Dreams Beach Resort

Um El Sid Cliff, Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel

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  • 4 room
  • 4 pool
  • 3.5 beach
  • 4.5 service
  • 4.5 dining
  • 4.5 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 4 food
  • 3 cleanliness
  • 3 location

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not bad

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"Stayed at dreams beach during the start of september for two weeks.Found the hotel to be very clean,rooms cleaned daily including change of towels.Hotel grounds spotless,had no trouble getting sunbeds although very hot when trying to lay in the sun,some days the tempreture reached 122 f.Drinks in very small cups except for when you have beer and water,no bottled water at bars just from a tank and never hardly cold.We rated food 3 out of 10,main restaurant not much choice at all,breakfast included mash potato!!!! Lunch at poolside bar always seemed to be chips and pizza.Ate at the Grill House 1 night and got food poisioning which put us off eating meat for the rest of the holiday! Make sure if you eat any rice its cooked properly and its not hard as this can also make you ill.when you come to pay your room bill dont expect to be able to pay it in egyptian pounds as they will not except it,it has to be Euros or American Dollars.To use telephone in room,very expensive about £2 min!! Staff very friendly especially cleaners they cant do enough for you.Egypt is a lovely country and would definately like to go back but maybe stay in Naama Bay and self catering!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 19th of September 2005

NOt as good as we thought

Reviewed Sun 28th of October 2012

"i returned from eygpt in july and the country is lovely however the hotel was not what i read on here.

Sunbeds as it commented you had to be out at 6.15am to get a sunbed under the shade as it is too hot too lay out without shade and then if you were of it for the matter of ten minutes they through a towels off they also never like you using your own towels only the ones provided. which you could only change daily and with children this doesn't always work.

The rooms were cleaned daily and arabham our cleaner was pleasant and polite, he was very interested in life back here.

The hotel bar we did not find friendly at all as it was lucky if they served you we also realised that the staff there didnt like alot of english people.

Food was bland and no variety whatsoever if you eat white rice your be fine, everybody we spoke to had a bad tummy from something out there we did try to find out but never, also make sure if you go to the cook in the morning that he flips your eggs and that they are cooked as more time they are not."

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  • Travel date: Tue 23rd of August 2005

Lovely hotel, although more 4* than 5

Reviewed Sun 21st of October 2012

"We stayed here for the first two weeks in August. After reading some of the reviews on here I was a little worried....there was no need!
We found the hotel to be lovely, clean and full of wonderful staff who couldn't do enough for you, not to mention the immaculate gardens which are tended to 24hrs a day!
The grounds are massive, we got lost walking to the sister hotel next door (Dreams vacation)
Our room was pretty basic but I am not sure what people want when they go on a beach holiday somewhere like this. All you do is sleep in it!
It was very clean, housekeeping was brilliant, new towels and sheets everyday. We had swans, people and various other mysterious shapes made from our towels and scattered flower petals on one occasion!!
Found three english channels on the TV. BBC world, one that showed a lot of american sitcoms etc and the other showed films 24hrs a day so you can always catch up on stuff whilst you are getting ready.

I was worried about reports that you had to get up at 6am to get a bed....I didn't find this was a problem. I wake up early anyway so used to leave my partner in bed and go out about 8.30-9. As it was just the two of us, I never had any trouble finding two beds together although I can see that it might be a bit more difficult if you are in a larger group.
As for beds in the shade, whilst we were there they were replacing all the big 'tent' like canopies with smaller wooden type umberellas but there was a lot more of them. There was no problem in finding somewhere with shade.
The first week was a lot quieter than the second but we staill managed to find beds everyday, even when we came out at 10. There were quite a few instances where families put there towels on beds and then went on day trips which is very unfair but the hotel is getting wise to this so towels are removed if no one occupies them for long periods.

Food in the buffet restaurant is not that great but there are other choices so we were not too bothered.
Because its a buffet, food tends to be luke warm unless you get it when it is just placed there. There is a pasta cook where you pick the ingredients andyou get a massive bowl of steaming hot pasta!!
The pool side buffet at lunch serves pizza's and pasta, hot dogs, burgers and shawamas. These tend to alternate although Pizza is daily!
This turns into a restaurant at night. Each day is a different set menu. You have to book this on the day (you may be able to book in advance - not sure) We loved it there!! There is a meat dish, fish and vegetarian dish to chose from with a choice of 2 sides each and desert. This was lovely...definitely the best place to eat there. Waiters are great and the food was lovely.
There is an a la carte called My Place, which we were told we could only use once during our stay. we have since found out that as Thomson guest we could have gone once a week. We went on out last Friday and had the Beef. It was amazing!!

