Domina Coral Bay Oasis

Marsa El Dekhela PO Box 74, Sharm El Sheikh 46619 Egypt
5 star hotel

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Thoroughly enjoyed it

Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"I stayed half-board at the Oasis with my wife and five year old son from 24th to 31st August 2006, and we were delighted with our holiday.

Our room, located at the top end of the resort, was very clean and comfortable, had a panoramic view over the whole resort and the bay, and we were in no way disappointed with it.

We ate all breakfasts and dinners at the Coral Restaurant, where the food was more than adequate for our needs. There was always a good selection available. For dinner, I would certainly recommend the pasta (freshly cooked in front of you) and the carvery.

None of us had bad stomachs, although we regularly ate salad and used tap water for brushing our teeth. Some people seem very quick to blame their tummy troubles on the food, but I am not convinced. Our bodies simply have to get used to different bacteria and temperatures when we go abroad.

The resort is large, so in the heat it can seem a bit of a treck between the room and the restaurants, the main swimming pool and the beach. However, the Taf-Tafs are excellent for getting around, and we never waited more than five minutes for one. Generally you can hop on and off at any point around the resort.

As Oasis guests, we were entitled to use four swimming pools, the only exceptions being the Prestige and the Salt Lake. The main pool had a good atmosphere; it is generally dominated by Russians and Italians, and can get a bit noisy with Europop and the lunchtime Aquarobics, but it’s fine if you like that sort of thing.

Our favourite pool was the Oasis pool, just around the corner from our room. This was generally less busy but always had enough people to give a pleasant atmosphere. It was here that we met other British families and very friendly Egyptian tourists. We liked the pool-side bar, but keep in mind that any soft drinks you buy from there will cost three times the price of those at the on-site supermarket.

Sensible travellers will know that you need time to adjust to the hot Egyptian sun. Unfortunately my son and I both had sore shoulders and arms after a couple of days, but if you do get caught out, I recommend Panthenol Gel from the on-site pharmacy, which was very soothing and allowed us to continue enjoying our holiday.

The vast majority of the resort staff we dealt with were friendly and helpful, especially the room cleaners, who cannot do enough for you.

We took a taxi one evening from the hotel to Naama Bay. I found some of the local traders quite aggressive in their attempts to entice us into their shops. Having visited souks in Muscat and Kuwait before, I thought I knew what to expect, but Naama Bay seemed more “in you face”. It has to be experienced though, and if you are not interested in buying, then it’s best to acknowledge people with a polite “good evening but no thank you” and walk on.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and would have liked to have stayed a little longer. We expect to return to Sharm El Sheikh before too long and would certainly consider Domina Coral Bay again."

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  • Travel date: Fri 1st of September 2006

We Fought the Evil Enteritis in 'Naam !

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"We have just been on an excellent holiday to the coral bay resort, but alas it was marred by an epidemic of food poisoning which laid each of the 4 of us out for at least a day.

This came around from the rather lax attitude towards travellers health from the restaurants in site. As we understood it, boiled water is 'ok', wheras anything washed, such as salad, or icecubes, should be avoided. Despite this being applicable to most european visitors, icecubes were still served in drinks, and most of the buffet food was left cold for hours. Food in the other restaurants was generally poor as well; the 5* rating seems to have elevated the cost and not the quality. As a resident in the Oasis resort, you only have access to the one restaurant - the 'coral bay'. Other restaurants on site cost about £15 english pounds per meal for a set menu, with £6.90 credit being obtained for each dinner meal at the coral bay that you do not attend. However, this credit is only valid for the evening meal (however we were only half board - it may vary).

For those that do eat on resort: eat the freshly prepared food - pasta is cooked fresh for you, as are the fried omlettes, which we found to be the only "safe" thing at breakfast - although these will get pretty tired by the end of your stay.

Despite the problems with food, we enjoyed a very relaxing holiday, with some particular highlighs. The main selling point is of course, the coral reefs, which did not dissappoint. They are very easy to access as the hotels have several pontoons that stretch out over the coral, saving you a hazardous swim over it. This also prevents morons from walking over the coral, as touching the coral kills it. On a posative note this is somehting not all hotels do, so they are helping preserve the reef.

