Hauza Beach Resort

43 Nabq Bay, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
4 star hotel

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  • 2.5 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 4 beach
  • 3 service
  • 2 dining
  • 3 amenities
  • 2 value
  • 2.5 food
  • 2.5 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

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What a smell !!

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"I have read the other reviews and I do agree that there is a lot of poorly maintained pathways, almost rude staff (especially the guy in the pool bar), repetitive food selections, etc.
But the other big thing was the smell. The gardeners were 'watering' the grass during the day but it was not with water - it smelt like raw sewage. Everywhere you went was this terrible smell, it made you feel ill. I gestured a 'nose pinch' to the gardener one day and he just shrugged his shoulders.
The views were fantastic and the shallow sea was excellent for the kids to snorkell in. The staff at the kids club had endless amounts of energy and kept the kids amused for many an hour.
The dive club at the hotel is useless don't bother, my husband (a qualified diver) booked a dive with this club and was very disappointed as the instructor just swam too fast and they all nearly ran out of air, they had to surface directly and swim back.
Of course they don't understand English when there's a problem.
The mini zoo is just sad (not to mention extremely smelly).
We went to this hotel just to relax and enjoy the sunshine and we got plenty of that.
There were just small things that made this hotel a 3-4 star rather than a 5,ie sun bed towels that were too small for the sun beds, not having tea or coffee served to you at breakfast, not having waiters around the pool to get you drinks (very decedant but that happens in 5* hotels).
Overall it was OK but I have stayed in much better so called 5* hotels in Egypt than this one"

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of November 2006

Wow Wow Wow Wow

Reviewed Mon 29th of October 2012

"Where to start?????

I have Lived in Barbados for 15 years before I moved back to England 7 years ago and I have worked in 3 star plus hotels and to be honest this hotel was more like a 3+/4- and not a 5 star as advertised.
The location, Design, Facilities, service, etc is spot on!!
The staff are freindly and always willing to do what ever they can to please you.
The pools are beautiful and well laid out, the beach and snorkeling are the BEST!!
The views around the hotel are breath taking.
The zoo is nice, but you couldn't help feel sorry for the animals as they are more like pets than wild. BUT well cared for and my son and I enjoy visiting them everyday especially
the baby monkey~So CUTE!!!
The reptiles at the lagoon pools were interesting too.
The turtle in the waters around the indian resturant was my sons favourite. I prefered the two tortoises and the flamingos that are also on the hotel grounds.

The shops are ok and had everything you might need, however a little more expensive that in town.

The only minor down fall is the local cooked food in the main resturant is awful!!!....They tried their best but just could not get it right.
HOWEVER there is a lot more to choose from~ The breads,cheeses, fruit, salads, soups and best of all the deserts are to die for!!
They fry eggs in the mornings which is nice but you can only eat so many fried eggs!

The indian resturant is great and the pizza guy on the beach is brill!
The drinks choice is limited I thought they might have made a few froozen cocktails once and a while. But my boyfreind was happy with his beer!!
I could go on and on but i think you get the idea....

Wonderful hotel don't expect a 5 star but only because of the food and drink choice..... because the hotel in all was very nice.

We plan to go back next year for two weeks instead of the week we did this time....

So if you are unsure take my advice GO AND HAVE A FAB TIME!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of October 2006

An honest opinion

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"I got back this morning from an enjoyable week at the HBR. Our group of 6 adults and 2 under fives had a great time. I had read the horror stories before we went and expected the worse, however, I was pleasantly surprised. We discussed the good and bad points about the hotel on the flight home, and this is what we have come up with:

Food: So many choices it was difficult to decide, admittedly the MAIN RESTAURANT runs on a buffet style system but the food is fresh and varied, even the midnight buffet was freshly cooked to order. Remember this place caters for almost every European nation and so cannot get everything right, but we all thought what was offered was very good. The POOL BAR offers snacks throughout the day and was always popular, again always fresh and varied. The BEACH BAR and PIZZA SHACK, lovely place and a firm favourite with our group, pity it is not open at night. The ALJEZZERA Indian restaurant - Oh Dear!! - lovely location but the food is not up to much. The TIRANA, again not up to much but the view of the sea is worth a visit alone.

