Jaz Mirabel Beach

Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel

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( 7739 reviews)
  • 4 room
  • 4.5 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3.5 dining
  • 4 amenities
  • 3.5 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

82 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Beautiful Hotel, you must go!!!!

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Well what can i say about this hotel- its absolutely beautiful!!!
We arrived at the hotel late afternoon after a pleasant flight and transfer.

When you get off the coach the workers there will take off your luggage and put it together in the party that you are with.
This was my first time in Sharm and I was quite surprised about the tight security. Before entering the hotel you have to walk through one of those scanning machines that you walk through at the airport. At first I questioned to myself the need for this but then I figured it was because of the bombings over the last few years and figured it was a good idea.

We went to reception and were given our welcome pack and room key. We were told to walk down some steps outside the lobby area and a driver would take us to our room. Luckily our room was quite near by so we chose to walk. The driver (of the golf buggy type vehicle) brought our luggage up to our room for us. There are no lifts so it was quite helpful!! There are only 3 floors though.

The rooms are beautiful, huge walk-in shower, all marble bathroom, a bedroom with 2 single beds and then you open some double sliding doors to the main bedroom which has a massive bed! The decor of the rooms is very classy and trendy.

There is a mini bar in the room but you have to pay for anything you have out of there so we didn’t bother with it, we just used the fridge to store bottles of water that we brought from the bars.

The balcony is a decent side, we were in an end room so had a good room which overlooked the pool area which was a lovely view.

The pool area is huge- 3 big freshwater pools which are not too cold for swimming in. The one nearest the restaurants is where we used to stay during the day. This one is very is about shoulders high at the deepest point. It’s great though because it’s so shallow where you get in that you can pull your sun beds into the pool if it gets to hot for you to lay in the sun. I find that this keeps you cooler and keeps your body temperature down. It’s also a great way of gettiong a good tan!!!

There are several pool bars which all serve the same drinks. I drank water during the day to keep hydrated and the water was fine- it came in sealed plastic bottles which I thought were very hygienic!

Occasionally, instead of going in the main buffet restaurant at lunch time we would go to one of the pool bars which served snacks from 12-5pm. They cooked these fresh for you and the menu changed everyday but was pretty much burgers, pizzas and hotdogs etc. There are a lot of flies about if you eat outside but its a foreign country so its what you expect I guess.

The beach is quite nice- I’m not a beach lover so we never went to sunbathe there during the day. We did go snorkeling a few times which was nice. We thought we would see more colourful fish than we did though but when we were on the coach on the way home we heard a lady say that the best snorkeling bay was to the left hand side, past the next door hotels jetty- keep walking along and its down there. We used to snorkel at the end of next doors jetty as the hotel doesn’t have its own. You can walk out about 2 miles because its really shallow but you have to be careful of the sea urchins because they hurt apparently so best to use the jetty or walk along to that good snorkeling bay.

We bought some snorkeling gear from one of the shops within the hotel. 2 masks, 2 pipes and 2 pairs of shoes (which you need to protect your feet from the coral) it cost us £50. We got totally ripped off!! We didn’t realise that we could haggle with the shop owner so we just paid what he said- I know, how thick are we eh? We though that haggling was for like markets and places like that not proper shops-please don’t make the same mistake. I’m sure we could have got that lot for about £20 at the most. oh well:-(

We used the spa once which was really nice- a massive Jacuzzi and a couple of steam rooms and saunas- be careful when walking between the sauna and steam room though because its extremely slippy and my boyfriend nearly fell flat on his face.
My boyfriend used the gym which had various machines but had to come back to the room as the whole hotel had a power cut and he knew I would be scared- it was pretty scary though, pitch black everywhere, didn’t last for long though.

Our Air conditioning broke one night and it was unbearable in the room but it was fixed straight away the next morning by the maintenance guy. I was impressed how quickly he came, mind you he did wake us up at 8.45am to come and fix it!!

All the maids out there are men, which I found very odd. Don’t get me wrong he was lovely and he used to leave us love hearts and flowers made out of towels on the bed and he used to sprinkle rose petals over them which was dead sweet, I was just surprised that they were all men. We left him 100 Egypt pounds as a tip and he was so grateful- bless him.

There are some facilities which are not yet open in the hotel which are stated in the brochure/internet- the discotheque and a 2 al a carte restaurants. This didn’t bother me as I had read it on the previous reviews so I knew that this was why we got a really good price for the holiday. One of the snack bars is turned into an al a carte Italian restaurant in the evening which you have to book the day before. Its nothing special though so I wouldn’t bother to be honest.

