Kahramana Hotel

Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
3 star hotel

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Nightmare- the truth believe it or not.

Reviewed Wed 16th of June 2010

"Just got back from the Kahramana hotel and it was a complete nightmare.

The hotel is scruffy.... Looks good on the surface but when you arrive you see how filthy it is.

The cleaner knocked on our door everyday to clean but he never cleaned it once all as he did was use your dirty towels to make corocodiles or flowers so you would give him a tip.

The pool attendant was very annoying - he offered you towels and layed them on your sun lounger then would stand about waiting for a tip even though we had said we had our own towels.

If you layed by the pool chilling out the lady who ran the hotel massage parlour would come up to you every 20 mins asking if you wanted a facial or a massage. In the end we had to be blunt and tell her that we would come to her if we wanted one but then a man came round asking if you wanted massages.

I found plastic cups in the pool while swimming.

No snacks during the day or ice creams etc the only drinks you could get were vodka (watered down) coke, beer or orange and you were served in plastic cups.

I have been on many holidays and at all the hotels I have stayed in they cleaned the pool on a night so would not allow you to go in after a certain time, at this hotel you could go in the pool all night if you wanted as the pool was NEVER cleaned.

The fish was raw, the chicken was like jelly, the rice and pasta was hard the only thing we really ate was the melon.

We had ants in the bathroom.

My partner was bitten through the night by god knows what.

My partner went to get a drink from the bar and seen one of the staff getting a drink of water then rinse the glass under the cold tap and rub it clean with his fingers then fill the glass up and tryed to serve him the drink obviously he refused it. If this is how they clean the dishes in front of you imagine what they will be doing in the back where they are out of sight.

The hotel was full of russians and they were very arogant and thought they ruled the hotel. They had pool partys all night with no regard for any other guests - music blasting.

We were both ill for about 10 days of our holiday with stomach cramps and sickness and diareah and we still feel ill now.

The hotel was minging and so was the whole of Sharm el Sheikh.

Outside of the hotel you got nothing but hassle - all the locals wanting to sell you whatever cheap tat they had in their shops. We have been to Turkey in the past and thought it would be similar to that so expected some hassle but this was a complete nightmare. If you did not buy anything from them they would give you abuse and make out like you were not being polite and that you were in the wrong. Basically they made us feel on edge and it was very stressful and wore us down.

On our first day we asked a local shop owner if he knew where the beach was and he would not tell us until we agreed to have a look in his shop - he took us to a shop on a back street where 3 other local men were waiting and tried to seel us bottles of water that he was saying were perfume - we just walked away saying we were not interested as it felt like they could of got confrontational. He still did not tell us where the beach was without crossing his palm with some of our hard earned cash but we just found it ourselves. Do not expect to the egyptians to be hospitable because they wont be.

We booked through Thomas Cook and were advised on the plane to buy a Visa from the airport if you wanted to leave the resort. We both wanted to see the pyramids so got Visas as advised. We booked a trip to go by bus to Cairo and had to be outside of our hotel at 2am to leave we waited and got on the bus and were told that we had been ripped off with our Visas as they had not been stamped at the airport. every passenger on our flight would have been ripped off exactly the same as us as we all done exactly the same thing when purchasing the Visa. So if you do decide to go make sure that when they stick the Visa on your passport that they stamp it too.

We went on a trip to the dessert to go quad biking and seen dead camels just dumped - not a nice sight.

Only a handful of the resorts bars have toilets so they send you to the back of beyond to use a toilet that is not very safe. There is no toilet roll in the paper and when you leave the toilet men are waiting with toilet roll so you can buy it from them and can be a little intimidating.

The men are constantly looking at the women in a way that is offensive and even though I was with my partner they atill looked in a way that was not very respectful.

When you go into a shop they ask where you are from so that they can charge you over the top prices when you say you are from England. They chargfe you one price one day and a different price the next. I know that it is their culture to barter but it was constant and very expensive - the only thing that you can buy cheap here is cigarettes. Cocktails are £6 and they have no alcohol in them, local bottles of beer are about £3.50. Meals are priced at around £40 and if you ask for a steak you get slices of Beef.

