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Nice hotel, super location

Reviewed Wed 23rd of March 2016

"Karma hotel is very nice, comfortable and clean with spacious rooms, nice swimming pool, good food and friendly staff.
It is perfectly situated - in Hadaba, not far from the most beautiful beach in Sharm el Sheikh with fabulous coral reef, next to amazing Alf Leila Wa Leila where you can spend fantastic evenings like from the tale of 1001 nights watching oriental shows with best artists: belly dancing, Cobra show or Pharaonic show. It is also next to Crocodile Show where you can watch snakes, crocodiles and other exotic animals. It is next to Taj Mahal night club. It is also very close to elMercato where you can buy everything you need. Also Old Market is within easy reach and it is the place worth visiting for more oriental shows in el Khadiwy cafe, shopping in Arabic market and eating local Egyptian food.
I had a good time in Karma hotel.
I definitely recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of March 2016

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  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Never seen worst !

Reviewed Tue 28th of April 2009

"Nice and pleasant setting around the swimming pool, but...

- No knowledge about cleanliness
- Dirty and decrepit bedrooms (out of order plumbing, out of order TV, out of order bedding...)
- Very bad food, tasteless, repetitive...
- Unpleasant staff, nearly swindler, don't speak English, don't speak French, don't want to do anything...
- No activities on site (proposed by the travel agency on the brochure)
- Empty hotel during Easter holidays, this is a bit doubtful!

So if a travel agency suggests you to book this hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of April 2009

I have only just decided to add my revie...

Reviewed Mon 24th of September 2007

"I have only just decided to add my review after realising how useful these are....

I wish I had found some of these reviews before i went, it was my first time in Egypt and after the hotel i will never return though fear of having a holiday ruined again.

When we arrived it was very late and we got taken to our room where they had laid a platter of food out... which was nice of them but inedible.

We got to the room, and the A/C was broken (which you do need) complained to the the reception they advised they would get someone to sort it out this didn't happen for 2 days and by that time I got angry and told them I wanted to be moved, which I was.

In the next room the shower had two temps burning hot or freezing cold, again we complained and again nothing was done (although most of the time it was cold so we were fine) my partner plugged a light in and sparks flew from it, another thing to complain about that feel on deaf ears.

The food was terrible and so bland you couldn't tell what you were eating and most of it left out for hours and not replaced.

I'm so thankful we only went half board because the 6 people who were with us in the hotel (so quiet, now I know why) were all inclusive they only got beer and water, no soft drinks no coffee (they were told they had to pay for this) and no spirits anyway.

The all inclusive I have stayed at also included snaCks and a buffet lunch not so here.. you were shouted at to come and get your lunch at 1pm if you were late back from a trip no lunch for you and not only that on the day you were checking out you had to pay for everything as that day wasn't included.

We brought a bottle of water from the waiter and after half an hour had to ask him for our change which he got out his pocket, now I don't mind tipping but when I have had good service not had to phone to get a waiter and then for him to just assume.

The pool was clean to begin with but by the time we left the last two days you couldn't use it, it was green and all they did was sweep the bottom to try and clean it they wouldn't think about draining it which needed to be done. Tiles where broken all around it. You had to ask someone to come and put up the sun brolly as they had keys, but you were lucky if you could find someone (also with changing the towels but we did that ourselves in the end) and most of the brollys were broken.

Another thing with the pool you couldn't use it after 6pm because it was being cleaned apparently.

I found the staff polite and have no complaints against them apart from we tipped our cleaner everyday and on the last day when we were packing after he had cleaned the room said "tip tip" which to be honest I found rude. But the staff cant do enough for you unless you have the same rep as us who couldn't be bothered to turn up (the hotel also wont ring him you have to do this yourself) and when he did turn up couldn't care less.

Also there is no entertainment at this hotel the nightclub is used by Egyptions, is seedy and they still will let children in!

The only other complaint is the hotels beach there is no reef or fish or anything you have to go across the sea to the other side after a 20 minute bus journey to the beach!!!

