Laguna Vista Beach Resort

Laguna Vista, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh 12311 Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 4.5 value
  • 4.5 food
  • 4.5 cleanliness
  • 5 location

92 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

What a brill holiday!!!

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"I have just read a report on Laguna Vista dated 13th Jan. My partner and I stayed at the Laguna Vista in August – peak season. We are also used to staying in 5* hotels in different parts of the world, and we found this hotel to be of very high standard.

I want to advise anyone going to Laguna Vista not to be put off by that report; neither my partner nor I have anything bad to say about the hotel. We stayed in the main hotel block and were never disturbed by any noise. We enjoyed walks down to the beach and around the hotel at night, and the noise was never loud (and this was peak season).

The chalets on the beach have a wonderful view, as do the hotel rooms. When we went we asked on arrival for a sea view room even though we hadn’t booked for one and they were happy to help.

As for in the restaurant, as I have said above we went at the busiest time and found there was always somewhere to sit. Fair enough sometimes you had to ask them to set a table, but if you’re polite they are always happy to help.

The pools are all fantastic, and massive!! They are usually empty too! And the sunbeds on stilts!! Wow! They were so comfy. You may have to get up earlier to get one though, although we never had any trouble getting one!!

When we were leaving the hotel, we rang reception to ask a porter to collect our bags. They told us to leave them outside our door and they would be collected, and sure enough the bags were downstairs before we were.

The tour operators in the hotel offer a huge range of trips. These are a must!! We went snorkeling, quad biking and to Cairo by plane – all trips were absolutely fantastic!!

Overall I must say this is the best holiday ever! There’s just so much to do!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of January 2006

Very good but not perfect

Reviewed Wed 17th of October 2012

"First of all needed to say, that we have never been in Egypt before, therefore we were comparing the hotel to hotels in Europe, Asia or the US, not to Egyptian hotels as we do not know them.

We stayed in a chalet, which was really splendid because we had a small baby and this allowed us bigger mobility with a push chair and also more comfort. The chalets are very nice, clean.
The only problem we had was a horrible noise at night - unfortunately our chalet was right next to the outside theatre where every night was a disco - first for children, later for adults, who about midnight moved to the bar. As our baby gets up at 4 a.m., this was too much for us, so we asked to change the chalet to some quiet place.

The staff was very friendly, but unfortunately not very knowledgeable about the hotel :-(.
They moved us to the chalet at beach front - how lovely - but there was again a restaurant on a beach (most of the time empty), playing horrible noisy music from early afternoon till midnight! I was gooing crazy from hearing the deep basses all the time and from not having enough sleep.
So they moved us for the 3rd time, this time we selected the chalet and finally there was quiet at night. If you are a light sleeper be aware of this possible problem.

Other not very good thing is the staff - true is that they are very polite and friendly, but when it comes to do something you cannot rely on them. They promise everything, but not always do it... (ex. we ordered someone to help us with luggage as we were leaving at 3 a.m., we were assured several times they will come - but nobody arrived :-(, and few other small things like this one).

The food is very good, restaurant ok, just there is not enough staff to set the tables, bring the drinks, etc. With a small child you cannot wait till someone finally comes and serves you, so at the end we were moving the babyseat, setting the table, etc. No problem, just you do not see these things in other 5* hotels. The staff seemed to be always surprised how many people came to eat and was running frantically around, which always made us laugh.

The sea is great, beach also, corals as well (it is worth snorchelling bit further), hotel´s garden splendid, pools - ok (some could be more taken care off - like the lazy river, that was full of leaves).

Overall - we had a nice holiday there (after we moved for the 3rd time to a quiet chalet), but do not be surprised when you find out that this hotel does not meet your expectations of 5* hotel."

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  • Travel date: Fri 13th of January 2006

One of our best holidays!

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2012

"My husband and I have just got back from a week at the Laguna Vista. We had a really fantastic time. The hotel takes your breath away - from the huge entrance hall to the beautiful pools and gardens.
We met some great people while we were there - most of whom are still there now!!!!
The weather was great, but if you are going in December take trousers and cardigans for the evenings as it can get cold.
We spent most of the time at the second pool - most of the brits hung out there and there was a really good atmosphere.
The food was alright - nothing to write home about and the only weak point of the hotel but there was something for everyone, but I think we would have been fed up with it if we were there for 2 weeks.
The water in the pools is freezing - so cold you really can't stay in for long.
All the staff were very friendly and helpful and made us feel at home.
Sad to be back home but am looking forward to going back to the Laguna Vista at some point in the future.
To all the great people we met, including - Liz, Jason, Wayne, Lucy, Jayne, Arthur, Richard, Natalie and of course Connor and Jordan (The nuttiest quad biker in the world!!) - thanks for making our holiday such a laugh!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 23rd of December 2005

A week just wasn't long enough to capture the beauty of it all.

