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Nabq Bay Nabq Bay, Sharm -el-Sheikh, Sharm El Sheikh 41231 Egypt
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  • 2.5 dining
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  • 2.5 food

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Worst 2 days


"We arrived rather late at the Nubian Island Hotel on 2nd October this year for what should have been a 2 week relaxation. However, on arrival at 1/4 to 10 in the evening we were just in time to have something to eat in what looked like a lovely bright restaurant. Well our first thought of the food on offer was very poor, but as it was late we decided to see what breakfast had to offer. Breakfast was ok and they did serve scrambled eggs and what looked like bacon, but of course it wasn't, but it had the same effect. The rest of the meals I might add were not that good and when there was any fruit other than dates and figs, the Russians and Italians would clear the plates before you could get near them.
My wife was feeling a bit low as she had bad cramps in her stomach, so we decided to rest by the pool. Later that morning we decided to go into the pool as the sun and the sea and a lovely hotel was what we were there for. The staff were very friendly and the weathere was lovely. We went across to the pool bar for a cooling drink but to our horror, all around the sides of the pool was a large strip of green slime just below the watere line. Both myself and others reported this to the first choice rep and also the hotel, the rep didn't appear that bothered and sai d we were entitled to a copy of the PH readings if we wanted them as the Hotel test them every day. The Hotel arranged for some of thier staff to go around scraping the edges of the pool but all this did was polute the pool and this was then very unhealthy and dangerous. As this wasn't satisfactory I asked for a move to another Hotel as we were not willing to stay here for 2 weeks and not feel comfortable going in the pool without risk of polution. I must say the First choice rep in the head office was very helpful and managed to get my wife and I a move to another Hotel all be it we had to fot the taxi fares to and from the Hotel, but this was a small price to pay for a relaxing 2 weeks. The Hotel we moved to was wonderful and the staff excellent the food in the restaurant was very good and each evening was a different theme meal, which was very good. We thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our Holiday. But we wouldn't go to the Nubian Island again and we certainly wouldn't reccomend it. We are very well travelled and have had some very different experiences in some very different countries, but you don't expect to have to put up with filth.
Mr and Mrs B from Cambridge England"

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of October 2006

Don't Believe The Bad Reviews Some People Must Be Hard To Please


"We have just returned from the nubian island and had a fantastic time.Six hard working lasses left behind kids and partners for a week of relaxing in the sun. I was slightly worried after reading a dreadful review on this site but after sampling the ni for ourselves we got the idea that this lady must be used to staying in the ritz!

The passage through Sharm airport was relatively painless as long as you dodged the guys wanting to carry your bags for you.Transfer took only 10 mins which will tell you how close to the airport we were!as luck would have it there are only a few flights a day and we thought this was the only down side.

The loby and reception area is very impressive and from walking in we were taken care of.Cocktails on arrival bags taken from us and whisked to our rooms nothing was ever a problem.Our rooms backed straight onto the top pool there are two pools both with their own jacuzzi and bar many a boozy afternoon spent there!As other reviews have mentioned this was the quieter of the two the bottom pool was where the more energetic hung out and played water polo,aqua aerobics etc the animation team were fantastic speaking a smattering of all languages and including everyone not just the Italians as one reviewer stated.

Rooms are a decent size very clean infact maid service twice a day some days.Air conditioning positively fridge like if you wanted it that way.

Food was excellent managed to keep 6 whingeing north eastern woman happy and the staff were eager to please and always polite as were the bar staff. We ensured we had a kitty of pound coins to tip which I feel helped enhace the already good service.

Yes I would agree with other reviews that the hotel was not 5 star but this was not a problem.

The entertainment was slated in other reviews we found it on the whole better than some we have had to endure but made our own entertainment on the bingo nights!

I would recommend going to the hotels Bedouin night for an extra 6 pounds it's a great night.

Sorry to have rambled on to sum up a great hotel that I would recommend to anyone wanting sun and relaxation"

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  • Travel date: Thu 19th of October 2006

Disappointed with this hotel


"We travelled to Nubian Island Resort with First Choice and from the start found this to be a pretty negative experience.