The main buffet area with serves lunch and dinner is fine. It had lots of different dishes and they cook pasta for you and omelets etc which are nice. The foods nothing to write home about but I never really enjoy the food abroad anyway so I can’t really comment on it for you.
There is another buffet restaurant which serves breakfast only. Here they cook eggs for you omelets and pancakes which are all nice. The only problem with the breakfast area is that there is only 1 toaster between everybody so sometimes there was a big queue. Best to get you toast before anything else.

The hotel provides a bus which takes you into Naama bay at night with cost £7.50 return for 2 of you. It’s cheaper than getting a taxi and it’s safe too. We went into town 2 nights for a meal and it was really nice. I’d recommend going into town as there’s plenty of food places to choose from and lots of shops. You do get hassled by the Egyptians a lot, asking you to write a message in their book and then they will give you their business card to take back to England. Please believe me when i say don’t fall for it. Again, we did and we ended spending £50 on perfume they made themselves- again stupid!!! You learn though don’t you so ill know all these things for next time I go back.. Just say to them you have already wrote in somebody else’s and they will leave you alone. They don’t have business cards either- its just a speech to get you into their shops to buy something.

The hotel complex is made up of 4 hotels all together. At the moment this hotel is the only one which is open. They are building the Mirabel Park which is next door- this one has a water slide which looks like good fun. The others they haven’t started yet. Id say that in a few years time the whole complex will be great to visit as you will be able to use all the facilities of all the hotels.

We had no problem with any of the staff there. They we all very pleasant and all made the effort to talk to you. There are a few guys who’s job is to talk to the holiday makers and bring them drinks over to the sun beds etc. They are really nice guys. We never got them to bring us drinks as I’m not that lazy and felt like I was exploiting them if I did so. Obviously they rely on tips so if you do use them please be generous.

Overall a fantastic hotel and I would love to go back in a few year s time to see how it has developed. It’s great though now if you want a cheap relaxing holiday. As long as you’re aware it’s not completely operational then you will love it. I never heard any building work going on or saw any building sites in the hotel itself. Hope you enjoy your holiday if your going here. We sure did!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 11th of October 2006

Loved this Excellent Hotel

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"Mirabel Hotel Sharm El Sheik
Date 9th October
Revewer Trip advisor Member Somerset UK
Stayed here from 24th Sept 2006 to 1st October 2006.
Arrived in the dark so you don't really get a good impression as you reach the front gate it is not so imposing as some of the other hotels along this stretch of road from the airport.
However this is all very deceptive, they are still building their impressive entrance,so the small gate you enter will become the side entrance for all the shops at a later date.
You drive down a small dual carriage way which ends with a sw
eeping drive/roundabout with fountains and an airport style security scanner and two guards with hand held metal detectors. Hand baggage is searched and you enter the most impressive marbled hotel lobby with stunning chandliers to be greeted by a courteous and helpful bell captain and directed to the desk where checkin is smooth and unfussy.
The complex is large so once checked in you and your luggage are transported on a golf style buggy to your room.
We had asked and paid for a seaview room and boy did we get one. Right on the beach with a balcony that's bigger than my lounge with sea to the front and pool to the side. Daylight brought out the true luxury of this hotel with stunning landscaped gardens throughout the pool area and we found that we had 400m walk to get to breakfast through the pool and gardens but we soon realised the exercise would be good for us once we had seen and sampled the tremendous array of food available in the restaurants.
All the staff wear name badges and are polite interested in you and also friendly, it was never a problem getting drinks or food either in the casualness of the beach/pool bars or the more formal restaurants. Dress code for breakfast and lunch is very casual I wore shorts most of the time and smart casual for the evening meals. There are two bars open in the evening one with live entertainment and one classed as the quiet bar where if you fancied a puff on the water pipe (extra charge) you could. Both were beautifully decorated and air conditioned if you needed to be cool, but the outside areas were comforatable at night with a gentle north breeaze. The entertainment was the same couple each night we were there with the same repertoire of songs but the lady had a different dress on each night and she was easy on the eye. The hotel is some 30mins from Naama Bay by hotel mini bus so if you want a lively holiday this is not the place to stay. This hotel is going to get very popular so get there soon to avoid the crowds. It was my wifes birthday whilst we were there and I happend to mention it to a waiter in the pool bar and he suugested cake candles and champagne in the main bar at 10 oclock that evening. The champagne was extra but we were royaly treated and had a table reserved for us with candles on the table ice bucket and the waiters all formed a line whilst the cake was produced and clapped to the table and the group sang happy birthday. Lots of brownie points for me my wife was over the moon. Definitely go again best hotel I have ever stayed in anywhere in the world."

