Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort

Gardens Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 beach
  • 5 service
  • 5 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 5 food

22 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

Great facilities, great grounds.

Reviewed Tue 9th of October 2012

"I love this hotel. It is the second time I have stayed there, both times being in the Regency Club. We do scuba diving during the day so don't stay at the hotel or round the pools, but coming back from a day on the boat and diving, it is fantastic to go into the spa and steam room to relax! Good selection of massages on offer as well.

Regency Club is fantastic. I especially like the cocktail hour, where you can have drinks and canapes in the clubhouse. Service is excellent. The views from all the rooms is great and it is lovely to sit on the balcony while the sun sets and watch the resort lights gradually go on, it is really pretty.

The Souk restaurant is great fun. You get a bag of gold coins to pay for your dinner and there is always lots of entertainment - and lots and lots of children trying to climb onto the stage.

There were substantially more Russians there in May than in August last year, tends to be more choc full of Italians in August - they like it CALDO CALDO CALDO!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of June 2005

beautiful hotel, noisy building works

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"I have just returned from here Sunday, firstly the hotel was lovley but with over 500 bedroom very big and slighty impersonal. The room were average and due to the size of the hotel it would take us took at least 10mins to walk to our room from the pool! Anyways when we got to the pool we discovered that there was major renovations and my dream of a relaxed week break were shattered as I heard drilling in my hears!
Also, by the beach area there is a new hotel being built next door whcih meant noise there too. As our operator did not mention this to us on booking, she moved us to a better suited hotel the Novotel which was smaller, nearer to town and brand new. So also saved on taxis into Naama BAy!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 14th of June 2005

5 * Resort with 3.5 * Rooms

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"My wife and I have just returned from a very enjoyable week at this hotel. We chose this location for two main reasons. Firstly it was the least expensive 5* hotel in the area and secondly it had a high satisfaction rating on this web site.

Whilst I would agree with others that the resort is a 5* I would disagree that the accommodation was. Our room looked tired and in need of refurbishment, combine this with no hot water, air conditioning that would not get the room temperature below 25 degrees and a bath that would not empty I would suggest that 3 * would be a more applicable rating.

Note, that on our last day we moved to different room so that we could check out at 14.30 rather than 12.00 (cost $50) and the air conditioning, hot water and bath were all ok, though this room also looked in need of refurbishment. So perhaps we were unlucky, or should have complained more.

To me a 5* means those extra touches. Chocolates on the pillows, a change of towels twice per day and free bottled water in the room. Unfortunately there was none of this at the Hyatt.

That said the food in all the restaurants is excellent as is the service. The snorkelling is great with a wide variety of coral and fish to look at right on the doorstep. The three pools are excellent. Note however that as of the 1 June 2005 the centre pool was closed for repair – not sure for how long. This caused some noise and some overcrowding in the two remaining pool areas.

All in all we had a good holiday and I would recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sat 4th of June 2005

Major Pool Works-Hyatt Regency

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"Just got back yesterday - hotel excellent, however major pool works going on - one of the 3 pools is closed - childrens main pool with long water slide and it looks like it could be weeks before the repairs are done.

People having difficulty getting a sunbed, and the Quiet pool for over 15's is being used by parents with young children - so basically not a quiet pool now because of childrens noise and drilling going on

I wish our holiday operator had told us before we left for this trip as the whole point of this holiday, was going to this hotel for relaxation, peace and quiet"

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  • Travel date: Sat 4th of June 2005

Hyatt - best hotel in resort

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"Having read the reviews of this hotel, and many others prior to booking I thought it only fair to contribute the feedback from our visit to the Sharm Hyatt Regency.

