Ghazala Beach Hotel

El Salam Street Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
4 star hotel

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  • 3.5 room
  • 3 pool
  • 4.5 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 4 dining
  • 5 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 3.5 food
  • 4 cleanliness
  • 3.5 location

25 Traveller reviews from Holiday Watchdog

What a setup

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We arrived just shortly after Happysixtytwo on 9th Dec.

Found exactly the same problems where we had been moved into the Beach after booking the Gardens for £1550.00

Birds actually eating from the slops put out each days, cracked and raised tiles on the pathways, a death road to cross each day to get over to Ghazala Gardens, a 5ft bar in the lobby was the only eveing place to drink if you stayed in, an oversized tent to eat from each day, difficult to get a drink without a glaring look, a cracked and dirty pool, smelly room, rusty mirrors, thread bare carpets and the list just goes on and on.

I can only descibe it being like a Rubik’s Cube: Something old from the 80’s, overused, square and had all the horrendous colours to match.

Whats more annoying is that the same thing happened to my parents back in June this year who also got moved into the Beech.

Its being used as an overflow hotel which is so wrong. It should not take 6 months to resolve an issue like this and certainly from a company as reputable as Thomas Cook."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of December 2007

I feel cheated

Reviewed Thu 25th of October 2012

"We arrived at a chaotic airport on 6th December after an enjoyable flight. We were told, as were the other 16 couples on our flight, that they had overbook Ghazala Gardens Hotel and we were being transfered to the Ghazala Beach Hotel. We were told we could use the AI facilities of both hotels. I explained to the rep. that my husband is disabled and cannot walk from the one, across a busy road, to the other. We were promissed a courtesy bus which it is a good job we never waited for as it still has not turned up. We did manage on our last night to go to the Gardens Hotel fro dinner. We saw the light then and realised all we had been missing. A pleasant and clean dining room, more places to eat, an extensive selection of dishes, entertainment, a BAR, and far more courtious staff. I think we had a very bad deal and felt we had been down grade because by no streatch of the imagination could you call Ghazala Beach a 4/5 star hotel which we booked being Ghazala Gardens. Then a further party of 20 couples on Sunday were told exactly the same story. Is it just me or does anyone else view this with suspicion? On reading a few reviews I realise this is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd instance of "overbooking" come on travel agents and Ghazala Hotels dont do this to anyone else we work hard and save hard for our holiday in the sun!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 14th of December 2007


Reviewed Wed 26th of December 2012

"absolutely disgusting booking was made for ghazala gardens paid 1400 pounds but on landing was told hotel over booked. we were put in ghazala beach hotel in a bungalow, dining room birds flying all over food which was not covered.also loads of flies and bird droppings everywhere. 2 days we ate there food and got runs and sickness for rest of holiday darent eat in there any more. chefs pickinhg utensils up off floor and putting back into food woudnt put a dog in there mind u we didnt see any think they eat em. pool was filthy lad was cleaning it was washing edge of pool with cloth and rinsing it back in pool. we told him not to do this but he ignored us and walked away. never go back to egypt next time go to benidorm ha ha."

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  • Travel date: Sat 24th of November 2007

Basic but great value for money

Reviewed Sat 27th of October 2012

"When you read all the reviews on here its easy to just get more confused about your hotel so I will try to be as honest as possible.I've just come back from 2 weeks at the Ghazala beach and loved every minute of it. I agree that this is not a 4 star,more a 3 star hotel but it satisfied my requirements. All I want from my hotel room is that it is clean, and I can sleep,shower and hang my clothes up. I am not interested in the grouting or colour scheme.My room was spotlessly clean,spacious and comfortable,although a little dated. The hotel in general is very clean and in a great location on the beach front close to Naam centre. There are staff constantly cleaning and tidying both inside and out and I was certainly not embarrassed to say where I was staying. Personally I think it is a waste of time going all inclusive to Sharm as it is so cheap to eat and drink out,but each to his own. Many of the reviewers on this site who had bad stomachs seem to have gone the AI route (not just at this hotel)I certainly had no stomach problems,and found the breakfasts worth getting up for. I ate most evenings at the Kanabesh Beach restaurant (turn right out of the hotel along the promenade and its on the beach about 200 metres along). The manager Wageh Nassem and his staff are so friendly and the food is either steak or seafood. I promised him I would recommend it on the net so tell him when you go! if you fancy scuba try Dive Africa at Sharm holiday Hotel. The main advantage for us Brits is that they deal in US dollars (great with the exchange rate!) and the instructors are brilliant fun as well as very professional.
The main problem with the hotel and Sharm in general is that it is overrun with Russian holidaymakers. This does work to our advantage however because when you smile and politely say hello to waiters,hotel staff,(or "no thankyou") to shopkeepers who are hassling you they smile back and do appreciate good manners - it makes a nice change from the grunts they get from certain other nations! I hope this is useful and have a great holiday. If you are expecting London type 4 star you will be disappointed,spend more money and go elsewhere. If you want a clean basic friendly hotel in a great location Ghazala Beach is great value."

