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  • 4.5 room
  • 5 pool
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  • 4.5 service
  • 2.5 dining
  • 2.5 amenities
  • 2.5 food

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lovely hotel

Reviewed Tue 20th of July 2010

"stayed here for 2 weeks in June of 3 adults and 3 children ages 2-8. The hotel is set among beautiful gardens and the whole complex is spotless,staff are always cleaning.
AIRPORT; the heat hits you as you step off the plane but we got through customs quickly,you do not need a visa unless you are travelling out of the sinai peninsula.
transfer is quick second drop off.
ARRIVAL;we were greeted with cold drinks for all and our bags taken to the rooms,the village is large and their are no lifts if you have a 2nd floor room,which we did.The rooms are very spacious and have huge beds which are very firm,we had a late flight and a buffet was laid out for us.
COMPLEX;there is a towell card system to reserve sunbeds,the main pool area was always full early but you could always get a chair by the slides,the kiddies pool and slides were really popular and our children barely left here.The beach is 5 mins walk from the pool,it is small and manmade,not very attractive and the beach is mainly very sharp,you need shoes to walk out into the sea,but the fish are worth it,you only need go as far as your knees to be surrounded by all sorts of marine fish in clear warm water.snorkelling is easy even for the children.
FOOD;lots of sea food and the usual pasta,pizza and chips,all well cooked ,barbque once a week and fresh cooked eggs and pancakes most days.

Be warned that every british person we met was or had been ill and form other hotels the same-by the 3rd day we had to buy stuff from the pharmacy opposite,it is in tablet and liquid for kids,things like immodium dont work,go straight to chemist-i was very careful,didnt eat meat or use any tap water for drink or teeth,i think the heat is a big part of it,it was 38/40 and knocks you for six,you feel slow and tired and then the tummy troubles set in.

If you have young children beware the egyptian men,especially out of the complex,my daughter is blonde and got a lot of unwanted attention to the point where she was picked up by a complete stranger who thought it funny to run along the beach with her!!

naama bay is very hot and dirty,soho square is much nicer and clean.

I will not return to sharm- i found the hassle of the shopkeepers and the general area not very good but the hotel is lovely ."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 3 Dining
  • 3 Amenities
  • 3 Food

Great service but repetative food

Reviewed Wed 21st of July 2010

Just returned from the Nubian village hotel in Sharm el Sheikh and have mixed feelings.
Went with my hubby and 2 x daughters ages 15 and 11 and they were bored.The animation team do not alternate the shows on a fortnightly basis so we had see them before.
It was the same things on during the day so was bored with that as well.
The staff bent over backwards for us and I couldnt fault them on anything. The hotel was spotless and our rooms were cleaned every day.
We enjoyed the food but we all ended up with extreme belly ache and the runs. we had to go to the chemist and it cose £5.00 for paracetamol and £5.00 for every different medicines they gave off as they didnt work.
By the second week we were going to Mac D'S and Burger King for dinner as this stopped us feeling ill.
Did the excursions and really loved Ciaro and sand buggy loved this as well as it broke up the monotomy.
Hated going shopping as the men would nt take NO for an answer. I love shopping on holiday and this really put a damper on it for me. They follow you about and try to rip you off at every turn......
The weather was roasting...average of 40 degrees every day.
All in all a lovely hotel with crap food and crap entertainment......

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of July 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 2 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 2 Food


Reviewed Wed 19th of August 2009

"I cannot understand why people have given this holiday a bad review i am just back from nubian village and i cannot fault it. They cater for all nationalities the food is great a wide choice the staff fall over backwards to help you, the cleanliness is brilliant everytime i finished a cigarete there was a clean ashtray in front of me lol. The rooms do need a bit more lighting in them but hay we cant all be perfect. The animation team mother and son Olga and Artum are great the really kept me and my kids entertained. Yeah you get the odd rude person but so what you get that at home as well (Guests).Bar staff were great say hello to Hany and Gamall 2 great guys and Mohammed clean off the top shelf lol. We will definetly be going back next summer. This place did not fail to impress me make up your own mind."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of August 2009

it must be me - the other reviews are brilliant

Reviewed Wed 8th of April 2009

"Having read the reviews on this hotel I was really looking forward to my stay with my two children.
We lasted one night!!!!!!!!!
What a complete disaster, the food was disgusting and before anybody says this is Egypt and what do we expect a day later (thankfully) we where in the Kiroseiz three corners which was faultless
There was a ten minute mini disco which was solely done in russian and no animation at all
Thankfully after 1 night we where out of the Nubian Village and I was ever so glad
during the day was the option of 1 snack (on the day we left it was chicken kebab)
I will def return to Sharm but I will give the Nubian a wide bearth "

