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This hotel could be very nice as the roo...

Reviewed 9th September 2008

"This hotel could be very nice as the rooms were excellent and cleaned daily by the most friendly person you could ever meet, the pool was very good and the bar staff were excelent unfortunately it was very difficult to get the waiting staff in the restuarant to serve you a drink before you had finished your meal, they alsohad a nasty habit of recycling food in the dining room, the food was also very unimaginative and poorly cooked with evening meals consisting of beef in some form of gravy and some form of fried chicken which was often dry on the outside and pink in the middle, along with rice and hard potatos (wether boiled fried or jacket), due to this "food" ourselves and other guests suffered extreme diarhea due we believe to food poisoning as it miraculously cleared up when we started going to Naama Bay to eat. One thing that was extremely annoying was that the beach bar was supposed to be all inclusive and was so described in the hotel literature found in the room, only for us to find when we got there that we had to pay for everything. Any one still considering going to this hotel should also be aware that there were very few other brits in the hotel, and when we booked snorkelling trips from the hotel found ourselves to be the only non Italians on the dive boat. My top tip regarding this hotel would be to avoid it even on a room only basis as there are no nearby restuarants, and if you do go take plenty of Imodium or similar."

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  • Travel date: 9th September 2008

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  • Hotel Sol Cyrene
  • sol cyrene hotel
  • sol melia sharm el sheikh

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