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Brilliant holiday

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"We travelled with our friends to the Laguna Vista Garden resort on 26th Jan 09, all in need of a dose of some winter sunshine and a chance to relax and we were not dissapointed. The Laguna Vista garden and beach resorts are beautiful, very clean with a relaxed happy atmosphere.
As all inclusive guests we were able to use the facilties on both sites, and were made very welcome by the staff who were all very courteous , friendly and cheerful.
We had a good choice of food and none of us suffered from upset tummys , although we did stick to the rules - bottled water etc.
The all inclusive alcohol was fine, I enjoyed the Rose wine with meals, the G+Ts did have a bit of an odd taste though. Soft drinks coke etc were fine.
Fantastic snorkelling from the beach, you can see all sorts of wonderful fish- but take beach shoes as the coral underfoot can be a little sharp.
Local shops sell sovernirs and the shopkeepers although keen for you to come in to their shops did not pressurise you , and accepted if you just said no thanks.
Weather was great all of the week and although the staff were calling it winter for us it was like a hot british summer.
A great week of sunbathing, relaxing, eating and drinking, just what we all needed. We are all hoping to go back a similar time next year.
Bit of a shock on our return to England to be greeted with heavy snow and not been able to land at Bristol- but having to land at Manchester- but at least that was at the end of our holiday and not the start!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 4th of February 2009

Would go back in a Minute....

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"I have just returned from a week at Laguna Vista Gardens, there where 3 couples in our party and everyone of us really enjoyed our week and have already discussed returning.
It's a lovely change from staying in a hotel and the room sizes are fantastic, great big wardrobes, sky tele, a safe, great big walk-in shower, fridge and a lovely wee area to sit outside in the evening.
The rooms are cleaned everyday, if you don't want an early wake up call put out your 'do not disturb' sign and they'll return later that day, fantastic. The food is not fantastic but they are catering for different nationalities and we were all able to find something that we enjoyed each time. Omar, the lovely chap in the restaurant deserves a mention, he could not have been nicer & by the end of the week knew what drinks we all enjoyed.

There was only two things that disappointed me slightly which were that the pool was freezing, not even the kids would go in, even as inviting as it looked I only managed to throw myself in on one occasion, never to be repeated. The second thing was that they never had WINE in the bar and I struggled to enjoy any of the other drinks, you could get wine with your meal however that was it.

We done the Quad bike through the desert which is a must and can be booked in the hotel. Indian Restaurant in Camel Dive Club Hotel in Namma Bay is great. Book ANY taxi's through the hotel and you'll feel safer as they arrange a time and place to pick you up again.

This is a great resort and either the Gardens or the sister Beach Resort across the road would be ideal for anybody to visit and I have no doubt enjoy."

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  • Travel date: Fri 30th of January 2009

quiet relaxing and peaceful

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"stopped in this quiet and peaceful hotel which we loved. If you are looking for something that is more lively then this hotel is not for you. It was very clean. The room and bathroom was spacious and clean. the bedding and towels were changed each day. The pool area was lovely clean and quiet. It was not a big resort so everywhere was only a minutes walk. Its sister hotel which you could use most of the faciliites appeared to be like a maze, so glad we didn't stop there. We did go there to use the beech. If you wanted to see the nightly shows you also had to go there but it was not our taste so gave it a miss. The hotels own evenning enteryainment was a singer who again was not my taste but it wasn't too intrusive when you were sat at the bar.

The food was good, it was just the same every night, so glad i was only stopping a week but this is not uncommon in all inclusive hotels.
The service was generally exellent, especially the pool boy. At times it took a while to get a drink in the restaurant on an evenning, we just took one in with us.

The selection of drinks was not to my liking but again this appears to be the same in all Egptian hotels. Ok if you like lager but not so good if if you want a cocktail. Only decant one i had was at the hard rock cafe but it was very expensive.

Hotels location was ideal as we like quieter resorts, Despite what we were told we were not harassed by shop owners when walking out of the hotel we just said no thank you and they were very pleasant, unlike Naama Bay. If you like a resort with a lot of hustle and bustle then Naama Bay may be for you but not for us, though it is worth a night out there.