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  • Travel date: Mon 22nd of January 2007

don't go there stay at the Hilton next door

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"poor hotel, food was ok, be sure to take lots of medication for your stomach, eating out at one of the resturants along the beach is advisable as they are cheap and the food is much better. we had an AI package but didn't recieve any of the things that where offered to us when booking
the staff though are polite, and vey friendly to the ladies (this is quite amusing to watch)
the location is good but when surroundied by hotels of clearly a higher standard you feel embarassed to say where you are staying.
hotel not a 4* in my opion compared to other hotels i have stayed in, this clealy has been the worst
if i had known the real standard of this hotel before travelling i would have looked elswhere.
if you are soon to travel here please do not be too put off. some tips are to make sure you ask for one of the newer rooms, we did not find this out until our last evening. eat out as much as possible and spend your days either at the pool at the front of the hotel or on the beach. breakfast is not worth getting up for."

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  • Travel date: Wed 27th of December 2006

Fabulous holiday - loved every minute of it!

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"My partner and I stayed at the Ghazala Beach for two weeks on an all inclusive deal in October 2005 and I would most definitely return - we loved it!
We booked a last minute deal with Panorama which was excellent value. Once we'd paid, I did a search on the internet and had a very sick feeling when I realised that the hotel that was bombed in Sharm (I forget when, either earlier in 2005 or in 2004) was the sister hotel of the Ghazala Beach and right across the road. I was assured by the travel agent that we wouldn't even notice - and she was right.
Arriving at the airport was comedy - but it was organised chaos. You have to learn very quickly so say 'no thanks' to the guys offering to help you with your cases in exchange for a £2 tip, but that was no problem.
Very quick transfer time from the airport to the hotel and we checked in very quickly. We had a twin room in the main building which was very nice. Very clean, plenty of storage, a fridge, great aircon, big TV with a great selection of free view channels, large bathroom, balcony with table and chairs. The room was cleaned every day with fresh bed linen and towels and a new bottle of water every day. We raced to the restaurant for dinner when we first arrived, which involved a trip through the grounds on route and I was a little jealous of the people that were staying in the pool bungalows and they looked really nice - but on reflection our room was great.
We really enjoyed the food, and both put on weight during our stay! We ate in the main restaurant pretty much every morning and evening, and had lunch in the seahorse restaurant every day. No wonder we put on weight. There was always a great selection, and the puddings were fab. All soft drinks were included, and a selection of alcoholic drinks. The wine was vile, but I got used to the gin. We didn't really use the beach bar during the day, but went for cocktails on an evening (there's a seperate menu for the AI guests), and enjoyed the entertainment of Zachi the resident singer.
The pools were lovely - we spent most of the time at the relax pool at the front of the hotel as it was quieter. I had a manicure and pedicure from the lovely egyptian girls that work at the hotel, and they were lovely and great value. The beach was absolutely fantastic. Pool and beach towels were free and always soft and clean.
