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Heres an update to the Scam at Sharm air...

Reviewed Wed 8th of October 2008

"Heres an update to the Scam at Sharm airport regarding charging me in excess of 350GBP for excess baggage that was not over weight.

Thomas Cook failed to produce "Callibration Certification" to their "Check in Scales " at this airport but assumed that I would accept their assurances that their Scales weighed correctly.

As i intended the matter to go before the court I demanded that they produce the corect CALLIBRATION Documentation that all scales national and international must have. I also requested 6 months prior maintenance records for the scale we checked in on. Again Thomas Cook stated it was not possible to produce the documentation that I requested.

The travel agent who supported alll my claims against Thomas Cook then agreed to pay me 1000.00 in total compensation settlement which included full reimbursement of the Baggage Scam at Sharm airport. The travel agent are now fighting Thomas Cook directly for the money they have paid me. This action avoided both Thomas Cook and Ilkistone coop Travel been summoned into court.

I am happy with the result even though it did take 6 months to resolve the issues and I advise any traveller to remain determined in seeking compensation in situations that echoe this experiance.

There appears to be a global trend by greedy foreign airport check in staff to operate this excess baggage scam in the hope that they get paid cash they can then pocket!!!!

If you fall foul of these crookes make sure you pay by visa and take the matter up when you return home.

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  • Travel date: Wed 8th of October 2008

Me and my boyfriend stayed in the Novote...

Reviewed Thu 28th of August 2008

"Me and my boyfriend stayed in the Novotel Beach, before booking where we were not told which of the two (Novotel Beach or Novotel Palms) we would be staying in, we were told that we would find out bascially when we were there, I found this annoying that Thomas Cook could not tell us which hotel we would be staying. However, when we got there, I was pleased to find out that we were staying in the Novotel Beach. Once we were of the plane, and were having our cases loaded onto the coach, I found it very annoying that the man who was loading the coach held his hand out for money? I don't think anyone that got on our coach gave him any... It was only us and another couple that got off the coach at our hotel.
The hotel was immaculate, friendly staff, although a bit overwhelming, having never been to Egypt before, I only knew what to expect by what others had told me. The hotel was beautiful, although being on a busy dual carriageway, you could not hear the noise from the road once inside the hotel. The Novotel Palm is directly opposite the Novotel beach, with the dual carriageway sperating them, not recommended if you have young children, there are however, men standing each side of the road to help you across if need be.
The room was spacious and very clean, but we found that we had no lock on our patio doors, however, this was fixed almost immediately. Other than that I could not make a complaint about it.
The pool was very clean and surrounding areas and the private, sandy beach was lovely too, definately got to give the snorkelling a go, you only have to go out a few feet before you can see the fish. There was always sunbeds available round the pool and the beach so you didnt find yourself waking up at a ridiculous hour in the morning to go put your towels out for a sunbed. Fresh beach towels are provided at the hotel everyday.
I did find that there were not many english people in the hotel, and during the day there would be a few large egyptian families around the pool, which I found strange as I have never witnessed this before on holiday, however, there were no bother.
The weather was very hot 38-40 everyday...
The breakfast in the hotel was nice, we didnt have breakfast everyday, even though we were bed and breakfast. However, there was huge seletction, something for everyone. We had lunch there once, but found that it was quite expensive compared to the places outside the hotel.
The main town is about a 10-15min walk, but along the walk, there are lots of shops and restuarants. Often the egyptians will try and force you to come into there shops and restuarants, best thing to do is politely say no and carry on walking as they cannot leave the shop behind. The main town is great, cheap food and really nice too. Hard rock cafe, a must. Haggling is also a definate, you'll find that everyone does it and it always pays off. Also taxi's will beep at you as you walk down the street to see if you need picking up, we ignored them most of the time. However, if you decide to take a taxi, always agree on a price before, as they are quick to change their minds. We rang a taci from our hotel once, to go into OLD sharm, this was very surreal and was completely different to the main town. This is better for finding gifts to bring home and often much cheaper. It is about a 10 miunte taxi ride from the Novotel.

Also, the quad-biking is a must! We booked it through the rep in our hotel (even though we never saw her around the hotel, apparently she was the only rep for the Palm & Beach?) it was very good, but be careful of your money as we had ours stolen off us :( and never got it back.

Overall, the holiday was very good and completely different to anywhere I have been before. I would definately recommend the hotel and may even go back next year!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of August 2008

Me and my boyrfirend just returned home...

