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Location: Located very near to the airpo...

Reviewed Sun 6th of January 2008

Located very near to the airport – some air craft noise but the smell of aviation fuel certainly helps to get you going in the morning

Hotel Buildings etc:
Well appointed hotel set in very nice grounds. The beaches are accessed down ( and up) some very steep steps ( over 150 from the beach to our room, which was about three quarters of the way to the main building from the beach) Fabric of building is good although when one looks closely it could do with a bit more cleaning.

Must confess the beaches are very good with excellent snorkelling facilities. One of the jetties was closed but still plenty to see. Beach sun beds are in need of repair with many broken pieces of wood protruding. Access as above but a shuttle bus does run from the main reception are down to Beach 1 but is only once per hour.

Nice big rooms but again the cleaning could be better. Good air conditioning and linen was clean.

Certainly not to my(our my family) taste. Every meal except breakfast seemed to consist of Chicken (undercooked) or Liver, undercooked potatoes or rice. .The desserts all looked good but again were not to our liking. The breakfast was strange sausages, even stranger cold meats, brown beans pureed, selection of cereals and eggs. We survived on bread (which was good) and butter for almost the whole week we were there. It was so bad we went in Naama bay just to eat at the KFC there. The strange thing is that on New Year’s Eve they held a special buffet night when all the food was terrific which just goes to show they can cook when it suits.

It is rather strange that they advertise 3 main restaurants but each of them serve the exact same menu. There are a couple of ‘a la carte’ restaurants but whilst we never tried them it was because of what we had heard from other people as to how poor the food and standards were in there. The pizza place was our haunt until we saw the waiters’ attitude to hygiene.

Located in many places but service was extremely poor. Drinks around the pool area were served in silly little plastic containers similar to those used in water dispensers around the world and where the drinks were served in glassware there were 'sentries’ posted to stop you taking your drinks into another area even if that area was still nowhere near the pool e.g. the restaurants.

One very large main pool but it was freezing and the much acclaimed wave facility was only on once the whole time we were there. Plenty of sun beds, even if you did have to fetch them yourself.

Other outdoor pool down near beach 3 was also freezing.

The indoor heated pool was nice although the area surrounding it was in a very poor state of repair – broken and dirty tiles etc.

Generally speaking were quite helpful except there were just not enough of them. On previous trips to Egypt the hotels where we stayed had dedicated pool staff who (for a tip) would keep you supplied with drink from the bar, fetch you a sun bed etc., but not at this hotel.

The biggest problem seemed to be the staff were all fighting amongst themselves and sometimes this was more than just verbal fighting but a great deal of pushing and shoving intermingled with a lot of digging of thumbs into ribs.

This is where the hotel let you down BIG TIME. The food was covered permanently in flies. The crockery and cutlery was cracked and on occasions encrusted with someone else’s left over. The tables were cleaned by the waiter using the cloth place setting to wipe off any crumbs etc onto the floor and then turning the place setting over and relaying it on the table for you to use.

Little supervision at the buffet tables where children and adults were using their fingers to a) pick up the food and if not to their liking putting it back on the buffet and b) licking their fingers, digging them into the food to taste it and then moving on to the next item that caught their eye. Even saw one woman take a bite out of a cake then put it back on display.

Toilets without working facilities to dry or wash ones hands. There always seemed to be a member of staff in them mopping the floors but that was about all he did.

The staff themselves did not seem to hold hygiene high on their list of priorities and as an example we regularly saw waiters in the toilets doing what comes naturally and then going straight back to serving without washing their hands. Other staff was also guilty of this practice.

Other examples of poor hygiene include: -

1) A family who regularly sat at the pool with their young children and allowed the children to relive themselves in the pool. On one occasion the youngest child soiled its clothing (and not with urine) and the grandfather proudly rinsed out all the defecated upon clothing in the pool, whilst the proud mother sluiced off the child. All of this was within about 10 yards of the staff at the pool bar that treated the whole thing with great amusement.

2) Also at the pool bar the staff encouraged the patrons to sit (and walk) across the bar in their swimming attire and thereafter served ice cream and drinks over the bars without cleaning it.

3) Staff regularly licking their fingers in order that they could separate the paper napkins that were used in some parts.

There are numerous other hygiene infractions I could mention but reckon I have got the point across. Is it any wonder that all one heard from the English speaking clients was the number of folk who were suffering (very badly) from sickness and diarrhoea?

Other Patrons:
It was obvious that this hotel in the main caters for a client base that comes from Russia or similar parts. The staff spoke often about how bad the Russians were and having witnessed their behaviour at the restaurants and elsewhere– testing the food with their fingers, pushing in front etc (one even took my cup of coffee I had put down beside me whilst I filled out one for my wife), shouting at the top of their voices, sun bed booking in the very early hours, barging in when people were speaking to staff and demanding that they are dealt with etc. One also leant across when we were sitting at a table in the restaurant and took my wife’s fork from her place setting.