We weren't really planning on going far as we knew that Sharm was a long way away from Cairo, Luxor etc. but after the welcome meeting with Faye our rep, we wanted to go on everything! The prices were very expensive though - so we shopped around. There are plenty of places in Sharm that offer the same trips but much cheaper, and we opted for the tour company that have a stall in the Namma Centre (Its an upturned boat). Faye our hotel tour rep told us some horror stories about poeple who had used local tour companies - but we didn't have any problems. We went to Cairo for the day on the bus for £28 (1am pick up on an aircon coach - 7 hour drive to Cairo, personal tour guide who stayed with us all day (about 10 of us on the trip) , trip round the egyptian museum, buffet lunch alongside the Nile, trip to the pyramids and sphinx, trip to a perfume shop, a bazzar and a paparys factory, then 7 hour drive back to the hotel in Sharm) all of this was included in the £28 cost - all that was extra was a boat trip across the Nile to the restaurant (optional), water at lunch, going into one of the pyramids (optional) and drinks all day. A day to Cairo on the bus sounds like a nightmare, but it was fine - and the museum and pyramids were well worth the trip.
We went with the same company to Luxor - again much cheaper than our holiday company trip. It got a bit exciting when we arrived at Luxor airport (you have to fly - its too far to go by coach)and there was no-one to meet us, but I'd taken the companies number, and it was all sorted out very quickly. There was 4 of us on this trip and it was wonderful. Personal tour guide, air con mini bus, went to Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Collosus of Menon, alabaster factory, lunch on the nile - all included in the price which was about £70! The flight back to Sharm was delayed so the company took us out for tea and paid for us - they were great and I would highly recommend them.
We also went on a half day of scuba diving, which was arranged through Panorama and took place at the Hyatt Regeny - fantastic.
We took the Panorama trip quad biking through the desert - only because they seemd to use the only company that insisted that people wore helmets - it was great fun.
We also did the overnight treck up Mt Sinia and to St Catherine's monastry. The treck up the mountain in the pitch black (you have two guides for the party and a torch each) is an experience in itself, and the stars are truely awesome!! When you reach the sumit and see the sunrise its amazing. It is a bit of a hike up and down though (about 5 hours with half hour rest breaks). Again, we went on the Panoroma trip for this one.
Namma Bay is great - you do get hassled a lot but its all in good spirit - everyone will tell you that their shop is 'asda price' and 'as cheap as chips' - great fun. And don't be afraid to barter - even in the chemists - we got some paracetemol for 50p but the starting price was £5!
We both suffered from dicky tummies - but the pharmacist recommended some great tablets, that sorted us out in no time.
Sorry for the really long review - I'm sure you can tell that we loved it! Everyone we came across was lovely and I can't recommend the hotel and Sharm and the excursions highly enough."

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  • Travel date: Fri 25th of August 2006

Loveld Ghazala Hotel

Reviewed Mon 24th of December 2012

"We couldn't believe our luck when we arrived at the Hotel - right on the promenade and also less than 5 mins walk from all the restaurants (hotel has 6 of it's own anyway), bars and shops. The hotel was very clean and well kept, the room was a decent size and had fantastic air conditioning, big TV, fridge, a safe and plenty of storage space. The pool area was lovely - we were there in June and it was really too hot to do anything except lounge about the pool. The main restaurant was great - we were just bed and breakfast but there was a fantastic choice at the buffet breakfast. The staff were very friendly and helpful - couldn't say anything bad about it really. We had a lovely leasurelly holiday. If I went back I would definitely be happy to go to the same hotel but would go at a different time of the year because it really was too hot. We met lots of nice people, had some great meals and the shopping was good too - barter for everything except the food and drink - you can get some great fake designer handbags! (If you go to Sharm make sure you know how hot it is going to be and make sure you take the immodium too as everyone we met needed it! )

Thumbs up for this Ghazala Hotel - we met many people whose hotels were in the middle of nowhere and had to get buses or (risky) taxis to town. Na'ama Bay is the place to be in Sharm and we were perfectly situated."

