Falcon Hills Hotel

Um El Sid, Sharm El Sheikh BP 310 Egypt
3 star hotel

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( 1944 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 3.5 pool
  • 3 beach
  • 3.5 service
  • 3 dining
  • 2.5 amenities
  • 3 value
  • 3 food
  • 3.5 cleanliness
  • 4.5 location

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Falcon Hills over the hill

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"If you fancy an All Inclusive holiday with all the perks do not choose this hotel. The food is bad by anyone`s standard, the pool is icecold, facilities poor, fixtures in bad repair and the hotel manager doesn`t care. Staff will attend to you if you tip them, if you don`t , they`ll ignore you. If you order a bar snack for two ( part of the All Inclusive ) 5-10 mins before 11PM only one meal will arrive at 11PM. Staff will apologise for the `misunderstanding` and tell you that, now it`s after 11PM you have to pay for the second meal. What a con!! The so called beach allocated to the hotel isn`t a beach at all. You have to access the water via a jetty and it`s very rocky, no sand in sight. Many guests ended up getting cuts and bruises during my stay. Would I go back? Absolutely not! Admittedly, the rooms were cleaned every day but you would expect that anyway and the water coming out of taps and shower is brown. You`ve been warned."

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  • Travel date: Tue 15th of January 2008

You get what you pay for

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"We stayed here from 27th Dec for a week over New year, we booked through a budget holiday company and this is certainly what we got. The rooms were slightly run down and old fashioned and desperatley needed refurbishing, the furniture was dated as were the beds and cupboards, fridge etc. The room was clean however and spacious, all rooms are near one of the two pools but the balconies are tiny.

There was a distinct awful smell from our bathroom throughout our stay which i gathered came from bad plumbing and sewage system. The shower curtain had cigarette burns on them and the bath wasn't big enough to take a bath only a shower.

As for the rest of the hotel we found it not that bad at all for what we paid for but dont expect 4 or 5 star treatment or surroundings more like 2 or 3 star at most.The pool looked nice however we never went in it as it was icy.

the breakfast was OK, fresh omelletes and continental choice on offer with tea, coffee and OJ. We only went on a B&B basis other guests told us the food was not that good for all inclusive or half board.

There is a free shuttle bus to the private beach which is small and crammed there is another beach down the street which you have to pay for, its about 5-10min taxi ride away from Naama bay no more that £2 fare and about 20-25mins away from airport max £12 fare. There are only 2 very small supermarkers near the hotel and nothing else but more hotels, there is a outdoor shopping centre and fast food outlets about 20min walk away though.

Overall we wouldnt stay here again, I would definately recommend Egypt if you dont mind the constant hassell from the locals and haggling for everything including taxi fare, but if we went back we would definately pay extra for a better hotel even thought this is OK for a budget hotel."

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  • Travel date: Mon 14th of January 2008

Very simple hotel, with a great atmosphere!