Customer Care:
Maybe the Russian attitude to the staff (whom they treated like dirt) had rubbed off on the staff but I will only quote just a very few of many examples of their lack of Customer care.

1) During the New Years Buffet one waiter nudged the arm of another that resulted in the whole tray of drinks he was carrying being tipped over my 8 year old grand-daughter and her father causing them both to be soaked.

Nothing was really said by the staff despite the fact that my grand-daughter was in tears.

Another waiter did come up and say something in Egyptian but then just picked up the dropped glasses and stormed off. We had to leave and as I did so I managed to track down one of the senior management in attendance and reported the incident to him pointing out that not only was our night spoiled but also my granddaughter’s party dress was also spoiled. He took the details of our room numbers and said he would ensure something was done to compensate us and that he would also ensure an apology was made.

This happened 4 days before we left. When nothing had been done by the day before we were leaving I tracked him down and he said he had forgotten but would do something immediately. He obviously remembered the incident, as he was able to quote our room numbers. A couple of hours later I was approached by another manager who at last did apologise about the incident and said he would ensure a bowl of fruit was sent to the room.

The big laugh about this was that at the time we were standing in a restaurant right next to the fruit, which I could have helped myself to. I pointed this out but the irony did not seem to strike home. He said he would come back to me about what could be done. What was done was that as we were waiting in the foyer awaiting our transfer to the airport on our way home he came up and offered to have my granddaughters dress cleaned. Again when I pointed out we were just leaving and the ruined dress was packed away he failed to see the irony in his timing etc.

2) Upon trying to enter one of the restaurant one night I was stopped by a girl, wearing the hotel badge, who said we could not enter. When asked for an explanation she pretended she did not understand and during this period she waved in a large number of other persons. When I queried this she said it was because she and they were Russians and as such she would allow them in. Luckily enough the waiter captain was passing and when I spoke to him he immediately let us in and I saw him speaking harshly to the girl who then disappeared from door duty.


As you can tell I am not enamoured by the Pyramisa and will never step foot in Egypt again purely because of the bad service etc from this hotel."

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of January 2008

I stayed at this hotel last year and it...

Reviewed Sun 6th of January 2008

"I stayed at this hotel last year and it was much better than it is now - there has been a change in management and the new management totally suck. We paid for an Ambassador Suite - what a joke basically it was two standard rooms put together - there were cracked tiles, broken light fittings and tape over the fire alarm.

The absolute downside for us was that on day three of our holiday our 8 year old little girl started complaining of tummy ache - no less than 24 hours later after collapsing in the shower, she was on a drip in the hotel with severe gastroenteritis. We complained very discretely to management in the form of a letter only to receive a very nasty phone call. The management did send the Doctor to us complimentary but on our departure we were given a bill for nearly 900 pounds and were not allowed to leave until we had paid this. Our daughter was given 4 different medicines to take 3 times a day for the rest of the holiday and the needles etc from the drip were just thrown in the rubbish bin in our room. We have kept all the evidence and brought it home and have pictures of everything too as we have consulted a solicitor and are going to take matters further.

When we saw our Med Hotels Rep, he told us to keep the matter quiet so as to not frighten the rest of the guests. We saw at least 40 other people gravely ill from food poisoning and some even being taken to hospital. The staff were fantastic and told us to keep away from the food, some of the staff even brought us food in from Naama Bay. When we got home we had our daughter checked over and samples were sent to the hospital - they confirmed E-coli! So you have been warned - it is up to you!"

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  • Travel date: Sun 6th of January 2008

Well this hotel may have been nice a yea...

Reviewed Thu 13th of December 2007

"Well this hotel may have been nice a year or so ago but I warn anyone who books here it disgusting and gone downhill!

This is not a simple moan - there was rats and cockroaches in people’s rooms, the water running from the showers was dirty brown colour.

There is a nudist hotel next door (not nice for your children to see).

There is a minimum of 150 steps from the reception to the beach. The hotel is built on a mountain or something. Only recommend for the very fit!

The rooms were dirty and if you pay for a good room you get put into one of these duplexes, which are really timeshares!

As for food I wouldn't suggest eating anything. There are flies all over the food and god knows what else!

I would never go to this hotel again, it really is horrible. The staff don't do anything you ask, mainly because everyone is complaining, it is that bad!

The swimming pool is really dirty. I would not allow my children in them; I didn’t want them ill as well!