The rooms where we stayed were very spacious and cleaned daily, but bring a kettle if you want a drink in the morning without the walk down to the restaurants. They also have a fridge which is handy, and this is filled with water and coke bottles daily should you want them. We found this useful as the bottles cost the same as in the local supermarket, so again saved the walk.

The nightlife in the resort is alright, especially after twelve when the 2 nightclubs open. The two main bars usually had live entertainment, but this we found was aimed specifically at Italians, and so naturally got on our nerves (Italien karioke). We had heard that drinks in Sharm were cheap, but this was not the case - bottles of beer cost approximately £3, and single spirits a riduculous £5. If you get bored with this scene, a short and extremely rapid taxi ride will take you to Naama Bay, which should cost you about £4 (english), but be prepared to haggle. We reccomed the licenced blue and white taxis for a safer journey, as those which aren't licenced can be a little... reckless. Naama itself is a bustling and vibrant town filled with shops, bars, and a couple of nightclubs. It's an interesting break from the resort, but don't expect an authentic Egyptian experience - it's very european.

For those concerned about large numbers of mosquitos and horseflies, we discovered that there were few during the summer, as apparently it is too hot for them. Repellents with deet should do the trick.

Overall we had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday, and were it not for the food, we would rate it full marks. But since we only stayed a week, the days we spent ill were especially costly."

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  • Travel date: Wed 9th of August 2006

Taf Taf Terrific

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"We got back from Sharm two days ago, after an amazing holiday and wonderful stay at the Domina Coral Bay Oasis. We are a young couple (23) and found it perfect for a quiet break but always with things to do. Going in the low season (our summer) meant that there weren't many people there, but enough people to ensure a good atmosphere.
The hotel:
The Domina hotel resort is huge but there's a little open sided bus called the Taf Taf that takes you around everywhere for free. We stayed at the Oasis which was perfect for us. The air con was great, we had a huge balcony and an amazing view of the sea. There wasn't a kettle or any cooking equipment but there is in the family sized rooms (we know this because they kindly give you a courtesy room after checkout which you can use until your flight home). The hotel is very close to the airport but this proved to be no problem as the planes don't go over the hotel. The resort has around 10 restaurants, although the place is so huge we didn't manage to find them all! You don't need to take any money out because all food and drinks are put on a bill to your room. The quality of food varies though, and can be pricey. If you're careful with what you eat and avaiding water, you won't necessarily get ill. It is very common to get an upset tummy anywhere in Egypt but we escaped this. All the staff are very friendly, although if they ever offer you anything, whatever they say, they are after money, so watch out. This goes for the whole of Sharm though. Security is unbelievably tight, but it makes you feel extremely safe, without feeling restricted.
The beach:
The private beach is wonderful, although at first we were worried because you can't just swim out to sea from the sand. But this is due to the amazing coral reef that lines the shore. The inclusion of a floating jetty enables you to swim in the beautiful turqoise ocean and snorkel (snorkels to rent (about a fiver for 2 for the day) or buy from the beach) with the thousands of tropical fish that live in the coral. A stunning experience. The Jetty has fresh sea water pools built in for water polo or just a quiet swim-a fantastic idea. The temperature was around 42C but it wasn't unbearable. The sea was hot like a bath, beautiful.
Sharm and surrounding areas:
Sharm is not suprisingly full of hotels but just a 5 min cab ride (£2) from the Domina is Naama bay which offers a vibrant nightlife of restaurants, bars and shops. We ventured to Naama bay during the day although most shops are closed until about 5pm and the place is deserted. You can haggle for any commodities (you pretty much have to) and they will show mock offence and mock sadness but they know the deal. They will offer you double the price at first anyway, and if you half that they will still be making a profit. They will also try to fleece you (especially the taxis) so make sure you know the difference between egyptian pounds and pence - they look the same and this will be used against you!
There are many activities in Sharm which are best to book through the rep as they will use the safest companies (especially scubadiving) as well as provide transport - something you can't really do on your own as they are mostly based in the middle of the desert! Quad biking is a must, but try to go in the morning because they are less busy, and if like us you want to go a bit wild and fast you will have the opportunity to, with a smaller group. Also, a private quad excursion will cost more (around £40pp as opposed to £25) but we regret not doing this as our group was huge, meaning we had quite a slow and frustrating trek. The desert trips all included a stop in the bedouin tents (desert people) where they give you bedouin tea and bread, all gorgeous. Scubadiving was amazing (we did it at the Sheraton Hotel next door (with aquariusredsea - a British run comany) which cost us £56 each but was worth it. They take beginners through a practice run in a pool and then escort you into the sea for about half an hour, taking you through all the corals and pointing out all the beautiful fish for you to see. There is a cameraman on all the excursions we went on, and the dvds cost between £15-£30, but they are worth it.
We recommend the Domina Oasis, especially for couples, and would love to go back there already!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 28th of July 2006

