Jaz Mirabel Park

Mirabel Complex, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
3 star hotel

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  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 4 location

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what a waste of money and time

Reviewed Sun 14th of October 2012

"Got back yesterday from what we ( me and my partner ) were lead to believe was going to be a great holiday away especially after reading so many good reviews. We were very wrong to pick such a place.
where do i start? the water that came from our taps in the bathroom was brown
the maids would go through our suit cases to make some towel art
full of russians who walk around thinking they own the place
one rule for one and one for another e.g my girlfriend got badly burnt one day so she wore a nylon t-shirt of mine when she went swimming in the pool, got told to remove it because it was un highgenic, wilste there were kids wearing shirts and that was ok, there was a sign there saying no diving, lots of people were doing that and another pool side rule stating that there is to be no topless sunbathing at anytime around the pool. which ever way i looked i saw topless old women and on the odd occation a women in her mid 50s with no top or bottoms on.
felt like the people who worked there did everything for a tip made us feel very uncomfortable.
got told by our rep and the guy from reception that bottled water is not free, find out 2 days before we are due home that it actually was free.
night life i non existent. lots of harassment from locals wanting you to buy there crap.
just over all really glad to be home."

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  • Travel date: Fri 19th of September 2008

Fantastic Family Visit to Egypt

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Just returned from Jaz Mirabel Park and inspired to write a review on this excellent hotel in Nabq, Sinai, Egypt. Firstly, a thank you to other Trip Advisor members for their accurate reviews that persuaded my family to choose this hotel.

Report is written from the point of view of a family of four with two kids under 12.

THE HOTEL complex encompasses the Beach, Park and Club sections which are all inter-connected on the same site. The difference between the Park and the larger Beach complex is that the Park accomodates the water slides and is about a third of the size of the Beach. The Park has it's own kids playground, tennis courts, restaurant and snack bar. The hotel is one of the biggest in the area so coaches to airport, excursions etc, will normally only stop at this hotel. It's about 20 mins from the airport so there is some aircraft noise. The complex has it's own shopping area with about 20 shops, three additional restaurants, shishas, 24 hour supermarket and pharmacy. The pool areas and gardens are very clean and spacious.

THE RESORT is the only aspect of this holiday that stops me giving an 'Excellent' rating. The resort is being built now so there's not much around, however, it is spacious so you won't know there is other building work going on unless you venture outside of the hotel. We only ventured outside the hotel on excursions but there looks to be a lot of good quality (designer) shops about 20 mins walk from the hotel. The resort road is one long boulevard so you can't get lost. There's a couple of hotels further up this road. Naama bay is about a 30 mins cab/shuttle bus ride away. We didn't go to Naama Bay because everyone we talked to said they'd never go back because the stress of dealing with the road side sales people outweighed the benefits of the better shopping.

THE ROOMS are adequately sized and have a good bathroom, with hairdryer and a quality shower. Half a dozen English satellite channels are available. Plenty of storage space for clothes and kids stuff. Expect to be charged for the minibar if used. Rooms are cleaned daily to an excellent standard - you may even find your used clothes folded up some days.

THE EXCURSIONS we recommend are the Red Sea snorkelling and the Desert Stars trip. Both of these trips were recommended to us by people in the hotel and they were really good value and great experiences. We also did the Desert Jeep trip but thought it was a bit too expensive and not as good as similar trips in other countries. Once you've seen 10 mins of the Sinai desert then you've seen it all.

THE DEMOGRAPHIC breakdown is a third of the hotel residents are Italian, a third are British and a third are French/Russian/German. This is actually a high proportion of British people for Egypt as it's still a fairly new destination for Brits. On some exercusions, we spoke to people from other hotels (Magic Club) who were relieved to hear their first British voice. All of the staff (including bar, waiting, animation, entertainment, kids clubs) speak loads of languages which is why the animation team tend to be european rather than British. Unfortunately, the multi-national demographic of the hotel residency implies the evening entertainment is not very good - trying to cater for two many tastes. Don't go to this hotel for the kids clubs or evening entertainment.