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of April 2009

love it

Reviewed Mon 19th of January 2009

"my husband and myself have visited this hotel 6 times and wouldnt go anywhere else. The hotel is very clean,they clean day and night, the staff are all friendly from the cleaners to the management, the food is excellent, not to mention the sand sea and stars. Alot of the British complain but i think they forget that they are in Africa,they moan about not getting English food so if you want a hot Blackpool go to Benidorm!!!!!!
and let us Brits who do enjoy Sharm enjoy it in peace.The only downside are the rude Russians but they do make good entertainment watching them. We have made some good friends at this hotel that we have stayed in contact with, and who we are meeting up with next time,so roll on May when it will be Sharm time again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 18th of January 2009


Reviewed Wed 5th of November 2008

"Weve been to Sharm 6 times in three years, this hotel was recommended on our last visit by an english guy Pete who has a bar close by.We arrived at the most amazing hotel, welcome drinks and so friendly bell boys whom promptly took cases to our rooms, We are so pleased Pete recommended this hotel.
The reception staff full of smiles and help full whenever we needed them.We went into the restaurant for evening dinner we were amazed the food was plentiful, alot of choice freshly cooked and tasted as good as it looked.
The rooms were beautiful and spotless nothing out of place and the cleaners all male i add were exceptional.
The grounds were laid out like a palace and the pools and slides were a god send for the children, the beach which Pete advised us was recently restructured with a restaurant close to the beach for lunch time Pizza Yummy....
We didnt like the trip sellers they constantly approach you the evening entertainment aimed more for the Italians we believed but was enjoyable and no real complaints.
Most evenings we ventured to St Georges Bar at the Jasmine Center for our love of Football and a Pub atmosphere, Pete has hit the right notes small pub but very very friendly warm and inviting and a little corner of East End of London. Basic Butties Hamburgers & Hot Dogs all footy themed. Added Bonus we booked our trips through this guy Brilliant make no mistake cheap great value & honesty throughout we did Sunrise Quad Biking Abu Gallium, Egyptian Night, Cairo we believe he saved us a fortune. Well worth a visit...
Pete constantly talks about Nubian in his Bar and rates it very high , only regret we have his Bar not nearer, 20 min walk each way or 30le taxi.
I promised i would give an email for any trippers [email protected]

This hotel is Paradise on Earth why cant our tour reps be more honest like St George, Will Defo Return to Hotel Make no mistake hope to see you there.

xxx If you see Davie behind Bar give from me to him..


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  • Travel date: Wed 5th of November 2008

Great Times

Reviewed Tue 4th of November 2008

"Nubian Village

Returned home In the middle of October this year and how I have been so depressed ever since……….what a place!
The Nubian Village is by far the best hotel I have ever stayed in, and for people that have written bad reviews please are you being serious?

The rooms were out of this world we had two rooms, one for my husband and I, and one for our teenage sons, the rooms were so spacious there was room for another people in each room easy, the bathrooms were lovely too proper posh.

The hotel was lovely the grounds were accumulate there seemed to be people cleaning 24hours a day, the hotel grounds were out of this it was like something out of a movie set truly fantastic.

The swimming pools were huge so lots of room and lots of a space beside the pool where there is loads of sun beds to lounge around in the sun its great.

The food was probably the most surprising thing of all, we didn’t just read reviews on our hotel we read them on all sorts of hotels and on everyone they complain about the food, so we were really surprised when we went in for dinner just after arriving and there was so many different things to choose from all of them so nice and it was like food paradise truly amazing.

On this site we had read about St Georges Bar, so we took a visit there where we met the owner Pete who everyone talks about in the hotel its amazing how an English bloke is so talked about, we booked a Quad Biking trip with him that was 18quid English for about 3 ½ hours in the desert, Pete actually come on the trip with us which we thought was good, we visited a little place in the desert called Little Egypt where there are Mini Pyramids been built by the Bedouin people it really is something special, we did the 4am sunrise trip which was fantastic as you get to a certain place walk up a mountain side and watch the sunrise over the top it really was amazing and we got some great photo’s, only thing I could moan about was that we bought a dvd off a bloke that filmed the trip when we got home it wasn’t our trip we were annoyed about that but then Pete can’t be blamed for it either, that was the only excursion we did but Pete can book you trips for anywhere, like I said we paid 18quid to go quad biking in the hotel they wanted 28quid so big difference.