Drinks are a bit of a let down. As neither my partner or I drink beer, there wasn't much else on offer. Local spirits but no cocktails.
Wine is from a tap not bottle and had a bit of a funny taste to it. It tasted a bit like cleaning products.

Animation team are great if you have kids but can get a little annoying at times. From 10-1 they play volleyball, aerobic class etc in the pool.
Nightlife is pretty poor. There is a singer who is good but he does like the same songs, over and over. He seems particularly keen on Lady in Red!!!

Overall, we had a great time. For the type of holiday we wanted: relaxing, to get a tan and come home refreshed, the hotel was perfect.

Oh one thing...beware of the man that sells the papers!! I paid £4 for a Sun one day until I found out from other wiser guests that you could haggle that too!!! Also he likes to resell them!! You might find yourself with one where someone has already been so kind as to complete your crosswork for you!!! Do not pay more than 25 egyptian pounds (£2.50) for one.

Breams beach is great! We would definitely go back."

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of August 2005

brilliant time!! "would go again"

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We stayed at the dreams beach resort this july its was brilliant.

The bar in the "lobby" was really nice they was very friendly,Sherrif,ibrahim,Milad would make you laugh when you went up there to get a drink bless them they would always give you a nice little smile aswell.They was all very nice people and they looked like some people we new but couldnt get are eye on it.

In the main restaurant which you get into from the lobby was very nice.We eat there mostly and was alot of choice.But the one thing that i would have to complain on is that when you are sitting down and you are waiting for a drink u can be there quiet a while.The grill house was really nice too mostly bbq food as there but that did give his bad stomachs.The pool Bar at the day was mostly Pizza n sometimes they will be burgers at night that will turn into a restaurant which you havt to book to get in there.

The Bedioun tent was wonderfull and relaxing and you could smoke a pipe wich was very groovey.only got £1 in english money.

The pool area was very nice and the slide was amazing for children,but mostly they wasnt any sunbeds left so we went into the next hotel which you can get food and drink from.There are slides plunge pool a main swimming pool a childrens pool and anotha pool and have alot to chose from.

The rooms was very nice adn very CLEAN and alot of room.The maid(A MAN) would give you clean towels everyday n top up you mini bar with cola,fanta,water and sprite.

The sea was very nice and you could easy get a sunbed down there.

The entertainment was good they did a little something for the kids everyday and they did the dances which are really good even my daughter enjoyed it at the age of 13.


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  • Travel date: Mon 15th of August 2005

A well used 5 star hotel

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Just returned from the Dreams Beach Hotel. Had a fabulous holiday.
Hotel is not in my opinion a 5 star and i would suggest the people who have rated it as excellent have not stayed in a good quality 5 star hotel. We found it necessary to complain about the standard of the room we were initially allocated as the furniture and fittings were lucky if they were of 3 star quality. We were offered two alternative rooms the following day -one of which was exactly the same standard, the other was much better and we actually relocated into it. If we had been given this room initially my thoughts may have been different but unfortunately we saw the less than salubrious side of this hotel.
The main dining room could do with refurbishing desperatley. Tables and chairs were well used to say the least and the chairs were embedded with old food!!!
The staff were extremely friendly and helpful - no complaints whatsoever.
When we stayed the hotel was only 65% full which was ideal as we didn't experience the staff not being able to cope with the volume of guests and we always managed to get a sunbed with a shade (upon leaving the hotel were in the process of erecting more permanent sunshades).
There were several restaurants on the complex - all of which served nice food, however the main restaurant was rather repetitive. If we had to use the main restaurnat, I would opt for a seat outside as the restaurant itself has a foisty smell. The pooloside snack bar turned into a restaurant at night and the food and service here was without complaint, as was another by the name of 'My Place', where guests could eat once per week subject to a reservation.
Animation team were like most others. The staff were friendly without being pushy.
Fabulous location overlooking the sea and easy access to the small beach area and access to the sea via a jetty.
Free shuttle bus into Naama bay during the day and evening. We had no problems with booking this but bear in mind that the hotel was only 65% full.
This hotel has fabulous gardens which are continuoulsy tended.
To sum up i would say that this is a well used 5 star hotel which is a little dated and needs upgrading in certain areas. The staff and gardens are this hotels assets!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 8th of August 2005