THE STAFF are fantastic. A lot has been said in other reviews so I won't labour the point, but good staff are an important aspect of all hotels and the personnel manager at the hotel must be very proud of his staff.

THE FOOD is excellent quality and varied. There's always a pasta station, soups, salads, kids corner, joints, rice, potatoes, veggies, chicken dish and daily special - e.g. garlic prawns on French day, Stir fry on Oriental day, falafels and kebabs on Asian day. There is always a restaurant manager who is checking the quality of the food being brought out, temperature, cleanliness etc.

THE SICKNESS BUG does exist. The two adults in our party had a day of sickness. Suspect it was brought on by dehydration, over indulgence and change of diet rather than a fault of the hotel - because everything is so clean and so many people don't get the bug. It's just one of those things that some people get and some don't. The pharmacy will give you a prescription that will clear it up quickly so you can continue enjoying your holiday.

THE AIRPORT is much better than most of the Med airports, e.g. Paphos, Zante.


-On arrival, go straight to the Mazdaq bar (through reception) and get some bottles of water from the bar.

-Take the contents of the minibar by the side of the fridge and fill your fridge with bottles of water from the bar.

- Don't reserve sunbeds and then disappear before 9am. If you put towels down then you should stay with the sunbeds until after 9. Sometimes, the pool staff will remove towels on unattended beds.

- Checkout time is noon, but a lot of flights leave in the evening. Go to the SPA early on your last day and get a locker (there's not many of them). You can then leave your important travel luggage in them (e.g. passports, money, clean clothes etc) and continue to enjoy the hotel on your last day and then use the SPA changing rooms for showering before you leave.

- Stick to the same area of the main dining room. Your waiter will recognise you, anticipate your drinks requirements and will look after you. If you're not happy with your waiter after the first couple of days then move.

- Tip the bar waiters every night (just a couple of English pounds will do). They work very hard, make your holiday, appreciate the tips and give even better service when they know their efforts are appreciated.

- Tip the snack bar guys, dining room waiter and cleaner nearer the start of your holiday rather than the end. They appreciate it and build a better relationship with you.

- I tipped two of the pool attendants who I thought gave me exceptional service (looking after my young daughter on slides, making sure I had towels, providing good conversation etc). Only a couple of quid each, but their gratitude suggested they rarely get given tips.

- Forget any English tablets if you get the stomach bug. Go to the 24 hour pharmacy as early as possible. He'll give you the drugs (cost about a tenner) that will clear it up. Go and get some at the first sign of stomach upset.

- There is good snorkelling to be done on the hotel beachfront but it's a long walk out to the shipwreck (where all of the good fish are). Rather than walk back slowly through the sea, use the jetty of the neighbouring hotel. You're not supposed to, but the attendant doesn't mind as long as you only do it on the return journey.

- For more snorkelling, turn left at the beach, exit the hotel grounds and walk about 10 minutes. Go into the grounds of the hotel being built. The beach there goes into deeper water quite quickly.

- On arrival at the airport you immediately get ushered into a queue to buy a tourist visa. You only need this if you are leaving sinai (e.g. going to Luxor or Cairo).

- Take some nylon t-shirts for the kids (like a football shirt). Cotton shirts cannot be worn in the pool - something associated with the chemicals bringing out a rash. A suitable t-shirt can be bought from hotel shops (e.g. a cheap imitiation of Egypt football shirt).

- Shoes are needed for the sea. Flip-flops are no good as they'll fall off. The hotel shops sell them, but they'll be cheaper in UK."

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  • Travel date: Tue 2nd of September 2008

You gotta try this hotel!