If I am honest we went on an all inclusive holiday so we did stay in the hotel grounds the whole time, other than to watch football at St Georges, and I know that sounds a little tight but when your hotel is as good as the Nubian Village we didn’t see the need to go out.

Hope this helps be sure to contact us if you want to know anything.


Sandra, Kyle, David And Simon

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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of November 2008

Nice Hotel, Poor entertainment

Reviewed Fri 31st of October 2008

"The hotel is extremely nice,it is very clean and the staff are all friendly and cannot do enough for you.
We have just come back from a two week all inclusive holiday and our family enjoyed ourselves very much.
The swimming pools are really good and the whole area of the Nubian Village is set out really nice.
The food was excellent and the rooms are big and spacious.
The only downfall was the entertainment, it was very drab even though the animation team did their best we didn't really enjoy it!
We decided to venture outside and upon doing so we were given a leaflet to a bar called St George's which is owned by a bloke called Pete, we decided to go and have a look.
Well I am really glad we did as he also does trips and they were half the price the hotel tried to sell us! We booked Quad biking and Cairo by bus,these trips were fantastic, and Pete adds the personal touch of greeting you on the pick up and txting and calling you throughout your trip to make sure you are completely happy.
The bar itself is really nice as well,there is always a member of Pete's family there and the bar man Mohammed can not do enough for you. The bar shows all premiership football live and the prices of drinks are good value for money.
All in all we had a really good holiday in Sharm El Sheikh and will definitely be returning. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 31st of October 2008

Holiday to Sharm Sept 2008

Reviewed Sat 18th of October 2008

"My Fiance and I booked a holiday to sharm el sheik as a last minute deal. We chose the Nubian Village for 1 week. Before we left we researched and found that on arrival you were asked to fill out landing card and visa info(this is compulsary for egyptian government). However, what they dont tell you is that if you aren't leaving the Sinai Penninsula then you do not have to pay the $15 or so for the visa.All we did was write "Sinai only" on our landing cards and left it as that. On moving through to baggage we were met my the usual scene, the belt shuffling round and suitcases slowly making their way out...we waited for an age and one of the baggage handlers asked us what our cases looked like...we told him and he found them for us quicker....but then he demnded a fee. And then we saw that they were deliberately holding back 25% of the bags just so they would get tips.We arrived at the hotel after 15mins or so....hotel was amazing looking, big sweeping drive, lovely night lights and the hotel was buzzing! There was a bit of confusion with all the noise and nobody that got off the bus could hear a thing that reception told us but we made it to our room with help from a porter who was nice enought o carry our a cost.
Over our holiday we thoroughly enjoyed the hotel food, lots of choice for everyone and very flexible. The staff are really friendly and will chat away. The hotel was very clean and tidy as was our room. Its was cleaned every day and even my jammies were folded all nice on the pillow. The pool was really good, ive never been on holiday where you can get a sun bed after 10am!! Down sides to hotel...animation team....same stuff every day....Traders in main recetion trying to sell you tat!! trip reps at you all the time to go on trips.
Down side to sharm...we actually didnt feel like we could leave our hotel because of locals hassling you ( e.g. we went for water at a local shop and got stopped at every shop there and back by touts...nightmare....who accused us of being rude coz we were so peed off). Naama bay is ok if you like that thing...theres McD's, Pizza hut, Hard rock cafe, chinese, indian, italian and loads of tat and souvenir shops, jewellers etc. But personally we didnt spend hundreds of pound to go to place like home and shops we get at home!! And it was the same hassle everywhere. We only went on trips with first choice as you knew you wouldnt get hassled by locals.
Trips are amazing by the way, go on as many as you can, we went bedouin camp, camel ride, star gazing and snorkling.
Down side to entire holiday...i got a stomach bug (sickness and diorrhoea) half way through week for one day and seemed to recover fine. We have been home one month now and my symptoms have lingered. have been to doctor 3 times!! Several tests later they can find nothing wrong however doctor thinks that i have had a bug and it has left my system very sensitive. This has been very tiring, i have had to take time off work and i have to be near a toilet all the time.
All this has left a stigma attached to my memories of egypt and despite the amazing sights and times im sorry to say we will not be going back. "

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of October 2008

Well this is a first for me first leavin...