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"My partner and i have just come back from this hotel after staying a week. We found the staff very helpful and the hotel absolutely spotless, with cleaners walking about constantly, cleaning and continuously emptying ashtrays and wiping down tables. The restaurant also had a very good selection of food all freshly prepared, with a great selection of pasta, rice fruit and vegetables. Also had a good selection of salad and the cakes and sweets selection was amazing. We had read previous reviews about obnoxious Italians and also bad reviews about Russians, to be honest we didn't have any problems at all with any nationalities that were staying at the hotel at the same time as us. However we didn't see many families at the hotel whilst we stayed there so maybe this wouldn't be the place to take your family ? However, there is facilities for families. The indoor swimming pool was small but very warm also a nice spa bath. There is also many facilities for pampering yourself such as suana, hairdresser and beauticians doing everything from eyebrow waxing to full body massage, these are also reasonably priced. The cleaner was amazing within our room and couldn't do enough for us, he also had a personal touch of making different things such as swans, hearts and also made shapes of a little boy reading a book all made from towels, fresh sheets daily basis as well as total cleaning of the room every morning. The reception area is also totally breath taking. As well as the whole hotel in general. We couldn't find fault with any of it, even down to the security guard haggling on our behalf when we ordered photos from the trips we had been on and them then being delivered by the photographer of the trip. We had been on the quad bikes trip through the desert which was very good. However do take a hat and sunglasses to keep out the dust from the quad bikes as going through the desert does kick up dust as the guide is at the front and there is also one at the back too to make sure everyone is ok. You also get to stop half way for tea in a bedouin tent. The whole trip was around three hours so well worth it. We also done the Cairo flight which is a one day trip. However, we had to get up at 3.00 am to be picked up by guide and to catch the flight, you then get to Cairo and get to see the Egypt Museum, dinner on the nile, Pyramids, Sphinx, Papyrus factory and also a market. You then get back at 9.00 pm. It is a very tiring day but Abdula the Guide makes it well worth it with the vast amount of information he gives you. We also done the Adventure Safari which was going through the desert in jeeps, also getting to ride camels, having lunch with bedouin people and then to finish going to the blue hole for snorkelling. Then travelling back to the hotel in the jeeps. All in all we had a fantastic week with people who couldn't do enough for you to make sure that you enjoyed your stay. We also got great bargains and totally enjoyed the haggling with the locals to buy their wares. All the shop keepers and market traders were also very friendly and not overpowering or offensive if we said no thank you they took it as that and said thank you anyway."

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of December 2005

2 weeks at Laguna Vista

Reviewed Sat 10th of November 2012

"We just got back from two weeks at the Laguna Vista.

Very impressive. Looks very grand.
Staff are very helpful - many of them have a really good sense of humour and enjoy a joke. We were on the receiving end of several harmless wind ups! (Although we did notice that English people can be targetted in general for tips etc - especially on the beach - if an attendant tries to lead you to a lounger instead of just giving you a towel he is after a tip. Either go along with it or just ask him to give you the towel and find your own lounger. Quite often they would not try to help people of a different nationality but would react to the English accent). In general though they react well to good manners and conversation - something not all nationalities excel at!

We were in a duplex bungalow - quite big. The upstairs lounge area is a total waste really - I went in there once on the first day and it was never used after that - go for a single level one or a room in the main hotel.

Cleaners are very good. I gave ours a 20 Egyptian pound tip (£2) in the first week and he couldn't do enough for us after that - even bringing my wife a selection of books to choose from.

At this time of year the hotel was not very busy - maybe half full. I would'nt like to be there when it full (or in the heat of peak season). We never had any problem getting a sunbed or a table at lunch. The sunbeds styled like 4 poster beds are cool.

Tipping pool attendants etc gets you a good service - but no need to pay them to keep sun beds as there are plenty.

As part of the AI package you can eat in the main buffet (off reception), snacks from the pool bar in the day time and the Italian once a week.