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"This is the first time I have been moved to take the time to write a report about holiday accomodation. Still a bit knacked after the journey so forgive any smelling pistakes.- Before I start I would direct you to the excel;ent report made by the person from Leamington Spa on this site. I second and confirm all that they have written. Our circumstances are late 40's x2 teenage kids 16 and 14 boy and girl. our kids are pretty easy going but if yours need constant entertainment and a show every night as in most European reorts - Falaraki it aint! Which for us was great. Personally I spent the two weeks wandering from airconditioned room to aor conditioned room with my head in a book stopping only for the mandatory x2 days Ertha Kitts ( again agree with our chum from Leamington - go and get the local meds) to feed and sleep. I didnt take my drinking trousers with me so cant say with any authority waht the local hooch is like but judging by our fellow guests it seems to have the same effect as the brnded booze.
Food was plentiful and varied and if you went hungry its your own fault. Obligatory burgers, chips pizza and butties during the day at the pool bar. Personally I really got into the local teas Habiuscus and mint really refreshing and good for the inards.
Spent far to much in the resort shops on essence of camel or whatever smell it was as I couldnt be arsed to haggle, I know, I know I should have but my counsel would be if you dont want buttonholing at every turn then either a) dont go or b) ( this was great in Cairo) indicate you are a deaf mute - confuses the hell out of the prders and the look on their face is like Jordan in a library. I digress.
Hotel - brilliant
Cleaniless - brilliant
Aircon - brilliant

I personally made contact with the front of house manager at the JMP a smashing guy calle Yasser Hanafy and found him and indeed all the staff to be helpful and genuinely pleased top have us there. I was sorry to read the report about the family who loast the ipods and as we didnt have any serious issues can only say the management were tip top.

We went with Thomson and the resort rep Samir Hassan was absolutely mustard. We did x3 excusions.
1. Stars and Dinner in the desert with beduins. nice. dont take small kids its a late night and they'll get crabby. out of 10? I would give it a 6.5
2. Quad biking - What a hoot! you gotta do this. you and about 15 others all trundle out in the desert arrive at the mountains and then yomp through Moses like to a stunning view. By the time we did this it was midday and hot as hell in the mountains so ensure long strides, plenty of H2O and if you feel in the least bit weak or knacjered dont do it there aint no shade up there. Make sure you get the pics and dvd that the excursion operators offer you. We got back and for about £12 you get to laugh like a drain at yourself looking like a cross between Yasser Arafat and a 1950's AA patrol man. Mostly tough it captures the breathtaking scenery you just dont take in whilst hooning along on the quad. Yeah - give this trip a 8.5 out of 10.
3. Cairo. If you can afford it go for the x2 day vip trip ( circa £240 each sterling) sounds expensive but I assure you worth every bean - thats why God invented credit cards. You get individual transfer to Sahrm. 1st class seats to Cairo, Personal driver and personal guide. Ask Samir ( if you go with Thomson) to request Wallid - he was mustard and steered us well when it cam to additional spends over and above whats included. which by the way is loads. Cittadel, Museum, the grand Souk ( the old Bazar) lunch on the NIle - back to the hotel in Cairo. We asked the Travco rep to get us tickets to see the 20.30 sound and light show at the pyramids. Blindin and for me probably the highlight of the entire holiday. Thoroughly recommend you do this ( £24 each)
Hotel accom was dbb whaich was fine. day 2 pyramids - do thios early as the heat will cripple you later, then more pyramids, temples and lunch in a great little bbq restaurant in Cairo. back to airport and return on cattle class flight but personal transfer from Shrm back to hotel. 10/10 weekend - dont go all the way to Egypt and NOT see a pyramid, you may as well go to Benidorm or Albufeira.
Ok I've written more than I intended to but would recommend this hotel and resort whole heartedly to anyone. I dont have time for nit picking - you can find fault with any hotel if you look hard enough. The Jaz Mirabel Park though for me was made a great place by the management and staff.
Malc Clarke - Rugby - August 2008"

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  • Travel date: Tue 19th of August 2008

