Gafy Resort

El Salam street Gafy Land Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh 76 Egypt
4 star hotel

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We were put in this hotel by the tour op...

Reviewed Tue 27th of June 2006

"We were put in this hotel by the tour operator as our flight was delayed by 24 hours (having already been delayed by 26 hours at the beginning of the week of our holiday.) We had been moved from the Rehanna hotel for the one night while waiting to depart.

The hotel room was considerably smaller than what we had come to expect, and had a damp musk smell throughout despite leaving all the windows and balcony door open. The cleanliness of the room was poor also, choosing to shower in flip flops as not to place feet on any of the floors.

There were hairs on the bed sheets and again had a damp musk smell to them, in fact the party slept on our dirty beach towels as these felt cleaner in respect. As we had no sunscreen left and no money left to pay for any we were forced to stay within our room for the remainder of our 24 hours.

Due to the standard of cleanliness within our room we decided not to chance eating at this hotel at all!

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to any British holiday makers and would strongly recommend paying the slight extra for a 4 star plus resort where the standards are considerably higher. "

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  • Travel date: Tue 27th of June 2006

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Gafy Resort is also called

  • Days Inn Gafy Resort
  • Days Inn Gafy Hotel
  • Days Inn Sharm El Sheikh

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