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Don't Do It !

Reviewed Thu 9th of December 2010

"Never ever book this resort as I promise you it will be a disaster ... I have been back for over several days and still recovering !"

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  • Travel date: Thu 9th of December 2010

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dont do it

Reviewed Wed 21st of July 2010

"five times i have been to egypt now and could not beleive how poor the hotel was, the room was adequate but nothing to write home about but as for the rest,,awful.
the food was the worst you can imagine ie what was left from the evening seemed to be used for the next 24 hours in different forms,the amount of people i saw without stomach cramps and dioreah was maybe 1 or 2. the choice of food was poor to say the least and is a buffet for every meal and more often than not cold.
the drinks were a joke warm water as the hotel had no ice for most of our two week stay, the lager was warm and served in kiddies party plastic things that were sqaushed as you picked them up and there was virtually no choice of spirits and no wine at all.
the staff on reception spoke little english and replied yes to my complaints and smiled,
you couldnt even be guaranteed to get a drink as i was halfway through a round and the barman turned of and left.
never met a rep and its a good job cus id have hit him.
the pool was a joke, it got greener as the time went on and the poolboy just pushed the the dirt around.
the so called moat was almost empty and the little left was stagnant and attracting mozzies that were eating everyone alive.
the animation lads did there best, omar, fabio and max all nice lads but no resources because although they did there best, they struggled.
the hotel beach was about half a mile down the road and through a building site,,,no joking, it is the worst bit of beach you could find and dirty.
i urge you not to visit this hotel as it will put you off egypt and that would be a shame as its a lovely place. for a bit more go to the sunrise island view hotel and for a tad more still go to reef oasis resort they are both cracking hotels where you are very well received. "

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of July 2010

never again

Reviewed Tue 23rd of December 2008

"it was first holiday "all inclusive2 and we said never again, but our friends convinced us they were not all the same and then we tried the Kirosiez 3 corner which was excellent. at the horizon sharm the whole week all the staff were on a mission to take as much money as possible from us we could not get a glass of wine without paying £9.00 a bottle. the food was terrible and every one had food poisining or something similar.
on the visit to their private beach we were expected to pay for food and drink. the glasses were dirty, the drinks were warm, the staff were pushy and rude when you would not buy tickets to their many events where you had to buy your own drinks and food. the holiday rep was only interested in selling trips and told us we had no chance of being moved. DON'T GO THERE. there are plenty of good hotels in sharm "

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of December 2008

Before I get started lets be honest, in...

Reviewed Mon 22nd of September 2008

"Before I get started lets be honest, in life you get what you pay for nothing more nothing less, and the Horizon Sharm is a prime example all these people on here moaning picked this hotel and this holiday because it was the cheapest so wh everyone is being high and mighty like they can afford to stay in the ritz every night i will never know.

This was mine and my families fourth trip to Sharm el Sheikh in three years and i will be honest we wanted a quick get away for 2weeks and low cost and that was what the Horizon Sharm provided for us.

The 3 times we had visited before we stayed twice in namba bay and once in hadaba so visting Nabq was new to us and we enjoyed it.

The hotel was clean not fantasically sparkling but it would pass the grade, the pools were lovely and refreshing and again were clean not dirty, the beach wasn't great and we only visited once it was slightly run down but thats in comparison to the beaches at the Marriot, Hilton, Sunshine Hotels we had previously visited.

We Had 2 rooms, 1 for me and my wife and the other for our 2 teenage sons and we felt the rooms were more than adequete, we did hve a problem with the shower but within an hour they come to fix it which i didn't find a problem.

On our previous trips to Sharm el Sheikh i would be honest we just like to lounge by the pool and go out in the evenings we never did any excursions but the fact that we had saved money by staying at the Horizon and our flights were cheap we decided we would do some trips.