Fantastic hotel

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"We arrived back from Egypt 2 weeks ago, and with all this wet weather i really want to back there again! This was our second visit to this hotel we went the same time last year, we are a family of 4 with 2 daughters 16 and 6. The hotel was as immaculate as we left it and the cleaners just never stopped all the time we were there.
We only did the jeep adventure trip this year as we did the pyramids last year. It is a fantastic day out, we got picked up from the hotel at 10am, there was 6 jeeps altogether, which split into 2 convoys, the journey was really rough right from the start. There was 8 of us to a jeep, and you need to hang on for dear life, in fact at the 1st stop when we got out, my eldest daughter who hadnt been feeling well threw up.So if you go make sure you have wet wipes with you! The jeepsdrop you off to walk with your guide through the Sinai desert, which is just amazing but incredibly hot, good walking shoes and a hat are a must.You arrive at a beduin camp about 1"o clock, they serve you mint tea, which is great for upset tummies, they then sell a few trinkets to you, and then you have a fantastic lunch, what a way to spend an afternoon!You get back to your hotel about 3pm, which i think is long enough.
While we were there me, my husband and eldest daughter had the upset tummy, and we were extra careful with everything we ate and drank, we even used hand gel too, it wasnt too bad or didnt stop us from doing anything but the stomach cramps were a bit painful, there was a pharmacist on site we we got some tablets from him (£5) a packet. My 6 year old never had any tummy problems at all , same as last year.
The heat is relentless though over 40 degrees every day, great for your tan, not for dehydration though, make sure you drink lots of water.Even though we were all inclusive i hardly drank any alcohol, i couldnt stomach it in the heat.
The pool bar was great, Ahmed the barman there was great fun and had a smile and a joke for everyone, they did run out of food once or twice, which isnt good if you are all inclusive.
The restaurant was always very good with differant themed nights every night, occasionally they ran out of glasses, cups and soup bowls, but the waiters work really hard in immense heat and are run off there feet, Hani and Hitham were our main 2 waiters and couldnt do enough for you.
The main bar upstairs was also very nice and plush and Adel the main bar man up there would always have a chat to you he remembered us from last year and would come up and shake our hands, which was nice, we tipped throughout the holiday but we always had good service whether we tipped or not. Our cleaner Mustafa, would make towel sculptures for us everyday, so a few dollars went a long way.
The swimming pools were kept really clean, and the water slides were great fun we had to go on them for an hour every day with our 6 year old, but i tried not to swallow any water in there, because of the volume of people using it.
We also took the hotels shuttle bus into Naama bay one night, £15 return journey for all of us which i thought was good, and we ate at the Hard rock cafe, this was fab the food was cheap but the drinks expensive, the waiters were really entertaining and the whole place was packed out. Naama bay was really busy but we didnt get hassled at all, we had a good look around and the coach picked us up at midnight.
Would we go there again? definately, not next year though as we are booked up to return to Santorini. Egypt is a fantastic country with so much to see and do and all year round sunshine.

same as last year."

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  • Travel date: Fri 15th of August 2008

first time in egypt, i have told it how i seen it. honest review.

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"i have just returned from a weeks break in egypt staying at this hotel within the mirabel resort. There are three hotels within the same bit of land, mirabel club, park and beach. Club is the furthest away from everything else within the resort, park is located closest to the water slides, sauna , gym etc and the beach one is obvious. Myself and my wife stayed at the club , and this is a good part to stay in i would say due to it being more central to everything within the resort. I dont know about any price diff as i booked directly with the hotel with flights from edinburgh directly with globespan. (saved a few quid).
Hotel was superb, great pools and well looked after gardens and maintended grounds. We where all inclusive which was ok, and as you could expect it was all local drinks, beers and vodka etc, and this service starts at 9am and stops at midnight. Ypur all incl is limited to your hotel (club etc) with the colour of the wrist band that you get and you want a drink in the ither pool bars etc then this will be chargable (bit of a con i thought).

clean, looked after, new and modern feel, internet available at reception (sad i know), great staff, nice big showers and always hot water available. Pool bars are ok, good for snacks and drinks etc but watch out for the tummy bug. You will need the egyption meds for this as our uk meds didnt help me out or the wife. There are shops located within the resort but these are expensive, go out to the supermarkets across the road and haggle everything right down to the cans of soft drinks (seriousley). Expect to be in bed for 11pm as the entertainment is non existing. Just as well there was a movie on everynight in english from the dubai channels that you get in the room.