Reviewed Wed 23rd of July 2008

"Me and my boyrfirend just returned home from egypt last week and we both had a great time. The novotel PALM hotel is very very nice, its was very clean and the rooms are very spacious and the beds are huge! We also had the same problem as quite alot of other people with thomas cook and the hotel, we did book for the novotel BEACH but then recieved a letter about a week before our holiday saying we would be staying in the palm and not the beach. We complained to thomas cook and they explained to us that when you are booking the hotel there is a drop down box which states which hotel you want to stay in... well yes there is a drop down box but it certainly does not state which hotel is which. If you book through thomas cook online you will find that when you are choosing your room there is a drop down box, it will show up a number of rooms but not the hotel but the more expensive room will be the beach. For example say it said pool view room £40, then underneath pool view room £60, the more expensive of the two will be the novotel BEACH hotel and the cheaper the novotel PALM!!
To be honest i was quite glad i was in the palm as personally i thought it was alot nicer, it is alot more private and the pools are alot nicer and bigger than the beach aswel,yes there is quite a busy dual carriage way in between the two hotels but this wouldn't be a problem unless you had small children who needed a pram( the pavements are quite high) or you couldn't walk at all! Don't take any notice of these people who say 'ohh its soo busy you even need someone to cross you over'. there only there to keep you safe, i certainly did not feel unsafe crossing the road on my own, i don't think any sensible person who knows how to cross a road would!
Overall the hotel was perfect and i don't think i could have been any happier anywhere else, it was by far one of the nicest hotels around naama bay.
Naama Bay is about a 10-15minute walk up the promanade, there are some lovely restaurants along the way too! The centre is very busy, especially at the height of summer as the the shop traders are trying to sell their products to the tourists. You do get hassled but if you have been to places like turkey its just like that, you just say no thankyou and walk on and they will leave you alone.
There are some really nice things to buy and they are quite cheap aswel. Haggle on everything and i mean everything, the only thing thats a set price is the food but other than that u can blag your way in anything from clothes to perfume, souvenirs, drinks and even excursions!
If you do go on any excursions don't go through your airline like thomas cook or whatever, just go to the local excursion shops because it is alot cheaper and it will be exactly the same trip and they will pick you up and take you back to your hotel, and don't worry they are trustworthy, they won't rip you off or not turn up.
The only complaint we had was the price of alcohol!! O my lord it is sooooo expensive to drink out. If your hotel is all inclusive thats not so bad( but do check when they stop serving as most are 10 or 11 at night) but to drink in namma bay its too expensive. Beer isn't too bad thats about £2.00 for quite a large bottle but everything else is way too over priced. Cocktails are all round about £6-7 each, things like vodka, malibu,whisky etc with coke or whatever are all about £7 each!! Shots are also about £4-5 each aswel and they aren't strong either. For some reason their vodka is not as srtong as ours and you can certainly tell aswel, even when i had doubles i still couldn't taste the vodka. So be warned if you fancy going out getting drunk and having a laugh i suggest you either go to thier shops and buy alcohol from there or buy some from the airport in duty free and have a few drinks before you go out because its way too expensive to go out and have a a few drinks because even 4 drinks would knock you back about £30!!!
The clubs are expensive aswel, the club pacha is always round about £22 (£18 if you go and get the tickets the day before!!) and all that inlcudes is entrance and a free drink which is a crappy small, warm can of beer! so if you fancy doing some clubbing there make sure u take some extra money because you will need it!
Everthing else is cheap though, can normally get a nice three course meal for about £10-15, and the food is really nice aswel. TGI Fridays is very nice and good value for money, also we really enjoyed the mexican bar, the italian(think thats next to little buddha) there you can get very nice pasta and a large pizza which i thought was very nice and that was only £4!
Overall we really enjoyed our time over there, the weather was perfect not a single cloud in the two weeks we were there( and you do kind of get used to the heat so don't worry lol). Don't think we would go back as i think it's the sort of place that once you have been and seen everything youv'e done it all but if i was ever to go back i would most definatley choose the novotel palm!
!!! Don't go with thomas cook, the rep at the hotel was lovely but thomas cook itself is terrible, its been over a month now since we made a formal complaint and they still haven't responsed, so do try and go with another airline if you can, if not do just double check which hotel you are in and get written confirmation of this!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 23rd of July 2008

just returned from a fantastic holiday a...