I would firstly say that although i thought the hotel wasnt bad at all and it was value for money situation, the guys round the pools trying to sell trips are a complete joke they told us 350le for a single quad for one person which is about 35pounds sterling, lucky enough forus an english man was sat next to us and he told us dont bother with that and to go 5 minutes up the road to the Jasmine Centre and visit St Georges Bar the owner is English and called Pete go see him, so we did and it was the best decision we made turns out that we did quad biking for 13pounds sterling each instead of 35pounds we were quoted at the hotel, on top of that we went out snorkeling at Tiran island for the whole day 23pounds per person with lunch included on board plus visitng three different reefs and we went to Cairo by bus in the hotel they told us 95pounds per person because we booked with Pete we went there for 45pounds per person suh a big difference and all we can say is thanks to Pete, his bar also shows all the football and is open to early hours which is where we found our boys most nights.

The hotel all in all is just right for the money you pay,no one pays different prices for this hotel as i spoke to the hotel manager and he told me everyone pays the same price as all the rooms are the same.

So this is an adquete hotel but if you want fancy then this is the wrong place and if i wanted a budget quick get away hotel then Horizon would be my first choice.


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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of September 2008

what a nightmare... ignore the good repo...

Reviewed Wed 25th of June 2008

"what a nightmare... ignore the good reports..
arrived late so had to pay for drinks no problem with that but as first impressions count we could notice how dirty the reception and bar was.the rooms were worse, 4 adults and 2 kids 3 rooms ... the door locks would not work ,the sheets were dirty the floor was sticky bathroom was a disgrace... prev review said take some bleach that is an understatment!!!!! spoke to rep it took us 3 days to get an upgrade at a cost of £80 each for the last 4 days of our holiday.tosser.. breakfast on 1st day was like a slops kitchen so we all had toast.. the plates,cutlery and glasses all stunk. no fresh fruit very very poor.thank god for mac d down the road.. went for a swim in pool within 3 mins sliced my foot open from broken tiles around the pool area.. foot bandaged for 3 days.swimming pool lights were floating in the pool when they should have been fixed to the wall.
spa was dirty and not working and the moat had no water.
talking to other guests no one saw the pool ever get cleaned.. not one person there was enjoying there stay.

all inclusive " your having a laugh" 4 types of spirits and one type of lager from a can in which you got a third of it at a time.
no snacks for the children and a fresh orange was £3 and that was watered down. i have travelled all over the world and cultures alters in standards but this was definetly not a 4 star....2 star at best....our holiday started when we left the horizon...
i have never written a complaint in my life but this was a hotel from hell!
be warned

there bus that took you there private beach was just as bad you would not let your pet sleep on the sun lounger, the bar was filthy , the drinks warm and flat...
ps 6 of us got food poisoning and 3 are still bad now
even the staff at the hotel shops knew that the guests were not happy. this hotel needs to close down and start again with new managment..

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  • Travel date: Wed 25th of June 2008

I have visited Sharm 4 times previous to...

Reviewed Wed 21st of May 2008

"I have visited Sharm 4 times previous to the latest trip and am well aware of the standards that are available. This hotel lets the region down.
There is a clear managerial policy to get as much extra money out of the holiday maker as humanly possible, for example there is no water at the pool bar except that which is sold in bottles so this forces you folk out more money for something that should be free.
The all inclusive does not include wine and anyone who wants to drink this is charged extra.
I was due to stay at this hotel for 9 days but due to illness ,which I blame on the unhygenic suroundings, we moved out 3 days early and paid for other accomodation.
We were not the only ones who were ill either as a large number of the guests also went down with stomache complaints.
My travelling complanion was also ill for 4 days of a 9 day holiday and would have flown home rather than spend any more time in this hotel, not a good advert for the tourist trade.
It would not take a lot of money or effort on behalf of the owner to make this hotel habitable and unless this happens they will find less guests turning up each week. I will definately not stay at these premises again."

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  • Travel date: Wed 21st of May 2008

First of all im not one to moan for no r...