Buffet: of a reasonable standard. Theres often a BBQ or griddle or kebab being cooked outside (you have to remember to check as there are no signs telling you!), a carvery of the meat of the day, constant supply of fresh pasta (you can also ask the chef to creata a particular sauce for you). Deserts are amazing most days.
Breakfast is okay but repetitive - but you can choose from cereal, pastries, fruit, omellete (choose your ingredients at the omellete bar), cooked meats and cheese and other general breakfast type foods.

NO BACON though - or any pork products.

We did find the food repetitive and had had enough by the middle of the second week.

If you go to eat half way through a session you will probably have to sit at a dirty table then ask a waitor to set it for you.

Italian: Set menu you get as part of the AI is very limited and a bit of a disappointment.
They also deliver - £4 for a large pizza - we used this a couple of times. Food not on the set menu was nice and very reasonably priced.

Room service is available 24 hours at an extra charge - would recommend the fruit platter to keep in the fridge.

Pool bar: Servers burgers, chips and hot dogs - usually cold - but a welcome change from the lunchtime buffet.

Not many bars are open to AI in the evening - bit of a disappointment. Only the main reception bar.

They weren't a problem really. There were probably 30% Italian, 20% Russian, 20% English and a few other nationalities (Belgian - Germans - etc). All seemed quite pleasant.

Italian animation team run games throughout the day at the pool and beach.
Evening entertainment is in Italian and is extremely poor. If you enjoy your hotel provided entertainment then this isn't the place for you.
There is a disco every night - but you have to pay for drinks.
There is also a couple of events on the beach each week.

Quite a way out of Naama Bay - if you intend to be out and about in Naama Bay then maybe best to stay nearer to it. Although the quiet location (with occassional plane overhead) was perfect for us.

Private beach (shared with a few other hotels) on a lagoon. Half mile walk to the reef on a jetti. Amazing fish etc in the lagoon and from the jetti.
Very good location to snorkel and see the fish - an amazing array of fish. Need to buy reef shows even to paddle - coral can be hard underfoot.

We did the Sunseekers trip and CAiro flight

A guide picks you up and takes you out into the Red Sea on a boat, accompanied by two professional divers, to go snorkelling.

The trip is suitable for experienced swimmers and snorkellers as well as non-swimmers.

The divers are very patient and lead the group around 3 different dive sites on the reef.

It was really amazing! WE saw lots of marine fish, rays etc.

Lunch and soft drinks are provided on the boat - the food was of a surprisingly high quality.

The guide had a real good sense of humour - the whole day was a laugh from start to finish.

Some people chose not to go in the water - this was fine. Others needed extra help (my non-swimmer wife held onto an inflatable and the diver pulled her while she looked at the fish). They really couldn't do enough.

Cairo is where the pyramids are. There are two options - coach or flight. Coach takes 6 hours each way so we decided to fly - although it did cost about $600 USD.

We were picked up at 5:30am by the guide - an egyptologist - he stayed with us all day. The trip included the Egyptian museum, lunch on the Nile, Pyramids, a Papyus factory and a street market. It was a remarkable day out - Cairo has to be seen to be believed!

Again the guide was very informative and couldn't do enough to help.

This trip is a must for any first time visitor to Egypt.

There are guards at every hotel. You may have heard horror stories (as I had) of guides needing to carry guns and feeling intimidated.
I can honestly say I saw no unpleasantness and did not feel threatened in any way at any time.
Yes - shopkeepers approach you - but a firm "no thank you" is all thats needed.

All in all a very nice break in a very comfortable and pleasant hotel.

Feel free to contact me."

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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of December 2005

great hotel and nice italians

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"we stayed at the laguna vista in oct 2005. we read many reports on trip advisor and got a bit worried. people complained about the food and italians. we don,t know why they thought the food was bad we enjoyed every meal we had. as for the italians they were well mannerd towards us and every-one else in the hotel. so don,t be put of going there because believe me it is one wonderfull hotel."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 17th of November 2005