dreams beach is a dream

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"We stayed at Dreams beach resort last november and as soon as we got home we booked again!
It was the first time we had gone all inclusive - saved loads of money.
Staff very friendly - on one occasion went to Namma Bay - went flying over a muddy area - went back to hotel and Sherrif(the housekeeper) cleaned all my clothes and would not accept a tip.
The Bedioun tent was wonderful - a shisha pipe costs £1, in London they cost £15 !
Expect to put on weight there! Chefs cook pasta dishes in front of you. Hundreds of puddings to choose from
Because we went in November plenty of sunbeds to choose from with 'diamond geezer'! serving your every wish. Every few hours they came round with icy cold flannels to cool you down.
My mother could not walk far so feared she would not see the love boat or the beach - not a problem at this hotel if you told the staff in the morning they took us down in an electric buggy and when we wanted to come back ask the staff to call and collect!

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of July 2005

Fantastic Holiday

Reviewed Sat 22nd of December 2012

"Had a really fantastic holiday at Dreams Beach Hotel. The waiters especially Khaled and Ehab remembered what you drank and the minute you or your glass was getting empty they were enquiring if you needed another. Even if you forgot to get a spoon at La Opera Terrace restaurant they would insist you go back to your seat while they fetched it for you.

At the main pool most sunbeds were claimed from before 6 a m and I believe new rules were being inforced just as we were leaving. You could only claim them after 8 a m and must remain there with them. Towels for sunbathing are available daily. This pool is very busy.

Beach fantastic for snorkelling and always plenty of beds in the shade or the beach attendant will carry a sunbed and mattress to a shady corner for you. It is a bit of a hike to get to the two jetties but once there it is nice and there are bars available. The worse bit is climbing up all the steps coming back but as the week goes on it gets easier as you get fitter and more accustomed to the heat. Grill restaurant has lovely BBQ food but can get a bit smoky over the lower swimming pool if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.

We spent a lot of time at the sister hotel dream vacations swimming pool. There are three pools there and they are much quieter. You can take the train which runs between the two hotels to get there if you are feeling lazy or it is too hot, however it only runs at certain times. Only drawback is to get a drink you have to walk to the main reception (Dreams Vacation) and the service is poor compared to Dreams Beach, however the food in the restaurant is very good it caters for the Italians who mainly stay at this hotel and you are allowed to eat there.

The hotel and grounds are kept spotlessly clean. Rooms are a good size with balcony all with sea views, television and fridge which is stocked daily with either coke, fanta or sprite and bottles of water (part of all inclusive). Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower cap, sewing kit are all provided free.

Food is very good with a huge choice. One evening I counted 36 desserts and that did not include fruit and icecream. The pool restaurant serves pizza and chips through the day and doubles up as an Italian restaurant at night (which you need to book - they have a book of menu's you can choose from) and it has really lovely food. The sea bass was beautiful.

Animation team a bit cheesy but as you get used to them (team consists of mostly Italians and Russians) they get funnier."

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  • Travel date: Thu 21st of July 2005

not the best

Reviewed Sat 22nd of December 2012

"sharm is an excellent destination and relatively the most expensive spot in egypt , while in dreams being away from ne3ma bay the pricess fall dramtically. this hotel is not 5 stars at all but yet not also a 3 stars one, the absence of a mangement com pany is felt in some areas for rooms they are adequate but not luxirious for food it is limited variety but eatable. the beach and pool are great. you can get better value at renissance."

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  • Travel date: Sun 17th of July 2005

Not a 5* in our opinion

Reviewed Wed 5th of December 2012

"Just returned (june/July) from two weeks at the Dreams Beach and I wonder if we stayed in a different hotel having read some of the “rave reviews”! Had a good holiday, but the hotel was sadly lacking in many areas.

Apparently the hotel was 100% full, and we understand this is something new. This is perhaps the main reason why so many negative comments could be overheard whilst just sitting around having a drink. We do not feel the staff were able to cope with the amount of guests, and so little problems escalated into complaints. The “Customer Relations Manager” (Russian) asked for, and received many varied comments, and yet failed to act upon any of them. Even the Egyptian staff told us they disliked her.

We’ve travelled to many different places, but the 5 stars this hotel has been given, sadly did not in our opinion live up to it, especially with regard to the food and service! We have stayed in 3 star hotels where food choice has been more varied and tasty than here. There are so many choices of sweets yet only a few main course dishes. Got sick of seeing rice and more rice with strange looking meat dishes, sloppy pasta or hard tasteless pizza (which was apparently for children, although many adults resorted to this through lack of choice – even Italians).