We were really ill so could not really leave our room and we like to see some culture, lay by the pool and go out for nights out when we go on holiday but could not really do any of it.

You will be ripped off left, right and centre if you do not know how much things are meant to cost so make sure you keep your witts about you if you do decide to go but I would advise that you spend your money going somewhere other than Egypt. I have always wanted to go to Egypt but it was the worst destination I have ever been to.

Kids would come up to you and rub their fingers together begging for money.

People were rude and the worst bunch of people I have ever met.

Scruffy place - in or outside of the hotel.

Waste of money as cant be bothered to do anything when you feel ill.

If you decise to go I will wish you good luck but if I was offered a million pounds to go back I would refuse, NEVER AGAIN....


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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of June 2010

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not up to 3 star!

Reviewed Tue 25th of November 2008

"just got back 20th nov. what can i say, lovely place,sun,sea, but id not stay at that hotel again. staff rude,cant be bothered, even ruder russians everywhere(worse than germans!)food boring except breakfast. pool area littered with empty plates,bottles etc. limited pool bar,plastic cups. rooms ok except for bathroom,shower cubicle filthy. advertised at 3 star, prob say 2star.beach area fantastic, try scuba diving, i payed about £30 for 2.5 hour course, absolutely brilliant. fish everywhere. eating out ok,choose carefully where you eat, as some expensive.
overall great holiday and great place, shame about hotel,my advice - stay somewhere else!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of November 2008

I stayed at this hotel in May 08, It was...

Reviewed Mon 1st of September 2008

"I stayed at this hotel in May 08, It was my 4th time in Sharm, having stayed previously in a 3* and 5*, I would say that this one was probably the best, with the location etc. Only downside, its not on the beach, but its only a 5minute walk away! Have to get there early though as its quite hard to find available beds.
The staff were very friendly, and didnt hassle you as much as other hotels, although the massage man was a little frustrating!!! I went with a friend, and as 2 young females, found him quite possesive! But most of the men in Egypt can be like that!
We went Bed and Breakfast, and the Breakfast was nice, it was just what you would expect for the price you pay. If you are bed and breakfast, you do have the chance to attend some of the Egyption evenings they have, which can be quite nice, again the food is basic though!!
Rooms, well they were smaller than I though but they were clean, my room got cleaned everyday, they even made shapes out of the towels, and glasses etc, very sweet! Someone mentions that the music was played until 3am, but we were in a pool facing room, and never heard the music past 12ish! Pacha nightclub can be heard, but not too much!! The only thing I did not like about the room was the balcony!! It was tiny, with no seats, just enough room to stand! So definately recommend having a terrace, as they looked larger.
At the end of the day... you get what you paid for!!!
I am off again in September and hoping the experience is just as good if not better! I will be reviewing again :o)

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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of September 2008

I'm leaving to go egypt on wednesday and...

Reviewed Mon 1st of September 2008

"I'm leaving to go egypt on wednesday and am dreading it!

The compmay i booked the holiday with "imperial" have given me nothing but stress from the moment i booked it.

Constant letters stating there is an overdue balance even after i have paid and call to confirm the transaction has gone through. once reciving the letters i had to call the company to discuss the letter to be told that " we are behind with our paperwork so will call you back in 4 days when we have caught up" CHEEK! Everytime i called i was bunged on hold for ages or told"will call u back whats your number". the rudeness of the staff is out of this world.

2 days before im set to go i recieve a letter claiming they're going to cancel my holiday due to yet ANOTHER outstanding balance! Obviously panic mode sets in and yet again i cant get through to them. Once i finally did get through i get told there is a payment overdue. i argue this and tell them there is no way this is possible as i have the invoice and i have my flight tickets to be told "the person that sent out the flight tickets and invoice is a bit stupid so you should have never delt with them in the first place" i replid "excuse me it's not my problem if your staff put me through to the wrong person,she should have told me she wasn't experinced in that department and transfered me to some1 else" to which the member of staff replied "i suggest you change your attitude or i will terminate the call and ther won't b a holiday" CAN U IMAGINE HOW FUMING I WAS AT THIS POINT?