Excellent time had by all

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"Have just returned from a 2 week holiday at the Laguna Vista. We stayed 13/10 - 27/10 in a Duplex bungalow, we had booked a bungalow but were upgraded free to a duplex, which was perfect as there was 3 of us including my 17yr old daughter. We did a few excursions but the one i would recommend is the Sunseekers trip. This is a full day on a boat snorkelling, even if you can't swim they will take you out to see the reef and the fish safely. Or you can just stay on the boat and take in the sun, lunch is included and it is great. If you get the chance go and see the Pyramids as in 2006 they are stopping people touching them and going inside.
The hotel is fab and the reception area is breathtaking. There are 2 pools, the smaller one was nicknamed the Brit bar and pool as that is where most of us Brits were. The bigger pool was full of Italians and Russians. Yes this hotel is full of Italians and most of them are rude but you just have to learn to put up with them. The hotel staff are great and will do anything you ask and they will always speak to you. The hotel grounds and rooms are spotless and the gardens look fantastic. The food was ok by All Inclusive standards, nothing special but we still managed to eat well. One of our party got Egyptian tummy and the local pharmacy sorted that out, loperamide is not enough. At least 1 memeber of every British party got the bug, but if you go to the pharmacy it goes pretty quick. There are only a couple of negative points and these are, there is no evening entertainment for the british it is all geared towards the Italians and if you like a cup of tea/coffee when you get up you can't get one. You will have to wait until breakfast unless you take a travel kettle.
We will definately be going back and at the same time of year. It is still very hot but the hotel is only half full."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 28th of October 2005

Fabulous holiday at Laguna Vista

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"Ok so its not the Ritz but this hotel has got it all. Its a 5 star Egyptian rating which apparently equates to our 4 star hotels and it really is special with a fabulous local reputation. Thomas Cook rate it as a 4 star plus.

While we were there some Saudi Princes arrived for lunch - and hey thats a good enough endorsement for me!

The reception area and all public areas really are breathtaking - like being in an Indiana Jones movie - the passages are lit with torches and you really feel like you are in the middle of the Sahara (ok except for the sea! :P).

The rooms are spacious, very clean and basic (hey if your gonna spend all your time in your room you just might be on the wrong holiday!). The pool areas and bars are awesome - theres so much to offer for families, couples and groups of friends. We had a room in the main hotel overlooking the pools and beach which was especially lovely on the balcony in the evening. This isnt a roudy resort so if you are looking to guzzle your way through your all inclusive offering you just might be in the wrong place. Its a tranquil oasis compared to the tacky noise of Naama bay. The hotel is situated in Nabq bay with its own private beach which is excellent. Dare I say it I might be turning into a snob but the best points about the timing of our holiday were - no kids club (hurrah!) er sorry I do hear its great but as I dont have children of my own going in term time was a blessing. And being that bit further from Naama Bay (bit like Skegness/Blackpool but sweaty!) it kept out - er - The Riff Raff..... :)

I had read most of these reviews before I left and you know I was quite worried due to some of the comments. But I needn't have been. This really was one of the best holidays we have had - and most of the other guests, who didnt want to leave either, thought so too! I am very well travelled so I've kinda done lots of stuff - and this place really rates high. The location, and the hotel.

The issues that worried me:

On the Italian Issue - get over it - yes there were plenty of Italians there, but also Russians, Polish, German - get international and be a bit more culturally sensitive and you will be ok. If you cant hack it stick to Spain where its "all nice and British for you". The Italians were lovely - like all the guests - and the food is not catered just for them. In fact the restaurant staff are so hospitable they will try hard to serve most dishes for you - so talk to the restaurant manager if you are unhappy with the food. As far as we were concerned the food was fantastic - lots of choice of very very good quality food and some lovely barbecues too. Fab. Our British infatuation with the queueing process "done proper" is our problem not theirs.

On the "Egyptian Tummy" issue - theres a good chance you are going to get it. Its airborne and nothing to do with the food. Your home purchased immodium wont cut the mustard (er scuse the pun) I am afraid so the locals are NOT ripping you off - you MUST visit the on site doctor at the pharmacy who will give you antibiotics. They are the only thing that will get rid of the bug. They are expensive because they are imported. We were ill (really bad!) but went straight to the docs got the antibiotics and it all was over and done with in a day. So the locals are not trying to rip you off, honestly. Private doctors cost dosh and imported drugs arent cheap. Expect to pay about £15 - 20 (depending on your symptoms you get different drugs). You can always claim it back on your insurance.

On the letchy staff issue - we didnt have a problem at all with the staff. And with us being 2 young(ish!) ladies travelling together you just need to know how to handle yourself. Remember cultural sentisivities and you will be fine. We found all the staff to be v polite, professional and friendly. And most of them spoke English. So no problemo there. We even had regular evening towel formations on the bed - some of which were hilarious which reflected a real sense of humour.