Lets talk about the hotel though. The postive points first. We were staying in a two bedroom bungalow room close to the sea, second swimming pool and gym. The room was fantastic as it meant our 4 year old daughter could have her own bedroom. The grounds of the hotel were generally well kept with pretty winding paths taking you from the hotel building down to the sea (about 300 metres). Most of the staff were very friendly and didn't hassle you for tips, however there were only one or two that really stood out in terms of their service to us. Free return shuttle bus to Naama Bay 3 times during the day, with a further 2 trips being made later at night for a small charge. If you have small children, Rambo at the lobby bar and Ramy in the restaurant are excellent and provided constant (but not over the top) attention to both our kids. Cleanliness was excellent throughout the resort. Food was generally good but clearly caters for the mediterranean palates of the italians, we struggled in terms of variety but we are a bit on the fussy side.

Now the negative bits. All the entertainment during the day was operated at the pool near our bungalow and proved to be head poundingly loud, so we lounged at the "relax pool" where most of the other british families with young children seemed to gather. As per a previous review, when we arrived both pools were "growing" their own supply of algae, although this was cleaned during our stay following many complaints. The pool boys are a bit on the lazy side and on one occasion forgot to turn on the jacuzzi pool (which is then fed and diluted by the main pool via a pump), this meant that there was a high concentration of chlorine in the pool form the overnight chemical additions and caused my 4 year old daughter to jump out screaming and tearing her swim suit off as the chemicals were stinging her skin.
The jetty that takes you the 75 yards or so to the reef for snorkelling was elevated and the only way down to the water was via a vertical ladder of some 8 or 10 feet, the steps were very slippery and on accassions the waves quite large.
Each week a fire breathing show is performed on the decking near the baby pool, the show involves broken glass and there were large, very sharp splinters of glass left behind the next morning for unsuspecting children (and adults) to cut themsleves on. At least 4 people suffered glass cuts during our stay as a result of this so be careful. All the entertainment was conducted in Italian, although Erica did speak enough english to allow our 4 year old to attend the kids dance sessions. Our First Choice rep (Jen McMillan) was only interested in selling excursions and any other complaints seemed to fall on deaf ears. Both pools have fallen into a state of disrepair and the decking areas have exposed nails and nail heads and raised boards which pose a real hazard to the kiddies. Make sure you take pool or beach shoes for your little ones.

Overall, we were very disappointed with this resort. We stayed at the Laguna Vista last year and this was a far superior resort (but then it was also a lot more expensive)."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of October 2006

not bad on the whole


"stayed at the nubian island hotel with my dad and 3 kids. My dad has walking difficulties due to this we contacted the hotel direct before going, to request bungalows near to the hotel itself, this was not a problem for the hotel who bent over backwards to accomodate us, as promised when we arrived we couldnt have asked for better, right near to the quiet pool and within a stones throw of the hotel itself. Well done Mohamed on reception and thank you very much, about an hour after arriving they had a ramp put up for the wheelchair, we didnt even have to ask. The staff were all absolutley fantastic polite and couldnt do enough to help again top class. The food was a little repetative,and i wouldnt say of 5star standard, The biggest down side of it though was the bar on a night was upstairs, two flights of marble stairs no good for people like us with having someone with walking difficulties, we were very limited as to what we could do on an evening as the majority of things went off in the bar, the entertainment therefore for us was a big negative. We did manage to go over to the Nubian Village, one evening but couldnt believe that {to say they were sister hotels} we werent allowed to get our drinks for free on the AI in there, which would have been better for us as there bar was on ground level, and so was the entertainment, so on the whole i would say the Nubian Island is not much use to people with walking difficulties in the evening unless you have someone with you, who doesnt mind jogging up 2 flights of marble stairs everytime you want a drink, or wasnt bothered about joining in on the entertainment, yes they did have entertainment some nights down stairs outside which wasnt bad, but was only on a 7day program not 14 so once youve seen it the 1st week if your there for 2 weeks your stumped."

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  • Travel date: Thu 12th of October 2006



"Had a fantastic time, yep we all had the bug but people in other resort had the same. Great man who organised the trips in the foyer told us what we needed for the tummy problems and then went and got it for us too. Immodium didn't touch it but the Egyption medication worked a treat. Food was superb, excellent choice no one went hungry. Hard rock cafe in the bay was great meal for 5 came back on the credit card as £68 lots of booze within that too. Was most relaxing holiday in a long time going back next year can't wait. They take nearly all currencies paid for a beer one night at the resort (after 12) with egyptian pounds got egyptian pounds, euro and dollars in change was quite funny."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of October 2006