Reviewed Tue 23rd of September 2008

"Well this is a first for me first leaving Uk, and first using the internet.
Arrived after a delay but well worth the wait the hotel is jointed with Nubian Island, but both are splendid.
The hotel is immaculate beyond belief spotless throughout quite breath taking, The hotel welcome you as soon as you arrive with warm face cloths and a welcome fresh fruit drink.
The staff are so friendly and polite and cannot do enough, the grounds and gardens are well thought out and designed to the highest level.
There was 11 in our party various ages but the pools and amination team kept the younger ones amused, The food was good throughout stay breakfasts were superb, lunches amazing, evening dinner to die for, something for everyone always fresh well prepared and presented and hot.
The downside trip & newspaper sellers constant hassel throughout your stay and very expensive, we were advised to go to st georges br meet an english guy owner pete he does all fully insured trips and you save pounds (hundreds) IN OUR CASE and the trips fansastic.Bar located at jasmine center arab sat, nama bay is good but very expensive old sharm far better and cheaper.
Great holiday we didnt want to come home but will return.."

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  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of September 2008

Traveled to Sharm for first time with al...

Reviewed Sun 21st of September 2008

"Traveled to Sharm for first time with all the family unsure what to expect...
Flight was average and nothing can prepare you for arrivals no one seems to take control at airport, after getting your visas and cases long walk to bus journey to Hotel 15/20 min max..
Upon arrival greeted by a sweeping drive and a wonderful location.
The staff are friendly a welcome drink and face towel whilst await reservation to be completed, all cases swiftly took to your rooms.

The rooms are Fantastic and modern spotless like the rest of the Hotel, nothing is too much trouble. The Food is amazing after reading reviews unsure what to expect but Breakfast is wonderful Eggs, freshly cooked and a selection of sausages, potato, tomatoes etc toast & freshly baked bread along with cereals & pastries Yum ! Yum ! If Breakfast was wonderful Lunch was delightful, always something for everyone from Burgers, Chips, Pasta, Salads Bread Meat Cheese & Salad, to a selection of hot dishes & vegetables, You must try the Pizza Bar on the beach entrance way. So you've had a wonderful breakfast delightful lunch Your evening meal is to die for Fresh meat of Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Steaks, Egyptian Stews and vegetables salads, soups, Fish, Pasta, English, German, Russian & Egyptian specialties..

Deserts night or day are available with every meal colorful and well presented but a little tasteless if im honest but fresh and well presented along with a fresh fruit selection.

Down side to this terrific hotel, tour reps, newspaper sellers, and animation they pester pester pester are not cheap and very annoying. Evenings are very much the same little to do and repetitive, there was talk of an evening beach party didnt see it and a little disappointing.

Overall staff are friendly you hear how poor they are paid all the time a request for tips we felt. We would return we loved it and will return again 5* plus i would say beautiful swimming pools gardens and layout very very professional, manager not available three times wanted to pass on out thoughts but never got to see him..

Outside the hotel things to do & visit whilst there, Nama Bay Ok but hassle hassle hassle,
Trips we went Sunrise & Sunset Quad Biking, Tiran Island Boat trip for the Full day, Cairo, and Abu Gallum Blue Lagoon jeep safari & lunch , Bedioun Dinner & Show if we booked this via hotel would of cost 365.00 sterling instead we were advised to go to St Georges Bar at the Jasmine Center Arab Sat 5 min away and meet Pete an English guy we paid 170 each for all the trips we saved just under 1200 for six of us, Trips were amazing his advice brilliant and knows sharm el sheikh so well, this guy should be in the hotel.

Nubian Village sorry to leave Pete at St Georges is The Shining Knight of Sharm, Will Return December Happy Holidays if your going."

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

Just returned from the nubian village it...

Reviewed Thu 18th of September 2008

"Just returned from the nubian village it was a fantastic holiday and i will definetly be returning again soon. Just got a few do's and dont's as if anyone will listen lol -

The Food is great but stay away from salads as they are not washed in bottled water only tap.

Do not buy any souverniers inside the hotel go just outside and there all plenty of places to buy them at much lower cost.

Do not go to the disco at nubian island as it is always dead we went there 3times no one there and the drinks are so highly priced.

Do Not book your trips in the hotel as they are a rip off go just down the road to and english bar called St Georges and they book trips with a company they deal with at real low cost, the owners name is Pete, he also sorts out taxi's at low prices too.

Go to Namba Bay but only for TGI Fridays and The Hard Rock Cafe the rest is a load of rubbish and too much hassle.

And don't be a lazy git, get yourself your own sunbed and drinks don't treat the staff like rubbish they don't deserve it.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 18th of September 2008

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    "quadbiking in the desert brill and tirian island with snorkling a must FAB "


    "beach holiday - very modern "

  • williamsfamily by williamsfamily

    "great hotel if it was in another country "

  • weeshell by weeshell

    "beautiful hotel and ideal location "

  • "Make up your own mind, draw money there at cash machines and banks HSBC in namma bay "

  • "quad biking boat trips and snorkling "

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