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  • Travel date: Tue 4th of July 2006

great place and location to stay

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"ive just come back from this hotel stayed ther for 2 weeks from the 1st of june to the 15th, I booked with airtours and on the whole they were fine, we flew with air malta which was ok the meals on the plain were crap and the only downside was they had no entertainment on flights, the airport going into egypt was ok if not a little hectic, we didnt bother to get a visa because we decided we were just going to stay in the resort but if you want to go to cairo, for the day which costs around £180 or outside of the resort you do need a visa and they were charging £10. we were lucky with our baggage as soon as we arrived at the reclaim part our luggage was coming through although we met other people who said they waited nearly an hour, so i think its just down to the luck of the draw.
we wernt suppose to be staying at this hotel we were going to the sister hotel ghazala gardens but after the bombings last year it wasnt ready in time .
when we arrived at the hotel we were pleasently surprised from the ouside it doesnt look all that great, in our brochure it states its a 3*+ well id say it was right to put it at that rating, some state it is a four* but i wouldnt go as far as to say that.
on arrival we were allocated a bunaglow, and these were fine, to be honest we didnt stay in the room alot only slept there and got showered, the rooms room with 2 big beds a free safety deposite box, air conditioning, sat tv although they cater for everyone theres no english channels but they do have american tv, and a 24 hour movie channel, theres a table and chair there spacous wardrobe and several draws to put your clothes in , also toilet shower and wash basin the rooms are cleaned everyday, with fresh towels (and if your all inclusive) 2 bottles of water.
the pool area is lovely cleaned everyday and very warm with a nice little pool bar also, there were plenty of beds around the pool, infact there may have been around 20 people tops everyday around the pool , the hotel was very quiet. the gardens are beautiful and are watered every night, there are no women that work anywhere in the hotels just men even the cleaners are men!!
as for the food it was ok not marvellous but you could make a meal out of what they served, there was salad varietys of bread rolls cheese ham pasta and hot cooked food every night and the sweets and deserts were very nice , they had a different themed night every night food wise, but after the first week it just repeats itself. if your all inclusive you can just eat in the main restuarant and after 10 at night you can go to the sea horse and just have snacks, you can get snacks from the pool bar in the day but you do have to pay for them, but its very cheap to be honest a bowl of chips 70p and a 12 inch pizza less than £4. drink wise its not brilliant you can have as much coke sprite 7up orange ade as you want in the day as well as beer wine and local spirits, but as far as the vodka rum brandy etc is to go by you might as well drink meths, the best drink i found was the white wine, and the beer is stella but dont get confused with our stella its not the same. if your not all inclusive drinks can be expensive, there local stella is £2 a bottle but it is a large one, coke is a £1 but if you want our drinks for example i had a baileys , only a small measure and it was £3.70 and some brandys they can charge over £6 .
in all exculsive you can drink in 3 main bars which is fine the lobby bar was great with air conditioning, the pool bar is nice to sit out in the evening and sea horse is also air conditioned. there is a beach bar that does entertainment each night but only after a certain time 9 oclock , and here the drinks you have to pay for that was my only complaint really as the beach bar which is part of the hotel should have been in with the all inclusive option as other than that there wasnt much entertainment..
if you go outside the hotel in the evening be prepared to be hassled, not once but 100 times , we went shopping once in the evening and that was the last time we went in the night as all the men just hassle you to buy things from them, ive only been abroad a few times and not once have i come across this before ive been told its like it in other countries like turkey but i havent been there so i dont know and after a bit its annoying you have to be firm and say no, and they try and get you to eat and drink in there resturants even though they can see u wearing bands for all inclusive..
we went to the hard rock cafe one afternoon and its a great place to eat very cheap for the food but the drinks are expensive and be aware if you go out to eat or drink anywhere they charge and extra 22% for tax and service charges. one tip if you want to go and eat out at the hard rock go in the afternoon between 12 and 4 otherwise its bedlem there.
all pubs outside your hotel close at middnight after that you will be hard fetch to find anywhere outide of your hotel to drink unless you want a long walk.
and if your planning to go in june july and august be prepared for the weather is was hot hot hot and i mean hot, everyday it was in the 40's one day it got to above 45 and we were frying so be well prepared, i took factor 40 with me and it was gone within 3 days. if you love the sun then this is the place to go
the only big downside was i was there for 2 weeks and did have the runs for 10 days i was there , but i will say for myself i think it was just the heat as even though that was the case i didnt have stomach cramps or anything like that, so please take imodian you really do probably need it, other than that there is a good pharmacists around in several spots and i brought tablets from them and they did work much better than our tablets i must say.
the beach is lovely clean whits sands with very blue waters and most hotels have there own private part of the beach, we walked along the pontoon which is lovely as you can snorkle around there and the fish are beautiful if you enjoy that type of thing, you can suba dive to..
sercurity wise the place is full of it, most hotels that i saw and the hard rock cafe you have to walk through metal dector things like you do at the airport sercurity is at the back and front of this hotel and all around the resort but dont be put off by it .
all in all i would recomend this hotel, because the location is perfect you are literally on the beach and on the main road to the town and the weather was perfect so hot and the beach was lovely, if you dont mind staying in basic accomadation then this is perfect for you

hope this helps and also put some photos in to show you what its like :)"