In the restaurants, you often had to serve yourself with drinks despite having a friendly waiter, as they seemed very slow to react except when it came to removing you unfinished drinks! Tea cups were never once accompanied with teaspoons. There seemed to be a treasure hunt to find these every single day! We often had to wait for a table to be re-laid as there was nowhere to sit.

You could often approach a bar and instead of the waiter apologising that they were awaiting glasses, they just disappeared leaving a huge crowd standing there wondering.

The hotel is very large with well kept gardens and you are even able to use the sister hotel next door, including having your drinks & meals if you are staying all inclusive. There are a large number of Italian and Russian guests along with a fair proportion of German, and English are in the minority, yet this does not bother us.

Our room was very pleasant and clean, and well appointed. The room and towels were cleaned daily, and fridge topped up with water & soft drinks. On occasions we did have to call housekeeping but they responded within about 10 minutes. Only on one occasion did we experience the “fancy towel” treatment despite tipping and seeing our cleaner regularly, yet other family members experienced this each day. It does depend on which cleaner or waiter you have as to how much attention they lavish on you. Quite often you got to know them and they then went on their rest week, never to be seen again!

The pools were nice, especially at the Vacation Club next door which has sunbeds in the pool and a nice water fountain which occasionally was turned on. Vacation Club at the moment it is a little quieter than Dreams Beach. They are expanding this hotel, and adding more sunshades too which were sadly lacking at the Dreams Beach. You had to get up before 7 am to ensure a sunbed in the shade or else forget it. The Germans seemed to hog 2 beds each, 1 in sun and 1 in shade, yet rarely sat on any! There is also a large water slide at each hotel but be warned do not put your sunbed too close as you will be drenched and also risk being deafened by the Animation Team’s music which seemed to be played in exactly the same order each and every day.

We amongst other guests were poorly with a “funny tummy” and had to visit the Doctor for antibiotics after being in the main pool which was closed down for 2 days.

Animation Teams can vary greatly, but this group did the least work we have ever seen in any resort! The Animation Girls just seemed to strut around and pose a lot, and the lads seemed to be constantly bickering with one another and had a huge argument in the main foyer/bar area. Got sick of hearing “I see” from the DJ, whatever that’s said for.

There are several areas to sit in the evening ie. Bedouin Tent/Area under the stars, which is lovely until you get bitten by ants. The Shisha pipes are great fun and smell lovely, but not all inclusive, yet only cost about £1.00 There is also an outside area where they play soft music and a singer performs some ballads etc. Unfortunately there are not enough tables for the amount of chairs and people were constantly kicking over glasses accidentally. There’s a Sports Bar/Disco which is lovely and cool and tries to play a variety of music. The Ampitheatre has some shows, but is mainly where you will find the Animation Team trying to encourage guests to make a fool of themselves.

There is a gym and spa at the Vacation Club with sauna, steam room (which they call Turkish Bath) and Jacuzzi. The massages are great but cost around £18.00 each for full body, not the £12.00 they quoted us! The hotel does not accept Egyptian currency – this seems to be unwanted in this country.

The electric went off an unbelievable amount of times every day for about a week and lasted about 30 mins or so, back on a few mins and then off again – and so on. The water turned brown, the bars was unable to serve many drinks, no air conditioning or proper lighting, even had to use candles. No apology or recompense offered by the hotel whatsoever.

The owners holidayed there at the same time as our family, and although sat amongst the guests, got treated like royalty being brought special food and drinks whilst holiday makers had to make do with the usual tasteless options. Sadly, I think there were only about 5 meals out of the whole fortnight that we honestly enjoyed.

There is a shuttle bus to Naama Bay, but be warned, like the sunbeds you have to be up early to book this. However, it’s only about £2 for a taxi.

We found the Egyptian people to be very friendly and they love the English, wanting to talk to you and learn about our different cultures. Obviously they want you to buy things from them as apparently on average they earn only £40.00 per month. No need to be rude, just a firm no will suffice. So tipping greatly enhances their lives.