sun sun sun


"I have just arrived back from Nubian Island resort Sharm el Sheik
accomadation you could not fault, staff could not do enough for you but the swimming pool was a sickness and upset stomach nightmare the walls were covered in green slime as were the stools in the swim up bar, some one in every party went down with this upset stomach young and old we were told by the rep on the welcome meeting this was likely to happen so they were aware there was a problem but they obviously was not putting any measures to prevent this. There was a good choice of food at breakfast, dinner, and evening meal although often served cold but as for all inclusive this was not, unless you class a bag of crisp or a croissant, or a burger and chips from 3pm till 5pm as all inclusive, i have stayed in many all inclusive resorts and never been hungary but i was here. T he rep on this resort was only interested in selling you trips she was not interested in trying to help out the many dissatisfied customers I personally would never book another first choice holiday. Mr&Mrs Wheatley Gillingham Kent"

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  • Travel date: Tue 10th of October 2006

Nubian Island.


"It needs it's own review page! Its separate to the Nubian Village
I went here with quite an open mind as there have been many reviews both good and bad about this hotel.
Let's be clear here, I stayed at the Nubian Island resort, the Nubian Village is the hotel next door, yes they are linked in some way, but for guests they are 2 distinctly seperate hotels, i.e. you cannot eat in the restaurants of the other hotels as part of the all-inclusive deal.

Good parts of the hotel, rooms, very spacious, good aircon, huge beds, good housekeeping, fridge in room. All inclusive food, very varied and lots of it, unless you are a Brit who can only eat burgers and highly processed rubbish, there will be a good choice for you! I especially enjoyed the fresh fruit on offer and the freshly carved meat. The beach is good, lots of sunbeds there and like many have said before, the snorkelling is good off the hotels jetty, fresh water showers by the beach and pools for washing the salt water off. I would reccommend snorkelling in the morning, as that is when the sun is shining onto the coral, you can see much better than in the afternoon when the coral is in shade.
The gardens are beautiful, considering you are in the middle of a desert, it's amazing what can be done with a load of rubber hoses for irrigation, they don't obviously have a hosepipe ban in Sharm!

Not so good things, the pools, both of them had green algae growing up the sides of them, to me this seems to happen as the pool is made just out of poured concrete, no tiles or plastic covering over the concrete. this means that all the surfaces of the pool are rough, and the algae collects easily on that. The slightly odd thing I noticed was that there is a team of 3 or 4 people cleaning the pools in the evening, but none of them actually got in the pool with a brush to get the algae off, which is all that it would have needed! I did mention this problem to the hotel management who didn't seem too concerned about it. I have stayed in lots of 4 star resorts all over the world and this is the first one ever I have seen stuff growing in...!
There are 2 pools, the one nearest the beach is where the entertainment is run from, as such there is a loud pa system that is on for most of the day. We spent several days there, as all the loungers by the other 'quiet' pool were taken, or rather 'reserved' from 8am by invisible guests. The irony is that there are signs around the pool saying that loungers are not to be reserved, but as many people on this site have said, you slip the towel man a few pounds and he'll get you the sunbed of your choice every day... I for one refused to subscribe to this, so for the last couple of days, I put towels on some of the loungers on the way to breakfast which seemed to work! I never thought I'd have to do this...!!

There is a good mix of different nationalities at the hotel, lots of Italians, some Russians, some Brits and some Germans which is a nice change from resorts which are designed solely around one nationality.

The food and drink service was always good, there was always enough staff to deal with the large numbers of people at dinner times. I didn't feel it necessary to tip, as I was happy to go to the bar to get drinks myself and having paid for all food and drink as part of the all-inclusive package I don't want to have to think about having more money on me for tips.

Both myself and my partner fell ill with diarrhoea during the week, a common thing for Brits apparently, we were given tablets which were nifuroxazide 200mg, which knocked it on the head straight away so it might be worthwhile getting some of this in before you go, as it really does take the wind out of your sails (so to speak!)

I found lots of good photos on the site, which is an italian travel agent. They have a virtual tour map with views of the whole hotel site on it. It's all in italian, but with a bit of patience you will find the pics!

Altogether a nice place to have a relaxing week which is what I went for, but get those pools cleaned properly!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of September 2006

Nubian Island. Not For Kids!