we had a wonderufl time

Reviewed Tue 23rd of October 2012

"we stay at domina coral bay oasis hotel on half board basis from 6th july 06 to 13th july 06 me my partner and our children 2 x aged 8yrs and 1 x 6yrs.
the complex is very large, we hired a golf buggy to get around every where which worked out a £60 for the week, and we had great fun. but you can catch the taf-taf a bus to take you around free of charge.
the room was large enough for us five and was very clean and tidy, it was cleaned every day to a high stnadard and the air-con wasa a god send as it was very hot over there in july.
the food was plenty but we all got stomach upsets even though we were very careful with what we ate ie: no ice cubes, no salade, no fruit that had been washed, the best meal was the pasta which was made in front of you to your requirements. best thing to do is from the phamacy on the complex to buy medicine called Antinal which has you back to normal in 24hrs. the pizza palour makes amazing pizzas oven baked!
you are allowed to use all the pools on the complex unlike one trip adviser who said you couldnt, the pools were clean and you can use thier beach towels by pools or on beach free of charge too, my partner loved the kings lake as it was sea water and with fish in it so he done alot of snokelling. they also have two floating pools in the sea which looked fun.
every day on the beach you could do keep fit or salsa lessons free of charge and nightly entertainment too, they also was a kids club that had two sessions a day for the kids.
the ants bite at night so take cream for that but i never had no problems with mossitoes.
best thing to do is change the money up when you get to hotel as you get a better exchange rate, here it was 9.4 over there it was 10.8 to the pound. they have a supermarket on site which is best place to buy your drinks as cans cost 40p there but by pool cost £1.30 so stock up in shop and take to pool area.
we were very sorry to leave and got quite upset to come home, the people were friendly the weather was good and it was like a home from home. people in the hilton waterfalls wre dropping like flys with stomach upsets and were trying to come into our hotel.
we will definatly go back to egypt and would never stay no where else than the domina, it will always be a holiday that we will never forget, as we enjoyed ourselves so much."

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  • Travel date: Thu 20th of July 2006

Enteritis Oasis

Reviewed Thu 8th of November 2012

"A massive resort a short distance from the airport directly on the Red Sea. Note it can 20 minutes to walk to the beach from your room and longer coming back as it is all uphill.
The food at the hotels canteen was utterly disgusting the worst I have ever tasted. Flies buzzing about the buffet and lukewarm dishes on offer. Staff at restaurant were pleasant but not terribly clean. In addition we all caught Gastro- Enteritis and were laid low for several days. An antibiotic called Antanal is highly reccomended and available (at inflated prices) from the pharmacy. I do recommend that you take this in the early stages as it is a really nasty disease. The resort has many restaurants and you can upgade to the superior Sultan and Nautillius I recommend you do this!

Hotel entertainment ok Eastern Europeans trying to do USA and UK style of show with variable results. Most of the entertainment staff are from Eastern Europe and speak fairly good English though they are much less obliging than the Egyptians and have difficulty in understanding the concept of deliving a service to the guests.