Get bunged on hold yet again to then be told "oh yea there has been an admin error so ignore the letter and your holiday has been reactivated" no sorry nothing.

This company have caused me nothing but stress in the months of the holiday being booked and has put me off going away as im worried what other drama is going to occur when i [email protected] Egypt.

I'm certainly needing a holiday now and if anyone out there is thinkin of booking a holiday with IMPERIAL i suggest you find an alternative company or you may never reach your destination!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 1st of September 2008

I have just come back of a 2 week holida...

Reviewed Fri 22nd of August 2008

"I have just come back of a 2 week holiday with my boyfriend and his family. This was the best holiday experiences I have ever had. The hotel was great, very clean and open. The food was brill because there was something for everyone. I would go back just for the staff. Most of - if not all - of the staff were great.
HOUSE-KEEPING - Our rooms were cleaned everyday and sheets changed and new towles left.
HASSAN - Hassan made our stay around the pool area a great experience. He provided us with beds and towels to have a relaxing day around the pool.
WAITERS - The waiters in the restaurant and behind the bars were fantastic. They provided us with everything we needed and never settled until they knew they had helped in everyway possible.
AHMED (POOL BAR) - This has got to be the nicest, happiest and helpful man I have ever met in my life. He made our holiday what it was. He served us with what we needed. He never seems to have a day off or a break and will do his best to make everyone happy.
KIKO&TITO - These guys were great. They played music around the pool throughout the day which was great. And also at night (to the people that complained about this stay at home next time).

The only thing that annoyed me were "THE RUSSIANS" they are so rude and dont care who they upset. They think because they are all inclusive that they should even get the sun lungers before everyone else. They talk to the staff like they are animals and think they can have whatever they want. I enjyed this holiday and am defienatly going again"

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  • Travel date: Fri 22nd of August 2008

Me and my husband stayed at this hotel i...

Reviewed Mon 21st of July 2008

"Me and my husband stayed at this hotel in May of this year. The hotel is situated right in the heart of everything. Minutes walk from everywhere. Egypt I would visit again, Kahramana hotel never. The staff were lovely very polite and helpful. The hotel itself was another matter. The room was dirty, shower disgusting, we were there 7 days and still no change of linen, I had to strip the bed so that they would get the hint to change it. We were there for 14 nights all inclusive and on the last night they changed the sheets for the 2nd time. Do you think that they were going to change it again the next day I dont think so. I found two black hairs in my bed on my arrival but assummed it was the maids but now not so sure. The DJ what a joke. All the music was for the russians with the exception of Elton John in the morning, I think this was the only CD he had. The music at night was a nightmare. It was played so loud that you just couldn't sleep until 3 oclock when it finished, believe me if you are in one of the rooms facing the pool you will not get any sleep.
The food was ok, we made the mistake of going all inclusive and the food was repeated every three days. We didn,t suffer from any stomach upsets which was surprising. I never realised that the Russians were such rude people. They are not liked by the hotel staff who find them very rude. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of July 2008

1st time to Egypt, will never fly Egypt...

Reviewed Thu 10th of July 2008

"1st time to Egypt, will never fly Egypt Air or land in Cairo again. The timetable seems to fly out of the window, two out of 4 planes were late leaving and arriving - the 1h30 to 1h45 changeover between flights is no where near enough. Cairo airport was the single most disorganised, hostile and stressful experience of my life, nobody tells you what to do or where to go. Because our inbound flight from LHR to Cairo was delayed (due to late arriving plane) we missed the connecting flight to Sharm. Having waited in the passport control line for half an hour - only to be turned around to get Visa from the Bank of all places. Spent half the night in Terminal 4 lounge, thanks to kindly dive-centre owner local who helped us, got on 6.15 flight next morning. NB. Do not pay more than 30-40 Egyptian pounds (£3-4) for a taxi transfer from terminal 1 to 4, or let them have your luggage until price agreed. When checking in for next flight, staff denied any knowledge of the re-booking of the flight and if it wasn't for the same local, we'd have been stuck there for another 48h.
Sharm (Naama Bay) itself was lovely, temp between 38-40C, water great, lots of fish. I found the food to be dubious, both of us came down with stomach bugs - nearly ruined holiday and ended up eating for two days in McDonald's and Hard Rock Cafe to be more confident in cleanliness. The constant harrassment by shop owners, restaurant owners and newspaper sales people maybe part of Egyptian life - having to be on my guard for fear of being ripped off was wearing. Unless you dive or have kids that are happy to sit on the beach, I wouldn't recommend - nothing much else to do apart from sit on the beach/swim and bake - perfect for me."

