Continental Plaza Beach Resort

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
5 star hotel


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Take care in Eygpt


"This is a hotel with plus and minus...

Nice architecture and spacious setting
Beautiful weed free gardens
Three seperate pool complexes and private Red Sea beach
Poor food choice and usually cold
Restuarent too small and sometimes need to que
Resturant chair uphostery dirty
Accomodation a little tired for 5 star
Bathrooms very dated
No hot water...... at best luke warm
Location 5 km from nearest supermarket and chemist
If your wife or daughter is typical Scandinavian looking i.e. blue eyes and blonde hair the local men will be over attentive to the point of being a total pain"

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of November 2008

Relieved, relaxed and tanned!!


"After booking the bargain holiday of the century, our joy was short-lived when we read the reviews for this hotel! Fearing the worst, we were pleasantly surprised that not only did we survive without suffering starvation or 'pharoahs revenge', but we actually had a really enjoyable, relaxing holiday!
Our room had a stunning pool/sea view and although looking a little rough around the edges for a 5* hotel, it was clean, spacious and offered everything you need. The pools and beach are out of this world and staff were generally very helpful and friendly. Food and drink was plentiful, and although the food was not great, we never went hungry, with special nights such as the Indian providing some variety. Yes, it is true, that some restaurant guests were unfamiliar with the concept of queuing and this became very frustrating. We also had an incident, whilst we were queuing, when another family decided to take over our table, along with our drinks and bread rolls! However, this was the only stressful thing we encountered in the whole week so don't be put off- the guaranteed sunshine and amazing snorkelling more than made up for it. Would definitely go back!"

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  • Travel date: Fri 7th of November 2008

excellent water sports


"hotel was lovely and the staff at the restaurant were very helpful and friendly. the reception was extremely busy and very rude staff ,the rooms were average . we had 4 rooms booked with 13 people all together and was expecting a wow service .
change of beddings/towels, no toileteries , and cleanliness of the rooms was out of question, food very repetetive ... the best part of the stay was the water sports thah was fantastic and had a great time. apart from that would never go back to that hotel,."

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  • Travel date: Sat 1st of November 2008

Lovely location. Awful food!


"On arrival was slightly unnerved by the size of the hotel and worried that this may mean the service was unpersonable - Unfortunately, I thought correctly!

Rooms were really nice and clean as were the pool areas. Beach was full by 8am (Russians seem to get up early!) but quite easy to get a sunbed by the pool which were then kept for you for the week (great idea). Snorkelling fantastic - the best ever!

Food was terrible and both myself and my husband were poorly for 2 days. Due to the size of the hotel, eating felt like herding cattle. The Russians continuously jumped queues and think it is perfectly normal to push you out of the way to pile their plates as high as possible making meal times exhausting and pretty depressing.

Most tables were made for 4 or more people meaning that you would normally have to share - great way to meet people you may think? Fine, if the hotel was not 80% Russians who either completely blank you or look glare at you throughout the meal.

The hotel food areas were understaffed and if you did not keep something at your table (in clear view) such as a bag or a book you may find your drinks cleared away and another table set by the time you got back with your food.

There was only one bar open in the evenings with no entertainment and a constant queue to get drinks.

Overall - day times were relaxing and chilled out (pool staff were fantastic) but dreaded evenings where a relaxing meal and a glass of wine was virtually impossible.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend this hotel to the UK market!"

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  • Travel date: Tue 28th of October 2008

Certainly not 5 star hotel


"First time in Eygpt, (our honeymoon).
The hotel was advertised as having 600 hundred rooms which is a larger hotel than we would normally stay at although in the brochure it looked amazing. The service wasn't as 5 star as we would of expected and had better service at 3 star hotels.
The cleanliness of the hotel room was acceptable but could be improved. There was a good choice of food although it began to get quite monotonous after seven days. I was tired of being asked by waiters "are you english"! They were usually very polite but as a female i found them quite intimidating whilst without my partner, some time unwanted comments etc made and also a late night invitation out on the town! No thank you.
We met some fabulous english people and spent an evening in Naama Bay where the men were just as bad and therefore would not recommend it to any females travelling alone or on a girly trip.
The hotel was FULL OF RUSSIANS whom were extremely rude and had the manners of a goat...
If it had not been for the fantasic weather, gorgeous coral sea, and such polite english people we would not choose to go back."