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2012

"My boyfriend and I booked this hotel as part of a last minute deal on Teletext.
When we read the reviews on Trip Advisor we were expecting the worst! But we were pleasantly surprised.
Although the hotel is rated as both 4* it is definitely a 3*. The bedrooms are very basic and the decor leaves little to be desired; but nevertheless it is relatively comfortable and very clean.
Aside from the rather 'simple' rooms, the hotel was great! The atmosphere is really good and friendships with other guests seem only natural in the fun and relaxed atmosphere.
The bar staff, in general, are friendly. There are a few bar staff that seem a little off at times, but you have to remember they work long hours for £25 per week.
Some of the bar staff in particular Basha (give him a good tip if your there - not that he asks but he deserves it!) are really great!
We went over New Years Eve and the bar staff were having a great time, dancing with guests and filling our drinks when they were half empty and enjoying conversation!
Also, the gentleman upstairs (can't remember his name) was great fun!
He works at a little tent just above the main pool where you can go and enjoy the traditional Shisha pipe or buy gifts,
It's great up there, as unlike Sharm in general, you won’t get hassled to buy gifts and can enjoy a browse.
We also had a great evening up there where we enjoyed the Shisha pipe with the two men who worked there, who sat down with us and shared the Shisha!
When we took out our camera they darted off and came back with Egyptian costumes so that we could dress up for our photos, really good fun!
In regards to the food, it's ok. It's not gourmet, but I'm a very fussy eater and didn't complain.
There are burgers and chips on order and the buffet usually consists of rice, breads, creamy potatoes, fish, pasta, meat (in some sauce) and other random things, that do not really 'go' together but are pleasant.
You are much better off waiting for the chef outside who will cook to order. He makes delicious noodles and rice, and you feel like your eating a meal rather than a mixture of many meals.
The pools are nice, and very clean (a man cleans them vigorously every evening). We did not venture into the large one (as it was not that warm) but the smaller pool to the back is heated.
Do be advised that it is not that warm in January, it's shorts and t-shirt weather during the day, but you definitely need a jumper at night!
The heating in hotel is great though, and I noticed there was also air con, so if it's as good as heating your in luck!
The hotel also offers an extensive list of excursions that are reliable and very cheap!
Although we booked our excursions through our tour operator (your holidays) we met friends at the hotel that had booked through hotel at extremely low prices (our trip, by plane to Cairo cost about £145 English pounds, our friends went by coach through hotel and it cost just £30!!!! - but they said they wished they had went by plane as trip - 6hrs there and 6 hrs back - spoilt their experience)
Also, there is a very nice man at the front who will organise a cab for you! he will get you a cab at 'Egyptian' price (remember this is different to tourist price). You should pay 250 Egyptian pounds to Naama bay (£2.50). The cabs will try to get more, so always agree a price before getting in - we made the mistake of not on our first night and were asked for £30 English! we gave him ten but it was still a rip off!!!
You will love your stay here, make sure to check out the little Buddha bar in Naama bay, the Shisha, St Catherine monastery (excursion), Cairo, and (if you have sea legs - which I found out I don't after vomiting into a sick bag for 2 hours!) go on the diving trip! My boyfriend loved it!
Have a great time, and don't forget to tell Basha you saw him on Trip Advisor!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 13th of January 2008

Give it a break it's only a 3 star Egyptian Hotel

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"I booked a last minute holiday to the Falcon Hills at the end of December and have just got back. I wanted to give you my version before I forget as I feel that some of the reviews were a little harsh.
Our party consisted of 2 adults and 2 children aged 9 & 6 and the hotel delivered exactly what we needed but at a basic level.
There were some people grumbling about the hotel but when you actually spoke to them alot of it was about unrealistic expectations, this is not an expensive hotel, it is only classed as a 3 star and it is in Egypt. Talking to some their expectations are more appropriate to a higher starred hotel. Others had obviously not read the literature on the hotel, it is not on the beach, it is in a quiet location, it does not claim to provide evening entertainment you do need to get taxi's or use the hotels shuttle service.
There were things that could easily be improved - whilst the hotel is very clean it is in need of some TLC. The baths are stained and the decor a bit tired. The food received alot of complaints but I consider my children fussy and there was plenty of choice for them - but again at a basic level - lots of bread, pasta, salads.
The best part of the holiday for me was the staff and the HEATED swimming pool - my kids spent all day everyday in it.
I have been to 5 star hotels in Egypt before and yes I could tell the difference but in terms of a cheap week away and value for money I would recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Tue 8th of January 2008

Surprised by the value for money

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"We booked this trip quite late and Falcon Hills was the cheapest option with availability for the Christmas holidays. After booking I read the reviews and was a bit scared of what we might end up in.

Upon arrival I was happily surprised. The staff was very friendly and helpfull and the room was spacious. The furniture was a bit dated, but hey, you're in Africa. We slept very well on the bed. A few things might be a problem to some people (the bath was a yellowish white -but clean- and the remote for tv didn't work) but that aren't things that I care about or that spoil my holiday so we didn't tell the staff about it.
Requests we did have (like an extra sheet) were dealt with right away. The staff has a nice sense of humour as well.

The breakfast was good, we loved all the sweet pastries that were on offer at the buffet., and the omelettes that were made to order. We dind't book all inclusive, so we went out to eat a few evenings. I can really recommend Picasso's (about 5 minutes walk). Or a taxi to Naama Bay. There was a very friendly man who arranged the taxis outside the hotel and his drivers were friendly and professional and never asked for a tip (which was extraordinary in Sharm El Sheikh).

We also ate in the hotel and the buffet was good. Christmas Eve dinner was definitely something special. They put a lot of effort in to it with all kinds of artworks made out of vegetables and pastries.

We would certainly go back to this hotel!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 29th of December 2007

Not that bad.......