Reviewed Sun 20th of April 2008

"just returned from a fantastic holiday at the Novotel Palm Sharm El Sheik booked our flights and accommodation seperatley the hotel collected us from the aiport free of charge. as a family of 5 it is often hard to find hotel rooms to accommodate all of us in one room the rooms at the novotel palm were great with a very large double bed bunk beds and a sofa. the hotel itself is very new only been open 3 months so everything new and clean. the pool areas are brilliant lovely comfy sunbeds, complimentry towels and not too busy infact some days had the pool to ourself. The food is good and plentyful. The beach can be reached by crossing the busy dual carriage way (but the hotel security are there to assist) and going through the sister hotel. the centre is a nice ten minuite stroll along the beach promanade. The staff are very helpful especially the animation and kids club team. The only downside was the price of the drinks £2.00 per can of pop, £3.50 per can of lager, £20.00 per bottle of wine.
All in all a fantastic time and hope to return again."

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  • Travel date: Sun 20th of April 2008

Please be very aware when booking for th...

Reviewed Wed 26th of March 2008

"Please be very aware when booking for the Novotal in Sharm...there are 2 the Novotel's The Beach and Palm, the first on is pretty self explanitory as it is on the front with the private beach BUT many people who have booked for the Beach end up in the Palm which is across a very busy dual carriageway, so busy that securtity gurads cross you over!! Lovely as the Hotel and Staff are, Thomas Cook DO NOT explain this other hotel and the only way you know is your invoice which will say Palm Room.
We feel we were mis sold our Holiday and met at least a dozen people who had the same experience. Please double check when you book to save yourself the trauma that we endured.
The rating above if refers to the Hotel and Staff 10/10 but Thomas Cook 0"

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  • Travel date: Wed 26th of March 2008

Marvellous family week in the sun....

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"As the previous reviewers stated a virtually brand new hotel, in a great location, and a much higher standard than a UK Novotel.
As there are 3 of us we opted to move into a family room rather than share a double at the Novotel Beach side - just send them an e mail they are really accommodating, they even picked us up from the airport free of charge.
The room was a mini apartment, with a separate section for kids; bunks built into the wall, and a door separating it from the main bedroom, great 'wet room' type shower, minibar/fridge, safe & air con, nice balcony, even a kettle arrived after our first day.
The hotel is still 'bedding in', and not everything is finished, but the building work is really unnoticable.
When fully established the kids club will be very good, they have separate buildings for activities, small pool/waterslide area, top quality climbing frame (supervised with helmets & harnesses for the children), mini skate board park (awaiting the instuctors arrival when we were there), mini football & hockey pitch, with a really good team running the whole thing.
There are 3 pools, 2 obviously in the main section of the hotel, the other one a small one at the top of the development, again this had not opened.
The animation & pool staff were really helpful, not pushy so if you don't want to join in that's no issue.
Plenty going on at night on the beach side.
We just opted for B&B, the food was really good, especially if you like eggs!
Our only real concern was the road, which turned out to be a dual carriageway with a very wide nicely planted central reservation, and the hotel must have taken note of concerns as there are now security guards on each side acting as 'school crossing patrols' on each side - although why only one of them had a hi-vis jacket remains a mystery!
Personally I am not a big fan of Naama Bay's shopping & night life, I guess it's a culture thing, but I would have spent more if not hassled all of the time, but this hotel enabled us to avoid that if we wanted too, plus with the added benefit that very few Russians seem to have discovered it yet.........."

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  • Travel date: Tue 25th of March 2008

Not the hotel I thought it was!!