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  • Travel date: Sun 26th of October 2008

Loved the Hotel and People


"My boyfrioend and I (Rob & Rita ) have just come back from Sharm and stayed at the Interplaza for a week. When we arrived our room had an awful view of a road and we were meant to have a garden view. We spoke to the Reception and they asked us to come back the next day after 12.00. We did but wasn't expecting much after the reviews I had read on trip advisor. The reception were most helpful and moved us to a lovely pool view room.
From that point on we had a fantastic time. The hotel is lovely and clean. We were meant to stay at the Crowne Plaza and took a trip next door to compare and we were glad with our choice. The layout of the Interplaza is lovely. The staff are so lovely. We made some great friends they included (Paul, Darren, Michelle, Kevin, Joy and Daniel as well as the Pool guy and the Pool bar staff)and had a briliant laugh.
It can be as relaxing or as mad as you make it. The beach can be noisy and busy with Russians but it gets quieter around lunchtime 1.00-3.00 which is a good time to snorkel. the snorkelling is brilliant off the jetty at the beach.
The food is not great, we went all inclusive and again weren't expecting much. Breakfast was o.k. and lunch up at the pool was suffice. We got our moneys worth in drinks during the day at the pool bar and coffees in the coffee bar. I would do it again but recommend eating out in Naama Bay in the evenings.
They have a spa and you can have massages on the beach, I opted for a massage in the spa as it was quieter and it was brilliant and only £20 for an hour.
My only fault would be with the Russians, they are rude, loud and drink alot but don't let that put you off.
You also get pestered by the Egyptians in Naama Bay trying to sell you something but we just ignored them and they were o.k.
Don't be put off its a lovely Hotel and the Russians are everywhere and the food although caters for the Russians there is always something you can find to eat or eat out like we did."

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  • Travel date: Fri 24th of October 2008

Loved it


"Me and my girlfriend have just got back from a week at sharm el-sheikh. For the money we paid £400 each this hotel was amazing, the private beach has a floating jetty which goes out about 50 meters this is where most people snorkel, the amount of weird and wonderfull fish even encouraged my girlfriend to go in and she hates water, the service is as good as it can be with them having to look after alot of people. The only flaws to this hotel is the food which doesnt cater well for vegetarians but if your not one then there should be no problem and the other people that go there, mainly arabs who are the rudest people i have ever met in my life and i have served in afghanistan so thats saying something which makes it clear how polite the english really are. Highly recommend this hotel, weather is fantastic and the sea is warm what more could you want?"

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  • Travel date: Sat 11th of October 2008

Fantastic for snorkelling


"This hotel is on the outskirts of the resort so it means you have to take a taxi to go out but this is more than made up for by the fantastic snorkelling straight off the hotel beach with no need to book any special excursions. The hotel is comfortable and spread over a large plot with several swimming pools to choose from (plus of course, the beach). The pool attendants are very friendly and a small tip goes a long way, they'll sort you out with a good spot,umbrellas towels etc. Some of the other reviews are a bit harsh,the location is great, the place is kept very clean, the staff cant do enough for you and although the food is not what you'd expect in a 5 star I think as with everything , you get what you pay for, so as this is one of the cheaper places to stay I wasnt suprised."

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  • Travel date: Fri 10th of October 2008

My experience as a former senior travel consultant


"Right ok here it goes my profession in the travel & tourism industry has given me great knowledge and experience and have learnt alot about different standards and cultures.
My suggestion is if you haven't been to Egypt before you need to read up on this, the weather is fantastic the sea life and corals are out of this world, but this country does have a different culture compared to the one we have here.

Ok.. on arrival the lobby is beautiful and are greeted by very nice Egyptians, you are taken to your room, but in my experience again not every room is perfect although I beleive your holiday should be home from home. My room was not overlooking sea/pool view which I had booked, although the room was clean and spacious. We immediately moved in principle that we had paid for a view, which wasn't a problem and only would be too happy to help. We moved to room number 4209 . I think between 4201 - and so on were very nice surrounded by a pool not too far from beach and reception area and found I had a pleasent stay.