Drink: Plenty of juice, bottled water and lager. The spirits are local versions and are "Interesting", the wine is passable but don't expect UK standards.

Accommodation. Simple but clean, functionable and everything works. We did have one power cut and our door mechanism failed, but both were put right very quickly and efficiently. If you go, take ant powder as we had a slight problem with them, escpcially in the toilet.

Facilities and Accessibility. The hotel was not full and we never had problems getting sun beds, however, the Germans and Russians tended to be out early with the towels in the best spots, but you could have a lot of fun removing them and placing them in a pile at the pool bar and then watching the mayhem unfold! The main pool was clean and well laid out, the jungle pool was a magnet for the kids and big kids alike and provided hours of fun. This hotel is for families and the kids club twice a day gave the parents a break and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. The zoo is quite sad, but I am against caging any animal, so perhaps I should let the reader decide, chimps in nappies is not funny. The evening entertainment is not up to much, but you can escape to Naama Bay or old Sharm very cheaply. I have seen the comments about accessibilty and agree with them, if you are physically handicapped, old, infirm or unsteady on your feet you should not choose this hotel, climbing steps plays a major part of every day life. On the bright side it helps to work the calories off! Take torches and sensible shoes as the paths at night are treachorously dark and uneven the further away from reception you get.

Staff. Brilliant staff, always smart, helpful and polite. Our waiter in the main restaurant was Samir (a freddie mercury lookalike) great bloke and always made sure we had a table.

Tipping. This is a way of life over here so make sure you have plenty of change. A daily tip will be much appreciated.

Money. Don't bother taking Egyptian money, they want Euros and GBP, this applies to evereything from hotel tipping, to taxis and maket traders. There is a cashpoint in the hotel across the road from the HBR if you need a top up, cashpoints can also be found in Naama Bay.

Trips and Night Time. The quads are great fun and represent great value, the camels also were enjoyed. We did the snorkelling trip and would not bother again, you can see just as much from the hotel pier. Naama Bay was a sanctuary from "Old MacDonalds Farm" and "Steps" songs. The rooftop Bar at the CAMEL DIVING CLUB, is a must with great food, beer and location - Also has live Premiership games!. There are numerous restaurants on Naama Bay Beach, we tried the "Pill Pill" and had a fantastic meal - just watch out for the "Service Charge" and Tax!

Overall Summary: If you want 5 Star haute cuisine, sophisticated entertainment or a romantic hideaway holiday, don't choose this place. Also I can imagine that it would be murder during high season, it was at 70% capacity and that was enough. It you want garunteed sunshine, clean functionable accommodation, a plentiful supply of acceptible foond and a safe place for children whilst keeping them entertained choose to come here, I am glad we did."

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  • Travel date: Sat 21st of October 2006

I didn't want to come home!

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Myself and my female friend went alone to Egypt and given the warnings we'd had about the Egyptian men we were a little concerned as to what might happen, there was no need to worry.

We stayed at Hauza Beach Resort for 2 weeks and it was the best holiday I have ever had and I've been to many places in Europe, the Caribbean and America.

Some people just seem to expect too much. When you go on holiday to a foreign country you should not expect it to be home from home. Egypt is not as wealthy a country as England and therefore you will find it significantly different. Having said that I could not fault the place.

We ate in both the Nubian Village Restaurant and the Indian Restaurant and found the staff extremely helpful and friendly and the food perfectly edible, plentiful and varied. If you befriend a waiter from the start they tend to reserve you a table and make sure that you get excellent service throughout your stay. Mahmoud looked after us in the Nubian Village Restaurant and on my birthday laid a special table for us and friends we had met, with petals, flowers and serviettes made into fans. Thanks to Mahmoud we had the best service we could have hoped for. Never an empty glass and always a table to sit at. In the Indian we were very well looked after by Hassam who again gave us excellent service.

If you travel with Med Hotels I would definitely recommend the Almira boat trip which takes you snorkelling to Ras Mohammed, what a day that was. Again, this was on my birthday and Samir, our guide for the day definitely helped to make it a special day. We also went on the camel trip in the desert, visited the Bedouin tent, had Bedouin bread and tea. Samir was again our guide and I have to say he is the most helpful and kind man, we couldn't have felt more comfortable and relaxed knowing he was there if we needed help or reassurance.