I was lucky enough to move to a different hotel, but just being at the Pyramisa for 2 days of my holiday ruined everything.

This hotel was definitely not 5star... it needs shutting down!

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  • Travel date: Thu 13th of December 2007

I was a little doubtful about this hotel...

Reviewed Thu 15th of November 2007

"I was a little doubtful about this hotel before going as I had read some bad reviews on here, but I genuinely think that its just a case of some people who will find anything to complain about. Our room was very clean and as we requested. Food was a little repetitive in the restaurants and breakfast was continental, but you have to remember that you are in Africa and shouldn't expect full english breakfast.

Food in Naama Bay was cheap, although alcohol was quite expensive and you wouldn't believe how much you can haggle from the original price with regards to gifts etc. Also, the hotel provides a BBQ on a Friday which is huge and provides a wide variety of food, although you will find that the Germans and Russians are extremely rude and refuse to queue. I did have many insect bites on holiday and there were no signs of mosquitoes and I did think there was a possibility of bed bugs, which later in the holiday I heard many others complained of. I did complain to reception and they did replace the mattress, although it was a little late by that point. If you are interested in visiting the Pyramids it was approx £300 in british pounds for 2 adults through our rep.

Overall, I thought the hotel was excellent, although there is no entertainment for adults whatsoever and found ourselves at the pool bar most evenings. However, the hotel was clean and looked very smart. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone and my only flaws would be the lack of entertainment and the possible bed bugs, but don't let this put you off as not everyone complained of bed bugs and there was some entertainment for the children."

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  • Travel date: Thu 15th of November 2007

I have been to the Pyramisa 4 times sinc...

Reviewed Wed 31st of October 2007

"I have been to the Pyramisa 4 times since 2006, June 2006, August 2006, Christmas 2006 and April 2007. This is a fantastic place, good food, clean rooms, a sea view to die for, the biggest swimming pool you will ever see and the most wonderful staff at a hotel I have ever been fortunate to meet. I have visited the Pyramisa with my family and also alone in August 2006. The staff made all the holidays at the Pyramisa special. They are friendly, helpful, kind and fun to spend your holiday with. They cant do enough for the guests young and old. I would recommend anyone to visit the Pyramisa at any time of the year and wish I could return for Christmas this year, it was wonderful and one of the best Christmas's I have ever had in my life, it was so special. I will definitely be returning 2008 with my family. To all the people who give bad reviews all I can say is you cant please everyone."

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  • Travel date: Wed 31st of October 2007

Went to Egypt for the first time ever, a...

Reviewed Thu 30th of August 2007

"Went to Egypt for the first time ever, absolutely loved Hotel ,Staff and food all fabulous don’t know why some people have had bad reviews about it.

Would definitely go back, kids did not want to come home! Spoilt for choice of restaurants, although Bora Bora was our favourite.

Had two bedroom Duplex accommodation it was immaculate and very very spacious, house keeping was brilliant.

Must do’s are definitely Boat trips with snorkelling and Quad biking in the desert.

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  • Travel date: Thu 30th of August 2007

Only 1 week and could have happily staye...

Reviewed Wed 22nd of August 2007

"Only 1 week and could have happily stayed on. Weather averaged 40c but with a nice sea breeze it didn't feel too hot. All in all a splendid holiday.

The pool is magnificent, very large and with an adjoining wave pool with waterfalls and wave machine at intervals. Poolside beds with comfortable mattresses and parasols. Tip the pool guy £40 Egyptian (£4GB) and he'll reserve a bed for you so that you always have the same position.

The staff here are so friendly and really appreciate a 'please' & 'thank you' which unfortunately some ill mannered people don't give them. The hotel pool bar is open until midnight and all day you can get drinks and ice creams (inc) and I had no complaints about variety of drinks available or strength.

Don't believe what you hear about watered down drinks, not here anyway.

The room was large, with a comfortable bed and plenty of cupboard space, including a fridge. Free bottled water supplied from the water station every day.

Plenty of tropical fish to see off the beach jetty, so if you are not a swimmer take a walk along the jetty on Beach 3.

We did a glass bottom boat ride but frankly it was disappointing and not worth the money.

The staff are the highlight of this hotel, so friendly and kind, great with kids. But do please treat them with respect as they earn so little (£50GB per month!) and they respond well when you give them a smile, a please and a thank you.

The hotel could do with a bit of updating in some areas but it is clean and decently furnished. A short transfer from the airport but no disturbing aeroplane noise. 15mnts from Naama bay, the main shopping, bar & restaurant area. Try Old Sharm for shopping at cheaper prices, but go in the day. Gold is very reasonable but do barter even in the jewellers. Shop keepers can be persistent but a polite 'no thank' you and a smile does not offend.