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  • Travel date: Thu 10th of July 2008

We just returned from the Kahramana Hote...

Reviewed Thu 13th of March 2008

"We just returned from the Kahramana Hotel this was our 2nd visit here @once again could not fault it . The staff are very helpful @friendly, the rooms are spotless so is the pool @reception area,its location is just short stroll to the private beach where the beach boys reserve your loungers for as long as you want .The bars @restaurants are right on your doorstep no need for taxi"s just the way we like it weather was outstanding this is the place to be we are def returning next feb escape from the winter blues Well done Kahramana you made our stay very enjoyable .

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of March 2008

me and my boyfriend had an absoloutely f...

Reviewed Wed 23rd of January 2008

"me and my boyfriend had an absoloutely fantastic holiday here at the Kahramana Hotel, our room had an excellent view which overlooked the pool - got some fab photos! The rooms are basic but spacious and very clean i couldnt fault them. The staff who work here are happy go lucky, which makes you feel really relaxed, they cant do enough for you!
The location of the hotel is perfect the main strip is not even a 3 minute walk which i prefer because if we went to one of the all inclusive hotels then we would have to get a taxi into the resort every night which i dont want to be doing while on holiday. the breakfasts to me were great as i enjoy continental food, pancakes too, dont expect the traditional breakfast though as you won't be getting one as my partner thought he would!!
Your two seconds away from the hard rock cafe, chinese restaurants, seafood restaurants, mexican restaurants, even TGI Fridays so i would urge people not to go half board or even all inclusive as you have an excellent range of restaurants right on your door step (they are really cheap too!!).
I had the best holiday and would definately without a doubt stay at this hotel again, hopefully ill revisit in the near future."

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of January 2008

We wanted a 9/10 day stay so booked Hote...

Reviewed Wed 16th of January 2008

"We wanted a 9/10 day stay so booked Hotel via Expedia and separate flights with BA. Emailed the Hotel once booking made to ask whether they had transport to collect us from Airport and whether beach towels provided. Response from Hotel within 24 hours confirming we would be collected from Airport (no extra charge), and confirming all other info we requested.

Hotel then asked if we had any special requests for room, so (tongue in cheek) I requested best twin room for my mate and myself, with balcony, overlooking the pool. Which is exactly what we got. On the last day we used another room to shower and change, and we definitely got a good deal!

The Egyptians are very touchy-feely and want you in their shop to buy their goods, so hassle is an understatement - however if you are polite to them, after a few times of saying "No thank you", they'll stop. By our 4th day we had beach towels ready on our sunbeds when we arrived at the shared beach, a nod of the head and our drinks and lunch appeared on the sunbeds! They are very friendly and remember faces, so don’t make any promises you can’t keep - they will remember you! The phrase "maybe later" can be very useful.

All in all our holiday was brilliant. The Hotel staff - all of them - were fantastic and very helpful. The beach staff were the same. The beach is a short walk from the Hotel and is shared with 5 other Hotels, so you have a good mix of nationalities. The beach has its own Massage tent, Restaurant (which is lovely on a nice evening), Beach bar, Water Sports. A lot of Russians stay at the Kahramana as well as English and Egyptians on their vacation. Although the Hotel is very close to the main shopping/eating street, we heard no noise from the town. The only noise really was from the Hotel Nightclub, but turn the aircon up, and that combined with the closed windows drowns it out!!

We are looking to rebook later in the year and would highly recommend the Kahramana.

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  • Travel date: Wed 16th of January 2008

WOW that is the perfect way to sum up Eg...