We would return to Egypt, but cannot recommend this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Wed 13th of July 2005

Dreams Beach - A Dream Come True

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"Just returned from Sharm on thursday night after a week at dreams beach, it was fabulous. Firstly i'll start with the accomodation, it was clean tidy and spacious, the housekeeping staff were fabulous - everyday they did something different to the bed sheets and replaced towels, and topped up the mini bar, with 2 or 3 bottles of water and a bottle of sprite and fanta everyday. The food in the hotel was fabulous too, we ate at the main L'opera restaurant, for breakfast, lunch and tea most of the time. and the buffet was brilliant everynight, a huge variety of hot foods, salads and deserts! and breakfast and lunch were also very good and varied. The waiting staff and bar staff there are very friendly and will do anything for you. We also ate at the Pergola Restaurant (by the pool) which was lovely for a light lunch - or whatever you may like.

The pool and beach areas were also fabulous, very clean and staff buzzing round to help all the time, although on the beach the sunbeds were very packed in! but not too much of a problem, and as for the sun beds round the pool - dont leave it too late, they are snapped up very quickly indeed!! and the pool bar is lush! the bar mans name wwas Khaled, he was brill!

The Gardens at the hotel are also very beautiful and kept well!

The entertainment crew "The Animation Team" - their slogan - "One Nation, One Station, One Animation!!! these lot were fab, there were plenty of activities they put on throughout the day ranging from a free scuba diving lesson to aqua aerobics. The evening entertainment was also very good indeed, plenty for the little ones too.

My partner and i also spent many evenings in the bedouin tent relaxing under the stars, that was very nice indeed, drinks there are included under the all inclusive package, but you do have to pay for the shisha but its only about a pound. The only other thing not included in the all inclusive package is the love boat restaurant, and some other obvious little things like excursions, room service etc.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to absolutely anyone!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant Value For Money"

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  • Travel date: Sat 2nd of July 2005

Dreams Beach Resort

Reviewed Mon 12th of January 2015

"We have just returned from this resort so here is my feedback. This Hotel is NOT a 5* resort by any stretch of the imagination. The rooms are tired, the food choice was the same all week, we had to book for the Asia restaurant which was at best described as average. Our All Inclusive deal turned out not to be, had to pay for water in the room, in fact could not even get a Cappuccino even though we were prepared to pay for it,(even though it was more expensive than London, in fact prices generally are very high) Tea was basic choice, black or green, no Egyptian on offer. You should also note that the resort is primarily a Russian Resort putting us in the minority for all activities in terms of language. The staff went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable so a big plus factor to what we felt was a very average resort, we will not be returning. As a footnote, this was my 3rd visit to Sharma and 5th to Egypt having been to Hurgada and Cairo and this was by far the most disappointing trip. And please beware of the tour rep, he made promises to us that he did not keep"

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of January 2015

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

Dreams Beach comes up trumps again

Reviewed Tue 22nd of July 2014

"Our 8th visit to Dreams Beach did not disappoint. The Asia and Mexican were closed while we were there but enjoyed several beautiful meals at the Pergola - top class service and food as usual.New Dive Crew - Coral Dive Club are fantastic. Made lots of new friends and they were enthusiastic/ knowledgeable / professional - need I say more. Go and see them - and at least go snorkeling - out of this world - even saw a turtle whilst snorkeling off the beach !!!Casper in the Papyrus shop - always a pleasure to see you xx. Adel and team at the beach bar are always good for a laugh and look after everyone.Room clean and spacious.Cleaner good as usual!Animation team are much improved - say hello to Beccie and Claire who always went out of their way to make you feel special.Too many others to mention.Also try the beauty parlor - I was made to feel very special by the lovely lady who owns it.Go to the Bedouin Tent after dinner to unwind and have a drink and say hello to our friend Medhat whom we have known for 8 yrs.Yes there are lots of Russians there but just remain friendly and polite and the Egyptians will treat you like royalty .You have to go !!"

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  • Travel date: Sat 19th of July 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Location
  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 4 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 5 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

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  • robert G by robert G

    "dident see city because the resort was so nice! "

  • kellie1 by kellie1

    "Excellent snorkelling "

  • juicy101747 by juicy101747

    "really goodd...good shopping friendly people and plenty of taxis "

  • xdianex by xdianex

    "loved quad biking in the dessert "

  • Stephie Baby by Stephie Baby

    "Go there and have the best experience! "

  • Wayne by Wayne

    "If you are going anyway in Egypt prepare to haggle! "

  • Kaneuk70 by Kaneuk70

    "Fast forward to your last day and never look back. "

  • Penone by Penone

    "Relax and enjoy the experience the dreams delivers "

  • Georgina A by Georgina A

    "Say please and thankyou and chat to the staff. "

  • Trevor S by Trevor S

    "stay in the rooms near the spa at the bottom end of the resort "

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