*very very clean. Staff can be seen cleaning all areas of the hotel from the moment you leave your room in the morning up to the time you close your door at night.
*staff excellent and very helpful. Obviously have a good training programme in the hotel as all are equally keen to assist.
*check in/out fast and painless. Refreshing free drink on arrival

*Large rooms, marble floors. Plenty of storage. In room electronic safe as standard.
*Nice large and very comfortable bed. Clean white bed linen.
*All have balcony area with sun lounger, chairs and table.
*Satellite TV. CNN, BBC World, 3 English movie channels...
*Bathroom very nice – all marble. Lots of nice towels.
*Bathrobe and fluffy slippers as standard.

3 pools on different levels 08.00 - 18.00. A shallow (1.45m) 'lazy-river' pool. In the middle a deeper pool. The lowest pool is reserved for guests of over 15yrs. The 'quiet' pool tends to fill up earlier in the day than the others - the older guests are more prone to the pre-breakfast sun lounger claiming
*Free poolside towels, can be changed as often as required
*All day poolside drinks/snacks service
*Snorkelling great – masses of tame sea-life to see out on the reef. Sea is very clear and warm.
*Topless bathing discouraged. Understandable in a conservative country.

Food and drink
*Bottled water 15 EL. The same water can be bought in Naa'ma Bay for 3EL. Drink as much as you can it is very hot
*Beer 28EL (Heineken 330ml, or 500ml Sakara Gold - very palatable Egyptian lager).
*Picture of lunchtime menu from one of the two open-air cafes is attached to this review. Both served food of a high standard.
*Both the poolside and beach bar use water misting to help reduce the temperature whist eating / drinking.
*Thai restaurant very nice, meal for two £50-80 (excl drinks). View from the eating area is amazing, especially during full moon.
*Beachside bar closes at 17.00 to reopen at 19.30 as a seafood restaurant. Guests choose from a variety of seafood, this is then cooked in the style of your choosing. Price includes salad first course, rice/veg with the fish and ice cream. Be warned that the cost can soon add up. Our meal 785EL. One guest was overheard speaking to his partner - 'baby, we've just spent 92 quid on fish...' ouch. The location and ambience is however very nice and relaxing - the best place in the hotel for a romantic meal.
*Eating in Naa'ma Bay is much cheaper - there are a great variety of restaurants to choose from. Prices for a meal for two, including beers starts at around 160EL - not bad!
*Many restaurants/bars in Naa'ma Bay offer the opportunity to try shisha/hookah pipes. These are relatively inexpensive 15/20EL and good fun after a meal.
*Breakfasts (07.00 - 10.30) can prove slightly hectic. Arriving in the last 20 minutes can result in queues to get into the venue. Great selection of fruit / cereal / cooked food / great pastries. Omelette chefs very good, pancake chef even better. Hope you went on a diet before you come here.
*One small complaint - the resort is home to many sparrows. Whilst they proved no bother during the rest of our stay they were at breakfast they could be seen flying into the restaurant – eating food from empty plates and more disturbingly tucking into the pastries on display. Yum.

*Contrary to some other reports here the blue/white local taxis are not an Egyptian version of Wacky Races. They are cheap and plentiful. Allow 30EL for a taxi from Naa'ma Bay to the hotel.
*Air-con new style Mercedes taxis can take you from the hotel to Naa'ma Bay for 56EL. Much more refined way to travel.
*Hotel offers a free bus to Naa'ma Bay 3 times a day. Evening outbound at 21.00, collects to return to hotel at 23.00. In busy times they send more than one bus
*Transfer to/from airport is around 10 minutes
*Airport whilst busy is not the chaos of some other airports around the world
*Time from arriving the airport to having checked in was 15 minutes.

Our stay at the Hyatt was great. Amazing hotel, very safe, very clean and from what we saw head and shoulders above the other hotels in the area. Did not see one football shirt in the Hyatt all week – what better recommendation for a good hotel is there than that?"

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  • Travel date: Fri 27th of May 2005

Excellent 5 star hotel!

Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"Myself and my boyfriend visited Hyatt Regency for one week on the 15th May and had a excellent time!!! I definately give the hotel 10 out of 10 and would definately call it a 5 star hotel!!

