6th of May 2009

"We have just returned from our holiday in park Inn and we have had a fantastic time.. we were in a group of 3 couples ranging from 25-47. We arrived in Sharm airport which was very chaotic and stressful.. finally we got on our transfer and thankfully the resort was only 10 mins away.
The staff in Park Inn couldn't do enough for you, and we were soon in our rooms, which luckily were all together. The rooms are spacious and very clean, ours had a fantastic view of the pools.
The restaurant is a little like a canteen but we just avoided busy times when kids were likely to be there and it was fine.. also they won't let men in the restaurant in the evenings with shorts on.. which was annoying as the men in our group hadn't got any trousers with them (except the ones they'd travelled in).. we could understand football shorts and alike but smart casual shorts we couldn't see the problem (it's not 5* after all)
The food in the restaurant was excellent.. The people who complain must have a poor diet at home!!.. The salads, vegetables and selections of meats, stirfries, chilli's, local foods and BBQ's were delicious.. The fresh crusty bread was lovely (they have lurpak butter!!). Breakfasts were also very good, especially the egg station were the chef cooked the best fried eggs we've had!!! There is no need to starve or live on chips like some!!! (some people just love to moan)

There are so many pools and the hotel is very spacious, no one seemed to be on top of one another. Sunbeds were available in abundance and the six of us always got them together whatever time we went to the pool.
You do get hasselled 3/4 times a day from the hotel spa which is annoying especially when you are asleep!!.. but we did get a good trip for quad biking from Sokar who also operates around the hotel. This was fantastic and is highly recommended.. we went twice it was that good!
We also went on a boat trip.. this was amazing!! We booked this on a
trip to Naama Bay.. This was my best experience of Sharm.. If you only do one trip on your hols.. go snorkelling.. the coral is amazing!!

There was no entertainment for our age group but we didn't really want that from our holidy, we just relaxed with a drink in the bar in the evening, which has a terrace and is very nice and the staff are very friendly and lovely people..

The hotel is not beachside, the hotels allocated area of the beach is only a short walk away (5 mins) where there are sunbeds, a bar and snack area.. the sand is not the best but we knew this before we went, but it really was lovely down there.

So overall, we loved this hotel and had a fantastic relaxing holiday.. we would definetly book again and would recommend it to our friends..

** one more thing.. take mosquito cream with you.. you'll need it!!!


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  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of May 2009

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