This Italian owned resort is attractively laid out with shrubs and grass. Lots of clean swimming pools and nice cafe for drinks. Private beach is lovely with an excellent Lagoon where you can see beautiful tropical fish swimming, you can also dive off the platform directly into the ocean. There are a further two fresh sea water pools in the floating Lagoon. I highly reccomend the massage by the pool he is excellent and most professional

The size of the resort is massive and it has so many different hotels on site. Be careful Oasis is the most basic. We arranged a mini type apartment to sleep 3 of us which had two rooms with stove and fridge. On arrival I switched on the stove to make a cup of tea (no kettle) and was electrocuted!!! Fortunately I was in my travel clothes with thick trainers, had I been dripping wet coming from the pool in my bare feet it could have been so much worse. The management did attend to the problem immediately and sent six people round to sort it out.The rooms were shabby but fairly clean and view form patio was beautiful. Our cleaner (all cleaners are male) became a bit of a pest as we tipped him early on, after that he kept pestering us every day on the phone or at the door when we were resting and just about any time we were at the apartment to see if we needed anything. He was actually hoping for another tip! I did feel sorry for him as they rely on this so much.

Following the July Sharm El Sheik bombings staff were very helpful and concerned though they did try to dissuade people who were anxious to go home early to remain in the resort.
The Red Sea is a high risk area for terrorism and feel I have a moral responsibility when writing this to warn people. However, security is very tight and all people guests, visitors, staff go through metal dectors every time they enter the main building. In addition the security in the town was very tight.

I recommend the trips to the valley of the Kings though it is a very early start about 4am and the aircraft looked very shabby. Do beware as they will take you to the perfume and alasbaster houses where you get the hard sell! It does spoil the trip a lot. Especially when you are there for such a short time and could have spent longer on more interesting things, as there was little time to explore the Valley of the Kings but endless time to spent with the Arab traders. Beware they do pester you in town to come into their shops it can get very tiring!! However they are basically honest and very nice people who are just trying to earn a living. They do have a good sense of humour and great chat!
Westerneners are respected and treated well generally. The locals know how important we are to their economy.

In all a beautiful part of the world with some of the finest beaches and oceans but beware of food poisioning it can ruin your trip!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 5th of June 2006

Not the best

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Stayed for 1 week half board at the oasis complex. Definately not 5* as stated, more like 3* on a very large complex with about 4 other hotels.

Rooms were very basic, no fridge or tea making facilities.However they were very large,clean with air con and good enough as a base.

There is one main buffet restauant which was of average quality and a variety of others scattered around the complex, but these are not included and you have to pay extra.

As the complex is so big they provide a shuttle bus which was brilliant as its very tiring walking up and down flights of stairs and hills in 30 degree heat!

The hotel grounds were very well kept and the main pool was very good. There is also a jetty which is excellent for snorkelling in the warm sea.

The staff were better than expected and remained polite throughout our stay.Service was often very slow and drinks in the hotel were well overpriced. I reccommend going to Namma bay as food and drinks are much cheaper. Very limited hotel entertainment.

Taxis were plentiful outside the hotel but be prepared to haggle otherwise they will rip you off. Its only a very short journey to Namma bay which shouldnt be more than £3.

Half way through the holiday I did the day excursion by plane to see the pyramids.Be prepared as its a very long and tiring day, up at 4am and back at 8pm. I was then up the rest of the night with sickness and dirroreah. After 24 hours I called the hospital doctor, had serveral injections and a course of 3 different medications which had to be paid for there and then!Spent the last three days confined to the hotel room!

Despite only having half a holiday the hotel was fairly good value for money. Because it was out of season the hotel was practically empty which made it very easy to get around on the shuttle bus easy to get seated in the restaurant.

A final word of warning is that the hoel runs on coral bay time which is about an hour different to local eqypt time. This can be very confusing at the best of times but on the day of departure the clocks went forward and we didnt have a clue so nearly missed our flight!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of March 2006