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  • Travel date: Sun 8th of October 2006

A fantastic hotel.

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"My husband and I returned from Sharm last night (ie 2nd Oct 06). We had a great time at Mirabel Beach Resort.

We booked our holidays through Thomson.co.uk (ie now part of TUI, a German tour operator half-own Ibrotel hotels including Mirabel).

WHETHER: sunny everyday (of course) and extremely windy 4 out of 8 days.

GUESTS: a mixture of Brits, Germans, Italians, Russians and other Europeans and Egyptians.

ALL INCLUSIVE: except for imported drinks and large bottles of water, drinks are free of charge - they had various cocktails, local beer, other alcoholic drinks, tea, herb tea, coffee, small bottles of water (water tanks in bars and health spa to fill in), and so on. Foodwise, there were breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, other snack bars. These were served between 7pm and 12am or so - they will provide sheets of paper concerned with all inclusive.

QUALITY OF FOOD: I guess that most ingredients are indigenous to Egypt. They cook a lot of Western as well as Far-Eastern food in the Egyptian style. Some people might not like it, however, I must insist that it was definitely good and freshly cooked. It was never horrible or bland as some people described. In fact, it was the best I ever had out of my 10 holidays in Egypt.

ROOMS: main fittings (tap, showerhead, toilet and so on) are made in Italy and I guess that beddings are made in Egypt. Nonetheless, the room is very clean and deco is stylish enough.

POOLS AND HEALTH SPA: they have a good facilities including the giant jaccuzi. However, the shower cubicles smelt when the weather got really hot.

SNORKELING: you are advised to use the jetty (off next door hotel) as the shallow reef (200-300m or so to reach the drop-off) is very spiky sea urchin infested in particular closer to the drop-off. However, the jetty is too short to get to the drop-off (20m or so) and therefore, you will still have to walk over the sea urchin infested water. Shoes therefore are essential. If you are serious about snorkeling then get - boots and matching fins. Alternatively, you could walk northwards for 15 min to get the safe on-shore entry at the Tower hotel (under construction).

We did not get any stomack problem out there. We are still okay. We drank tons of water out there. We did not get our room cleaned at all. In fact, I brought anti-bacterial disinfectant and cleaned the bathroom even before we started using the room. I am not sure if that worked. Surely, the cleaners work really hard using detergent. My guess for the reported stomack upset was like heat, over-eating (easily done there), dehydration (I saw a girl vomitting due to dehydration ie easily confused with stomack bug) or any combination of them?

Have a lovely holiday!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 2nd of October 2006

Relaxing and Clean but still a lot to learn

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"I have just returned from 7 days at the Mirabel Beach with my friend and have mixed feelings about the holiday. After reading the different tripadvisor reviews I did not know whether to book it, so I had a look on several other websites for the hotel description and pictures - from which I thought looked okay so I booked it. It also mentioned their were 4 restaurants to choose from, however this is not the case. There is one area for breakfast, a buffet room where lunch and dinner is served and then 1 a la carte restaurant which you must book the day before you want to go and the menu did not change in the 7 days we were there. Also you are only allowed to order one drink at a time and if you try and order anymore when you have not finished your current drink the waiters are not allowed to serve you another one until you have finished the first one....and it took on average 10-15 minutes at dinner to get each drink.

On average the food overall was more of a 3 star - very plain and often the buffet food was bordering warm. The staff of the Mirabel were friendly and helpful most of the time, however as two women holidaying at the Mirabel - be warned it was hard to tell sometimes if they were being generally friendly or they had another motive, which by the end of holiday I left thinking that some of the staff (as they are all male - except two) really did see women on their own as an opportunity to push the boundaries of being friendly.

On the up side - the hotel is very clean and the pool area is lovely and relaxing...which is where we spent most of the holiday. You have to pay for anything you have from the mini-bar, the hotel shuttle bus from the hotel to Naama Bay and room service including the actual cost of the food. Overall its still a new hotel with many teething problems especially the lack of experience many of the staff had in dealing with the guests. The food is average and the beach bars often ran out of bottled water and beer by the afternoon. The gym is okay and you also have a spa area which offers massage - I had a thai massage which was great - highly recommend this. Naama Bay is about 25 minutes away by Taxi - I was surprised how far it was and you should also agree the price up front and never pay the taxi until you have got to your destination - we paid 50 Egyptian pounds for one way.