I wont be returning to Egypt and I'd advise anyone who's first time it is to book another hotel if this hotel was in England it would have been closed down due to health and safety it wouldn't even have a star (I wanted to come home after 4 days thats not a good holiday).

Please don't do what I did and ignore the reviews and think your be the lucky one out of all the reviews on here, I think only 1 was good that says something when you read the reviews of the other hotels."

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of September 2007

We have just returned from Egypt after a...

Reviewed Mon 2nd of July 2007

"We have just returned from Egypt after a week’s stay, we were originally sent to the Uni Sharm hotel where we spent 1 night.

We arrived late in the evening in time for dinner which was the worst looking food I have ever seen, the hotel had about 20 occupants with a capacity for a lot more(why so empty at the height of the season?).

We were supposed to be all inclusive but were informed that meant no spirits not even local, only beer wine and soft drinks although on the paperwork sent to us we should have had these included, the first two beers we received had ants floating in them and were warm!

The rooms were filthy dirty ,floor full of petals from the plants outside, bedding not clean, bathroom was also filthy dirty.

Needless to say we did not unpack, we spoke to a man in the bar who told us he was the manager( turned out he was only the manager of the bar) there was no other person to complain to until the arrival of our rep the next morning.

To be very fair to the rep and the travel company, they had us moved within 3 hours and they have sent in a report suggesting that this hotel is not used again by them.

On conclusion we would NOT recommend this hotel to anyone it is in the middle of nowhere with zero facilities certainly not a family hotel, the staff were friendly but never the less useless and could speak very little English."

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  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of July 2007

MR McCormick and Mrs Marland have said i...

Reviewed Mon 27th of March 2006

"MR McCormick and Mrs Marland have said it all.
Egypt is not the UK. It took us a few days to accept the 'enthusiasm' of shopkeepers and stall holders, inviting you to come in and 'sign my visitors book', however, they were in the minority (you get more grief from Brits' selling time shares in other countries, than you do from Egyptian traders) and the culture shock soon evaporated.

The resort is not ideal for families, but excellent for adults who want to chill out and tan. The area is undergoing massive development, with buildings in various states of seeming dereliction and half built state. But don't forget this is Egypt, one of the endearing qualities of the people, is their relaxed, unhurried attitude.

The UNI-SHARM hotel was excellent well worth 3 stars. The staff were the most friendly and obliging I have ever met. Nothing was too much trouble. From the manager, reception staff, head chef, chefs, waiters, room attendants and pool attendant, all took time to get to know you and were always pleasant and cheerful.

Food was excellent, plenty to choose from, starting with the salads, main courses of meats and fish, plenty of fresh vegetables and a wide selection of desserts. Sunday night was al-fresco night eating by the pool whilst being entertained by local singers and dancers, a great night.

My true score would be 9 and a half, the only thing stopping it being 10 was the over efficiency of the cleaning staff wanting to be in your room to clean at 8.15am.

If you go to Sharm with an open mind and lashings of sun tan cream you will have a brilliant and unforgettable holiday."

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  • Travel date: Mon 27th of March 2006

We were informed that the hotel is a 3 s...

Reviewed Mon 21st of November 2005

"We were informed that the hotel is a 3 star. It was clean and comfortable. The rooms were adequate although more wardrobe space would have been useful. The pool was lovely and clean a credit to the hotel, it was very peaceful and relaxing and the towel attendant soon came to know us well and took care of us by shading my husband and leaving me in the sun. The parasols are very heavy. Although the bars were limited with the selection of drinks, this seemed to be the case in most of the surrounding hotels.

There is a nightclub in the basement of the hotel, which did not disturb us at all.

The location of the hotel is near Fantasia, and a must if you go to this area is to visit Fantasia and Leilas for a great meal and show.

A bus service is provided for the beach at Sharm El Sheikh which is very useful, there is also another (public) beach about 1 mile in the opposite direction (Reef Beach) very nice views and excellent pizza (only £2).

For the money we paid we found the hotel to be value for money. Food seemed to be limited but at the cost we paid we are surprised they could provide such a selection.