My only real negative was the mosquitos despiote every deterant i was biten several times each night

Overall an exellent hotel and holiday, peaceful, relaxing and quiet in lovely surroundings would definately reccommend hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of December 2008

Excellent, apart from the food

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"My boyfriend and I stayed at the laguna vista garden for a week in the middle of november and we loved it.

The rooms are immaculate and cleaned everyday without fail. They even made some lovely towel decorations for me on my bed. Not my boyfriend just they knew which bed i was sleeping in i don't know.

When we arrived we had a lovely welcome and a member of staff took our bags to our room. The reception staff did ask to keep our passports for one night, but returned them the next day. All the staff in the hotel are really friendly and can not do enough to help. Especially the bar staff, we got on really well with them and were sorry to say goodbye.

The pool is a great size, but absolutely freezing. Too cold that we only went in it about twice the whole time we were there. and it wasn't just us who thought it other did too.

The only thing we did not like about this hotel was the food. Breakfast was great with plenty of choice for everyone. Lunchwas ok but you can get snacks from the pool bar, such as burgers. Dinner was a bit of a disapointment, it was very bland food and not that much to choose from. The food did not change that much from night to night either, so i ended up eating pasta every night, and i'm not a fussy person. We put up with it for a week, but could not have done anymore.

Overall we really enjoyed this holiday and would definately go back. But take enough money to go out and eat."

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  • Travel date: Wed 3rd of December 2008

The right choice!

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"My husband & I stayed at Laguna Vista Gardens for 1 week from 14th September 2008. We chose the accommodation after some very careful consideration and lots of time spent on Tripadvisor and we were not disappointed.

LVG is situated in Nabq Bay which is a relatively new developing area of Sharm, this means there is some building work nearby but we never heard any noise whilst staying here. Nabq Bay is a slightly quieter area than Naama Bay but there are still plenty of shops including a Starbucks and work is underway on a TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Cafe so these should be open soon.

There is also a free shuttle bus which you book at reception that runs twice a day to & from Naama Bay, I would recommend booking the evening bus as it really is too hot to go there during the day and most of the shops, restaurants & bars don't open until the evening anyway.

LVG is a lovely resort, the rooms are in little hut style format and I have to say I don't think I've ever stayed in such a spacious room. They are really nicely decorated with an african theme, the bathrooms are also quite large with a great wet room area featuring a lovely shower. There was plenty of storage, a free safe, television with a few British channels, several mirrors (including a full length, essential for women!) and an enormous bed which although felt quite hard was in fact incredibly comfortable. The air conditioning unit was essential and worked fine and there was a lounger & chair on the front porch area just outside the room if you wanted to sit outside.

The pool areas at LGV are really nice, we spent most of our time around the children's area because it was quiet as most children were at school and not on holiday. We never had any trouble finding sunbeds and mainly preferred this area because of the unnecessary loud music played at the pool bar and the frequent volleyball games at the other pool. All guests are also allowed to use the facilities at Laguna Vista Beach Resort which is just across the road. They have larger pool areas and loads more sunbeds etc. but again loud music is a problem if you just want some peace & quiet.

The beach is only accessable via the Laguna Vista Beach Resort across the road but is definitely worth the walk. It takes about 10 minutes but is a nice pleasant stroll through the gardens of the sister resort and once you get there you could stay all day as there is a beach bar serving drinks and the Which Way restaurant offers lunch, both are included in the all inclusive package for LVG guests.
There are loads of sunbeds on the beach which are really comfy and each section has a large umbrella and plenty of shade from the intense sun.
The sea is the warmest I have ever experienced and was like walking into a nice warm bath. I would strongly recommend you buy some beach shoes as you have to wade out quite a way before the water is up to waist height and some parts have sharp coral or rocks. If you have never snorkelled this is the perfect place to start, there are loads of beautiful fish and lots to look at so make sure you give it a go.

All staff at the LVG were lovely and really willing to help, the restaurant & bar staff were particularly nice and the main restaurant at LVG is lovely. The food on offer is all cooked perfectly and very tasty but sometimes you wished there was a little more to choose from.