I had a nice break but I was disappointed with several things about the Mirabel - however when the hotel is fully finished I am sure all these things will improve."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 1st of October 2006

Fantastic Holiday

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"My partner and I returned from the Mirabel last week after a wonderful 7 nights stay. We were looking for relaxation, and relaxation in stunning surroundings is exactly what we got. This hotel really is beautiful and deserves every one of its 5 stars, and the staff work tirelessly to make sure that your stay is memorable. We found them nothing but friendly and helpful.

The resort is spotless and we found the selection of all inclusive food and drinks suitable for all tastes and were never bored of it (although I can see how over 2 weeks you may). The drinks and cocktails are also very strong - if you like your alcohol, you'll like it here! We always had whatever we wanted to eat or drink at any time of the day and never had to pay extra - not for fruit juices, cappaccinos or anything. The evening entertainment is limited and low key, but Nama Bay is only 15 minutes away if you want a more lively evening out. I have to say that the female singer wouldn't stand a chance in front of Simon Cowel!

I don't think that you can travel to a country like Egypt without experiencing some sort of stomach upset (teh change in climate and the richness of the food is usually to blame). I had a gurgle during one day of the holiday, but it didn't stop me enjoying my day and my partner experienced nothing. As far as people being sick everywhere - I think this is a case of an over-active imagination! I didn't hear any complaints, and the resteraunts, snack bars and bars were always full of happy holiday makers enjoying their food.

I couldn't fault this hotel - I only wish we had a longer stay!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 27th of September 2006

Not at all bad...but

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"Both my partner and i decided on Mirabel beach for the annual fortnights hols. Mirabel Beach is as stated a new resort and still being finished, though the works are limited to the shopping area and do not disturb the stay at all. Overall, the hotel was of a palacial standard, and i agree that once it is finished and better known, the prices of the stay will increase. As stated in other reviews on this site, the beach is nice but the sea is a little odd and shallow though a half hour walk along the 'prom' takes you to a conventional holiday beach, by an unfinished hotel. I am a frequent gym/leisure user in the UK, and can say the Mirabel's gym/saunas/jacuzzi's are outstanding. The hotel is multi national, and there were many Italians and Russians during our stay. The Italians did seem to have some sort of demonic animation team, who insisted on playing a strange euro pop song over and over on the loudest PA system ive ever heard, at various times of the day, starting at 10am, just prior to announcing the days entertainment . There was a plot by the Brits to sink this system in the pool but they locked it away at night.
The '....but' was the stomach bug mentioned above. Both myself and partner had it on day 3, requiring a day and half in bed with terrible stomach cramps, aches and flu like symptoms, and the following 2 to 3 days never more then 50 meters from a loo!! Yes, it did pass and we were able to get on with the holiday, that is until my partner got the bug again in mid week 2. I have to say, the bug spoiled it for us, and the not knowing where it eminated from made going to the restaurants feel a bit like we were entering the lions den. Thankfully the quality of the hotel made being ill easier than being in one of a lesser standard. In chatting to others that stayed, it was not a bug limited to a few. Most had had it, had it or were due to get it, and i include other nationalities in that list. Until the source, be it the way the food is cooked, stored or a completely other source is found, this hotel will not achieve full marks from me. Shame."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 23rd of September 2006

fantastic hotel

Reviewed Thu 1st of November 2012

"The only fault we had with this hotel was the lack of evening entertainment, that said everything else is superb, the rooms, the food, the staff, the layout, the gym/ relaxation facility, true many things are not ready yet, but I fear that when this hotel is fully functioning it will be very expensive I read previous reports of people being sick all over the place! I was there at the same time and saw nothing of the sort, I did however hear people who were on an evening flight to gatwick, dissappointed at having to vacate their rooms at noon plotting to make a mass complaint to reception about food poisoning in the hope of getting a free courtesey room,"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 16th of September 2006