Reviewed Wed 7th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a week in the Novotel Palm and it was not the week we thought we were getting. My party (me 52, wife 51 and daughter 22) were supposed to be booked into the Novotel beach hotel, after I booked it specifically.
When we arrived, we found out we had been booked into the Palm and I was not amused. The Palm is situated across a busy dual carriageway behind the original Novotel and this is the problem as this is the main road through Sharm. Apart from taking your life into your hands every time you cross, there are the taxi drivers who keep stopping to ask if you want a taxi and this gets tiresome after a while. The hotel is a brand new (as of Feb 2008) complex and is very clean and the staff are mostly very helpful. I have stayed in Sharm quite a few times and I dive, therefore I am out for most of the day, though as my family are with me, I like to have them stay in a nice hotel.
As the hotel is not quite finished, the facilities are limited, with no shop or entertainment unless you cross the busy main road to get to the older hotel and of course you have to go to the older hotel if you want the beach. The rooms we were booked into had no working air con and we requested to be moved, and after a bit of persuasion, we were upgraded to superior rooms, one of which also had non working air con.
Call me pernickety, but when I book 5 star, I expect things to work. If I book 3 star, with 3 star prices, then I am prepared for the odd problem.
The rooms in the Palm are bigger (so I am told) than the older Novotel Beach, but as far as I am concerned they are not fitted out as 5 star rooms and the only difference between standard and superior rooms is a bit more space and a bigger balcony. I compare 5star luxury with the likes of the Hyatt Regency, which I have stayed in a couple of times. The beds in the Novotel are acceptable, but not the most comfy in the world, whereas the Hyatt are literally a dream to sleep on (pardon the pun). On the plus side, the hotel is quiet and there is not a great rush for the sun beds.
Hotel food prices are also very steep and as you can guess, many of the guests go into Sharm for dinner if they are not staying full board. Typical prices for lunch in the hotel would be (Salad £5.20, Coke £1.50, plate of fries £2.00 bottle of beer £3.20) and considering that Sharm is a cheap place to eat, that is a lot of money. If you want good food at reasonable prices for an evening meal, I can highly recommend Pomadoro which is located on the main street in Naama Bay at the Camel Dive Centre. Would I go back to this hotel? NO. Would I recommend it? Only if you can get a good deal and you don’t mind crossing busy roads."

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  • Travel date: Mon 24th of March 2008

Well – just back from first trip to Sh...

Reviewed Sat 22nd of March 2008

"Well – just back from first trip to Sharm! Many thanks to previous posters which really helped us plan our trip – so I thought it only right to post a brief report for others benefit!

We booked the Novotel following glowing reviews online….. and got put in the Novotel Palm over the main road, further from the beach. We thought we'd check out both of them on arrival before kicking off about it, and lucky we did! I think we got the best option. Novotel Palm is the new build, only been open a few months. The apartments were very nice I have to say. Spacious, fantastic bed, walk in shower room. Pillows are rubbish though. Satellite TV was awful, they may as well not bothered. With just a few English channels, CNN which is just seemingly endlessly repeating itself, 3 sports channels and 1 or 2 others that nothing I could bear to watch was on. All the staff were very polite, efficient and attentive. 10/10. Only bind was a 5 minute walk to the beach crossing a busy main road. The security staff try to help you across, but the Egyptian drivers don't take notice of them either and was saw 3 or 4 near misses in a week with cars trying to get round the chap stood in the middle of the road!

The beach along the whole of naama bay is fantastic – if not a little crowded in places.
So, onto the reason many go to Sharm – the diving/snorkelling. To be honest, it didn't quite live up to expectation. I'm a snorkeler/free diver, and have done so all over the world. The trip to Ras Mohammed was poor. Good coral but not teeming with fish. Did see a big mauri wrasse though which was cool, got a pic of me swimming along beside it about 4m down. One of the sites had practically no fish and very strong currents. The boat staff were bordering on the dangerous with scant regard to health and safety – even Thai trips ive been on were much safer. Even to the point of them advising us to go in one direction off the boat which happened to be with the current instead of the sensible method of against the current to start with, after which we struggled to get back. We couldn't gain distance on the surface so had to take a breath and swim a couple of meters down. Weaker swimmers would have been in difficulty. When we go to the boat, 2m from the back, the driver started manoeuvring the boat backwards as no-one had told him we were there! bviously extremely dangerous, and again we could have been in trouble had we not grabbed onto the ladders.
Few clear instructions were given through the day, although to be fair they had 4 languages to contend with. We never knew what we going on, how long at each site etc. I was also disappointed with the level of pollution in the sea, bottles and bags everywhere. The best time we had was off the beach in the middle of naama bay! Fantastic coral and fish everywhere. Quite a few jelly fish on there and the reef though, and still have a mark on my leg from a pretty good sting. Will take my full length wetsuit next time. Nothing we saw was in the same league as the barrier reef unfortunately….. but the closest decent diving/snorkelling to the UK, so we will be back. We intended to get out to the Tiran islands…. But I got struck down with a dose of the ole farohs revenge the night before; thank goodness for the Egyptian remedies! As mentioned elsewhere, immodium didn't touch the sides, so to speak. Had it pretty bad, didn't have the energy to even walk to breakfast let alone eat, yet within 8 hours of taking a ‘bowel antiseptic' and sleeping for a few hours by the pool I was right as rain.

The money does stink, literally. I used anti bac hand moose after every time I handled cash, and before every meal, never drank the water or had ice, yet still had upsets. Maybe from the pool. I've eaten from street stalls in Bangkok several times before as well as India and Cambodia and never had a problem, so I do think it's a bit of an issue out there. Ive never heard of so many complaining of similar issues around the hotel.

