Horizon Sharm Resort

Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
4 star hotel

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Never experienced anything like this in Eygpt befoe!

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"We booked for this hotel as the agent assured us that it was OK although not expensive for a 4*. I should have been concerned when I noticed an Italian entry starting "Attention" We've visted in Egypt 5 times over the 3 years, yes we like the people, history, sun and diving. We booked to stay between 1&15 March, All inclusive - what a laugh! Wine not including with meals, drinks and food not included on the Beach! It seemed that everything you wanted was extra!

When we arrived the hotel was suprised that there were 3 adults in the party. They quickly added another bed to the room, a camp bed - my daughter who accompanies us on one holiday a year is 30, fairly pettite but the camp bed they provided was not suitable and also blocked access to the patio doors. Around the pool it was waiter service but it took them 45 mins to serve a drink and that was after 3 reminders. In the afternoon we asked for another drink and they had to search the pool area before they could serve us. The hotel was not full by any means. They didn't seem to have enough crockery or cutelry at meal times with items always running out. The pasta station served just that pasta with a plain tomato sauce and the cheese when they had it was rationed. For those who like toast in a morning it is not the hotel for you either as they don't have a toaster.

Another reason for booking was that the website for the hotel says diving and try dives in the pool. Not on offer when we were there and none of the staff could say where we could book any diving. We finally moved 2 days into our holiday to a fantastic hotel, althought it cost us more - the piece of mind was worth it."

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  • Travel date: Mon 26th of March 2007


Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"more like the horizon sham. ive just come back from there & it is the worst hotel ive been to. the hotel itself is ok but they dont seem to understand the word all inclusive. you were served lager in a wine glass & allowed 1 at a time & hold on to your glass as they run out very quickly. Thats if you can get served as the staff are rude if they dont like you you are the last one at the bar to be served.you had to pay for so many extras including entertainment, wine, water, ice cream, fresh juice etc. the food was the worst ive ever had it was the same everyday & cold i ended up with gastro!
you have to pay for steam rooms & the jacuzzi never worked. the golf course is 2 holes about 30ft apart. the reviews make it look good but it isnt!! i definately recommend the grand azure 5 star over the road & we were able to go there at night time & the drinks were cheaper. there is nothing for kids, there is an entertainment crew but they sunbathe all day. the whole attitude of the place was that they couldnt care less. ps dont lose your key as they charge you £25 & your towel card £10 charge. the place is pants & everyone in naama bay knows the hotel very well, they laugh at you when you mention staying there."

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  • Travel date: Tue 20th of March 2007

don't go

Reviewed Sat 1st of December 2012

"My wife, two young children (aged 8 & 4) and I have just returned from the worst holiday experience we ever have had.

Room- We had specifically requested, booked and paid for a family room at a cost of ₤98, as we had experienced small room size on a previous trip to Egypt. Upon arrival we were shown to a twin room with a camp bed, which we tried to change, but were told that there was no other rooms available. It was not until the evening of the next day that we were able to change to what we had booked.

Water- As we did not arrive at the hotel until 1:00am, there was no drinking water available unless we paid for it and also no tap water so we could not even wash our hands or flush the toilet.

Info/Safety- Within the room there was no information or safety pack which one normally expects within a hotel, even in Egypt.

Food- The food choice was as expected with little choice and quite repetitive as it was clear that food was re-used from one meal to the next (New Years Eve desserts were still being put out 3 days later). The only decent things were omelets for breakfast and Pasta as you could see them being cooked in front of you. There was one 2 slot toaster which in turn created yet another queue.
- During our stay we all experienced diarrhoea with myself also being sick in the middle of the night, which was not a pleasant experience especially with not being able to flush the toilet as again no water.

All Inclusive – The term “All Inclusive” should not be used in the normal context for this hotel, particularly for our children as bottled water, ice cream and even chips were all seen as an opportunity to make money. At the beach drinks and food were not “inclusive” and had to be paid for.

Drinks - There was always a queue for cups at breakfast for tea and coffee as well as glasses for juice, and when you got one the tea, coffee, hot water or juice had run out.

Glasses- The lack of glasses was not just restricted to breakfast as when one wanted a drink it was pot luck as to the type it was served in (beer frequently served in brandy glasses). One got the impression that the staff thought that if they served it in small glass they would be better off, but the reverse happened as the guests needed refills sooner and hence they should have been busier, but they just made everyone wait.. Dirty glasses were dipped in water then wiped with what can only be described as a grubby bed sheet before being filled and in one instance when the beer frothed up over the glass the head was blown off by the bar man.