We got taken for a ride getting from the airport to the hotel as we were charged £20 english pounds and we found out later that was far too much money!!! Overall though it is very cheap - taxis, dinner, lunch - the only thing that was VERY expensive was small shops for bottled drinks and crisps, biscuits etc - so if you have children I definately reccomend you take some stuff with you!!! (ooh and wine - and its horrible!)

The hotel is located uphill away from the roadside which was perfect - it was sooo quite and a stones throw from the private beach! We upgraded to a beach front room and was soooo pleased with it - it was gorgeous - well worth the money!

The three pools were very clean as the pool guys are constantly cleaning them and the waterfalls were ideal for the hot weather and the slide is great fun for all the family!

The restaurants were excellent and also the bars in the hotel. The breakfast was buffet and they had everything you could think of - it gets quite busy though so go early otherwise you have to wait for a table!

We went snorkelling off the jetty from the beach and thought it was fantastic - def a must!!! We just mainly relaxed round the pool - didnt really visit places as Cairo is 4 hours away and the weather is soooo hot!

The only bad point to egypt is the food - I had a bad belly out there and a few other guests we spoke to had aswell - i think this is because we ate outside the hotel as when we had lunch at the hotel we were fine! In Naama bay the only english / american type restaurant we found was the hard rock cafe so that was cool - but it did get a bit boring going there every other day as their menu isn't very varied!

So all in all it was fantastic and would def go again...just be aware of taxi drivers - they try to buy you for 3 camels and think they are in the game 'crazy taxi' seeing who can bib there horns the most and who can get their passengers to their destination he he"

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of May 2005

What we expected

Reviewed Tue 16th of October 2012

"This hotel is rated as a 5*. As far as facilities go, it deserves this rating; it's a fully self sufficient resort with everything you could possibly need, but the rooms are more of an average 4 star.

You approach via strict security & drive through meandering pathways lined with unbelievably green grass & palm trees to a grand entrance with several water features/fountains.

The first thing that you see is the huge wonderful floor to ceiling window in the lobby, offering a breathtaking view of the pools, gardens, and, er, The Gardens (reef that is!). Yes, the hotel is situated on the Middle Garden Reef, one of the best in the area.

Despite normally booking our holidays independantly, we booked this holiday via Cosmos, but upgraded to the Regency Club direct with the hotel. It certainly made a difference; straight away we were whisked in a golf buggy to the Regency Club, where we sat with a cool drink while we checked in. It also gave more privacy, free soft drinks all day, and from 5.30-7.30pm each evening, there are complimentary alcoholic drinks and canapes, cheeses, breads etc on the Regency Terrace. There is also a lovely pool for Regency guests only with ocassional poolside drinks service. The upgrade doesn't get you a better room, but the service is much more personal, and if I went to this hotel again it would only be to the Regency section. That said, if we hadn't upgraded, I'm sure we would have still had a wonderful time as we wouldn't have known what we were missing!

We booked a sea FRONT room (as opposed to sea VIEW) Our initial room was part of one of the Regency villa complexes, but ground floor with no view (except of a hedge!) and was not very private, prior to arrival we had requested a higher floor. The room was lovely inside - 4 piece bathroom with wooden shutters, & a cute U-shaped sitting area off the bedroom, but due to to lack of privacy and a decent view, we were a tad disappointed. It wasn't a disaster, but my husband went to Regency Club reception, and politely asked if there might be any other rooms available on a higher floor, but specifically said that we knew it was a request only and not a guarantee. Luckily, the receptionist said there was a room that had just been vacated that he was sure we'd be much happier with, which would be ready in an hour. You can see from the photos that the view of our new room was wonderful & even though it wasn’t quite as nice and individual as the first, (bulk standard hotel room, only 3 pce bathroom as opposed to the advertised 4 - not that I'm a bidet fan!) we were much happier with it due to the view & privacy.