What I didn't think was as bad as widely reported though was the hassle from the touts/bars through the town, its worse in Thailand for sure and even some Spanish islands. Yes you get permanently propositioned, but just ignore them and don't make eye contact, they don't even finish the first sentence before moving on to their next target. Don't reply or acknowledge them at all – if you even respond ‘no' to the usual ‘can I ask you a question' they wont leave you alone.
They are buggers for holding on to your change though. Had one trying to tell me that he had thought the 73 LE change from the 27 LE beer was a tip….
Some of the food we had was very good! Highly recommended is Tam Tams on the beach front where the food was awesome and the entertainment pretty good. The Japanese next to it is pretty good too. Little Buddha was good, fantastic soup and sushi, if not a bit dark inside.
Overall I can confirm previous comments – wine is expensive and average at best. The Stella and Sakora lagers are cheap though and may even be better than most back home.

We went on a camel trip…. Never again! Nads are still sore 4 days later! Lol. Bedouin tea and bread? Think PG tips with sugar with plain nan….
Good laugh for an hour or so though – if only because my other half had the only camel flicking flob all over itself.

I was impressed how multi cultural sharm el sheik is. I would guess at around 25% UK tourists if that, which is refreshing IMO. And although as mentioned elsewhere on here, unfortunately many women have no idea that they could be causing offence sunbathing topless or walking around in bikinis in town – but at least if you wanted to sunbathe topless, you're not going to stand out to be honest.

Also on the oft reported baggage scam on the return flight of charging for being overweight when not; they now have some independent weighing scales just before you get to the check in desk so you can weight yourself!

All in all, a good trip, and nicely replaces the canaries which we have seen enough of, as a spring getaway. Was up to 31 when we left on March 20th. I wouldn't really want to be there mid summer I don't think, there's little to shade under, and air con seemed rare away from the hotel.

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  • Travel date: Sat 22nd of March 2008

4 star+ with 5 star+ prices!

Reviewed Mon 10th of December 2012

"We stayed at the Novotel from 3rd-10th March 2008. We had a lovely time generally. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which is what made our stay, along with the company we spent it with. Our original booking was for the Palm, and we are glad we managed to change it because we were with a small group and we would have been in two completely different buildings. I didn't venture over to the Palm as everything we wanted was on our side, but there is a noisy and very busy road splitting the two down the middle! Be aware of this when you book. I'm sure it would be like a completely different experience.

The room we stayed in was perfectly reasonable, and clean, but it felt quite small in comparison to other hotel rooms we have stayed in. Fortunately we didn't spend a huge amount of time inside so it wasn't a major problem. We had a balcony overlooking the front of the hotel which was an average location by our standards but our other party had a sea view - however, their view was intersected by trees/buildings and wasn't a true "sea view" as you'd expect, (especially not for the extra cost) and to make matters worse they said it was terribly noisy from the road. For some reason, whenever taxis/lorries pass by they insist on hooting their hoon. So every few minutes of the day you would get this. Also the fridge/air con unit makes a noise more than it should, and this takes some getting used to. Our other party didn't sleep well for a couple of nights.

Our biggest bug bear however wasn't noise, it was prices. The Novotel insist on charging a ridiculous amount for food/drink onsite. We priced up a Jack Daniels and Diet coke at the bar and it was £9! That's for a single measure, and is more expensive than the Burj Al Arab! We wondered why it was dead during the evenings. People would venture 15 minutes out into town, and find a meal and drink for less than a tenner. We signed everything to the room and at the end of our stay we went to pay - we forgot the service charge and the tax, of course, which more or less added another 25% the cost. So a little point to remember, what you see is not always what you get. There's a distinct lack of printed pricing around the hotel. You have to ask for everything.

Breakfast/Dinner in the Novotel is a mixed bag. If you pay for lunch then you get a lovely selection of fresh food/drink and excellent waiter service. If you opt for B&B as we did, you get a reasonable selection but the service is dire. I guess it's a trait of the Egyptian's and the hot weather but service is not what it should be for a 4 star + hotel. You almost get the feeling they try and cut costs at breakfast. If you're happy to pay extra (and by extra I mean a good £30 for lunch alone) then you do get a good service.

I have to say, the nightlife is great around Naama Bay, if you like that sort of thing of course. Prices are generally low, and there is plenty of choice. The only gripe is the constant onslaught of street traders trying to grab your attention. You do tire of it quickly. But as long as you are polite and firm, they leave you be.