To sum things up, there are some people that just like to complain, if you are one of those people stay at home! If you are open minded and don't expect home from home when you go away and don't let a little stomach upset spoil your holiday, then Hauza Beach Resort is as good a place as any.

I am hoping to go back again next year. I didn't want to leave."

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  • Travel date: Tue 17th of October 2006

Hellish !!!!

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"Hauza beach resort is set appox 20 minutes from ssh airport , its a big resort set on the beach , on the cosmetic front it looks great , with plenty of activity ......lol

This was not the case !!!!!
I am a frquent traveller and i have previously stayed in sharm before , the hotel is vast with numerous steps ....
If you are un fit or a little over the hill so to speak PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS HOTEL!!!!

we arrived on the 27th sept 2006 till the 11th oct 2006 ...
we booked back in feb and upgraded to a sea front room ,

Upon arrival we checked in and was given our room immediatley , upon arriving at our room we entered and found that we were not given a bach property at all , so off we all hiked (hiked meaning hiked ) back up to reception to complain , was given another room eventually on the beach from ... pleasant enough ... following morning we could see how far away from everything was steps steps and more steps .......
Food was of extremely low quality , i would say that they cater for russians more than any other nationality , we ate in the main restaurant 3 times in a fortnight .....the food was horrendous !!!
the only place decent was the pool bar .
We lived on bread , waffles , croissants, and chips ....
Everyone there abouts had tummy problems and children had ear infections as did our daughter , i was billed for £85 gbp for the dr , dr said ear infection is from the pool hotel argued and called the dr a liar ....lol
steps and paths un even , lighting in adequate, building site near the pool bar , planes flying low overhead , management a bunch of imbeseils , best thing about the holiday was the friendly staff they agreed that the hotel was awful......
I emplore anyone who likes the simple basics in life not to stay at this hotel it really is a health hazard !!!!!!
This is not a 5 star i would give it a meager low 3 ....

I really could go on forever ...

I will also add the alchohol is like white spirit ......
definetly give it a miss ......."

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  • Travel date: Wed 11th of October 2006

totally enjoyed it

Reviewed Wed 24th of October 2012

"just returned from the hauza beach and wanted to give you our opinion as i was concerned about the place before going.
overall we would give the place 8/10
it is a 3/4 star rather than 5star (compared to other hotels we have been to in other parts of the world)
food - we never went hungry don't expect english bacon/ sausage because you will be dissapointed an example of food would be; breakfast ;omelettes,pancakes,toasties,fruit ,bread
lunch;homemade chips!,burgers ,fish,pasta down on the beach at lunch freshly made pizza you have to wait while it is cooked but they are really worth it!
dinner;kebabs,beef , veg,roast potatoes,lasagne,stew,noodles and the choice of deserts is endless.
you also have 2 speciality restaurants 1indian,1fish and steak,both are good and at no extra charge

The hotel is basic and clean

The staff are friendly

The drinks aren't bad wine was ok, lager was v.good spirits good.

yes we did have this stomache upset but it is not from hotel it is over the whole of sharm there are lots of differant theorys on this (our rep said it was through air con) but all i can say is it wasn't through pool water , or meat as i didnt consume either.It did not spoil our holiday at all.

The only thing i would not do again is the horse riding booked at the office on hotel grounds,it was not too safe and rather expensive PLEASE steer clear it is an accident waiting to happen.

Dont go to hauza expecting everything to be geared for english otherwise you will be disapointed if you can go with the flow and don't have too many demands you will enjoy yourselves!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 9th of October 2006

It was gooood, but not great...

Reviewed Thu 27th of December 2012

"OK im gonna make it quick. Basically I agree with the last few posts. The building/grounds are not 5* but its still impressive considering you are in the middle of a desert. The staff are friendly (look out for alex the tour guide!) and the rooms are cool and clean (good air con).

Just like everybody else though, we were ill. BIG stomach cramps that nearly made you call 999. Regular trips to fill the toilet up with green mess (the bidets come in handy!!). I think it may have been the fact that the swimming pools have no clorine in them!!! Just plain rain water (the birds even drink it).