Rooms have a kingsize bed, with very comfy pillows, air con & ceiling fan. A TV is enclosed in a cabinet. Theres a work table, armchair with footstool, mini bar, several mirrors, hairdryer. Floors are tiled and have ethnic rugs either side of the bed. There are various lighting options via different lamps to create the ambience you want. The bathroom had seperate shower cubicle and seperate toilet cubicle....starting to show it’s age a little though but still ok at the moment. I must say that the rooms are very comfortable, clean (housekeeping twice a day) and well decorated but NOT particularly luxurious if thats what you are expecting. We knew this before through research and so were expecting average rooms. The best part was the sliding doors onto the balcony (appx. 12 x 7' with one lounger, and a dining table and 2 chairs and the view.

The rooms are laid out in different blocks - not big high rises, so you feel like you are in your own small village most of the time. This means that despite it's size, we the resort never felt crowded. The hotel says all it's rooms have a view of the sea, but I judging by the position of some of the rooms blocks, I'd say they use this term loosley.

The clientele was appx 30% Russian, 30% British & the rest a mix of American, French, German and others at a guess. While I'd hate to tar any nation with one brush, like the previous reviewers have said, we too found nearly all of the Russian guests rude and demanding. I know the Brits have a reputation in some of the more popular toursits resorts but I've never seen behaviour like we did from the Russians. At one point a rather large Russian man stood up and clapped his hands loudly twice to get the waiters attention - I cringed. Another time at the the Souk a Russian woman barged past 3 people waiting, including me, and started ordering. Luckily the chef could see what happened and so politely explained that there was a queue and continued taking my order. Now, this type of thing doesn't ruin a holiday, but just be prepared! I vaguely remember reading somewhere that there was a particular Russian Holiday season in May perhaps? So it's possible that it's not like this all of the time.

The grounds are very well manicured, gardeners are constantly pruning & watering, even using a pallet knife to trim the lawn edge! There are three pools on different levels. The first has a lazy river with rock grottos & waterfalls, it's more of a sea green colour to give a natural feel to it. The second is light blue & adults only. The third is similar which is also where you land after riding the corkscrew slide (which is great fun even for adults!). There is plenty of terrace space for sunbeds, and it didn't seem overcrowded, but we only visited those pools for an hour for a bit of fun but used the private Regency pool the rest of the time. When passing we didn't notice a few reserved sunbeds (my pet hate!!!) but not as bad as I've seen in other places.

Restaurants; The Sala Thai is the finest restaurant in the hotel. The surroundings consist of wooden carved panels at every turn, and you can dine either inside or out by candlelight. Service is very good and food arrived at just the right time intervals - the shared platter to start is delicious. We both opted for a Thai yellow potato curry which was delicious. Bill for 2 courses each and wine was appx £40. Cascades serves poolside snacks during the day but we didn't eat here - it looked pleasant though. . Cafe Fresco is open for breakfast & dinner. At breakfast there was a huge selection; sausages, bacon, eggs, fruit, yoghurts, falafels, cereal, a pancake/omelette chef, juices, water... mainly buffet but has EVERYTHING you could want. We didn't try it for dinner, but it offered buffet style or Meditteranean off the menu. The Souk- yes the system is a bit cheesy, but despite being self proclaimed foodies, we really enjoyed it. It's open air, and there are several 'cooking stations' around the outside. There is Italian, Mexican (which sometimes has a curry night instead), Chinese, Middle Eastern and a dessert station. When you sit you are given a basket of freshly made pitta and a bowl of tahini, plus a bag of fake coins, and each represent 20 egyptian pounds (LE) or about £2 sterling. Each station has a list of the dishes available that night (which are all cooked fresh) and the cost. E.g At Olives, the Italian, Pasta Al Forno was 3 coins, you pay your 3 coins and are told how long it will be. You go sit down, enjoy the various entertainment on stage (which we usually don't bother with but did enjoy) and then go and collect your dish. Desserts are to die for, and there are always 3 'ice creams of the day' one of which included basil ice cream, which was really nice. Other than that, we ordered room service for dinner once, which was pleasant enough. Wine - imported wine is over £40 a bottle, however there are a few Egyptian wines for around £11 -£14 a bottle in the hotel. We drink red wine, and found Obelisk the most drinkable. It's not a fine wine by any stretch of the imagination, but probably the equivalent of a cheap casual table wine in the UK that might cost you around £3.50 in the UK - you get the idea! Our average bill at the Souk was about £30 - £35 for 2 courses, wine and water. It is MUCH cheaper to eat in Naama Bay. We had a casual pizza dinner one evening at a lovely restaurant on the beach called Kanabesh, and the huge delicious pizzas are only £1.60. As for average main meal prices in Naama bay, chicken type dishes were around £3-6 and steak type dinners were £5-8 and vegetarian dishes were about £2-4. Wine in Naam aBay was baout £8 a bottle. Jut remember that appx. 22% various taxes will be added to your bill.