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  • Travel date: Sat 17th of June 2006

Ghazala Disaster

Reviewed Tue 30th of October 2012

"We have recently come back from a holiday to sharm el sheikh in Egypt; we were booked into the Ghazala Beach Hotel by Panorama holidays (Air Tours) we were booked in as all-inclusive? This was fine, the brochure said 6 restaurants there was only one we could use and for seven days we had a very boring set buffet, and the only drinks available was lemonade, coke or beer, we could not even have fruit juice with breakfast unless we paid for it, this according to panorama, is all inclusive I don’t think so, some of the staff were very rude but this was only the members of staff wearing black tee shirts?
The room was similar to a butlins type chalets they were small Villas? Set in the grounds of the hotel complex, our view was of four air condition units down an alleyway, if we wanted a villa we would have asked for one, we wanted to stay in the hotel? My advice would be if you wanted to stay at this hotel then go bed and breakfast as the all inclusive option is way over priced.
Try another hotel for better value."

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of April 2006

Beautiful beach

Reviewed Tue 25th of December 2012

"Firstly the Ghazala Beach hotel should NOT to be confused with its sister hotel the Ghazala GARDENS which was bombed last year, especially if doing a little internet research. Do not be put off.

I travlled with Panorama in March to the Ghazala Beach, but firstly I'll mention the airport. Its by far the worst I've ever used. The small arrivals area was manic with no communication from reps on visas, entry forms,what do, or where to go. Visas are not required if staying within sharm but if you plan to travel to the Ras Mohammed park or go on day trips to Cairo or Petra then you will need one.They cost $15. If you don't have US dollers you'll be charged £15 sterling (per visa) You will also need to fill in a small simple entry form. Once through pasport control be prepared for the baggage reclaim. Its small, packed, not well managed and you'll be lucky if your flight details are listed telling you which conveyor to collect your baggage from. As well travelled as I am, I find it pretty stressful still. Getting out and finding your coach (unless led) can be just as bad. Not for the faint hearted.