Reviewed Mon 19th of May 2008

"First of all im not one to moan for no reason, im 24 and very easy going so this not something i would normally do but Egypt is a good place and i dont want anyone to be put off because they stay at this hotel.
Basically its a 2 star, it has no understanding of the words 'all inclusive'. you have to pay for pretty much everything, including jucie wine, ice cream. the staff are ok but i had a terribal problem with one of the managers (osma) who felt the need to phone my room several times a night to try and get me to allow him to visit me!! he then became nasty when i would ignore him.
i only arrived back yesterday but need to get this on here asap.
the pool was ok, i liked it. the food was a little crap at the hotel but thank god there was lots of places to eat in the area.
the rooms were cleanish but the bathrooms are horibal so take some bleach to do a bit of cleaning! they turn the water off at night to save money.
there are so many beautiful hotels in egypt so DONT go to this one."

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of May 2008

The worst hotel i have ever stayed in. D...

Reviewed Wed 12th of March 2008

"The worst hotel i have ever stayed in. Don't waste your money coming to this "all Inclusive" resort. The food is awful, and i don't mean because it wasn't English fare i mean because it was cold unappetising and the same things three times in a week. The bar has an almost funereal atmosphere, "all inclusive" meaning beer served from a pint bottle... into a third of a pint glass, the rest left to the heat, the flies, or the next customer. What is not included in the all inclusive package is too long to list. The bus to the beach, didnt see it once. The beach, across a double dual carriageway. The hotel is totally isolated, your only means of escape a five (English) pounds taxi ride. I have been trying to think of a positive way to end this review. Got it . The builders on the building site next door were freindly enough. "

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  • Travel date: Wed 12th of March 2008

If you've booked a holiday at the Horizo...

Reviewed Thu 7th of February 2008

"If you've booked a holiday at the Horizon Sharm Resort, Nabq (pronounced Nabick) don't believe all the negative reports you might have read about this hotel. We loved the place, and enjoyed our stay. Use it as a base and explore the area; there's lots to see and do.
The Horizon Sharm Resort is situated approx. 10 Kms from Sharm el Sheikh airport. Transfer by taxi from the airport is no more than £5(UK) although new arrivals may be quoted £10(UK) or more. You have to haggle.
The hotel is five minutes walk from McDonalds and the La Strada and Jasmine shopping centres. Taxis and service buses to Dahab, Sharm and Na'ama Bay pass the entrance to the hotel, we paid £5(UK) for each trip.
The hotel's magnificent reception area, dining room, bar and shopping arcade are clean and attractive. The outdoor pool was clean although the water was really cold. Sun loungers surround the pool; beach towels are provided free on production of your room card. All staff are pleasant, polite and helpful.
All guest rooms have a balcony and overlook the pool. Rooms are serviced daily; floors washed; litter removed; sheets and towels changed. There were no bed bugs.
All rooms have air conditioning; mini-fridge, T.V.; hairdryer, telephone, en-suite bathroom with shower (no bath) and constant hot water.
Dining facilities. The hotel caters for all nationalities but there was plenty of choice and always something to suit most visitors. Soups; salads, and the variety of bread and cakes was superb. Hygiene was of good standard. Tea, coffee and chilled water was available all day. All inclusive drinks from the bar cease at 11pm.
Other on-site facilities include internet access, a shopping arcade, massage centre(not visited), free shuttle bus to and from the beach(5 minutes away from hotel), and tour stands to arrange trips to places of interest.
You have purchased a bargain holiday at the Horizon Sharm; relax, lie in the sun; laugh, and ignore minor inconveniences. But if you do have something that worries you approach the desk staff or the manager and they will willingly endeavour to resolve any problems."

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  • Travel date: Thu 7th of February 2008

We booked an all inclusive stay at 4 sta...

Reviewed Sun 13th of January 2008

"We booked an all inclusive stay at 4 star accommodation. The resort was definitely not 4 star quality.

The bedrooms were dirty as well as the pillows, bed covers and curtains. The bathroom was dirty, it had wires sticking out the wall next to the basin, the light fittings were hanging from the ceiling, and the water in the shower ran from scalding hot to freezing cold constantly whilst it was being used.

The water was not available in the afternoon until about 5pm. This meant you could not use the toilet or wash your hands. The air conditioning did not work and even when supposedly fixed it did not work properly. The mattresses on the bed were worn and had large dips in them. There was no mini bar in the room as stated in the description.