To get into Naama Bay, you can either use the one of the hotels fleet of black Mercedes, which I believe was appx. £8 each way, alternatively, directly outside the hotel are the blue and white taxis. Don't pay more than 30 LE (£3) into Naama Bay. We payed 25 on average, but sometimes 30. They will often start as high as 40 but you can bargain with them. It's not the white knuckle ride we had read about, but certianly an experience. They have a habit of thinking they can squeeze between 2 cars and then realise at the last minute they can't - but it's not as bad as it sounds!

The hotel has a gym which has 3 treadmills, a couple of cross trainers, 3 bikes, a stepper and various free weights and a couple of weight machines. There is also a spa which is quite good. I had a couple of 25 minute treatments which range from £18- £22, althoug I felt a bit short changed on the second one which lasted just under 20 mins from entry to exit.

The snorkelling off the hotels pontoon is very good, again, the Russians have a bad habit of congrgating on the pontoon at certain times with no intention of entering the water, leaving it a bit crowded for the true snorkellers/divers to leave their belongings and go into the water. Luckily we could see the pontoon from our room so chose quieter times to snorkel. There was alot more acitivity under the water in the morning and you can see so much snorkelling that we stuck with that rather than diving. There were a couple of jellyfish, but the diving centre said they are the non stinging variety. I didn't take any chances though and used a jellyfish anti sting repellant lotion that I got from www . ifsogo . com going from memory. There is a wide variety of marine life, included blue spotted rays, and yes, we found Nemo.

Everything around the resort has a grand appearance, much of the architecture is marble & there are winding pathways between room blocks & water features at every glance. They certainly don't do things by half in Egypt!

Overall, depending on where you have to travelled to previously, this is a lovely hotel. We are well travelled have been lucky enough to stay in some great hotels throughout the world. Our opinion of the Hyatt - it's too big to be intimate, but the Regency Club does offer a certain level of exclusiveness in an otherwise sprawling resort. After our previous travels, I wouldn't say I was bowled over by the hotel, but still had a wonderful time that I will look back on fondly, and might return to for a winter getaway.

Which reminds me, in early May, the big digital thermometer in Naama Bay was reading 32 degrees at 8pm at night. You DON'T need any type of jacket/sweater."

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of May 2005

first class

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"Stayed at the Hyatt from may 1st to the 15th We visit sharm el sheikh most years and found this to be the best resort we have ever stayed at.
The rooms are very large,clean and comfortable.
We ate in the hotel every night and found the souk to have the widest choice the food was well presented tasty and great value for money
The staff in all departments were very frendly and would go out of there way to make sure you had everything you could possibly want.
Hotel facilitys were all exellent although I found the dive centre to be a little expensive around 400euro for 7 dives with equipment although this did not put me off the hotel.
I cannot put into words how much we enjoyed our vacation our 18 month old son had a fantastic time also the kids club was good plenty of soft toys and a safe,cool area to play .
Cant wait to visit the Hyatt again.
The only slightly off putting thing (although not the fault of the hotel) was the very rude russian guests."