The food was left in the sun to get hot and scummy, and the chicken had blood in it. Oh and the chefs have no concept of the term "cross-contamination".

The snorkling was the best thing about this holiday. Do not delay venturing along the jetty and having a swim off of the drop-off as nemo called it.

One last thing... I was in the toilet one day to see a cleaner with his head under the tap filling his mouth with water. I thought he must have been thirsty and smiled. .But then he turned around, mouth puffed out like a hamster, and started spirting the water out in little puddles, before getting out his mop and "cleaning" the floor!!! I had to laugh!!!

Have fun, don't stare at the egyption's yellow teeth for too long though."

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  • Travel date: Fri 6th of October 2006

Hauza Beach - Fantastic

Reviewed Fri 28th of December 2012

"My partner and I have just returned from a weeks stay at the Hauza Beach, normally after a week away I am ready for home but that was not the case this time, we loved every minute and have absolutely nothing to complain about.

We book last minute and hence paid in full straight away, I then looked at some of the reviews and started to panic abit about where we were going to end up having read several bad reviews of the hotel on this and other similar sites - as soon as we got there any worries I had were soon forgotten.

THE HOTEL - Clean tidy and well presented, huge over a number of acres and well landscaped etc. Over the site the paths are a bit uneven and there are quite alot of steps so I wouldn't advise anyone with mobility difficulties to go but otherwise no problem at all. Loads of people there had kids and buggies etc and didn't seem to cause any problems. SOme reviews complained of sewerage being used to water the gardens - not true. What is used is the shower and sink water this is law in Egypt as the climate is so dry that water is not wasted and is used to water the grounds etc in large complexes so would be the same where ever you went in Egypt, on trips etc we saw loads of hotels doing the same thing. it doesn't smell bad and is only for about half an hour a day so no big deal really.

THE ROOMS - Again clean and tidy and air conditioned so its nice and cool and easy to sleep at night. One review I read said the room service was not up tp much but we had our own fella come and introduce himself and nothing was too much trouble. On arrival our balcony door wouldn't shut properly and I mentioned it to him and it was fixed within the hour, as far as I am concerned you could have a problem like that anywhere in the world so I judge on how well it was dealt with - in this case was excellent

THE FOOD - Again a source of bad review and I just can't see why. Some people who were there at the same time as us seemed to be complaining, crazy. if I wanted to go somewhere where there was a red lion pub on every corner and a KFC or McDonalds I would have gone to Blackpool - they seemed to forget that they were in Eygpt. The food was excellent and the hotel did accomodate well for British tastes as well as giving a taste of their own tradiitonal foods etc. Breakfast in the buffet restaurant 7 - 10 with some hot and cold dishes, more pastries and fruit etc than we could try in a week, omlettes, fried eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, juices, teas and coffees basically loads to choose from.
Late breakfast at the pool bar 10 - 12 - similar stuff as earlier breakfast but a bit later!
Lunch at buffet 12 - 2 again loads of choice, hot and cold stuff salad bar and soups for lighter bites and breads and pastires. Anything from a full meal to a lite bite catered for.
Late lunch at pool bar 2 - 4 - as before same stuff but later on, pasta made fresh for you, omelettes and burgers and chips etc etc again plenty of choice
Evening meal - again tons to choose from, choose your own pasta made fresh, omeletees, meat and fish every night and salad bar, deserts etc loads to choose from!
The pool bar also does snacks 11 - 1am at night if you should get the munchies!!
Pizza bar on the beach makes pizzas with your choosen topping in front of you while you wait which are lovely.
There is also an al a carte fish restaurant and an indian restaurant which are both well worth a try and are still included in the AI menu.
Ice creams are not included in the AI but are about 75p (english) each and there are loads of flavours to choose from - hardley likely to blow you holiday budget!
Drinks are all included even the cocktails - some of which are nice others are awful of I'm honest but it costs nothing to try them so no harm done!
Drinks do not come with ice so they are stored in freezers and are ice cold when you get them, wine is ok, larger is Stella but tastes nice (I'm not a Stella fan at home but this tasted nice) generally loads to go at!!

POOLS - Fab!! Normal pool is quite big where water games etc go on and the jungle pool is great - go on the website and you'll see the pictures its huge on about 6 levels and the top one is a bubbly one - obviously not heated tho!