The swimming pool was not heated so only a couple of people braved the icy water but only manage to stay in for a few minutes. The sun loungers next to the pool were dirty and the majority were broken. The umbrellas at the pool could only be put up once you received a nail to hold them up. The pool bar was filthy and only seemed to play the same 3 CDs. The bar had a limited amount of glasses which were rinsed in water not washed before being re-used. The pool bar top was cleaned with a bucket of pool water thrown over the bar by the bar man who walked round the bar top behind the water.

The food provided as part of the all inclusive deal was only luke warm, mainly salad and vegetables. There was very little meat provided. The all inclusive drinks were limited, poor quality and did not include bottled water. The bottled water had to be paid for. The main bar also only rinsed the limited amount of glasses and the liquidiser had thick black dirty around the inside of the lid.

The gym was dirty and worn and was not included in the price. The beauty treatment area was dirty and worn and was not included in the price. There were no aerobics classes available either.

The only entertainment was on New Year’s Eve. There was no children's or evening entertainment, no disco club and no sports provided the rest of the week. There were 3 animation staff but they did not have the equipment (or the few items of equipment were broken) to put on any entertainment.

The beach belonging to the hotel was ok but the beach bar was filthy and there was a leaking sewage pipe next to the bar pathway.

There were no medical care personnel available either.

When we booked through Thomson we were told we would need to pay for the accommodation on check-out. This proved difficult because the hotel would only accept cash either in Euros or Egyptian Pounds or by Visa credit card in Egyptian Pounds. The Horizon Sharm Resort then greatly inflated the exchange rate for Euros into Egyptian Pounds (as they would not recognise British Pounds), which result in us having to pay a lot more than our confirmation stated.

We were all extremely disappointed with the accommodation and hope that other people do not have to go through what we did. I would also presume that a prestigious popular company like Thomson would not want to be associated with or linked with this behaviour or let their customers pay for such poor quality accommodation. I would also hope that Thomson strived to provide their customers with accommodation that reflect the price and are to a certain standard.

Please do not book this accommodation but if you must pay before you stay."

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

If my wife and I wanted an all inclusive...

Reviewed Thu 27th of September 2007

"If my wife and I wanted an all inclusive weeks holiday on a building site then this was it. How they rate it four star baffles me. All inclusive to this hotel means absolutely nothing. They tried to charge us for anything they could. Rep could not be found and had not been seen for several months.

Hotel staff friendly, management couldn't care less. Food terrible. What was not eaten for breakfast was served for lunch, tea then breakfast again the following morning. Fresh(?) orange juice tasted like warm orange coloured pool water.

The pool area was a disgrace and should be closed down. Tiles slippery, beds in a dangerous condition and umbrellas falling apart. The so called water feature was a disgrace. It was advertised as having its own private beach. What a joke that was. The sea never came nearer than half a mile away.

Power cuts and water cuts at random without notice. Entertainment non existent. The poolside dj owned three cd's, one of which unfortunately was the goddam awful barbie girl. It is my opinion, and that of the other english couples who were unfortunate to stay at this hotel, that this be downgraded to no star."

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  • Travel date: Thu 27th of September 2007

Well! We have just arrived back in the...

Reviewed Wed 20th of June 2007

"Well! We have just arrived back in the U.K. and as we have been to Egypt (Sharm el Shiekh) before we were looking forward to our two week stay but when we arrived we were not too impressed.

Although the staff at this Hotel are polite they obviously do not understand what ‘all inclusive’ means as we had to pay for bottled water, wine, fresh orange and ice cream.

There was also a charge of 5$ per person per day for all inclusive on the beach. Entertainment was non existent. Where do I start with the food! Not well presented, the same every night, and very little choice.

The pool was slippery and we had to ask if it could be cleaned and sun beds were broken. The Hotel was surrounded by building work.

This certainly cannot be recommended as a four star Hotel.

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  • Travel date: Wed 20th of June 2007

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