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  • Travel date: Sat 21st of May 2005

Just what we needed.

Reviewed Mon 26th of November 2012

"We spent a week at the Hyatt and loved it from the minute we arrived. We arrived quite late in the evening but had an easy check in with a guide from the receptionist to our room with an additional intro to the hotel. Eating that late was no problem as snacks were available at the Star Bar or room service was also an option.

The rooms were very comfortable; huge king size bed, large bathroom with shower and luscious toiletries.

The resort is huge which means it never seems overcrowded and the staff are more than friendly. There is also a good variety of food and we ate at the Souk most nights. I do agree that it can be a little overpriced and the price for water is a tad ridiculous compared to other hotels where it is much cheaper or even free!

I would definately recommend making use of the spa, it is great to chill out in for an hour after coming off the beach.

The only annoyance of the whole week were the other guests! The Russians or other eastern Europeans are extremely rude. I was not only amazed at the way they treated the staff, but the other guests too.

One tip, you have to play by their rules by getting to the beach before you have breakfast and secure your spot on the beach. We left it too late on the first day and struggled to get a bed.

Overall, we had a great time and would definately go back."

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of May 2005

.....but otherwise great.

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"so, this is a vast resort. meandering lanes, bridges and steps all softened with alot of vegetation. the rooms are spacious and well equipped. several niggles: holes in some of the linen, leaking shower cubicle, terrible toiletries, noisy fan/air con..but otherwise great. the pools are plentiful and didn't seem crowded, although why anyone saw fit to lay the pool areas with crumbling sandstone titles beats me. the 'crazy' river and water slide are great additions and similarly weren't over used. the beach areas, are not of a maldivian quality - but you're there for the reef and the tame sealife. access to the sea is a little tricky unless you want to launch yourself off the wobbly jetty. but it's all good fun. food is of a pretty high standard in all of the 'outlets'. the Thai restaurant is the high light (book early), the cafe fresco buffet the low light (if visiting the cafe, just ask for the menu - it's better quality and value - unless you can eat your own body weight in kofta). the souk experience could be fun - but again a little costly for what it is. The beach grill always seemed deserted in the evenings....obviously the 'buying your seafood meal by it's weight' offer wasn't selling. room service is also a good option.

Alot of people here have mentioned the regency club, and upgrading is worth it - for the quiet private pool/beach, the chance of a umbrella to escape the intense sun, the calmer breakfast experience and the free drinks/snacks all day (buying water/drinks in the hotel mounts up). there are some shops on-site, but these are seriously over priced. oddly one shop was selling counterfeit designer handbags. Does this mean that Hyatt as a company endorses the sale of fake goods?

the level of service is extremely high - there is a genuine sense of doing all they can for you. everyone says 'hello' from the waiters to the gardeners (and there are alot of them). some members of the regency team need a few more 'soft skills', saying things like 'you look tired' and 'you should do something more interesting than sitting by the pool' to guests, is not only inappropriate but missing the point of the place entirely.

despite being a big hotel - it never seems that chaotic, and there a fair mix of nationalities...and not that many kids. it's reassuring that someone else has mentioned the aggressive russian contingent. there are large numbers of them - making life less than easy, deliberately or not.

the only downside....there is a great sense of artificiality about the place. you really could be anywhere in the world. disneyesque levels of manicuring have been used (the place is spotless), which on one hand is great but on the other is a little odd (there is desert all around the hotel obviously - but it's lush within the resort); turn off the sprinklers and the place would be a dust bowl in a matter of days. but that shouldn't detract from the hotel's superior facilties and atmosphere."