Alot of people have a problem with food, yes I agree as a fussy eater my self the food isn't that great not in the sense of variety and cooked properly but mainly catered for Russian and German guests which I also found to be be incredibly rude and egyptians love us brits and would do anything for us..
The main foods I see whilst I was there were rice, pasta, variety bread and rolls, grilled fish, mixed vegetables, beef, koftas, chicken. Good variety of breakfast and lunch. Again food wasn't that great but was ok to eat.
little tip the Italian Resturant wasn't all that at all starters was cheese with tomatoe, then vegetable soup, then patsta with tomoatoe sauce (the same they served in the buffet area, and water melon, although I can't comment on everyones tastes. although lunch time while I was there every day they served pizza and chips at 1pm.
I didn't go to the Indian but I was advised and told by a few people that it was excellent..
I'd advise not to go at the end of ramadam as people from all over the middleeast (muslim) celebrate their christmas and go away for a few days, this happend to me thankfully on the 2 days before I was due to leave and this is not racism it was absolute mayhem, people running around shouting, acting vultures, arrogant and rude. I noticed it was then that the staff of the hotel did not care.
Naama Bay is a rip off and can be very intimedating for women in particular. If you do go be asked to be dropped off at the main point where Hard Rock Cafe etc, as they have a habit of dropping you off st the start of the main shopping area and you cannot get away as they constantly hassle you. Again this is not to put you off it is their culture and they thrive and live on our tourism.
Entertainment at the hotel was a no no , very corny and again mainly catering for Russian and German guests.
However the standard of the hotel I would rate is a 4 star, I would go back again, and if you are looking for value for money, very hot weather a nice tan and plenty of snorkleing , diving, quad biking, vsisits to Cairo, submarine and other various excursions, you will have a great time."

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  • Travel date: Fri 3rd of October 2008

excellent hotel


"I can not believe the reviews frm this hotel! my husband and i stayed for a week at interplaza from 21st august. We had an excellent holiday. with no complaints whatsoever!
The hotel was clean. the staff went out of their way to look after us. from entering with security to cleaning staff.The food was excellent! We have stayed at 5 tar hotels around the world and this was no different to any others. maybe the Egyptians have a lot to learn but it is certainly better than some hotels in other

The staff work very hard. We would sit down and a drink would be put in front of us without asking. The resturant staff sorted us a table and waited on us even though it was self service. the pool boys made sure we had clean towels and beds in the shade and the pool bar staff brought us drinks!

We only had one complaint! and it has nothing to do with the hotel or staff! there were too many rude italians at this hotel!!!Not only were they rude to british people they were also rude to staff! And not once did any member of staff complain or be rude to them!

Why dont all you complainers stay at home!

we met some lovely while we were there and they will all agree with us!!

janette and tim leeds"

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  • Travel date: Sun 21st of September 2008

i stayed here from 31 aug - 14 sep and i...


"i stayed here from 31 aug - 14 sep and i stayed all inclusive. im 26 and my girlfriend is 24. i spent along time looking through review after review and i was getting so worked up with up and down reviews so i will leave a very honest and thorough review which i belive will give a very good insight into this hotel. i will break it down into sections for easiness and will aim it at british guests. i promise you this review will have everything you need to know so please read.

pretty basic to be honest. our room wasn't the biggest and the bathroom was pretty shabby. i would rate our room at a standard 3* but some other people said their's was nice but maybe it's just different standards for different people. but i would say i don't have high standards as such so bear that in mind. luke warm water to clean your teeth in. we did report this and they said they wouldnt get an engineer out never happened. we complained again beacuse of the poor language barrier in the end we couldn't bothered and we just cracked on. our balcony door didn't lock, again we complained and again got no where and again couldn't bothered. rooms are cleaned everyday with fresh towels etc. some people we met said their cleaner made pretty swan designs etc out of their towels but we didnt but thats probably just each cleaner having different ways i suppose. no ig deal really. tv in your room has loads of channels in all different languages, some good channels in english with up to date movies andf coeday channels (friends etc) and all the premiership football on the weekends!!! safe in room free of charge which is good.