"We have just returned from staying at THE NUBIAN ISLAND for 1 week on an all inclusive basis. We went to Egypt the same resort last year but decided to stay somehwere different. The weather was fantastic, the average daily temp was about 45 degrees. The hotel has a wow factor when arriving, the reception and shops within the hotel are lovely. The room was clean and the double bed was big enough for 4 adults. I went with my husband and my 7 year old son. When booking the holiday the childrens club and hotel entertainment helped us choose this hotel, however if at the age of 7 my son is fluent in Italian then he would be ok for the childrens club, as there was no English childs club. We had in total 3 nights entertainment and they started at 10pm and was finished by 10.30pm and even then the commentary was in Italian. The pool man Mohammed is great, if you tip him a couple of pounds on your first day you he'll make sure you have a sunbed each day. The hotel overall was fantastic. The rooms are cleaned, fresh towels and beds made on a daily basis. The walk down to the beach is lovely. To hire a snorkel for the day its about £2. The hotel staff are polite, curteous and very helpful. All in all there was roughly 15% English and 85% Italians. The hotel is aimed more for the Italians. I wouldn't recommed taking children here as by the second day my son was bored. The food was good, but not really much for us Brits. My husband had a bad stomach, but then it is the change in climate, food and heat which is a major factor in this. Immodian doesn't work, you need to get some stuff from the local pharmacy for this. There was more for the Italians food wise than for us. The pool at nearest the hotel was where most of us British people used, and the Italians used the beach and the bottom pool. Most of the daily activities took place at the bottom pool, but be warned you need you speak Italian. The bottom restaurant nearest the beach served burgers and kebabs from 3pm to 6pm, if you get bored with the main restaurant. You can have pizza from 12 Noon to 6pm, but there is a charge of about £3, but its very nice. Naama Bay is lovely I would recommend the Hard Rock Cafe, for a meal for 3 people and drinks we paid £22. When shopping in Naama Bay you must haggle with the price. When they say how much an item is half it, but I would recommend shopping at night not in the day as its too hot, even though at night it was still hot but not as much as in the day. I would recommend snorkelling at the beach the fish are beautiful and the water is warm about 30 degrees. I would recommend this hotel for a nice relaxing break, but it isn't great for kids, even though the staff are great with them."

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  • Travel date: Sat 9th of September 2006

supeb hotel


"stayed at the nubien island hotel last 2 weeks in july
was very worried after reading the reviews posted me and my family had a fantastic time the staff were freindly vey helpfull and polite the food was of a very good standard and i am a chef in England so know what i am talking about i need never of worried about it we did get the obligatory bad tum but this is very much the norm dont use english remedies like diacalm they dont work get something from the pharmacy in the hotel you do get pesterd round the pool by people selling trips enjoyed it so much have booked for xmas and next summer"

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of August 2006

Nubian Island Not Nubian Vilage


"We have just returned from a week at the Nubian Island Hotel. It is a fairly new hotel and is the sister hotel to the Nubian village. We booked up to stay at the Nubian Village but were moved next door to the island. Both hotels share the same private beach and you can use the facilities in either hotel except all inclusive is only available to the hotel your staying at. The bar staff are friendly, if your a beer drinker then tough because they only serve larger but that true in all the hotels there. All inclusive drinks are local brands but if you require known brands then it costs extra. With the sun in the 40's it is essential to always be drinkin water and bottled water is available free at eny of the bars and can be taken to the room, we always stocked our fridge up on a night before we went to bed. Theres no need to take more than 1 beach towel per person because you get a free towel every day for the beach or pool, also the cleaner comes everyday and changes the towels for in the room. The cleaners sometimes make animals out of the towels that are quite amazing. It is best to tip the cleaners every few days or a little each day, for tipping bar staff there is a box at the bar that tips are put into and then shared out evenly. on a couple occasions we put the do not disturb sign on the door as we wanted a lay in but the cleaners took no notice and barged in while we were asleep. We only had a shower in our room but some do have baths. There are shops in the complex and are ok for looking into but don't buy anything from here as it is very expensive, instead go to nama bay where it is much cheaper and is where all the shops. the food in the hotl is ok but after a while it gets boring, we went to the italian restaurant on site and had a starter a pizza each a desert and to drinks and it only came to the equivelant of about £7. We went to the hard rock cafe in name bay which was also quite cheap and something different to the hotel food. Down nama bay there is also a KFC Pizza Hut and Mcdonalds along with local bars and restaurants. One of the main clubs down nama bay is Pacha and is open till ther early hours. Make sure you take an underwater camera and snorkel for taking pictures of the fish as the reefs on the private beach are amazing. If taking small children then take armbands and or life jackets as there is no lifeguards at the pools or the beach but this is true in most of the hotels there. The entertainment at the hotel is very poor we ended up either drinkin or going to bed early because the entertainment was catered for the italians by italians. we sometimes got bored of sunbathing everyday so we booked up on a few excursions through our rep. The plane trip to cairo was £135 each but was well worth it, it included a guided tour of cairo with trips to the national musem where all treasures from the pyramids are now kept. You get to go into one of the pyramids for a couple of pound. We rode a camel around the pyramids for 10 minutes and took plenty of photos. The trip is done all in one day but was definetly worth it. We went on a boat trip for snorkling but didnt do much snorkling and it was quite poor. We went to the water park and was ok but better for small children. Quadbiking in the desert is definetly worth doing as it is an experience and a half. The hotel does a free shuttle bus down to nama bay, it is best to after the sun has gone down as it is too hot during the day. Nama bay is about 30min drive from the hotel by bus. While we were there we had upset stomachs which we knew we were going to get because everyone does no matter what hotel you stay at so we stocked up on tablets from home however the tablets from home aren't strong enough to deal with it, only tablets from the pharmacy over there will work but try not to get ripped off by the price. Always haggle with the price for anything you will always get the price down. This is a great hotel and what is probably best is having a beer while sate at the bar in the pool."