What made are stay was how friendly all the staff were, which is lost at bigger hotels. Excellent people, couldn't do enough to make our holiday enjoyable.

We found the area to be quite safe, the taxi's beep their horns at you when out walking, only to see if you would like their service, some people found this annoying but if you smile and wave no, they smiled and would wave back. Trying to earn a living. Not many Egyptians live in Sharm El Sheikh as it is mainly tourists they can't afford to live there only work.

Although snorkelling is great at the beach areas we strongly suggest a boat trip out snorkelling at Ras Mohammed or Tiran, absolutely fantastic.

We would like to visit again and would not hesitate to stay at the Uni Sharm."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of November 2005

The Uni Sharm hotel is rated locally as...

Reviewed Wed 31st of August 2005

"The Uni Sharm hotel is rated locally as a 4-star, but the travel companies give a 3-star (this is typical for Egypt hotel ratings). I would say it deserves the 3-star rating.

It’s a friendly place, not too large, such that the staff get to know who you are.

Facilities include an ample swimming pool with a real pool-side bar (you can sit on submerged bar stools and order a drink without getting dry!). The centre of the pool is deep, possibly for diver training, because there is a diver training school associated with the hotel (probably hence the name University Sharm). Sun beds with parasols, which are essential in the midday heat, surround the pool. On Fridays they lay on local entertainment and a BBQ, and the day we did this we really enjoyed it. Other days and evenings they play various music around the pool, sometimes a little too loudly.

Breakfast and evening meal are included. Breakfasts are fairly simple, including breaded goods, fruit salad (usually), freshly cooked omelettes, fruit juices, tea, coffee (a bit weak for my liking) and more. You might possibly get bored with these after a couple of weeks, but we found them quite reasonable. Some of the food is only partly covered, and though the restaurant is air-conditioned, there is a risk of the odd fly getting in the room so this is not ideal. The evening meals also include cold fare as well as cooked pasta meals and hot dishes in a buffet style. Drinks are not included in the evening meal and you will need to pay for any at the time. As a vegetarian I found the choice a little limited and so we often ate out, which is cheap enough in the area.

The rooms are basic but complete. No tea or coffee facilities exist, but there is a small fridge. There’s a TV with dubious reception on most channels, but we were thankful for BBC World Service which other hotels did not all carry. The bathroom is adequate, there’s a shower but no bath, and no plugs for the washbasin which made it difficult when we wanted to wash a few things. The toilet seats were chatty. There never seems to be enough toilet roll; there seems to be some kind of thing about toilet roll in Egypt, it’s notoriously hard to get! So sometimes you just have to go and ask for more, compounded quite possibly by the fact that many people do get a bit unwell in Egypt, probably down to the sheer heat. The rooms have free air conditioning, and you will need it. Try to get a ground floor room and you might get a spot which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the pool area in the evening, from the convenience of your room’s veranda. Some rooms the pool is just a few yards away from, ideal. Do note however that poolside music might bother you if you are early to bed. You may find a Gecko in your room! Leave it alone, it’s harmless and they eat insects. You shouldn’t be bothered by insects around the hotel, they smoke the place out every few days to kill off mosquitoes.

There is an indoor bar and a “nightclub”. But these are not air conditioned. Too hot, forget it. Actually the hotel reception is not air conditioned either, which is unusual, and it seems to be the hottest part of the hotel.

The hotel location is somewhat away from Naama Bay, located opposite the large Grand Sharm hotel complex and beside the “Fantasia” attraction. Around Fantasia there are some small shops, and one of the restaurants I would recommend called “Sugar Hut”. The other great restaurant, especially for lunch, is even closer to the hotel, called “Columbus”. All of these are within yards of the hotel. There are free buses to Naama Bay for the evening (you probably wouldn’t want to go there by day, it’s too hot) where there are heaps more restaurants and shops. There are also buses to the hotel’s spot on the beach, which is really nice and offers some quite good snorkelling around coral reefs if you know where to look. There is an “Old Town” market area five minutes walk from the beach, and you can walk down to the old town from the hotel in 20 minutes in the evening or get a cheap taxi. There are more restaurants and some very cheap shops here (cold can of Coke 2 Egyptian Pounds = 20p, or monster family sized pack of crisps 3 Egyptian Pounds = 30p).