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  • Travel date: Sun 15th of May 2005

Amazing Hotel

Reviewed Wed 1st of September 2010

"I have just got back from sharm el shike, stayed at the hyatt regancy hotel. To start we got picked up by a private taxi to the hotel.The hotel is stunning, very clean, gardens are beautiful. The hotel is right on the beach and if you get a sea view room, you get the most amzing views of the cristal clear sea! there is a bar on the beach wich has great food all day long. there are 3 main swimming pools, that are so clean and well looked after, around the pool you have pool butlers, and pool men. They will serve you food and drinks all day.
if you tip them every few days only about 20 egyptian pounds, they will be very greatful, as they do work very hard, is such heat!

all of the hotel is airconditioned and there is no additional charge for air con in your rooms, you can leave it on all day and night. hotel rooms are very clean, and cleaners come in every day, and will do a brilliant job. also if you tip them every few days, they will leave extra soaps, water ect for you.

the staff at the hotel, are excellent they will help you with i anything you need at no costs.

i did an excurshion to cairo to see the pyramids of giza. we booked the trip at the hotel with thomas cook, it cost £75 english pounds for , the 7hour coach trip there and back, a visit to the museum, boat ride down the river nile, all included buffet luch all you can eat at the hard rock cafe and a vist to the sphynx. the coach is a fully air conditioned and decent amount of room. when you go to the pyramids be aware that the local people will try and normal manage to sell you things. also the torist police, are ok, but they will try and take a take a picture of you, with your camera, be aware they will ask for money, and its best to either avoid them, or if you do have this situation just give them 20 egyptian pounds and they will be more than happy, as its best not to mess with them. cairo is very busy and hectic, there are people on the streets and live in very poor circumstances, but it is still worth the trip!

if you decide to get a taxi to Na'ama Bay, be very careful, as you may end up the wrong end of it, ask to go to the centre of naama bay. we had a bad experaince where we were lead into a perfume shop, they tried to get us to buy some perfume, and alough we said no many times, they get very insulted and it can be scary, they will be very over friendly, and ask where your from ect,just to try and befriend you. if they do not let you leave, just buy somthing. its very very cheap, it will be less hassel for you.

the hyatt has a free shuttle bus to naama bay, and the centre itself is very good and safe, theres starbucks, pizza hit,mc donalds and more well known places to eat.
if your thinking of goin snorkeling, then you can buy them very cheap and good qaulity. wear water shoes as its all coral.

water is expensive at the hotels, so go to a supermarket and you will find some, again its very very cheap.
I would recommed this holiday to couples, families and keen divers.

over all the hyatt hotel is brilliant and so is Sharm El Sheikh!



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  • Travel date: Tue 31st of August 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 5 Amenities
  • 5 Food

Fifth time and it's till good

Reviewed Wed 7th of January 2009

"This was our seventh visit to Sharm. When we came some years ago the streets were dust, but now, for better or worse they're paved, and the nightlife in Naama Bay is interesting, there are some very good restaurants, but don't stay in hotels in the town.
The Hyatt is a short taxi ride out of town, built like an ampitheatre overlooking the beach, with a majority of rooms having a sea view.
The restaurants are all good, except the Thai which is a little strange and expensive, however in the Souk there are five mini kitchens all cooking different food to tempt you and there is usually a floor show which is not too overpowering if you don't wish to watch.
The beach restaurant is very pleasant overlooking the sea, and serves dinner also which is very romantic.
There are three waterfall pools and a childrens slide which is supervised, and one of the pools is a quiet pool for adults, however, although we like pools and are good swimmers the beach and the snorkeling is hard to resist. About 20 yards offshore is the 'Middle Garden' reef which runs for miles in either direction, and you can patrol that reef all day long and see something different every time, which is why we have been to the Hyatt five times, and plan another trip in the Spring. If only we could find another jewel like this on the Hurghada coast to tie in with the Nile Cruise. "

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  • Travel date: Wed 7th of January 2009

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    "Dananeer restaurant for a massive fish menu - book. Pomadoro restaurant both in Naama Bay "

  • snoopy123 by snoopy123

    "enjoy it! its an amazing place "

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