We didn't book any trips with Thomas Cook as there are always cheaper options of the same excursions available from companies in Naama Bay, we took a boat trip to Ras Mohammad with 3 snorkel stops and this was amazing, I highly recommend it.
The only other trip we arranged was to Cairo and again we did this ourselves, most of it before we left. I booked flights with EgyptAir online from the UK to fly from Sharm to Cairo and back in the same day, these cost just £40 each for a return flight. I then had several conversations with a private tour guide who we confirmed to take us around Cairo for the day. Unfortunately this is where it went slightly wrong..........

We arrived at Cairo Airport early in the morning as arranged and our tour guide did not show up, I tried for the next hour to contact her but she did not answer her phone or emails and we were stranded at the airport with no transport. Fortunately we are quite well travelled and after getting over the disappointment of being let down we got a taxi to the Egyptian Museum and began our own tour. We went by horseback to see the Pyramids of Giza and a couple of other sights before we headed back to the airport for our flight back to Sharm. We didn't see as much of Cairo as we were supposed to but we managed to make the best of a bad situation, I would however say that although I am sure there are reliable tour guides out there I would strongly advise against booking anything with NAGLAA SAMIR as chances are she will let you down and still hasn't apologised to us for spoiling our trip to Cairo.

Despite this I would still recommend arranging things yourselves, Thomas Cook offered a Cairo by Plane day tour for about £180 per person. We paid £80 for flights and a reliable private tour guide to take you round should be no more than £50, that's a total of £130 for 2 people and you don't get herded around in a big group. JUST DON'T BOOK WITH NAGLAA SAMIR!

All in all a great holiday, I doubt I would go back to Sharm as it is too developed for my liking, I prefer destinations that have been left unspoilt and have more local charm but if you like western comforts and want guaranteed great weather Sharm is the place for you and I would highly recommend the Laguna Vista Garden Resort."

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  • Travel date: Wed 1st of October 2008


Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"My partner and I have recently returned from a weeks stay at the Laguna Vista Garden Resort. After reading reviews both for this hotel and its sister hotel - the Laguna Vista Beach resort we went with mixed feelings. The flight out was good and if you are planning on venturing out of the Sharm region I would recommend buying your visa at Sharm airport. The queue isn't that long and its only £10.
The Hotel itself it quite breathtaking. Reception is airconditioned which even at 11.00pm is a welcome relief!! The hotel itself comprises lots of well stone built chalets is the best way to describe them. The all have their own terrace or if you have an upper floor one, a balcony. The rooms are fantastic. Exceptionally clean, all air conditioned and serviced daily.
The housekeeping and cleaning staff are amazing, very polite and they do a brilliant job. Front desk are slightly slower and it was easy to notice that the pretty girls who checked in at the same time as us got better service at check in!!
The restaurant is lovely. Buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner. However my only complaint with the food is that it is so repetitive. I couldn't face eating it toward the end of the week! However, literally just outside the hotel is a Chinese restaurant and a Mcdonalds eith a Hard rock cafe and TGI Fridays coming soon, so if you need a western fix, it is there!
The staff in the restaurant are very pleasant but are exceptionally slow at bringing drinks to the table, we had normally finished eating before they arrived! Bottled water is freely available at mealtimes and available from the bar during the day. Just ask for as many as you need.
I'm not a big drinker so this wasn't much of a proble for me but the alcohol is terrible!!! I tried a glass of white wine with dinner and I didn't have another, the lager is ok and I didn't try the spirits. I did try a diet coke one evening but that left me with a very nasty taste. At the beach hotel there is the Cave bar which you have to pay for but does sell known brands of spirits etc.
The pool is lovely and getting a sunbed at any time of day is not a problem. To get to the beach, its approx a ten minute walk accross the road and through the beach hotel. The beach is beautiful but definately buy coral shoes if you plan on snorkelling. Due to the slight distance from the beach we did prefer the pool.
We did go on a snorkelling trip to Tiran island which was AMAZING! Definately recommend. We also booked a trip to Cairo which my parftner went on but due to stomach trouble, I couldn't go. I think you have to expect it in a place like Egypt. I was only ill for a few hours and went to the pharmacy for Antinal. If you do get ill, make sure it is this you get. There were two girls we met who fell ill and they went to the pharmacy three times and kept being given products with side effects of sickness and diarhorrea. Be careful!!!
Some of the staff especially the towel attendants can be slightly rude and speak to you like you are derranged but let this just wash over you.
It appeared to be mainly English people at the Garden resort however it seemed the majority of guests over the road were Italian and slightly obnoxious which I imagine could become annoying!!
All in all it was a good stay and I would recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sun 28th of September 2008