Entertainment – There was no entertainment with the exception of a “lap top DJ” who did not start until 11:00pm to keep guests at the bar once you had to pay for your drinks.
- Children’s Entertainment did not happen until half way through our holiday and consisted of putting on a CD for 20 minutes at 8:00pm which was always late and frequently did not work well especially when it was dropped and broke.
- Pool table was available, but again you had to pay for it.

Pool- At no time during our week stay did we ever see anyone clean within the pool or the surround, which probably encouraged the large number of flies. The fumigation at 5:00pm each night was extremely smelly and left a “toxic” taste and smell causing our children to cough.
- The drainage channel covers were extremely poorly maintained to the extent that many were loose and in one section (by the children’s pool) completely missing which resulted in our 4year old slipping and twisting his ankle.
- There were only approximately 60 sun beds available around the pool for a 120 bed hotel so you had to be quick to get one which was probably broken with sharp plastic edges or feet missing.
- At the beginning of the week towels were very old grubby and washed out but the last two days new towels were issued.

Security- We visited a couple of other hotels within the area which were all superior in every respect and in every instance the metal detector sounded as we passed through the device whereas at the Horizon we never heard it activate, even when guests went through with full diving kit.

Management – We were not the only guests not happy with the quality of the hotel and its services and as well as individual discussions there were also group meetings with the manager, all of which resulted in no action. (he said if he could change things he would, but then still wanted to charge for the pool table, children’s ice cream, bottled water etc)

Hotels4u- The local agent was un-contactable for the duration of our stay and should not be entitled to a penny of the money we have paid for this miserable experience

We have a list of thirteen other families/couples that like us were extremely disappointed and can back up any of the above

We are not the sort of family to complain, we just tend to get on with things and make the best of the situation, but all of the above compounded to result in the worst holiday experience."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of March 2007

Go At Your Own Risk.............................................

Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"This was what i would call the worst hotel in sharm it was based inbetween a building site so either side was noisy with the builders starting out at 7am banging and clomping about.
There were so many of the other guests complaining it was like a complainers paradise.
I only have one good thing to say about the hotel which is the staff were always friendly ( i do however feel this was because they wanted a good tip).

1. The food was terrible the same every night i had and so did the rest of my party all have a dodgy tummy for the entier holiday along with lots of other guests.
2. There was no fruit at any meal, no toast at breakfast.
3. All inclusive did not mean all inclsuive as you were only allowed certain things during certain times and this did not include the beach area.
4. Money and other items were stolen from the safe deposit boxes one guest has £300 english pounds stolen fromthe box which is based in reception.
we had to keep all opur valuables on us at all times just in case.
5. You had to have a card for your towels for the pool they were very strict if you lost it you had to pay £5... for an old piece of paper.
6. The towels in the rooms were dirty and old not 4 star thats for sure.
7. The bathrooms were dirty and old shower curtains unbearable.
8. The rooms very basic indeed.
9. The beach was basic food in the beach bar again no variety and expensive and horrible again not included in the all inclusive.
10. Our rep was no good he told us that a taxi to neema bay would be £80 but in fact was ionly £40...
11. The egyptians in this area will do everything they can to rip you off be in no doubt....
12. The drinks in the hotel were very very expensive..
13. There is no courtisy room to change in if you have a late flight.
In general the hotel was definately not a 4 star and i would not go back there or recommend it to anyone ever EVER..
So i would go there at your own risk.

Weather was good though......."

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  • Travel date: Wed 28th of February 2007


Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"this hotel is advertised as a 4star it would struggle to get 2stars .
the allinclusive package is a joke no entertainment (unless you pay extra)anything from the hotels beach bar is not included in the allinclusive package,spa facilities sauna no thermastat is very dangerous the massarge beds are rusty and ripped the jacuzzi was filthy and broken.if you have children expect to pay for ice cream and fanta orange as the only drinkswas they have the choice of is coke and sprite(if available).they say you have a mini bar in your room which is just an empty fridge.the list of faults with this hotel is endless.if it was not for the nice people we met this really would have been a holiday from hell !!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of February 2007

this hotel offers everything yet it actually offers nothing

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"i booked a 4* all inc. to horizon resort sharm, it sounded fantastic, the list of activities and facilities were just what i was looking for. I have never been to egypt before and was expecting the same standard i have enjoyed with many other similar sounding hotels. Oh my god how wrong could i be, where do i start! i was travelling with my 5 year old daughter and booked this hotel for its:
1 excellent kids club (it hasnt got one)
2 mini disco ( it hasnt got one)
3 entertainment every night (non existent)
4 gym and sauna (rusty equipment and a sauna to die in) literally
5 mini bar in room (u get an empty fridge)
6 luxury swimming pool (so cold you turn blue)
7 childrens pool (again freezing)
8 jaccuzi (freezing cold not working and dirty)
9 free bus to naama bay (u can use once)
10 childrens park (deadly)
11 bar snack all day (no way no snacks unless u pay)
12 24 hour all inclusive (it finishes at 11pm) then pay
13 swim up bar (couldnt too cold)
14 pool bar (only beer and fanta sptie coke nothing else)
15 all inc drinks (warm no ice they didnt even have enough glasses and there was hardly any guests 50
16 food (reasonable if you like pasta and omlette)
17 mini golf (two flagpoles with no holes and pay to use)
18 table tennis (knackered bats and rusty table)
19 pool table (had to pay and the cues had no tips on)
20 ice cream (had to pay)
21 private beach (had to pay for drink snack)
22 gritty and dirty beach
23 the waiter took your plate from table before you finished
24 the waiters sometimes pestered your kids until they upset them
25 the rooms were clean but sub standard
26 the sunbeds were broken
27 no free diving lesson
28 not all but quite a few staff were overfriendly and intimidating
29 the cleaners were wearing my clothes and bikinis as they were seen parading about in them
30 welcome meeting selling trips and never given any information about anything
31 lose your towel card pay £5
i have just got back and to summarise i would rate this all inc package as a 2* half board. it was shocking! however i met some nice people and had a great time. thank god for nice people"

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  • Travel date: Fri 9th of February 2007

fantastc holiday despite all the problems

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"I just came back from a holiday at Horizon Sharm Resort and I can definetely say that the hotel has a lot of problems and that it is not really suitable for families. It is not a 4 star hotel, but a 2 one.

You have to pay for everything, even the evening shows and the animation consists in a group of 3 poor boys who try their best as the hotel do not provide them with the necessary equipment.

Despite this, my boyfriend and I had a lovely time. We were prepared when we arrived there, as I read the rewiews on this website and I knew what to expect.

First of all I would like to say that I worked in Sharm el Sheikh many times and that the food is not good anywhere, even in a 5 star hotel and I can guarantee that.
Breakfast was good, I do not know about lunch cos we were staying half board, but dinner was eatable, not disgusting. We did not have any problem disease and we ate everything.

Staff was very friendly and helpful, always smiling and greeting, especially people from the shops. They helped me many times.

Rooms were spacious, bright and very clean, provided with balcony, hair dryer, tv and fridge.

The beach is not the best one in the world but the sea life you have from there is one of the best in Sharm.

My boyfriend and I did many excursions, as we met a fantastic guy in Naama Bay called Adam. I definetely recommend him, as he offers cheap prices and discounts and he is also very friendly and honest. You can find him every day from 6 pm to 5 pm on the very first cafe' on the right hand side, opposite a building called MALL 8. Should anyone need more information, please contact me at this address [email protected]
I would be happy to help.

We did not spend a lot of time at the hotel, but I would recommend it to people (like my boyfriend and I) who have very little money.
It is really cheap and because of this we were able to do four excursions. It was our first holiday in 2 years and we had fantastic time. We were prepared so we were not disappointed.

There is a shuttle to the beach every 30 minutes (10 minutes of walk, if you do not want to wait for it) and ther is one every evening at 8pm to Naama Bay. You have to book in advance, but we were able to do it the evening before anyone else.

There are a lot of shops around there and we were able to bring food into our own room. Yes, there is a rule that state that you can't, but we had our own bag and they have never checked it.

We talked to some people from the shops and they told us that they are going to improve the service soon, so I might go back there.

Hope this review helps."

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  • Travel date: Thu 8th of February 2007

All Inclusive!!!!!

