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Coral Beach Montazah

Reviewed Fri 14th of December 2012

"Me, my brother and sister-in-law stayed at the resort in Jan 06.

The check-in was very quick and easy and our baggage was taken straight to our apartment. As we arrived around 10pm, we missed dinner, but reception sent plates of fruit, meat, cheese and bread up to the apartment just after we arrived.

We had a two bedroom 1st floor apartment, which was large and comfortable. There were two bedrooms, one with 2 single beds and the other had a double.

The double had an en-suite bathroom, both had TV's and a small fridge in each.

The apartment had a kitchen area with a sink, lots of cupboards, and a large fridge, no cooking facilities though.

It had a large living/dining room with a table and chairs, 2 small sofas and a chair. This opened on to a small balcony with chairs.

Each room was air conditioned, or heated, adjusted via thermostat.

We stayed half-board, and had breakfast and dinner in the Miramar restaraunt. All of the meals were based on a buffet arrangement.

At breakfast they had cereals, fruit, cooked breakfasts, and a large selection of danish pastries.

The dinner each evening was supposed to be themed, but it hardly ever changed.

The starter was soup and bread rolls.

For the main course you had a choice of meats, vegetables, salad, rices etc.

For desert they had more danishes and cake.

The restaraunt also serves lunch for around £5, but the pool side bar also serves food.

Coke & Sprite are about 80p and beer is £2 - 2.20.

The beach is 4 levels below the main complex, and there are only stairs, no lift.

The pool area is very clean and you receive a towel card for towels.

The on-site mini market only sells things like crisps, drinks and toiletries, don't expect to buy food there.

The resort is about 20 mins from the city centre and the resorts runs a courtesy coach at 5pm and 7pm every evening, but you must book your seat at least 1 day before.

The staff are very friendly and helpful, especially in the restaraunt.

I would reccomend this resort and we really enjoyed our holiday there."

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  • Travel date: Mon 16th of January 2006

Great but not ...

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"My fiancee and I stayed at this hotel in September 2004 and the hotel is absolutely FANTASTIC !! Probably one of the nicest Ive ever stayed at. It was clean and the rooms were large with balcony over the pool, the pool area being the best part of the hotel - its a massive pool, continually cleaned, enough loungers and shades for all and the beach is only a few mins away if you get fed up of the pool bar tape/CD being played on repeat
'c-o-n-t-i-n-u-a-l-l-y' ! The beach leads to a long jetty for the snorkelling out past the coral so be wary for those that imagine you can just walk into the surf...you cant - this is a snorkelling extravaganza area and not to be missed! Staff were OK, a few round the pool were fantastic though...a certain little local called 'Meemo' who was hilarious and sooooo friendly ! We did a trip to Cairo & the pyramids which was absolutely fantastic and then came back to a nice and relaxed Coral Beach Montazah and collapsed on the ever so comfy bed and enjoyed the fantastic air conditioning and the satellite TV, oh and the fridge in the room to store ourdrinks & chocolate from the onsite shop ! : ) So, plus points were fantastic hotel & pool, obviuosly great weather (if not too hot as it got to 44 degrees !?? )Minus points were awful food hall - staff trying to make us sit on tables with strangers and after 8pm dinner there was NOTHING to do ! The hotel entertainment was geared SOLELY towards the Italians which we thought was really, really rude ! For this reason, my fiancee and I ended up sticking together with the 3 other English couples there for a beer at the pool bar and then later on in the 2 week holiday we started going down to Naama Bay - where I wholheartedly recommend the 'Hard Rock' as you get a full 3 course MASSIVE dinner for about 10 english pounds ? CRAZY !! Not very Egyptian I know but it made a nice change to see some 'life' down there as around the hotel, it IS boring! Enjoy Sharm if you are going but keep in mind there are the locals that grab the cases from your hands at the airports for your change and dont realy take no for an answer and you WILL get an upset tummy !! So as you see, it was great ...but not ?!? : )"

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  • Travel date: Mon 12th of September 2005

Snorkelling is great!

Reviewed Sun 23rd of December 2012

"We stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks in July 2005. It's a very nice hotel, not too big. The snorkelling outside the hotel was really good, saw lots of fish including a lion fish. Also got speaking to a guy who went diving outside this hotel and saw a shark in about 40ft water. The food in the restaurant was ok, although suffered from a bad stomach for a few days although this is probably the norm anywhere. The food at the snack bar is pretty cheap but sometimes was cold. But if you tell them about it they try not to make the same mistake twice. Rooms are very nice and kept clean. Most rooms seem to have nice views of the sea and pool.

The location is nice and quiet. The evenings were very low key unless you went into Naama Bay. The entertainment was very poor, it was all in Itallion which didn't help. Staff are friendly and helpful. Although we found them quite annoying in the main restaurant as they would come up to you in the middle of your meal asking you to sign for drinks which we found abit rude. Also if your a couple they will try and sit you on anyones table, e.g. on a table for six inbetween two others couples. We told them we wanted a table on our own and they eventually got the message.

Drinks and food are similar to UK prices in the hotel & at Naama Bay. The trips are good. We went to Tiran Islands, Ras Monhamed, Diving and Camel Trek with a Bedouin dinner. The camel trek is a laugh. Snorkelling is great on all the trips, but I'd advise wearing flippers. We did our boat trips with The Wave. They were good in terms of their knowledge was good about the fish and explained how to dive safely etc. But we thought they should improve safety at the port, a guide on our boat fell in & was nearly chopped up by the propella. Also a guide was showing off when we were snorkelling and did a skin dive after he'd just had lunch. So he was sick and swallowed lots of water and drowned. They brought him back to life on our boat but he did not look like he'd make it. These experiences were not pleasent but hopefully they were a one off? We would of liked to go back to Sharm in the future but after the events on our last day the 23rd July not sure if we will. I hope tourism picks up again there as it is overall a great place."

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  • Travel date: Tue 26th of July 2005

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