ZOO - Ok the keepers seem to do the best they can for the animals and they seem happy enough, we had breakfast with the monkeys at a cost of £7.50 (english) each which included a served breakfast. Got to hold 2 of the monkeys which was good but felt it a bit cruel to keep them out as long as they did for photos etc. Also have giant tortoises, porcupines, birds and fish of all varieties, ponies, gazzells, ostriches and chimps which are really cool.

My partner and I have have both scuba dived around the world (he is very highly qualified in it, I have some experience but not too much) and I thought that the scuba etc was let down by the lack of safety awareness, we went snorkelling on a boat trip and it was very unsafe, 1 guide and 20 snorkellers snorkelling in close proximity to alot of boats etc, the guide claimed to be doing head counts etc but one of our party felt uneasy about it and swam back and she never noticed! the trip was a nice boat trip and food and drink for the whole day were included for £14 but wouldn't recommend it for anyone with kids or inexperienced.
Snorkelling off the end of the hotels pier however is a must the scenery is fantastic and the fish are amazing and are everywhere you look! Snorkels etc are much cheaper in Nama bay or at the old town market than at the hotels own shops
Also on the hotel complex at night time there is a man who paints by hand on to canvasses, we got a lovely sunset scene for £20 (english) - barter and you'll get a bargain and he'll do pretty much anything you want in any colour etc - v talented chap!

Bus from hotel runs 4 times a day there and back. Don't go into the town before about tea time as no one is really about and the shops etc are shut, the whole town comes alive at tea time and runs well into the night. SHop keepers do hassle a bit and have picked up phrases like 'alright mucker' and 'how you doing geezer' etc which are really funny. Generally if you just keep walking and say no thanks they move onto the next person. If they ask you to sign their guest book don't they just want to get you in their shop then they'll hassle you to buy something!
haggling and bartering are the key, we got some lovely stuff and generally paid less then half the price they originally wanted!!

Airport and transfers slightly chaotic but generally fine and quite amusing in retrospect!

Don't get the visa unless you intend to go out of Sinai, they stamp the visa 'SINAI ONLY' and you'll save £15 (english) each

Taxi drivers will also start high with there prices so again be prepared to barter and you'll get a much better deal - we paid £4 (english) to go to the old town market which is about a 20 minute drive and the fella was really nice and was chatting to us all the way, he came back right on time and took us back again. V impressed!

All in all a fab holiday, we are thinking about going back same time next year. Think in peak season the amount of people that would be there would probably spoil it for me so will be going in September again - the weather was great was still v warm at night no need for a cardi! Think in peak season things like sunbeds and restaurants etc may be in too much demand but slightly out of season worked great for us!!

Enjoy your hols"

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  • Travel date: Sat 30th of September 2006

definately not 5 star more like 3*

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"Just got back from the Hauza after 14 days holiday which was our first time in Egypt. Didn't know what to expect but had hoped that the negative comments would be proved wrong. Sadly this was not the case.
The resort itself would be okay if they were not trying to run it on a shoestring, they turn the airconditioning off in the main reception/bar to save money, only some of the lights are on around the pool bar and rooms leaving you to feel your way around at times, my 76yr old mother fell due to the lack of light thankfully not injuring herself. Food is okay but not always hot and a bit repeatative.
3 out of 4 of us had diarrhoea 2 for 10 days+ could be something to do with the fact that they just rinse the glasses out with water at the beach bar which is alarming considering you will see children making sandcastles etc with the same glasses!!!
Met 2 couples who had been many times to Egypt and say that this was their worst experience, one couple said that if this was supposed to be 5* their previous hotel must of been 8*.
It's not all bad the staff in the dinning room, reception bar and beach bar are really nice and helpful.
If you have not already booked up to go to the Hauza don't go, if you are already commited make the most of it you can enjoy it but please don't expect too much and you will not be disappointed."

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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of September 2006

For total chill out holiday....stayed 09-23 Sept 06

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"We stayed at this hotel from the 09 to the 23 September and by far the best time to go as the hotel is quite quiet so bum fights for meals or beds by the pool. Also good time to go in terms of the heat as September is the month you will actually get slight respite from the heat by the breeze they get.