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"I have recently returned from the Horizon Sharm and THANK GOD I'm home. When people book an All Incluisive holiday they have a rough idea what this entails. Eating times are structured, so if you fancy food outside these times YOU PAY! I had taken my 7 year old daughter, which meant for ice cream I paid. You Pay for the pool table, internet and anything else you care to think of.
It is quite clear that the Bar staff are on the fiddle, as on numerous occasions we witnessed them (a guy named Jo is the worse) pocketing cash. If you tip the bar staff they will serve you beer in a half pint glass, other wise the glasses are more like tumblers.
I will try not to mention the food as it all tastes the same, and that is not a particularly nice taste.
The pool was FREEZING so only my daughter would brave it. I know it is early in the year, and not the hotels fault.

Twice weekly they have theme nights which cost £5 each, for this the a/i stops as you must pay for all your drinks whilst there. CRAZY!!

The managment walk around with the look of authority, but will not listen to anything anyone has to say.

On a positive, the rooms were large and clean, with the house keeper the only member of staff there i would mention in a good way.
This said, Sharm el Sheik is great, if you are in the Narma Bay area, although the locals hassle you quite a bit.

If I hadn't gone with great company, I would have lasted 3 days at tops. If you are thinking of booking this hotel, DONT. You can get far more for a lot less in other hotels."

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  • Travel date: Tue 6th of February 2007


Reviewed Sun 4th of November 2012

"please families do not take your children to this hotel, this is a genuine warning, everyone that we spoke to had severe stomache bugs which was very painfull, the sun shone which was the only good thing about this holiday. this hotel is not fully inclusive as advertised you have to pay for water etc . the bar ends at 11pm not 12 as advertised, the food was horific to say the least, carrots for breakfast and they were cold as was all the food at the hotel, management did not want to listen to any suggestions to improve morale at the hotel they are only there to make false promises and rip you off.the beach is not allinclusive and charge high prices for crap, the staff never have any change and promise to give it to you the next day however this never materialises, atotal rip off the whole stay the only happy one there was the pharmacist who made afortune out of ill guests."

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  • Travel date: Thu 1st of February 2007

A very bad experience!!!

Reviewed Thu 11th of October 2012

"Like many other guests my experience of this resort was AWFUL!

Upon arrival we didn't even have a room and was told that we would have to wait until 1:30am (after a very long day of travelling) to get into our room. We found out later that this had happened to quite a few guests!

This was supposed to be a 4* hotel and I have stayed in better hostels!

The food was really bad as well as the service, the pool area has loads of flies which make sunbathing an unpleasant experience, the beach looked like a building site, the mini golf coure...what mini golf course? the main town is far away!! Need I go on!!!!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 20th of January 2007

Don't Do It !

Reviewed Thu 9th of December 2010

"Never ever book this resort as I promise you it will be a disaster ... I have been back for over several days and still recovering !"

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of December 2010

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dont do it

Reviewed Wed 21st of July 2010

"five times i have been to egypt now and could not beleive how poor the hotel was, the room was adequate but nothing to write home about but as for the rest,,awful.
the food was the worst you can imagine ie what was left from the evening seemed to be used for the next 24 hours in different forms,the amount of people i saw without stomach cramps and dioreah was maybe 1 or 2. the choice of food was poor to say the least and is a buffet for every meal and more often than not cold.
the drinks were a joke warm water as the hotel had no ice for most of our two week stay, the lager was warm and served in kiddies party plastic things that were sqaushed as you picked them up and there was virtually no choice of spirits and no wine at all.
the staff on reception spoke little english and replied yes to my complaints and smiled,
you couldnt even be guaranteed to get a drink as i was halfway through a round and the barman turned of and left.
never met a rep and its a good job cus id have hit him.
the pool was a joke, it got greener as the time went on and the poolboy just pushed the the dirt around.
the so called moat was almost empty and the little left was stagnant and attracting mozzies that were eating everyone alive.
the animation lads did there best, omar, fabio and max all nice lads but no resources because although they did there best, they struggled.
the hotel beach was about half a mile down the road and through a building site,,,no joking, it is the worst bit of beach you could find and dirty.
i urge you not to visit this hotel as it will put you off egypt and that would be a shame as its a lovely place. for a bit more go to the sunrise island view hotel and for a tad more still go to reef oasis resort they are both cracking hotels where you are very well received. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of July 2010

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