still plenty of teething problems

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"Stayed at the Mirabell for 7nights and along with the other Thomson holiday makers we were sick. There are serious stomach bugs in the resort,apparently the food, water and pools all were tested but no cause of problem was found. People sick really everywhere, by the pool on the beautiful marble steps outside you name it it has been done. There is a doctor happy to give injections and tablets but this will set you back about £80.00. So that was by far the worst part as most people sick for 2-3 days holidays then was ruined.
The hotel itself is bautiful and once you go to Nama bay you'll appreciate the space and the surraundings.
Beach is some what bizarre, there is water untill about midday, then the tide will go and you can walk all the way to the shipwreck. However simming can be difficult as it really is not deep. The long pier to the left is really long, millions of urchins at the end, along with nice fish.
Rooms were immaculately cleaned, sometimes at 11 am sometimes at 4.30pm so youll never know weather its done. The room maids work very hard. Had asked for a seaview room in advance when emailed the resort, curtious and prompt acknowledgement arrived, yet over looked a building site where work begun at 8.0 am, how ever centrally located block, on the third floor which was a hike.
Food is the buffet, and the snack bars, avoid snack bars as not nice and flies everywhere, buffet ok, not as nice as in the Caribbean resorts we had stayed in (5). Not a great deal of variation, however was never hungry, could be because the bugs.
Drinks in all inclusive option are digusting , very limited, have to pay extra if you want a decent drink. Plenty of bottled water around, always sealed. All fresh fruit juices will cost you more.
No ala carte restaurans were available, no disco or club. Entertainment was eventfull to scary, most nights in bed by middnight. Very boring in the evenings.
The entertainment team caters mainly for the germans and the italians not much really going on, very little participation again maybe due to illness. Ireally am not joking it got pretty bad, Thomson rep said must be something in the air.
People with kids said they didnt want to go to kids club as again this was in italian or german.
Plenty of sunbeds both by the pool and the beach, never had to fight for one.
Shops in the Mirabell mall are ok but if they ask for 100 you offer 30 as this is how you get good deal.
The room safe not very safe can be cracked with 123456 then its open as we discovered.
So all in all stunning hotel luxery marble everywhere but several thing need to improve, i believe it was not lack of hygiene as everyting was spotless but it was something. The resort lacks character and life you find in the caribbean, Service was not bad, as usual some staff better than the others but in general they were pleasent. I'd say another 6-12 months this resot will be one of the best but for now it did leave a bad taste in mouth. literally"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of September 2006

Very pleasant stay and great value for money

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2012

"A great hotel and it offers everything you would expect from a 5 star resort - This is definately '5 star' and is exactly as described. Plenty of variety for food and drink however all inclusive cocktails slightly limited. The rooms were very comfortable and well maintained and cleaned etc daily. All towels and linen replaced daily also.
The beach and pool bars are well equiped and we found almost all the staff friendly and helpful however many of the men were 'sleazy' and would nearly always stare at the ladies which made them feel uncomfortable. This would happen even if the ladies were with their husbands and partners.
Overall a fantastic resort which is occupied mainly by europeans which are well behaved at all time as you would expect however some of the egyptian children were left unsupervised and allowed to cause several disruptions in the resturants and bars.
Don't be put off and maybe the hotel should consider sections for the children especially during the evenings?
We would recommend using the spa and a traditional thai massage was fantastic and would recommend to all guests."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 7th of September 2006

Enjoyed the Mirabel !

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in a quality hotel then this is for you.
The hotel complex is not complete and there is minor work ongoing but it will not compromise your holiday at all.
I am not an expert when it comes to 5 star etc but I felt that the hotel justifed such a rating.
The rooms are clean and well maintained and the food and drink are plentiful. The food can become 'samey' but I think that would be the case wherever you ate for seven consecutive days. Not once did I see the same dish and both the variation and quality were good. It's really up to how much you are prepared to try other dishes from other nationalities.
The service overall is good but sometime the communication barriers can get in the way of you getting exactly what you want, however the staff's english was far better than my egyptian so no complaints really.
The entertainment is average but then I am more up for music and dance that would be more akin to Ibiza ! If you want something a little more lively then you can get a the return shuttle bus to Naam Bay for £3.50 return and enjoy the more commercial aspect of Sharm.
Take care getting the taxi from the airport, you will read reviews saying not to pay more than £7.00 but realisticaly most people seem to have paid around £15.00 after negotiating down from £25.00. The taxi drivers seem to have it sewn up between them when you arrive and when it's hot and you are tired then quibbling over a few pounds becomes less of a priority although realistically you know that they are taking advantage. The return limo booked via the hotel cost £7.00 !
Tipping seems to be a theme on the forums and at the start I did tip most people who did something for me but as time went on I found that the service was the same regardless. I tipped one pool guy quite handsomely at the start but never really saw him again that day whereas others served you well without. I did keep the cleaner onside and the room was kept immaculately and my partner found a fine array of animals made from towells on her bed each day.
I would treat the Newspaper man with some caution - buying a newspaper at a heavily inflated price only to be asked two hours later for it's return for onward sale did not go down well and many found his persistence annoying - say no more so as to abide by the rules !
Ladies you will without doubt get attention from the male staff but it is good natured and by being firm but polite you will not encounter any problems.
But this apart be assured that is is a great place and you will have a a fantastic holiday.