We went as 3 adults and found the hotel to be below the 5*standard of Med Hotels but nice all the same. The rooms we had were both clean and more than adequate for what you use them for on holiday, although my parents did have considerable difficulty in getting their air con sorted even when the local Doctor got involved after my mum had a health scare. it was sorted eventually. The general reception is not a good place to chill out at any time as the air con is practically non exsisitant in there for the size of the place.

We stayed for 2 weeks and had no reason to complain. Although we could not find the Health Spa!! :-( However......If you are a group that likes to have a little entertainment in the evening either at the hotel or locally then think again about booking this hotel. The only hotel entertainment is for children in the evening in the form of a rather shoddy mini disco and the next nearest place to go is actually Narma Bay which is 20-30 minutes away by either the hotel bus or local taxi (which is costs £5 always negotiate a price BEFORE you get in any local taxi!!)

Narma Bay itself is good for all ages with loads of cafes and restuarants along both the beach front and main street. There are loads of cafe where you can just chill and watch the world go by over a smoking pipe. The best place to go for live entertainment and to sit chilled out bedouin style is the PANORAMA.....wow what a view over the bay! Also the Camel ROOF bar but the view is only appreciated totally if you stand but the atmosphere is great all the same. There is even a PACHA for the clubbers in you all but Ibiza it is not......sorry guys/girls! The bad thing about Narma bay is the hassle you will get and if you have been to Turkey you will know what I mean.......you cant move here for people wanting you to look at there stuff. My advice is just to walk down the middle of the road. Smile and say no thanks and just keep walking. Dont ignore them as they hate rudeness (and so they should).

Be prepared. Sharm is currently an expanding resort! Since the english decided to grace its shores again 3 yrs ago they have been building building building. The resort is a mix of wonderful views of the Sinai mountain range (wow), the desert, the sea, hotel resorts...........and plenty of building sites!!!!!! Dont let this put you off though as the hotels are generally fab and it is worth going just the Red Sea.

If you do nothing else on this holiday go either diving or snorkelling. The Red Sea is amazing. The Reef of the Hauza is just about as good as it gets and you will generally see more amazing fish here than you will on most of the snorkelling trips. If you dont like the sea dont worry just take a walk down the pier and look over the side you can sea loads of fish just this way. The reef at the hotel certainly makes you realise why the Red Sea is named as the best reef on th world. If you get the chance to go diving............GO!!! Absolutely wonderful. Be warned the hotel is NOT liable for any issues you have with the dive centre on site as it is rented space. My advice would be go with the reps out of the hotel or another centre that is recommended. (the Sinai Dive Centre in Narma Bay is good as is the Aquarias Dive School based at the Sheraton Hotel).

The hotel also has people wondering around selling trips to places and we found these to be cheaper than with the rep (Med Hotels). The hotel also has massage masters on site. As a therapist myself I did try this out and it was the best massage I have ever had and worth the £20 I paid. These guys are qualified to a high degree and well worth a visit.

The one thing you will notice is the lack of women staff at the hotel. They dont have any! This is becuase is Eygpt the women are head of the house hold looking after all family matters so the guys tend to work away while the women stay home and work locally and look after the home and finances etc. But dont worry, the guys in the hotel mostly tend to be really polite and friendly and very helpful when you need them.

If you tip the guys that look after your room and tabel in the resturant we did find that they will look after you a little more. Tipping is the done thing in eygpt so dont be offended when they look at you for carry your bags etc. Generally 2EP is more than enough.

Go and enjoy your holiday and just go with an open mind, it will be what you make it.

And enjoy the water slides they are great fun even for big kids:-)"

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of September 2006

This Hotel needs a Govenment health warning .