Reviewed Tue 4th of December 2012

"This hotel was not as bad as the reviews led us to believe.
The pool area was pleasant, staff very helpful, rooms large enough but bathrooms needed updating - broken tiles, cracked sink etc. The food was okay, not great deal of choice but was all tasty- I had salads every day and I didn't suffer from "runny tummy". Kids loved the puddings...
I wasn't keen on signing for all the drinks and paying at the end of the week as I had visions of large inflated costs on top, but was surprised how little the total was. (We're not big drinkers though)
The entertainment was rubbish. Nothing for the kids to do but play pool and use internet at sister hotel across the road.
(Internet charges - £2 for 30 Mins) We made some good friends here. Not bad for value.
Enjoyed the whole experience. Thomson reps- rubbish."

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  • Travel date: Sun 23rd of December 2007

Cheap but Cheerful

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2012

"This was my mine and my partner’s first trip to Egypt and we were very pleasantly surprised with the hotel. It had mixed reviews from everywhere online - but was one of the better hotels we could find in Sharm on a reasonable budget.
On arriving at the hotel, check in was prompt and we both noticed immediately how clean the hotel was. Throughout our stay we noticed that somewhere, someone was always cleaning, pruning or sweeping. The hotel was spotless. They also fumigated the hotel every night to get rid of the mozzies and flies, we only had 3 bites between us.
The rooms are basic. A bed, a TV and a very cool fridge which was much appreciated even in November. There are plenty of pillows and blankets and it says every room comes with a balcony or terrace – well, ours was more like a box, and had a view of the children’s play park, which was nice enough. We spent such little time in our room that it didn’t really matter.
The bathrooms are basic – the shower wasn’t great, and you need the strength of a madman to be able to turn it off. Also, the water runs brown when you first turn the taps on. Don’t be worried by this, its something to do with the pipes and the sea! Just run it for a minute or so, and it will run clear. Also, don’t brush your teeth with this water – it’s not nice.
We also noticed a horrendous noise at random times when we were in our room. After investigating, my partner found that the noise was coming from the toilet cistern filling up. A little turn of the taps to stop it filling up so fast meant the noise stopped completely.
The breakfasts aren’t great, don’t expect a full English, but they do have someone making fresh omelettes, scrambled or fried eggs every day.
The food at lunch time was also good, big portions and enough to keep you going until tea time.
Egypt itself was lovely. The weather, even in mid November, was gorgeous. It reached 30 + most days we were there, and we came back looking very healthy.
Beware of Naama Bay – we were hassled every night by people trying to take us into their shops, restaurants, bars. In the end, we just ignored them. They will shout English English to you numerous amounts of time but the best advice is just ignore. They will leave you alone eventually!
To eat out costs next to nothing, but a lot of the smaller restaurants don’t sell any alcohol, but do let you bring your own, so it’s worth asking when you sit down. There are a few beer/wine shops near by which you can run down to.
All in all it was a great holiday, and a great experience all round. We would recommend the beaches which have a free shuttle bus from the hotel - they are amazing, we managed to do some coral reef snorkelling and a trip on a glass bottomed boat which was fantastic. Even though we were B&B we were treated exactly the same as the all-inclusive guests, and the staff were really nice, friendly and helpful.
The best advice we could give for a visit to Egypt is always say no to people in Naama Bay and when you get in the taxi at the airport don’t pay 30 English pounds to get to the hotel – it should cost ten!
Egypt is a beautiful country with amazing coral reefs, and the hotel is definately worth it for those on a budget."

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  • Travel date: Tue 18th of December 2007

Never again will we go to Faulty Towers ie Falcom Hills!!!!

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"We found our accomadation very old worn and decrepid.. bathrooms particularly bad. it was old and dirty and had an all prevading smell of sewerage.. if you like a bed as hard and as uncomfortable as the hard shoulder of the M25, then you wont be dissapointed here .. THEY ARE CRUEL..

The fridge was old dirty noisy and dirty... The windows, doors etc very insecure....

Despite paying HB, we were informed we had to pay for a cup of tea after our dinner- that this major deal was only available to fully inclusive MEMBERS !!!!!!!!!

The staff were not overly helpful, and we found the whole complex very noisy.. The one man band, karoke computer aided made a hell ofa racket from 8.30pm approx till 11pm most nights and when you are trying to sleep on a rock is not very endearing..