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2007

"WOW that is the perfect way to sum up Egypt, what an amazing time I had. Me and my 2 friends stayed for 1 week, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The hotel was beautiful it was clean and had a happy friendly environment all the time. The room we stayed in was huge and had a massive dining, kitchen and a good area to chill out, the only fault was that the air conditioning broke twice, but the reception staff was on the case straight away until it was fixed.

The pool was a nice size and even had a jacuzzi and the water was always warm, the pool staff would do whatever they could to help you no matter what time of the day and was always happy and polite.

The room itself was thoroughly cleaned everyday with clean sheets and fresh towels, that they made into different animal shapes and left on your bed. The hotel was in a brilliant central location and was surrounded by lots of restaurants and bars. The breakfast at the hotel was nice, with a chef cooking omelettes or there was pasties and fruit to choose from, a very traditional breakfast.

There is lots to do in Egypt whatever your age and is a lovely place and I would definitely recommend it."

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  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of November 2007

Horrendous - You better watch out, cos Beadle's about

Reviewed Mon 19th of November 2012

"This place is a joke and the only surprise is that our stay was not the subject of a Jeremy Beadle prank.
On checking in the three of us were taken to our room which had no windows and no balcony. Room 1114 I think so if you get that checking in, unlucky.
We changed our room the next day which to be fair to them they did hasssle free and the other room had a non-openable window and a balcony but all balconies at this hotel are tiny - you barely fit two people on them, never mind three.
Also, the third extra bed in our new room was about as big as a cot and about six inches off the floor. Other than that the room was OK, very good air con and fair enough bathroom though no shower.
However, as other people have mentioned, the main problems with this joke hotel are the food/smell of food and the stupidly loud music.
Don't even think about going All Inclusive as the food is abhorent. You go into the dining room for lunch which stinks of foul food and all the different foods are stuffed in metal tins which you then slide open having to guess what's what. Most of the times you get to the end of the tins with an empty plate as everything looked disgusting. The meatballs and their take on lasagne are the worst. Ramsay would have a field day. If you like salads youre OK and the deserts are OK but dont expect any burgers/chips/anything like that - there is anoher restuarant on complex that does that stuff but its not included in the All Inc.
As for the music, what a joke. The hotel is about 70 per cent Russians so all day you get rubbish Russian or Egyptian music blaring out at full pelt when youre trying to relax. They throw in the odd bit of English but its Boney M and they even played Jesus Christ Was Born on Christmas Day?? Eh?? The music totally spoils what could be a nice pool area as the pool is quite big and decent though the jacuzzi is knackered and has black bits floating in it.
Also, the drinks for All Inclusive are only served til 10, theres not much choice and the beers come in pezzy half pint glasses which they only wash by running under the tap. No wonder we felt ill.
The hotel is 5 mins walk from its own beach and if youve had the missfortune of bookig here go there as its much more chilled out though you have to pay for your drinks and food down there even when on All Inc. Hardly the "Beach Resort" that the wristbands say.
The sea there is ince but one day we went down and they had run out of towels. Also, you cant take town the parsol type things so half the private beach - which isn't very big - is in the shade. Brilliant.
About the best thing you can say about the hotel is its got a great location - everything in walking distance - and the staff are all very polite and friendly.
Sharm itself is very dirty and the constant smell of wierd/disgusting food lingers over the resort. Both Camel Bar and The Tavern are English themed bars which do good food and all the sport and we met some quality people in those. All in all, I couldn't recomend Sharm to anyone - go to somewhere like Cancun or Aruba instead. If you are going, dont say here, stay somewhere else self catering near the centre.
Also, there is a duty free shop next to the hotel which is the only place in Sharm to get stuff like Jack Daniels. However you can only buy it up to two days afer your arrival so stock up as soon as you get there - we didn't know this and couldn't get any as a result.
The list of problems goes on - my mate got locked in the bathroom for an hour and the English adaptor plug blew up but by now you get the jist - dont go here.
If you do, dont expect Jeremny Beadle to turn up saying its a wind-up - unfortuantely its all very much true."

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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of October 2007

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