Not much to do, beach, pools, thats pretty much it. Very secluded area Nabq bay but if you are going to relax all day sunbathing , this is the right place. Namma bay is great for a day trip away and dont get taxis, use the limo service that the hotel can put on, this will cost you about £15 each way, or get on the bus service for about a £7 for a round trip but your times are limited in line with the bus service.

50 / 50 here, some nights where great, others where really bad, that i saw myself just having chips for my dinner as that was the only thing that looked safe. As per other reviews here, it is egypt and the do have there own cultures etc, so expect to be let down here. As i have said for me it was 50 / 50 some good some bad.

It isnt sand it is like gravel, but is ok, get some good beacj shoes that strap on your feet before you go, as you will need these to walk in the water with due to the coral. If not expect cut feet. The coral is a good 5 / 10 min long walk from the edge of the water all at waist height untill you reach the waves of the ocean, but this isnt a bad thing as the water at the beach front is really nice , clear and warm due to this being idle water untill the current comes in level with this at night. (go snorkling in this at night about 4-6pm)

I hope the above helps, but overall this was a great trip, but next time i go to egypt i will possibly stay within another location as nabq bay was a bit isolated.

Definately buy snorkles, and haggle them, pay about £8, for them, quad bike to the dessert as well , £20 for this small hut at the left hand side of the beach bars. (ask for a guy called friday, what a laugh), taxi to / from airport £10, tip if you want, this helps, get to know there names and have a laugh with them, it helps when you want drinks etc when in a que, and yes i did get towel art from my cleaner, tipping a pound coin here and there is nothing.

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of August 2008

Loved our time in Egypt.

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"We went to Egypt for our first holiday together. I had already been to Egypt three times before so knew what standard to expect for the average ratings in the brocher.

Reception booked us in very quickly but did not inform us of very much at all. It was very clean however and well air conditioned.

Rooms were spacious and cleaned every day. View from balcony was great, terraced rooms looked even better since easy access to pool since no lifts.

There was no entertainment on at night but we werent really phased by that and usually went a walk. Beware of Egypians lying about the grounds outside it was kinda creepy! They seem to lie outside up the grassy verge when it passes 9pm. They are like human plants!

Taxis are annoying, the men pester you, just keep walking and ignore them or book via Mirabel Beach for private taxis.

It is a very couple/family hotel. It is in an area which is pretty much up and coming. The facilities in the hotel provided everything you would need to have a chillaxed holiday.

Macdonalds is about a 20 min walk up to the left and a welcomed break from some of the all inclusive buffets on offer. Restaurants that are al-a-carte you can get one meal free. We tried all three. We would recommend the Asian! Stay clear of the Italian it was rotten!

Would we go back??...Yes but to Mirabel Beach."

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  • Travel date: Mon 11th of August 2008

nice hotel but not all 5*

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"just returned from jaz mirabel park ,stayed there from the 14th to the 29th july 08.stayed in a family room with my wife and 2 boys aged 6&8 which were very nice and clean.the staff are very friendly and the resort is kept spotless.we had a great time there, the only downside was the food and the entertaiment,they were both boring,i had upset tummy most of the hoilday even though i was not eating meat.the slides were great for the kids although the tiles were very slippery and dangerous whilst getting out the water.beware....."

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  • Travel date: Wed 30th of July 2008

holiday to nabq bay

Reviewed Tue 20th of November 2012

"mirabel park, nabq bay, egypt
returned 21st july 2008

just returned from a 2 week holiday to the Mirabel Park , Hotel and complex were excelent, the swimming pools were lovely and clean, if your children need to wear a t shirt in the pool make sure it is polyester and not cotton as my two boys were told to remove their cotton t shirts and as we had no polyester shirts with us we had to go out and buy some at the cost of £45.00 for two!

The entertainment is shocking, its no existant! We had a belly dancer one night and she did 3 dances then left, and that was the best we had, there is also only 1 bar open at night so it does get busy.