you must remember you are in egypt and i guess their idea of 5* food isn't the same as ours. there are a number of eating options at the interplaza. breakfast in served in two buffet restaurants; the panorama and the la duna. these are both more or less identical. the la duna closed the second week we were there because alot of the italian guests left some people said. breakfast is ok. omlettes made to order, croissants (really nice), pancakes, a wide selction of bread and one very slow toaster, sracmbled eggs (hit and miss - sometimes far too sloppy), pastires, continental, 3 choices of cereal but milk was a bit too room temperature for me and some fruit but didnt look too appertising. for lunch these two restaurants are open too with a wide variety of foods available but again sometimes hit and miss but i suppose there will always be something you can eat. there is food served by two of the pools but it was exactly the same evryday - no joke!!! cheese and tomato pizza and chips haha. there was also sometime some burgers and little hotdog sausages but it was very repetative. we joked about it holiday. however it was ok everynow and again if u vary it with the restaurants. there is apparently also food served at the beach but we only spent a few days there and didnt see anything. evening meals are sevred in the buffet restaurants again sometimes quite busy arouns 1930-2030. there is one a la carte restaurant called the all seasons restaurants where you are permitted to eat at one per week of your stay. choice of italian, seafood or oriental. standard of food was pretty mush the same as the buffet restaurant but you were getting waiter service. you need to book in this restaurant the day before at the all seasons between 1600-1700.

you will read in other reviews about being served drinks in plastic glasses and people moaning about it. now when i read these reviews i just though people were being a bit fussy because they wanted glass and not plastic as i've stayed at all inclusive places before and was getting plastic pint glasses by the pool and thought nothing of it. however the interplaza have got it all wrong. they serve drinks by the pool and most other places in these tiny little white plastic party cups. it's ridiculous. it's like ordering a shot of diet coke ha ha. the lager at the pool isnt on draught so they pool it out of a bottle into your little shot glass and there is more head then lager. you end up ordering about 4 at once. we complained to the drinks andfood manager one day about the small glasses and he told the barman to give us and another couple big glasses from then on and most of the time we did get them however why cant they just do this for every guest at the hotel. a big glass, some ice and a slice of lemon makes a big difference i think. the sprits are a bit poor too. says gordons gin but it definately isnt! my girlfriends drinks vodka and she hated it there, she couldn't just about manage to drink it when it was in a cocktail. by the way i use the term cocktail lightly haha. my girlfriend and me aren't big drinkers so we weren't too bothered but if you're coming on an all inclusive to indulge in the drink then you might be dissappointed. in the buffet restaurants you do get glass glasses but you have to go up to the little bar there and get them yourself. the staff just clean up the tables. oh yes and there are water fountain/dipenses with cups dotted all around the hotel.

little to none i'm afraid. there was a couple of things on from time to time but nothing that good really. there was a sort of danger guy who walks on broken glasses and chicks fire about and that was ok but the entertainment is either by the pool bar so you drinking out of the party cups or at the ampitheatre but there bar is a long walk from this so sort of defeats the object. there is a bar in the main lobby called the belvedere which is open till 3am but it's void of any charisma whatsoever. no music, very dark inside and only a small bar which sometimes queues were quite long. lots of people were just sat round in the lobby drinking, chatting and playing cards. we didnt do this ever and would look at people and think "get yourselves to naama bay". but i suppose it just depends what your after.