Reviewed Wed 15th of October 2014

"We have never in our 40 years of marriage ,been to a hotel complex with so many faults so filthy with so many health issues and been so badly treated as Hauza .
I have not been able to start back to work due to a viral infection because of this .This Viral infection has been with me since 20th September and I am still suffering 2 weeks later .
On booking in we found that our family members who should have been there 2 hours before us through a different tour operator “Sun International” had been taken out of the reception and moved to a different resort.
The reason being Sun International have had too many complaints about Hauza Beach Resort and apparently lost a star rating 5 to 4 ,so they pulled all there clients out of Hauza and moved them to Amwaj Hotel 1.5 miles away.
Considering we all supposed to be together this ruined our holiday the moment we arrived .
We were taken to a room No 1009 . On entering this room, There was a disgusting overpowering smell of stale cigarettes . The room was filthy , one of the beds were about 2” higher at the feet end than the head end ,sheets were torn ,Curtains were hanging off ,The bath was disgusting, the bed was wet , and stain on the chair looked like human excrement.
I rejected this room immediately and was moved to room 1501. This was better but nothing to shout about.
We proceeded to go for a late night snack at the pool bar where there was 3 bain maries in the open air with food in but no warm water underneath to keep it warm . One of them had cold rice in .We felt this was a health risk so we went without food since lunch some 12 hours earlier . Not good for my wife’s Diabetes.
We returned to the room to find no drinking water .
Several times there was no running water in the room but one time the whole complex’s water was off . No one could use the room, Restaurant , bars or any of the toilets . Very much a problem when you both have the runs. It did make me wonder why breakfast was served in the restaurant when no one “Staff or clients” could wash their hands dishes or food .
Then booking out of the hotel became the biggest farce of all .
I booked and paid for 15 nights at this hotel instead of 14 because our return flight was 10:15pm. So we could keep the room for as long as we wanted on Thursday , and the room was booked until Friday 26th.
In the afternoon we decided to have a short sleep because we would lose a night’s sleep being a 5 hour flight .
This was not to be , The cleaner came knocking about 4:30pm to tell us we have to vacate the room by 6:00pm because someone was due to move in . On this point I argued about it but he was adamant and said he would take it up with his supervisor .
On account of this we got ready and vacated the room.
At the reception they were confused by their paperwork and told me I had to stay until Friday.
It then took me ¾ of an hour to explain why I booked the room for an extra day although we were leaving the hotel by about 7:30pm but asking why the cleaner got us to leave earlier than we wanted to .At this moment the (We don’t understand English) card came out by the reception staff .
What a farce . I have paid for an extra day for nothing and it was the finishing touches to the worst holiday we have ever had.
This Hotel has major Issues .
The room Brochure tells us there is An Indian restaurant “AL Jazeerah” this was shut down.
The main water feature running down about 2/3 of the complex that goes under bridges feeds the flamingo pool then goes on to feed the Bar / Restaurant moat was not working and dried up the flamingos were standing in shallow polluted water the Moat was almost emptied, polluted , smelt like a sewer .
Every day the grounds grass was watered with water that smelt like raw sewage and had people heaving when passing .
The pool bar;- the kitchen was used as a smoking shelter by the staff and one even drank coke out of a bottle that was being served to the public . The cold cabinet with self service cakes by the pool bar was not plugged in and in the open air with lumps of glass broken on the doors . See photo .
The pizzeria had pizzas but not burgers, Spaghetti , Hot dogs, chicken wings, calamari, fish fingers and Tagin as advertised in the brochure.
The air con and electric fly killers were not working in the main Restaurant and reception except when the owner was eating in there. So flies and insects were abundant around the food . The temperature was around 38c so you don’t need much imagination to see what health risk that was to the food with chicken, fish and yogurt food products in there . Dishes were chipped and shortage of cutlery was also a problem .
One of the bottles of drinking water from the hotel when opened smelt awful although it was sealed.
Wi Fi was a joke they wanted £40 if we had it for 2 weeks for what you could only use in the Reception aria and was so slow it was going on time out when I tried to get my bank info Wi Fi was free in the English bar but you had to buy the drinks there but that didn’t work on the second week .
The lower staff Cleaners , Servers and bar staff etc had not been paid for 2 months but dare not leave else they would not be paid at all . So moral was really low with them on saying that they were great with us because I tipped regularly .
Lighting on steps had loads of the bulbs not working and not a hand rail on any of the steps of the walkways. Past This is our 5th visit to Egypt but this hotel has put us off for good.
It took us 5 days for them to get the room safe working then we had to move room the safe in there you could pick it up and walk away with it .
This hotel complex has the basis to be really nice with some unique features but all this was ruined by letting it go to the dogs .