The food in the restuarant is shocking, its a strange mixture of food and it really isnt very good and they repeat the menu the second week, best advise is to eat at the pool bar before it closes at 6.30pm.

The holiday overall was excellent just make sure you drink plenty as it is very hot 40degrees most days and the nights are no cooler, we saw two ladies collapse with sun stroke"

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of July 2008

great hotel

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"We went for 2 weeks on the 3rd of July 08 and had 14 days of sun at an average temperature of 40 degrees! We arrived at about 3pm and were checked in reasonably fast and shown to our room,then a man brought our suitcases about 20 minutes later,the room was great,very big with a huge comfy bed,superb air con,nice walk in shower and plenty or wardrobe and draw space and our hotel overlooked the pool and there was also a minibar in the room,however you are charged for the things in the fridge but we just went to the supermarket and bought drinks and got free bottles of water from the mazag bar and put them in the fridge,also there is a electronic safe in the room which is free to use. We went to the buffet most nights and liked the food,there was pasta,chips,rice,potatoes and lots of egyptian stuff that was nice also. We went to the a la carte italian and chinese aswell in the 2 weeks,the Italian was great with very nice polite waiters and the food was lovely with nice fresh pizzas and pasta dishes. However we only visited the chinese once on the 2 weeks as the set menu wasnt really up to my liking and the waiters were really annoying,they were polite but it seemed everytime i had a bite of my food they would come rushing over to see if it tasted ok and it got to much in the end! The prices were very reasonable,at the italian i got soup,pizza and then a fruit cocktail and so did my girlfriend and it came to 280 le with is £28 same at the chines roughly aswell. Both the restaurants were near the shopping area where you can buy,perfume,scarfs,beach things,food,drink,get a henna tattoo,play pool,smoke sheesha or buy papyrus. Most the shopkeepers were nice and didnt try to force you in there shops and alot of there items are priced so you didnt need to haggle with them if you didnt wish too. We had one unpleasant experiance when we went into a perfume shop because the owner asked me to sign his guestbook but once we were in he shut the door and made us try on allsorts of perfums and sunburn lotions and wouldnt let us leave without giving him £40 for some aftershave and perfume,so if anyone asks you to sign there guestbook jsut ignore them or pretend you speak a different language! We reported the man to the hotel reception and the hotel manager came and met me and told me doesnt allow that in his hotel and said the man would be dealt with. We both had the mucks on the holiday for the forst 5 or 6 weeks but i was fine in the second week however my girlfriend got really bad stomach cramps and was being sick one night so we had to go to the pharmacy out of the resort as the 24 hour pharmacy in the resort was closed!!! She was given a little injection and 2 different sets of tablets which seemed to cure her almost instantly and didnt give her anymore problems through out the holiday however she was more carefull with what she ate for the rest of the hol. We went on the naama by night trip which was a good experiance but the food at the restraunt wasnt great but the guide was superb,he gave a very interesting talk about sharm and was very nice. You also got 1 hour to look around naama bay and buy things if you wanted,i reccomend the shopping centre there as you dont get forced into shops and are free to browse once you are in the shops,there is also a pizza hut,macdonalds ad hard rock cafe in naama bay if you dont take to the hotels food. Naama bay is about 25 mins in a taxi from the hotel or you can get a shuttle bus thats organised by the hotel at reception,i think it was £8 return each. The pools were really nice and at a good temp,the only moan i had about the pool was that people would come out at about 8am and put there towels on sun loungers then go back to bed till about 11,which was annoying. The entertainers around the pool were good,they organised aqua gym,water polo and dances but they would only ask you once if you wanted to take part and if you said no they would leave you alone and not try hasseling you. The pool bar was superb and the staff were amazing,especially Amr,he was really friendly and helpfull,always asking if there was anything he could do,asking if we wanted anything to eat or drink,we both really liked him,i left him my liverpool shirt when i left. We tipped Amr and Ahmed £5 every 4 days or so and they were very thankfull and treated us like royalty however i dont think the tipping had much to do with that,they were just really nice guys,we also tipped hammada the house keeper £10 at the end of the hol as he was always very cheerfull and did great tidying our room.The pool bar did great coffees and a good range of foods including pasta,pizza and salads between 12 and 6,however dont go there for your "late breakfast" as its just a few little croissants in a container. We went to the beach a few times aswell,there are plenty of shades and sun loungers at the beach so it doesnt matter what time you go if you fancy a lie in,the sea is only thight deep at best for about a mile but its ok if you just want to cool down.We walked out about a mile to near the 2 ship wrecks to go snorkelling and were so glad we did,the fish are amazing and there are so many of them,it was one of the best experiances of my life! I reccomend you buy surf shoes though as the corals can be quite sharp walking out but you can buy these at the shopping area for £5 per pair,we highly reccomend you do this! While we were on the beach we had a ride on a camel and had our photos taken on them which was good. We thourougly enjoyed the 2 weeks and would definately go back,feel free to e mail me and ask any questions you want,ill be happy to try and help."