interplaza is located just outside of naama bay and it a 5 minutes taxi ride. the hotel offer a shuttle bus (i use the term shuttle bus lightly) to naama bay every day at various different times. when we got there the prices were advertised at 2 us$ per person each way. i was expecting an actual bus however it just some guy who works for the hotel in his car/taxi. this is still cheap to naama bay but they just bung you in the car with anyone else who has paid to at that time which is a bit of a con. after 3 days the put the prices up to 6 us$ per prson each way which annoyed. so basically that would cost £6 in and £6 pound back (120egt) which is too expensive. plus if another couple jumped in the same car with us thats the guy making £24 for a 4mile round trip. not on atall. after this i didnt book the taxi in the hotel i just walked straight up to the taxi/shuttle bus/car guys and paid one way in to naama bay and paid 30egt or 40egt one way depending on how much i could haggle him. its so easy to get a taxi back later on you might as well do it that way. again taxi back the same 30egt-40egt. going in and going out they will try and charge you anything from 50egt-80egt but just say no and that you've been paying 30-4oegt everynight. also the hotel shuttle car will always try and drop you off just past the main strip so you have to walk through all the worst areas where you will get really badly hassled and feel very intimidated so make sure you say you want dropping off right opposite the strip. its just by the big 'jolle ville' sign. this way all you have to do is cross the road and you're there. naama bay is good. very lively and colourful. when you get there you figure out you own way of handling the hasslers but its just part and parcel of being in egypt. just walk on with no eye contact. loads of restaurants, absolutely loads. we ate there 7 nights of the 14, not because the food at hotel was that poor - just for a change really. tgi fridays really cheap - 2 course meal each and we both drink bottled water, 200-250egt (£20-£25). hardrock cafe there too, might have to wait for a table if u go after 2000hrs. loads of steak houses and make sure you check out all the bars and restaurants by the beach front, absolutely loads, indian and jappenese teppanyaki etc. we only found these on the last night and we were gutted. loads of shisha bars (hubbly bubbly flavoured tabacco) that are ok with the guys dancinng around and that but a bit same old same old. there is a good one at the start of the strip just after where you get dropped off called alladin wiht good atmosphere and entertainment but make sure you check drink prices before you order. not that many nice bars really. camel club ok (roof top bar) but not that cheap. pashia night club there but we didnt go. hard rock turns into a disco type club after midnght.

i hope this review doesn't seem too negative as we had a great time. the first few days we were quite downbeat about everything with the silly cups, the room problems, the shuttle bus sham and the entertainment but things did get better and by the end of the 2 weeks we didnt want to go home. the resort has so much potential, if they just ironed out a few problems with the service (drinks etc) it would be fine. lots of the review i read said hardly brits there but iw as suprised as there was more brits then any other nationality. some russians there but i had problem with them, just let them crack on with their sour faces and bad dress sense and you'll be fine haha. there were lots of italians tere the first week but apparently the italian company sprintours who operate for that hotel lost their contract so maybe there wont be as many there now. i would rate the interplaza as an outstanding 3star or a mediocre 4star and that i feel is good and fair estimation. all the staff are great, they love the brits as we have manners. tipping is a done thing there. 5egt pound is 50p so this is a great tip for them. even 2egt. the guys round our pool (fayrouz pool) were great. the bar men mohammed and shauky (shauky always gave my girlfriend big plastic glasses - sounds crazy to be excited about that doesnt it haha - probable because he was flirting so i always sent her the pool bar haha. they have towels boy round giving you towels each day for by the pool and beach. our ones were class, ashraf and abdinab. they reserved sun loungers each days for us and even turned them towards the sun. really nice men. they work 7-7 everyday. i gave him 100egt (£10) on my last day and he was over the moon, he didnt want to take it at first. bear in mind the average annual salary in egypt is £700 a year!!!! in sharm you can use english pounds (not scottish though), egytian pound, euros and american dollars. its crazy. 1 dollar bills are handy for tipping. my advice would be to take just enough egyptian pounds for the first day or two and the rest sterling then change you money out there. in britain you will lucky if you get 8 egt to the pound whereas you get 10 to the pound everywhere out there. i lost out on alot and i could have kicked my self.
i will definately go back to egypt but will probably try anohter hotel, not because the interplaza was so poor that i wouldnt go back, because i would, just that i fancy a change. ive no doubt that the intrplaza will improve as it gets more and more feedback and it did appear to get better throughout our stay, foodwise and entertainment etc. i will stay right in naama bay next time. the only reason i didnt this time was that most of the hotel were 3-4star and i wanted a 5star. the reason they are lower stars is that the gradings in them are more realistic. plus i wanted all inclusive and the naama bay hotel are genrally bed and breakfast because there is so many cheap places to eat in the area. take suncream with you even if you are worried about theweight of your cases as it is really exspensive out there, we spent over £50 on it over the two weeks. the snorkelling is amazing, the fish are so accustommed to you, and ive not doubt the diving is even better. quad biking is really good and cheap too. we went at 0400 in the morning (souns mad i know) and watched th sunrise and dint get sunburned like other people did. egypt is absoluted redders! it didnt drop below 40c while we were there and most days it was 45c! it was 35 at midnight in sharm centre on the big digital thermometre - riculous haha but you'll get a great tan.

i hope this helps you can enjoy it you go.
thank god i didnt book with xl !!!!"

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  • Travel date: Wed 17th of September 2008
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