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  • Travel date: Mon 31st of July 2006

lovely hotel


"stayed here for 2 weeks in June of 3 adults and 3 children ages 2-8. The hotel is set among beautiful gardens and the whole complex is spotless,staff are always cleaning.
AIRPORT; the heat hits you as you step off the plane but we got through customs quickly,you do not need a visa unless you are travelling out of the sinai peninsula.
transfer is quick second drop off.
ARRIVAL;we were greeted with cold drinks for all and our bags taken to the rooms,the village is large and their are no lifts if you have a 2nd floor room,which we did.The rooms are very spacious and have huge beds which are very firm,we had a late flight and a buffet was laid out for us.
COMPLEX;there is a towell card system to reserve sunbeds,the main pool area was always full early but you could always get a chair by the slides,the kiddies pool and slides were really popular and our children barely left here.The beach is 5 mins walk from the pool,it is small and manmade,not very attractive and the beach is mainly very sharp,you need shoes to walk out into the sea,but the fish are worth it,you only need go as far as your knees to be surrounded by all sorts of marine fish in clear warm water.snorkelling is easy even for the children.
FOOD;lots of sea food and the usual pasta,pizza and chips,all well cooked ,barbque once a week and fresh cooked eggs and pancakes most days.

Be warned that every british person we met was or had been ill and form other hotels the same-by the 3rd day we had to buy stuff from the pharmacy opposite,it is in tablet and liquid for kids,things like immodium dont work,go straight to chemist-i was very careful,didnt eat meat or use any tap water for drink or teeth,i think the heat is a big part of it,it was 38/40 and knocks you for six,you feel slow and tired and then the tummy troubles set in.

If you have young children beware the egyptian men,especially out of the complex,my daughter is blonde and got a lot of unwanted attention to the point where she was picked up by a complete stranger who thought it funny to run along the beach with her!!

naama bay is very hot and dirty,soho square is much nicer and clean.

I will not return to sharm- i found the hassle of the shopkeepers and the general area not very good but the hotel is lovely ."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Great service but repetative food


Just returned from the Nubian village hotel in Sharm el Sheikh and have mixed feelings.
Went with my hubby and 2 x daughters ages 15 and 11 and they were bored.The animation team do not alternate the shows on a fortnightly basis so we had see them before.
It was the same things on during the day so was bored with that as well.
The staff bent over backwards for us and I couldnt fault them on anything. The hotel was spotless and our rooms were cleaned every day.
We enjoyed the food but we all ended up with extreme belly ache and the runs. we had to go to the chemist and it cose £5.00 for paracetamol and £5.00 for every different medicines they gave off as they didnt work.
By the second week we were going to Mac D'S and Burger King for dinner as this stopped us feeling ill.
Did the excursions and really loved Ciaro and sand buggy loved this as well as it broke up the monotomy.
Hated going shopping as the men would nt take NO for an answer. I love shopping on holiday and this really put a damper on it for me. They follow you about and try to rip you off at every turn......
The weather was roasting...average of 40 degrees every day.
All in all a lovely hotel with crap food and crap entertainment......

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 12th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food
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