Lee and Emma"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 3rd of September 2006

Don't waste your hard earnt money !!! Be warned !!

Reviewed Thu 10th of July 2014

"Every aspect of this hotel behind the beautiful foyer is a complete scam !!
Food...,. Disgusting, wouldn't dish it up to my dog !
Rooms.. Tired dirty and full of Mosquito
Beach... You can't swim, you can't go on the jetty, it's never been finished in yrs.. Your harassed by Bedouin people,
The camel men and worst of all the constant daily harassment by the spa staff who don't understand the
Meaning of NO !! Or they've been told by management to never give up..
Dining.. You'll be lucky if you find clean cutlery, crockery or a real glass and don't expect a table to be laid of even asked if you would like water.
Drinks... Very poor quality, not real juice, a concentrated watered down warm drink., alcohol poor every drink tastes the same and that's even warm
Management.. Mr Ibrahim Halil.. Rude, ignorant, arrogant and has no customer relations skills and ought to be sacked !!
How this hotel has got a 5* platinum rating is beyond me... Bognor Regis Butlins is better and that's saying something..
Disgraceful !! Thomson ought to be ashamed to be a part of this miserable deceptive hotel.. Not value for money.. They want more and more off you every single day, constant tipping for nothing.. Deplorable !!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 9th of July 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness


Reviewed Wed 1st of May 2013

"Just got home and I feel I should write about this hotel, what a wonderful time myself and my partner had, clean, friendly, gorgeous food, excellent service, never once pestered to tip I even witnessed a member if staff refusing a tip saying no problem happy to help. Room was beautiful ,food an service was great.had a fear of Delhi belly an was told to steer clear of ice in drinks and salad,well I just couldn't resist, and I never had a moment of stomach ache all holiday. However I wasn't told of Mosquitos be sure to take plenty of repellent!,,, everything was wonderful and I am in the process of booking for September :) "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 30th of April 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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Top traveller tips for Jaz Mirabel Beach

  • Henderson by Henderson

    "Excellent holiday but it is in Egypt so dont expect English Manners from everyone. "

  • holiday218 by holiday218

    "Was really nice would return again to the same hotel "

  • "I enjoyed the Italian restaurant . also the boat trip and quadbike trip into desert "

  • ssclcamp by ssclcamp

    "Grow a thick skin when it comes to the shopkeepers and pervy waiters!! but you "

  • ssclcamp by ssclcamp

    "Quadbiking in the desert and Na "

  • neave by neave

    "couldnt ask fior better "

  • neave by neave

    "the pyramids and sphinx "

  • GBSportsCoaches by GBSportsCoaches

    "Private Yacht trip snorkelling and Bedwin stargazer night. Truely awesome trips and a must! "

  • fullyalarmed by fullyalarmed

    "Rough & Unfriendly place to go "

  • ponymoore by ponymoore

    "Nice for a relaxed sunshine break "

  • maddog2955 by maddog2955

    "You never have to leave the complex "

  • bren. by bren.

    "just go and enjoy it, fantastic. "

  • Marblejinxter by Marblejinxter

    "Book it, you will love it "

  • Mike Lincolnshire by Mike Lincolnshire

    "Loved Sharm,weather great but this hotel not the best. "

  • Jaffa by Jaffa

    "Not child friendly The food leaves much to be desired "

  • Finn by Finn


  • Jenny by Jenny

    "Beware of the food!!!! "

  • hananturland by hananturland

    "If you want the perfect hotel for the perfect holiday, choose Jaz Mirable Beach "

  • becca by becca

    "not suitable for people with walking difficulties "

  • bad.hound by bad.hound

    "Perfect if you want to stay in resort and enjoy weather / food / sea / drinks etc. Recommend the 8 hr Snorkeling / Skuba boat trip booked at beach - excellent value and day out. "

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  • Jaz Mirabel Beach Hotel
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