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  • Travel date: Mon 21st of July 2008

good but yes there were tummy worries

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"right then here we go

when we arrived we were very glad to have a terraced room number 5126
i like to be on lower floor especially if you are not on top form,which of course we were not..

my mate got it worse than me,but all i can say is you must go straight to the chemist
alot of staff were also ill..

i never struggled much for chosing what to eat they did have good range of food and yes the bread is good...

the staff i found were all good and if i had any worries at all they were straight there sorting out what i asked them to

we used the hotel limo to go into town which for return journey cost approx 20.00 which can mount up over two weeks so please think about that as you book up

but they were very good and again when my mate was ill i called hotel reception and they sent the limo straight out to get us

we went into to tgi fridays which was good and also the mexican just by little buddha which was also very nice

2 course and drinks at tgi cost 35.00
3 course and drink mexican 23.00

back to the hotel

the beach is a let down for sure
you do have to walk round to the louiis tiran,but then you get hassled from the local people on the way.but the fish are great there,but when they open the hotel up you will not be able to use it anymore,which is great shame...

the floors are lethal
i have leather bottom sandals and you just slip about all over the place....lots of people fell down the stairs....you could see them limping about and bruised...

the floors round the pool also are bad and girl ended up in hospital and came back with sling on

a girl broke her knee coming down the water slides also...

so just beware

any questions just ask....


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  • Travel date: Sat 26th of July 2008

jaz mirabel park

Reviewed Wed 26th of August 2015

"We have just returned from a week in the JAZ MIRABEL PARK, we had a fantastic time everyone was extremely helpful and pleasant without a lot of tipping I might add , we were made very welcome and had a excellent stay hotel room was kept nipping clean food was good but I think its more individual taste than quality of food there was lots of variety everyday and if you didn't like anything then the chef would make you something completely different you only had to ask, I would definitely be returning to this hotel again views and hotel were magnificent thank you everyone who works there for our wonderful stay very hard working people."

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  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of August 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

What a let down!

Reviewed Mon 17th of August 2015

"Beautiful entrance with grand lobby. That's where the good impression ends.

You've paid all inclusive but take plenty of £1 coins for tipping. You'll need them if you want any kind of service.

Rooms ridiculously outdated.

Nabq is not a great area. Locals chase you for business and are quite threatening if you do not participate in the purchase of their wares. Nothing to do here apart from listen to the numerous sales reps through the up the day advising you of their offers. Everything from hairdressers to water sports.

Food wasn't great. Chips, chips and more chips.

Cleaner did the bare minimum despite tipping daily in an attempt that he might actually replenish the toilet paper.

Staff like you if you are constantly tipping them. You will be invisible if you don't.

Take your own plastic pint glass. The beakers around the pool bar look like they are from a care home.

In fact, choose somewhere else. Period."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 14th of August 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

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  • Janice P by Janice P

    "If. You can afford it tip the bar staff!!!!! "

  • Diane N by Diane N

    "Take the thomson reps advice he is excellent and gets everything done for you "

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  • Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel

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