Oh and the local booze isnt crap. Most of it is imported too - and the "local gin" offering was Gordons - so we had no problem at all. And again if the staff have time they like nothing more than making Cocktails for you.

There is an Italian restaurant on site too and a Seafood place - both were GREAT. Near the beach with some fab entertainment - some lovely dancers. We didnt suffer with noisy disco syndrome at all. Maybe cos we were further away..?!?

There are 4 poster chill out beds near the pool which were awesome!! We had no trouble getting sun loungers or beds near the pool (hey there are 13!) or at the beach. Talk to the pool boys if you are struggling they will reserve one for you for a nod and a wink (and a wee tip of course!) There is a GREAT GREAT GREAT Spa Place on site. We negotiated a really good deal for an Egyptian massage (oh helllooooo!!!) a steam and sauna, a pedicure and a jacuzzi (which is actually open and free all day) really lovely to pamper yourself so dont miss it.

We had our first week relaxing by the pool and the second doing lots of trips. Flew to Cairo for the day (really really hot), Diving, Snorkelling, Horse riding... theres lots and lots to do.

My top tips would be:

Take a hat
Drink lots and lots of fresh water and tonic water (great for poorly tummies!)
If you are ill go to the docs asap
Take your own personal pharmacy stuff as its expensive locally (imported) like paracetamol, nurofen, solpadeine, tampons etc. We were all swapping tablets with other guests in the end!!
The hotel shops are actually great value - and haggle too
Be culturally sensitive - topless sunbathing is not to be encouraged
Be brave and go diving or snorkelling
Bottled water is free (some AIs you have to pay extra) and you can get as many as you like
There is a fridge in room, a hairdryer too but I would take your own (its not great)
Use the safe in your room for ya passport n cash etc - easy to use
There is no iron or board in room but the hotel laundry service is really cheap
All rooms air conditioned so you should sleep ok (kept it at about 20 when we were there the temp was 38 - 44 so air con below 20 is likely to make you ill)
Take lots of flip flops etc for beach and some trainers for trips
If you go on trips you wont miss out on your hotel grub - they will pack a breakfast/lunch for you and arrange for late dinner if you are back late too
Take travel wash to swish out your swimwear but use the laundry facilities - cheap and good service
We tipped the staff at the end of the week - rather than bits n bobs throughout - leave as much as you like. Most staff are on no more than £50 per month - and make most of their money through tips. So its up to you how much.
There is a cashpoint in the hotel next door so dont panic but most things you can charge to your room and pay on departure.

I think thats about it! We will definitely be going back as will most of the people we befriended whilst there. Some of our fellow guests were on their 3rd or 4th visit.

Relax and enjoy yourself if you are going. If you are considering booking I am sure you wont be disappointed.


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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of October 2005

Fantastic holiday!!

Reviewed Tue 6th of November 2012

"We have just returned from Laguna Vista (2 days ago!) and we had a fantastic holiday.It is in a quiet location, but if you are going there just to relax and unwind, it's ideal(and Naama Bay is a short bus/taxi ride away).
The beach is beautiful,and was fairly quiet so there were no problems whatsoever getting a sunbed. The sea is ideal for first time snorkellers like ourselves, as it was quite shallow so you can build up confidence (after a few days, you won't want to leave the reef as the fish are amazing!Both now love snorkelling!)Reef shoes are essential as the coral can be sharp,but these can be bought in the resort for about 3 English pounds.
When we arrived,the reception area was breathtaking,and I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones film!Our accommodation was a duplex bungalow and it was very clean and well furnished and the air-conditioning was a Godsend.The only problem we found was ,being all-inclusive,we thought our fridge would be regularly stocked with water and soft-drinks,which it was'nt.There is a supermarket within the complex,and a litre of Pepsi was only 50p,so it's cheap enough to buy.
Our housekeeper Aziz was with us for the fortnight and was very friendly,courteous and kept our bungalow spotless(as well as making fantastic creations out of towels every day).The gardeners all work from dusk till dawn and are also very friendly,and if you are nice to them,they regularly provide you with fresh flowers for your room!All the bar staff are very approachable and friendly,particularly Maysa and Emad at the main lobby bar.
There was a fantastic selection of food at mealtimes,but I have to warn fellow women out there that the 20+ dessert choices can test your resolve(and your bikini ties!).Twice a week they had a barbecue and the food was outstanding!If you are a lover of pies,chips and burgers,then I suggest that you holiday in the Costas as the food is different,but very tasty.
Some people did get a 42hr stomach bug but this is airborne, and has nothing to do with the hotel or the food.
We suggest taking only Egyptian pounds as workers who have received tips,find it very difficult to exchange English pound coins.Considering the average wage of the hotel workers is 40 english pounds a month,be generous and you will want for nothing.
Entertainment was limited and very much geared towards the Italian customers,but as it was so hot during the day,we found ourselves having a few drinks after dinner and going to bed quite early!
As mentioned above,Italians influence a lot of what happens at Laguna Vista and for our first week there were hardly any there.At the beginning of the second week,150 of them descended upon us!Needless to say,we all had a taste of their attitude to others and will not be holidaying in Italy in the near future!
If you have children, it is not really the place to go as there is little for them to do,and during Aug/Sep it is extremely hot.
I would,however,recommend Laguna Vista to couples wanting to relax,indulge and unwind."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of September 2005