Totally relaxing

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2012

"We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Laguna Vista Gardens and what can we say....... Having been to the sister hotel Laguna Beach on two occasions before the gardens were built, We expected the gardens to be the poor relation out of the two. How wrong we were. This hotel is most definately the more exclusive out of the two. Lets start with accomodation: The accomodation comprises of bungalows and also two story appartments, each of these are either double or a double with an extra single room, very comfortable, a great sized bathroom, and ladies ( and the chaps that use them ) a hairdryer that will actually dry your hair in record time. All rooms have air conditioning, which if you are stayng at the warmest time of year you will be thankful for. Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis, you may need to ask the cleaner for extra toilet roll, but thats no big deal.

Food: The restaurant will cater to your every need, if you have extra requirements they will do all they can to help you. Yes food can be repetative but there is enough of a choice not to get bored. Many people who travel to Egypt will suffer with a tummy upset, having been there on a number of occasions now and only suffering the once, we generally stick to a number of rules when it comes to food and drink, heres three:1) Only drink the bottled water, 2 ) Fruit, only eat what you can peel yourself, 3) Yogurt, great for breakfast, all the yummy bacteria will help to keep the bad boys at bay

Staff: Oh how nice it was to see some familiar faces. Ahmed on reception, he will make you feel welcome from the minute you arrive. Haleim, Towel boy at the pool. Again, so nice to see him, he will take towels to your favourite spot by the pool even before you get back from breakfast. Emad, Bar manager, probably the nicest smile in Egypt, very good sense of humour and very quick witted. To name just a small few.

Shopping: The whole resort has completely changed over the last year or so. You can get all you need meters from the hotel, but the guys in the shops will still haggle with you on prices, its part of the way of life. Remember, they will give you a price, half it and start the haggling from there. If you need every day stuff there is a supermarket five minutes from the hotel, but there is a smaller market in the walkway ( Le Strada ) to the left of the hotel, The Golden Market, great bunch of lads in there.

Over all: Personally we love Egypt, and the people. We are due to go back to Old Sharm in January of next year. All we would say is give it a try. You can't please all of the people all of the time but the Egyptians will do there level best to please all of the people most of the time"

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  • Travel date: Thu 11th of September 2008


Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2012

"Stayed at the Laguna Vista Gardens for 1 week in August 2008. The hotel was immaculate, the rooms are spacious and well equipped. No extra charge for room safe or for air conditioning, towels for pool and beach are provided, sunbeds are free. The hotel staff are friendly, efficient and have a good sense of humour. Any issues are dealt with promptly and thomas cook rep was fine, we did not need her services. This is the more exclusive of the 2 hotels, smaller i.e better quality of food and drinks, the bar staff are very funny and entertaining. The beach is about a 10 minute walk across a quiet main road, if you think it is busy please do not try to cross any british roads! Walk directly through the beach resort and onto the beach. For the best snorkelling you need to head to the longest walkway out to sea, which is owned by another hotel, at the end of this about 100 metres out is an amazing sight. Best to bring shoes for the sea as it can be rocky and sharp. Pool area is clean and well maintained they even fumigate at night to prevent bugs in the evening. If you want night life this hotel is very quiet. Entertainment is provided across the road we didn,t go as enjoyed the peace and quiet. Macdonalds and starbucks next door if you need them, we thought food in hotel was more than adequate. A few people had bad tummy's, top tip use local medicine from pharmacy in resort as soon as you can it will sort you out in hours!!
Excellent holiday, good value for money a really relaxing and chilled resort."