The food is all buffet style and there is plenty to chose from so pick wisely and you shouldn't get bored. Fresh omelettes for breakfast are particularly good.

Highly recommended."

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  • Travel date: Wed 22nd of August 2007

Well... what a fabulous holiday we had!...

Reviewed Mon 20th of August 2007

"Well... what a fabulous holiday we had! The Pyramisa Hotel was lovely - yes, as mentioned in a previous report it is a little jaded inside but very clean and comfortable.

Our room was spacious, the bed very comfortable and loads of storage space. We paid extra for a sea view which was well worth it - waking to the sight of the beach and Red sea each morning was out of this world.

The pool area would be hard to beat for size , the beds very comfy around the pool. It is worthwhile getting friendly with a pool attendant and giving him a generous tip as he will reserve beds for you each morning, either that you have to be up at 6am to get your place!

The restaurants were fine, food good with a wide selection - admittedly this could seem repetitive but use your imagination and make up different meals from the choice available.

Our waiter was lovely and when I came down with the inevitable Egyptian tummy (Imodium really worked - only poorly for half a day!) he sent down mint tea to settle my stomach and at dinner that evening had laid a beautiful flower display on our table for me!

The staff were so kind, very caring and a real laugh!!

Definitely a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday and we'd love to go again!"

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  • Travel date: Mon 20th of August 2007

Well this I have to say was the best hol...

Reviewed Tue 7th of August 2007

"Well this I have to say was the best holiday of my life. Do not be put off by what people have put.

You could not ask for a more fun or friendly staff. I would agree and say it was a 5* hotel and you are treated like royalty.

The staff are the friendliest people you will ever meet, especially Vikki and Miya from the animation team. They made the holiday even more fun. The animation team put on entertainment during the day and night, for little kids and the adults too.

The pool is gorgeous and it is gigantic, there is always room to swim and relax. The pool bar is great and so are the staff there, they will go out of their way to help you out its unbelievable.

The rooms are immaculate and are cleaned every day. The cleaners are so friendly too and they make you smile, especially when they make the towels into snakes and crocodiles. It’s a great surprise when you go back to your room and see them its absolutely brilliant.

The food at the hotel is brilliant. There was about 8 or so restaurants all offering different food, and there are lots of puddings to, so you will be spoilt for choice.

If you get to know Vikki or Miya from the animation team tell them that we have give them great comments and please get to know them because you will have a great laugh no matter how old you are.

They run clubs day and night, we booked to go to a bar in Naama bay that was brilliant and we also booked to go quad biking in the dessert, it is worth it and once in a life time opportunity so don’t miss out, its only £20 per person and its a great laugh.

The hotel is only 10 mins away from airport and main city which is Naama bay so close to the liveliest parts.

If you need to get a taxi any where use the hotels private taxis there, cheap and very reliable.

So do not listen to what other people have put about this hotel if it is bad. It is the best hotel. And I can guarantee that you will have the best time and be glad that you went. Enjoy yourselves.

And trust me..."

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  • Travel date: Tue 7th of August 2007

This was the worst hotel I have stayed i...

Reviewed Tue 24th of July 2007

"This was the worst hotel I have stayed in my life. Bugs falling from the ceiling
every night, room was dirty with hard as iron beds not good for my pregnant girlfriend.

The food wasn’t very good either; this is if you could get a seat in the restaurant for
all the rude Russians.

We very rarely got a sun bed round the pool needless to say I will never ever ever ever go back to Egypt again. If you take my advice you won’t stop at this hell hole of a hotel either.

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  • Travel date: Tue 24th of July 2007

I had an splendid feeling at this hotel....

Reviewed Mon 16th of July 2007

"I had an splendid feeling at this hotel. They try even to improve it more. This can be noticed from the moment you enter the security gate.

The reception was very friendly as all of the staff. The room was large like in all Pyramisa hotels, but especially the cleaning people did a good job.

I had nowhere the same quality and variety of buffets as in the main restaurant. It was a pleasure to have my meals there.

The location is excellent. I will surely be back."

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of July 2007

I spent 2 weeks over Christmas at this h...

Reviewed Wed 10th of January 2007

"I spent 2 weeks over Christmas at this hotel and it was lovely.

This hotel has lovely clean rooms, food is nice and plentiful but as you know, all inclusive can be repetitive but if you eat out it is cheap! Even the hard rock cafe.

Cannot comment on pools as I spent all 14 days a beach which is fantastic.(Why pay money to sit round a swimming pool for two weeks?) Snorkeling is great. Fish are amazing.

Anyway if your fairly open minded stay at this hotel you will not be disappointed."

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  • Travel date: Wed 10th of January 2007

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