Excellent time

Reviewed Mon 3rd of December 2012

"We stayed here in superior rooms and it was brilliant,the rooms lead out to private acsess into the pool. The staff could'nt have been more helpful and friendley. When reading reviews before leaving we were a bit concerned about the fact that the italians supposedly dominated this hotel,this was not the case, the only down side to this hotel is if you are looking for good night entertainment there is'nt any,you would need to travel into Nama Bay.The food we found to be very good ,especially the italian of which we were allowed to eat in free of charge once a week.We took the children to swim with dolphins,go quad biking and they went on the aquascope which took them to see the large veriety of fish. If you enjoy diving or snorkelling this is definetley the place to be, you will love it.The whole hotel is of a very high standard and is kept spotlessly clean. There is a veriety of shops in the grounds selling everything you may need.We would definetley return to this hotel and hope to do so soon."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 28th of August 2005

Lovely Holiday at Laguna Vista Beach

Reviewed Thu 22nd of November 2012

"Friendly staff right from first welcome, yes they are after a tip, but they recognise good manners and politeness. I have to say, I felt the staff, responded to us better than some of the 'different' cultural attitudes on show from some guests.
We were looked after on a daily basis in the main restaurant by Amr and Haney. They were excellent, always finding us a table and serving coffee and wine none stop. The food was not al-a-carte, but a decent selection, with options for BBQ and pasta cooked while you wait. Home made soups were generally very good. If you avoid the mad rush at the start of meal service, eating wasn't such a distressing experience as it might be. (I think some folk think when the food available at the start has gone they don't bring any more out - but they do!)
We were allowed one visit to the Dua Dua Italian restaurant during our stay included in the all-inclusive package. The food was similar to the main restaurant but after the first drink all other drinks had to paid for.
We tried to eat at the Which Way Restaurant but couldn't find a clean table or any helpful staff, so we went back to the main restaurant.
The pool, though cold, was very nice, but the 'grab a sunbed' competition started from 7.30am. (Took me back to Majorca in the early eighties!) We actually sat on our sunbeds from 7.30 reading, then had a 'wake up' swim when the pool opened at 8. Recognising we were the only guests at the pool at that time in the morning, the pool attendant offered to reserve sun beds for us (in his words, "before the Ru****n's get them all.") Once again, looking after us, for which we rewarded him at the end of the week. The pool bar served drinks, cocktails and coffee during the main part of the day.
The beach was long with course sand. There is very little tide and the sea is warm and very shallow, so ideal for kids.
The characterful thatched-roof chalet was great with a shaded patio area overlooking a pool. It was a good size with bath/shower, loo and bidet and was cleaned daily. TV channels were pretty good too (4/5 in English). In November the sun goes down at about 4.30pm so a decent film or news catch up was good.
There was live music every night in the lobby bar area.
It's a big enough place to find your own space if you want to escape the busier areas.
The time of year was terrific with lovely weather (in the 80's) and a pleasant breeze. No need for a jacket in the evenings.
Reckon we will be back. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 21st of November 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 4 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 4 Food
  • 4 Cleanliness

Fantastic places fell in love with this place

Reviewed Fri 3rd of August 2012

"Been here and omg it s beautiful, people couldnt do enough for you food bril drinks lovely done plenty of excursions with my partner this hotel is something to see i absolutley loved it, that much in fact i want to go back to the same place to get married :)))). . You will enjoy it!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of August 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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Laguna Vista Beach Resort is also called

  • Laguna Vista Sharm El Sheikh
  • Laguna Vista Sharm

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