nice surroundings, but Egyptian restaurant made us really ill

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"I Took my son of 15 yrs to this hotel middle march this ear.2006 found there were some problems.I was told ut was a 5 STAR hotel but our blankets were awful! My son was so bitten and wondering what it was I looked at his blanket it was dirty and marked, so I left it on the floor by the door and asked for it to be changed, it took two days of being on the floor and after having the very long day in Cairo, we came back to the room, and found the beds looking very pretty and the blankets were between the sheets! I felt the man who cleaned the room had done this to cover something up, and to my amazement, I undid the beds to look and found he had put the dirty blanket which had been on the floor with the ants back onto my sons bed, I was horrified and complained to reception, not much joy, the two other balnkets they brought up were also filty with blood stains on and I refused them and we slept under the sheets with the bedspreads on. I had to tell the man who came to our room to clean, not to touch the beds, so we didn't have them made as I was scared of what he may have put on them again! Th whole week we were there he didn't wash the glasses by the sink, and didn't clean properly, just a quick swish with the mop, while we were in the bed! The worse thing of all was , we arrived on the Thursday evening and by the friday, we thought we would have our evening meal at their Egyptian restaurant.It was very expensive as we were only bed and breakfast, it was around £35. we did enjoy eating it, but at one point they brought us some cold meat pie, and I did wonder, I had two bites and my son had only one. Within one hour, while playing pool I started to feel so ill, we had to go back to the room and I had awful diarrohea, and then sickness, called the doctor, as it was so violent the diarrohea!He said he charged £30 to come out, I didnt have any choice. From 1 am I was uncontrollaby ill, sitting on the loo, and being sick into the bidet at the same time! It was so severe the docotr had to come out again at 5 am and put me onto a drip!! I had terrible stomach cramps where I was so dehydrated, he tool about 6 times to get the vein and I had bruise marks all over my arms, and had to lie there for over an hour while he injected so many antibiotics into this drip!He changed me 90 euros, which had to be paid altho I had insurance.We were confined to our beds for two days and I had to pay for any food to be brought up to the room, so only had three breakfasts while were were there due to them!My son got the diarrohea from the saturday amd felt so ill and wanted to go home.I have travelled a lot in my 53 years and have never felt so ill, there was no ont to help apart from the doctor who was very pleasant.The rep was no good, he wouldnt cancel the trips I had booked and I had endless arguments with him, while feeling weak, and had to pay for the phone calls to him which were on his mobile!Also an £18 bill to the insurance company.I wouldnt advise any single parent to go to this hotel at all. You are totally on your own in a foreign country and cannot get a flight home.
we took a taxi to Naama Nay one evening and enjoyed a meal and drinks for the two of us, at a restaurant beside the sea, for under £10, a bit different than the Coral restaurant who charge over £30 for two for food!!We made do with the pizza restaurant and I bought rolls and meat from the shop to have on our balcony, theres no choice for a snack meal, apart from in the day by the beach.I had a large hotel bill when leaving, and even the pool game had to be paid for.The excursions were expensive, in fact what seemed to be a reasonably priced holiday turned out to be very expensive, about 3 times as much!The salt lake pool, the gym and beaches and othere areas were out of bounds for people staying in the Oasis, and it doesnt tell you any of that when booking, it states you will get all these amenities, so it is a real let down!No we wouldnt go back!!"

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  • Travel date: Thu 2nd of March 2006

A great winter sun break

Reviewed Thu 6th of December 2012

"Just back from the Domina Coral Oasis with my daughter and grandchildren. My grand daughter (9) pronounced it her best holiday ever! Facilities of the resort were great for us and we did not have to pay anything extra for kids club, daily beach towels or even the safe in reception. Food at the Oasis got repetitive but unlimited free wine and beer came with our half board package.Evening entertainment was of a very high standard and we found the staff very friendly and helpful.
Lots of young Russian couples (the less said about them the better) but we loved the resort and will definitely go back for a winter break."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of February 2006