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  • Travel date: Mon 18th of August 2008

a small hotel with family atmosphere

Reviewed Mon 5th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a week holiday in Laguna Garden Resort. This hotel is really small but very cosy. The main disadvantage is the distance to the beach: to get there you need cross dual carriageway and walk across the Sister Resort- Laguna Vista.This takes around 10-15 min and is quite tiring in the heat ( 40 degrees all the time!). Once you get to Laguna Vista you can use beach bar and Which Way restaurant, all the others are only for guests from Laguna Vista(they have different colour of wrist bands).
The most important is, that it has air conditioning (Laguna Vista does not!), so it is nice place to have a rest from sun and heat, which was sometimes unbeareable!
Very spacious(we had only basic double standard room, which was huge!), clean and well maintained. No problems with air con, hot water or towels.(they have been exchanged daily). We have travelled to many different 4-5 stars resorts (like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Maldives) before but the room in this hotel was one of the nicest we ever had.The only disadvantage was lack of mini bar( there was a fridge, but unfortunately empty...). If you want to have a bottle of water in the room, you need to bring it by yourself from the bar.
There is only one restaurant in the hotel, which serves three main meals (breakfast 7-10, lunch 1-3, dinner 7-10), outside of these hours you can have snacks at the pool bar (burgers or chips), but also at certain time. We arrived very late at night and missed our breakfast and found out from our rep that we need to wait until 1pm for lunch, cause there is no food in between. This was not true, cause until 1pm you can order snacks at the pool, but our rep had very limited knowledge about resort and she was not helpful at all. The food in the restaurant was really nice, choice of everything you need, but I could not eat much anyway, because of stomach problems, which nearly everyone has in Egypt, does not matter in which resort you are staying. The staff in restaurant just GREAT, you did not have to wait a minute to be offered a drink.They all were very friendly and made us enjoy each meal.I need to add that the restaurant has air conditioning which was really good- Which Way in Laguna Vista does not and food there just disgusting, we had a lunch there only once and no more).
Swimming pool:
Like I said the hotel is really small and the swimming pool is not big either, but really clean with depth of water just perfect for swimming in the main part. There is also part used for activities (sport pool), for babies and for underwater massages.There was never a problem with finding a sun lounge at the pool or at the beach. The temperature of water just ideal for refresment after spending a while in the sun. There is also music all the time around the pool.The main part has a swim up bar, where we spent quite a lot of time- special thanks for Camel, who kept us entartained all the time-when you go there, you need to try his special cappucino- this is a must!
Egypt is a muslim country, that is why choice of alcohols is very limited. Do not expect exotic coctails or colorful drinks. Once I tried to order Sex on the Beach, but they werent sure how to prepare it! You have choice of vodka, whisky, brandy, gin and beer and the last one is probably the best!
Italian for Italian- that is the way to desribe entertainment in both resorts. Of course you are welcomed to join any time(we liked playing water polo, which was a good fun), but it will be good if you can speak Italian (my other half does so we did not have any problems). Evening entertainment was really poor, we went to watch it once and we could not bother to go again- waste of time. It was much better to go to Naama Bay and spend time on shopping or drinking.
The hotel has the perfect location in the centre of Naabq Bay, there are plenty of shops, cafes and resturants around so you don’t have to limit yourself to hotel only. Be careful with designers shops (like Armani, D&G) cause they do not sell genuine clothes, all stuff is only a very good copy, but they would try to cheat you.(we know it for sure from our Egyptian friends)
EXCELLENT!!!! That is the main advantage of this resort, they are all so friendly and always willing to help. Special greetings to: Mohamed, Mahmoud, Ahmed and Camel. We had a fantastic time, because of you!
Overall: Nice hotel, but too far away from beach, which is not very convenient, when you want to be on the beach most of the time. Perfect for relaxing time with friends or family, if you prefer to be at the pool. I wanted to change my booking for Laguna Vista, but I am glad I did not, cause Garden Resort is newer, has much better service, quality of food and is not that noisy and crowdy."

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of August 2008

what a shock!

Reviewed Sat 17th of November 2012

"If anyone has been booked into the LAGUNA GARDENS HOTEL, NOT the Laguna Vista which is A wonderful hotel, the Laguna Gardens hotel is not finished and will not be finished until at least July, please contact me.

The attached photo's were taken on 10th March 4 days after our intended arrival, booked by a leading tour operator at their suggestion. We did get our money back, only after 4 1/2 hours of calls and a very stiff letter written with a little help from trading standards and the DTI

All the tour operators are aware that the laguna Gardens hotel is not finshed, if they try and tell you other wise look at the photo's and see for yourself!, you are entitled to a refund if you wish."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of May 2006

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