Reading back over this it sound like we had a dreadful time - we sound like a bunch of Victor Meldrews. Don't let this put you off however, we did have a great holiday. I guess we are just a little more selective than most people on here. But it was more the company and the exceptional weather than the hotel that made it for us. For all the little problems the hotel is exceptionally clean, and well staffed, and has a great central location. The staff speak excellent english in most cases, and are very polite. They do make you feel welcome.

To sum up, The Novotel is a slightly nicer than average 4 star hotel, with 5 star prices. Recommeded if you have deep pockets."

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  • Travel date: Tue 11th of March 2008

A quiet oasis in the heart of Naama Bay.

Reviewed Wed 7th of November 2012

"We have just returned from a week's B&B at the Novotel palms Sharm El Sheikh. On booking we did not know whether we were booked into the palm or beach side. On arrival at the airport we were allocated the palms hotel. I must say a slight disappointment as we had hoped to be beach side. However, on arrival after a brief check in, we were shown through the immaculate grounds, past the two large pools to our delightful room. A large double bed, spacious balcony, huge shower and spotlessly clean. Not surprising as it was evident that the hotel was brand new. So new in fact that a good part of the complex was still under construction. However, all work was discreet, quiet and did not cause us any disturbance all week. As a resident of the palms, we were able to use all facilities of the beach hotel across the road. This was a quick stroll through the grounds and across "peace" road. Dodging the taxis that immediately brake, and flash lights in an attempt to get your custom, the road can be a little intimidating for the less mobile, young children or the elderly amongst us. Especially at night where headlights are generally considered optional! The private beach was well maintained and not too busy. The snorkelling was surprisingly excellent, in fact was almost as good 5 meters from shore as it was on an expensive boat trip. The breakfast buffet was excellent, a huge choice, and our very own egg chef who would rustle up an omelette or scrambled eggs at the drop of a hat. During our visit, the hotel was very quiet, a hand full of people round the pools on any given day. Bliss for us, but may not suit those looking for a bit of night life. Having said that, this can be found on the beach side. All in all an excellent week was had!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 1st of March 2008

Brand New Novotel Palm

Reviewed Tue 11th of December 2012

"The Novotel Palm has only been opened a very short while....I haven't been able to find any reviews before i goes.

The Palm is across the road (Peace Road) from the Novotel Beach. I traveled on my own as i was diving, the first impressions are great and i had no problems at all in any way.
I have now stayed in 5 different hotels in Sharm and this now goes down as the best value i have stayed in.
As the hotel was new there doesn't appear to be many guests staying at the moment....i came back on Wednesday evening.

Great family size rooms, very clean...i could go into everything about the hotel but i won't except to will have no problems at all...very quite, central, great staff, good kids club, great grounds....i only stayed B & B so as far as the food went breakfast was also great with plenty of choice. Apparently dinner was fine according to other U.K guests staying there....But go out down to Naama Bay..some great resturants and no expensive.
Other guests were made up of U.K and Italians...thank goodness the Russians don't seem to have invaded at the Palm...not like many hotels in and around Sharm.

Go with complete confidence.....although when i was there on my own it was very quite....which was great for me..hope you like some of the photos i have posted. Mike"

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  • Travel date: Sun 24th of February 2008

Fab hotel; great location, wonderful breakfast & spotless. Couldn't ask for more

Reviewed Mon 22nd of October 2012

"Looking for a last minute winter break the Novotel met all our requirements. The hotel was spotless and was constantly being cleaned. The pool area, bar, restaurant & gym were all to a very high standard as were the spacious well appointed rooms.

The hotel was in a great location for everything.

We booked a couple of trips; the camel safari & the long day trip to Petra both of which were very good value & well organised tours.

The one thing to note is just how cold at night it can get in January. During the day we were in shorts & t.shirts (take a cardi as it can urn chilly in the shade) but in the evening I was wearing jeans, boots & socks as well as a jacket & pashmina so go prepared! Also we were warned that Petra was slightly colder - they weren't kidding! Ideally a warm padded jacket, scarf & gloves would have been the best things to wear as it was REALLY cold & for many being under dressed spoilt a good day out.

Other than not packing the right clothes would I go back - Too right! One week was not enough & I can't wait to return which is unheard of as I usually prefer to visit somewhere new each time I travel. Sharm is lovely despite the persistant street sellers (just smile & say no thanks you) & the Novotel fab."

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  • Travel date: Fri 8th of February 2008

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