We think they may be newer rooms at the rear of the complex, but we wont risk going again to find out"

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  • Travel date: Sun 9th of December 2007

Excellent value for money

Reviewed Sun 9th of December 2012

"Had 12 nights in Falcon hills, enjoyed it much more than we expected. The staff were very friendly, everywhere was clean. Food was good and plentiful, there was no reason to go hungry. They were strict about the all inclusive hours so stock up on water in your fridge the night before. We did walk out at night to the local shopping areas and there are public beaches within walking distance but for further afield make use of the free buses available, we went to naama bay when we wanted night life, during the day we tried the free beaches, we found the best beach was Fawanees with Rambo in charge. Rambo went out of his way to provide everything you could want. We went back most days as Rambo was so friendly/helpful. The snorkling area he took us to off the beach was amazing, better than the boat trip we did. We would definitly go back again."

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  • Travel date: Thu 22nd of November 2007

great hotel

Reviewed Sun 11th of November 2012

"overall nice hotel. went out to Egypt to get my diving license and this hotel had a dive school within the complex. The hotel staff were very friendly and there was a good atmosphere round the hotel. The hotel was kept clean and tidy and the rooms had perfectly working air conditioning and a room with a nice view. The hotel also organised trips all over egypt including to luxor to see the valley of kings as well as a number of ancient ruins. Also a trip to see the pyramids, another to mount sinai and other activities. food wise there was a buffet for breakfast (included in the hotel price) as well as buffets for lunch and dinner. the food was a mixture of traditional egyptian food coupled with more european foods. we were there 2 weeks so towards the end I began to get sick of the buffet choice. there was a bar at the front desk too which was generally quiet but was nice if you wanted a quick drink. The main problem I had with this hotel was its slowness in providing room service. also it had no internet points (though there were facilites close by). The dive centre within this complex was very good, professional and cheap."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of November 2007

Great Holiday

Reviewed Mon 2nd of December 2013

"Excellent place to stay, you will be well looked after. I am going back for the second time at Christmas

This is a good place for family's or couples there's loads to do and they provide a bus service to most places


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  • Travel date: Thu 28th of November 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 5 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

Falcon hell

Reviewed Tue 15th of January 2013

"Possibly the worst holiday I've ever had! Like most people we researched our holiday to within an inch of its life and were so excited when we came across falcon hills as the reviews were brilliant. We arrived on 27/12 excited for our new year getaway but were quickly deflated once we began checking in. We were aware this was a Muslim country and therefore as a gay couple we would have to be very discreet and respectful, but what we did not expect was for our room to be taken away from us because it had a double bed, when we gently explained why we had picked and paid extra for a double room, not twin, the staff were rude and unhelpful! They refused to change our room and we spent the night in separate beds, when we eventually got a double bed it was by no means in a double room but instead at the back of the hotel in a tiny room with one small window which over looked a fly tipping site!

We found the staff rude and unhelpful and they rarely looked at your face when speaking to you, when they did make conversation it was to get you to buy things, tell you that they watch you in your bikini or hassle you into writing a good review when you get home. I would like to say this was not all staff and there was one guy in particular who looked after the pool area, he was brilliant!

Finally the food was awful. We paid to go all inclusive as we thought it would be easier and hoped it would be a little luxury, this was not the case! We ate out nearly every night as the food was tasteless, repetitive and often had flies all over it!
I'm shocked at the amount of positive reviews this hotel has received and question if I was in the right hotel! I've slept in dirty hostels, ate from night markets and been hassled in some of the poorest countries in the world, yet nothing compared to that of Sharm. I'm sorry to say that I would never return to Egypt and I was happy to be home. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 14th of January 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Location
  • 2 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

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  • nicola01 by nicola01

    "do not go to this hotel very disapointed "

  • klagden by klagden

    "Snorkelling at the Ras Mohammed National Park was ace!! Not to be missed! "

  • "I wish we stayed in the centre of sharm.Loved the nights out in the centre of sharm buzzin.Next time "

  • mimisor by mimisor

    "find something nicer! This is not a place to go if you are lookinf for relaxation. "

  • dicko1 by dicko1


  • Louisa M by Louisa M

    "The trip where you do Quad Bike riding and Camel ride and a BBQ a very excellent day "

  • SallyG by SallyG

    "Take the free trip to Soho Square, the fountains are great "

  • emma.ellam by emma.ellam

    "Snorkelling at Wind Beach in Naama Bay "

  • Karen Churchill by Karen Churchill

    "Snorkelling is out of this world "

  • Blinding by Blinding

    "Lovely country and lovely people "

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