Domina coral Bay resort wonderful, but not the Oasis

Reviewed Sun 25th of November 2012

"I stayed Feb 9th for one week with my two children.We had a brilliant holiday, and want to pass on a few comments. Loved the resort, fabulous beach and lovely staff in all areas. Coral Bay is a huge holiday resort! not really Egyptian, more Italian with 80% Russian, crowded together in the main resort areas. Very few from UK, and only a handful of children. There are plenty of alternative areas of this resort to seek out if you want something more peaceful and relaxing. We skillfully avoided the chainsmoking, loud & unpleasant behaviour of the majority residents, by walking a little further along the beach to the villa area; a smaller floating jetty to ourselves, beautiful coral and amazing fish to see. Sea and pools nice and warm, but outside it was windy, so a little cold even in the sunshine. Choose the taxis outside the gate, to save money, but very crazy driving. Less touristy, we preferred Sharm Old Town(rather than Naama Bay) to visit, and a bar called Terrazina; also on the beach here there is water skiing if you are interested.
There are several standards of hotel in Domina: In my opinion, The 5 stars refer to the resort and The Prestige, Sultan, Kings Lake hotels, but Oasis is 3 star for accommodation. If you stay in Oasis The breakfast was great, but we didn't enjoy dinner there. Pay a little extra and eat in one of the other restaurants. Nautilus on the shore, had good fish and were great with my children.
I would return to Coral Bay, for the lovely, clean beach, great pools, the size of the resort meant you could find secluded areas (off peak season.. don't like to think if it was full! uggh). But we would not stay in Oasis again. It is not 5 star, Cheaper yes, but prefer one of the better quality hotels.Oh , and the airport in sharm is the worst I have ever been through..try to avoid travelling on Thursday. There are too many flights to the UK within a close time slot, and the airport can't cope with the volume of people, we nearly missed our flight in spite of allowing 3 hours to check in."

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  • Travel date: Sat 18th of February 2006


Reviewed Wed 12th of December 2012

"Me and my girlfrend stayed in Domina Coral Bay Oasis hotel from 20.1. to 27.1.2006. We had very nice time becouse the weather was great. Temperatures were around 25C, only the sea was cold so we couldn´t do much snorklering. A word or two about the hotel:it is not a 5 star hotel! We stayed in Oasis complex and it is max. 3 star. Rooms are very clean and spaceus, all have nice view over the resort or the sea,every room has terrace or balcony...Negative side is that everything in the room is old and wared out. Bathroom is also spaceus with big shower(shower curtain not cabin) but old.
We had halfboard and eate in Oasis restaurant. The food was OK, but everyday they served the same stuff. After every meal we had to change all the clothes becouse we smelled like we fried onion all day. That was really the worst thing on our holiday.
People working there are all profesional and very helpfull(you have to tip them-they live of the tips).
Overall we enjoyded our holiday and we will come back."

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  • Travel date: Sat 28th of January 2006


Reviewed Mon 6th of July 2015

"After the shootings in Tunisa this hotel up till yesterday, a staff member dressed in a TUX with a fake hand gun, going up to tourist and spiting at their heads???

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 4th of July 2015

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  • 1 Location
  • 1 Beach
  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Don't listen to anyone else

Reviewed Thu 1st of September 2011

"Most of the story's here are written because they have experienced bad holidays but infact not many people come back from a holiday when it's good saying "I'm going to write a review now" so I would keep this in mind when traveling here.

I traveled her a few weeks ago and everything was really nice. On Tuesday's they have Egyptian night in the coral restaurant which was really nice as the had Egyptian food and egyption music. In the entrance there was a bit where you could take a picture with a spinx.

On one night there it was my sisters birthday and they had a birthday cake ordered in and the sung and clapped it was really special.

They have a spa there that was really worth visiting as it is 20€ a day but worth it as you feel more relaxed with lots of different pools. I had a massage and it was heavenly but my mum said that it was nicer on the beach.

The only problem for me was some of the Russians as I am English I found they pushed in and felt like they were above evryone else. This is my only grumble.

There was even a bar in the pool which we all thought was really cool.

I had an enjoyable time and hope everyone else does. I would say take lots of suncream and there wasn't many english though if you are many staff will want to talk to you which is nice because as they say"they like the English" enjoy your holiday and experience it for yourself"

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  • Travel date: Sun 28th of August 2011

Rating breakdown

  • 4 Beach
  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 4 Service
  • 5 Dining
  • 4 Amenities
  • 5 Food

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    "hotel based, very clean, not for single females "

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    "It's like Cancun--man-made for enjoyment of the beach. "

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    "The Buddha Bar, the open-air shisha dens downtown & Snorkeling "

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    "Try all the new things available "

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