Now it’s only fair to mention a few minor problems we noticed with the hotel, but please bear in mind when reading this that we’re talking about Egypt here, it’s a very different place and standards are not what we are used to in the UK. Egypt’s drains can smell horrible, especially in the evenings. Wafts of unpleasant pongs can invade even the 5-star hotels on Naama Bay’s sea front. So we had a problem with such a pong floating in from outside, to our room number 118. We couldn’t stand it any more and the staff were quite happy to move us to 106 where the problem was much less. The pool has a plastic drain section around the edge, but this needed some maintenance, it was possible to slip on or even into the plastic section and in bare feet that might be nasty. There was a drinks cooler in the restaurant at breakfast time with an utterly dangerous power cable; when I mentioned it to the hotel manager, it was patched up with sticky tape! Hopefully they will replace the dangerous cable soon.

You could easily read the paragraph on problems and decide it’s not a good place to stay, but really that would be harsh. It’s a nice, friendly and comfortable hotel with a good pool area and reasonable food. Most of the day you would seen cleaners around the hotel keeping the place to a good standard. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a reasonably priced holiday in Sharm.

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of August 2005

This Hotel is only 6 years old and is al...

Reviewed Thu 1st of January 1970

"This Hotel is only 6 years old and is already in need of closing down and refurbishing.

It is not a 4 star hotel it is actually a 3 star and if the truth be known it should not even been that, at best it is a poor 2 star.

The Rooms are very basic to say the least. The is very little storage, it is impossible to store cloths for 2 people for 2 weeks without leaving some cloths in cases. Since the is no were to store your cases this causes problems.

They do not use the air con in public areas and you can image the discomfort this causes in temp of over 100 degrees.

The bar is a disgrace. Nobody uses it. The are no drinks on display, it is VERY HOT and VERY DIRTY. On the 2 occasions we attempted to get a drink, the had neither coke cola or beer.

They only order the minimum amount of stock in. It feels like everything is run on a shoe string budget.

The swimming pool is actually quite good and clean. The only problem is the dam music. They only had 2 cds for the 1st week we were there, these were played at 2 sound levels (unbearable or very Unbearable). You can not sit at the pool and have a conversation, the noise is unbearable. If you have a room with a pool view you cannot lay down in your room because the noise that bad you are unable to hear yourself think. On 1 occasion the noise that bad I called the hotel manager to my room. He came to my room and asked what the problem was, I tried to explain that the music was to loud, he said that he was unable to hear my complaint because of the noise. When he finally understood he said that the music played at that level because the Italian guests like it loud. The were only 4 Italians in the hotel at the time, the rest were Dutch and English.

THE FOOD IS REALLY REALLY BAD. Very small quantity and very poorly cooked.

People were all going down with sickness and the runs. I am not talking 1 or 2 people I am talking 20+ at any 1 time. The anti diarrhoea medication we all took out with us does not work. The is an excellent chemist only 2 mins walk away just say the words Uni Sharm and they will sell you food poisoning medication on spot.

The choice of food is poor, I must admit they finally bought 1 box of cornflakes after I complained. It was like a bun fight when people saw them. Was gone in less than 5 mins on the first day, will admit they did get more in.

They have got no chiller cabinet for the salads etc, so they are left uncovered on display in high temps for up to 3 hours at a time. the fly’s were having a field day.

The plates etc were dirty if they have a dish washer I would be amazed.

They do not even have a toaster at this hotel.


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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of June 2004

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  • abarton by abarton

    "Mercato close to the hotel "

  • KatherinePlatt by KatherinePlatt

    "Enjoy all the attractions nearby: Alf Leila Wa Leila, Crocodile Show, il Mercato and go to Old Market "

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  • Karma Hotel
  • Universal Sharm (Uni Sharm)

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