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of October 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Hauza Hell

Reviewed Mon 14th of April 2014

"I have just returned from Hauza Beach Resort on 7/4/14 after a two week stay. I will NEVER return there again. I love Egypt and have visited there over 20 times,this has to be one of, if not the worst hotel available. A word to the wise, if you are thinking of booking the Hauza....DON'T. The drinks truly are appalling they are surly 'manufactured' rather than distilled. Take your full drink allowance with you if you insist on staying there (you will thank me). Buy your cokes etc. at the supermarkets and eat out, again you will thank me.
The rooms are more than tired, the baths are stained with patchy paint peeling off. Shower curtains are cream at the top getting a darker shade of sludge as they go down. Water comes out of the tap brown but does clear as you run it.
T.V. reception is very poor, fridges in rooms are old and rusty and worse than anything is stained mattresses with no mattress protectors. Additional sheets were provided ...eventually but we were back to one sheet on the mattress most days. By the second week house keeping got the message an we regularly had additional sheets thereafter.
If you have thoughts of ringing home to let folks know you are OK, forget it. Despite having a phone in your room no international connection is available until tomorrow!!!. £2.30 per minute is charged when and if it is available. However... as you go out of the hotel and turn right , the 1st supermarket you come to had a lovely member of staff who allowed me to use his mobile at 70p per minute and was delighted with the £1 I paid him.
WiFi connection is available but only in reception...sometimes. Your WiFi connection is 2hrs for the duration of your stay, NOT each, per ROOM.
On another note, staff try to be helpful but work within the restraints of poor management. I have not laboured on the matter of food and drink as others have already done this but take my word on this, it is BAD. Party cups half filled, ice available sometimes and no lemon/lime slices. A member of staff did fetch some from the kitchen on his break.???!!! for my soda water (the only drink I had or would recommend). Oh and the water park opened the day before we left. Check this out if you still think it's just a few folk that are never satisfied having a moan. I would not risk a child of mine using this as it appears from just looking at it, as opposed to using it, that Health and Safety have been heavily involved in the planning and development of this 'attraction'.
If you or anyone traveling with you is not sound of foot, the resort is not without severe challenges. Ramp access has been 'added' but leaves a lot to be desired and in some cases is downright dangerous. A lot of the pedestrian areas are very uneven and crumbling and tricky for even the more sure footed and sober amongst us.
my last words are GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of April 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 3 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

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Top traveller tips for Hauza Beach Resort

  • SoPhi_BbY by SoPhi_BbY

    "scuba diving was amazing. and quad biking in the desert is a must do activity. "

  • ndavis by ndavis

    "It's a great place especially if you want to dive in the Sea! "

  • ndavis by ndavis

    "St Catherines Monastery "

  • swinstan by swinstan

    "scuba and quad biking "

  • nannyhazel by nannyhazel

    "The area off the resort is desert and being built upon. In the middle of nowhere really. "

  • nannyhazel by nannyhazel

    "The main restaurant on the Resort was the best. "

  • "go a hotel someone you know has been too this place is poor. "

  • "burger king down the road,best sight leaving hotel on the bus "

  • namraw by namraw

    "Diving is excellent, people are friendly, plenty to do and see if you are prepared to travel around "

  • namraw by namraw

    "Don't miss a trip to Cairo and Pyramids, evening in desert with Bedoin, diving "

  • "hauza is the best go to hauza! "

  • "all the restraunts and the food and all the activities are great! "

  • WeHateEgypt by WeHateEgypt

    "its the worst holiday resort ever!! "

  • WeHateEgypt by WeHateEgypt

    "the sight of the airport when we were leaving sharm! "

  • burnleyboy by burnleyboy

    "Purpose built resort - nothing really outside. "

  • jennieandjan by jennieandjan

    "Relax and Enjoy Yourself "

  • jennieandjan by jennieandjan

    "We just loved the snorkelling. "

  • andreww by andreww

    "good for a crash diet and sun sea and sand "

  • andreww by andreww

    "none because i have to stay near a toilet "

  • Norfolk 15 by Norfolk 15

    "Nice but not this resort. "

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  • Hauza Beach Hotel
  • Hotel Hauza Beach
  • Hauza Beach

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