To the Hotel.... The Ghazala Beach official listing is 4 stars. Panorama list it as "Q" (3 star) which is much more realistic. The accomadation is either a room in one of the two wings attatched to the main hotel building or a bungalow in the gardens around the pool. On checking in I was allocated a room(obviously dated) in one of the wings and it really stank of smoke. Back to reception to ask for a non smoking room. As a result I was given a bunagalow which though was still a smoking room it had just been redecorated and was much nicher all round than the room in the main building. It was pretty basic, tiled floors, good size and comfortable double bed, basic bathroom - toilet, sink and shower in a tiled cubicle. Always hot water and great pressure. The a/c though new wasn't the best and the fridge (like so many others in hotels) chilled rather than got cold. Desk, drawers, wardrode and a 14" tv with a couple of english speaking channels if you need some backround noise. Pretty standard stuff really.
The are a number of restuarant but I only used the main one for breakfast once as it wasn't the best buffet style I've encountered however it was edible and there was the usual ranges to suit most people. Also used once was the pizzeria where my partner and I both agreed we had some lovely looking, nice fresh pizza's. But they were tasteless.
When on the beach there is the beach bar which serves a basic lunch menu. Cheeseburger £2, bottle of Stella (local brew - dont confuse with stella artois) £2. Coke £1. Big botle of water £1. The Chessburger was tasty, the chicken club sandwich disguisting. Also the service at the beach bar CAN be really poor in terms of the waiters attention to you. Also watch how long some of the food sits on the counter before being served!
Drinking - There are 3 bars. The main hotel bar is located in the the main lobby and is just somewhere to optain a drink. Threre is also a bar by the largest of the two pools and as mentioned the Beach bar. The Beach bar located between/on the beach and the main promanade is lively in the evenings with a singer on the stage.
The Beach - the best bit of the hotel. A large private beach, right in the middle of the bay, nice sunbeds and fixed umbrellas. By midday not even half the beds were taken though being March and with the sister hotel out of action this may not be representitive. There are 2 small reefs off the beach and you'll see a wide range of fish. But if you love to snorkel then you'll be going on boat trips or should consider another hotel with good reefs eg the Fanara of the Hyatt.
Why stay here? the hotel is o.k to use as a base, but its location and beach are the reason for me. You are literally 2 mins walk along the prom to down town Naama bay, where there are no end of Restaurants catering to every taste, shops and bars.
Prices seem cheap- prawn cocktail/steak dinner for an average £10 but add on 22% in tax and service charge. Recomendations - Best Restaurant every year I go is the Dananeer. Excellant service, decor and well priced cosistanly good food. Hardrock is good too and is the cheapest I've eaten at though the cocktails can make it expensive. Drinking - on the roof of the Camel bar watching the people below or if you long for home there is the Target english pub. If you want to puchase decent snorkelling equipment there is a specialist shop in the shopping mall. Opposite the hard rock, up the stairs opposite and the shop is on the right. The prices are listed so no mucking about haggling. Quality gear and great service. The salesman took ages letting my friend try on masks before deciding. And said we could take it back if if she didn't like it. She didn't and so we returned. The salesman was actually leaving the shopping mall on his break but remembered us, came back to the shop, exchanged the mask and refunded the differance. Snorkelling like diving is for life. Don't hire inferior stuff which you'll be charged for if it breaks.. Go to this shop and ask for Mohamed... He's a bit cheeky but, but patient and a man of his word.
Diving- Rather than taking your reps word for diving and pricing try Emporer Scuba for comparison. All english instructors. Check out thier web site before you go for some previous knowledge on pricing.
Snorkellng boat trip- Persoanllly Ras Mohammed was miles better than Tiran Island. 3 drops at Ras rather than 2 at Tiran and Tiran takes ages (1 1/2 hours?) to get to. If you do Tiran take a Fleece and trousers... people froze on the top of our boat despite the sun.
Sorry for being so long.. The weather in mid March 80 plus every day. Absolutely beautiful, no problem with the sea being cold.
Lastly be prepared for the airport on the way back. There is no bar and if you get a seat stay in it.... The airport is really really poor.
A full coach load stayed at this hotel so plenty of English voices and Single and considering going? There seemed to be a be a good few staying at the Ghazala including a particularly attractive brunette I still think about.. alas
Am I going back... Definately !!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 17th of March 2006

Worst Hotel Ever, Do Not Go Here!!!!!!!

Reviewed Thu 6th of August 2015

"We had booked our first all inclusive holiday together through Ice Lolly via Red Sea Holidays, we arrived at 9.30pm to a 36 degrees heat blast which was a sign of things to come (weather fantastic by the way). After having our bags taken by Stinky Pete (Bellboy) to our room via the smelly corridor, he look disgusted at my £3 tip for the brief amount of work involved.
We asked if the restaurant was still open, no but we will organize for some food to be brought to our room, food arrived which was totally inedible, so we decided to venture out to Pizza Hut which was really nice apart the very flirty waiter who asked my girlfriend 'did she fancy a bit of Egyptian for a change'.
Our room was close enough to the main road so we could hear the very busy traffic noise, so didn't have a great sleep after a tiring day of travel. After little sleep we awoke to very hot sunny day and went for breakfast, food was in general ok but not 4 star quality and not much difference from day to day.
We enjoyed the beach and pool very much, the green AstroTurf which was around the pool was very patchy and in need of immediate repair as it had holes in and was an accident waiting to happen.

I have listed lots of other issues as I think I might take up too much room.

a. Staff rude & ignorant
b. 4 Rooms of Noisy British holidaymakers who thought it was good to shout down the corridor at 3, 4 & 5 in the morning
c. Lobby Bar had no Vodka & Diet Coke for 2 consecutive nights, 3rd night came and he only brought 1 bottle of each
d. Ice Cream 3-5pm everyday, all inclusive guests only get a choice of 4 flavors (1 flavor was a combination of the other 3 flavors)
e. No music at any of the bars (pool, beach or bier wagon) to create a bit of atmosphere as we had no entertainment apart from a belly dancer in the canteen for 20minutes for 1 night
f. All inclusive which did not include the A la Cart restaurants available as this was charged extra
g. Panes of glass were being replaced as diners ate in the main canteen during the day
h. Saw a member of staff drink straight from a carton of Apple Juice, then serve 2 guests using the same carton
I. Star rating in the hotel was hidden under a picture, which stated 3 stars. When we questioned a member of staff they said a star had fallen off!!!!!! Also the next day the star rating had suddenly disappeared completely.
j. Water leaking down the wall above the toilet and then the toilet would not flush
k. Bier Wagon cocktails were awful, no taste of alcohol or anything really.
l. The snack bar at the Bier Wagon was 5 plates of leftovers from the canteen, wrapped in cling film
m. We moved rooms due to the noise & smelly corridor into the new block which was significantly better looking room apart the snag list that was needed to fully complete the room to its full potential of 4 stars. We signed a transfer form to say we had changed rooms free of charge, what we didn't know that the new room was with other rooms under construction further down the corridor, after my girlfriend took a video/pictures of the other rooms a member of staff tried to force us to sign a waiver to say we were aware of the additional work which we refused.
n. The batteries for the safe needed replacing, waited for someone to turn up after numerous promises this failed, after asking again they told us they tried to ring us which was not possible as the telephone was not connected. We then went to sunbathe and have a walk around gift shopping in Naama Bay, upon our return our hotel door was open so as you can imagine we thought we had been robbed. All furniture had been moved in different directions, cases moved. My girlfriend rushed to the reception and got a member of staff to come immediately, a couple of minutes later another man appeared saying he was fitting the phone in our room but had left the door open to go and get something else, by this point my girlfriend was very upset and was told to be quiet by the reception man, we told them to both get out of the room as they we're no longer welcome.
o. Preference given to other European guests that were only b&b, as they were charged for drinks/food so the workers would get a tip, they didn't seem to realize All Inclusive had already paid
p. We queried with the Red Sea Holidays rep, how long was this a 4 star all inclusive hotel, a long time was the reply, how long? 1 to 2 months was the reply back.
q. One morning at breakfast we were asked if we would like Mango to drink we both said yes and found a table, after our enjoyable meal we walked back to our room, we were shouted back by the same waiter that asked us for Mango and was informed that this was additional, we told him that we were all inclusive this did not matter, so we went to reception where this was resolved by Jane (a helpful Red Sea Rep).

Apologies for going on so long but as you can imagine for my first holiday with my gf and my first all inclusive ever this was a major disappointment.

Major pluses for this holiday were the beach, the pool apart from the green Astro Turfissue, new friends made Simon, Tracy & Aldo from Hull and also Kelsey & Snow White from Widnes/Warrington.

This holiday would not put me off from visiting Sharm el Sheikh again, but this hotel needs a severe kick up the arse to make it to a 4 star rating.

I hope this helps others

Peace out!!!!!!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 5th of August 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Ghazala beach oct 2012

Reviewed Fri 2nd of November 2012

"i stay at ghazala beach 1 week on 25oct 2012 to 31oct had a fantastic time friendly helpful staf -2 Wonderful location-3room was very clean i really engoyed the brakfast & dinner i have a fantastic holiday i will go back to ghazala beach hotel Thanks for all workers in ghazala"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 2nd of November 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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Top traveller tips for Ghazala Beach Hotel

  • vicisthebest123 by vicisthebest123

    "Book 2 weeks - one won't be enough! "

  • vicisthebest123 by vicisthebest123

    "Camel Bar, Ghazala Beach Bar, Sinai Divers, CleoPark, Old Market "

  • TeenaVee by TeenaVee

    "Give it a visit,planning to return! "

  • Brockers by Brockers

    "Die First before you go to this Hell Hole!!!!!!!! "

Ghazala Beach Hotel is also called

  • Hotel Ghazala Beach
  • Ghazala Beach
  • Ghazala Beach Sharm El Sheikh

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